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2. Kissing // Nurseydex

« {Part 2 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: this is loosely inspired by that scene from the webcomic Always Raining Here because i read the whole thing a couple of nights ago and let me tell you, there were feelings. enjoy!

“Eat shit, Nurse,” Dex said, taking another swig of his beer. “I told you that you didn’t stand a chance.”

“No fair, man. I totally would have won if you hadn’t blue-shelled me there at the end,” Nursey grumbled. He set down the Wii remote and got to his feet, trying to figure out how drunk he was. No dizziness or major balance fuckery, it seemed, but his head definitely felt kinda fuzzy. Now was probably a good time to start chugging some water; he still had homework to do later. He went to fish his water bottle out of his backpack.

“I only blue-shelled you because you blue-shelled me the last lap,” Dex said. “I won that fair and square.”

“Psh. If I were sober—”

“Dude, you only had three shots. You’re 6’2”. You’re fine.”

“Yeah, but you only had, like, a beer and a half, so between the two of us, I’m definitely the more impaired one here.”

Dex rolled his eyes. “Just admit I won. Stop being such a sore loser.”

“Well maybe you’re a sore winner.”

“I know you’re an English major, but ‘sore winner’ is not a thing.”

Nursey shook his head in mock outrage. “You come into my house—”

“Your house? This is my dorm room, Nurse,” Dex laughed. “You’re in my dorm room, playing on my Wii, drinking my alcohol.”

“…Touché,” Nursey admitted, returning to his spot next to Dex on Dex’s couch. He was probably sitting a little closer to Dex than was strictly necessary. He could try to blame the shots for that, but like Dex said, he was a 200-pound hockey player. Three shots of Fireball spaced out over the last hour really wasn’t much for someone his size. If he hadn’t been a city boy with no driver’s license, he could probably still legally drive.

The real problem, Nursey thought as he glanced at Dex out of the corner of his eye, wasn’t the alcohol—it was his stupid crush on his attractive yet probably tragically straight teammate. But that wasn’t really something he liked to dwell on.

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anonymous asked:

hello! i don't think i've requested this before (please forgive me if i have!!), but could i request a sort of "friends to lovers" au with joshua from svt? thank you so much for your time!

find friends - to - lover!seungcheol (here)

  • you and joshua met at summer camp in middle school because you two were the only kids who actually read books on the bus ride to and from the camp ground
  • and literally all the other kids spent the time playing games or shouting but nope. you and joshua sat by each other, silently, reading
  • and you two,,,,,,just kinda naturally became a duo,,,,,,,like you were always partners for sporting events and helped each other during arts and crafts
  • and it was cute,,,,,,,,all the counselors thought you guys were adorable and the other kids would call you the shy couple but you and joshua,,,,like,,,,,,,you just became inseparable
  • and throughout the years you supported each other as friends until you know,,,,,,you guys started to come out of being shy and stuff and funnily enough you and joshua got into the habit of being like sorta competitive when it came to school
  • and you guys just got inside jokes about out-doing the other person,,,,but like all in good fun??? never seriously or in a mean way
  • you also gossip with each other like,,,,people see you and josh and are like woW such diligent, polite students but LOL you and him have your fair share of savageness
  • but it’s totally a bestfriend thing where you meet up to get coffee to study but in reality you spend time quizzing each other and complaining about shitty professors while also reminiscing about the past 
  • “joshua remember when you got 100 on our first chem quiz as freshmen.” 
  • “yeah, what about-”
  • “remember i got 103 because i did the extra credit (—:”
  • “,,,,,,are you really bringing that up? do i have to remind you of what else happened to us as freshmen? mainly what happened between you and that hoshi ki-”
  • “oK JOSHUA SH”
  • but as much as you’re jokingly being sarcastic with each other you truly care about each other and ,,,,,that’s why when joshua tells you he’s got extended family coming over,,,,and they’ve literally not let it go about him not being in a relationship and so,,,,,,,,if you could pleaSE just fake date him for this dinner,,,,,,,
  • you say yes,,,,because how can you say no???
  • only problem is the minute you show up the hongs are all like fiNALLY YOU Two ARE DAting,,,,,we always knew it would come to this!!!!
  • and joshua’s mom is nudging you because,,,,,,hey she’s been trying to get joshua to make a move since long before and joshua is like m OM
  • and you’re both sitting at the dinner table,,,,and yes it’s awkward but you’ve been to their house so many times that somehow??? it’s not
  • like it actually feels super,,,,,,nice and natural
  • because you know joshua and his family and even his extended family don’t seem hard to get along with at all
  • and for most of the dinner,,,,,,you forget that it’s fake
  • the smiles you and joshua share,,,,,the joking around with his parents,,,,,,,
  • it’s all something you’ve done before but ,,,, when joshua grabs your hand and brings it to his lips as a show for his family,,,,,,you can’t help but feel your heart race
  • and his lips are so warm on your skin
  • and before you know it you’re looking at joshua’s profile,,,,how pretty his eyes are,,,,,how he’s got such handsome features,,,,,, how he’s not the shy boy at camp but ,,,,,,,,, the drop dead gorgeous best friend of yours
  • who probably could date anyone,,,,,but,,,,,choose to have you by his side for this
  • and you’re like arguing with yourself because no,,,no he chose you because you’re his best friend,,,,he could trust you not to mess up in front of his family,,,,,,but then again joshua has other friends,,,,,to ask,,,,,,,,
  • and you can’t help the sinking feeling in your stomach when the dinner ends and joshua’s mom is encouraging him to walk you home
  • and you’re going along the sidewalk in silence and joshua is like “thank you for helping me tonight,,,,,,seriously they wouldn’t get off my back”
  • and you try to strain out a laugh because ahh yeah this was all a joke,,,,,,a lie,,,,,,
  • but as you get to your front door you’re like “joshua i-”
  • and he’s like “wait,,,,,,i just,,,,,,,i have a question,,,,”
  • and you’re like,,, what is it??? and he’s like “well i was thinking about how everyone was like,,,,,, talking about how they expected us to date,,,,,do you think that’s true?? that we,,,make a good couple,,,,,”
  • and joshua’s cheeks are pink,,,,eyes flicking around from you to the floor and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,oh
  • but you’re like “i mean i guess we are - we fooled everyone in your fami-”
  • but he shakes his head and he’s like “i mean,,,,,do you think we,,,,,,we could be something more?” and you’re like “,,,,,,,if i say yes will you think that’s weird?”
  • but joshua looks up and breathes a sigh of relief and he’s like no,,, not at all,,,,,,i thought i was the weird one for thinking tonight was so,,,,natural,,,,
  • and you look at him,,,,,still dressed up a bit because his mom had made him put on a tie because of formal dinner attire or whatever,,,,and the way you’ve only seen joshua flustered when he was a shy kid ,,,,, and how cute it looks on him
  • the unsure,,,,stuttery joshua,,,,,,,you’ve missed him
  • and you take a step closer to him and joshua swallows and looks down at you and you take a hold of his wrist and lean in and he closes his eyes,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you kiss his cheek and you’re like “how about we go on a real date soon,,,,,,” and joshua is like sure,,,,where??? and you shrug and you’re like “surprise me,,,,whatever you choose will be fun. im sure.” and you give him a little wave as you go inside
  • and you almost fall over yourself when the door closes because oh my god your best friend,,,,,might be your boyfriend very v e r y soon
  • and joshua is still standing frozen on the spot, hand over the spot where you kissed him because,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god his best friend,,,,,might be,,,,,,,the One,,,,,
Jughead & Reader: Can’t Take it Anymore

Summary: You and Jughead agreed to have a little fun together while remaining friends. While you were ready for a relationship with him, he didn’t think it’d be a good idea. As friends with benefits, the two of you take dates to a friend’s party. When he sees you with your date, he realizes he can’t control his jealousy anymore.

