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I do genuinely hope Scotland will become independent. You guys really need to stay in Eu. And that's coming from an Italian student who has been following recent events pretty accurately. Please stay. EU is to precious and I do believe things will eventually get better; it's been more than 50 years of peace and economical/social growth, with its ups and downs yes, but it's so unfair that because of that referendum, you Scots have to leave too. Is it me or independence seems to be even closer?

Thanks very much for your question! It’s always great see internationals getting involved and support Scottish independence so thanks very much for finding the blog!

I think that as we begin to see the real impact that Brexit will have on the UK it will start to fracture more.

Those Scottish farmers and fishermen were sold a lie in 2016 and now they are going to get a far worse deal as the UK government gives away their rights in order to secure a better deal with the EU.

We’re playing a bit of a waiting game at the moment but the case for independence will become much much stronger as we proceed through the Brexit negotiations.


—   happy birthday, my everything


Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

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# of episodes gems talk to humans

season 1A: 9 episodes (5 Not Counting Greg or Connie)
season 1B: 13.5 episodes (5.5 NCGoC)*
season 2: 11.5 episodes (5.5 NCGoC)**
season 3: 8 episodes (4 NCGoC)
season 4: 9 episodes (so far) (4 NCGoC)

*On The Run gets a technicality, as Amethyst is implied to talk with the Cool Kids in musical montage
**Does Say Uncle count? Does Uncle Grandpa count as human?

Early on in the show, I was under the impression that Steven’s role as a hybrid would be to, you know, help Gems better work with humans and bring two largely separate cultures together. Yet, the disconnect between humans and gems seems just as stagnant as ever. Even with new gems living on Earth with no set status quo to stop them from interacting with humans, they live far away by themselves instead of exploring new interactions. Humans have their own episodes, completely separate from the plot, with no apparent agency in the alien threat to their own home.

Season 4 shows promise for this to change, but time will tell if they get to fight alongside the gems, or continue being the damsels in the background. I’ve got my fingers crossed. 

gay rights vs gay liberation

I keep coming across pieces about the U.S. “LGBT” movement’s history that talk about how, during the 70s especially, one core idea of the movement was that gender and sexuality would, should, get blown wide open

That ultimately pretty much everyone was bisexual underneath; that gender itself was a big nonbinary mess; and everyone would be able to be their true bisexual, often genderqueer self after the revolution. We wouldn’t have or need the gender binary anymore. 

This was a much more natural belief at the time, because gay and lesbian and bi and ace had been thought of as essentially different genders. Because “normal” was two binary sexes, with two corresponding binary genders, which were attracted to each other, and would act on that attraction to make more little normal people. This was the function of society, the thing that gave women any value, the whole point of life.

From “Identity and Ideas: Strategies for Bisexuals,” an essay by bi activist Liz Highleyman in Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queeries, and Visions (1995), which I need to quote from more extensively but not rn:

“As the social movements of the early 1970s fell apart or lost their radical edge in the 1980s, the gay liberation movement, now known as the gay and lesbian movement, followed suit.”

This sentence puts it in a nutshell, I think. There was a really concrete shift, from radical “liberation” from the system for everyone, to acceptance from the system for these two groups.

“There was a growing emphasis on an identity politics model that likened gays to oppressed racial and ethnic minorities. Sexual identity was increasingly seen as an immutable characteristic without sweeping social or political ramifications. The movement became more focused on civil rights and assimilation into mainstream society.”

 It wasn’t an accident, that shift away from the overlapping bi/trans/intersex politics and bi/trans/intersex paradigm*. It was extremely deliberate.

It must have seemed like an easier sell to the straight world, which I can understand. I’m sure a lot of people thought that this strategy would benefit everyone.

But not only does it leave many of our issues completely ignored or actively erased, it’s also a model that can never work for us.

This just kind of jelled for me for the first time, reading this. It’s much harder to see if you don’t know about both models, at least for me. I tend to believe the “no no, we’re for you too!” without thinking about how and why that hasn’t been working.

The civil rights/assimilation model is very rooted in the whole idea that “the only thing that’s different about us is which gender we love!” It’s the we’re just like you model. It works pretty well for fitting-into-society stuff: marriage, health care, employment rights, military service, media representation. Stuff that straight people have, so they can go, “okay, I see how you’re like me, it seems unfair and terrible that you shouldn’t have these things too!”

