you are torturing us with your face


pairing: taegi | reader
genre: smut + polyamory with taegi
word count: 2,738
request: oral with yoongi + taehyung 

description: Finals week has you stressed, so your boyfriends decide to help you out. 


“You need to relax,” One set of words whispered against the shell of your ear, the harsh husk of his voice sending a violent thudding straight through the center of your chest. You turned to face the devilish curve of his feline lips, perfectly paired with darkened eyes that insinuated everything that he was thinking of in that moment. But you didn’t even have time to contemplate a response, a response that would have without a doubt been shaky and tortured, before a second set of words appeared.  

“Yeah, let us take care of you,” Was whispered in a deep timbre at the side of your neck, so low and lustful that it caused a string of delectable vibrations to scatter across your skin. You moved almost immediately at the sound of his voice, eyes catching the way his lips transformed into a boxy-smile.

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So here’s the thing: Yellow Diamond is actually very relatable now after That Will Be All. Earth was the destruction of Pink Diamond, who by all theories and evidence was the youngest of the Diamonds and their little sister. Yellow is cold, calculating, and logic up until Earth gets mentioned - she wants to be rid of it and all that reminds her of it. That’s why she wants to destroy it so badly, why she wants to destroy the Zoo and the Rose Quartzes so badly, and why she’s so frustrated with Blue Diamond for preserving them instead.

“What’s the use of feeling, Blue?” What’s the use of feeling when it hurts so much, when it takes you away from important work and from your subjects? Just look at her face in these shots.

She looks haunted in the first and utterly tortured in the second. This is what feeling does to Yellow, and she hates it. Losing Pink Diamond was probably the worse thing to ever happen to Homeworld, and the only thing she can think of to get rid of the pain is to destroy anything that reminds her of Pink - the Zoo, the Rose Quartzes, and especially Earth.

What I really want is two things at this point: to find out more about White Diamond and how she’s coped with Pink’s death, and how Yellow will react to the Cluster being neutralized.

Amarte Es Un Placer (Part 14)

Summary: Soulmate AU. You and Draco share each mark, bruise, and marring on your skin. As life progresses and each mutual marking is worse, you grieve for your hurting soulmate. And he steps into your life when you least expect it.

Word Count: 2,574

Warnings: Angst.

“Amarte Es Un Placer” Masterlist

A/N: We are nearing the end, y’all. I feel like I have tortured you enough.

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“They left,” your dad said, trying to quell the fear he saw in your face. “They thought you were here with us and I had to put my foot down and threaten to give ‘em hell. If not, they would have teared this house apart looking for you.”

“Oh, dad,” you muttered, a hand flying up to your mouth. You could feel the tears prickling at your eyes, making your vision blurry.

“Sir—” Draco stepped up towards your dad. “I’m—”

“What did you two do?” your dad inquired, voice firm and demanding. “You fled Britain. That is quite clear. But why?”


“I want answers!”

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Us Against the World

Summary: Reader is a muggleborn Slytherin that becomes friends with Newt.  Newt meets Leta and doesn’t realize that Leta bullies the reader because of her heritage. I will say that Newt is a little OOC, but I couldn’t help it >.> (This is so bad and also my first attempt at any fanfic so don’t kill me….please leave tips of how I can better my writing! Thanks)

Warning: Some mention of torture: Crucio is used, as well as beating.

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“Y/N! Wait up!”  You turn around to see your best friend stumbling through the hallways, face flushed as he tried to catch up with you.  With his Hufflepuff tie askew, he stopped in front of you to regain his breath. 

“Come on Newt! We’re going to be late to potions, and you know the Professor hates it when I’m late!” you scold as you fix his tie. 

“Thanks Y/N” he says blushing as you rush to the classroom. You both take your seat in the middle expectantly waiting for the Professor to start his lecture.  

“Good morning class.  Today we will begin working on Dreamless Drought with assigned partners. The list of partners are on my desk, take a look and sit with them.  The potion is on page 254. You may begin.” The Professor disdainfully looked at the students. “Remember - switching partners is not permitted.” With that he took a seat behind his desk watched the students carefully.  

You went up to scan the list looking for your name as well as Newt’s. And that was when a perfectly good day ended up going downhill. 

Y/N L/N - Melissa Bones
Newt Scamander - Leta Lestrange 

Melissa was a nice enough girl, a Ravenclaw that didn’t care whether you were a Muggleborn or a Slytherin seeing that you were one of the few that actually took studying seriously.  The only problem was Leta. The girl that only existed to make your life a living hell. 

First Year:

You walk into the common room, excited to meet those who were ambitious and cunning enough to make it into the prestigious house of Salazar Slytherin. 

“Hello, my name is Y/N nice to meet you all.” you introduce yourself to a group of girls.  The ring leader stood up and asked one question that would determine the rest of your Hogwarts life: 

“Leta Lestrange. Parents muggle or pure?”

You nervously glance up to the slightly taller girl. “Well both of my parents are muggles, but they thought it was amazing that I got into such a distinguished school.” 

“Just as I thought” she sneered, “you’re nothing but a filthy mudblood.  Mudbloods have no place here.”

For years to come, you would be harassed by your peers. By Slytherins because you were a mudblood and by the rest of the school because you were a Slytherin. Then you met Newt.  He was your bright light at Hogwarts. The one that didn’t really know what was going on, but was there for you regardless. You had run into him while hiding in the hippogriff stall, trying to hide from your classmates, and taking comfort in the majestic beasts that stood tall and proud. You had seen Newt before in some of your class, never really noticing, but the day he happened upon you was the day your friendship started. “H-h-hello, my n-name is Newt.” As time went on he eventually got over his adorable stutter to speak in confidence around you. 

You snap back to reality as you realize your other classmates want to see who they were paired up with.  As soon as Little-Miss-Pureblood saw who she was partnered with, she gave a nasty smirk that promised to take the one good thing away from you. 

Melissa set up the the cauldron as you gathered the ingredients walking past Leta’s attempt at flirting with Newt. Anger clouded your mind because Newt didn’t deserve to be dragged into her schemes.  Normally you would struggle with picking ingredients, but the one good thing that came from your anger was awareness.  You walk back to the potion Melissa was monitoring and simmered with it, as you watched Leta whisper in Newt’s ear. Naturally your group finished the potion first, allowing for the two of you to leave early. You decided to go the library, seeing that both you and Newt had a free period after Potions and usually went to the library to relax.  

