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Hey guys, I will be off of my computer and away from my tablet for a few days, but in the mean time, here is a WIP gift art piece I’m doing for Vic Mignogna.

He’s one of my favorite voice actors and has voiced my top favorite characters in animation.

So have an Edward Elric dressed Qrow watching as a Qrow Branwen dressed Edward struggles with Qrow’s weapon.

if tumblr is gonna be anything like it was just before taylor left recently where every second person reblogged themselves 63 times a minute then my god i truly hope you brilliant people who stayed all along and don’t beg for her attention so much get to meet her soon because you da real mvp’s :’)

Taliesin: I’m gently opening it…

Matt: Alright - the picture you come to, as of right now, is a very very finely detailed sketch… of Grog. Very well drawn, but he has bulging eyes, big buck teeth, and what looks to be like a very very tiiiiny penis. Um…

Grog: What do you see?

Percy: He’s- he’s brilliant. He’s captured everything, it’s truly spectacular.

Grog: Well, what’s it a picture of?

Sam: He’s a little- he’s a little- he’s a little shithead! He’s a little prankster!

Taliesin: I turn it…

  • <p> <b>What Katie says:</b> You cannot make a show without lesbianism in all fairness!<p/><b>What Katie means:</b> You cannot make a show without ME being the lesbian, in all fairness!<p/></p>

If you really think about it belly buttons are the wildest shit ever.
Which Citizen Of Night Vale Are You?
Ever wonder with Night Vale resident you share a soul with? And by "share a soul" we mean that your souls are permanently and inseparably linked, and when one of you dies – and one ...
By Tanner Greenring, Andrea Hickey

You got: Old Woman Josie

Wow, lucky you. You’re the only person that The Angels have ever actually communicated with, and your house is always surrounded by that brilliant, angelic light. You are truly #blessed. You live on the edge of Night Vale, so you’re not as influenced by the bizarre happenings, which actually makes you a little less paranoid than those around you.

Fuck it. They cancelled a show that was important to a fucking lot of kids out there not only bc of lgbtq rep but also bc they had people of color doing great things. KIDS of color doing great things, getting their life together and building a future in spite of a society that was against them. Do they have a freaking hold of how important a message like this for teenagers and young adults is? Do they realize they just showed us that we were right and you have to be white to actually have someone listen to your voice? Which is the fucking contrary of the message The Get Down was trying to get thru. Do they fucking realize they disappointed deeply so many people? Cause really this is not just about caring for characters that were written and portrayed beautifully but also seeing someone like you succeeding in life, so you can have the motivation to think “hey, if they did it, I can do that too”. I’m really tired of watching all the whites have the good endings. I’m tired. Like, on the verge of losing my shit tired. What do I have to do to someone to put out there something I can relate to. Give me a fucking clean explanation about how a show that promotes positivity and originality doesn’t get a fucking second season but 13 Reasons Why does. Explain it to me. I need Netflix to come clean on this cause no one is convincing me this is not the result of racism.
Fuck Netflix I hope all the company together with all their mayo series flop and they delete themselves from existence.

Ascension (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongdae / Baekhyun

Rating: R (violence)

Word Count: 5,641

Summary:  The weight of humanity rests on Y/N’s shoulders. In Ascension, enemies must come together, lines must be drawn and the question of good and evil itself must be raised. As Y/N’s power strengthens and more players reveal themselves, the only thing obvious is that nothing in this world is black and white. (Book 2, sequel to Guardian)

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Previous to Ascension: Guardian

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BTS Drabble- How You Met

Jin / Yoongi/ Hoseok / NamjoonJimin / [Taehyung] / JK


“Let’s see the elephants next!”

“I wanna see the cheetahs!”

“The monkeys are closer!”

“We already saw the monkeys…for 20 minutes!”

“How about heading to the reptile exhibit?”