Listen to: Curveballs - The Wombats

The lights were dim, the door was locked, and the only sound you could hear was the moan escaping Jughead’s lips and the sound of your heart pounding in your chest. Your shoulders dragged against the sheets, pulling them out of place while your fingers tangled in his hair. He was kissing your neck, sending chills down your spine from the way his lips felt against your warm skin.

Everything was perfect… until your phone rang. 

“Jughead,” you whispered, grabbing hold of his hair and pulling him away from your neck. 

He looked at you, slightly out of breath. “Ignore it,” he told you. 

You rolled your eyes before reaching over to the bedside table and grabbing your phone. It was Archie. You sat up in bed, pulled the covers to your chest, then answered. “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me,” Archie said. “Do you have a minute?”

Jughead could hear Archie through the phone and he gave you a look. He wanted to continue kissing like you were before but you were curious as to why Archie would call. You pushed Jughead away when he tried to kiss your neck again. “Yeah, what’s up?” You asked. 

“Betty’s having a little party at her house tomorrow. I think it’s just a little barbecue or something, but I was just wondering if you wanted to go?”

You looked at Jughead and saw he was staring at you curiously. “With you?” You asked, just to clarify. 

Archie laughed. “Yeah, with me. Is that okay?”

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When We Collide (Part 11)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

”Okay so, how about this one?”

“Oh no, Holly no…. Too beige colored it makes your hips look bigger than necessary.” Luke replied with a glass of bobbly champagne in his hand, eyes scanning her body and his feet tapping against the marble floor to the beat of the background music.

You looked up from your papers with a huge sigh sincerely wishing that you could be anywhere else than stuck with those two in some kind of small expensive shop a few streets away from your office building.

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Classic Who: Starter Pack/List of Recommended Stories

So, you love Doctor Who and want to see what the Classic series is all about. But, you know, it ran for 26 years and it’s fucking huge and just way too daunting, and something about missing episodes?? Help?? Never fear. 

The great thing about Doctor Who, especially Classic Who, is that watching it in order really isn’t that important. 

So, as far as I’m concerned, the best way to get into Classic Who is to sample a bit of each Doctor, and see what takes. And so here is my list of recommendations for each Doctor for those of you wanting to give this beautiful low budget sci-fi meme-factory masterpiece a try. 

  • Note 1: Classic Who is formatted differently to New Who. It’s made up of ‘serials’, which are storylines of anything from 2-10 episodes, 25 minutes each. Most are 4, but 2 and 6 parters are also common in some eras. So I’m recommending the serials, as opposed to episodes, obviously. 
  • Note 2: I want to express that this is my personal rec list, and what I think people will enjoy/enjoyed myself. I’m not claiming that these are definitely the best storylines or the ones people will enjoy most because Doctor Who is an incredibly subjective show, and deciding on ‘best’ storylines is so difficult. So, this list is fallible, probably, but I hope you like it anyway. 

These are listed, in chronological order, with serial title, then companions, and then any additional notes I have about the story. 

(Italicised serial title is my top rec for that era if you’re just looking for one of each, with the exception of The Unearthly Child because it’s the first one so just watch it, okay?)

First Doctor

  • An Unearthly Child (not the unaired pilot version, the proper first episode!! If Susan is drawing weird shit on paper you’re watching the wrong one) - Ian, Barbara and Susan - just episode 1 and first half of ep 2, once they leave the TARDIS you’re good to stop unless you want to keep going which is totally fair but it’s just a lot of cavemen grunting about fire really, though there is an interesting moment where the Doctor wants to kill a dude with a rock
  • The Aztecs - Ian, Barbara, and Susan - okay basically if you want the serious historical storyline go with this one, otherwise see The Romans
  • The Dalek Invasion of Earth - Ian, Barbara and Susan 
  • The Romans - Ian, Barbara, and Vicki (newly joined) - if you want the funny, very silly historical storyline, go with this one, otherwise, go Aztecs

Second Doctor

  • The Mind Robber - Zoe and Jamie
  • The War Games  - Zoe and Jamie (as a warning, it’s fucking 10 episodes long but really good if a little stretched out) - first naming of and appearance of Time Lords as a people, Two’s regeneration episode 

Third Doctor

Three’s era has way too many great serials so I’m just gonna let you pick from what you think sounds good. All of these feature the Brigadier to some capacity, too. 

  • Spearhead in Space - Liz (first appearance) - important for getting an idea of what the UNIT situation is, first Auton appearance, first episode following the regeneration
  • Inferno - Liz - it’s basically an “all the Doctors friends are evil!AU verse” story
  • Terror of the Autons - Jo (first appearance), first appearance of the Master
  • The Sea Devils - iconic Best Enemies serial (the sword fight!), has the Silurian’s “cousins” the Sea Devils, plus the actual Navy and lots of boats
  • The Three Doctors - Jo - MULTI DOCTOR, First and Second Doctor, first appearance of Omega
  • The Time Warrior - Sarah Jane (first appearance) - first Sontaran appearance, first naming of Gallifrey! 

Fourth Doctor

  • Genesis of the Daleks - Sarah Jane and Harry - first Davros appearance/Dalek origin stuff! TMA/TWF in Series 9 of New Who is basically a sequel to this story
  • Invasion of Time - Leela - set on Gallifrey with Time Lords and Sontarans
  • City of Death - Romana II (Time Lady companion!!) - centred around the Mona Lisa kinda 

Fifth Doctor

  • The Five Doctors - Tegan and Turlough - plus old companions, MULTI DOCTOR, first five doctors except Four
  • Caves of Androzani - Peri (newly joined) - very acclaimed story, Five’s regeneration episode, think Phantom of the Opera meets alien mining shit  

Sixth Doctor

I’ve not seen enough of his first season so this is my main rec, along with the whole Trial of a Time Lord season if you’re looking for more Six. 

