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Extroverted Introverts: Ten things to know

Also known as an ambivert, an extroverted introvert is someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion.

1. Their spot on the spectrum changes with their environment.

Your ambivert friend may be loud and gregarious around their family, but quiet and thoughtful at the office. Seeing them in both situations may feel like meeting two entirely different people.

2. Talking to strangers is fine – but don’t expect them to keep it to small talk.

Although an ambivert can hold up their end of a conversation, talking about the weather will not be enough to engage them. Their social energy is limited enough that they won’t want to waste it on meaningless chatter. They will likely push the conversation into deeper territory or bow out entirely.

3. They like to be alone – they don’t like to be lonely.

There is a big difference between the two. Choosing to sit at home with a tub of ice cream and a book feels fantastic. Sitting at home because nobody called them back feels sad and lame.

4. Getting them out of the house can be a challenge.

If you catch your friend on a highly introverted day, you may just be better off leaving them at home. They might manage to be social, but they’ll just be thinking about their books and their couch the whole time.

5. If they’re new, you can find them in the back of the room.

An introverted extrovert will approach new situations with cautious excitement. If they know someone in the group, they will likely cling to them a bit as they become comfortable. If they do not, they might waver on the edge of the crowd, slowly getting used to the water rather than jumping in all at once.

6. They’re selectively social.

They don’t mean to be snobs. They just have limited social energy and prefer interacting one-on-one or in small groups. For this reason, they can only afford to invest their social time and energy in those who they feel truly connected to.

7. Making friends is easy. Keeping them is hard.

They like talking to people, but they value their alone-time, as well. This can make maintaining a friendship tricky. If your ambivert friend makes an effort to consistently invest time and energy in your friendship, be glad. You are truly special to them.

8. Their social desires change with the breeze.

They might be desperate to hang out with you on Friday, but then not answer your call on Saturday. They’re not mad at you. They’re just super comfortable in bed watching films.

9. They can talk to you for hours.

If you manage to catch them in a one-on-one situation, an extroverted introvert will just not shut up. Once their interest is engaged, there’s no stopping them.

10. Listening is great too, though.

Sometimes they want to be a part of the action, but their social energy levels are too low for them to contribute in a meaningful way. Listening allows them to get to know you without burning up their social fuel. They also know its value from their chattier moments when they are desperate for an ear.

12th House
  • The 12th house is very personal, and secluded. This is the house of secrets and hidden personalities. The signs, planets and asteroids residing here are internalised, and reside deep inside who they are. It takes people we trust the most to unlock them, and if someone does they explode like fireworks with profound energy and warmth. Unleashing the 12th house is like a private festival of emotions.
  • Sun in 12th: Someone with this placement hides their ego and self from almost everyone. They may come across as very shy and timid, as well as introverted. If this person opens up to you, you learn that there's confidence underneath the layers of quiet retreat.
  • Moon in 12th: Their emotions are hidden from view. They may be likely to take on everyone else's burdens because they never show they have any of their own. They feel so intensely when alone in their thoughts, and it can be scary for them sometimes. If they open up to you, it's a truly special thing. Their emotions and feelings are like the start of a new ink cartridge: powerful in colour, abundant when written out.
  • Mercury in 12th: They find it very hard to communicate, and probably only feel properly able to to very close friends or online where they can think about their responses. They'll pick texting over verbal confrontation any day. Speeches and arguments are exceptionally hard for them. Midnight conversations with them are beautiful, deep, and unique.
  • Venus in 12th: Love is a hidden gem. They don't often just give their heart to someone. Sometimes they may feel like they should, so can seemingly force themselves into crushes or flirting, but soon withdraw as they realise it doesn't make them happy. Love for them happens in the quiet of their mind, and the arms of their lover, rather than in the public eye. They are also lovers of poetry, reading, and artistic forms which make them think of how they feel themselves.
  • Mars in 12th: They hate to argue a lot. They'd rather work things out without stress or heated emotion. They're also very reserved in sexual affairs, preferring usually to keep the bedroom to serious relationships. If you ever get that far, you'll learn they're deep and intense. This placement may lash out when alone, and will pent up how they feel a lot like Moon in 12th, except it'll usually come out aggressively when alone.
  • Saturn in 12th: They feel so restricted inside. They make their own walls and barriers with their feelings and deeper selves that can stress them out and give them intense worries and stresses. They always feel the need to regulate their dreams and fears, often calling their deeper emotions irrational. Positively, they may tend to hide less of themselves from people.
  • Jupiter in 12th: These individuals no know boundaries deep within them. What they keep inside out of public view is a deep pool of emotion and dreams. They may be extensive dreamers, whether when asleep or awake. Sometimes their fears and anxieties are so strong, they aren't sure how to regulate and manage them.
  • Neptune in 12th: Extreme dreamers. They can often suffer from delusional thoughts of their fears, or being over anxious of parts of life. Neptune is at home here, and is free to gloss over and shroud whatever it wants in mystery and illusion. Someone with this placement may worry and overthink intensely, but never let this out into the open.
  • Uranus in 12th: These people want to revolutionise and change things, but feel unable to do so. They aren't sure how to project their want your change into the world. They can also want to change themselves a lot, and may manifest through several inner mentalities quite quickly to try and align themselves more with their life situations.
  • Pluto in the 12th: Destructive of their inner selves. They constantly change up who they are inside, sometimes without even wanting to. What is hidden inside them is a ball in a china shop. You may find they hide away their emotions on secret blogs or journals. The things they hard away from friends are often intense, which makes it even harder for them to open up.

