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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!

BTS Reaction To Their GF Being Vegetarian

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Hi! Can I request BTS to you their gf vegetarian? (She doesn’t mind others eating meat and stuff like that, she just doesn’t want to eat animals herself) Would they mind?

Jin: now what am I going to cook for dinner? *expect a feast actually still.*

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Suga:  *why would I care? I can eat meat and she can get tofu.*

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J-Hope: *laughing* so how much tofu do you eat instead?

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Rap Monster: lol wait until jin finds out she willingly doesn’t eat meat

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Jimin: sorry love, you might just have a hard time finding food that isn’t meat in our place…

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V: *doesn’t care at all, just a happy baby*

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Jungkook: *honestly just too happy being your boyfriend to care that you’re vegetarian.*

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BigBang Reaction #6 - You tell them that they aren’t your favorite band

got7, b.a.p, and bigbang reaction to you admitting that they aren’t your favorite band?? (you’re more into hard rock and metal music please?)) ohh, and blackpink too please if that’s okay?? 

B/N = band’s name

Jiyong: He’s now extremely salty and finds every opportunity to point out every flaw in your favorite band.

“B/N doesn’t even try to make a statement with their fashion and their lyrics are repetitive and unoriginal.”

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Seunghyun: “That was a weird joke Y/n”

He would then laugh and refuse to accept that he isn’t your favorite artist

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Taeyng: he’s extremely passionate about what he does and writes about his life experiences. So because you’re his s/o, he’d write a lot of songs about you. He would be really offended and hurt if you tell him this. I would avoid admitting this to him if I were his s/o in all honesty.

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Daesung: “Oh. Well if they make you happy then I guess that’s okay… Do you still love my songs though…?”

He’s a little insecure after that and works even harder to improve his artistry to win you over

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Seungri: He’d be sassy for the next few days, and also whenever your lack of favoritism comes up. He’d take offense to this too. 

“You have no taste in music. Your opinion no longer effects me. Boi/Gurl bye” *eye rolls for dayyys*

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A/N: I can’t help but think that they’d all be bitter af about this xD lmao

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Hi!! I really like your hcs. I was wondering if you could do one with an old friend of the crew and the crew finds out they think one of them is attractive (it doesn't matter to me) and they trying to figure it out and the friend getting all flustered? I don't know if that's too specific or something but thanks anyways 💕💕

Of course!! Here you are 😊💕


- They’d be non stop begging you to tell all

- You wouldn’t budge but you’d be blushing hard core especially when the one you have a crush on asks

- (Low key it’s Tyler)

- It becomes painfully obvious to the girls but the guys are still like ‘spiiiillll’

- You just being completely and utterly flustered cause now the girls know

- Not telling the guys because god knows they’ll tell Ty

- Blushing 100% of the time when it’s brought up but it doesn’t matter cause they’ll never know

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Hey StreetxSims I'm not sure if you have answered this before but do you have any tips for someone starting a simblr blog? Please and thank you. Love your builds and your sims are very beautiful. You inspire me to make a account.

Thank you!! 
Happy to see I inspired you to join Simblr! ^_^
(Lengthy)I don’t have too many TIPS but some that I find important are: 