You sigh with a small smile on your face. You promised your younger brother that you would take him and a handful of his friends to the local zoo for his birthday. You, however, had forgotten the fact that 11-year-olds are extremely indecisive and hyperactive. Now you know why your parents had readily agreed to let you be the chaperone. You’ve been at the zoo for exactly 2 hours and 24 minutes and you’re pretty sure you’ve walked the total length of the park 3 times but have seen less than 30% of the animals since the kids kept changing directions and backtracking. You weren’t upset though. They were having a blast–apparent by the stuffed animals under their arms, windblown hair, and colorful smiles from the popsicles that they had as you passed the polar bear exhibit for the third time.

The boys make their way into the penguin house and your smile gets even wider. Penguins are your favorite. Zookeepers were just getting ready to feed the emperor penguins, so the boys ran to grab a front row seat to watch. Once you ensure that they are going to stay in place for more than 2 minutes, you turn around, looking at the other penguin exhibits while the crowd is surrounding the boys and not the other glass cases. You stand in front of a large panel of glass watching the macaroni penguins darting through the water and waddling along the rocks inside of the case when you see one swimming directly toward you. It stops in front of you, floating in the water, seemingly thinking that you either have food for him or you plan to play with it. You giggle and place your hand on the glass. You hear the tell-tale sign of a camera shutter and look to your right.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. You just created the most enchanting image with him and I had to capture it.” The strange says in a soothingly deep voice. He has a genuine smile on his face. A face the shows curiosity, confidence, and a little bit of something that you can’t quite put your finger on.  “Want to see it?”

You nod. He fiddles with his camera for a few seconds then comes closer to you, turning the screen so you can see. The image you see is enchanting. You aren’t a photographer by any means, but you can appreciate a good photo. The way this stranger framed the shot, angling the camera so that it captured your soft smile and using the light from the exhibit to spotlight the amazement in your eyes, is truly flawless.

“Wow.” That is all you can say? Brilliant job, Y/N.

“You like it? I will delete it if you don’t.” He says politely.

“Yes, yes, of course I like it. It is perfect! You must be…”

“Y/N, you’ll never guess what the big penguin did with the fish! It…” Your brother comes bounding up, skidding to a stop right next to you when he sees the stranger. “Who are you?”

“Ay, Y/B/N, be polite.” You scold with a playful smirk, showing your brother he wasn’t in trouble, but he should heed your warning.

“My name is Taehyung.” The photographer bends down slightly while extending a hand to your brother. Your brother shakes the hand, looking at the man in confusion. Or amazement?

“Are you Y/N’s boyfriend? Mom is always telling her that she needs to get a move on if she wants to get married before I do.” You can automatically feel your face turning bright red.

Looking between you and your brother, Taehyung chuckles. “No, I’m not her boyfriend. However, I don’t think your mother has anything to worry about.”

Your brother looks confusedly at you for a moment until one of his friends sees a man making balloon animals and pulls him away in a frenzy of limbs and laughter. You watch him go, avoiding eye contact with Taehyung considering what just happened. You hear another shutter click. You glance at him with a raised eyebrow.

“The coloring on your cheeks is perfect in this light.” He says softly with a boxy grin.

“Well, now that you know all of that about me,” you pause, nodding your head toward your brother, “I feel like I should introduce myself. I’m Y/N.”

“Taehyung.” His grin gets impossibly bigger. He turns his camera so you can see the latest photograph. “Would you like me to send these to you?”

Glancing from the screen into his rich chocolate eyes, “Yes, I’d like that very much.”

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A/N: My heart…has melted! This was so much fun to write! One more member, Kookie, and then I’ll be looking for another idea to write about! Any thoughts or suggestions? Share them in my ask! I also have a master list started…it is pretty barren now, but I’ll keep adding to it as I write more. Thank you for taking a chance on my writing!    

Nemesis Mine

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Chapter 13. Simon.

The worst thing about it all is that I miss Baz.

I keep thinking if only. If only the last few days hadn’t happened, and I didn’t know, and Baz was actually just my roommate who liked me. If only he wasn’t my arch-nemesis.

