you are too kawaii for me

  • Person A: Hi, I'm (A)
  • Person B: Hi, you're hot... NO! I-uh mean,... it's hot in here? Yeah, you must be hot too.
  • Person A: we're outside in the middle of winter...
  • Person B: ...
  • Person A: Actually, you look pretty hot in that jacket, maybe if you grace me with your name, you could take it off at my place. 😉
  • Person B: 😳 uh, oh! Yeah- yes,that sounds, yes... I'm (B)!
  • Person A: *giggles* ok (B), this way.

Atsushi wearing the CA uniform gives me life 👀 👌

Alice, what have you done?
Another game I just adore, I really love the atmosphere in AMR,
I can really relate to it and felt it deserved some love from me too.

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"Hiiyeo!! I'm xXKaw11-B4k4Xx here!! I just wanted to introduce miself on here!!! Things u shuld kno~~~ I am Totes ~~RaNdOm~~~ x3 I like to say japanesey stuff :3 stuff like 'nya' 'baka' and my personal favorite 'Kawaii' (I say these cause they're rAnDoM like me :33) RWAR!! Sorry that's just me being RaNDoM~~~ Rwar means I luv u in dinosaur!! I have other cool stuff too! I hope you enjoy my RAndOM page x3 nya Baka!"

everyone in hell probably talks like this

Ramen kitty snapback 

it is finally here! Thanks so much for the wait <3 

kitty face embroidered, one size, snapback. first couple of orders will get a special goodie bag as usual :3  

p.s for you guys who have pre-ordered a hoodie from me! they will be shipped tomorrow!! :D I am so excited! hope you guys like it and the extra items too! 



la vem a que se acha a dona do site

ao me seguir você concorda com os termos de que vai ter que me aguentar na sua tl falando merda sim

k in kkkkkkkk stands for kill yourself

nem sei o que eu to fazendo aqui

a usuária se encontra ocupada fazendo merda



alo marilene a noite tainha vinho e mt (cd ou nome do seu ídolo rsrsr)


okey dokey yo

fazer oq meu pau te ama

barbiezinha por fora bebe chorona por dentro essa so eu

bitch hold my beer

99% berro e aquele 1% grito

cries in ㅠㅠ language

arigato konichiwa agora voce ja pode ir se lascar

y’all haters corny with that illuminati mess

buy me kawaii things and call me princess


I got hot sauce in my bag

1 2 3 cala a boca de uma vez

daddy’s little princess


bem vindo(a) a o diario da(o) garota(o) sem vida social

so falo merda

you’re so confident without being mean, what antidepressants are you on?

what fresh hell is this?

you can call me piranhona do amo

I’m too pretty to die

Então galerous, é isso! Eu fiz as bios bem misturadonas, com um pouco de pt inglês coreano, chinês e japonês (sai da frente que a louca por asiáticos tá passando). Usem as bios com carinho hehehe e não esquece de deixa o famoso likezinho aqui embaixo. Se tiverem alguma coisa que querem que eu faça é só pedir.

Credits: @cxrryoungjae no twitter

  • Kawaii-Chan: Okay now listen to me.
  • Kawaii-Chan: I'll keep my mouth shut if you admit that I'm your girlfriend.
  • Zane: No, the price is too high.
  • Kawaii-Chan: Okay, fine. You know what? I'm telling everyone everything anyways.
  • Kawaii-Chan: Starting with the fact that you called me your girlfriend.
  • Zane: You're blackmailing me?
  • Zane: You're coming along nicely.
  • Both: *Heart Eyes*

Ogawa Chise or Waku Okuda, that is the question

Heeey people~ 

While I am still waiting to be sent the “No Color Baby” typesetting. Here we post a short story of Waku Okuda, only five pages. But wooooow, the style surprises a lot (mostly because it looks like Ogawa style). It’s called: 

Because he’s cute even if he’s an idiot
(Baka Demo Kawaii Hito Dakara) バカでもかわいいひとだから 5P

Thank you @namasuki for the translation (always helping) thanks !!!
And Nini & Ash for proofreading those little details that nobody realizes (even me) It’s good to have help to improve what you do!

I wish the story were longer. Has many ways to continue the story. But still, it’s too cute!

