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CS ff: “My Eyes, They Speak for Me” (1/2)

Summary: Canon divergence from 3x13 onward, where Walsh never reveals himself and Storybrooke isn’t where it should be. Emma and Killian have to not only find a way back to Storybrooke and Emma’s family, but keep each other and Henry safe in the process.

Rating: T… for now.

A/N: So *wiggles fingers* hello, @swankkat! I am your (omfg i’m so sorry it’s so late) GFSS! I had every intention of having this done for New Years, but um, well, the easy explanation is that @phiralovesloki maaaaaaaaaay have had a bit of a hand in the outlining of this fic (and we both know how truly brilliant she is) so I think you know how this story goes. My “Quick Oneshot” plan definitely got thrown out the window months ago. And instead I replaced it with “Well, 11k for the first half a fic is okay, too.” Part 2 is in progress, and that’s definitely where more of the ticky boxes you checked off start to come into play. 

This is the continuation from a fic I started back during au week, so if the beginning looks familiar to anyone reading this, that’s why.

Edit: Now available on FFN and Ao3!

The moments driving away from Storybrooke are painful because there in her rear-view mirror, she has to say goodbye. She memorizes the details quickly before she forgets them forever: her parents crying, Regina sullen and heartbroken, Neal wistful and sad over what could’ve been, and Hook… She swallows down the sob that threatens to break free.

Her family, her past, her future, all huddled together at the town line as the curse comes to take them away. She turns it into a joke as she puts the Bug in gear and drives forward. My parents, my ex, and a pirate walk into a bar… and the absurdity pushes a smile onto her face. She’s wearing that smile when they cross the town line and…

She doesn’t know why she’s smiling, other than her son is in the passenger seat taking in the scenery like he’s never seen it before. Which is ridiculous, of course, because he saw it on the drive up. This was just what they needed. A small escape from reality before starting fresh. She’s not excited about finding a new place to live, or buying new clothes, or finding a new school for Henry, but she knows it is all stuff that has to be done when they get to New York.

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The Other Woman Part 1 [Requested]

justmasblack asked:

I know this is gonna sound stupid and selfish but the angst request numbers are brilliant,you are truly talented so I want supernatural fandoms for the following numbers i’m so greedy I know and you r totally free not to do any of them or even if u did 1 i’d be thankful so here r my numbers (5deanxreader/10deanxreader/15deanxreaderxcas or samxreader/23casxreaderxdean-the one who wishes-/31casxreader),if you didn’t do any of'em it’s okay,if you did 1i’m grateful and if you did'em all i’d die happ

This is  Request Numbers [Angst] #10 (The second request of the list).

10!Dean x Reader:

10. It hurts me that you don’t even realize exactly how much you’re making me suffer.

(Y/N) could see the way that Dean’s eyes lit up whenever he talked about Lisa and Ben; he wanted the apple-pie life no matter how many times he denied it, and the (e/c) eyed woman couldn’t give him that. 

She was a hunter. She was raised to kill monsters, and she was damn proud of it. But her heart ached painfully every time her boyfriend talked about his other family- the life that could have been. The beating organ felt as though it were being ripped apart; it hurt far worse than the time that the werewolf bit her arm and the time she was thrown out of a building by a ghost. It throbbed endlessly at the thought of not being able to make her own boyfriend happy, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it.

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1st place - My Fair Hatey

What’s not to love about this episode? It’s absolutely perfect. Great character interaction and team ups, beautiful animation and the songs are just perfection. They always get stuck in my head days after watching the episode sometimes I even wake up singing them. The ‘You’re The Greatest’ reprise is actually my ringtone. 

This is truly a brilliant episode and is the one I would recommend for people to watch to get them into the show.

Help us save Wander Over Yonder from cancellation! 


jerrytysons  asked:

I'm not sure if you accept prompts right now, anyway I wanted to share this idea with you because I think you're the only one capable of writing this like I imagine it. Here comes the prompt: Castle and Beckett are fighting (usual s4, around headhunters) and something happens to Martha (maybe close to death) and Castle needs/seeks Becketts comfort? :)

He was supposed to be following Slaughter around that day, so imagine her surprise when Richard Castle comes skulking onto her crime scene. Indignation flares hot in her chest, because isn’t he too good to be hanging around her these days?

