you are unfairly attractive

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#5 bagginshield please ;-) This sounds fun. I've never requested one of these before.

this one was really popular! also you got a Vicious AU. sorry not sorry.

“You’re late.”

Bilbo glared at Thorin rather deliberately as he strolled in through the door, well past the ten o’clock that he had said he would be home for. It wasn’t that he was particularly annoyed, of course – it was more just tradition to act as if he was, these days.

In return, Thorin shot him a rakish grin, quite similar to the ones that had won Bilbo over all those years ago, that managed to look as attractive on his face now, forty years later, as it had done then. It shouldn’t have been that surprising – though his face was lined, and his hair was silver, he was still rather unfairly attractive.

“And you are annoying, but we cannot all have what we want, my love,” he replied.

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You are unfairly attractive, and I'm really grateful one of my mutuals trolls the Nitram tag and brought your gorgeousness to my dash.

I can’t even right now cause you guys are way to sWEET???? Lay me down to rest, rest in pieces Momo.

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You can call me cherry! I got you, I maybe in the closet publicly bc Texas is a bad place for being bi but I would so kiss Carole, she's one of my oh wives, she is so gorgeous!! Bisexual problems is when you're watching gone with the wind and you're attracted to both Vivien AND Clark.

Groovy! And that suck :( people here are pretty chill about things like that but my family has no idea because they’re religious. I feel that too like half of the gone with the wind cast was ‘yeah I’d make out with you’. Especially Vivien and Clark like those two are so unfairly attractive. Carole is like my ultimate wife though she’s so pretty I’m so in love with her