It works really fucking badly for stuff where we are not like them.

The problem is actually that it works really fucking badly for stuff where we do not fit into the gender binary.

That’s the specific way the system demands that we Be Like Them. It treats everything else, everything that isn’t being a binary sex/gender and wanting a binary sex/gender, as a freakish and in-valid choice, and punishes us for it.

The only progress we’ve really seen is that sometimes, it’s not seen as a Bad Freakish Choice to want the “wrong” binary gender, and very occasionally, it’s not seen as a Bad Freakish Choice to be the “wrong” binary gender.

A lot of the trans movement’s progress has come from doing the same thing the gay and lesbian movement has done: “look at us, look how gender-normative and binary-gendered we are, look how we just want to be a normal gender and love a normal gender. Nothing threatening going on here!”

It works. I’m not going to knock that. People use this shit because they are fucking desperate and fearing for their lives.

But it also means those of us who can’t say “we’re just like normal people” become ballast.

You know: the stuff you throw overboard so your hot air balloon can take off.

I think this is what’s at the core of “ace discourse,” “sga discourse,” and all those other gatekeeping arguments. 

The system only, conditionally, grudgingly, gives certain rights, in some places, to the minority of us who have convincingly argued that we’re Just Like Them. It is exceedingly clear to those people that mixing with non-approved groups puts not only those limited civil rights, but also the entire model used to win them, in danger. 

It’s a choice. We all face it. If you identify more with the need for all those normal rights – or with the oppressions around being, or being into, into the wrong binary gender – or you just see that this model is working for some people and you want it to work for you – then you’re likely to cast your lot with the binary-gender-based “gay rights” model, which means you’re likely to take a “gatekeeping” tack. 

If you identify more with the need for total freedom from the rules of the binary gender system, for whatever reason – and you’re not put off by the fact that we don’t have a working political model around that – then you’re likely to cast your lot with the “gay liberation” model, which means you’re likely to take the “radical inclusion” tack that’s inherent to that model. 

* (I don’t think there was an intersex movement at the time; intersex people are still incredibly silenced by not only the media but actively, intentionally, by the entire medical industry. But it is an explicitly intersex-friendly and very ace/aro-friendly model, in a way that the existing model has definitely not been.)


Looking back at the story, it was all just a fucking sad goodbye for livvy. I mean she got even her first kiss and helen back and ty was not leaving and he agreed to be parabatai with her and she found out about julian and wanted to be like him when she grew up and wanted to run an institute and help people and it was not fucking fair that tHAT SON OF A BITCH SUDDENLY TURNED BAD AND STABBED HER RIGHT IN THE FUCKING HEART AND ALSO KILLED ROBERT BECAUSE SHE CANT FUCKING UNDERSTAND THAT MAGNUS WAS NOT FEELING OK AND COULD NOT COME TO HER
And dont even get me started about Arthur
Because that man might have not been my favourite person but he didnt deserved to die so you can live
I wont accept it
Too unfair for me
I cant wait for you to be killed
I cant

Living with anger issues I can’t work on
  • I get angry at technology A LOT
  • When people tell me how to feel the only thing i feel is ANGER
  • I’m not gonna calm down because your voice is whispered and kind
  • i’m still angry
  • there are some days where i don’t want to here a single person’s voice.
  • if you try to tell me something you found on the internet i will get extremely impatient
  • i fucking hate when i’m being so unfair but i don’t know how to not be unfair
  • there are sometimes i really want to cry but i can’t because I’M ANGRY. 
  • I am a total ass to everyone and everything 
  • i’m a pacifist but even i wanna throw a bag of bricks at your face when you tell me how i’m supposed to react
Release and Relief (Part 1 of 2)

Summary: Dean and Rowena have an arrangement that gives them both what they need.