  • Mark of the Rani - Peri - first appearance of the Rani (another renegade Time Lord, amoral scientist who was at school with the Doc and the Master, hates them both lmao), plus the Master, it’s a big messy school reunion set during the Industrial Revolution

Seventh Doctor

  • Remembrance of the Daleks - Ace - set at Coal Hill, Ace beats a Dalek up with a baseball bat, literally creating the “defining moment of awesome” trope because she’s that iconic
  • The Happiness Patrol - Ace - dystopia where unhappiness is illegal, the TARDIS gets painted pink

Eighth Doctor 

  • The 1996 movie - Grace - take the ‘half human’ thing with a grain of salt because Eight is a little shit and the Master was dealing with shifty information

And there we are!

If anyone gets through this list and wants to ask for additional recs, feel free to come into my inbox, I’m always up for helping others get into the joy that is Classic Who. 

Otherwise, sit back, strap in, and prepare to laugh at some questionable guest acting, stuffy Time Lords in stupid clothes, and of course the old/cheap special effects. And of course, enjoy, because the storylines are still solid as HELL and so are the main characters. 

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I love your textposts! Your edits are so clean! I need moreee! You should totally make the dedicated Zack Fair post!! I would die!!!!!

Well, if you insist!! I’m a people pleaser, after all...when the request lines up with exactly what I want ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

FFXV Textposts Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Favorite Characters Part 1

And this will be the first part of my Cinnamon Rolls vs. Sinnamon Rolls Textposts. Please leave some votes in your tags for which characters you think I should do next (and if you think they are a cinnamon bun or a sinnamon bun)!! 

I Can Do It Myself- Frederik Andersen

Originally posted by breakmystrings


Ok so I like how this turned out even if there’s not a lot of Freddie interaction in this one. Sorry. But there’s more Freddie coming up in my queue! So yay! Let me know what you guys think! Enjoy!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: Pls pls pls do more Freddie. Do you mind doing one where the reader is Marner’s older sister and her and Freddie hit it off and date. I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH, YOU DESERVE THE WORLD!!


              “He’s hot” you commented.

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anonymous asked:

I love your writing so much! Your Yoosung X MC X Seven headcons are soooo amazing. When are you doing more? If I can could I suggest doing some fluff like a date night with the three maybe a bedtime with the three.

(I got too excited when I got this message, first of all, thank you so much anon you’re so sweet <3 second! I’m currently working on a date night that’ll be done soon so I hope you’re okay with me going for the bedtime prompt~ I’m going to keep this sfw but if anyone wants a…not so sfw version let me know ;) )

-3AM ticked over on your computer as you continued to click away on whatever it was you were looking up
-Yoosung had finished playing his game awhile ago and decided to lazily lay down on the couch beside you
-It didn’t take long before he was dozing off, the soft feeling of you stroking his hair, head laying just beside your lap
-You looked over and smiled softly before leaning down to give him a small kiss
-You probably woke him up but he wasn’t complaining
-He smiled and let out a hum to spur you on so you kissed him a bit deeper, drawing the kiss out for a few minutes
-You both turned to look at Saeyoung who had turned his chair from his desk to look at you both, that smirk of a smile on his face
-”What about me~? You didn’t think you could get away without kissing me did you~?”
-You both roll your eyes, Yoosung being the first one to get up and go towards Saeyoung, putting his hands on either side of his jaw and giving him a deep kiss, pushing Saeyoung back in his chair
-They kept going and you rolled your eyes seeing Saeyoung lift a hand to motion you to come over as well
-You get up and stroll over, his hand coming around your waist and tugging you closer towards him
-When he pulls away from Yoosung you can see he was noticeably red, how Yoosung managed to fluster himself when he was the initiator, you had no idea but it was absolutely adorable
-You smile and push your lips gently to his, so soft that there’s hardly contact and he lets out an incredibly annoyed sound, trying to push up to deepen the kiss, only for you to pull away
-You can hear Yoosung chuckling beside you, and it only makes you want to do it more
-He pulls away and pouts at you, finally, his face stained with a beautiful soft pink now as well
-”Yoosung~ Could you please show ‘____’ how to please their god”
-Yoosung doesn’t waste much time basically jumping back into Saeyoung’s lap
-There was no end in Yoosung’s sight as he happily pressed deeper into the kiss
-You can’t help but giggle, it was such an adorable sight 
-With Yoosung still happily in his lap, Saeyoung starts pushing the rolling chair towards the bedroom, waving good bye to you as he runs off with Yoosung
-You of course chase after them, grabbing onto the back of the chair to halt it, bending over Saeyoung’s chair and cooing “Yoooosung~” 
-The boy finally pulls off Saeyoung and happily reaches over to pull you into a deep kiss
-The whines of annoyance and cries that this totally wasn’t fair were making you both smile against each other
-Yoosung pops off of Saeyoung and you both plop onto the bed and coo for him to come over 
-”No need to whine~ We’re all yours”
-The growl from Saeyoung is almost primal as he pushes himself out of the chair and jumps onto the bed and starts tickling you both to the best of his ability
-You all bust into laughter and jokingly try to break free from him
-After a couple of minutes you’re all panting from laughing so hard
-Yoosung and you nuzzle up to Saeyoung and start kissing him all over his face and neck
-You both loved spoiling him so much
-You also finally give him the deep slow kiss he wanted, he always says it’s so much sweeter when he has to work for it
-Of course after that Yoosung was wanting another from both of you as well
-You all pass out together snuggled up on the bed
-Yoosung passed out first, you and Saeyoung watching and whispering about how adorable he is
-You watched Saeyoung pass out next, head rested atop Yoosung’s, smiling softly with both his arms wrapped tightly around you both
-You happily drift off feeling so grateful for the two wonderful men beside you


Protector (Connor M. x Reader)

Anon says - can you do a Connor Murphy x reader where he finds the readers self harm scars? If you’re uncomfortable with that then that’s ok, and you don’t have to write it. Thank you! I love your writing! 💓

Don’t worry, I’m totally okay with writing this! It is no problem, and thank you so much!!! <3 Also!! Sorry this is out so late, I’ve been doing basically everything BUT writing because I’m dumb and lame sorry!!! And sorry if this is kind of iffy, I’m not really used to writing stuff like this, but that doesn’t mean I won’t!

Words- 1510

Warnings- Self-harm, over all bad feels, mentions of suicide

You don’t remember when it started, all you remember is a dull, numb feeling of loneliness in you. Maybe it started in your young middle school years, where you finally realized that the world wasn’t always on your side. Regardless of the time, the feelings just stuck with you, all into your late high school years.

Sometimes it got to the point where you ended up having marks on your body, some deeper than others. Sometimes you almost bled out, and you didn’t try and stop it. Those marks stuck with you, both scars and fresh wounds. Which of course meant the typical long sleeves when those marks were more noticeable.

