you are too beautiful for your own good

GOT7 Reaction when you weare a too short dress


*naughty thoughts*

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*literally no words*

*looks shy away to protect his young,innocent eyes*

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*pretends to be shy,but has naughty thoughts*

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“Are you trying to seduce other man?Change quickly,because this body only belongs to me.

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“You look very pretty,but can you change your dress?”


“Because for your own good and I don’t want that another man steals my beautiful princess.”

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“Do I look pretty?”

“Of course you do,but don’t think your dress is a little too short?”

“Do you mind?”

“Yes,because there are many perverts out there,you never know.”

“I love you too-_-

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*gets nervous*


“What? Oh you mean the dress?It’s beautiful,isn’t it?” *smiles*

“Are you okay?”

“Yes…of course.”

*begins to uncontrollably lick his lips*

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Lord Croft: “I wish you could see the view from my tent, Lara. The dig looks so beautiful in the early evening - when the last embers of the sunlight are dying upon a good day’s work. Then one by one the fires are lit and the smell of roasting meat wafts across the camp. They tell me that it’s guinea pig. I declined it. Roth ate two. Maybe next time I’ll bring you out here too… How did your history test go?”

Lara: “Those were my happiest memories, dad, being out on the digs with you. Especially when you gave me my own little plot to excavate. I liked that… feeling that I was part of something important. I aced that test by the way.”

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Imagine waking up from a nightmare and going to Sam.

Fandom: Supernatural

Warnings: none


tagging @sam-winchester-imagines

Gif does not belong to me.

  • “I know it’s like 3 a.m., but I really need you right now so move your ass over and make me some space to  lie down.”
    “You wanna talk about it…?”
    “Good, cause I really need to rest.”
    “Aww, does Sammy need his beauty sleep?”
  • “Why are you stealing my blanket? You brought your own!”
    “Oh, shut up, Sammy, it’s cold and you’re a gentleman.”
  • He mutters something under his breath and turns away from you, immediately falling back asleep. His soft brown locks are too much to resist,  and you end up playing with his hair, careful not to wake him up. Besides, the hair was on your side of his pillow.
  • The pleasant feeling and soft breathing coming from the other side of the rather small bed made you sleepy. The coziness was melting your bones and you could swear you wouldn’t make it out of the bed in the morning, as you were becoming one with it.
  • Waking up from the next nightmare was very quick and very sharp. It took you awhile to  detach from the dream and notice a concerned looking  Sam shaking you.
  • “You okay?” he asked, visibly worried, even though the only light in the room was coming from an electronic clock beside the bed.
    “Yeah, sure. Just one hell of a dream.”
    “Maybe now you wanna talk about it?”
    “Nah, I… I’m okay. It’s just the memories from our latest case, this bloody mess…”
  • He doesn’t respond, instead laying you back down on the mattress and tugging up the blankets. You nestle yourself by his side, allowing him to hug you closely to his chest in a soothing motion.
  • He smelt like vanilla, and you wondered if it was his shampoo. You were pretty sure he wouldn’t notice if you stole a little bit from his bottle.
  • Even though he tried to stay awake to make sure you were gonna be okay, he fell back asleep minutes later. You couldn’t blame him though – the last hunt had taken all of you to your limits and Sam was the one working the most. Without his hard work and literal digging  through the monstrous piles of antique books, more people would have died.
  • With your head pressed to his chest, you could feel the even rhythmic beating of his heart.
  • You wondered when the last time he got scared by a stupid nightmare, like a kid, was. Dean would tease you for weeks if he found out.
  • You dropped looking for the answer quickly.
  • If it was your ticket to this position, you would certainly be okay with that.

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Tell me about Lexa and Clarke :') they seem so cute together

(oh my lord you better love me for this cause i had it all typed out then tumblr crashed so im a bit salty rn but ill admit this isn’t as good as the original cause that one was fantastic)


*also theres a lot of stuff thats probably not included or got skipped or whatever so yeah feel free to add*


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So Clexa is the wonderful ship of a very gay commander queen:

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and a beautiful bisexual bad ass (nice ass too (but don’t get me started on the good Earth cleavage)) Space Princess:

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(life goals wife goal ^^^)

So this OTP starts because fuck boi #1 cant keep his shit together:

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and so that they can defeat the mountain men they team up and shit:

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so they’re working together and shit being LEADERS together aka falling in love but anyhow Lexa falls hard for our space princess because who wouldn’t? they fight a fucking gorilla and Lexa totally saves Clarke’s ass from another grounder

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and watches over her as she sleeps

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they even have a really deep conversation about love and loss and shit

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but Lexa ends up betraying Clarke to protect her people which was a big big fuck up like the only time i did’t like Lexa was then but that leads Clarke to end up killing a lot of people and she doesn’t handle it to well so she ends up becoming 

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so basically Lexa asks Clarke for forgiveness and they basically get married i mean look come on

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Married AF

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Clarke is hanging out with Lexa and stuff to try and smooth out shit that got fucked up between the grounders and sky people cause some people are just fucking stupid man like the fuck

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fucking idiot

so they are being all domestic and cute i mean what look at this shit the fluff!