Engrossed in a large book about the social customs of centaurs, you were startled by Newt excitedly placing his book bag next to you, radiating  enthusiasm.  “Y/N, you never told me Leta was interested in magical creatures as well! She’s so smart and pretty and-”

You blocked off his praises of Leta to force the tears trying to escape your eye back in. You had always had a crush on the shy, sensitive Hufflepuff, and this hurt more than anything you had felt before.  “Newt, I don’t think you should hang around with her.” you interrupt, not looking him in the eyes.

“W-w-what do you mean? Am I not good enough for her?” 

Your heart broke to hear his insecurity about himself but you pressed on. “No I just don’t think it’s a good idea to hang around with her. If anything you’re too good for her. Besides, it has always been the two of us against the world right?”

Then things began to escalate. This was the first time you had seen Newt angry- and it was at you. “So I can’t have any other friends besides you? Is that what you’re saying?”

“NO! I just don’t think you should be friends with her. She’s evil and a bully. She bullies me

“Don’t be horrible Y/N! Just because you don’t want me to be friends with her doesn’t mean you have to lie. Besides you can’t decide who I can be friends with and who I can’t be!”

With that he snatched his things and stormed away.  You sigh and put your head down, your eyes watering as you realize you may have lost your one friend at Hogwarts.  

That night as you went to your dorm, Leta stopped you.  “Awww is the little mudblood sad that her pathetic Hufflepuff is mad at her? Just when I thought you couldn’t be anymore pitiful you surprise me.”

You decided to walk away, knowing any violence you did would be turned against you no matter what. You do, however, create a shield around yourself just in case someone tried anything when your back was turned. Sure enough, a spell went ricocheting back, hitting the wall. You turn and smirk, your mask fully in place as you climb up the stairs. “I might be a pitiful little mudblood Leta, but I’m sure it’s better than being an inbred cow that is getting lower grades than this pitiful mudblood.” You disappear into your room, mask shattering as you relieve the day’s events. 

The next day Newt didn’t even look at you, instead preferring to sit with Leta in all of your classes. You decided to skip lunch, unable to deal with seeing Newt and Leta. 

You sit under an oak tree, soaking in sun as you started on your homework.  It was a rare moment of peace, seeing that everyone was at lunch, so being productive was easy.  

The bell rang signalling the end of lunch.  You sigh and pack your things, ready to go to Charms, one of the few classes you didn’t have with Newt, but did have with Leta.  All through out the class Leta had been give you glances that spelled revenge for the comments made the other night.  She had the motto that no one made a fool out of her, she made a fool out of everyone else. You ignored her and went on practicing the charms assigned to you. When the class finally ended, you packed quickly, ready to leave your last class of the day.  You ran through the hallways, always looking behind to make sure no one was following you.  When you finally reached your deserted corridor, you relaxed.  

“Hem hem”

You whip around to see Leta and her little gang of cowards blocking the entrance. 

“Do you know how much a dear you little Hufflepuff is mudblood? He gave away all of your little secrets for the sake of a little kiss. Could you believe it? I mean, how feeble-minded can you get?” 

“Don’t you dare talk about him like that you-you-little good for nothing-”

“Now I believe that you might want to rethink your next words dear mudblood.  You see, I think you’ve been getting too relaxed around us and I think we need to teach you a lesson.” 

Newt had been walking to your secret corridor to apologize for yelling, and to see if you would accept him back, even though he had kissed Leta Lestrange.  He reached the corridor and saw you cornered by Leta and her friends.  Catching the end of the conversation he turned deathly pale, frozen with shock. 


You made a whimper but other than that you didn’t make a sound. The feeling pain filled your soul, but you were use to it. You were use to the feeling of intense agony by fourth year.  

Leta ended the spell and turned to her minions. “Have at her boys.”

The rest of the Slytherins beat you, causing your crimson blood to stain the floor.  They soon left, which was the thing Newt needed to unfreeze and run towards you. “Y/N! Y/N please!” 

You lift your head and saw the blurry figure of your best friend, your love.  With a sigh you closed your eyes and gave into the blackness you had been fighting.

When you woke, you realized you were in the Room of Requirement, something Newt and yourself had discovered in your 2nd year. You raised your head and saw Newt consulting some medical books the room had given him.  

“Y/N! Y-y-you’re awake! I would have taken you to the H-h-hospital Wing, but this was c-c-closer so I thought that it would be b-better to clean you up, and then take you there.”

“No Hospital Wing” you groan as you get up. 

“W-w-what? These injuries are serious Y/N! You need to go there!”

“Just give me my wand Scamander. Please.” 

Just as you thought, the sound of his last name coming from your mouth, jolted him into obeying you. He numbly gave you your wand, and you began casting spells that would reset your bones and clean the blood off of your face.

“Tergo. Episkey.” 

You wince as the spells take effect, but the routine was normal to you. 

Newt watched in sorrow as he started to realize why you were so good at healing spells.  “H-how long has this been g-going on?”

“Since my 1st year” you respond blandly. 

“Why didn’t you ever tell me before?” he asked, hurt. 

“I didn’t want to worry you.  And besides its not as if you believed me anyways.”

“I’m so so sorry, Y/N.” He looked me in the eyes, his filled with anguish and yours blocked, mask in place. 

You didn’t respond, but allowed Newt to take you to his dorm, so you wouldn’t have to go back to Slytherin. 

The two of you never spoke about what happened, afterwards, but slowly, your heart couldn’t let you not be friends with Newt. Your friendship gradually built up, and when Newt got himself expelled you got yourself expelled as well to go with him, and it was once more the two of you against the world. 

Nothing Compares

Anonymous: Imagine you used to be really friendly with Matt (muttering into his ear, squishing his face, talking loudly for emphasis, etc) and him being upset when you stop because you think you’re torturing him once you find out how good his senses are

This is a very cute idea, I hope I did okay for you :)

1523 words. Enjoy xx

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“I’ve got dinner,” you called, kicking the office door closed with your foot. Karen and Foggy practically ripped their food out of your hands, thanking you and then sitting down to eat. You always bought the food, keeping those three fed and happy.

You brought yours and Matt’s food to his office and put the bag in front of him. “Here you go, Matty.” You jumped up to sit on his desk as you always did, getting out your sandwich.

“Comfortable?” He joked.

You reached over and ruffled his hair. “Yes, thank you.” You leaned your head on his shoulder, reading a case file he and Foggy were working on.

Taking a bite of your sandwich, you listened as Matt started telling you about the case, and how a man was wrongly convicted. He and Foggy were amazing lawyers, you had complete faith that they would help this innocent man.

When he finished explaining, you looked up and kissed his cheek. “You’ll do perfectly, I know it.”

