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I find that I constantly have trouble trying to convey what I really want my character to say. Like I can picture it and everything, but to find the exact words to make it click is kind of hard. Any advice on this particular issue for an amateur writer such as myself?

Writing dialogue isn’t easy, the best writers have trouble with it, so don’t worry too much! 

Writing natural and fluid dialogue: Tips and Advice

Probably the best advice I can offer is to practise listening to how natural dialogue is spoken and apply it to your writing. Maybe you’re thinking “um, duh, of course, I know how people speak I do it all the time!”. True, but do you ever stop to listen to the way they form sentences? How they clip the ends of their words? Trail off uncertaintly…? Speak in one long breath of air when they’re excited and itallcomesoutsoundingalittlelikethis. Hardly anyone speaks without some form of contractions in full unbroken sentences, as it sounds stiff and unnatural. (Although you might have a character who you could choose to have speak like this to highlight how stiff they are or even inhuman). 

Time for some people watching!

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Find a place with people to eavesdrop on. But don’t be obvious because some might find it a bit creepy… A good place is a cafe or park bench, somewhere you can hang about casually and not look odd for loitering. You could also try listening to your friends or family if a cafe or park bench isn’t available. Go sit with your family, play a game of monopoly, socialise with them (ugh). Now, sit and listen. Listen to how a normal person speaking naturally. sounds Take mental notes of how a speaker interrupts someone, how they place a noun in front of their sentence (”Coffe, want one? My treat?”) how they use run on and broken sentences that an English teacher would have a fit at. While you’re studying how people speak in their natural environment you might also overhear some quality lines that might spark your imagination. Maybe that blonde lady in the thick fur coat, despite the summer heat, who suspiciously looks like she put whisky in her latte, could inspire a character in your writing.

Read read read

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It might seem like an odd idea; “shouldn’t I be working on my writing instead of reading?”, but you can’t do one without the other. Choose a book that you know had natural dialogue, if you can’t think of a particular book that had good dialogue often the answer is a book that never once drew your attention away from the story, dialogue that always seemed right and never made you question your suspension of belief. Take this book and read it again, not for the scenery or the action, purely for the dialogue. Again, take real or mental notes on how the different character speak, the use of words and structure. Ingrain the pattern of natural dialogue into your head. And now find a terrible book. Find a book that the dialogue was stiff, unnatural and simply put, atrocious. Study how they never use contractions, how the characters hit the reader over the head with exposition (”Wow Emily, my half-sister, I haven’t seen you for two years since the ski trip that left you terribly afraid of snow!”), how they use jilted, outdated slang. Now, simply put, don’t do this. Look through your own work and highlight anything that feels similar to the dialogue in the awful book and rewrite it with focus on how

Script it

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An exercise to do is to chuck scenery, description, and action aside for one minute. Toss it aside, you don’t need it for this activity. You’ll be focussing solely on the dialogue alone. Write your scene using only dialogue in script format. Don’t worry about clunky paragraphs of all that other stuff to get in the way and break the flow, just let the scene play out in your head like a movie and jot down what the characters say. When you have this script you can now add all that stuff you put aside, put the speech tags and characters actions, put in all the description and scenery perfectly woven around the dialogue, clip anything that breaks the flow until you have a scene with natural sounding dialogue that is well balanced within your scene. 

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could u write the mermaid au for jin ?? its so cute (;´д`)