However, it’s not like you were totally alone. You had your fair share of friends who have definitely helped you in the past. And you defiantly have your friends currently that have helped you, including the school-known Connor Murphy.

You think that your odd relationship began sometime after you sat by him during lunch. That week was your first week of Freshman year, and when you were absolutely horrified of everyone- including Connor. Of course, he was hostile towards you, not aware of your intentions. He accused you of trying to make fun of him in some way, which of course you denied and continued to deny until Connor finally started making small talk- which took weeks. Since then, Connor continued to stick by your side, seeking help from you and vice versa.

It was a nice, but odd relationship, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Sitting at the typical lunch table, you fiddle with your sweater sleeves. You arrived before your friends, which is normal considering how close your last class is to the cafeteria. However, that didn’t stop the feeling of dread that picked at your chest. You shouldn’t be worrying, you know that they’ll be here. Still, you worry.

While waiting, the sleeves of your sweater gently brush against the cuts on your arms, making you flinch. Many of your previous cuts have yet to heal, making your clothing choices limited to sweaters and jackets. Not that you are totally complaining, you really like sweaters. However, that also means lots of flinching and pain when it scratches against your arms.

You are so distracted by the sweater and your worries, that you don’t even realize your friends sit down with you, or a hand waving in front of your face.

“(Y/N), what are you, blind and deaf? What the fuck, look at me.”

Your head snaps up as you look at Connor, a small frown formed on your face. Looking at him, he looks annoyed, but you can see the bit of worry in his eyes. He looks tired, as if he hasn’t slept in days. Which would make sense given his current situation.

You smile and shake your head. “Only blind, Connor. Close though.”

He huffs, a small smile forming. “Knowing the type of shit you pull, I wouldn’t doubt it.”

Connor places his elbow on the table, and rests his chin on his hand. “What are you doing after school?”

“I assume you ask me this because you want to hang out later? I have nothing else to do.”

Connor nods and begins talking to Evan, who is sitting across from him. You stayed out of the other conversations, choosing to just get done with your homework. Sure, you enjoy talking to everyone, but it would be better to finish homework now than tomorrow morning.

With the day ending, you speed walk to your locker to put away your stuff and wait for Connor. He typically arrives a few minutes after you, so you don’t have to wait too long.

After checking a few messages on your phone, a cold hand grabs your wrist, causing you to squeal. You look up to see Connor chuckling.

“What, I’m not that scary, am I?”

You roll your eyes and start walking, Connor following. “You’re a very scary boy, Connor. Spooky ghost hands and all.”

After that, Connor stayed quiet until you reached the park that you both hang out at. You walk over to a tree and plop down in front of it, stretching out. You felt your sleeves start to roll down, so you quickly put your arms down, and hold onto the end of the sleeves.

Connor sets himself next to you and leans against the tree. He glances at you and raises his eyebrow. “What’s with the sleeve work?”

You snicker. “Sleeve work?”

“Fuck you too, (Y/N). Now do you wanna answer my question?”

“Not really, thanks though, Con.”

Rolling his eyes, he grunts. “Or you can be an ass.”

You lean against Connor and gently poke his arm. “Hush, I just like holding onto my sleeves.”

While Connor didn’t completely believe what you said, he decided that it would be best to just drop it for now. Not that you would tell Connor, you couldn’t have him worrying about the cuts on your arms when he has better things to worry about.

The two of you spent hours at the tree, teasing each other, petting dogs that walked by, and just talking. Everything the two of you did there was special. Honestly, you wouldn’t mind spending eternity at the tree, reliving all of your memories.

You glance at your phone and start to stand up. However, Connor was faster, and grabbed your forearm. The sudden contact and pressure to your cuts made you cry out and you fell back down.

Instantly, Connor retracted his arm and sat up straight.

“What the fuck was that? Why did you do that?” Connor asked, raising his voice slightly.

You gently rubbed your forearm and looked at him. “Y-you just scared me is all… No big deal, sorry.”

“Give me your arm.”

“What, no-“



“You are fucking unbearable.”

You smiled slightly. “You’re still here, so I guess I’m not totally unbearable.”

“I’ll leave right now.”


You both stood up and looked at each other. It looked like Connor was about to say something, but instead he just waved and walked away. You watched him as he walked away, and frowned. You were hoping that he would want to stay at your house for the night.

Instead, you walk home alone.

It might have been midnight, or maybe ever later. However, late in the night you received a text from Connor saying something about a house. You could barley read his text, so you just set down the phone and tried to fall back asleep.

It wasn’t until you heard a light tapping on your window that you finally got up and realized that Connor really was going to come over.

Sliding out of your bed, you shuffle over to the window and open it for him. Not waiting for Connor to come inside, you move the sheets to the corner of your bed and sit down, allowing room for Connor to sit.

Connor climbs in, taking off his jacket and boots, and sits next to you. He lies back on the bed, pulling you down with him. You smile slightly as he wraps his arm around your body and pulls you close to him.

“I can see your arms.”

You freeze. You glance at your arms and your eyes widened. You didn’t realize that you were wearing a tank top, and your cuts could still be seen in the moonlight.

Panicking, you attempt to wiggle away, muttering out a mixture of apologies. You could feel your chest becoming tight as tears began to build up, threatening to spill. How could you have been so stupid? How could you let him see you like this?

“Hey… Hey, (Y/N), look at me.” Connor gently held onto you, gently taking your hand.

You slowly turn your head to look at him, tears slowly spilling. “I-I’m sorry…”

“Why are you fucking apologizing?” He whispered, gently cupping your cheek.

“Y-you shouldn’t have to worry about me, its n-no big deal, really.” You let out a small sob and bit your lip.

Connor gently pulled you into his chest. “Too late, I’m sticking by you, and you bet your ass that I’m going worry about you, you idiot.”

You let out a small laugh as the tears continue to roll down your face and onto Connor’s shirt.

“Can you show them all to me tomorrow? I’ll take care of them for you.”

“You’re s-scaring me, Connor. You’re n-never this calm.”

“Shit (Y/N), sorry that I actually care about you and want to make sure that you don’t end up like me. I don’t want to see you become a self-hating freak. Let me help you, (Y/N).”

“A-alright… Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Hush…Go to bed.” Connor mumbles, burying his face in your hair. He knows the feeling all too well, and he wants to help you. But until then, he just wants to hold you, protect you from everything.

“I’ll be here when you wake up, okay?”


And with that, the two of you fell asleep.

10. Pink // Nurseydex

« {Part 10 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: it snowed on my college campus a few days ago, so i had to write something snowball fight-related. enjoy!

The moment he felt the snowball connect with the back of his neck, Dex knew—it was on.

He turned around and sure enough, there was Nursey, standing on the Haus lawn, wearing nothing more substantial than a multi-colored striped Patagonia and holding an armful of pre-packed snowballs. “Nurse!” Dex called out. “You are so dead!

“Oh, yeah. Definitely,” Nursey said, readying another snowball. “You’re totally about to hashtag-wreck me.”