  • Be yourself! Never change to befriend a certain blogger or content creator. I’m pretty sure it’ll be hard to keep up with that “New” persona when you’ve been doing YOU for so long. Again, Be yourself! 
  • Post what you feel! Post what makes you comfortable! Post what you enjoy! Basically, post what makes you happy! 
  • When it comes to finding friends most people here are genuinely friendly and pretty helpful if you need help with anything. Never feel scared to approach someone who you have things in common with or you genuinely think you can have a friendship with them.
    Don’t try to befriend people for content or for popularity reasons. 
  • If you wanna give back to the community you can start by doing  simple recolors. Here’s a helpful video and more TIPS on recoloring here at Sims 4 Studio. Remember, you’re not obligated to create CC.
    A simple “Thank you!” goes a long way! 
  • Make sure your theme is clean, and easy to navigate.
    If you need help with dedicated links let me know. ^_^ 
  • If you wanna just post regular screens of your Sims or game play; if you like to edit try to find a way to make it YOU. Never try to mimic someone else’s style or work. If you’re inspired take that inspiration and make it your own. There’s a way to be Inspired and not a complete copy.
    Most people will notice if you take their style and this will hurt your “image”. Things like Edits, Sim style, Blog style, are easy to spot. 
  • The TIP above’s goes hand in hand with Role playing but that’s another story. If you collaborate with someone they should be able to trust you with their Chars. Some people are untrustworthy and use your main Sim as a Base and try to recreate their main sim with the same genetics(Pretty funny when they think you don’t notice, it’s childish to some people but when you spend a great amount of time doing something you like to have the feeling of “This is ME” and not see 10 people doing the same thing shortly after. I guess that’s called “Having your own aesthetic”).
  • Anons! “Anonymous users”
    Some are shy, some are sweet, some just don’t have a blog and need a little help or wanna say something nice, and some are just pathetic. 
    The pathetic ones are  the ones you wanna ignore. It may be hard to ignore them sometimes but when you give them that attention it never stops. Some are so obvious you can tell who it is. 
  • Last but not least: 
    Have fun!!! Don’t get yourself worked up trying to please everyone, or trying to fit in with a group. If you feel yourself going down a path where it’s getting too personal or you’re feeling like you’ve got into a group that is somewhat Sims 10% and drama within the community 90% take a step back and remember what you came here for. 
    Sims, people that share your interest, and to have something to do as a fun and stress free hobby.  

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Do you have any tips for working through internalized fatphobia? I discovered the fat acceptance movement a couple of years ago and it's helped me immensely, but I can't help that sometimes I still feel disgusted with myself when I look in the mirror. I just wish I could feel happy with the body I have.

I think, for what I hear from all the lovely fat people in my life and in this blog, that the hard truth is that even the most fat positive person you can find has those days too. 

And that is ok. It is nearly impossible to completely deprogram ourselves from the fatphobia in our society when we have to live every day in that society.
It is like being on a boat and there is a small hole. Some water is constantly pouring in and threatening with flooding your boat so you bail the water… But as long as you are in the sea there is always going to be water coming in. You might be able to cover the hole with something but there is still going to be some water coming out of it and there is always going to be some water on the floor no matter how hard you are bailing. But that doesn’t mean that your boat is going to sink or that it can’t function properly and reach its destination safely, with all the crew happy to meet their families one more day. 

There. A happy ending for the boat and the crew of your body <3

- Mod Guillermo

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I just want to say that I LOVE your Dishonored edits so much. It's so good to finally have some HD pics of Emily's beautiful in-game model up close because for a while it seemed like it was really hard to find good refs of her as she appeared during gameplay save for certain brief cutscenes at the beginning and end of the game. Also, they're simply stunning.

thank you so much ❤ 

I’m very happy to see people like these shots, because, honestly, making them is tons of fun. Catching all the details on Emily’s face and outfit, the way her doppelganger stabs the enemies from the back, tries the edge of her sword - it’s addictive to look at. 

There was obviously so much love and effort and respect put into her appearence, from the little moles on her cheekbone to her cufflinks and her sparrow brooch, I like looking at it in full detail. So, there’s definitely more coming, I literally can’t get enough of her.

Dear my past self,

You know those girls you have a bad feeling about? Stay away from them. Trust your gut feeling. They’ll end up ruining your life. Make friends based on their personalities not on how popular they are.

Remember that boy you thought wasn’t even that important? Don’t let him go. Stay in contact with him. Even if you’re not with him the way you want to be right now, stay friends with him. Go to his party when he invites you. You’ll thank me later.

You’re not going to school with most of your friends anymore but don’t lose contact with them. You won’t find many people like them again. Don’t ignore them because long distance friendships are hard, make it work.

If life ever gets too hard, talk to your parents. You may feel like you can’t tell them anything but they are more understanding than you think. Talk to them when they’re not busy and when all of your siblings are out of the house, tell them what’s wrong and don’t hold back your tears. They care more than they let on.

If your school work is getting a little too complex for you, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Push your ego aside and go to one of your siblings. They may tease you but you will find that they’ll actually help you.