He smiled, “Thanks, Y/n.” After dinner, he sighed and stood up. “We should probably get home, it’s getting late.”

Waiting at the door, you grinned and intertwined his arm in yours, walking home with him.

Matt was your best friend. You were the one that helped him around if he wanted, and the one who gave him a small pep talk before any hearing. Besides Foggy, of course, there were no two people who were closer friends than you and Matt. Sometimes, you’d find yourself getting even closer to him, and maybe wishing you weren’t just friends.

As you got to Matt’s front door, you have him a hug, and pushed his hair out of his face gently. “See you tomorrow.”

He smiled at you sweetly, “Goodnight, Y/n.” You turned around as the door closed, walking back home with a wide smile on your face.

After one day at the office, you headed towards Matt’s apartment instead of your own. Foggy had told you he was sick today, and that was why he wasn’t in. So, naturally, you decided to go and check on him.

You didn’t think anything of it, walking into Matt’s apartment like you did. It was normal for you two. You were best friends, of course you hung out together. But you never expected to see what you did.

“Oh god-Matt?” Your ran over to the couch where Matt was laying, looking worse for wear.

“Y/n,” he hissed, trying to sit up, but it obviously hurt. Acting on instinct, you reached out and helped him sit straight. You looked over his body in shock. Scrapes ran red over his upper body and arms, even his face. Looking around the room, you saw nothing was out of place. Before you could ask him one of the thousand questions running through your mind, he asked you, “What are you doing here?”

“Foggy said, he said you were sick,” you said distractedly, fear for Matt running through your veins. You could not comprehend how he could possibly be so beaten up. He was a blind man, for goodness sake! “Matt, what’s going on?”

He let out a breath, and pat the seat next to him where his feet had been. “I have some things to tell you.”

You sat down with nearly no hesitation, your curiosity, slight fear, and desire to help Matt any way you could taking hold.

“You know in the papers, how they talk about the Devil of Hells Kitchen?”

You nodded, answering with a short, “Yes.”

“Well, I’m ‘Daredevil.’”

There was a long moment of silence. He must have realized you were not going to say anything, and he began to explain himself to you. He told you about his heightened senses. How he felt things differently, how he heard things differently. How he could see without actually seeing.

You took it all in, sitting quietly. And when he was done, with your thoughts running rampant, you stood up. Rifling through the first aid kit on the table, you began to patch him up, slowly but surely.

He didn’t force you to talk, which was a good thing. You didn’t think you could have formed a word. After hearing about what he could do, and about his senses, you thought back to how you acted around him in horror. The loud talking, all your touches and you guiding him everywhere… It must have been an overload of senses for him. You cringed, feeling horrible. Forget about him not telling you he was Daredevil; he should have stopped you from annoying and torturing him.

You cleaned up the last gash on Matt’s arm, and turned to address him. “Okay.” His head turned toward yours in surprise. “You should have told me, I could have helped you.” He went to say something, but you interrupted. “But it’s okay.”

He licked his lips, looking a little wary. “We’re okay?”

You smiled, a little sadly. “Yeah, Matty. We’re okay.”

You left soon after that, feeling a bit numb. Not sure what to think about everything you’d learned, you fell asleep rather quickly in your apartment.

The office the next day wasn’t tense, exactly, but the usually relaxed and friendly atmosphere was gone. Your day was terrible, to say the least. You had no idea how close you and Matt were until now.

You kept your distance from him all day. Sure, you talked. But the simple touches were gone, and you felt like a part of you was missing. You may not have liked this distance, but you’d do anything to make sure he wasn’t in any pain or discomfort-especially from you.

You came back from getting everyone lunch like you usually did, only to find that Foggy and Karen were gone. Biting your lip, you walked into Matt’s office.

“Hey, I brought lunch,” you said, leaving the bag in front of him. You went to leave but Matt jumped up out of his seat.

“Wait, Y/n.”

You turned around to see him walking towards you. You almost reached out and grabbed his arm to help him, but you stopped yourself before you could. It was like second nature to help him, but now you knew he didn’t need your help. You cursed mentally, folding your arms over your chest instead. “Yeah?”

“You’ve been… Off, today,” he said carefully, not wanting you to leave just yet. You didn’t answer right away, so he kept going. “I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you my secret. I didn’t want you to be in danger. I’m so sorry, Y/n.”

You blinked. “No, Matt, this isn’t about you being a vigilante, exactly…”

“But if it isn’t, what else could it be?” He sounded frustrated with himself, and you started to feel a little guilty. “I just want to know, Y/n,” he sounded so upset, and the guilt nearly crushed your heart. “What did I do?” He put his glasses on the desk, now looking directly at you with those damned puppy eyes.

You stared back at him. “No, Matt, it’s not that, honestly. I mean, yeah, I wish you’d told me. And I’m going to worry about you…” You trailed off, watching as he struggled to understand.

“Then what is it? You’re acting different. I don’t know… I miss you.”

Closing your eyes, you sighed in frustration. Your eyes started to sting. “Honestly, Matt? I’m just-I’m probably so annoying to you, and I don’t know why you didn’t say anything to me. I don’t know why you didn’t stop me from basically torturing you. You didn’t tell me-you didn’t need help, I mean, all those times…” You trailed off, looking down at the floor and wringing your hands.

A look of understanding and disbelief crossed Matt’s face. “That’s what it is? About my senses? You’re not annoying, Y/n. Not at all.” He reached out for your hands and held them tight. “You’re anything but annoying,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “You’re funny, you’re kind, and you keep me grounded. There’s so much noise,” he gestured around his head, “and if you’re here… You help me to focus. You’re not annoying, I need you. If anything, you help keep me sane.”

Blinking, you wiped your eyes and let out a small laugh. “Really?” You needed to hear it again, you didn’t believe it.

Matt smiled softly. “Really.”

Smiling back, you reached up and grabbed his face in your hands, pinching his cheek and making him laugh loudly. It was a beautiful sound that you didn’t know you had missed. “Are we okay?”

He kissed your cheek softly in return, making you blush. “We’re more than okay. Promise.”

You stared at him in awe. “You know, Matt, your senses may be good, but you missed.”

He looked confused for half a second, before you brought his head down to yours, sealing his promise with a kiss.