And it’s also true what I said to him; it doesn’t have to be like this. I don’t think he was faking it when he was being sweet and sarcastic Baz. The chemistry between us, that was real, too.

But it’s just so fucking useless to be thinking like this.

I keep expecting him to do something. Now that he knows where I sleep, I keep expecting him to take the opportunity to finally end me. It’s only the knowledge that he cares about his degree and would probably be questioned if his ex-boyfriend and roommate suddenly disappeared that allows me to get any sleep at night. We don’t speak to each other or look at each other if we can help it, and we both continue our superhero duties as if nothing has happened. The only difference is that now when one of us is hurt, we either avoid the room until we’ve healed, or we suffer in silence.

I prefer when he leaves the room. It’s hard, sometimes, to fight the instinct to walk over and try to comfort him, try to make it all better. I tell myself that it’s just my natural response as a superhero, and that any feelings I have left will disappear with time. The problem is that I’m still thinking of them as two separate people, Baz my roommate and Basilton my nemesis. I have to get used to the fact that the Baz who liked me doesn’t exist.

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Aspiring creators / writers!

I am not one to promote much, but holy smokes, if you guys enjoy in-depth analysis’ of fictional media then you should truly consider checking out SuperEyePatchWolf on Youtube.

He does a lot of brilliant and deep commentary on the anatomy of what makes a show work and vise versa (without being an insulting jerk! Amazing!) An example is one of my favorite videos of his right here.

If you are an aspiring writer or creator, I truly suggest checking out not only the video here but his other works (which there aren’t many of right now but they are still all the more brilliant)!

You won’t be sorry!



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deadlylittlething said: For the angst one, could you maybe do a Sherlock/ plus size reader? Maybe the reader doesn’t understand why Sherlock is interested in her and he gets frustrated?

A/N: I am so sorry this is late! I’ve been so busy but now it’s in the summer holidays, I am going to try and write more. I also want to say, in relation to this story, whatever your body type is, you’re beautiful. x

“Y/N,” Sherlock began. “Are you ready?”

“Nearly!” You replied. You ran your hands up and down your red dress one more time. You thought it made you look fat but really it just showed off your curves in the best way possible. “Okay I’m done.” You walked out of your shared bedroom into the living room. Sherlock looked up from his newspaper, which her was reading in his wait for you. His eyes opened wide when he saw your beauty.

“Oh dear,” You said as your face fell when you saw his reaction. “It doesn’t look good does it? I think I’ll have time to change if I-”

“Y/N,” He interrupted. “You look wonderful.”

“Oh okay,” You said weakly and went to put your black heels on.

“You think I’m lying.”

“I don’t…”

“Again, you’re not the best liar.”

“Okay. Yes I do think you’re lying.”

“Why? Is it because you don’t think you’re good enough?”

“I don’t. I mean, you’re gorgeous and you are one of the most smartest men alive, whereas I’m fat and not one of sharpest tools in the shed. I just don’t see how someone like you can love someone like me.”

“You are beautiful inside and out. On top of that, you’ve changed me in so many ways and one cannot even begin to describe the power of your love.”

“I didn’t think you believed in beauty…”

“I didn’t. Past tense.”

“I just-”

“You’re beautiful!” He yelled in frustration. “Why can you not see that?” He sighed. “I love you, Y/N Y/L/N. I only wish you could see how brilliant of a person you truly are.”


“Please, just have confidence in yourself. Now, are you ready to go?”

“Yes,” You said with a smile. You would always be self-conscious of your weight but you knew that Sherlock wouldn’t lie to you. He always could lift up your spirits, even if he was very close to tearing them down sometimes. 

I just realised how short this is… Sorry. x

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I stared. No, I thought to myself. This could not be happening. This could not be fucking happening. Out of all the people I could have possibly faced, why did it have to be him?

I raised an accusatory finger, pointing it directly at him. “You!” I spat, the tone of my voice a mixture of anger and disgust.

His eyes went wide for a moment, then he let out a mumble of: “Bloody hell.”