find others: hoseok | namjoon | taehyung | jimin | yoongi

  • jin is a well known mermaid in his hometown, the people have known of the existence of mermaids since decades ago and they let them live in peace in the sea
  • but jin,,,,,,with his face cut from marble, honey eyes, lean physique like some kind of adonis born of seafoam - jin becomes a hometown treasure
  • people throw flowers into the ocean for him, girls squish love letters into bottles, people devote nights and days to wait for him on the sands - see if he’ll show himself
  • and when he does, the people rejoice and jin sits perched on one of rocks that litter the coastline and sings, in a voice fit only for someone magical. 
  • his magnificent turquoise tail glitters alongside the ocean and it makes it look like diamonds have been strewn across his lap
  • he’s just so charming, it’s hard to find anyone in town who isn’t in one way or another in love with him
  • jin thinks it’s a little silly, all the flowers he collects from the tops of the waves - notes of poetry - the way people seem to stare at him like he’s from another world
  • he likes it,,,,,,but sometimes he wishes they’d treat him a little normally. actually ask him things, not just marvel in agape awe
  • like other mermaids, jin has an aquatic companion. a tortoise nicknamed mr.handsome
  • “why is he nicknamed mr.handsome, shouldn’t that be you?” jin just smiles and watches his tortoise friend slowly climb through the sand “i think he’s much more handsome than me.”
  • you know about jin, it’s hard not to when everyone gushes over that one time they spotted him singing on the rocks
  • it just so happens, that you’ve never actually seen him
  • and you don’t expect to, because you don’t really idle around the ocean. bodies of water kind of scare you, they’re so unforgiving - so merciless 
  • but there’s an evening where the autumn sun is just about to hide, and you’re passing the ocean on your walk home, when you decide that it can’t hurt to make a trip across the sand
  • these were going to be the last days of warm weather, so you decided you didn’t want to miss it
  • you stayed far from the tide, not even taking your shoes off to splash in the shallow pools
  • and that’s when you saw him 
  • to be fair, you had never seen jin before. you had only heard of what he looked like. so there was no way for you to know it was him
  • because instead of the large, beautiful tail
  • he was sitting on the sand, loose pants over long legs - he looked completely human
  • catching your gaze, he smiled and you noticed that even someone with such a handsome face could turn cute just with a simple happy expression
  • it made your heart do a little skip, but you quickly looked away
  • “not going to play in the water?”
  • his voice was as soft as his appearance, you looked back to make sure he was talking to you
  • tilting his head, the strangers motioned to the water
  • “i,,,,,,,don’t like the ocean.”
  • you managed, shyly playing with the strap of your bag,,,,,you didn’t expect this conversation
  • the person stood up, his long body looked relaxed in comfortable attire - his hair whipped by the breeze
  • “why not? the ocean is gorgeous, so mystical and romantic.”
  • he came closer and you sort of shrugged in answer
  • “but it’s dangerous too. high tides, shipwrecks, sharks,,,,,” you cringed and it made the person laugh
  • he took a couple of steps forward and dipped his feet in the shallow waters
  • “that’s true, but it doesn’t mean to be. the ocean doesn’t choose to be harsh.”
  • you could understand what he meant, but you weren’t exactly sure why he was telling you this, not until he turned and outreached his hand beckoning you to join him
  • at first you shook your head, but he waited - still offering his hand
  • finally, after swallowing a little lump in your throat, you took it and he tugged you gently forward
  • your sneakers were getting wet but for some reason it didn’t bother you
  • not when you were so close to this stranger, with eyelashes that fluttered and smooth sunkissed skin
  • “it’s nice?”
  • you hesitated, but nodded and this made him smile again
  • for a while you two just walked in the shallow waters, at some point you took off your wet shoes and left them in the sand to dry
  • the stranger told you a story or two, you explained a little more about yourself
  • and when a sudden large wave crashed and brought the tide up higher, you clung to his arm and he let you - making you feel safe
  • after a while, you thought it was getting too dark and that it’d be hard to find your sneakers on a night beach
  • the person agreed, and when you tried to step away from the the water, he held your wrist “are you tired?”
  • you nodded, your feet were a little sore from the water and walking
  • effortlessly, he pulled you toward him and before you knew it you were in his arms, feet dangling in the air
  • you looked at him in shock “w-w-we just met i d-d-ont think-” 
  • but he just smiled, told you it was nothing for him to carry someone so cute
  • the comment made you blush and you felt like this was some kind of dream, being carried across the ocean by a mysterious prince
  • setting you down beside your sneakers - you slipped them on and quietly waited for the person to follow you
  • he stood, ankles deep in the water “im going to stay here.”
  • “don’t you have to go home?”
  • he smiled this time with a sense of a secret, you then realized you didn’t know his name
  • “my name? jin.”
  • he answered and turned his broad back to you
  • your eyes widened - jin? mermaid jin?
  • but the questions died on your tongue as you watched him walk deeper into the waves, disappearing into the water
  • the faint peek of the tips of his tail emerged a moment letter as he swam farther out
  • and you were left on the shore - still feeling his warm hands where he had held you,,,,,,,, 

Grae: Soo, what exactly are we looking for again? Where do we start?

