you are too precious for this world

nice things about the signs

aries: youre like a superhero !!!

taurus: so so so talented& creative

gemini: seriously the funniest person ever

cancer: YOUR SMILE. keep that goin !!!

leo: you are seriously the most tenderhearted& loyal person ever never stop doing what youre doing

libra: best person to be friends with tbh !!!

virgo: very trustworthy. my favorite lil bookworm

scorpio: your laugh is the best kind that makes others laugh. seriously its the best

sagittarius: you clever little prankster you !!!

capricorn: wh y is your hair always on point

aquarius: great music taste !! a+

pisces: precious cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure

aph-estita asked:

You are a precious cinnamon roll too good for this world and no one con convince me otherwise.

I am a baked good can I eat myself bc I am hungryy

I’M SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG I WANTED IT TO BE PERFECT (it still isn’t lmao but I wanted to try)


bex-winchester-broken-roads is a sweet cinnamon roll too precious for this world too pure and everyone should go follow her and read her AMAZING story Broken Roads and tell her how awesome and beautiful and talented she is!!!!

anonymous asked:

May I ask who Hubble and Bandit's breeder is? All of your pack is gorgeous, frankly, and unique in their own ways! But something about Hubb's and Bandit's light coats and brown eyes are just too precious! I'd love to know who their breeder is, if you're comfortable sharing!

I don’t give out breeder info publicly :( and unless we talk regularly I am not big on giving it out either. The biggest reason is because on tumblr there are people who believe that adopting is the only okay way of getting a pet and by giving out names and kennels I would be opening up my responsible and very sweet breeder to a hateful world of ignorant internet hate. The other is I feel like giving our breeder info to people is a stamp of approval for them to get a husky from my breeder. If I don’t know you and don’t know if you can handle or if you will be able do right by the dog I keep that info to myself.

I very much appreciate the polite ask though! I really hope you understand, other dogblrs have had their breeder’s attacked and have had things said about them to their potential breeders that aren’t true and its just a way of protecting myself and breeder! But if you want to chat I am happy too! Light coats and melty brown eyes are never too far away, lots of breeders produce them as I believe they tend to show better than the more solid colors.

  • marvel:would you like a new character that you can love and claim to be too precious for this cruel cruel world?
  • me:*nods vigorously*
  • marvel:well, here you go.
  • me:*shrikes*
  • marvel:*kills character* didn't see that coming? *grins*
  • me:*cries*
  • me:*tears turn into tears of rage*
  • me:*takes deep breath*
  • Steve Rogers:Language!!!

Happy Birthday Jensen Ackles (March 1st 1978)

I love you more than I should and sometimes it hurts…well, all the time it hurts. But, if I could only say one thing to you I would tell you that you are truly too precious for this world. And I mean it. You are perfect. The way your eyes wrinkles up when you smile that toothy smile of yours, the way your jaw tenses every time you speak, and the way you perk your lips when you’re being cute or cocky. I love your freckles. I love your beautiful eyes and your long eyelashes. I love it when you are being a dork (as yourself and as Dean) because you are adorable!! I hope you stay healthy and continue to celebrate many more birthdays to come.