Nursey didn’t get a chance to throw the snowball he was holding. Dex set his backpack down on the sidewalk in front of the house, bent down to scoop up a snowball, and threw it at Nursey’s hand. “You’re going down, Nursey,” he grinned.

Dex was raised in a household of five kids in the middle of Portland, Maine. Knowing how to participate in a snowball fight was less of a talent and more of a survival skill. If you didn’t know how to pack a snowball in under a second and a half flat, there was no way you were going to be able to defend yourself when your older sisters decide to ambush you on your way home from school. Dex was a snowball fight professional. Nursey wouldn’t even see what was coming to him.

With practiced hands, Dex scooped up two more snowballs and threw them with deathly accuracy, aiming straight for Nursey’s face. One of them hit Nursey’s chest, but the other hit its mark perfectly. Was it playing fair? No. But was it satisfying? Hell yes.

“Ow! Shit! That was savage cold, man,” Nursey said, wiping snow out of his eyes. “You aren’t messing around, are you?”

“Nope,” Dex said. “You gonna fight back or what?”

“Hell yeah, I’m fighting back.” Nursey said. “Come at me, bro.”

And so he did.

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Your life had gotten a lot better ever since Magnus had kind of adopted you. Growing up as a warlock had always been a challenge but now you not only had a mentor and father figure, but also friends. Two of them you liked especially and they seemed just as interested.

At least as far as you could tell when they were arguing in the corner about who actually had the right to take you out that night. 

Magnus listen to them slightly amused, when Alec broke them up.
“Okay this is enough. None of you two will go anywhere with (y/n).”
Raphael and Simon both looked confused at the Shadowhunter in front of them, both ready to complain, when Magnus moved up to stand next to Alec.
“I think Alec is right. Didn’t you want to do a movienight with us, anyway? Right (y/n)?” He gave you a meaningful look and you smiled at him.
He had given you a home and Alec accepted you as a new part of his life so fast you couldn’t deny them anything.
“Right. I totally forgot.”

“But… that’s not fair!”, Simon complained and Raphael jumped right into it.
“Why tonight? I finally have a free night, Magnus! You do this on purpose!”

“Calm down, both of you! You are undead, she is immortal”, Magnus remembered them. “You have all the time of the world to decide what this… is… between you… three.”
Alec’s face said something else, like this wouldn’t happend, at least not as long as he was alive.

“You two are acting like you are her parents.” Simon pouted. 

Magnus acted like he was thinking about it for a second.
“Technical we are so get out, the dads want a movienight with their daughter!” 

requested by @tanovic54321
hope you like it?

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Baby Fever- Jonathan Toews

Originally posted by captain-furious

Ok so I think I’m back on an upswing! Maybe! I hope… Anyway! I think I like how this turned out! It’s baby making time! Anyway! If you’re staying: enjoy! If you’re skipping: up next is Freddie Andersen!

Warning: smut, sex, smexy time

Anon Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could get a Jonathan Toews smut? You can add anything you want to it😊 thank you!


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"I Remember"

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Prompt List request-
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Request #s:
12. “You tried to kill me!”
28. “Don’t fucking touch me!”

The bass pounded in your head as the alcohol made the room start to tilt. You leaned up against the door frame, trying to make your way into the room to find a bit of quiet.
“Y/N? You okay?” 
Oh great. Stiles Stilinski. You turned and glared at the skinny, pale boy standing behind you. He was not someone you wanted to explain yourself to, and the last person you wanted help from.
“I’m fine. All good.” You said, your tone short and empty. Drunk you was not a convincing liar. 
“Mhm.Yeah as much as I want to believe that…” he looked over you skeptically, “Do you need a ride home?”
“From you? No.”
“Oh, ok. I’m just trying to be helpful.”
“Don’t you have a wolf to chase down? Or has Scott learned to stay in his kennel?” You stood up straighter trying to meet his height. Drunk or not, you were not taking any judgement from Stiles-The bat swinging, duct tape flinging wolf wrangler. No matter how much you used to like him.
“Woah,” Stiles tried to shush you, “that’s not fair. And totally inaccurate. He doesn’t actually turn into a dog. I mean there is a lot of hair…and claws…and-” he stopped short seeing you sway. “Y/N-” Stiles reached out to catch you as the room shifted under your feet.
“Don’t fucking touch me!” you tried to shout as you fell into his arms. But the exclamation came out more as a murmur as everything faded to black. 

Originally posted by el-chico-depresivo-y-suicida

“Y/N,” you heard you name being called out through the mugginess you felt in your head and tasted in your throat. As you tried to open your eyes you let out a groan in response.
“Oh thank God. I thought I was going to have to take you to the hospital.” Stiles sighed with relief, flexing the fingers that had been taking turns between clutching the steering wheel and brushing hair out of your face.
“And I really can’t keep walking in there with unconscious people.”
“What happened?” you asked trying to adjust to the movement of the jeep as it weaved it’s way through Beacon Hills.
“You were at Lydia’s party. Got drunk. Got mad-” you gave a little groan as you remembered the conversation and felt the alcohol still sloshing around your body.”I think you’re last words were ‘Don’t fucking touch me.’ So poetic and intelligent.” Stiles smirked at his own wit.
“Well can you blame me?” You said throwing your arms over your face to block out the glare of the street lamps.
“Yeah, I can. What exactly did I do to you again?”
HIs words hit you like a bucket of ice water. Did he not remember? Or did he just not care? A little voice in your head tried to convince you it was the latter. “You tried to kill me!”
“What?!” Stiles jerked, almost swinging the Jeep off the road. “Sorry.” he muttered catching the green tint that rose to your face. “Ok,” Slowly he pulled the Jeep to the side of the rode and spun to look at you. “Now that we are stopped let me ask- Y/N, what the hell are you talking about?!”
“You. Several months ago. You showed up out of no where in my house. Told me all these horrific things and then tried to strangle me.” Your hand instinctively fluttered up to your neck and you felt your throat tighten in fear. But the words kept flooding out. “I had been there for you and Scott when all this werewolf stuff happened. I had been your friend. You were my…well my something. And then you attack me, for no reason other than how did you put it? You wanted to know what I looked like in pain. And then you left. No Apologies.”
Stiles started at you, silent but not surprised. 
So he did remember.
“You’re the reason why I was drunk. I couldn’t stand being in that house seeing you and  Scott.” You threw out the words trying to hurt him. Trying to make him care. “And I couldn’t go home because I’d just be sitting around wondering if you’re going to walk in and hurt me again. So-” you punctuated your confession by motioning to yourself, as if the state of you was evidence enough. 
After several moments of silence Stiles broke your eye contact. You deflated, not realizing you were holding hope in the first place. Maybe part of you thought this moment could make things different. 
“I remember.”
In surprise you looked up at him. A million thoughts running through your head. Should you run? Does this mean he’s going to finish the job? Does this mean he cares? That he’s sorry?
“I was…well there’s no normal way to explain this. I was possessed by this spirit who made me hurt those I cared about the most. I know, I know it hurt you. I hurt you. I just was so ashamed…” his voice trailed off as he stared into the empty road illuminated by the jeep lights. “I should have explained it all to you. I shouldn’t have let you pull away. But I know you needed me to say I was sorry and sorry just didn’t feel good enough.” He ran his hand through his brown hair, making it stick up in different directions. 
This. This is Stiles. Not the person who threw you against the wall and put his hands around your throat. This is the boy who made you laugh in class. Who drove you to concerts. Who couldn’t apologize because it didn’t even begin to touch the damage that had been done
“you thought I was better off.” you offered, finally seeing where his logic had gotten twisted. Stiles nodded quietly. “I see now I was wrong.”
“I’m sorry.” Stiles said, turning his eyes to you, his hands hovering above your own wanting to comfort you, but knowing he had no right to. 
“Stiles, if you would’ve just explained…” you didn’t know what to say. You felt relieved, confused and still hurt from the time spent cut off from him. You didn’t want to lose him. Taking his hands you said, “You can’t leave me like that again Stiles. That, that will kill me.”

