you are too valuable a hostage


Gif source:  Digger

Imagine being a hostage in a bank that Captain Boomerang is robbing and while the other men he’s working with clean out the money and valuables, Boomerang is far too busy hitting on you.

——— Request for anon ———

You were freaking out to say the least, but the way this one guy was acting kept throwing you off. This was an armed robbery and here he was, flirting with you!

“Aren’t they going to need help,” you squeak, weakly gesturing towards the other men who were bagging the valuables, “with, um, robbing us?”

“Ah, my mates can handle that much,” he waves it off, before giving you a toothy grin that shows his metallic dental work, “so don’t worry about them. Now, why don’t ya’ tell me the pretty name that goes with that pretty face, huh? How about it, darlin’?”