Kia: Forgotten Hollow in general - History, lore, current events, if possible? I’d suggest starting in the occult section.. Who knows, maybe there really are vampires there.

Grae: Still trying really hard to wrap my mind around that.. I told Somer about it last night after you left. He wasn’t too supportive of the idea.

Kia: Kinda figured, from what you’ve told me about him. But, all the more reason to find something out and prove him wrong, right?

Grae: (smiles) Right. Alright well, let’s get started.

When you’re gay and you like someone in real life it’s super hard because

  1. You need to find out if they’re gay
  2. You need to find out if they’re single
  3. You need to find out if they think you’re cute too
  4. You don’t want to make them uncomfortable by flirting
  5. You don’t want to ruin the possibility of being friends

Anyway, life is exhausting and I’m alone

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Hey!! So I absolutely adore your comic and I love Daniel and Louis with all my heart. Recently I've been feeling a little down with myself and was about to go down a pretty shitty path but then one of the pictures of Louis and Daniel that you'd drawn came into my feed and it made me smile so much that I realised I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Thank you for creating such an amazing thing x

Aww hi! Thank you so much for reading. I’m sorry to hear that things have been rough for you and you have been feeling that way. It’s so easy to be hard on yourself, and maybe it doesn’t always feel like it, but you’re getting through it and doing your best! :) But whenever I feel down, I find thinking about them to help me feel better too asdjf;ajsdf;j LOL;; It’s like

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Do you find it hard to maintain relationships/friendships as a Scorpio woman? I always find myself not interested enough in a friendship or I feel like my efforts aren’t being reciprocated. I feel like I’m always sacrificing some part of myself just to gain some type of understanding or familiarity. I have yet to find anyone who understands or feels as deeply as me. I feel like I’m too intense or too much that I scare the few people I do get close to away. Do you ever feel this way as a Scorpio

Looking closely at the relationships I have present in time, I feel humble and grateful for those who have made the effort to get to know me. Even though I have these relationships maintained over a long period of existence, I still feel as though people don’t understand me.. truly. As pleasant as it is meeting new people, more recently I’ve come to consider that I don’t really care about them or they don’t interest me (although in hindsight they probably assume the same about me). I often see people’s intentions and motives very clearly, but when it comes to myself most of the time I can’t quite describe how I’m feeling because I feel so many emotions at once I can barely keep up. To most people in my life, I’m distant, emotional and stubborn… they’re not the qualities people look for, however, I would resent everyone’s attention on me. As much as I believe it’s important to open up to others, I rarely do so because people have let me down more often than I can count, although to them it probably wasn’t ‘a big deal’ I greatly despise feeling inadequate on the level of emotions I’m supposed to possess. Truth be told, keeping an arm’s length away from everyone right now. Doubtful anyone has even taken notice. 

-A Scorpio Woman

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I feel you so hard about Big Bang blogs becoming inactive and it hurts my soul :'c I miss the boys and I hope I'll find more that miss them too

it hurts my soul as well! it kinda feels like everyone is losing their interest in our boys .. and i mean it’s probably maybe 100 blogs which you can’t compare to their actual fans but still .. my tumblr is so empty :(

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funny thing about pit bulls is. i have one and she's the sweetest dog in the world. she's never bitten me or anyone else. you know what she does? she CUDDLES THE CATS. one of my cats is tiny and disabled, and this big goof just lets the little kitty sleep on her. she lets the bigger cat groom her, too. she even tries to copy them sometimes- i caught her trying to loaf and groom the cats back! and i'm talking about a huge, fully grown pit bull. she's so gentle. i can't understand the hate

I know how you feel. When my partner and I started looking for dogs to adopt I so much wanted to be able to adopt a pit bull (partially because I’ve always loved that breed and also because shelters are overflowing with them), but I knew we couldn’t because 1) it’s hard enough to find an apartment when you have reptiles and 2) one of the cities we know we will likely someday work in/around has a breed ban on them.