It’s not cool to not care about school. Your grades do not define you but you should always try your hardest. Put your phone down and study. If you find yourself exhausted, studying up until 3 hours before you have to be up for school, put those notes down honey and go to sleep. Like I said, your grades don’t define you and you should always try your hardest but if trying your hardest means putting aside taking care of yourself, try a little less hard.

Don’t worry about what others think of you. Never do something to impress someone else and never stay away from something because you’re scared of what others might think. Sign up for clubs and teams that interest you, fuck the girls who call it lame. Those girls will be working for you one day.

Use your manners. Respect your elders. Be nice. Treat your family well and keep them close. Talk to those relatives on the phone no matter how much you don’t want to.

Love always, SS.

A,B,C's of Me

Thank you @be-the-beauty for including me. I don’t follow that many blogs so it’ll be hard to find others that will participate.
A - Age: 51
B - Biggest Fear: That’s a tough one. I’ll have to leave this with, “I’m working on fears” they have no power
C- Current Time: 6:03pm EST
D - Last Drink I Had: Gatorade, artic cherry. Required drinking, yuck.
E - Start Everyday With: literally a moment of silent prayer of thanks then on to hug my son.
F - Favorite Song: I have way too many favorites to choose.
G - Ghosts? Are they real? I believe.
H - Hometown: Alameda, CA. Currently in Maine.
I - In Love With: @paintedcowboy
J - Jealous of: no one, nothing.
K - Killed Someone? No
L - Last Time I Cried: sometime last week
M - Middle Name: Marie
N - Number of Siblings: 1
O - One Wish: to enhance the lives of everyone I love
P - Person I Last Texted: my love 💕
Q - Questions I’m Always Asked: is that your real hair? DUH
R - Reasons to Smile: all of it. Life, love, laughter.
S - Song Last Sang: for some reason Eternal Flame keeps popping into my head
T - Time Awakened: 10:45am EST
U - Underwear Color: no panties. No no no.
V - Vacation? Anywhere, as long as I have my favorite men with me.
W - Sorry folks, don’t remember this one.
X - X-Rays Had: hell, pick a body part, once had it x-rayed.
Y - missing so I don’t know this question either lol.
Z - Zodiac: Aquarius. To the core.

Interested in participating?
@agracefulnymph @darkshortfuse1975 @houses-of-the-holy70 @imickeyd @jwmongold @kick-it-in-the-sticks @miladys-boudoir @omg-sweetlunlikelycollector-me @paintedcowboy @possit-de-tenebris @supermsmoon @the77snk @waternymph55

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im having a really hard time finding a character i want to play since all the ones i have interest in are taken! i want to join so badly but i have no muse for any other character ugh!

I’m sorry to hear that anon! If you’re interested in creating an OC you have muse for, we have room for them here, too!

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A Serious Question: why is your tag for scoups Tostitos?? -an amused anon

Hello Anon~~~!

Ah ha, the infamous question. I’d be lying if I said you were the first to ask. Actually, now that I think about it, I think I’ve said this exact sentence too?

Deja vu man.

Okay so I spent a good amount of time trying to find a post that might explain it for you anon, but it has disappeared into the great depths.

I call S.Coups Tostitos because:

1.) Tostitos Scoops, S.Coups reminds me of Scoops haha

2.) Seungcheol is a great leader for Seventeen because he’s hard working and kind and is like a solid scoop tortilla chip base that is holding the salsa that is seventeen afloat. Seungcheol deserves the entire world honestly.

I hope that was helpful! I’m happy you found it funny! XD

Dear person on the aro spectrum,

I know how you feel, trust me, I do. I actually realized was on the spectrum years after my first relationship and I know how hard it can be in a world where everything is romanticised while you want none of it.
Sometimes things aren’t meant to work out and might hurt/sting right now, but it gets better again too. Please don’t pressure yourself into something you don’t want or aren’t sure of, just because you think it’s the right thing to do. Despite what others (and the world) tries to make you believe, you do not need someone else to find happiness but if you want to you will eventually find someone who will love you in all the right ways, you just need to give it time.
As for the online dating, most of the time it’s just not worth it, but maybe you have to make that experience yourself.