Soft & Swirling

A/N - This is just something that I started writing at Kaitlin’s house, it’s a one-shot ft. Jungkook because he is a precious child and I love him.

This has been edited by my two best friends, and the admins to this page, Kaitlin and Amelia

Summary: After school, you and your best friend head over to his house for a well needed hang out session. One thing leads to another and suddenly you and your best friend… READ TO FIND OUT ♥

Genre: Smut/Fluff (duh)
Word Count: 3345 
Members: Jungkook x Reader


Originally posted by jibeom

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Innocent- Morgan Rielly

Originally posted by marntthews

Ok so for some reason I got so stuck for this one, but I think it turned out good! I hope it did… let me know! Anyway… Enjoy!

Warning: steam, cussing

Anon Request: Hi! I was wondering if you would write a Morgan rielly imagine where you’re in an elevator with hi. And his teammates and you subtlety try and turn him on? Thanks!


              You weren’t sure what spawned the idea, but you were going to run with it.

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thing-you-do-with-that-thing  asked:

"But why would you wear something like that?" Jensen x Reader if you feel like it :D

“What are you wearing?” You glared at your husband, eyes going straight to the stupid fucking hat on his head. 

“What?” Jensen questioned. “Something wrong with what I’m wearing? Is the scarf too much?” 

“The scarf is fine but why would you wear something like that?” You pointed to the hat and scrunched up your nose in disgust. “It’s hideous. Take it off.” 

“Uh uh.” He chuckled and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into his chest. “It’s my Indiana Jones hat and I’m wearin’ it.” He pressed a soft kiss to your lips but you pulled away, grinning. 

“No you’re not.” You reached up and knocked it off his head, sending it flying to the floor with a soft thud. “Wear a baseball cap if you wanna wear a hat. Much hotter.” 

He pouted and started to reach down for the hat but you grabbed him, slamming your lips against his as you stomped on the hat. “Hey!” He gasped. “No fair! You distracted me!” 

“Totally fair.” You winked, walking away. “Now hurry up and find a better hat. We’re gonna be late.” 

“You’re gonna be pay for that later.” Jensen growled.

“I was counting on it.” 

A/N: this was written off my own personal hatred for this fucking hat

The Story of our Love (Pt.3)

Member : Baekhyun

Genre : Fluff

College AU

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 coming soon.

“But,..don’t you remember me?” 

You stared at the man in front of you completely dumbfounded as you listened to his words.

“What do you mean?” you asked.

He chuckled a bit, amusement all over his features. He licked his lips as his eyes looked at the ground for a brief moment before they were back up looking at yours and his eyebrows ticked upwards as he spoke “This isn’t the first time we meet”.

He was clearly enjoying how bewildered you felt right now. You could tell by the way he smiled mischievously as he continued his little mind game.

“What are you talking about?” you asked again tucking a strand of loose hair behind your ear before you tilted your head to the side and crossed your arms over your chest.

“You don’t remember when we met in the subway?” he questioned shaking his head as a small smile strained the corner of his lips that held the smallest of birthmarks.

The wheels in your mind started their usual spinning as you tried to recall the encounter that Baekhyun was referring to. Your eyes stared far ahead, away from his face as you tried to remember.

Nothing. You got nothing.

“You know..when we were both in the subway, sitting next to each other and you were playing that game called (Hardest game ever) on your phone? And I was watching when you lost and you got all grumpy about it” he spoke from between his giggles.

“And then I said (It’s pretty tough huh? I couldn’t finish that level either). And then you looked at me with the same look you’re giving me right now before you laughed and nodded…” he continued.

It was all coming back to you now, that day, that game and how infuriated you were by it, and that man… But..that..he wasn’t Baekhyun was he?

“Your stop came before I could catch your name and then you just smiled at me and left” he was smiling the sweetest and the most gentle of smiles and it touched your soul and covered your skin in goosebumps.

The way you reacted to the way he spoke or smiled at you bemused your mind, You could’ve stopped everything and thought about it if your thoughts weren’t a complete mess right now.

“But…that wasn’t you” you said squinting your eyes questioningly at him.

Completely amused, he shook his head, and the tips of his white teeth appeared as they tugged at his lower lip. “You probably don’t recognize me because of the hair”

The smallest of silent moments passed before the picture in your mind unclouded and you remembered him, the man who was sitting next to you and spoke with the sweetest voice.

Your eyes widened as your mouth opened in recognition “Ooooh back then you had black hair”

“Black hair” He said in unison with you before he laughed and nodded. And then you saw him purse his lips together and his eyes turned from half moons into wide twinkling ones and he raised his eyebrows. 

Three blinks passed between you two before you both smiled and laughed. You didn’t know what to say, but not because it was awkward. Not at all.

It was because no words were needed.

You felt strange, a strong wave of something was passing through you and you didn’t seem to want to stop it. You felt it deeper the longer you stared into his eyes and laughed with him, and for the first time ever, your mind left you alone, and only your heart was moving you now.

“I can’t believe this! I mean what are the chances really!” you began to speak as your laughter died down and you continued walking with Baekhyun by your side.

From the corner of your eye, you saw him nod, lick his lips and say “I tell you what? It’s still early, do you wanna hang out?”


“Here in campus. I know a great spot come on!” he urged before he ran with your things not giving you much room for refusal.

There were turns, hallways and stairs before you reached the roof of the building that was built in just a small distance from the rest of the campus buildings and you stood at the door, back bent with your hands resting at your knees as you caught your breath.

“Why did you run?” you asked in between gasps as you stood up straight and brushed your hair away from your face.

“Well we’re not exactly allowed up here and I didn’t want anyone to see us” he replied as he set your things down.