Warning: dom!Rowena, sub!Dean, being restrained during sex, blow job, thigh riding and face riding

Word Count: 3500

A/N: I got an ask about Dean x Rowena and had never really thought about them before. I was instantly inspired to write them, and this happened. It ended up being long enough for me to break it into two parts. Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

Every now and then, when even the huge bunker seems too small to hold the two of them together for any long period of time, Sam and Dean take off on their own. It’s an old tradition, something they’ve done since they were old enough to get away, taking a week here and there when motel rooms became claustrophobic, when someone had just one too many irritating habits for them to coexist peacefully.

This time, Sam has taken off to some cabin where he can hole up and read or whatever it is he does while he eats his organic fruits and vegetables.

And Dean? Well, Dean is sitting in a tiny motel room, drinking and waiting.

Waiting for Rowena.

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This is mostly just a random thought but I’m very passionate about the subject:

I can understand and respect if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy sexual or otherwise explicit material. I get if you don’t want to see or hear about it. That’s fine.

But if you use someone’s nsfw content (smutty fanfiction, erotic art) as an example of why they’re The Worst or why they should be mocked or disregarded, you need to stop. That’s shitty and mean and none of your business and often completely irrelevant to the discussion.

I don’t see it often but I see it enough where I feel it’s worth pointing out; please don’t do this.

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Idk why, but for some reason, I find it really cute when people wear their S.O's clothes. That being said, could I request an RFA + Saeran reacting to MC wearing their (or part of their) clothes? Thanks^^☆ (sorry if you've already done this)

Ayyyy~  Guess who’s back with a brand new track~~

Ok, no but really, i’m back! after a three week hiatus sorta thing? i’m sorry for that, buuuuuuuut i think i’ll be able to get back on track soon hopefully +tbh i also find this absolutely adorable! 


  • he came back from his daily run
  • when he walked in he just saw you wearing his coat and
  • he just
  • he has no idea how to react rn
  • he thinks you look so cute in his coat!
  • but also
  • shit, you are wearing his clothes… and you look good…
  • takes pics of you wearing it cause damn
  • will brag to jumin fite me

JUMIN (nsfw-ish?)

  • he was at home finishing some stuff from work
  • he was so focused he barely noticed anything around him
  • until you walked to his office wearing his shirt
  • only his shirt
  • he just looks up at you and yep 
  • he’s going to take you to the bedroom
  • work what work what are you talking about? srry Jaehee
  • he didn’t really understand why you wanted to wear his shirt but when he saw you
  • he got it 
  • you’ll have some fun alright


  • she came back from grocery shopping and she found you reading in the sofa
  • you were wearing a black turtle-neck she hadn’t seen on you before
  • after looking at it for a while she realized
  • !!! that’s her turtle-neck!
  • she blushed at first but found it cute 
  • decided to also wear your clothes
  • your closet became a shared one after that 
  • no complaints tho

In case you didn’t know what turtle neck i was referring to^^^


  • This boy was too busy gaming to notice you walking around the house in his hoodie
  • it was until he had to get up to go to the bathroom that he noticed
  • you’re wearing his hoodie!!!!
  • he thinks you look cute af 
  • “My lolol guild will never believe this!”
  • Yoosung bby pls


  • for the first time in forever he decided to take his hoodie off 
  • and he left it in the bedroom
  • sneaky!Mc decided to take it 
  • when Saeyoung came back from whatever the hell he was doing he started looking for the hoodie
  • after a while of searching for it he noticed you were playing with the robot cat.
  • he got closer to you and noticed you were wearing his hoodie
  • he’s a blushing mess
  • “M-MC take it off! it’s dirty!”
  • “Awe, but it smells like you!”
  • Error 707: Saeyoung.exe stopped working


  • this boy had been looking EVERYWHERE for his leather jacket
  • he was so close to giving up until he saw you sitting in the couch WEARING HIS JACKET
  • he just stared at you from afar until you noticed
  • “Do you want me to take it off or…?” You started to take off the jacket
  • “N-No! leave it on, you look good…” the last part was more of a whisper but you still heard it 
  • he sat next to you and you hugged him
  • you’re too cute, it’s unfair. 

tfw you get inspiration to write this but halfway through you remember you have an essay for school T-T 

Anyhow, i’m back! and hopefully i’ll be active… hopefully.