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(dailyashleighraichu) I do commend your persistence on making friends little one, but maybe your going about evolving the wrong way. I remember that I had a bond with my old trainer when I was a Pichu before I evolved. Maybe it can work for you too?

Asche: “Well-”

“I’m not really too fond of the idea, to say the truth…”

Asche: “It really is!”

“I-Is just that I’m a little…”


“I’ve already had an experience with a trainer that tried to catch me…”

Asche: “That guy just didn’t seem to have good intentions- And he had a fucking Metagross!”

“Just why the hell would you use a Metagross to catch a simple Pichu!? For Arceus’ sake! That thing seemed so strong!”

“And- and he was just so scary… If my friend Michael hadn’t been there at that moment… I don’t know what would have happened to me!”

“Still, I perfectly know that not all humans are bad-”

“My friend has a trainer, and she’s the most sweet person you’ll ever meet! I adore her!”

“But, the thing is… the amount of ‘bad trainers’ is way superior to the ‘good trainers’ one.”

“And I’m afraid of being catched by a ‘not so good’ one, you know? How can I escape if that happens? How can I be sure if I picked a good trainer? What will they do to me?”

“That’s why I’m trying to evolve by other methods.”

“Still, I’m pretty sure a Pichu can perfectly evolve in the wild, so I think getting myself a trainer is just an ‘In case of emergency’ situation for now.”

Asche: “And, well, talking about something else-”

“You seem very… familiar. What kind of Pokemon are you? Are you like a Pachirisu or an Emolga and that’s why you look so similar to m-”


Asche: “D-Did you say ‘when I was a Pichu’?”

“You d-don’t look like a Pikachu, s-so… that means- you- you are-… are you a?-”


<Asche is way too thunderstruck (hehe) to talk now!>


YouTuber headcanons


- Zane is that one YouTuber that plays horror games and makes top tens. The Entire time he played finding Bigfoot with Travis, Zane kept running into big foot shrieking “LOVE ME YOU FUCK” at the top of his lungs. Travis is mortified

- Travis is that asshole friend that Pranks everybody for views

- katelyn and Zane did a collab once and now there permanent nickname is ‘smol and tol team’

- kawaii chan is probably a YouTuber similar to akidearest and probably walks around without pants on

- Dante is a music YouTuber and people ship him and Travis really hard

- nobody actually knows that rainbowshipping squad live together

- katelyn does a bunch of charity live streams including the others. Some of these live streams include: cards against humanity with kissing donation goals, nobody realised how raunchy of a team Zane and Dante could be and kawaii chan kept making dad jokes. Dance dance revolution hard mode, Travis nearly broke his leg and kept having to eat mayonnaise because he kept falling over. Christmas stream where they did stupid shenanigans. Uno live stream that was Dantes idea, everyone proceeded to beat Dante with soft fluffy pillows as revenge.

- Travis and Zane play those stupid steam games that are absolutely terrible and rubbish

- The entire rainbow squad have a quote blog run by aphmau for all the stupid Shit they said

- Zane made gene, Aaron, Garroth and Vylad do the cinnamon challenge. He called it “stupid people do this for the views”. Aphmau thinks Zane is bitter

- Katelyns YouTube is for music, but she doesn’t want anybody to know it’s her

- aphmau made Aaron do her makeup for a youtube video

- Lucinda has a makeup beauty channel with Sasha

Hummingbird Pattern

Hi!  I got a request for the pattern to my hummingbird, and I definitely think the world needs more hummingbirds in it, so I’m going to give it a go! Unfortunately, I did a lot of guesstimating as I went, so this is not the best pattern I’ve ever written up :-/. As usual, if anyone uses this pattern, please link back to my page, and also send me a picture! I’d love to see what people make!

 I used a 3mm hook, and the pink and white were just scrap yarns I had lying around (probably Red Heart Super Saver). Frustratingly, I can’t find the green yarn that I used! I think maybe… when I bought it the lady kept the label when she wound it? (I am definitely outing myself as a yarn noob, I mostly buy the cheap stuff and getting it wound up like that was a new experience for me!)

If anyone recognizes it, help me out because I’d like to know too! It’s a very pretty green/brown that looks a bit glossy, frays easily, and is a little thinner than Red Heart Super Saver yarns…

Okay on to the pattern!