I passionately believe that when you have a hero who perceives their every action is justified - even when it’s seen by an outsider as villainy, that you truly have something special. 

Roman Reigns has mastered the art of babyface and heel tactics. Blending them together so well that you genuinely question is he the protagonist, or the antagonist? We will never know, and that’s why he’s the most interesting character to date. Nothing is black and white. 

Life Without You

Part Two


It was odd, really. He pretended that you meant nothing to him, like he’s never met you before. He gave you that warm smile, introducing himself, saying it was a pleasure to meet you. You would think that he would at least show some kind of emotion. Sadness, hurt, joy, anything. His lack of emotion was getting on your nerves.

Maybe he forgot who you were. No, no that couldn’t be it. He knew exactly who you were and what he was doing to you. The question is, why? Why is he torturing you? Did it give him some kind of sick pleasure?

Then it happened.

You didn’t expect it, at all. Your heart breaking into smaller pieces. This is my girlfriend, Megan. Megan, this is (Y/N), an old friend. An old friend? Is that all you were to him? You looked over at her, instantly regretting it. She was perfect, much skinnier than you, taller, prettier, absolutely stunning. Of course Harry would fall for someone as amazing as her and not you. You were boring, nothing unique. It hurt much more than you’d ever admit.

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I think Dean actually made this tape when he was young and has been carrying it around with him for years. It’s super special to him because it has all his favorite Zeppelin songs and it’s the tape that has been played so much it’s nearly worn out. He and Sam have played that tape and sung along with Robert Plant on a thousand cross-country drives. And this tape probably got him through a whole lot of lonely drives after Sam went to Stanford. He knew that those songs were special to John and Mary and it’s become the soundtrack of Sam and Dean’s lives.

Under all of his tough guy bluster, Dean is a sentimental romantic. He wore the Samulet for years. He treats Baby like a living thing because it means family and home. He kept Castiel’s trenchcoat in his trunk for months after he died, even moving it from car to car. And his most treasured possession is a picture of his mother. Dean puts deep meaning into the few items he holds dear. 

So the fact that he wanted to gift this (and wouldn’t take it back) to Cas means so much. It means that Cas is family and that he wants to share with Cas something that is an integral part of who he is. For a man whose entire earthly possessions can fit in a car trunk and a duffel bag, to give something that you made yourself and kept with you for maybe decades to a friend is a truly special gift. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Preference "How they talk dirty to you" (NSFW)

(Wooooo MORE GOTG PREFERENCES 😍😏 I made Rocket as his said “human” form :) Hope you guys understand why :) WOooo for The Collector being added :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Yondu-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d love to tease and taunt you, even with some of his whistles, making you feel weak and understand that you are his to be played with. From treating you like his cute little plaything to his personal slut, he’d always manage to get you in the perfect mood for him. However, the moment you’d decide to show him the slightest touch of tenderness, he’d instantly melt and be speechless.