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Heyo! So, I was curious: in the "Objects In Motion" universe, I was wondering exactly what kind of things Lance and Keith do to make each other flustered and embarrassed and stuff like that. You said Lance became a master of "Making Keith Lose His Cool In All Ways ;)", plus he had some SERIOUS game on the pirate adventure, and that kinda peaked my interest XD

Ah, now that I have angsty space cowboy stuff done, I can answer your question :D Sorry for the delay, honey! *ponders* 

Well, I’m just gonna focus on Lance for a sec: Lance is already pretty confident in his flirting, as we’ve seen in canon. He’s definitely over-the-top, and he doesn’t always know when to turn it off, but his charming cheesiness definitely has an effect on some people (i.e. certain mermaids, and a couple of alien shoppers ;D). But it’s a little different with Keith, since they’re already dating … 

Basically, this is what happens …

Lance actually likes arguing with Keith. He’d discovered this a while back, before they started going out, but now it’s extra fun — there’s always a smile playing at the corner of Keith’s mouth, their insults are far more creative, playful, and sometimes even flirty. Keith can flirt, and Lance is really, really bad at hiding how much that gets to him. And Keith knows it, so even if he’s kind of awkward about it sometimes, Lance still blushes and stammers, and it’s not fair.

That is, until, he discovers that he has his own power over Keith. And then all bets are off.

“Man, that was a steep drop,” Keith complains, rubbing at his hip. “Pidge could’ve waited to turn the gravity back on.”

“Ah, angel, did it hurt?” Lance asks, grinning widely as he takes off his helmet, his hair damp and sticking to his forehead. “You know, when you fell from heaven?”

Keith gapes at him. “Really? Really, Lance?” 

At the time, Lance chalks up the red flush in Keith’s cheeks to the wild fight they’d just been through, to the use of yet another silly nickname in Lance’s quest to find the perfect one, but then, later on in the kitchen …

It was too much fun to prompt that irritated look on Keith’s face, and so Lance holds Keith food up over his head, because he can, because that one and a half extra inch of height makes a difference, and Keith just glares at him, arms crossed. It’s too damn cute, and Lance winks at him, saying, “Listen, it’s important — I gotta tell you that if you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.”

And then he presents Keith his bowl of pineapple flavoured goo with a wide, proud grin on his face.

Keith is blushing while he snatches his food away and huffs his way to a table. Lance is delighted.

Oh, it’s on now. 

 “Hey, Keith!” Lance calls across the hanger after they’ve landed on a new planet for yet another diplomatic mission. They’re dressed formally, and Keith looks especially nice in simple Altean finery. He shoots Lance a quizzical look.

You must be peanut butter because you make my legs feel like jelly.” 

Pidge and Hunk each take a turn smacking the back of Lance’s head as they pass by, but Lance is too happy watching Keith flustered and floundering for a comeback to care.

Keith complains about the nicknames, but the pick-up lines he rarely comments on. He just glares while blushing, or gapes as his ears go red, or tells Lance to knock it off, we’re in the middle of a Galra base, holy crap, Lance, focus. 

That changes when they’re sitting together on the observation deck’s couch, on one of their casual dates; Lance lights up as he remembers yet another fabulous line while staring at Keith’s feet resting on a pillow. “Oh, hey, lemme tie your shoe laces!”

Keith sits up straight to stare at him. “Um, my boots don’t have any —”

“’Cause I don’t want you falling for anyone else,” Lance finishes happily.

That familiar light dusting of pink starts at Keith’s cheeks, spreads to his neck and ears. Lance is laughing, and then Keith blurts out, “Are you joking around, or … or do you actually mean it?”

Lance stops laughing. “Wait, what?”

“I mean, I get that you’ve always been … but now that we’re together, are you just, like … unable to break the habit, or something?” Keith drops his gaze to his lap, trying to act indifferent. “It’s fine, by the way, even funny sometimes, I just wonder —”

“Um, Keith, I don’t flirt with people I’m not attracted to?” Lance says, confused and somewhat alarmed. “A habit? … Yeah. Yeah it is. As in, I habitually flirt with the hottest person in the room. And that’s always you.”

Keith lifts his head up, eyes wide. He’s red, absolutely fire engine red, and Lance thrills at the sight, feels himself warming up as Keith blinks and says in a hoarse voice, “Oh. Okay.” He clears his throat. “They’re terrible lines.”