The idea behind the body is that I made a small dome for the head, then unevenly added increases to the back and decreases to the front to make the body arch backwards, then decrease so that it came back down to a point. For the color changes, I didn’t end up having it look perfectly smooth, but I just made the change each time as I saw it lining up. Also, I made mine a key chain, which is totally optional, the only thing I did was after starting the magic circle, I used the excess yarn to tie through the metal loop.

  • green yarn: 6 sc in a magic circle
  • green yarn: (1 sc, 1 inc) x 6 to make 12 stitches
  • green yarn: (2 sc, 1 inc) x 6 to make 18 stitches
  • green yarn: (3 scs, 1 inc) x 6 to make 24 stitches
  • green yarn: 24 sc 

From here on out, almost all the rows have a color change in them - I just picked one side to be the front and always aligned the colors to each other, to me it didn’t matter if it was at the start of a row or in the middle, as long as the changes match up.

  • green: 13 sc, pink 11 sc (24 stitches)
  • green: 13 sc, pink 11 sc (24 stitches)

After these rows, it starts to feel a bit complicated, but again it was just increasing on the back and decreasing on the front to make the back sweep away from the head - I know that seems counterintuitive, but it’s just the way crochet works, it basically makes the tube shear instead of curve, if that makes sense. - I usually spaced each increase and decrease out with one sc in between.

  • decrease 2x on pink, 2x on sides, increase 3x on green, and have one more pink on each side (23 stitches total - 13 pink, 10 green)
  • decrease 2x on pink, 2x on sides, increase 3x on green, and have one more pink on each side  (22 stitches total - 15 pink, 7 green)
  • white yarn same as pink row, increase 2x on green (24 stitches total - 15 white, 9 green)

at this point, i inserted two 6 mm safety eyes between the row of green and the first row of pink, about one stitch in from the start of the pink. I also just used a black sharpie marker to draw the black line at the green and pink division between the eyes. Here’s the head so far compared to a Google image search picture - the beak is just a toothpick that I’m using as a placeholder, I’ll put the stuff for the beak under the rest of the body pattern, but importantly, DON’T COMPLETE THE BODY BEFORE ADDING THE BEAK - Continuing with the body:

  • white same, increase 3x in green (27 stitches total - 15 white, 12 green)
  • white same, increase 3x in green (30 stitches total - 15 white, 15 green)
  • replicate above row: (30 stitches total - 15 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 in white  at the front (29 stitches total - 14 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 on each the side to make it more symmetric (i needed on in green, on in white (27 stitches total, 13 white, 14 green)
  • decrease 1 w on each side, (25 stitches total, 11 white, 14 green)
  • decrease 1 w on each side, (23 stitches total, 9 white, 14 green) 
  • decrease 1 w on each side, inc 1 in green (22 stitches total, 7 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 white on each side (20 stitches total, 5 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 1 white on each side (18 stitches total, 3 white, 15 green)
  • decrease 3 green, crochet completely in green (12 stitches)
  • (1 sc, 1 dec) x6 to make 6 stitches
  • end in a point by skipping stitches until closed.


Okay, you should probably add the beak in around row 10ish, but I just kept all the body together for continuity. I experimented a bit with the beak, trying for different looks. Eventually I used a ~ 2in scrap of black yarn and painted 1 inch of it with clear nail polish so that it became stiff - I’m pretty sure there are better methods for stiffening yarn, but this worked ok for me. I then threaded the unstiffened bit into the piece and tied it tightly before stuffing.

^Wings (make two!):

These were tough, I will definitely admit that I didn’t get them to look quite even, and took terrible notes on how I managed it. One piece of advice is to make both before attaching, so that if they end up way too different, you can make a third and choose which it matches the most closely to!

  • 6 foundation sc (foundation single crochets are great and look up a tutorial if you don’t know them, they changed my life!)
  • This got a bit weird: I turned the piece and then did 5 foundation sc perpendicular to the first 6 - basically instead of going back across the fsc’s after turning, I pulled a loop through the first stitch, then foundation sc’d and continued outward as if that was my first stitch…

 This made that wide angled underside of the wings. Now each time I crocheted a row, I sort of messily hooked in the first row of fsc (the one that is perpendicular to the row you just made) until I couldn’t any longer… I’m sorry this isn’t the best explanation, but crochet is a magical wonderful art that is very lenient to fudging, so please go at it bravely!