Rowena raised a curious eyebrow, looking back and forth between the two of us. “Ye two know each other?”

I scoffed. “Do we know each other…” Fuck, yes, we do. More than I wanted us to. God, even the thought of him angered me. My eyes met Crowley’s again, in them a mad flare. “This is so typical of you!”

“Me? What did I do?” This time were the words left hanging.

“This!” I shrieked, wildly throwing my hands around. “All of this! I don’t know how you managed to do it, but I know, I know this is somehow your fault!”

“How in the bloody hell do you figure that?”

“Because you’re you!”

He threw his hands up indignantly. “This is brilliant! Truly brilliant! You screw up, you screw her,” he pointed at Rowena, “and once again, everything is my fault! You’re a bloody genius, you know that?”

“Anyone care to clue me in?” Rowena asked, though the tone of her voice, all cheery and amused, gave away that she wasn’t really interested in the answer. Leave it to her to enjoy a good fight.

“Ask him!” I said, at the same time as Crowley yelled: “Ask her!”

I rolled my eyes. “Of course! Leave everything to me, as usual! Because why would the precious King get his pretty hands dirty for once in his life?!”

“At least I’m not the one shagging my mother!” he screamed.

I snorted. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“Oh,” Rowena’s mouth widened, her lips forming a teasing smirk. “Don’t tell me ye two used to be a thing.”


“If it makes you feel any better, I’m not proud of that,” I said in case she was mad. You can never tell with Rowena. That woman was a book you could never quite read.

“Hey!” Crowley protested, offended at the insinuation.

I turned to face Rowena. “I didn’t know he was your son.” I needed her to know that. As amused as she seemed, there was still a chance she thought I’d started dating her for the sole purpose of getting back at Crowley, and I wanted her to know that wasn’t true. I would never do that. Especially not to her.

“Oh, I’m not mad. This is rather interesting, actually,” she said, sending me a seductive wink. “Now tell me, which one of us is better in bed?”

It was almost a tie. Almost, for I had a clear preference, and I expressed it loud and clear. “Why, you, of course. Who else?”

“Liar!” Crowley accused.

“Have I taught you nothing, Fergus?” Rowena said smugly. “One shall always lose with grace.”

Just A Number (Sherlock X Reader Imagine)

Title: Just A Number

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Characters: Sherlock, John, Reader

Word Count: 1,505

Request: @meredith9811 :May I request a Sherlock x Reader where she is young but she has fallen in love with the Holmes and he finds himself in love also, but he will not confess because she is so young. Does that make sense? Haha sorry if it’s a lot.

A/N: Requests are open! 

Just A Number Part 2


You pressed the doorbell of 221B, trying desperately to stay out of the rain. You were ushered upstairs by a charismatic landlady who offered you some tea. You smiled and thanked her as you sat down in a stiff chair facing the fireplace.

“Ah, finally a client.” A voice came out of the kitchen and sat in a black chair next to you: Sherlock Holmes.

“Well I’m not exactly a client.” You said, and you could tell he was trying to study you.

“If you’re not my client then who is?” He asked, steepling his fingers in a dominant fashion.

“I can’t give you much information, doctor-patient confidentiality and all that, but I do need your help.” You said, crossing your legs. You saw his eyebrow raise, suspiciously.

“How are you a doctor? You must be twenty.” You asked.

“Twenty-five actually, and I’m a doctor of psychology, I have my own practice.” You smiled, you were used to this by now.

“How can you be so young?” He asked.

“I graduated from Oxford, top of my class at 18, medical school 20, and then opened my own practice, but that’s not why I’m here.” You pushed. You watched again as Sherlock eyed you, his was clearly attracted to you, no matter how hard he tried to hide it.

“But.. how?” He asked again.

“What? Like it’s hard?” You smirked, before carrying on, “Like I said I can’t tell you much, but someone of significance to my patient was recently killed in an… unusual way, and immediately after he contacted a therapist, not the police or a detective.

“How unusual?” He asked curiously.

