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The Siren’s Allure Part 4

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Caroline pushed a filled to-go mug of coffee at Klaus across the kitchen counter knowing he would catch it as she served herself a mug full. They hadn’t spoken since last night, their eyes hadn’t met all morning as they woke taking turns showering and dressing without much acknowledgment. The kitchen was quiet, the whole apartment was deathly quiet, she thought as she tugged at the sleeves of her pink sweater to pull them over her fingers nervously.

She lifted the mug to her lips, “You look nice.” she complimented siping from her warm beverage as she chanced a glance over at him by the table.

Klaus looked up from his files at her flattering remark, “What does that mean?” he asked, gripping his mug harder than he’d ever admit to out of nerves.

Dana walks out of her room pulling on one of her heels, “I think she just means you look unfairly attractive in that suit.” she says not subtle about checking him out.

Caroline feels her teeth sink in her mouth, her wings twitching to wrap her friend in a song for imprudence as she pulls her teeth back in taking in a cooling breath. She ignores Klaus’ obvious stare as pointedly looking at Dana as she serves her another to-go cup which the brunette accepts.The blonde rubs her temples as her very human and very in danger of getting eaten friend smiles walking to the door.

“He does not look…” she fishes for a word other than attractive, something not vulgar, “I just meant nice.” she chokes practically feeling his smile.

“Thank you, Caroline.” he says instead of the twelve things he might have said if Dana wasn’t here as he brushes down the buttons of his shirt.

Dana looks from one to the other, her smile growing, “You two are a lot calmer than you were last night.” she remarks sipping from her drink.

“Worked out some, frustrations.” Klaus replies with his eyes on the counter where certain frustrations were worked out.

“That’s cool. Heading out.” the human tells them with a laugh that says she knows something is going on and she loves it.

Both watch the woman go settling back into their quiet morning, “Work?” Caroline asks, unable to help herself, silence was never one of her strong suits. It’s why he always plays music. Silent treatment yes, silence no.
“Yes,” he answers her gathering his work files off of his desk before locking them into his briefcase putting the degree he got in 1884 to use, “I won’t have time to come back home to change.”

The siren nods leaning her back against the counter, honestly does she have no idea what that does to him he asks her silently.

“Before your date with Cami?” Caroline pokes further, her face scrunching, like she’s revealed something she hadn’t meant to reveal by asking.

Klaus smiles, moving towards her, “Of course.” he confirms her thoughts, “Before I forget, for you.” he says reaching into his jacket and pulling out two tickets for Carmen.

“Oh, thanks.” she replies, disappointed in herself more than with him, “I’ll be out pretty late too.” she says feeling the room go warmer.

“So, I’ll see you in the morning?” Klaus asks her, careful not to step on any imaginary boundaries the pair might have now that they were treading on tentative waters.

Caroline laughs nervously, “Yeah, We’re roommates. Bound to happen.” she replies weakly feeling her body want to reach out to him. Make a connection with him.

“Roommates.” Klaus repeats darkly.

“Last night was,” Caroline says dropping in confidence when his eyes shoot to hers.

“It was.” Klaus says with a smile.

“Okay, I’m just gonna clean the kitchen fixtures before getting ready.” Caroline says bypassing the subject and Klaus as she reaches the other end of the kitchen possibly hiding behind the island.

“I’ll try not to read anything into that.” Klaus mutters loud enough for her to hear as he reaches for his briefcase.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Caroline says literally jumping from the counter to meet him in the living room.

“You clean when you’re stressed.” he says making no nonsense about it as he looks back at her.

“I Am. Not. Stressed.” she while she fluffs the pillows on the sofa re-arranging them while she was at it.

“You’re using words as sentences.” he points out as she storms up to him poking his chest, he smirks as her breath hitches but he doesn’t comment.

“You know, you’re going to be late for work.” she tells him plucking her finger off of his chest hiding it under the fabric of her sweater once again.

Klaus loves her this way, shy and dominating all at once, unsure of herself around him, but perfectly content to put him in his place, “I can suspend time.” he reminds her.

Caroline scoffs, “Not for long.” she shoots back blowing her hair out of her face only to have it fall back in her eyes.

Klaus lifts his hand tucking it away behind her ear, “I don’t need long.” he murmurs dropping his hand to his side clutching to keep from doing that again.

“Cute.” she mutters, her eyes drop down to his pants, her cheeks flush and oh what a sight it is to him.

His lips descend on her cheek in a chaste kiss before either of them can help it, “Thank you Sweetheart.” he says before skipping out the front door.

Caroline fumes reaching for her yellow gloves, “Insufferable ass,” she says as flowers appear on  her lap making her think about singing him asleep for a few days.

The kitchen is clean faster than she preferred, Dana’s room and her room is always perfect. Bathroom is scrubbed so clean she might have to re-grout the tile on the shower wall so she looks around the empty apartment quickly before strolling into Klaus’ room, the final frontier.

Her eyes scan the bed, perfect, undone, smelling of him. alarm bells ring in her head. Bad, no, she tells herself as she zeros in on his idea book.

“Klaus, I found your book, don’t say anything if it’s okay to look,” she smiles as she steps out of her shoes and jumps over the bed.

She slams the book shut, sketches, of her eyes, her lips, her hair, hands, one of her laughing, crying during the notebook, she remembers that day. He held her. One where they danced, sleeping in his arms, undone braids, candles, “Cairo,” she whispers.

She leaves the room, her mind in ruins, her body trembling, she needs to soak, Caroline runs to the bathroom, grabs her bath salts and oils as she runs the bath.

It’ll be a week before she talks to him again she thinks as she relaxes into the jets and lets her fin roam in the lofty tub. Sleep comes soon after sweeping her into the afternoon, dangerous considering Dana could have come home but welcome after a restless night.

She dries off checking the time, her hair is done ornately, her makeup quickly, her dress is everything she opens the box at the top of her closet hidden away from prying eyes. Everything she asked for when he said he’d give her the world for her birthday and all she asked for was this dress two years ago. Her car is on time, her night is quiet, perfect, Klaus-less, as she peeks into the opera glasses from her seat.

Caroline is thankfully alone, watching Carmen because she didn’t want anyone to see her cry this evening, her emotions higher as the minutes tick by.

The final act ends in thundering applause when she feels a traitorous tear escape her eye when a hand reaches out, handkerchief ready, wiping it away swiftly.

Her eyes meet his, one word escapes her mouth, “Bastard.”


Sorry it was so short, I just thought, why keep the people who want to read it waiting. Hopefully I’ll get more time to write tomorrow.

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That…had most definitely not been supposed to leave her mouth. Pearl is entirely unsure how it happened: yes, the thought had crossed her brain, but in no way had she ordered her mouth to open or, indeed, her vocal cords to vibrate in such a way as to form intelligible words.

And yet here they are. All because Jasper just had to be surprisingly - infuriatingly - attractive and because Pearl’s mouth just had to betray her and, look, sometimes when you’re busy being distracted by unfairly attractive Gems, human slang just slips out, okay? (She’s just glad Steven isn’t around.)

Nevertheless, her cheeks are bright blue, and she takes several small steps back, trying as best she can to backtrack out of this particular faux pas. “I - no! I - that is not - oh, don’t look so smug,” she finally snaps, hands snapping to her hips as if she can even pretend to be the appropriate one in this situation. “Arrogance is not an attractive feature.”

(Lie. The biggest damn lie she has told in a good while, actually, but Jasper doesn’t need to know that.)