Things will fall into place one day, trust me, and until then go out and enjoy the solitude, there’s a lot of happiness and comfort to be found in that.

You are going to be okay,


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Will Robert not visit again, do you think? Do you think they may just stick to phonecalls? I am worried that someone may threaten Robert so thats why Aaron keeps stum. They always seem to manage to do these things in soaps. I mean Pete crossed paths with Gordon inside. People have connections. Look at Moira being blackmailed over Adam.

I don’t know if he’ll stop visiting, I don’t think he’ll want to but Aaron may tell him not to especially if it’s too hard on him or if he feels Robert may become a target. Everyone always manages to find out everything

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Are there specific aspects that lead someone to be more prone to low self esteem? Um I do not identify with the basic description of a Leo Sun and is it to do with my Libra Moon?

No, I don’t think that has much to do with the Libra Moon placement by itself. If you have a Moon-Saturn aspect, that could lead to insecurities about your emotions. Sun-Saturn aspects make you feel low about your identity and it makes you pretty hard on yourself, which could lead to low-self esteem due to high standards. Saturn-Ascendant aspects can lead to, like, feeling insecure about your appearance or the way you present yourself. Saturn-Venus = insecure about romance. Hmmm. Maybe Chiron-Ascendant aspects could be applicable for a low self-esteem too. 12th House planets could lead to suppression of energies, and therefore you might feel a little misunderstood and doubtful of yourself. Saturn in the 6th House could set you up for disappointment if you do not find yourself succeeding in the work environment. Harsh aspects to Sun, probably. There are a number of things, really.

Feel free to add more if you guys want!

i can’t believe that a cishet white man surprised us with a complex scifi story featuring a multiracial couple with a lesbian and bisexual without any sort of sexuality erasure and with a happy ending about finding love against all odds that defies space and time…like what a fuck you to all the writers who say it is too hard to write good stories with wlw characters


Creature studies

Asked you about your favourite beasts the other day for inspiration, and inspired I was, indeed. Occamy, Ashwinder, Demiguise and Niffler!
Art blog: questionartbox

[TRANS] BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine - Jin’s Biography

Liked gaming since kindergarten
The vigorous boyhood

1~2 years after being born in Anyang City, Gyeonggi Province, I moved to the neighboring Gwacheon City. My memories started from Gwacheon. I was awkward about taking photos until just before debuting, so I hardly have any childhood photo. It’s hard to find photos from back then. When you take photos, you have to stand still. I hated hearing “Wait, let’s take just one photo!” and having to stand still.

My favorite thing in kindergarten days was the popular dinosaur character game back then. We only had one game but my hyung hogged it all, so I really wanted to play it at that time. I don’t know if it’s the reason why I like games now too.

I was a vigorous child in elementary school. After school, I would go play with my friends and come back at dinner time, then do my homework and sleep. It was my routine. I had a lot of friends too. We would only play every day and not study at all (laughs). My favorite subject was Physical Education. It’s the exact opposite to now (laughs). I liked running, swimming, tennis and also golfing that my father taught me how to play. He likes snowboarding and skiing so he often takes me to the ski resort, and I started from that. Although my father frequently went on business trips, when he came home, he would play his favorite sports with me. He often took me abroad too. Japan, Europe, Australia,.. But I’m not very into travelling so it felt like I was half-forced (laughs).

I talk with my 2-year-older hyung every day. We play games together and talk about this and that, it seems like our relationship got even better than before.

Grew up to be a hesitant guy in front of the opposite sex due to going to all-boy middle & high school!?

I was too into gaming since 1st year of middle school so I didn’t go out to play (laughs). Me and my friends kept staying in the PC room to play games in summer break. 

My best friends are friends from middle school. The relationship between us four people is quite good, even after we went to study higher, we would go to the valley and play together in summer break and go snowboarding in winter break. Even now we still contact each other every day and contend for each other’s old men’s jokes (laughs)

In terms of music, I liked Lee Seunggi sunbaenim’s ‘Delete’, KCM sunbaenim’s ‘Black & White Photos’ and Turtles sunbaenim’s ‘Airplane’. I also listen to Buzz sunbaenim’s music often so I like rock ballad even until now.