“‘Quite literally– death by a thousand cuts. Now I can’t tell you who he is, but I can steer him into your path. I have another session with him in an hour, maybe if he saw you around my office he might reach out to you, or at the very least you could read him yourself.” You said.

“Oh this is a good one, you’re spoiling me Ms…?” He asked for your name.

“Y/L/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” You smiled.

“Well Y/N, why come to me?” He asked.

“Well, I wrote my thesis on the science of deduction, I found your website, thought finally someone who speaks my language. And you’re a mild celebrity, though I try to avoid it, I do watch the news. And I need your help.” You pleaded.

“I’ll do it.” He smiled.

“Four o’clock.” You smiled, standing and handing him your business card with your office address on it.

“Sorry I’ve got to run. I’m conducting a seminar on multiple personalities and it takes forever to fill out the name tags.” You grabbed your bag and exited the room, on your way down the stairs you passed a man heading to see Sherlock. John Watson, you recognized him from the blog.


“Hey Sherlock, who was that?” John asked after you had left.

“Client.” He smiled, leaning against the window, watching you flag down a cab.

“You like her.” John teased.

“No I don’t.” He lied.

“You’re still looking at her.” John observed. Sherlock looked away from the window quickly. “Who is she?”

“Dr. Y/N Y/L/N.” He smiled.

“Doctor? John was taken aback.

“There are still incredible people who walk among us.” Sherlock answered, slipping on his long coat.

“Sherlock where are you going?” John yelled as Sherlock ran down the stairs.

“The game is on!” He yelled, slamming the door.


“Dr. Y/L/N, there’s a Mr. Holmes here to see you.” Your receptionists said through the phone.

“Thank you Erin.” You said, putting the phone back on the receiver, and leaving your office.

“You’re early.” You smiled as you saw Sherlock standing in your office.

“Maybe I just really needed to see a doctor.” He smirked.

“Clearly.” You smirked.

“Y/N.” Your receptionist said, and you turned to face her. “Your four o’clock just called and canceled.”

“Shit, give me his file.” You ordered, she pulled it from the cabinet and placed it in your hand. You searched it for his address. You had to find him, you knew if he didn’t show up he might kill again. Obviously that was what happened the first time, he killed his flatmate.

You handed the file to Erin and she knew that you might be out for a while and not make it back for your next appointment.

“You have a session with your multiple personality at 6:00.” Erin said as you were heading towards the door.

“Not to worry. If I’m late he can just talk amongst himself.” You called back, pulling Sherlock out the door for you two to hail a cab.

Once in the car, you handed the file to Sherlock. Doctor-patient confidentiality gets thrown out the window if the patient has a potential to harm themselves or others.

“He craves power over others, since he has a lack of power in his own life. If I’m right about this, he killed his flatmate and is about to kill again. The method of death by a thousand cuts, or lingchi, is a very personal act. For someone like this, guns are too quick. They can’t savor all the little emotions. They start with the eyes, rendering the rest of the process even more psychologically terrifying for the victim. This gives them control, the victim’s life is in their hands, they can keep cutting and cutting until they’re satisfied, slowly, savoring it.” You explained as Sherlock read the file.

“So we can suspect it’s someone of significance to him. Why kill the flatmate? Had he wronged him in some way?” Sherlock asked.

“He said they got on well, and the police still think it was a random murder. But the police are idiots and my patient was obviously lying. You should have seen him, behavioral pauses and delays, verbal and nonverbal disconnects, hiding the mouth and eyes, throat-clearing and swallowing, he’s not very good at lying. The flatmate was sleeping with his girlfriend. She could be the next target.” You said, and Sherlock was staring at you in an odd way.

“What?” You asked, he was still staring and it was starting to concern you.

“It’s just that you’re so… mature and intelligent… and you should definitely should branch into criminal investigation.” He said, dumbfounded.

“You’re not the first to try to recruit me Sherlock Holmes.” You smirked.

“Oh really, who was?” He asked.