“Yeah because running around like that is so low key” you spoke sarcastically before your eyes widened taking in the setting in front of you.

There were blankets placed messily on the ground, golden Christmas lights hanging, old mattresses, scribbles all over the walls and a bunch of chairs randomly scattered around.

“Wow! What is this place?”

“We made it last year. Jongdae discovered it and we thought it would be a nice place to resort to, so we decorated it” he spoke as he gestured for you to come closer and sit beside him.

“Candy?” his fist was extended towards your open palm, and you watched him place a number a bright red round cherry flavored sweets in your hand.

“I’m impressed” you stated as you filled your mouth with the sweet treats.

He chuckled before he nodded proudly. “So..tell me about yourself. Who is Y/N?” he sat closer to you, giving you his full attention.

“What do you wanna know?” the reply you gave him was the one you always used to this question. It was a tricky one and you never knew how to answer it.

“Anything just tell me anything about you” he answered.

“Well…I don’t know what to tell you…” 

“I’ll make it easier for you, let’s skip the basic information like birthdays and blood types. I wanna know you! You know? Does that make sense?” he spoke with enthusiasm as he handed you more sweets.

“Mmm..I don’t know…” you hesitated before you looked into his sparkling eyes and something stirred inside you. Something that made you find comfort in his presence and urge the words out of your mouth.

The words that were to tell your story. The story you thought was completely unnecessary for people to know.

But the way he was looking at you nudged the doors to your heart, and you found amenity in everything that he is, and the voices in your head told you it was alright.

You watched his face as he warmly smiled and listened to the hesitant words you were spouting and handed you a can of cold coke. 

Two or three flickers later, and after the realization that you’ve been staring and silent for a while now, you started telling him.

“Well I guess you could say I’m someone who spent their entire life ummm…I don’t know, working hard I guess…? So I didn’t get to do much or go out much” You weren’t sure why your heart was pounding so much when you told him, but maybe because it was the first time you’ve let this out to someone who wasn’t Ah Young.

“And why is that…If I may ask?” he spoke softly as he took the coke from between your fidgeting fingers and opened it before handing it back to you.

“…Things turned out that way I guess” your reply was short and held a firm feel to it that sent off the vibe that this was a guard you weren’t letting down.

You saw him nod in understanding before he spoke “And when you say you haven’t done much you mean..?” 

“I mean just things, regular things, like…what do I tell you? Like going to the karaoke room, or playing in the rain, or petting a dog.” you were interrupted when you saw him choke and then cough loudly. 

Something you said must’ve really shocked him.

He held a hand at his mouth as he coughed harshly, and you quickly handed him the bottle of water that sat in front of him. 

His reaction was funny.

You tapped at his back as he took huge gulps of water before he took a deep breath and cleared his throat.

“You okay there?” your giggles were just too much to hold in.

“A dog?! You’ve never petted a dog in your life before??” his voice was loud and his eyes were open in total shock. “You’re joking right? You have to be!” 

“Hey to be fair I was terrified of dogs when I was growing up” you stated in your defense, holding your chin up and crossing your arms over your chest.

“But it’s a dog!” his pitch rose a little and he squinted his eyes at you.

“I had my reasons dude” you told him as you held your palm up in his direction before you sipped on your drink.

He blinked slowly before he nodded and took one more mouthful of water, puffing his cheeks before it went down his throat and he nodded, lifting his hand in a continue gesture “okay okay, go on”

“Anyway…” you talked a lot, telling him a great deal of things. Baekhyun was a good listener, he was all nods and questions, with the occasional snack offering he kept doing, and when he wasn’t listening, he was very chatty and hilarious. The man had a great sense of humor that left you with a pair of teary eyes and an aching belly.

You ended up talking all night, becoming closer to the man you didn’t want to think about earlier. He was easy to talk to and fun to be around, and you slowly found yourself getting rid of the protective shell around you.

You connected with him.

It was 4:00 AM now and you both needed the little hours of sleep the rest of that night had to offer, so after cleaning up and cautiously walking back to your dorm rooms, you rested your head on your pillow, closing your eyes and clearing all thoughts off of your mind, except those ones associated with Baekhyun.

Since that night, being around Baekhyun was a regular thing for you, you two stuck together like white on rice, always seen together and always in the company of one another, even when the rest of your friends weren’t around.

He sat next to you during Mr. Lee Tae Im’s class now, slipping small notes that held lame jokes and adorable scribbles. He took good care of you, from passing on his older notes to making sure you had something warm to drink when it was extra cold outside.

Baekhyun was just kind like that, and you two were becoming really good friends.

You were sitting on the bench under the big tree where all the campus lovers carved their names, listening to some music and having some of that warm vending machine canned coffee when you felt a pair of slightly cold hands cover your eyes.

Surprised a little, you jumped before you smiled knowing who the childish gesture belonged to. You took his hands in yours lowering them from your eyes as you turned around and you saw him smiling that charming, sweet contagious smile of his.

You smiled back.

“Hi” he said, his expression a mischievous one.

“Hey you changed your hair color!” you told him pointing your index finger at his head.

“What do you think?” he laughed as he was moving from behind the bench to sit next you.

“I like it, brown suits you” you said, your hand naturally stroking his soft locks as you looked at his newly colored hair.


“Well certainly more than pink” you joked and he chuckled a little.

He was staring at you as you did so, you knew because he was silent. Your eyes fell to be locked with his and around two or three seconds passed with you two looking at one another. 

He suddenly cleared his throat, took your hand in his as he began toying with your fingers like he usually did when your hand was warmer than his.

“Say..are you busy today?” he asked, taking your coffee from the hand he wasn’t holding and helping himself to a sip or two.

“Not in particular, I was just gonna go organize my notes and study why?” 

He sighed shaking his head “do you ever do anything that isn’t studying?” he said with a small pout.

You rolled your eyes, staying silent for a bit as you watched him play with your fingers, his lips still forming a cute pout.

You pursed your lips together holding back your smile, because you knew he was pouting like that because he knew when you had plans to study, these plans weren’t going anywhere.

“What do you have in mind?” you finally asked and you instantly saw the quick change in his expression, his eyes looked at you and his pout was replaced with a big bright smile. 

“Really? Then come with me” his hand held yours firmly as he walked with you following him behind. His steps were quick and eager, making it a little difficult for you to follow.

“Where are we going?” you asked and he didn’t reply, he just kept walking and walking till you were out of the campus. 

“Baekhyun? Bother telling me where we’re going?” his steps came to a quick stops and you almost bumped into him. He turned to look at you, eyebrows furrowed in frustration rather than anger.

“Patience or you’ll ruin it…aish” he said before he continued walking, his hand still holding yours for some reason.

After a good ten minutes walk, he stopped in front of a small building that held a big bright pink neon sign that read (Karaoke Room). He turned around and looked at you, his eyes twinkling with excitement. 