Peter-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d surprise you with how much he can turn you on as much as he can manage to make you laugh and smile. Whenever he’s being utterly serious about it, he can be as dirty and filthy as you’d like him to be and make you play along with him. However, there would always be that point where he’d take a step back and ruin the mood with a silly remark.

Drax-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d be completely blunt and honest about everything he’s feeling. He’d have no other way to sugarcoat anything and would admit to you how much he enjoys making you scream in pleasure from his tongue to his fingers, as well as how much he loves the feeling of being inside you, having no problem to describe in detail what it feels like.

Rocket-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d surprise you with how cocky and arrogant he could be, especially when it comes to how he’s going to use you. Although he would’ve been awkward the first few times, the moment he’d get used to his human form, he’d understand how much more power he had over you and would use his words to make you feel weak and needy.

Gamora-When it comes to talking dirty to you, she’d make you feel weak for her and have you wrapped around her finger. She’d entice you just as she knows how you like it and would tell you exactly what you need to hear to make you crumble and an utter mess for her. Nonetheless, she’d always comfort you back to reality and make you understand how sweet she really is.

Nebula-When it comes to talking dirty to you, she’d prefer not to but would always end up sounding like she’s purposely provoking you. She’d hate to admit that she wanted you and what she wanted to do to you, making her usually keep to herself. However, when she couldn’t handle it, she’d simply start to taunt you as much as she wants and make it sound like she was having a fight with you.

Mantis-When it comes to talking dirty to you, she’d be utterly clueless and would simply end up making you laugh with how straightforward she is. She’d be kind and gentle, saying how simply she wanted to give you her affection or how it felt nice to feel you instead. However, for the most part, she’d be lost and curious, asking you what makes you feel good.

Kraglin-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d be clumsy and shy at first, only to slowly grow more and more confident and truly surprise you by how much he can turn you on. He’d simply be nervous, thinking about how you both got to that point but when it comes to him really wanting you, he’d instantly get cocky and dominate you completely, making you whine and beg for more.

Ronan-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he wouldn’t really say anything to demean you but instead make you understand how much he truly loved you. He’d make you feel special to him and truly compliment you on your beauty in every way possible as well as how he enjoys feeling and touching you.

Stakar-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d make you feel loved yet slowly take his authoritative tone with you to make you understand that he’s in control. His words would all be kind and gentle to match his actions however being a captain most of the time would then get to him, making his habit of ordering you and make you feel under his command come out.

The Collector-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d always make you feel special and precious to him. He’d truly treat you like a princess and tend to your every needs, not wanting you to ever feel upset from any of his words or actions. He’d sweet talk you the whole time and no matter how much you’d act up, he’d still be kind and caring.

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Dear Tumblr, 

I’m sorry that I’ve been such a terrible friend. I’ve been away for far too long. I hope that, over time, you will be able to find it in your heart to forgive me. 

As a symbol of my deepest sincerest apologies, here is a little wizard. Yes, I drew him months ago. Yes, I’ve posted him elsewhere on the web. But, Tumblr, no other site has such a refined scan of this image. Only a dimly-lit warped and distorted version taken from the tiny lens of a truly inadequate smart phone exists. You, my friend, are the sole possessor of this digital original. This scan among scans. You should feel truly special. Now you know how much you mean to me.

my sincerest apologies,


Krasivaya-Chapter 5

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes have been friends for years. You are deeply, completely, in love with the super soldier, but he sees you as nothing more than a little sister. What happens when Bucky starts to date in earnest?

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x OFC

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Self-Esteem issues, Depression?, Anxiety.

Song: Broken Seether ft Amy Lee

Bucky’s POV

 Oh, he had fucked up this time. His inability to describe how beautiful you truly were causing you deep pain. That made him disgusted with himself.