“MI6, the government, and a man named Mycroft Holmes, your brother I’m assuming.” You smiled.

“My brother tried to recruit you to work for the government?” Sherlock asked.

“Oh yes, he was very kind. He said I was perspicacious, and preeminent in my field.” You smiled, and the cab halted to a stop. The two of you rushed out.

You broke into the flat and stopped your patient from killing his girlfriend. She was tied up and he had injected her with opium to dull the pain so the process could last longer. Sherlock called the police, after a short row with your patient. He tried to escape and Sherlock caught him, and also received a punch to the face that was now swelling.

You now stood in 221B, helping Sherlock get all doctored up. You left the room to grab something for Sherlock, and left him with John.

“Sherlock… She’s a bit young for you, don’t you think?” John nagged.

“Who said anything about romantic entanglement?” Sherlock asked, defensively.

“You did, in all forms short of physical speech.” John answered.

“I know she’s a little younger than me, but John I’ve never felt like this before and it’s strange and new and I don’t know what to do!” Sherlock whisper yelled.

“A little younger, Sherlock she’s 10 years younger!” John yelled back just as you had entered the room. Sherlock looked apologetically up to you when he saw the look on your face. You had fallen for Sherlock Holmes.

“Uh, I’d love to stay, but I…” You said, thinking of an excuse as you gathered your things, ”I have my therapy group meeting… and the last time I was late the, er, compulsive gamblers were betting the passive aggressors that they couldn’t make the overeaters… cry.”

You headed down the stairs, surprised when you heard Sherlock running down after you. He grabbed your arm when you hit the coat rack downstairs.

“Y/N, wait, please.” Sherlock stopped you.

“No, I should go.” You tried to leave, but he stopped you.

“You truly are brilliant, and beautiful, and I would be a fool to let you walk out of here right now. You are the first woman who I’ve felt this way around. At first I was hesitant, because of the slight age difference, but now I see that that doesn’t matter and age is just a number.” Sherlock began.

“Sherlock–” You tried, but he cut you off.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” He asked.

“I’d love to.” You beamed.


Part 2

Send me a message or submit an ask if you want a Part 2 or another Imagine request!

Flower Crowns

 Remember when I said I wasn’t gonna write anything except my nanowrimo project? Whoops. 

 Anyway, this little drabble is based off this post (the flowers crowns in the story are small enough to fit someone 4 inches tall) and takes place in the same universe as New Home. Hope you enjoy!


 “Ro? What are you doing?” Patton asked, walking toward the human who was seated on the floor. He had just woken up from a little nap and had come to find Roman hunched over in the middle of the bedroom. Roman spared him a glance before returning to whatever it was that he was doing.

 “Hold on just one second Patton, I’m almost done!” Roman exclaimed. Patton stopped where he was and tilted his head in confusion. Another second later and Roman let out a joyous yell, causing Patton to flinch. Roman turned just in time to see this and gave his small friend a sheepish smile.

 “Ah, sorry Patton. But hopefully this makes up for it!” Before Patton could question what ‘this’ was, something was being dropped on top of his head. Patton looked up, only to be met with something blue.

 “Oh, you look so cute in it!” Roman clapped his hands and Patton reached up to take it off and look at it. It was a small band with tiny blue flowers covering one side of it. Patton’s eyes lit up.

 “What-what is it?” The borrower asked and Roman grinned.

 “It’s called a flower crown.” He reached over and took the crown from Patton’s hands, placing it back on his head. His eyes turned nervous. “Do you, um, like it?” Patton reached up again, but this time just to grip both edges. He grinned.

 “It’s beautiful Roman! Thank you!” Roman’s nervousness faded away and a brilliant grin replaced it.

 “Well, if you truly liked that one there is much more where that came from.” He moved over to show Patton the other flower crowns he had finished and some still that he had yet to put together. Roman hummed.

 “Actually…how about I show you how to make one yourself.” Patton’s eyes sparkled.