There’s no use dwelling on what could have been…
It’s not a reality, nor will it ever be.  It may have been a hope, a dream or a possibility once – but now it exists only in your mind.
It is now nothing more than smoke from the flicker of hope that has been blown out…  a dream you once had that has now become a haunting nightmare and it’s time to face the fact that any possibility of happiness now lies in front of you – not behind.
So don’t let it torture you any longer.
Stop punishing yourself for the chances not taken, the choices not made and the road not travelled… Look around you at what you still have… look ahead to all the potential futures that still exist for you…
You’ve already missed an opportunity once – don’t dwell on it so much you end up missing another that was right in front of you all along…
if only you’d opened your eyes and seen it…
—  Ranata Suzuki | What could have been…

We know you’re scared. We’re scared, too. Terrified, and angry beyond belief. But we cannot back down now. We must continue fighting, harder than we ever did before. You can do this; WE can do this. Show them that we will not let this lie. Turn your fear and your pain into courage and strength and let them know that we will remain standing, even in the face of overwhelming fear.

“You can torture us and bomb us and burn our districts to the ground, but do you see that? Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!”

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It Always Ends With A Bang

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Bangtan Mafia AU

(Angst) - Smut - Fluff

Trigger Warning - Mentions of death, suicide, mental illness etc.

A/N - Please do not read this story if you are triggered by anything involving abuse whether that be mentally or physically

Summary -

You were one of the most famous drug providers in the Mafia, not failing to give people what they wanted. But you had no intention of finding out what companies were using them for, all you cared about was profit.

But when you provide faulty drugs to a company that is well known because of their boss. And your past lover. Namjoon.

Things take a toll for the worst.

Gomun - Torture


A grin tugged at your lips as the small, silver blade slid down your arm, the sharp end facing away from your delicate, soft skin.

Obviously they weren’t trained enough in the tormenting part of the mafia, idiots.

“I never knew you were into sadism, kookie” you cooed, it was clear you were trying to aggravate him.

“I wouldn’t call me that while I have a sharp blade in my hand, princess.” Jungkook growled, his eyes locked on your face, you looked like you were enjoying this.

Like you enjoyed being taken away from your warm, cosy house, having an itchy, brown potato sack over your head then brought to a random fucking warehouse to be ‘tormented’ in the cruelest of ways just because one of your stupid workers put the wrong drug in one of the containers.

And if you were being honest, you did.

The way the 3 men threatened you with kill and rape threats made you smirk, those stupid boys wouldn’t even be able to put a condom if they had the chance to touch your beautiful body.

“You know I have always like the name 'princess’” you start on, looking up at him, a soft sigh escaping your lips, “In my opinion, It means upper class and loyalty, so thank you, by all means keep on calling me it.” You winked up at him, flashing a bright smile.

“I really wouldn’t start, Whore.” The man growled, throwing the blade behind him, the sound of the piece of metal making contact with the concrete made you wince, you always hated those type of sounds.

“If you’re calling anyone a whore here, i would say it to yourself, you’ve had sex with around 16 people within the last 18 hours, Jungkook, i think you have a sex problem..” you shook your head, tutting at the boy in front of you.

You would wag your finger too, but the ropes that connected your hands to the wooden chair, restricted access to arm movement. Those bastards, can no one have a bit of freedom?

Jungkook sighed, you and he knew that you two were getting no where with his so called 'interrogation’.

“Listen, bitch-” “Change of language, nice one, kookie” you rolled your eyes, nodding at him to carry on with his useless threat.

“I would fuck you until you wouldnt be able to breathe anymore…” a smile appeared on his rosy, chapped lips, “but someone else already has that in mind..” You laughed, shaking your head at Jungkooks childish threat, of course he would say something like that, when he has nothing smart to say, he will come up with useless supposedly 'provoking’ comments.

“Well, i would gladly take you up on that offer, but I don’t think you would be worthy of fucking me anyway.” You sighed, getting bored of this stupid 'abduction’ drama. The man twirled thick strands of hair from your head around his slender finger, before tugging at it. You let out a grunt, the stinging feeling coming from your scalp made you take a deep breath. “You know jungkook, i really suggest going to see a doctor about your sex life, and maybe look up sadism on some porn websites, they have a few nice tricks in some of them” You smirked, tilting your head back and letting out a groan.

You were getting tired of this. Maybe you should retire?

No, the money you get would be minimised by 38%, if you shut down your company and move on to another job, you would be fucked.

“I need to start checking these drugs. Whoever the fuck has caused this is going to pay.” You mumbled to yourself.

Jungkook had finished with the hair tugging and was begging to walk out of the small room, You let out a huff, the rope was starting irritate your skin, and you were getting pins and needles from not moving for so long.

“You know, this little 'tormentation’ idea that you and the rest of those dickheads have made, Isn’t going to work. I would just give up now” you shrugged, hoping he would at least feel a little bit of sympathy towards the situation you were in. Jungkook turned around, his hand still wrapped around the door handle. “Oh this isn’t for our benefit Y/N, its for yours” He smiled, walking out and shutting it behind him.

Jungkook must have become a smart ass since you last saw him. You rolled your eyes, you would have snapped his neck there and then if you weren’t tied to a chair. You smiled, the shining metal gleamed in the corner of your eye. This is exactly why you thought these boys were idiots. After all their boasting and 'torment’ has been finished with, they leave the key thing behind. Its happened before, them forgetting about a spanner or a knife, and the victim escaping within hours of their abduction.

You gave a soft chuckle, scooting over to the corner of the box shaped room, it wasn’t as large as you expected, they could have at least given you some sort of entertainment while the time ticks by. But that was the problem. In a while, they were going to be your main entertainment and you could not wait.

A sigh escaped your lips as you thought carefully on how you were going to pick up the blade, baring in mind that your hands and feet were tied together rather tightly for your liking. You let out a groan, this was the only way, you could think of right now..leaning backwards you waited for the chair to make contact with the concrete floor. , rolling to the side before arriving next to the blade. You turned your body, your hands grasping the sharp bit of the piece of metal.

“Fuck.” You whispered, biting your lip as the pain started to shoot through your right hand. Shaking your head, you picked it up the other way. You started to get on your knees before getting back into the position you were in before Jungkook left the room. No one underestimates you. Those stupid fuckers.

The blood dripped down your hand, making a light dripping sound as a puddle of blood started to appear on the floor. How could this little trip get any better? The blade was clenched in the middle of both your hands, you would have to do some weird wriggling shit to get it in the right position to cut the rope instead of your arms or hands. You moved your arms as much as you could before it was painful to go any further, your fingers wriggled around the blade and you positioned it on the rope.