 The way you had shrunk in on yourself, reached for Steve for comfort, he was no longer your go to guy. No longer the man you sought out when you felt down. He had been replaced by his best friend. The best friend that got to touch you in ways he had only ever dreamt about. That got to kiss you and feel you and wake up to your smile.

He’d been so close to finally claiming you that day in the kitchen. So close to finally tasting you. But Steve just had to rip you away from him.

He was angry. Angry at you. Angry with Steve for not realizing how deeply in love with you he truly was.

“What the fuck was that, punk?” Steve spits out.

“That was me telling the truth. You wouldn’t ever go for a dame like her, and all of a sudden you can’t keep ya hands off of her?” He scoffs, watching as Steve sucks in a harsh breath.

“Jesus, Buck. What the hell is wrong with you?” Steve asks in disbelief.

He merely snorts, turning to Mel, “We’re going to bed,” he grits out. Yanking her from her seat, and ushering her down the hall. He’s slightly disgusted at the way she revels in his attention.

Shoving her hard against the door, he rips the top she’s wearing down the front, exposing her perfect body to the cool air. He wastes no time in sucking a nipple into his mouth.

Her moan sounds wrong to his ears. Her body doesn’t feeling right under his hands. Her hands tug at his hair. “James,” she moans.

He cringes at the tone of her voice, wishing with everything he has that it was you writhing underneath him.

He growls out, “On your knees.”

She complies immediately, sinking down to the ground, fumbling with his zipper.

All he needed was to forget.

Melissa was a means to an end.

Your POV:

You were curled up in a ball on your bed, listening to the moans filtering through the wall.

It had you sick to the stomach. Bile rises in your throat. You wanted nothing more than to run from this place. But you had a duty. A responsibility to the people of the world. You were never one to give up when the going got tough.

Steve enters the bedroom, his nose crinkling in disgust as he hears the moans of his best friend through the wall. He doesn’t bother asking your permission. He picks you up bridal style, carrying you to his bedroom, and depositing you on his bed. He crawls in behind you, nuzzling into your hair, the well of emotion finally bubbles over.

“Why can’t I be pretty like her, Stevie?” you sob as you shove your face into the pillow. “Why can’t he see me for what I am?”

Steve strokes your hair, listening as you cry out your pain.

“How did I end up here? How did I become this person?”

Steve sighs. “Oh, doll. Why can’t ya see how beautiful, how special you truly are?” he says, sadness bleeding into his tone.

You snort. “I’m not though, am I? He only sees a fat, useless lump! God knows I’ve tried, Steve. I’ve tried to make him see me as more, but he’ll only ever see the outside. He’ll never know how much I love him.” Words drown in the ugly crying which is currently happening.

“Shh, baby girl. It’s gonna be okay.” Steve tries to comfort you, hugging you tighter. “He’s a fool for not seein’ what’s right in front of him, and I’m always gonna be here for ya, darlin’.”

You turn to face him, hope plain on your face. “Do you mean it? You aren’t going to toss me to the side when you find someone to love?”

He chuckles dryly. “Oh, doll. I could never do that to ya, you’re my friend. And ya mean the world ta me. I promise I’ll always be there for ya.”

You believe him.

Steve Rogers isn’t one to lie. He’s too good, too pure.

Content with the knowledge that you aren’t completely alone in the world, you fall into a dreamless sleep, snuggled tightly in Captain America’s arms.

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BTS Reaction To Realizing They Love You

Anon asked: BTS reaction of them finding out that they’re actually in love with you

Here you are, thanks for the request, and I hope you like it! -Spice

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would likely realize that he loves you during a phone call at 3AM. Just the way he is able to talk to you so effortlessly about anything from serious things to stupid ones makes him realize that you are truly someone special. Once he realizes this, he’s going to make sure you stay a part of his life, even if you never return his feelings in that way.

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Seokjin would most likely realize he loves you when he watches you eat something that he prepared. The way your cheeks puff out with the food in your mouth and the way you half close your eyes in appreciation would make his heart throb. After he realizes he loves you, he’s going to want to be there for you and do anything you want, while working up the courage to tell you he loves you.