But the closer he comes, the easier it is to see that he isn’t in his usual mood of airy indifference, isn’t strutting around like he used to four years ago with a forced sense of arrogance. No, he’s trailing through the grass of the park towards her, his head down and a deep frown carved into his lips.

Any traces of the bitterness she’s slowly been harboring over the last couple of weeks vanishes, replaced by worry that fills her chest like ice water, overwhelming her sore heart, and she holds a hand up to Lanie, who’s noticed Castle with the same concern blooming in her eyes.

Beckett rises from her crouched position on the ground beside the body and strides for him, the dew still clinging to the grass licking at her boots, wetting the edges of her pant legs.

“Castle?” He practically startles at the sound of her voice, as if he didn’t even realize she was here and oh yeah, she’s definitely worried. 

“Ka-Beckett,” he corrects himself and damn, that hurts. How long has it been since her first name spilled past his lips so soft and sweet? Now, she’s lucky to receive the clipped two syllables of her surname, but it isn’t laced with ice this time. His speech is almost disorientated, just like him. “I tried calling you.”

She pats her coat pocket out of instinct, internally curses herself when she remembers her phone is in the car, charging.

“My phone died,” she murmurs, deciding to bury her hands in her pockets so to subdue their itching need to reach for him. Because something is wrong, so very wrong. “What’s going on?”

“I just needed to ask - would you mind - I’m-”

She’s never seen him stutter and stumble with his words like this, never seen him so flustered in general, and he nearly jerks when she places a gentle hand on his arm.

“My mother had a heart attack this morning.”

The hand on his arm goes slack. 

“I don’t want to - to inconvenience you, but Slaughter wouldn’t answer his phone either. I just wanted to ask if you could let him know I wouldn’t be coming in today,” he gets out on a rushed breath, but she can barely process his words, can barely think past the horrific idea of Martha and the words ‘heart attack’.

“Wait here,” she whispers, squeezing his arm, turning on her heel and jogging back to Lanie before he can respond.

“Is everything okay?” Lanie asks with an arch of her brow, but Beckett shakes her head. 

“No, I’ll fill you in later, but I need - I need to go with him. I’ll call Gates myself, but when the boys get here, will you just let them know something came up?”

“Of course, honey,” Lanie assures her quickly, sweeping her clipboard towards Castle. “Go take care of writer boy before he passes out over there.”

“Thanks Lanie,” Beckett calls over her shoulder, already halfway back to Castle, who’s standing right where she left him, albeit, a bit unsteadily. “C’mon Castle.”

His brow furrows when she takes his hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Going with you to the hospital, I presume,” she replies, tugging him along until he finally remembers how to use his legs and trails along after her. “Is she in surgery?”

“Y-yeah,” he manages, his voice closing around the single syllable, and her heart cracks at the sure sound of tears clogging his throat. “They said it would be awhile. Beckett, why are you coming with me?”

Her feet come to a halt on the sidewalk, but she doesn’t release his fingers. His eyes are watery, signs of tears showing in the damp curtains of his lashes, the red rims of his eyelids, but a hint of skepticism has come alive too, the scrutiny she’s come to know so well recently not quite as brutal, but assessing. How did they get here?

But she won’t back down.

“Because we’re still partners, aren’t we?” she murmurs, almost afraid of the answer she could receive, but Castle doesn’t answer at all, just stares back at her, haunted and wounded. “I’m still your partner, Rick,” she amends. “And I care about Martha too, so I’m not letting you deal with this alone.”

She releases his hand and steps out into the street, hailing a cab with ease, and slides in.

“You coming?”

He hesitates for only a moment before slipping in after her, giving the cab driver the hospital’s address.


“Have you called Alexis?” she asks while they’re sitting together in the waiting room.

