you are too precious for this world


Look at that smol darling precious baby too good for this world Queen of Arendelle. Anna’s happiness has always been Elsa’s top priority—even at such a young age. There’s this mixture of exhilaration and that flutter in her stomach whenever she makes/gives something to Anna as if she’s asking her if it’s okay. If it’s good enough. If she likes it. 

“Is this snowman okay? Do you want me to build you another one? A whole army? I love seeing you so happy! 

“Do you like it? If you don’t, it’s totally okay! There’s more out there, and I can give you or make you something else!”

Elsa just wants Anna happy and smiling. That’s all. That’s all she has ever wanted. And it BROKE her when SHE became the reason of Anna’s biggest heartbreak. But love? Yeah, love makes you do CRAZY things like leaving your sister so she can have a SAFE and LONGER life even if it means that you have to isolate yourself and accept the fact that you will be alone and will die alone. Yeah, that’s love. 

So this whole idea and strings of debates that I keep reading about Elsa NOT loving Anna should just stop and rot in hell. 

Ask me what I love about these two pictures. Here, I’ll tell you: There’s Olaf in both of them. 

A snowman. Their snowman. The symbol of their childhood and the very first thing Elsa gave life to. The constant reminder that Elsa is able to create life rather than just destroy everything she touches as she THINKS of ANNA when she sees (and created) OLAF. 

Olaf. The one obvious, magnificent, and heartbreaking symbolism in the film. In his first creation, the sisters were separated because of the accident. But when he truly came to life—when Elsa relived their childhood and re-created him in her liberation ballad as a living, breathing, part of herself—Olaf became the bridge to reconcile them both and remind Anna that Elsa has never stopped thinking about her. Or loving her. 

So hell yeah. Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? will always be their Do You Know How Much I Love You?

Yes, Queen Elsa—in all her glorious and dorky ways—just wants to make today, everyday, and forever a perfect day for Anna. 

Welcome Home (Jinkx/Alaska/reader) - The Crystal Gem


But this is most definitely worth it.

Here’s some Jinkx/Alaska/reader ddlg smut.

Smut-writing is not my forte so any and all feedback is appreciated.

(The reader has a vagina and breasts and is referred to as “she”, so I guess she could be a girl with those body parts, or maybe someone with those body parts who is not a girl who is in drag, or is nonbinary and uses “she” pronouns)

This feels so wrong because Jinkxy and Lasky are my precious cinnamon rolls too good for this world too pure but they’re also both hot as hell so…

Okay, I’m off to read the bible at least 4 times. And I’m not even a christian. I hope you all enjoy this, because I’m pretty sure my good, innocent person pass just got revoked.

I feel so dirty oh my goddddddddddddddddddddddd

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remember when the dursleys locked harry in his room and practically starved him for a portion of the summer? when they put bars on his windows and only let him out twice a day to go to the bathroom? when they fed him small amounts of food through a catflap? and even though he was starving he’d always give half to hedwig? when he felt so hopeless he’d literally stare at the ceiling for hours on end? thinking that he’d be stuck there forever and no one would notice/care enough to rescue him? bc i do and now i’m sad


Happy Birthday Jensen Ackles (March 1st 1978)

I love you more than I should and sometimes it hurts…well, all the time it hurts. But, if I could only say one thing to you I would tell you that you are truly too precious for this world. And I mean it. You are perfect. The way your eyes wrinkles up when you smile that toothy smile of yours, the way your jaw tenses every time you speak, and the way you perk your lips when you’re being cute or cocky. I love your freckles. I love your beautiful eyes and your long eyelashes. I love it when you are being a dork (as yourself and as Dean) because you are adorable!! I hope you stay healthy and continue to celebrate many more birthdays to come.

I’ve seen a lot of rumors flying about Misha on here so I want to clear some stuff up because I’m at MinnCon

(We asked one of the con coordinators) He apparently got mugged leaving a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis late last night

He is still doing his photo ops and autographs

I just finished my Mark/Misha photo op, he seemed kind of ok but one side of his face looked a little swollen, and his lip was split. He was doing a side angle in all of the pictures because one side of his face looked okay, but he couldn’t really smile all the way

I thanked him for coming (obvs he didn’t have to because he literally got beat up??) and he said “You’re so welcome” and he is so sweet and too precious for this world