While I don’t think it’s safe or responsible to ignore the fact that some pit bulls (namely those that are poorly bred or trained for guarding/fighting) can be seriously dangerous and some pit bulls can have a propensity for aggression towards dogs and other animals I think it is equally unfair to these dogs to treat them all as walking time-bombs. Most pit bulls can be safe, well-adjusted dogs in the right environment.

I personally have never met a pit bull that wasn’t a sweetheart. This includes two dogs from fighting operations, one of whom had her ears cut almost entirely off and the other who had his teeth painfully filed into points. I spent a fair amount of time with the latter dog and he was the biggest, sweetest marshmallow of a pup with both dogs and people even after everything he had been through.

Honestly if people are going to be so hysterical about pit bulls there are plenty of other breeds they should be equally or more concerned about.

Edit: To clarify, I am aware that “pit bull” is often a misused term used colloquially to refer to any dog with mixed bully breed heritage. However, as inaccurate as it may be, that is the name that our society has largely assigned to that “type” of dog. It is used by a lot of rescues/shelters and in organizations both in support of and against “pit bulls”. I personally have seen more of a linguistic distinction forming between “American pit bull terrier” as the name of a breed and “pit bull” as an informal term for any bully mix. Regardless I didn’t want to turn this post into a linguistic wormhole. I assumed anon was using “pit bull” in the colloquial sense (since the post they were referencing almost certainly was using it in that way) and responded accordingly. I should have been more clear in the original post.

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This might sound a bit odd but I’ve been looking for older suits?? Not suits that are modern, but suits like tweed and of an older, perhaps 1930s or Victorian style? And it’s hard to find anything, since unfortunately, I have a female build and I live in a very small town. I was wondering if you knew of any shops or places? Thank you in advance, and if you can’t think of any, that’s alright, too!

as a 5′2″ man who enjoy historical fashion, i feel you. if you’re cool with shopping online, has clothes in relatively smaller sizes (you can get pants with a 26″ waist but you’ll probably need to hem them) and it looks like this website has a list of a bunch of sites you can try.

if you don’t mind it not being officially period wear, getting made to measure tweed and/or double breasted blazers is something a decent number of standard online menswear shops can provide if you just google buying a custom suit.

i have a tweed blazer that i got on clearance from a mens’ tailoring place, so if you take a trip to a big city at some point, that’s always an in-person option. i’m afraid that wasn’t too much help, but i hope it was a decent starting point

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Question: Have you tried Hulu? I just binged the whole series and I’m all wrapped up in the feels. I really hope that you find a platform to support this beautiful story you have started to tell.

Answer: We have. We are working hard to find a way for our international fans to see the show. For now, all of season 1 is FREE to watch on VRV. Thank you! - Alyssa

Being Kara’s sister from Krypton and Alex having feelings for you would include

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Request: Can I have an imagine where Alex admits she has feelings for the reader, who is Kara’s older sister from krypton that she didn’t know about, after getting drained of her powers? Please

a/n: another fic request that I got stuck writing so I turned it into a would include, sorry about that. 

• Kara pleaded for you to come to earth with her but there was only enough room in the pod for one person.

• She watched you fade away with your parents and assumed you died

• When she actually made it to earth and the Danvers took her in she couldn’t bare to tell anyone about you.

• It was hard enough losing her parents but losing her sister was too much.

• What she didn’t know was that after you sent her off you were able to find a stray pod but there was no time to set the coordinates to earth so you launched off with no destination.