The silence between them hasn’t necessarily been awkward, but it feels unusual for her, unsettling to have Castle quiet for so long. Even in times of grief and tragedy, he is never usually so reserved. At least, never around her.

“No,” he mumbles, scraping a hand through his hair and keeping his eyes on the ground. “She’s in class and I don’t want her to panic.”

She nods despite the fact that he isn’t looking at her.

“Has Martha ever dealt with heart problems in the past?” she tries softly, but Rick shakes his head.

“No, no, she’s always been healthy,” he sighs, burying his face in his hands. “Maybe I missed the signs. Maybe if I wasn’t so selfish-”

“Castle, no,” she breathes, leaning in closer, placing a hand between his shoulder blades. “This is not your fault.”

His shoulders tremble and tears leak from between his fingers and she can’t stop herself from wrapping her arms around his hunched figure, awkwardly cradling his body to hers. But Castle surprises her, easing an arm around her torso, hiding his crumbling face in her neck, letting her feel the heat of his tears on her skin. 

“She can’t die,” he rasps, clutching her back with his large hands. “My mom and Alexis - they’re all I have.”

Kate runs her fingers through her hair, rests her cheek to his ear. She wants to inject that there is one person he is forgetting, but maybe he hasn’t forgotten at all, maybe he doesn’t have her anymore, maybe he never did. 

“She’ll pull through, Castle,” she promises against his temple, brushing her lips to the spot, ignoring the burn in her chest and remembering the real reason they’re here in the first place. “She’ll be okay.”


Oh, he’s so weak. But it’s so good, so nice to be encompassed in Kate Beckett’s arms, in her scent, to have her so warm and welcoming around him,

It’s almost enough to convince him he’s been wrong all along, that this is more than just a partnership, but no, no this is just Kate being his friend. And she may have broken his heart, but he’s grateful for this.

“Family of Martha Rodgers?”

Kate drops her arms, standing quicker than he can, but curling her fingers at his elbow when he rises beside her.

The nurse smiles at the two of them. 

“Your mother is out of surgery now. She won’t be awake for a while, but you can see her if you’d like.”

Castle nods dumbly, following along when the young female nurse motions for them to follow. The bubbly woman keeps talking, probably twittering on about important things he should probably be paying attention to, but he feels as if he’s in a daze, fallen under the numbness the scare of nearly losing his mother has evoked. But when he glances to his right, to Kate, he notices she’s listening intently, cataloguing every word. 

He’s grateful.


Seeing the effervescent Martha Rodgers laid up in a hospital bed causes her stomach to twist and her heart to clench, the sight just so wrong. The doctor she spoke to when they first stepped inside his mother’s hospital room had been encouraging, assuring them that his mother would make a full recovery, but it’s difficult to believe at the moment while she’s pale and unconscious and surrounded by hospital equipment. 

“You don’t have to stay.”

Castle is watching her from his mother’s bedside while she stands at the foot of the hospital bed, not knowing where to belong, where she’s allowed anymore. He offers her a forced but gentle smile, though, and it gives her a burst of confidence.

“Why would I go?”

He sighs, drifts away from his sleeping mother and towards her. “Kate, you’re a great friend-“

The words feel like a slap and she physically steps back from him, her heart aching. Friends? Really? That’s how he’s going to end this?

There has always been friendship, but it has always been more than that, too. At least, she had thought there would be more.

“You want me to leave,” she surmises and yeah, maybe it’s best. He doesn’t need to finally take that final swing to her heart while they’re standing in his mother’s hospital room. “Tell Martha I hope she feels better soon.”

“Kate?” Her name is a startled sound on his lips and oh, she’s crying. Shit. She wipes at her eyes and turns away, heading for the door, but then his hands are on her shoulders, halting her escape, holding on. 

“Sorry, I just - misunderstood,” she explains, averting her eyes to the wall when he steps in front of her, blocking the doorway, her only exit.

“What did you misunderstand?” he whispers, wiping the lone tear that hangs from her jaw. 