“Ta-da!” he held his hands out towards the building and you saw the enthusiastic way he smiled before his lower lip disappeared under his teeth as he looked at you, he was fidgeting on his feet like a small excited kid who was a little high on sugar.

“Baekhyun what are we doing here?” you were excited yourself, your eyes scanning at the big blinding sign. 

“Remember when you said you never had the chance to go to a karaoke room? Well today’s your chance!”  

“Geez Baekhyun that was literally weeks ago! How do you even remember that?”

“Because I remember things, now come on!!” his hands were at your shoulders and he was pushing you inside the building past the lady at the counter and towards one of the rooms.

You stopped on your tracks causing him to stop as well and he looked at you confused.

“Shouldn’t we pay or something?” you asked and he smiled.

“Already taken care of, let’s just go and have fun” he winked and you felt his hands nudging you to walk into the room down the hall.

When you entered the room, it was already set with pizza, snacks and drinks, the blue and pink lights were fluttering and the music was playing.

You stood there, dumbfounded for a second before you turned around to look at Baekhyun who was standing with his hands behind his back and biting his lower lip as he smiled playfully.

“Baekhyun…when did you..did you do this?” the gesture warmed your heart and overwhelmed you. Just the thought that he remembered such an irrelevant and small thing was beyond you.

How much further could his sweetness go?

He rubbed the back of his neck and shrugged “It’s nothing” he said before he walked to the Karaoke machine and pressed a few buttons. The music started playing and you saw him walk towards you with a pair of cat ears, he placed them over your head and then his fingers brushed and arranged your hair sweetly.

He was so close and warm and his scent took over, he handed you the microphone before he placed Pikachu ears over his head and you started singing.

It was fun, the food was good and the company was even better, Baekhyun sang dramatically to some songs while he did others goofily. He danced when you were the one singing and screamed like he was your number one fanboy when the song finished.

You jumped all over the room and played with each other like small children, screamed and danced and laughed.

It felt amazing.

It felt like only minutes passed before the Karaoke lady knocked on the door and told you that the hour was up.

Baekhyun pouted and you sighed, gathering your things and leaving the building. He handed you a bottle of water as you both walked back to campus, your legs barely holding you up from all the fun you had.

“You’re a pretty good singer” you said.

“Well yeah, maybe in an alternative universe I could be an idol” he joked and you laughed for like the 100th time.

You two shared the pavement in silence, mainly catching your breaths and drinking some water. You nudged his shoulder with yours and his head ticked to your direction and he looked at you.

“I really appreciate this Baekhyun”

A sideway smile appeared on his lips as he looked at you before he looked at the ground “It’s really nothing” he replied sweetly.

“It’s something to me” you told him and he stopped walking.

You both looked at each other, an appreciative smile plastered on both of your lips.

He was looking so sweetly at you, in that way he looked at his younger friends before his long fingers ruffled your hair. “Aish” he mumbled and started walking again.

“If you like it so much then I’ll do it often”


He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer to him, his other hand deep inside his pocket as his eyes watched the stars above “all the things you never did, I’ll do them for you, it’ll be like our thing. Just you and I and you know what?”

He sounded so sweet and he was warm you didn’t even feel the wind that blew if you hadn’t seen it dishevel his hair.


“When we’re old and we’re still friends, we could tell it people like it’s the story of our friendship”

Break Time! (Reader x Noctis / Reader x Prompto)

A/N: When you have to cleANSE YOUR SOUL OF SIN with pointless fluff before you sleep because phew, I don’t want lightning to strike me while I’m out.


Originally posted by ffxvcaps

It was raining outside. 

It was disgusting weather and by some miracle, a combination of whining from you, Noctis and Prompto convinced both Ignis and Gladio that today was a good day for a break.

You lay on the bed between the prince and blond, body lying across them both. Your head rested on the back of Noct’s shoulders while you had your legs bent over Prompto’s back with your feet resting on his other side. All three of you were playing King’s Knight on your phones. The strategist and guard had opted to run errands and replenish resources while the three of you were content with being lazy in the motel.

Honestly the boys were veterans at the mobile game and you had only really just started. They had also managed to convince you to spend a minuscule amount of gil on some in app purchases to get started. Honestly you thought it was to keep you playing a bit longer to get your monies worth, but whatever.

“Why am I even doing this?” You groaned and rolled to lie on your side with your cheek pressed between Noct’s shoulder blades. The boys squirmed beneath you as you shifted so they could get comfortable again. “What level do I have to be to team up with you guys again?”

“Umm 10 I think.” Prompto gestured for you to show him what you were up to in the game. “You’re nearly there! Half way through level 8, that’s pretty good.”

“Mm, I think you get a free character pack at 10 too.” Noct rolled over to lie on his back and you lifted your head for him to do so before you dropped your head back onto his chest. “What role did you pick for the packs you bought?”

“Um… Hybrid. Tank, healer?” The system in the game was a little strange, but you were getting the hang of it. “I think that’s what you guys said you wanted?” You opened up your character screen and looked over your team of one and two star characters. Their characters borders were either blue or green, indicating their tank and healer roles respectively.

“Yeah, I know we said that, but you could have picked anything to be honest.” Prompto looked back and grinned at you.

“Well technically no, because you dorks both chose DPS roles. You have to balance the team out.” You rolled your eyes. As far as you knew, Gladio had taken a solely Tank role and Ignis covered the Healer role whenever he was coerced to play. “Sooo typical. You guys always go for the cool looking types. Like—” You reached up and grabbed Noct’s wrist to forcibly turn his phone towards you. “Look, it’s all duel-wielding sword DPS. Standard Noct! So standard.”

The prince rolled his eyes. So what if he had a particular character aesthetic? “I’m highest ranked DPS out of all of us, so you can make fun all you want, but my shoulders are tired from carrying you all.” He chuckled as you and Prompto groaned at his shit-talking and you felt it through your cheek on his chest. His free hand brushed through your hair a couple of times before he yawned and dropped his arm. “Ah, I’m tired. I wanna nap.”

“You always wanna nap, Noct.” Prompto dropped his phone onto the bed and turned to lie on his side too. He gently held onto you legs as he shifted and gave your calf a squeeze. “But this weather is kind of perfect nap weather.” Honestly all of you had been working pretty hard the last few days, tracking down and successfully completing quite a few hunts in the area. It was nice to just chill.

“Alright, we’ll nap and you have to finish grinding to level 10 in King’s Knight.” Noctis declared as he poked you in the side before shutting his eyes with an easy grin.

“What? Noo, guys that totally isn’t fair.” You laughed, knowing you were kind of powerless to do anything. You were getting pretty drowsy too. After so many days of action, your body was ready and willing to rest whenever it could. It was likely how the boys were feeling too.

When Gladio and Ignis returned they witnessed the pile of you curled up together fast asleep and they shook their heads. 

Lazy butts.