Lance smiles, honest and affectionate as he replies, “Yeah, but I mean every word of them. You are stupidly fine, you routinely give me weak knees, and I want you all to myself, so please ignore any number of charming aliens that might try to steal you away.” He wraps his arms around Keith, pulling him into his chest so he can kiss the top of his head. “I’ve always been kind of jealous of how cool you are, but now I’m also aware of how pretty you are too, and it’s kinda unfair, dude. How dare you?”

“You’re the handsome one,” Keith mutters against Lance’s neck. “And you know it, jackass.”

Lance laughs into messy black hair. “Then trust me — it takes one to know one.”

Keith snorts and shifts in Lance grip. Somehow they’ve ended up reclined, Keith half on top of Lance, and he lifts himself up using his arms on either side of Lance’s shoulders, looks down at him so fondly that Lance feels a pleasant ache start up in his chest.  

“Hey, Lance?” he says quietly.


“I was feeling a little off today … But you definitely turned me on.”

Lance goggles at his boyfriend for what feels like a solid minute before he cracks up and drags him down by his shirt collar. It ends up with him wheezing as Keith crashes his full weight into him, and Lance’s arm is weirdly pinned between them, but that doesn’t stop him from kissing the smile on Keith’s face, giggling into his mouth. 

And he keeps on practicing his one-liners, his honest, no-holds-barred compliments and sweet promises, relishing each and every hitched breath from his boyfriend, until Lance is probably smooth enough to pick up any hot alien from here all the way back to Earth … But Keith, Keith is the only one that he ever wants to use his flirtations on because, as he tells his boyfriend one day, “You know, pudding-pop, you may not actually need a nickname …”

“Oh really? Does that mean this torture will end?” Keith flashes a quick teasing grin.

Lance winks back. “All I want to call you is mine.”

And there’s the blush, and the stutter, and nothing in the universe makes Lance as happy as charming the hell out of his Red Paladin.

Ta-dah! Look at how stupidly fluff this is. This is what happens when I write angst non-stop and then switch over to happier things. It’s like I need to be ridiculously overly sweet to compensate. *sighs* Well, I hope this worked for you! I had to look up those pick-up lines by the way — I definitely do not have the right mind to come up with stuff as wonderfully cheesy as that ;)


That moment when u are about to sleep,so u close ur eyes slowly and sleep takes u away gently,then u wake up brutally thinking
Wtf this doesnt make sense at all ?!!
Its been 5 years and I still dont get it,what fucking logic is that?
Its just something I cant accept,Its so unfair !
Don’t you feel the same way too ?

Got7: Jackson as your brother

•  whether he was your older or younger brother, he’d annoy you like it was his job
•  but you know he’s only good intentions
•  ….most of the time
•  if he sees that you crushing on someone and decide to bring them home, expect to have him sizing them up and asking them all sort of questions
•  "so, oranges or apples?“ “what exactly are your intentions with y/n?” “where do you see yourself in 17 years?”
•  but then he’d flip a switch and get along with them perfectly
•  he’s always in your business oml
•  though he doesn’t mean to be nosy, he just wants to know about everything happening in your life bc he loves you
•  throwing shade at the members if they’re being really nice
•  which is why he’ll probably hesitate before introducing you to them in the first place
•  whenever you tell him that he’s being way too nosy and it’s unfair, he’ll be like “okay, go ahead in my room and my closet, do you wanna see my phone? Do you wanna see my underwear drawer? Do you wanna know what I had for lunch 3 weeks ago?”
•  he’s the best at giving comforting hugs
•  he has a sixth sense when it comes to you
•  always knows what to say and do when you’re upset, but sometimes he’ll just hold you without saying a word
•  is always posting about you on insta then blocking the people who say you look hot ???
•  sharing a tub of ice cream late at night when you’re both supposed to be sleeping
•  it’s just become a habit when one of you can’t sleep, and it’s been like that since you were kids
•  him pinching your cheeks like you’re 2 years old still
•  being hella protective over you
•  but sometimes he’s lenient, bc he wants you to always come to him when you’re having trouble
•  is screaming in your ear about protection when having sex, then goes on to lecture you on how kids are going to ruin your life
•  and at some point he’s completely lost it and the whole neighborhood can hear him
•  stands up for you even when he knows you’re in the wrong
•  bc he knows you’d always do the same for him 💚

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First Words

I had no where to put this so I’ll just put it on this blog until my AOx3 works. ignore my trash writing i havent written fanfiction in months. Inspired by @axolotlnerd. A soulmate AU. 