• After the pod wandered space for years it eventually crashed into earth

• Kara was the first to find the pod and couldn’t believe it was you inside

• That’s when Alex finally found out Kara had a sister

• At some point during your travels you lost your powers

• Kara asked Alex to run a bunch of tests to see if there was any possible way to get them back

• Over a few months you and Alex became pretty close while spending so much time in the lab together but she kept her feelings for you to herself 

• She didn’t want to overwhelm you after you just came to earth

• Even though her and Kara weren’t related by blood she was like a real sister to her, she thought liking Kara’s actual sister might make things weird

• A few months later she broke and told Kara she had feelings for you

• Kara told her she should follow her heart and tell you

• So she did

• You told her the feelings were mutual 

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Hi! I would be extremely grateful if you could offer me some advice. Basically I hate Calculus and every time I sit down to do it I end up crying I'm taking Calculus online, so it's hard to get a tutor and or talk to my professor. I've also been procrastinating everything Calc related. Actually everything schoolwork related. Pls halp.

Maybe try to find not an online course since it doesn’t seem to work for you? Maybe it’ll be better if someone explained in person. It doesn’t have to be a full-time course too, maybe just a few lessons will be enough. So like private 1:1 lessons. If you can’t for some reasons or it doesn’t help, I linked few extra things to try below. 

Check this out:
* how to study a subject you hate
* this is general studying resources masterpost
* math resources
* time management techniques

Good luck! x 

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do u have any tips on how to figure out gender??? bc i've never really been a feminine person (i'm physically female) and i've always been more masculine? and my brain doesn't like to think about it i guess

oh boy well this is a tough one. 

Gender is something really personal to every single one of us, and every single person has a different way of figuring it out. What works for one person may not work for someone else, so it’s really hard to tell you what will and won’t be helpful to you. 

That being said, there’s a few good things you can do to help yourself figure it all out. Here’s a few suggestions: 

  1. Educate yourself! learn about many different genders, not only the ones that may apply to you, but others too. Gender and the trans* spectrum is very interesting (in my opinion at least) and learning as much as you can is always a good thing. You may find an identity that describes you and if you do that’s great! You may not and that’s fine too!
  2. Don’t stress! I know figuring yourself out can be difficult, I know at times you may feel lost, and I know it can be very stressful. The most important thing to understand is that you shouldn’t worry about it too much. You have your entire life to figure yourself out. There’s no use in worrying about it. 
  3. Presentation isn’t everything! Don’t get me wrong, presentation is important, it can be a great indicator to your gender, but it isn’t the only thing to pay attention to. There are plenty of cis girls who dress in a more masculine way, and similarly, there’s plenty of cis boys who dress more effeminately. This also goes for people (such as myself) who are trans, but still present as their assigned gender. You can wear whatever you want, but at the end of the day it’s the way you feel that decides your gender. 
  4. Think about pronouns! Pronouns are really important to trans* people. Do you like being referred to as she/her? Would you prefer he/him? What about they/them? The way you want people to address you can be one of the best indicators to where your gender resides. 
  5. Take your time! I said it already, and I’ll say it again: take your damn time. There’s no reason you need to find any identity right away. There’s no reason you need to find an identity ever. You are who you are, regardless of what words you use to describe yourself. 

With this all being said, remember that gender can be really tricky and there’s no right or wrong way to figure yourself out. Express yourself how you want, call yourself what you want, do what makes you happy, and you’ll be fine. 

Good luck!

-mod Nova

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I’m feeling bad about myself recently. Dysphoria is getting worse and worse. I can’t find a haircut that suits me, I can’t grow any taller, I can’t get on T, I can’t get too surgery. And school is tough, homework is difficult to do, I don’t even know whether I can enter a good college. Why my life is so hard

I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this, I know it’s not easy.
We have some dysphoria tips in the FAQ that may be able to help you, and some passing tips.