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Yoongi would realize he loves you probably the first time he realizes he can open up to you emotionally. He was the type of person who didn’t like to share how he felt, so to find someone he felt completely comfortable to talk to would make him fall for them. When he finds out he loves you, he’s going to work harder on being more open with his feelings to you.

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Similar to Yoongi, Hoseok will realize he loves you when he sees that he doesn’t always have to put up a happy face in front of you. Knowing that he could completely be himself no matter what mood he was in was very comforting to him, causing him to fall for you. When he’s in love, you can expect a lot more skinship and affection to come from him.

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V would fall for you when he sees how good with kids you are. Seeing how patient and caring you are towards small kids makes him think about what a good partner you’d be. Similar to Hoseok, he would become more affectionate with you, but also slightly more serious when it comes to telling you how he feels.

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Jimin would probably fall in love with you when he sees how much you care about him in return. Knowing that someone would always be there to support him would touch him deeply; however, falling in love would make him feel a little insecure, as he would think that he wouldn’t be able to make you happy.

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He would realize he loves you the moment he sees that you don’t see him as just another pretty face, but as a genuine person. Being in love, Jungkook would be the exact opposite of Jimin. He knows exactly what he wants, and he will put 100% effort into getting you to love him back.

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Speaking of icarly, is no one gonna talk about how it pretty much showed how youtube would be? Massive, viral, events just for youtubers (remember the seddie vs creddie shipper drama when they were doing a panel??) and fans that supported and loved people they never even knew. It's truly incredible when you look back to see the comparisons. Specially when you remember the show started when YouTube was only about two years old in 07. Damn, icarly was the shit.

…. icarly predicted the future of youtube culture

Vikings Preference "When they realize that they're in love with you"

(Woooo more Vikings preference :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Ragnar-He’d realize he was in love with you after you had saved his life from a near death experience and even more as you’d personally take care of him and his injuries. Having you by his side so much, he’d understand how much he meant to you and he himself realize needs you in his life.

Rollo-He’d realize he was in love with you after you’d take it upon yourself to teach him something he isn’t familiar with. He’d come to realize how much it means for you to help him and how you would be so caring of him that it all just made him fall for you even more, and have a hard time keeping it to himself.

Floki-He’d realize he was in love with you as you’d constantly offer him help to build the boats. Seeing how adamant you are, no matter the weather or how busy your day would’ve been, it would all only make him feel so grateful to have someone who could share his passion and admit to you how much he loves you.

Athelstan-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d come to enjoy seeing all your efforts into learning about Christianity. His faith meant the world to him, so seeing you truly putting your all into it would make himself feel special to you and would come to love each moment you are both alone and away from others as you both study the Bible.

Bjorn-He’d realize he was in love with you as each time you’d come around to visit him in his camp during raids, he’d feel better about the situation. It wouldn’t matter how badly injured he was, seeing you walk towards him, coming over to spend your time with him, would make it all better and for him to know that he was in love.

Ubbe-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t come to enjoy seeing you working as a slave. As he’d keep his mind on you constantly and try to help you with your work, he’d come to understand that he felt that way because he was falling in love with you, making him offering you a marriage to save you from your labor.

Hvitserk-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d get shy and nervous around you, especially when you would laugh and joke around with him. Although, he would usually be confident and flirty around girls, when it came to you, it would all seem to go away and he would only hope that you’d make him smile all again.

Sigurd-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d come to enjoy playing music with you and being alone together. Seeing how good you got at playing your instrument thanks to him and that you both make beautiful music together, it would only make him fall in love with you even more.

Ivar-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d come to realize you were the only to truly care and understand his feelings. Having you around him, spending your time just listening to him and talk to him as well as being the few to make him laugh and feel more comfortable would make him fall for you each day.

Halfdan-He’d realize he was in love with you the moment he laid his eyes you. It was the first time he had ever seen you within the camp and the instant you approached to greet him with a smile and hand him a bowl of water to clean himself, that’s when he’d feel his heart beat faster and himself growing warm from all of it.

Harald-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d notice all your efforts into making him happier day by day. It wouldn’t seem to matter how bad or angry he was, having close to him and cheering him up the many ways you would, would all make him feel better and understand how he can’t be without you.