“You,” she sighs, turning her head to escape his touch. She doesn’t want it, not if she can’t have him. 

“How did you misunderstand me?”

God, he’s going to make her say it? Make her embarrass herself right in front of him? But then his hands are cupping her face, his thumb sweeping over that damp spot on her cheek.

“Kate, why did you come with me today?”

“Because I love you, you idiot,” she hisses. “Because I was worried about you and Martha and I-”

He cuts her off with the firm press of his mouth, the warm length of an arm around her waist and the hand cradling her cheek.

“Love me?” he breathes, the hot exhale coating her lips that already yearn for his to return. “You love me?”

“God, Castle, I thought you were smart,” she chokes out, her smile blooming in time with his, and she can’t resist surging forward, tasting the newfound joy spread across his mouth. “Of course I love you.”


When her eyes peel back, it’s to late afternoon sunlight filtering through cracked blinds and a fierce ache in her chest. She won’t remain awake for long, she can tell by the strong pull of sleep already tugging her back down, but before she can indulge in the marvelous effect of whatever drugs are coursing through her system, her tired eyes follow the beams of fading sunlight that land upon the couch not far from her hospital bed.

Where her son and Katherine Beckett are snuggled together, the detective’s head on Richard’s shoulder and her son’s arm secure around Katherine’s waist. Martha smiles to herself before she relaxes back into the soft pillow cushioning her head and the flow of medication cushioning her pain. 

About time, kiddos.

The Other Woman Part 2 [Requested]

msimpala67 , keepcalmandbeajunkie , shameless-danni , keep-calm-and-omfg-jensen-ackles , misspepinillo17 , and yunngarab.

I wasn’t planning on making a part 2, but all of the people above asked for more, so here it is.

This is the original request:

justmasblack asked:I know this is gonna sound stupid and selfish but the angst request numbers are brilliant,you are truly talented so I want supernatural fandoms for the following numbers i’m so greedy I know and you r totally free not to do any of them or even if u did 1 i’d be thankful so here r my numbers (5deanxreader/10deanxreader/15deanxreaderxcas or samxreader/23casxreaderxdean-the one who wishes-/31casxreader),if you didn’t do any of'em it’s okay,if you did 1i’m grateful and if you did'em all i’d die happ

Part 1 is right here. 

Dean didn’t necessarily know what he was doing to his girlfriend; he thought they were as happy as ever, but as time passed, he noticed that she seemed… different.

After he came back from the life with Lisa and Ben, his lover had seemed to distance herself from him. The little things that she did had suddenly disappeared from his life as though it didn’t exist. The way she laughed at him when he sang off-key in the car, the small smirks and looks she sent him when Sam tripped or fell, and the way she would run her fingers through his hair when they watched old movies together all vanished.

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My Favorite Fanfiction writers

UUmmm I am a little late but I really wanted to participate in recognizing my favorite writers for their brilliant and creative Richonne works.  It has been a true pleasure to read such beautiful fictions that not only let me go into different aspects of Richonne but that evoke emotions that take me back to some of my own relationships.  I have laughed, cried and been upset at them and happy for them.  The scope and depth of the talent that these writers possess has made me read their works time and again and I enjoy them each time that I do.  And then to top it all off, all of you are so accessible, humble and truly wonderful to talk to. I think that you are all BRILLIANT and I look forward to reading all of the creative works that you wish to share.  @cake-by-thepound @herewaskendra @siancore @severelybabykryptonite @blacklitchick

This Message Is For You

If you could only see how brilliant you truly are, you would know the truth. There is no other like you in all of the universe or multiverse. You are so beautifully divine. You have the power to transform anything with your presence.