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#11 with Jungkook

#11 “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”

sapper!Jungkook ; undercover agent!Y/N

You didn’t mean to lose your composure like that. You really really didn’t. But the time was running out, and your excessive training seemed to hold less and lees importance as the seconds flew by. Your skills suddenly didn’t matter, because those bastards tied you up with knots you weren’t even familiar with. The struggle to break free exhausted you to the point of shading involuntary tears, making the skin of your wrists burn and itch painfully. A strange feeling of respect for your targets coursed through you as it created a lump of bitter laughter in your throat. The numbers were bright red and electronic, but you still heard the ticking of the clock in your head: and it was a cruel sound that told the tale of how you might not get out of this one.

Quick heavy steps echoed through the empty space, and it was hard to determine if their owner reached your floor yet. The abandoned building smelled of crude whitewash and sweat, and your nostrils would not be able to breathe in much more of it. You wanted to cry for help and make them hurry, but the tape on your lips wouldn’t let a sound louder than a muffled grunt to get out. Your eyes bore into the doorway, pleading for that someone to show up, and he did.

Jungkook’s eyes widened as yours did too, and you wanted to shout his name in premature relief. He dropped his weapon, sprinting towards the chair you were tied to. You will scold the man for it later: he shouldn’t have left his machine gun so far behind. Though, understandably, he needed his hands to be free in order to defuse the bomb and save your sorry ass.

“Sh, shhh. It’s okay now. I’m here,” Jungkook whispered, panting heavily, and you didn’t even realize that more tears escaped your eyes at the sight of his face. The boy grazed your cheek with his thumb soothingly, trying to unstick the tape of your mouth without applying any additional pain. It gave you some time to pull yourself together, because the look on his face made you want to weep louder. After going through your memory catalogue and all the years he’s been your friend, the conclusion was - you’ve never seen the boy so distressed. Although, to his credit, Jungkook tried very hard to keep his head clear; but just because your life depended on it.

“Oh God, I am so happy to see your stupid face,” you said, gulping for air, and Jungkook even managed to smile at that. Not wasting more time, the man started to examine the bomb and all the wires that were wrapped around you.

“I come to save my friend, and you insult me. I will not be treated like this, Y/N,” he mumbled, focusing on the work at hand. Jungkook tried to ease the tension, but you saw the way his fingers trembled and wanted to wipe away those beads of sweat that ran down his temples. “I know you want to ask, and yes, we got them. Those fuckers didn’t get far after you blew your cover-”

“I had to-”

“I know. You did great. Another interesting piece of information: it’s a good thing that you didn’t know how to untie this knot, because if you did…well- BOOM!” Jungkook showcased the explosion with his hands and-

“Wow, Kookie, thank you for the sound effects. It was brilliant, truly. Can you get me out of here now, you dork?” you mocked him, using your ‘sugary sweet talk’ mode, but that just told Jungkook that you were distracted enough to tease. Which was a good thing, because if you panicked, he would panic too.

“Your wish is the law, princess,” Jungkook moved behind you to continue the rescue mission, adding as an afterthought - “I know how to untie this knot, by the way.” Of course he does, you thought, rolling your eyes. Jungkook was always one of the best in the program.

“If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass,” after shaking your head with a breathless laugh, you looked down. Tears still filled your eyes, and you swallowed shakily, trying not to lose it again. You always said that you would trust Jungkook with your life, and now - you had to. Yet, it didn’t release you from being scared out of your mind. A couple of minutes passed in silence, but then the boy moved, now kneeling before you and inspecting the mechanism.

“Well, you die - I die,” -so we will hunt someone else’s ass together, Jungkook wanted to add, but you cut him off.

“No, you don’t. If that countdown reaches 1:00, you are so out of here. You throw yourself out of this window, you hear me?” your voice sounded broken and powerful at the same time, making Jungkook’s heart clench painfully. This needed to be said, because the only thing worse than dying would be taking him with you. But-

“Don’t even think about. I am not leaving you,” - of course he wouldn’t listen. What a stubborn piece of human excellency.

