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Summary: Nygma pledges to himself to change for the better this new years. But a new assistant coupled with a new officer may just make that a little bit difficult

Nygma X Reader

Word Count: 1,169

Warnings: Some cursing, non-descriptive assault, death

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He could stop killing. He had never done it before and he could get back to that, he knew it. It was going to be 1937 and he couldn’t keep being a murderer. He would continue his work, think of some more riddles, and move on from the death of Ms. Kringle.

But first, he had to meet his new assistant. They had surprised him that day at work, not telling him anything other than he would need to “play nice”. He was angry, but kept under control, shooting back a riddle with a particularly insulting answer.

“Oh, hello!” He was taken aback as the woman before him extended her hand “I’m (Y/N). Your new assistant, though from what I’ve heard, I doubt that you need one. I mean, the poor have it, the rich need it, and as do you. What is it?”

“Nothing.” He answered, and now it was her turn to be taken aback.

“Are you a fan of riddles Mr…”

“Nygma.” He filled in “Edward Nygma, and yes, I have a passion for riddles.”

“Then I think I may be better company to you than I’d originally thought.” She grinned.

“As do I.” He smiled.

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can you please write anything based on this picture. pinterest(.)com/pin/453948837412295002/


2/10 of my 1k followers ficathon: a high school AU with fake dating!

“So,” Stiles says, slumping down in the chair across the cafeteria table from Derek. “You and me. Friday. Dinner and a movie.”

Derek chokes on his lima beans and drops his book.

“Two weeks of epic dating and then the biggest, loudest, most public breakup this school has ever seen,” Stiles barrel on. “It’s perfect.”


“What?” Derek asks when he’s finally managed to subtly cough up the lima bean lodged in his throat.

“C’mon, you’ve gotta work with me, Derek,” Stiles whines, slumping forward against the table. “This plan is foolproof, but only if we make it real.”

“Start from the beginning,” Derek growls, completely and totally lost.

“Oh my god, you are so useless,” Stiles groans, scowling at Derek. “It’s like you want everyone to think we’re dating!”

“Start. From. The. Beginning,” Derek repeats, through clenched teeth.

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