Since I went to all-boy school for both middle and high school, I had absolutely no contact with girls for 6 years. Even after going to university, I still couldn’t look into girls’ eyes. I would drop my eyes low and “Hey, how’s it going?” (laughs). I met an easy-going friend in university so he mended that manner too. He hit me and said “I told you to look in the eyes and talk!”… But still, I fit in better with guys (laughs).

The path to become a singer through scouting
Currently taking music composing with seriousness!

In 1st year of high school, my dream was to become a newspapers reporter to stand by the second-class citizens’ side. I used to read newspapers articles every day. The dream of becoming an actor was born in my 2nd year, after watching Kim Namgil-ssi in the drama ‘Queen Seondeok’. I was touched and thought that, I wanted to make people cry with my acting too. So I entered the Film Major in university .

3 months after entering, I was scouted and became a trainee. The rapper line was in the company already, and Jungkook joined 2 days after me. I came into the practice room and saw a kid with eyes like Bambi standing, I asked ‘…Who is this?’ and he stood up and said ‘Oh! My name is Jeon Jungkook!’. Even when I told him ‘Sit down,’ he said ‘Oh no! I’m okay!’ (laughs). The one with deepest first impression would be Namjoon who was practicing dancing. It was my first time seeing someone practicing dancing since I was born, so I thought ‘Wow, he’s a trainee. Cool.’

As I trained, I went to eat with other trainees as well and enjoyed my trainee life. I liked dancing back then. But after debuting, I heard people saying ‘He can’t dance’ so I lost my confidence… Despite that, thanks to ARMYs who always tell me ‘It’s cute’, ‘You did a great job’, I regained my confidence and now, it seems like I can dance.

My life right now is great, and I’m satisfied with being in BTS. My interest in music started after I met the members. Back in debut days, I couldn’t even think I can write songs. Thanks to the influence from our members, I’m now continuing to write songs. Even though they aren’t at the level of being put into albums yet, I got good responses and am working hard right now.

If someday the chance comes, I want to try acting. V is doing that now so I’m happy with it. Compared to acting,  I want to improve my skills in singing and performing more. It’s physically draining but I feel the joy in it.

© mondomizel1 | scan © sweaterpawsjimin

13 Study Tips (By Sprouts)
  1. Spaced repetition. Study short, but often. It is more productive to have regular study sessions with short sleeping breaks in between. 
  2. Find your own style. Find the study style that suits you the best. Some people like to study alone, some snack during class, etc. 
  3. Sleep! This one’s pretty obvious. Lack of sleep decreases your concentration. 
  4. Focus! This one’s pretty obvious too. Keep all distractions away to increase productivity. 
  5. The Pomodoro Technique. Set your timer to 25 minutes where you focus on your studies, take a short break, and repeat the process. [I personally like to use the app ‘Tide’, but there are other apps you can download] 
  6. Do the hard material first. Most people have the strongest willpower in the morning [not me], and when you do the hardest material first, you’ll feel more motivated to get more work done. 
  7. Exercise, meditate, and converse. Regular physical exercise, meditation, and group conversations are proven to grow your brain. 
  8. Go places. You can create deeper memories of a subject if you learn in a richer environment that offers more visual clues. 
  9. Take fun seriously. Find a fun way to study, it’ll make it more enjoyable for you. Positive emotions are important for increasing your potential. 
  10. Space your studies. Repeat the material in spaced intervals. This means reviewing whatever you’ve learnt every few days. 
  11. 30% Read, 70% Recite. You can use this when you have to memorise a poem in 1 hour. Spend 20 minutes reading, and 40 minutes reciting, this should lead to the best results. 
  12. After you’ve finished studying, quickly test yourself. Immediate recall in the form of a test or a short summary can increase retention up to 30%. 
  13. Don’t force it. Unfortunately, you can’t force yourself to be motivated to do work. 

Why do I feel like I’ve typed this out before…

Like or reblog if this helped, and comment what other videos you’d like me to type out :-) 

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