Aethelwulf-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t be able to handle seeing you involved with his father. Knowing how his father has an interest for you and from seeing the way he would show it, would all serve to make him irritated around the both of you and soon to understand that he was falling for you.

King Ecbert-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t want you to leave his side and go back to Kattegat. He knew he was interested in you the instant he met you but as your stay would come to an end, he’d get irritated and would do anything to convince you to stay, only to understand himself.

Arne-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t want anyone else to take care of his injuries but you. From the first time you did it, he felt so comfortable and at ease, he knew he didn’t want anyone else to be there for him but you and surely made you understand that feeling.

Lagertha-She’d realize she was in love with you as she’d end up putting her trust in you and no one else. Among the people around her, she’d feel that you were the only one she could trust so much and would end up telling you all her worries and so, making her understand she was in love with you.

Aslaug-She’d realize she was in love with you as you’d seem to be the only one to see her as a strong and capable woman rather than just being a beautiful face. She’d find it interesting to speak with you about her hopes and goals so much that she’d come to understand her feelings for you.

Thorunn-She’d realize she was in love with you as you’d keep looking for her and make her understand that her scar truly isn’t anything serious. Listening to you and feeling your touch would all make her heart skip a beat and understand her feelings for you.

Helga-She’d realize she was in love with you as you’d understand her feelings of wanting to be a mother. She’d just come to enjoy how you’d try to help her get that feeling again and soon would realize herself.


June 18th, 2017.

Happy Birthday Spooky Jim. 

29 years ago you fell from the universe and graced us with your love, humor, joy, life experiences and so much more. You became a son, a brother, a best friend, a cat enthusiast, a drummer, a dreamer, and a growing legend in the eyes of many. Joshua William Dun, you are so much more than the hot drummer from that one band. You are more than just the guy who sticks his tongue out and gives the clique too many emotions. You are a passionate human who has brought so much to this world.

You have completed a lot of pieces that have gone missing for me. You have shown me that it is okay to have issues and have off days, but to keep fighting. To love my body, live the best life I can and most of all, smile. I am not who I was before I found you and I hope that you will always be apart of my life. You make my days brighter, as bright as your beautiful hair. This day is just an extra day to share how much I, the clique, and all your loved ones truly value you.

Happy birthday, may today be a truly special day for you. May you feel the love from everyone around you, and go celebrate yourself. You have come so far and have shown a lot of us that life can and will get better. 29 is going to be a magical year filled with joy, new adventures, new music I am sure, more moments with your best friends, more backflips off pianos, laughs with Ty and so on.

I am so proud you exist and thank you for sharing your life with us. Sometimes I am sure it is not easy to be seen by so many, but you carry yourself so well. I am beyond lucky to have you and Ty, the clique couldn’t be happier. So with that being all said, go out and celebrate yourself and have some fun. Happy birthday Jishwa!


Good night to everyone, but especially Jamie Oleksiak. I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing, but I hope you’re out surfing or watching baseball or sitting on your couch playing Xbox and downing Bud Lite (or all of the above) and living your best life. Proud of u bud.

Antisepticeye: Ideas and Interaction

Do you what I love about this? The amount of theories and ideas that have been posted because of this video. Some could easily fit into the lore surrounding Anti, some are extremely far fetched but they’re all fun to read because each one has a different take and makes you look closer.

For example: The cuts on his throat. I’ve seen people say they look more like stab wounds than a full slit across the neck. Others say that it’s the cut healing and Anti taking more control. Another theory is that it could be Anti taking Jack’s voice away.

Jack has kept it so open that any theory put forward could be correct and that is so bloody cool!

I’ve chatted to people from different countries and time zones and we’ve bounced off ideas, getting giddy at finding something we hadn’t noticed until the other person points it out. 

It’s awesome to see so many people take this and just run with it, interacting with each other, adding a whole new depth to the character and just having a ton of fun with it! 

 @therealjacksepticeye and @pixlpit because of the way you’ve taken on this character you’ve given us something truly special. Thank you!