  • turn, sc 6 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 5 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 4 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 3 (leave one off at the end)
  • turn, sc 2 (leave one off at the end) 

I sewed the wings on at where the white met the green, attaching it at least several stitches so they weren’t too flimsy - for me the wings curl a bit but I suspect with different yarn or with some blocking they’d stand out straighter.


Similar deal with the tail as the wings I’m afraid - I fudged this a lot, and it isn’t symmetric, but when I sewed in onto the body I curved it around so that any asymmetry was basically hidden.

  • foundation sc 5
  • turn the piece and foundation sc 8 perpendicular to the first 5
  • 10 rows of 8 hdc - the half double crochets make the more undulating shape, and each time I came to the other row of 5 I messily hooked them in, which is why the shape turned out slightly narrower at the top than at the bottom. The narrower top is what I wrapped around the point of the hummingbird body and sewed it on, again it was a bit curled but I think it looked better that way.

And that is it! I think the biggest thing is that with each part I didn’t aim too much for perfection, the body can be squished and the wings and tail aren’t perfect, but I think overall it gives it some character! Good luck, and please feel free to message me if you have questions on the pattern, I know this one is not the most straightforward…

Little warning

Hello my lovely bunnies ! 

Today I just wanted to make a small announcement about the store that I have been working with for few months and just warn you about it so you would know what to expect (if something ever goes wrong with your order or so).

I have worked with Zaful for the last few months and recently my contact person changed and I had some situations where he didn’t reply to me and now I am being completely ignored, my emails are never answered. We had a deal that I get paid monthly through Paypal and I make 2 posts a day for the shop. You might not seems 2 posts a lot, but for me, who has ~5 other stores to post for daily, it’s pretty hard. Moreover, I usually edit some photos and search for cute items, so it takes quite a lot of time. So I posted 2 posts a day for them in February and when I submitted the links, they never replied. I thought that maybe it’s some kind of holidays for the staff or just they are very busy, but after talking with few other bloggers, who work with Zaful, I realized that I was cut off just like that. Other blogger got replies the next day from them, got paid without problems and so on. The thing is, it is completely okay if the store thinks that the traffic and profit I bring is too low, but I would like to know that so I would stop posting. And now, after the whole month of posting for them, I didn’t even get my payment. 

To be honest, I feel a little sad that I didn’t get the money after all my work BUT this is not about it. I just want to warn those, who might already bought from Zaful or are planning to, that if anything goes wrong with your purchase, they MIGHT just cut you off and leave you like that, without items nor refunds. Not saying they always do that, most likely not, but it might happen. So be alert and know this. 

I hope this wasn’t too long, I just wanted to let out the disappointment about this situation. I was cut off like this once before by BH store and it’s really not fun, so just felt like letting you all guys know about things that happened to me ! 

I hope you all have a lovely day ! Xoxo 

Mother And Ink Child

I wanted to draw something as a thank you to @ask-sillyvision for letting me dub their comic, so I made the ink child and his mama! I hope you guys like it! Rea’s hair was a lot of fun, once I understood how to draw it XD Gonna get started dubbing this weekend!


Kawaii Pose Pack

I am back with new poses. This took me longer than usual because I had to remake the gif multiple times. Sorry if my sim looks creepy. I tried my best. Anyway, I hope you’ll have as much fun using these poses as I had while making them. Do let me know if there’s any issue.

Codes : a_kawaii1 to a_kawaii9 (left to right, up then down)

Do not re-upload, especially onto paysites. Do not claim as yours.

It is pose list compatible. Non pose list version is included too.

Click for HD.


Incorrect Ninjago

Nya: Just ask Skylor out! What’s the worst that could happen?

Kai: Humiliation, embarrassment, fire, explosions, collisions, tears, and death.


Cole: Dude, are you a newspaper?

Jay: No, why?

Cole: Because it’s a new issue with you every gosh darn day.


Wu: Don’t do anything stupid.

Kai: You and I both know that’s asking way too much of me.