“Jungkook, that’s beyond stupid. You realize that, right?” he did, and you saw his lips stretch into a thin line, and there was no doubt that his jaw was flexed harder than necessary.

“Not any more stupid than you agreeing to go on this suicide mission,” Jungkook answered quietly, but sternly; his movements harsher than a second before. This is dangerous. He never lost focus during work - Jungkook is a professional - but you must’ve struck a chord. Was he angry at you for doing your job?

“Well, I won’t admit that you were right, so just concentrate, and we’ll go have lunch after this, k?” as much as you enjoyed bickering with him, right now wasn’t the time. Your eyes drifted towards the clock for the first time since Jungkook got here, and the numbers that you saw made your blood run cold. 3:48. “Oh God,” you exhaled, glancing at the man as he glanced at the clock. Something didn’t feel right. He was frowning, puzzled and lost; his breathing shallow and fast, his eyes restless.

“Jungkook, do you know what you are doing?” you asked, fearing to hear a dreadful answer. His lips were red from stressful biting as if it was the first bomb he ever defused.

“I am 55% certain-”

“Just 55?!”

“That’s more than a half!”

“Okay, then we will be 55% alive! I hope you picked your window, Jungkook, because it will soon be time to jump!” your raised voice bounced off naked walls, followed by complete silence, and you saw Jungkook tugging at his hair desperately. God, you fucked up. He was in as much stress as you, if not more. You shouldn’t scream, adding to the weight on his shoulders. This shouldn’t end like this. You felt your eyes burning with tears again, your lips trembling. “Jungkook, listen to me,” in any other situation - you’d be so much better at motivating him, but your wavering voice and your enormous faith in him was all you had. “You know this. Those assholes can’t be smarter than you. It’s not possible. You got this.”

Jungkook’s eyes were so wide, you saw your own reflection in them. The boy chewed on his bottom lip, brewing a possible course of action. Eventually, he sighed, seemingly at peace with the decision.

“I am just going to cut one.”

“Wait, cut what?”

“One of the wires.”

Did he just-? He fucking shrugged! He just brushed your lives off!

“No, Jungkook, don’t you da-”

“You like blue, right?”

“No, no. Stop-,” you shut your eyes tightly as his hand reached for the wire. 1:17. The beeping was getting louder and faster by the second. This was it.


Seconds still flew by, but the numbers were frozen, and the annoying beeping has stopped.

You opened one eye, peeking at the surroundings. Did heaven look like an abandoned building? Was Jungkook there with you? Kissing your face like a mad man, without even untying you first. And you were crying again - relieved and in love with your best friend - soon falling into his tight embrace. The boy spun you around like the two of you just got married, not escaped nearing death. But maybe you did both…in the long run.

“Will you go out with me?”

“I can’t believe this is what it took for you to finally ask.”

[“i love you.”
“wow, first date and already confessing.”
“why waste time?”
“that mission really messed you up, huh?”
“it did not mess me up. it just made me…reevaluate things. if it was up to me, i wouldn’t let you go on a mission again-”
“but it’s not.”
“that’s right. but, at least, i can keep an eye on you.”

“i love you, too.”]

i wonder if this will reach you.
i wonder if you’ll know it’s about you.
i hope that if you read this, you read it with crooked glasses and curly hair and that you smell of something fresh,
like lavender or heather.
because back when i knew you, i never got to tell you how much i liked your smile.
and it’s brilliant, truly.
you were the first person i’d ever met to hold a candle to sunlight.
before you, i didn’t know people could mimic summer days.
i hope one day i know you again,
and i can ask if this reached you,
and if you knew it was about you.
—  here’s a hint: if you think this is about you, it probably is (via @honeylovur)

Everyone had told you to just go for it, but you were sure she didn’t feel the same way. You loved her, you truly did but you didn’t think that someone as brilliant as her would fall for you. However, you were proven wrong when you finally got the courage to ask her out. She had said yes and you still couldn’t believe it.

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