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Skype - Leafyishere imagine.

In which Y/N and Calvin meet for the first time after talking on the internet. 

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 The wheels of your suite case cascaded across the tiled surface as you made your way through the arrival gate. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face as you took your bottom lip between your teeth, heart beating loudly. Your bright (e/c) eyes darted across each unfamiliar face in search of the one person you had flown across the world to see. It began with a DM and had flourished into something precious and unforgettable. 

Calvin Vail had been the first to pop up to you, casually mentioning how he had seen a few of your videos and thought they were great. You had played it cool with a small thanks and yours too although it was hard to hide the fact you were a huge fan. The conversation seemed to flow from there and then after what seemed like only a few days but what as actually a few months, Twitter convos turned into Skype calls and you two were somewhat inseparable from there on out. 

Neither of the fan bases knew that the two of you had ever muttered a word to each other until not long ago Calvin had accidently let it slip in a tweet; @.leafyishere: @.Y/T/N You look so cute when you’re mad at me ❤
Of course everyone had gone crazy but you brushed it off and explained the truth of it in a video, that the two of you weren’t dating and rather just good friends. The thought that the two of you were merely friends had at some points made you frown but you wouldn’t trade your relationship for the world. 

“Y/N!” A familiar voice called out, it flowed through your ears like a sweet song. Making you feel weak at the knees as you turned in the direction of which it came. There he was, a large grin spread across his face as he adjusted the cap atop his messy brunette strands. You wasted no time in rushing towards him as you ditched the suite case beside him and traded it for his body against yours as you wrapped your arms around him. He was quick to react as he chuckled softly, your stomach doing flips as your felt his arms curl around your frame. 

“I can’t believe you’re not in 280p.” You smiled, slightly amused as you pulled away reluctantly from his calming embrace, truthfully you just wanted to survey his features. He had fallen silent but there was still a ghost of a smile on his face as he looked down at you, his eyes watching you as you did him. An over head announcement snapped the two of you out of whatever trance you found yourselves in. He looked around, almost as if wondering if they had stood there for the entire evening and the people whom of which were previously stood around waiting for people on the same plane had left long, long ago. 

“We should get going I want to check out the famous bedroom of Calvin Vail.” You smirked, grabbing your thing as he chuckled, giving you a quizzical expression.

“Was that a sexual reference Y/N/N?” 

“Oh my god, no, I didn’t mean it like that I swear.” You grew slightly flustered, a pout etching across your rosy lips as you turned away from the dirty minded male. Compared to most you were pretty innocent, in fact you were yet to meet someone who stuck around long enough to go all the way. Instead of just being a temporary fix. You felt things were different with you and Calvin, he had already treated you like royalty compared to yours ex’s and passed fuck boys and the two of you weren’t even dating. 

“So cute.” He muttered, almost inaudibly as you only blushed harder. You weren’t the type to be shy or awkward around anyone or become bright red beneath their teasing but for some reason it seemed to be different with the brown eyed boy before you. 

“Says you!” You responded as he rolled his eyes, grabbing your suite case for you, before any protest could be made. His other hand found yours as he gently tugged you in the direction of the exit. Honestly the way you were behaving made you feel sick it was so clique and immature but it felt so normal between the two of you. 

“If you say so.” He smirked in response, knowing that if he retaliated with anything else you’d find away to turn it around on him. You were good at getting your own way and he had admitted it to being one of the many things he liked about you. To be completely honest you knew he liked you, you weren’t the type to completely dismiss the possibility and sure he had admitted it once or twice but even if he hadn’t you’d probably have picked up on it. 

“I don’t even know how you can think you look less cute than a jetlagged, makeupless potato.” You chuckled, hiding slightly beneath the sleeve of your sweater as you tried to hide the rest of yourself knowing he’d now look a little closer. Probably having pointed it out to him he’d realise and disappear. Okay, maybe you were just overreacting but you always tread extra lightly when it came to him, a constant fear of losing him crippling every decision you made. 

“Oh shut the fuck up you know you’re adorable.” He shook his head, making it to the doors as he chose to release the luggage instead of your hand, so he could push open the door. The bitter wind nipped at your clothed torso and you were thankful for wearing the dark Nirvana sweater in the first place. And yes, you liked Nirvana, not just the thought of being a little hipster freak. 

“Yeah, you’re right.” You responded with a wide grin. He paused for a moment more as he looked down at you, his car beside the two of you as you’d evidently made it to the carpark. As intoxicating as his hot gaze was you tore your eyes away and took in the car park surrounding you, a smile making its way onto your face. When you turned back to face him his gaze was still fixed on you, but he wasn’t in the same room, his mind was somewhere else and it was practically written on his face. “Stop staring creep.” You stuck your tongue out, hand gently pushing him backwards as if trying to distance him from you. He decided to just react with a small distant smile, leaving your side to put your things in the boot. 

Following him slightly you found his slightly hunched figure, due to him ducking down to put your belongings away, inviting. With little confidence you approached him, wrapping your arms around him from behind as he froze slightly in fright before relaxing. Shutting the trunk he turned in your embrace, his smile was wide. 

“Now who’s creeping?” 

“Me.” You chuckled, fully admitting to your crimes as the pad of his thumb found your cheek bone and jaw line. His slightly chapped bottom lip being tugged between his teeth. The tension between the two of you was clear and you were sure the realisation that the two had met for the first time had still not settled in.

“We should probably get going, I ordered pizza and I don’t want it to get cold.” He protested, but he didn’t move from his position leaned against car slightly, nor did he make any intention of doing so. You nodded, but still no want to move was shown between the two of you as you both broke into smiles of knowing. “Or… Just stand here.” He pointed out the situation. 

“Both sounds good to me.” You shrugged, not wanting to move but liking the sound of pizza and maybe cuddling in front of the telly. 

“Mhm.” He merely hummed, the hand that was previously caressing your features instead cupping your cheek as he contemplated his movements. “Y/N…” He began. 

“Calvin?” You urged him to continue. There was a pause of silence as he opened his mouth to speak. 

“Yeah I like you too.” You shrugged, even though he hadn’t said anything just yet. He furrowed his eyebrows in an amused manor. 

“I was just going to ask if you like pepperoni.” He shook his head slightly. 

“No you weren’t.” You responded, although slightly anxiously as if wondering if you’d made a mistake. He gave you a small chuckle with another shake of his head as if to tell you he was joking. 

“I’m glad you cleared that up because I didn’t think I was able to say it.” He chuckled, almost nervously as his hand that cupped your face fell to intertwine your fingers. 

“Me too, ‘cause now I can do this.” You grinned, leaning up on your tip-toes with ease as you pressed a small and quick kiss to his lips. It felt like heaven even in those few moments, but it was gone too quickly and you found your heart begging you to do it all over again. Your prayers were answered when it was clear that his was asking for the same wish, his lips meeting with yours once more. Although this time it lasted for much longer, his free arm wrapping around your waist as he brought you closer to him. Your lips moved perfectly in sync and fitted together like a key to a lock as you fought the urges to breathe. Of course, the time came in which you needed to both reluctantly separate. 

“Wow.” Was all Calvin mumbled as he awkwardly grinned. “Y/N, I’m going to be honest I don’t think I can let you go home now you’re here.” 

“I don’t think I could leave.” 

“Let’s never need to Skype again.” 

“Let’s only call each other from the next room.” 

A/N: I have never written something so cheesy before and the ending is so not Calvin but I DON’T CARE!!! (k maybe a bit). Okay I just realised how shit the ending is but I really need to sleep jesus christ it’s 3AM.


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