You kept it hidden, those few words etched into your skin by fate.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

You found when girls liked to flaunt them they would end up just getting used, because what guy wouldn’t use those few magic words to get into a girls pants? Those words are all they really want to hear. It was so easy. And yet so hard.

You couldn’t count on all your fingers and toes the amount of times someone had run into you and said those words, “I’m so sorry, are you okay?”. It’s just the polite thing to say.

              And each time your heart would swell, full of love and hope, and then, each time, you would say the wrong thing. The words that weren’t written somewhere on that gorgeous blonde, or that nerdy kid, or the repair man from down the hall. The words that fate decided made you unloveable.

              Around you all of your friends had said the right words, and their other half would lift up a sleeve or pant leg, wide eyed, smiling. It was so easy for all of them because they all had such unique things written on their bodies.

When all of your friends got married and settled down you finally accepted that the first words your soulmate were supposed to speak to you were too common. It was unfair to yourself to get hopeful every time someone apologized to you. So you shut them out. They were just words.

It was supposed to be hot today, hotter than it normally was in California. But you were stubborn and pulled your black cardigan over your cursed forearm anyways, covering those six words. You looked at yourself in the mirror one last time before braving the heat outside.

Downtown LA was not your favorite place to live but this is where you were needed. Everyone and their mother owned a computer and your skills of technical hardware came in very handy. Especially with the big YouTube companies where you were under a very strict contract with them since a lot of their partners were growing into internet stars. The hours were long and you couldn’t stand most of your clients but it paid the bills and then some.

You made it a routine that the only way to deal with the youtubers was the biggest cup of coffee you could find. Luckily you had found this little hole in the wall café near the Polaris studio, a studio that frequently needed your special touch.

There was a small line today, not too bad. You ordered and then stood by the counter, oblivious to the world around you, focused on your phone.

              Your thumb lazily pushed the screen showing you useless information after useless information. Your phone buzzed making your eyes glance at the top of the screen. It was your friend, she was getting married. Of course. Another wedding.

You went back to scrolling, stopping at a cute dog pictu-

              Hot coffee spilled down your arm, dripping on to your leg, and into your shoe burning everything it touched. You gasped, jumping back in shock.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay?” A man looked at you wide eyed in complete horror of what he had just done.

And everything inside you snapped. Those six words again. Meanwhile another one of your friends was getting married. How was this fair? Why were you stuck with those damn words carved into your body? Why?

“Oh, just fuck off, dude.” You groaned, rolling your eyes. You angrily grabbed some napkins off the counter and started walking away, trying not to scream. It wasn’t his fault, you told yourself. He didn’t know what he was saying, he was just trying to apologize, but for fucks sake, not now.

“Wait!” He yelled after you, “What did you just say?” Did he really need you to repeat it? Did he want to piss you off?

You turned around, ready for him to confront you. You just needed to take a breath.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so rude, I’m just am not having a good day. I don’t want to fight.” You said calmly. By now there were a few other customers watching, seeing if you would make a scene.

“No, what did you say?” He walked over to you, almost excitedly. He didn’t seem mad. You furrowed your brows confused. “What did you say, please?” He was smiling now, his stubbly cheeks almost showing his dimples. He was standing close to you, maybe a bit too close.

“I- I said just fuck off, dude. I’m sorry.” You answered quietly. You looked around at the people still watching you hoping that if he was about to knock you out that maybe someone would help, even if you did start this all.

“You know,” he gave a small laugh, looking down at you. “I never thought that someone’s first words to me would be ‘oh, just fuck off, dude.’ But you proved me wrong.” He lifted his worn out Rush tee shirt exposing his fit torso and carved right on his ribs were those exact words.