You had done this plenty of times before, cutting the thick, dirty material the rope started to drape loosely around your wrists as you cut the last inch for it to part. You sighed happily, putting your hands in front of you, observing the possible damage that the ropes would have done. You had red marks from where the rope had tugged and pinched at your skin. You grabbed the blade and began cutting at the rope wrapped around your ankles, wriggling your feet, you growled at the aching pain coming from your wrists and ankles. Those dickheads were going to pay. And you were going to make sure of that.

Standing up you strolled to the door, the blade secured safely in your pocket. You knew where you were, but you didn’t. You had been taken hostage a couple of times before by gomun company but you had never escaped, you had fought back until they got tired of you, that was subtle winning to you. Now this was by far one of the most smartest wins you have won.

This is why you worked in this job, you lived for the adrenaline and satisfaction. Whether it be selling a small crate of drugs for a massive price, or strangling your un-loyal workers. You loved your job, and nothing could ever replace the feeling you would get when shit like this happens.

Unlocking the door, you shuffled down the long corridor, it was a disgusting shade of red, the plain wallpaper was peeling at the corners, you had never thought wasn’t hygienic, those dirty bastards. You felt like you were in an action movie, but with immature child-like men who can’t take their heads out of their asses as the villains.

Opening the next door, it opened up to the roof top. What actual fucking idiot takes hostage of someone and puts them in a room where, If escaped, can get access to open air. You were honestly shocked at the stupidity of the boys. You were more disappointed than angry at them. Before you gauged their eyes out with your bare fingers, you will teach them how to be less uneducated in the fighting industry.

Maybe not, you’re not willing to waste your time on a group of foolish young adults.

The cold air hit you like a gun would when making contact with someones skin. It made the hairs on your arms stand up, why winter? Why abduct someone in the coldest month of the year. The only things that were placed on the roof was a large, aluminium vent and another door. How shitty, walking back and forth to make sure their victim was still alive.

You sighed, opening the large green door, a set of stairs led down to another long corridor. You fucking hated this, the way it looked, the way their business place was set out, it was stupid. Hearing voices, you hid behind one of the walls, their voices were clearer now, they must have been coming to check on you. You knew who was there, Taehyung and Jimin. They will be very unpleased when they find out that their newest guest has left before the fun has started. You rolled your eyes, trying to listen carefully at their loud, redundant conversation.

“I mean, she would be easy.” Jimin chuckled, his voice deep and cheery.

“I heard that she voluntarily gives blowjobs" Taehyung added, You could hear the smile, that famous, venomous, evil smile.

You growled to yourself.

As a matter of fact, you had only given a blowjob to your past partner, but when you got involved in the mafia, blowjobs and sex never would be a main priority to you in this industry, it would get in the way of many important things, and you didn’t need that kind of distraction.

Pleasure to you was money, was to see your bank account rise by the hour. Fuck you could masturbate over that shit if you wanted to.

"Well, she doesn’t need to volunteer this time..” Jimin mumbled rather loudly to himself. He had waited for this for so long. He knew she was going to be good, he wanted her, he was hungry for her and her body.

You tried not to chuckle, their expectancy of you still being sat in that chair, a frown plastered on your face as they unzipped their zippers was very prominent. They had walked past her, their leather ankle boots clicking away at the tiled floor as they walked up the stairs that lead to the rooftop. You heard the door closing.

You weren’t going to run, you didn’t fear anything, you wasn’t bothered if you were being truthful. The temptation of you to explore this secret building was growing inside of you. And temptations like this were uncontrollable. You were in no hurry to leave, and you wanted to hear the boys reactions when they find out that you aren’t in the room they placed you in.

Stepping back into the corridor, you walked to the nearest door, opening it - it revealed a rather large library, stacked with books. You rolled your eyes, the room didn’t intrigue you, shutting the door, you opened a few more. Most of rooms were empty, a few of them had a bed placed In them with a shelf, piles of needles and pills packets filling the square holes in the piece of furniture.

The final door led you into an actual warehouse. The ones you would see in James Bond or something, where the one light would shine on the victim as the kidnapper screamed in their face for answers they knew they weren’t going to get.

Wooden crates were stacked high, and the middle room light was no where to be found. This mustn’t have been an interrogation room, just somewhere to store spare drugs and weapons.

Your footsteps echoed around the large room as you shuffled through it, you were going to stay here for a while, 20 minutes at the least until the men who were planning on torturing you storm through those two doors, anger and frustration pulsating through their body.

You sat behind a group of crates, this section gave you a perfect view of the door you came through to get in and the middle of the room.

Before you could settle down, the doors slammed open, “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU, Y/N” you heard Jimins voice booming through the warehouse, “YOU THINK YOU’RE CLEVER? WE’LL FUCKING SEE” his voice boomed again.

From what you could see, his fists were clenched into balls, a long blue vein ran down the side of his neck, it was practically bulging as his anger expanded rapidly. His face was almost red, his brows furrowed, his jaw clenched as he thought about the ways he could kill you.

There were so many possibilities, so many choices.

“YOU KNOW, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN OVER AND DONE WITH IF YOU WERENT SUCH A FUCKING COWARD.” He shouted, his voice was cracking. You had, had it, you were going to kill him there and then. Who was he to call you a coward.

Stepping from behind the crate, you winked, leaning against a tower of them, a loud chuckle released itself from your throat.

“So I’m the coward?” You placed your hand to your chest, dramatically gasping.[ Jimin stepped forward, ready to lunge at the young woman in front of him.

He hated her with a passion. And this was the only time he had an excuse to hurt her. Why did she always have to ruin his ideas. “You stupid bitch..” Jimin mumbled, glaring at her, he smirked, he wasn’t giving up this easily.

He was the boss here. licking his lips his hand travelled down to his jeans, Jimin started to unzip them, “i guess we’ll just have to finish you off here..”

“Step any closer and I’ll cut your tiny dick off within seconds, you perverted bastard” you growled, raising the silver blade in threat.

What an idiotic idea to tell Taehyung to rush to find and Jungkook, he would need backup to win this, and his backup would take at least 5 minutes to get here. Jimin rolled his eyes, tutting at the girl in front of him, she really was as stupid as he thought.

“Maybe I should touch you the way your father did.” Jimin chuckled, smirking as your smile dropped, and your eyebrows furrowed.

“Don’t you fucking dare bring my family into this” you speak lowly, the blade pointing directly at his chest.

“Maybe I should kiss your neck the way he did too…” He was enjoying this, the way her face changed emotions every few seconds, she wasn’t able to control her emotions when this subject was brought up, and he knew that.

Jimin took a step forward, the blade was pressed against his chest now. It would be Seconds before his chest would be slashed.

