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omg yaaaassss I LOVE THIS!!! JYP artists need to collab with each other more and make amazing music. pls.


Lee Jun Ki’s brilliant portrayal of 4th Prince Wang So in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

“[…] So even though I don’t feel as deprived as Wang So I could identify with the kind of loneliness, despair and desperation that he experienced since those feelings are familiar to me. It allowed me to immerse myself into this role. I think the viewers will really sympathize with the character. They may also see a part of me in him.”


Riverdale + characters in quotes

well if my gingerbread people didn’t run away, where did they go?

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Hi, can you do an imagine where the reader and George are caught snogging by Mrs.Weasely and the reader gets the "Talk" from Mrs.Weasely

Yeee, finally uploading the next one! Sorry this took so long and I hope this is what you meant by asking for “The Talk” lol, hope you enjoy and thanks for your patience! x

George leaned back on the couch in the Burrow’s living room as if he had just finished running a marathon, but in fact, the reason for his current state was the rather extensive breakfast he had had. It was your second morning in his house already; George had invited you over for the summer break and now, you were looking forward to the next few weeks you would be spending with him. He closed his eyes to let some sun from outside shine upon his face, but as he heard you chuckling, he frowned at you. “What’re you giggling at?” he said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I need my time to digest.” – “Yes, very decent of you, Georgie, but I don’t want you to sit on there all day.” George smirked slightly, whereas you crossed your arms. “Which means?” he finally replied. Seeing him sitting there made you remain silent for a moment; there was something peaceful and, at the same time, alluring about him still being a bit sleepy and looking at you with this charming smirk. “It means” you managed to refocus again after he had raised his eyebrows at you, “That I want you to get off your bum before you’re going to spend the entire day in here” – “Get off my bum? Well, make me, then” he said teasingly as ever, and it was now that you had to give in and walked towards him. He already moved to the side, probably because he was assuming you would be joining him immediately, but in fact you decided to simply take a seat next on the couch while giving him an expectant glimpse. “Very funny, (Y/N), now come here already!” – “Make me” George rolled his eyes and shook his head disapprovingly, but there was a smirk tracing his lips that left you with a tingle in your stomach; he certainly knew what to do now. He placed his hand on your thigh, stroking it a bit due to you giving him a smile, and as he finally leaned forward to kiss you, your fingers traced his softly. To your pleasure, he was very gentle at first, but then he gradually increased the intensity of his touches, soon making you devote yourself completely to him and the affection he showed. Your hands wandered over his collarbones to his neck up to his cheeks, and although you hadn’t really noticed how it happened, you were almost sitting on top of him after all. He smiled when your lips parted for a moment, mainly because you needed to catch some air again. It seemed as if he thought to have triumphed over you, and thus, your hands teasingly wandered over his chest. “That was quite convincing” you mumbled, “But we better get up now, I think we should get dressed. We’re in your living room after all” – “So?” George replied thereupon, frowning slightly. It was obvious he would be quite stubborn, but you really didn’t want to risk being busted by his family. “Is that a problem?” – “Yes, George. I mean, anyone can come in!? And besides, I’ve told you we should get things going now…” – George only gave you a incredulous glimpse in return, whereupon you simply decided escape his grip and get up. The following look on his face was irritated, if not even bewildered. “What’re you doing? I thought you liked it?” – “I did, Georgie, but I really think we should go somewhere else and get ready for the day” – “Fine” George muttered, “Whatever that means” When he theatrically got up you clapped your hands sarcastically, but you should have known that he was immediately trying to get physical affection again; he gently put his hands on your waist and pushed you backwards, his breath tickling your neck, and before you could act, he had pressed his lips against it. “Just for a moment, I promise” he mumbled in between to gentle kisses. You had been pushed against the wall, and even though you still weren’t too fond of the thought of getting caught, you gave in – after all, his caress was more than pleasurable. “It annoys me to say this, but I can’t resist George Weasley” – George smirked at your comment before bringing his lips to yours again, this time cupping your face and pushing you against the cold wall. A moment later, he placed his hands on your waist whereas you imitated his movement from before and cupped his face as well. Your occupations continued like this for what seemed like quite a while; you quickly forgot about time, only to focus on him and his gentle touches. Yet, you were interrupted soon enough – but it wasn’t just anything; you immediately let go of George when you actually heard someone coughing a few feet away from you. A bewildered look traced your face as you turned to see Mrs Weasley staring at the both of you; it was difficult figuring out what her facial expression meant, but you had the strong feeling that she wasn’t too happy at the moment. 