I hope life can sort itself out for you, have faith that usually it does -Matt

I find it really sad how when Taylor was starting off in the music industry everyone praised her about writing love songs. They praised her on how she was so open about them and how she spoke about her relationships so candidly, and now that’s the one reason why is she’s ridiculed. How people slut-shame her until no end and say that she’s needy and that she falls in love too hard. But when you think about it maybe she loves hard because she knows how it feels to be a loved so little. Maybe she trusts fully because she knows what it’s like for people to doubt you. Maybe she grasps onto a love of any kind because she understands the importance of the four letter word we use so flippantly. People are so quick to criticize her because of how pure she is. They see the brokenness of the world, so they automatically think that she’s fake. And when she tried to defend herself they see her as playing the victim. She always has to watch what she says because everything she says, gets twisted into something it’s not. I love how she’s starting to build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at her, I love how’s she’s shutting out the people who don’t care about her. But most of all,I love how she’s including us into her narrative. @taylorswift 💗💟💋💓💗💋💟💕💓💋💗💋💓

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Hey, I just wanted to say I love your blog a lot! I think it’s super cool that you spend the time to keep it up to date :) ~Archer ‘non

Awww thank you! I have a lot of spare time on my hands so keping things up to date isn’t too hard. Though going through tags to find stuff of Shawn can be annoying since it doesn’t always show new stuff and art thats for the game and not jack has to be sorted through. I’m trying to make #flynn the toymaker a tag for shawn flynn stuff so it’ll be easier to sort through. It also really helps if people mention the blog whenever finding stuff cuz it makes it easier for me to find stuff to reblog. Unfortunately the blog might fall behind for a little while starting tomorrow since I’m going on vacation for a week. Hopefully the mods can hold down the fort while I’m gone ~Admin Fox



JIN: “Oh, he is so handsome. And that suit? So mature looking”

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Guess what? HE KNOWS to the point he came up with his own nickname “Worldwide handsome”

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And just disregard “mature”

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SUGA: “his name is Suga? The cutie & frail of the group right?”

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*plays Cypher* “F#CK YOU AND YOU”

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And please delete “frail” from your dictionary. He alone makes the whole group and fandom shake just by a look

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But he got a protective side. He is like every shojo lead character from the nineties. Is good looking, sounds like he doesn’t care but actually takes care of you.

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JHOPE: “What a sunshine”

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Finally, you got something right! and just like the sun he goes down HARD on stage

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And he is SO HOT 

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(By now you will start to have trust issues, don’t worry you develop those when you become an ARMY)

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RAP MONSTER: “A TOUGH rapper and leader?”

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Yep! He is so cool on stage

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But did you know he collects plushies and sleep with them too

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(Get used to plot twists already. You still haven’t seen the crazy maknae line. I mean our dear youngest members)

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JIMIN: “He looks so nervous so I want to protect him”

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DEAR! YOU need to find someone to protect YOU from him

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And yes he imitates the “MUST PROTECT” signals

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But he defends himself just fine 

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V: “A deep voice and THAT face? I hope he does not lack a personality”

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Don’t worry! For Taehyung he was given everything more than any human: looks, charms … and a VERY VERY VEEEERY ONE OF A KIND personality

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And beware, you will get into liking hands 

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JUNGKOOK: “He is the total package wow”

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Yes! So total you get freebies with your package: “loads of questions”

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AND a huge amount of “violence”

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BTS are a bunch of dorks that make great music. They have bags full of trophies, hearts bursting with love and an attitude covered in kindness and humbleness. 

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By @mimibtsghost

Venus Signs as Girls

Aries Venus: Raunchy Girl

she knows what she wants and how to get it. she gets sprung up easily and has high sexual energy to keep the others interested. she likes blowing shit up and staying in control. however, she loses interest fast. trying to keep her on her toes is near impossible unless u can match her energy. she knows how to get others riled up, some call her a major tease. she will keep your head spinning.

Taurus Venus: Expensive Girl

she comes with a price and u need to be willing to deal with her. she can be relentless. she doesn’t budge for anyone and her tastes always come with a heavy price tag! she wants glamour, chocolates, ur honesty and comfort. she doesnt deal with unpredictability well. she wants to be able to read you and solidify a long lasting romance. her features are so captivating its hard not to be attracted to her. expect her in silks and w/ glossy lips.