“Step any closer and you’re fucked Jimin” You threatened, you were trying your hardest to not scream at him. You were going to remain calm, to show him who the fuck was stronger.

Jimin knew everything, you two had been good friends before he joined the Mafia, what a fucking stupid idea. An argument had happened and you two have been rivals since. He hated you, you hated him. That’s how it will always be.

“Oh I know” he sighed, his warm breath blowing against your nose

“Take a step back and I’ll think about not slicing one of your fingers off right now.” You growled once again, this growling must have become a habit when you’re under threat.

He nodded, taking a slight step back, a smirk tugging at the corner of his plump, pink lips. Unlike jungkook, Jimin took care of himself, making sure his skin and himself looked as healthy as it actually was.

“You know, I’ve always liked your attitude.” Jimin tusked, his tongue clicking as he shook his head, a playful grin settling on his face..

“You know, I’ve always like you backing the fuck away from me.” You snarled, gripping onto the blade tighter. You were getting angrier by the second. And it wasn’t helping that the one person you hated the most, was in the same room as you.

“Sure thing, feisty” He winked, taking a step back, the click of his boots made the anticipation of what was going to happen next 10x worse.

You really didn’t have anything to say to him. You had said how you felt about him years ago, and none of those emotions towards him had never changed. Raising the blade, you pressed it against his arm, you were going to provoke him. And you knew how to do just that.

“What’s the code.” You whispered into his ear, you could feel his breath hitch, as the blade started to sink into his skin, it was going to gradually tear open if he didn’t give answers. and that’s just what you wanted.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He mumbled, trying his best to remain calm while he waited for the rest of the boys to come back.

“Bullshit.” You nipped at his ear, the blade was starting to tear through the top layer of skin, it would be a matter of time before you were slicing through juicy, pink, fleshy muscle.

“Back off and I’ll personally let you go.” He finally gave in, it was either this, or his beautiful skin being ruined.

“Good boy.” You patted his head, releasing the blade from his skin. It had definitely caused a mark, but nothing as you thought. He sighed, looking at the ground for a moment, before lifting his head up, a chuckle escaping his lips. He was up to something. You could sense it.

Before you could react, a heavy, cold item was being pressed against your head. You groaned.

“For fuck sake. Are you serious right now?” You whined.

“Very serious, baby girl.” Taehyung giggled, pushing the barrel further against your head.

His hand placed itself on the small of your back and started to guide you to the office.

His office.

“Ah! Y/N! I was wondering when we would meet again.” That deep, throaty voice rang in your ears. The voice that made your heart melt, yet made you shiver. You fucking hated this feeling. And it was always when you were around him.

“Long time, no see, Namjoon.”

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first order triumvirate xmas headcanons!

-kylo uses the force to hold mistletoe over your unsuspecting head. when you realize, he knows it. a proud grin crosses his face before you kiss him, somewhat flustered

-there is a christmas dinner that you, hux, kylo, and phasma have every year. it’s usually decked with roast meats and cooked or sautéed vegetables, mashed space potatoes and more.

-kylo may hate eggnog and fruitcake but that won’t stop him from buying it and subsequently torturing hux and phasma by bringing it to the christmas dinner so they can’t avoid eating it without seeming rude. kylo is immature.

-kylo loves red meats and testosterone boosting vegetables, and generally eats very healthy foods.

-hux loves sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes, and takes pride in finding and bringing expensive wine to the dinner. neither kylo nor phasma likes to drink much, so most of it goes to him.

-phasma eats just about whatever is put in front of her, though secretly she would love if the meals had more sweets. she doesn’t mention this though. she’d rather bring them to her rooms to share with just you.

-hux buys the most intricate, bizarre presents for you, and is always pleased to see you amazed by what he found. one year, he bought you a robotic, steampunk style cat. millicent was extremely jealous that you were more interested in it than her.

-kylo writes you stories about far away worlds, and buys you soft blankets and fluffy socks. one year, you were pleasantly surprised to find cat socks and a large, all encompassing comforter wrapped up under the tree.

-phasma writes you poems about simple things, like the odd joy of seeing a trooper begin dating someone that they like, or how satisfying it is to just lay in bed with you and look out the window at the seemingly never ending cosmos. she also buys you paintings of exotic planets, the landscapes captivating and incredibly realistic.

-on christmas day, phasma lets all of her storm troopers off to spend time with each other. since there isn’t much work for her to do, she is able to happily spend the day watching old holofilms with you, or go out playing on the snowy surface of Starkiller, making snow wookies and snow ewoks.

-hux spends the day dancing with you and talking to you on your shared bed about various happenings he witnesses when working. sometimes, exhausted, he drifts off mid story, cheek pressed softly against your shoulder. he snores a little.

-kylo spends the day reading old literature to you and enjoying your presence. he usually plays with your hair, or massages you, or dresses you up in his robes. they’re comically long, but the material is surprisingly comfortable. you’ll have to find out where he gets them from.

-you and the three of them have another end-of-christmas dinner, this one less extravagant. it tends to consist of leftovers or easy to make foods. the simplicity of this meal is soothing- it feels good. like you’re in your true home. as you’re eating, you can’t help but be enveloped by joy, surrounded by the comforting voices of those closest to you. you’re very tired once it’s over, and you’re almost reluctant to leave the room, knowing you’ll have to wait another year to enjoy the festivities again. but it’s ok. somehow, you know it will be ok.

Questions I did not Submit to Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself.
  • Why do you think you’re a good fit as one of the Powers That Be for this fandom?
  • Tell us about a time you faced a challenge or conflict in a fandom. How did you deal with it?
  • We have a open plan fandom. Would you find that kind of environment challenging, or simulating?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? Will your characters be alive, dead, heartbroken, or still numb from the torture?
  • Have you ever been fired from a fandom?
  • Have you ever been arrested?
  • Are you eligible to work in this fandom? Have you got a visa?
  • Any questions for us?*

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the new villain in town knows how much K loves R, so he/she kidnaps her and tortures her. The villain makes sure K sees everything and is powerless to stop him/her. the villain also flirts with R and makes comments on her beauty bc she/he knows that will really bother and disgust K.

“You know, I was rather surprised to find out you were dating a woman, but I can see why now.  She’s a pretty little thing…”

Kara’s stomach lurched as the masked man caressed the side of your bruising and bloody face.  Her grip tightened on the relentless bars of the cage confining her.  She wasn’t used to feeling so helpless, especially when it came to you.  You had been her first priority for months now and it made her sick that she couldn’t do anything.

“Don’t touch her,” the Kryptonian growled.