“George, I wanted to tell you that it’s very urgent you clean your room” she said blankly, and George grabbed your hand before turning around since he thought he could escape this dreadful situation as quickly as possible, but just as he had calmly reassured her he’d be doing what she had requested, she coughed once again. “Not so fast, Georgie” she mumbled, “I’m still going to have a word with the both of you” – “Please don’t let it be what I think it is” George whispered into your ear, but you were so embarrassed already you didn’t want to make his mother mad, and thus you just waited for her to say something. “Well, children. As much as I appreciate you two being in a relationship, I feel like this needs to be said… Well, you seem to be going quite far already-“ – “Mom, you do know we are no first-graders?” George said slightly glaring at his mother. “Yes, George, but you’re not exactly adults either, and thus it is my good right to have this talk with you for a moment!” George crossed his arms in return, but when you gave him a rather reproachful look, he remained silent. “I just want you to be careful. You know what most people do when they love each other-“ – “Yes, mum, we certainly know” George smiled slightly as he spoke, his hand now sliding over your back, but Mrs Weasley gave him her resolute glimpse again and he closed his mouth, although looking rather unwilling with it. “George, I’m trying to have a serious conversation here. And you can be glad I’m willing to have it with you; I could’ve gotten really mad instead, but I know what it’s like to be in love” she snapped, causing you to blush, but she did get softer towards the end of her sentence, probably because she was remembering her own teenage years. George, on the opposite, looked rather irritated by everything; he was not sure about what his mother was going to say and how he would feel about it. “Well, children” she finally continued, “All I’m saying is I want you two to be careful. I know you trust each other, but you easily get foolish in your teenage years, and once you don’t pay attention it’s happened, and even wizardry can’t help you anymore-“ – “Mum, how very kind of you to enlightening us, but we are aware of the consequences. Thank you” George replied sarcastically, whereupon you slightly bumped his waist to show him it was time to stop now. Molly looked rather unimpressed and just shook her head. “Very well, then, Georgie. If you already know it all, why don’t you just go upstairs and clean your room already? I’ll be having this talk with (Y/N) alone, if you don’t mind” – “But mom-“ – “Hush, hush, do what I told you to” George looked angry, and if he hadn’t been such a loudmouth himself, he would have stayed with you for sure. You smiled at him, though, to reassure that everything was fine.

“Georgie?” – “Blimey, there you are!” he answered. You walked into the room to find him sitting on his bed. “Doesn’t really look like you’ve cleaned up, to be honest” – “Excuse you, I did put my clothes into the drawer” You looked around the room; to you, it still seemed rather messy, although George usually did care about a certain tidiness. “Mhm” you mumbled, “Well, I guess I’ll simply help you with the rest, then” – “’Right, thanks. But, first things first: What on earth did my mother say?” He looked quite insecure as he spoke, whereupon you took a seat next to him, slightly leaning backward. You knew he wasn’t embarrassed by his family, his main worry was that you wouldn’t have been comfortable, but he looked quite relieved when you told him you were fine. “It was good talking to her, actually. She really just cares about us-“ – “I know, (Y/N), but she does exaggerate here and there, don’t you think? And why did she give you… the talk” – “Better have a mom like her than someone who wouldn’t care at all. Anyway, she started talking about… you, basically. Us. Our relationship, what most people do, what people shouldn’t do, that both of us should be careful, in the end, she just tried explaining me the world of romance…” George crossed his arms in return, proceeding to explain why his mother’s behavior was useless to him, but you shushed him quick enough. “I know, but she only wants us to be aware. She knows what it’s like, really. Told me quite a lot about her youth and how she’s fond of us being a couple.” you said, “And how I should be quite careful with you, George…” – “She did not say that, she knows I’m a good boy” George replied, and he was right. “Good, maybe she never officially said that, but maybe it’s what I believe to have understood?” – “Debatable, this statement. I suggest we find out if you’re right, then” You rolled your eyes when he softly placed his hands on your hips, and after he had brought his lips to yours, you muttered: “George, you’re unbelievable”.

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Do you find your able to hang with crew who don't get it? (hclfv, cycling, getting it done attitude, etc) Honestly man ppl at my high school are like apart of the drugs and drinking scene or they're unfit crew. I just don't vibe with those type of ppl anymore and it's kinda like I'm literally the only one in the school like this, and there at 1,500 students! Lol unbelievable brah

Just focus on what you are passionate about mate.

Focus on your fitness and learning real world stuff that actually is worthwhile.

Fuck fitting in with the herd. 