Do you know why you are here? You are here to share your divinity with the world and the world is honored to have you here.


vm rewatch � 1x06 Return of the Kane  

Just A Scratch//Im Jaebum

Originally posted by defsouljb

Pairing: Jaebum x reader

Genre: Smut, a little bit of fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
Your Jaebum scenarios are truly amazing. How do you write so well? It’s brilliant work. I literally appreciate your efforts and dedication towards this beautiful blog. I love this blog. so much. So so so much. You’re an angel. I just wanted to request one more jaebum scenario as i’m really loving them(sorryyy) -Jaebum gets really angry at you for anonymous reasons and ends up hurting you (cuts). Later he realises is scared to touch you or make love. You anyways persuade him to make love.

Author’s Note: The third and final Jaebum smut tonight! I hope you all enjoy~

xoxo Sara

It had been a long, long week without Jaebum, and you felt disconnected. You felt as if your love was fading, and somehow, you felt like you shouldn’t try anymore. It was that you two weren’t intimate, it just felt as if the love between you vanished, and it hurt you greatly to think that way.

It hurt Jaebum as well once you told, him, because he loved you with all of his heart. He began to get angry, which you understood, because you were too, but you were determined not to let it show. You weren’t going to show him your angry side, so you kept your calm.

You couldn’t muster enough words to describe what you were truly feeling, and it confused you. You couldn’t tell if he loved you anymore, and his actions were almost proving your theory.

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 To everyone who’s a part of Sherlock fandom -

 Thank you so, so, so much to everyone! You guys are truly brilliant and wonderful people and I couldn’t ask for a better family than all of you. Thank you!

 Hope everyone will have a great time watching The Final Problem and it has been an honour (and always will be) to be a part of this rollercoaster of craziness known as our Sherlock fandom and BBC Sherlock.

Love you all,


anonymous asked:

Dōrī jāre naejot tepagon ao bē, dōrī jāre naejot ivestragī ao ilagon, dōrī jāre naejot dakogon around se rizmun ao. Dōrī jāre naejot mazverdagon ao limagon, dōrī jāre naejot ivestragon geros ilas, dōrī jāre naejot ivestragon iā hae se ōdrikagon ao - hen zoklīo

I’m so impressed right now I’m not even mad.

That was truly brilliant. Applause to you, anon.

anonymous asked:

may i ask you something? during the end times novel series (NOT Kaster's duology BTW) did Archaon heal this warpstone eye? the book cover of "Lord of the End Times" shows two eyes.

You may ask me anything you like! 😊
And I really want to answer this, but I can’t answer it without giving spoilers for Lord of the End Times!
(Which is a truly fucking brilliant book by @occultdetectives )
If you don’t mind spoilers, you can drop me a message and I’ll tell you?

– Mike (Necro-Nerd)

anonymous asked:

Hey Jordyn, it's been an extremely long time since I last sent you an ask!! I'm sorry to see that you're not doing great rn, I really hope you feel better asap because you're a truly wonderful person and you don't deserve anything less than brilliant!! As always, your selfies are Flawless!! (and so are all your covers that I missed) (also hopefully I'm gonna be more regular again with my asks) You're fabulous!! 💕 ~T

HI T AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been so long :D I feel better now I just have really bad cramps and I wanna cry cause of it sdljkgd I tried toughing it out and playing bass, and i did for awhile but it started hurting too much :c but other than that, everything is okayyyy <33 i hope ur doing well :o


Richard Armitage has been nominated for Best Actor at this year’s Olivier Awards for his work as John Proctor in The Old Vic’s “The Crucible”.

The Crucible” is also nominated for Best Revival.

The awards ceremony is on April 12th.

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thanks! that's really helpful as I find myself rushing into writing a lot haha! also are there any books/poets you recommend?

My friend Toby Thompson is brilliant. Truly, excruciatingly so. I’ve been listening to a lot of Hollie McNish of late and Button Poetry on YouTube. X

Art Blogs!

I follow some.good, amazing, beautifully talented artist on here. So I decided to make an appreciation post to the ones I’ve been following and the new people who I recently started following


You guys are the most brilliant artist that I’ve ever come across and seen! If you’ve never heard of these blogs or seen one of their art pieces, you have to! They are wicked good and bloody brilliant! ❤😊

You guys are truly amazing👌😍