“Now, now; don’t be selfish,” he replied teasingly.  You flinched away weakly from his touch and struggled uselessly against the rope on your wrists.  “You know how to share, don’t you?  I understand that Earth children are usually taught that simple skill.”

“Let her go, please.  I’m the one you want.  Don’t hurt her and keep me locked up like a coward.”

“Ah, Supergirl, you aren’t as clever as everyone makes you out to be.  Do you expect me to believe that this isn’t the best way to break you?  I have to break her first.”

And You Will Find Me (Chapter 3)

- For reasons we don’t understand.

Buck x reader Drabble Series - Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 - FINISHED - SEQUEL

Bucky and you are best friends, which no one really knows about, and one day your are kidnapped by Hydra. So, naturally, Bucky tries everything to save you. [~700]

warnings (in general): language, graphic descriptions of torture, injuries, mentions of death, violence; (for this chapter): language, graphic descriptions of torture, injuries, violence

A/N: I just realized I can’t write the word ‘description’ without a typo at least once for saving my life. Anyways, enjoy! (Also, I couldn’t find a gif for this, but if you pretend that bucky is the reader, it could work perhaps maybe i dunno.)

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“Tell me, where he is!” The words were followed by a hard slap across your face. It stung but by now you were used to it.

“No,” you said through gritted teeth, tasting blood on your tongue.

“Tell me!” This time, the man used the back of his hand, nothing he hadn’t done before.


“I won’t ask again, bitch.” His words were filled with anger, but you just wouldn’t budge.

“Yes, you will,” you challenged. Sarcasm was one of the only things to keep you alive right now. The other was the hope that Bucky would come and save you.

“What did you just say?” another man warned, “do you want me to kill you?”

“You won’t.” Your head slowly rolls from side to side, as you are not strong enough to keep it upright anymore in the position you are: hanged up by solely your hands with your feet barely touching the ground. You hadn’t really felt your fingers in about a day or two, you weren’t sure, it could only have been an hour for all you knew. Everything had sort of blended together in a mass of hurt. But somehow you had managed to keep your focus on reality at least enough to not give in. “If you wanted to kill me you would have done it already.” The words weighed heavily on your tongue, but you got the out anyways.

Much to your dismay, your opponent took out a knife. Your face fell, but only slightly.

“Yeah, didn’t see that coming, did you?” The smirk he had on his face made you feel bile rise in your throat. “You know, you’re right, we kinda want you alive, but let’s just say that if you accidently die in my hands, well, no one’s gonna care, really.” He paused, walking around you so you couldn’t see him anymore. “So, I’m gonna give you one more chance. Are you gonna tell us where he is or not?”

What you didn’t know is that it didn’t matter whether you did or not, the man was certain that Bucky was going to show up sooner rather than later, although he hoped for the latter. The only reason why they were torturing you was pure fun. They wanted to see the pain on your face mixed with tears of frustration, they wanted to hear you scream until your throat was raw and it still wouldn’t be enough. They had loved that about handling Bucky and they were loving it now with you.

This man, in particular, was very much enjoying that you hadn’t given up yet, you had surprised and thus struck a light in him. He wanted to see how much you would be able to handle until you collapsed.

Which wasn’t going to happen in that moment, though, because you kept your chin up as much as possible and told him, “Go fuck yourself”, which in return earned you a long slit going all the way from your collarbone, just inches below your pulse point, over your shoulder to your shoulder blade.

You tightly gritted your teeth to keep yourself from screaming.

It was excruciating, all you felt was the pain, finally slipping away from reality whilst the world around you turned into black nothing.

 After you woke up, you didn’t say anything anymore. Your tongue felt too heavy, numb. It was like your brain kept you from moving altogether. You simply let everything happen to you, trying to at least keep your mind focused as you made yourself concentrate on anything other than what was happening around you, which was why you didn’t notice that you weren’t more or less hanging from the ceiling anymore. No, you were now sitting in a chair that, ironically enough, Bucky had escaped from. It was where he had lost the memories and happiness he had, together with you, struggled to regain.

You had sat there before but you weren’t going to remember any of the times.

 No, Hydra had succeeded in their plan. They had broken you.

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General Hux x Reader Headcanons : You are his bounty hunter ex

Requested by: Anonymous

-The two of you had a messy break up to say the least. Both of you are stubborn, and honestly, the fight was stupid, but it escalated because neither of you back down, and it ended with you storming out of his quarters in the middle of the night, onto your ship, and far away from Armitage Hux.

-Being back on the finalizer is weird for you. You’ve been hired long term to sort out some trouble for the first order. Let’s face it, you’re good at your job, and Kylo Ren was all too happy to hire the one person who could do their job so efficiently while still managing to torture his rival.

-You mostly stick to yourself, using your ship in the Hangar as your living space and only once in a while joining the three top officers on the bridge.

-But when you do go on the bridge, oh boy Hux is SHOOK. The sexual tension is so high that it’s almost tangible. Hux tries to stay calm but most of his orders come out as stuttered barks when you’re around.

-You’re an equal amount of shook, decently, but your style is more joking, and often you mask your feelings with hard jabs at Hux that drudge up many memories for him.

-The banter, my god, THE BANTER. The two of you are sharp tongued and wit and insults fly left and right between the two of you. Kylo regrets hiring you soon because he can both see and feel what is happening.

-Despite the tension, he always sends a note to your data pad telling you to be safe when you go on missions. You never respond and it’s never spoken of, but he cares about your safety. It’s a bit nerve wracking, and you blush every time.

-One day it’s really bad though. You’re screaming at each other on the bridge. He’s inches from you and every officer is frightened as to what is going to happen.

-As the argument hits its peak, you lose your patience and turn to leave.

-“ No one walks out on the General!”
“I already did once, watch me do it again”

-That’s done it. He’s livid and hurt and it’s like you’re dating all over again.

-You’re almost to your ship when he reaches you. He starts to yell but when you turn to face him something overtakes him. He pushes you against the wall and the intense passion of your kiss is enough to make you melt then and there. It’s as if you were back at the peak of the most passionate parts of your relationship.

-The sex that ensues is amazing and rough and insanely emotional (I can expand in another post if y'all want)

-The two of you rarely speak of your relationship or break up from that point on but it’s not to be brought up by anyone.

-If the general is seen leaving your ship in the morning no one is to speak of it unless they want to be demoted.

-Kylo regrets hiring you to try to piss off Hux.

-Although you aren’t dating again it’s safe to say you aren’t exes anymore. He can’t keep his hands off you or stop loving you, regardless of his insecurity about your job or your argumentative past.