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Is this a reference or are tumblrinas 👱‍♀️ seriously talking about if their siblings 👦👧 and parents 👫 were killed 🔪 in cold blood 💉 and then EATEN 🍽, you’D BE OKAY 👌 with that??? BECAUSE THATS HOW THEY “COPE”??? unbelievable. You guys are officially fucking nuts 🌰 . LOL 😂 please get help .

omfffffffffffffffffffffffffggggggggg im cackling this is beautiful

I'am so sad and angry

Hi ! I'am sorry for the mistakes but I need to post this after the last episode of TVD and there are not many french people here so I will try my best with my English lol.

I'am sad and angry for many reasons.

1/ Bonnie is still in Kai’s hell !

I know it was predictable but it still hurt. When I see her sobbing and crying I was like this :

I swear my heart is breaking !!!

2/ Alaric and Tyler !

I was so dissapointed in Alaric and Tyler ! They want to help Jo and Liv but hello there !!! Bonnie saved your life more than once, she brings you back Alaric and the same for you Tyler. They didn’t care or what ? The girl who saved their life no matter how dangerous it is, is with a psycopath and a murderer (I love Kai lol and Bonkai) and you let her. Unbelievable ! I'am so angry with them. I know that Alaric was searchig for another way but Jo said the Ascendant was the only way…

3/ : Elena…

Why ? Why are you so annoying and selfish ? Why are you talking  about youself when you are supposed to save Bonnie ? Don’t say  Bonnie is your bestfriend all the times, prove it with actions.

And then, stop saying that the only reason Damon wants to save Bonnie is for you ! Because he wants you falling in love again with him. The world is not about you.

When she said that, I was like this :

And Futhermore, why she was angry with Damon ? Yeah he compelled Alaric but it’s for Bonnie’s sake. It’s not for himself, it wasn’t selfish for once, he truly wants her back. If Bonnie was really my Bestfriend, I would gladly, steal and do whatever it takes.

4/ Caroline

Humm where was Caroline ? I mean, why she wasn’t here to rescue Bonnie ? It’s such a shame because she is the light and I thought she wants helping, I was a little sad.

5/ General :

Yeah I'am angry and sad about all of this. Bonnie always put her hapiness after the hapiness of her “friends”. She was hurt so many times but always fought so hard for the others and now who is here for her ?

Jeremy ? No, he does nothing but sleeps with girls and drinks.

Elena ? No she wants Bonnie for advice with her Relationship with Damon

Caroline ? No she was nowhere to be found

Matt ? No he just wants Bonnie back but do nothing

Stefan ? No, he is just grateful that Bonnie brings Damon back.

Tyler ? Hell no he prefers to protect Liv and let Bonnie alone.

Alaric ? No,no, no Jo is “more” important…

Damon ? Yes, yes and Yes !

Damon is the only one who do whatever it takes to save Bonnie. The same vampire who said he didn’t care about her so many times. The same vampire that Bonnie hated before ! That’s ironic !

I was very happy when Damon says that he wants to save Bonnie for her and not Elena. I was happy when he is the one to aknowledge the fact that Bonnie always sacrifice herself and save the day but they (the scoobygang) are unable to do the same or don’t bother to try !

When he said that I was like this :

I'am sure if it was Elena or even Caroline who were stuck in 1994, the others will do anythings to saves them ! :-/

6/ About Kai

Anyway Kai was so cool in this episode ! I like him, he is so evil lol and sexy ! I'am insane. It will be cool to see him with a dark Bonnie.

Because yes, now I need Bonnie to be like this 

End of my boring post lol ! Have a good day !

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For PreciousTaoBar’s 3rd anniversary on baidu, Tao specially wrote a small note and had someone to send it to the bar’s staff, it was totally a surprise gift for the fandom.

“To HuangZitaoBar~ ♥VVHL-EXOL, happy 3rd anniversary!

So happy and honored to have you guys being with me all the time. Thank you very much. I will always work hard, to offer the best. To us, nothing in this world is impossible ♥

Love you all ♥”

Actual convo I had yesterday at lunch
  • Friend: Why do you have gay teddy bears as your lockscreen?
  • Me: They're One Direction's mascots, so to speak.
  • Friend: ...
  • Friend: They have queer teddy bears as mascots?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Friend: What do other fans say?
  • Me: Well, half of them love them and the other half doesn't get the references.
  • Friend: But look at them, the big one is Freddie Mercury.
  • Me: Yeah, there are tons of queer references in their clothes and paraphernalia.
  • Friend: ...
  • Friend: One Direction has queer mascots. Unbelievable.