Gemini Venus: Cool Girl

she enters with style and quickness. she entices you with one conversation. she has stories in the back of her pockets and she is very airy. she might spread love in platonic ways but she still struggles with finding who she is esp in relationships so she usually retreats back to loneliness. all she wants is someone who can lead the unexpected and talk endless convos with. she is into art, music and the adrenaline.

Cancer Venus: Ethereal Girl

her large eyes will provoke your vulnerability. she wants to care for you, to understand u better but she also wants ur warmth. she is delicate and its hard for her to move on once the relationship has ended. she is used to loneliness so she tries not to be too much but it never works out. she shows her affection in various and noticeable ways such as cooking, having intimate conversations and gifts.

Leo Venus: Stargirl

her presence is magnetic. she has a big heart and gold aura that it’s hard for people to resist her. she likes to showcase her talents, her creativity, and to be applauded. yes, she loves an audience! she wants partners that appreciate her and that she can spoil. reciprocation is key for her. she likes public romances and strive to be that “it” couple.

Virgo Venus: Untouchable Girl

its hard to capture the heart of the venus virgo. she expects too much from others and not enough from herself. she gets sprung out easily and she tries to conceal it but it always ends in frantic cries. she is put together for the most part. sleek style. likes to insert control of all areas in her life. she may run lovers away because of her strict ways. she is constantly learning to accommodate for others. once she finds the perfect partner, she will give part of herself to them. she is a healer, an oracle, a treasure

Libra Venus: Party Girl

she loves glam and the fluorescent lights. she idealizes love to the point she loses herself. she wants to be your muse. your dream girl. but she may find it hard to stay in relationships bc her airy nature always comes to haunt her. she lives for the party atmosphere, to dance freely and converse over some cocktails. she may adorn herself with diamonds and a sleek slip dress.

Scorpio Venus: Mystique Girl

she offers a strange vibe that u need to know more. she reveals nothing but keeps your mind wanting all of her. she needs ur loyalty and ur trust. she seems a bit off putting bc she is scared. she must not lose you. she can be really daring but also grounded. if she cries, you will definitely hear her. she lingers in the room, maybe to the sidelines but your eyes somehow will always drift to her. she’s intoxicating. you just need to know more

Sagittarius Venus: Hell Girl

she isnt demonic but she can be hard to figure out. she is here for the fun, for the scenery, for the company. she loses interest quick because no one can seem to measure up to her expansive vision. she likes to be wild, to let loose, to scream, to hook up. she cannot be tamed. her beliefs are important to her and she can be a bit full of herself but it’s all for good measure. she always gets the last word and never tell her she is wrong. you won’t hear the end of it

Capricorn Venus: Ice Girl

she is cold to the bone but its bc she doesnt amuse romance well. she wants the power and triumph of love. if you have high status u will appeal to her well. she is reserved, calculating and enjoys getting her way. she feels like she can be too much for people so she reserves her insecurities. she may treat your romance like a business but its bc that is what she does best. once she finds the right partner, it is hard for her to leave and she will need their trust in order for her to come forward of her problems. she can easily be tense but she hides it with her wealth. she may splurge in alcohol to keep her rested.

Aquarius Venus: Electric Girl

She will literally make ur head spin and keep you on your toes. u cant tie her down. she sleeps around to fill some void and bc she lives for the ride of it. She has really pecuilar interests and she makes u look twice at her bc of her striking appearance. she loves color and music, other times she loves to tap into dark energy. she isnt consistent and if u want her attention u have to keep it.

Pisces Venus: Pixie Girl

she wants to lose herself in romance, to hold her partner’s hand with softness and relish in her fairytale. she has a delicate heart and when it shatters, she withdrawals. she becomes vacant. those glowy eyes turn to black. but she often doesn’t get to this point. her wishful thinking is what gets her in trouble. she is easily manipulated, taken for granted by people with bad intentions. she enjoys art, symphonies, and vulnerability