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Hostage part 3

Data recovered!! We’re back in business!

Pairings: the Winter Soldier x reader

Warnings: humiliation (ish), smut (ish), swearing

Originally posted by angrymysticarchive

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Hostage part 2

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Yay Dee thank you so much for doing these again! Could I request Tae's POV from the first part of Business where he fucked the OC after Jungkook came inside of her?

» Business 2 [i fucked up and wrote the scene from Business 2 instead of 1, sorry :(, i noticed after i wrote it]

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Mukamis what if your s/o is terrible scared of her punishment and cries, screams in the corner ' don't come i'm sorry!!! ' what kind of punishments do you have?

Ruki: Do you think we care? Hah… Whether you cry, scream or kick out at us; it would only make your punishment worse… We’re vampires, we feed off from your tears and cries. So do continue… This shall be a long night…

Kou: Ahh~ Such an ugly face for me to torture more~ I don’t mind though. Cry more, M Neko-chan~ Cry more as your blood washes down your body with my fangs and hands. I want you to wither underneath my grasp…

Yuma: More, Sow… More. Give me that face more. I don’t care if ya don’t want this, I want it. You will bleed, you will cry and even if I have to hold you outside in the cold. I’ll do it. I want more of those screams… I want to hear more…

Azusa: Isn’t it, nice…? Your heart is racing… really quickly… it’s thumping in your chest… ne? This is pleasure… pain is pleasure… so cry more… Justin, Christina… and Melissa will now have friends… on you..

As I read this tonight, I was in awe of God’s love for us. His mercy, His compassion, His grace. Jesus Christ was tortured and killed for our sins, not His own, our sins, and yet when the Bible tells us to stop sinning, it’s not throwing in your face that you’re a horribly human, you’ve messed up so many times, or anything like that. No, God’s saying, “My children, I don’t want you to sin because I don’t want you to hurt. My Son sinned not and yet went through so much. This work, the desires it gives, will not last, but My love never fades. Come to Me. I’ll take care of you. I won’t let you fall into destruction with the world.” Oh, how good is God’s grace!

Evil Dead (1981) Sentence Starters

Requested by @necrxnomicon

“Join us.”
“Not another peep, time to go to sleep.”
“Soon all of you will be like me. And then who will lock you up in a cellar?”
“Shut up, [name]!”
“You bastards, why are you torturing me like this?!”
“Why does she keep making those horrible noises?”
“Look at her eyes!”
“Dead bodies in the cellar, dead bodies in the cellar!”
“Why have you disturbed our sleep; awakened us from our ancient slumber?”
“You will die! Like the others before you, one by one, we will take you!”
“Kill her if you can.”
“I’m gonna break your face!”
“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!”
“You’re not gonna leave me here, are you?”
“It’s useless! Useless!”
“In time it will come for him and then it will come for you!”
“This kinda looks like your old girlfriend!”
“It’ll be dawn in a few hours.”
“I can’t wait. I’m getting out of here, NOW!”
“What, are you crazy?!”



“This one next.”

Those simple words were the ones that sealed your fate. Your metal restraints were unlocked, but the grip of the burly doctor was infinitely tighter. No, not Doctor, an agent of torture. You thrashed against him and the assistant, screams ripping from your lungs, but it was no use. Within seconds you were strapped onto the table, the leather straps digging into your skin.

The room was a mix of putrid smells: blood, sweat, and searing electricity, all mixed in with the shouting that bounced off the rough interior walls of the mountain. This was to be your death bed and these faces, cold and cruel with  greed worked into the lines of their mouths, were to be the last ones you saw.

Your senses were overwhelmed with the pain. The drill boring into your hip blinding you with red hot vision, it’s crude vibrations the only sound that carried through you and the smell of your own blood the only one left.

Death could not come soon enough, but it wasn’t your death that came. At the same time a sharp crack bounced off the cave walls, the drill bit fell from your skin, and the body holding it slumped to the ground with a hard thud.

A dulled pain washed over you and your head lolled to the side, the edges of your vision black but otherwise restored. Bellamy stood in the entryway, his fingers firmly wrapped around his gun. Three more sharp cracks and the gun clattered to the ground. His shaking hands cupped your cheeks, the pad of his thumb rolling over your lips.

“Stay with me,” he pleaded, but you had faded into unconsciousness by the time he voiced the last syllable.


Yes, I think so too. As this is a family blog, you’ll have to use your imagination. Just picture Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation. Thank you for this, this was fun.

Hermione is not usually a girl who swears, she finds it crude and pedestrian, but she can acknowledge that sometimes a good swear is warranted.

Sometimes, a good swear is even necessary.

Like, say, when you just found out that a certain pink-clad, toad-faced, Ministry-appointed Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher has been torturing one of your best friends, making him carve hateful, lying words into his own skin over and over under the guise of discipline.

She finds an abandoned classroom and slams the door behind her, then sucks in a deep breath and unleashes a torrent of curses, a screaming symphony of swear words that turn the air blue with their ferocity.

When all the air runs out of her lungs, she takes a deep, centering breath and opens the door -

And there is Ron, staring at her with his mouth agape.

There’s no point in asking if he heard her outburst, it is quite obvious from the stunned look on his face, so she sighs and waits patiently.

“Hermione,” he finally says with incredulity and, she thinks, not a small bit of respect.

“Don’t,” she says, lifting a warning finger at him. “Not one word.”

“But - ”

“Ron Weasley, I mean it. If you bring this up to anyone, ever, so help me I will take all those things you just heard me say and I will do them to you twice. And then backwards.”

Ron snaps his mouth closed and folds his hands neatly in front of him like a choirboy.

They walk in silence back toward the Great Hall and she ignores the impressed looks Ron keeps sneaking her out of the corner of his eye.

He puts a hand on her forearm to slow her as they approach the massive doorway. “Listen,” he says quietly, “I’m as upset as you are but we can’t go behind his back to Dumbledore. I’m not even meant to have told you. Promise me you won’t tell.”

She chews her lip. Everything in her wants to tell Dumbledore, the one person who can put an end to this torture, but if Harry doesn’t want him to know he must have his reasons. “Fine,” she sighs.

“Really?” Ron says. “Do you… swear?”

She allows her eyes to narrow the tiniest amount. Ron blinks at her innocently. “Of course,” she says sweetly.

“Good,” Ron says, holding the door open for her. “We’ll just come up with another way to get that slimy old toad off Harry’s arse.”

“Language please, Ron,” she says primly, then pushes past him while he chokes.