              “So you’ve been walking around with ‘Oh, just fuck off, dude’ on your chest since you hit puberty?” You asked, sitting across from the man in a park not far from the coffee shop. “I am so sorry.” You couldn’t help but laugh. You were a nice person, or at least that what everyone said, who would have thought that the first words you’d say to your soulmate were so rude?

“Oh yeah,” He took another drink of his new coffee, one that the café offered him for free, congratulating him on finding his true love. “My parents were super pissed off saying I deserved better.”

You frowned, realizing your fate with his parents was already sealed.

“Don’t take that the wrong way.” He noticed your expression drastically change with what he said. “I actually found it very fitting. I mean my job is an internet show about playing games and making dick jokes. Half of my vocabulary is swear words when I work, really, it’s fine. If anything it made finding you really easy. I can’t imagine being stuck with something like, I dunno, I had this one friend is high school who’s first word was just ‘Hello”. That must have sucked.” You watched him talk, so comfortable with everything. He talked like he had known you for years already.

“You mean kind of like ‘I’m so sorry, are you okay?’” You smiled.

“Oh, yeah, kind of like that. Sorry, I didn’t mean-“ He ran a hand through his curly, brown hair.

“It was a joke.” You leaned over touching his other hand in a comforting gesture. At least what you tried to make a comforting gesture. He looked down at his hand and then back at you, his face turning pink.

“I, uh, I don’t know how this works, really. I mean I don’t even know your name yet. I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to find you, like fuck, after thirty years I just assumed my foul mouth princess was all the way in China.”

“(Y/N) (L/N).” You put your hand back in your lap. “We can start by you calling me (Y/N)”.

“Dan Avidan. Well, actually it’s Leigh but Daniel is my middle name so everyone just calls me Dan.” He laughed. He had a cute laugh, contagious, it made you smile.

“Well Leigh Daniel Avidan, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

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winter! with wonwoo

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requested by anon!

  • winter takes its human form on wonwoo
  • imagine him in turtlenecks and long coats
  • matching winter outfits w bf! wonwoo
  • while roaming around the streets
  • “my hands are cold, can I hold yours?”
  • and you’re dying on the inside bc soft wonwoo is your fav
  • he’ll occasionally steal glances at you while walking and when you catch him he’ll just giggle
  • “I can’t help it you’re too cute”
  • matching outfits means the need to take cute pictures!!
  • solo shots first
  • when he’s taking yours he’d say things to make you smile
  • “wow beautiful”
  • “what a beauty”
  • “omg you’re so cute”
  • all your pictures will turn out 3 ways
  • smiling
  • covering your mouth bc you laugh too much
  • failed stone faces from trying to control laughing
  • it’s unfair bc his pictures will turn out real cool
  • model poses
  • and you’re like “not fair wonwoo you look like a model??”
  • “but you’re the cutest, no one can compare”
  • smooth
  • lunch dates at really cosy places
  • more hot choco!!
  • hot soup is a must during winter
  • hungry! wonwoo is super cute he’ll be so busy eating and wouldn’t realise the mess on his mouth
  • imagine wiping his mouth and his eye smiles appear
  • and when you’re about to put your hand down he’ll grab onto it
  • “what?”
  • “nothing, I just want to hold your hand”
  • “eat your food, wonwoo”
  • more roaming after lunch
  • just sitting on a bench appreciating the view while holding hands
  • and all of a sudden it started snowing
  • wonwoo starts laughing bc your hair is filled with snowflakes
  • “don’t laugh at me you have it too”
  • and then you ruffle his hair to get rid of the snow
  • while doing so he just stares at you
  • “stop looking at me”
  • melting under his stare aHH
  • he says nothing, just watches you blush and slowly leans in to kiss your forehead
  • “the view out there is beautiful but this view in front of me is exceptionally beautiful”
  • mushy wonwoo :’)
Guardian (XIII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongdae / Baekhyun

Rating: R

Word Count: 3,668

Summary:  You keep seeing the same guy everywhere you go. In the coffee shop, on the streets, in your philosophy class. It’s getting to the point where you think he’s stalking you - only to realize that maybe there’s something much more mysterious at play here. (AU: Jongdae is your guardian angel)

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