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(also parallels to Lexa watching over Clarke AKA LOVE) 

oh and the Clexa child

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okay but then shit goes down hill okay so you see this fucker

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ugh it makes me so mad like wtf man not fucking cool but the death leads to a lot of anger and:

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So the season goes on and Clarke keep the flame/chip in her boobs (close to her heart) because its Lexa and she has a mini melt down when they want to smash her because i mean

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man id be fucking devastated too i mean you just got laid by someone who means a lot to you then bang she’s gone and all thats left is an AI?! poor baby all she needs is a hug and a shock blanket (and Lexa but we won’t say that *sips tea*)

so on they go trying to figure shit out Clarke ends up going to the City of Light so that she can shut it down from the inside


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OH YEAH THATS RIGHT!!! you should of guessed i hope you did i hope you feel as good about this as i do cause damn!!!!


So the show goes and Lexa is helping Clarke Save the world!

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Lets be real y’all When you look up the definition of “OTP” theres a pictuer of Clexa and thats it!

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Desi wife standards that just need to go away

- being fairer is prettier (I am not using that fair and lovely stuff, all tones are beautiful)

- cooking is the basis of marriage (this one is probably the most annoying one)

- being submissive as fuck is being a good wife (umm wtf i can have my own thoughts and actions thank u)

- wear traditional clothes so your husband would find you more attractive (i’m gonna wear what i feel comfortable in)

- be educated but not too educated so that the man can stay the man of the house (excuse u ???)

- be religious (okay but that’s a priority for everyone not just a wife)

- pamper the boy, clean everything for him, treat him like a king (or he can treat me like a queen am i right lol but seriously he’s a man who can at least wash dishes by himself, I’m NOT your servant)

- give it to him whenever he wants (how about no, this should be a mutual consent of when they want to do it or not do it) 

- don’t laugh too hard or talk too loud (who r u again???)

- always go out when he wants to (what if I’m tired? We go out when we both want to, not just one of us, i won’t force him to go out and he shall not force me to go out)

- stay quiet if you’re in an argument (or how about I tell him how I feel he is acting wrong so we can work it out together)

- wake up before him (why even? To make him breakfast and wait until he goes to work? I would do that occasionally out of love but this should not be a duty)

I have been told ALL of these MULTIPLE times. I’m so annoyed of this, this is just wrong. Add more if you think of any!

The Signs and Beauty
  • Aries: strength in bad situations. carrying three tubes of lip gloss at all times. forgiving someone but not forgetting. circulating between friend groups, trying not to piss anyone off. being strongly opinionated. knowing cold, hard facts. needing someone but not knowing how to say it. beauty in initiative.
  • Taurus: pissed off glares. warning looks. bad jokes but satisfied laughs. trying too hard and not hard enough at the same time. never letting yourself relax. boredom leading to complaining. spending money on people you care about. beauty in waves and inconstant levels.
  • Gemini: the season finale of a really good show. backwards SnapBacks. sarcastic remarks. not complaining. holding your own against assholes. healthy amounts of self-confidence. getting randomly into bad moods and hating everyone.
  • beauty in treating yourself right.
  • Cancer: a sharp skate that curves paths into the ice. a planet, spinning slowly and endlessly. the rarest tear, falling in on the floor in a cold bathroom stall when everyone leaves. laboured breathing. a constant hand on your hand, guiding you. a phone call. being able to hear the smile in a voice. making eye contact and smiling. beauty in love and support.
  • Leo: a bead of sweat rolling down a forehead after a particularly hard workout. a bonfire that starts small and then flares up, enveloping the wood. soft, meaningful whispers into attentive ears. lips being too close and much too far at the same time. confidence that means something. laughter that shows off your best smile. excitement itself. obvious beauty in unusual places.
  • Virgo: trying on outfits in the mirror for hours. trying to look your best but not knowing why it's so important. circular sunglasses pushed to the bridge of your nose. overwhelming stress and responsibility. hiding the weight of secrets so that others don't look at you differently. spending hours away from home at friends' houses. beauty in internal grief.
  • Libra: being willing to try new things. the feeling of hearing something that resonates with you. sunshine on warm windows. birds' nests in trees near houses that nobody seems to notice until the birds hatch. daytime. a colour somewhere between red and orange that everyone forgets the name of. the clock hitting midnight. natural beauty that nobody quite expects.
  • Scorpio: the feeling of ear piercings. a depressing but well-written poem. validation in others' eyes. mystery. pink and roses coming up from thorny stems. graphite stains on fingers. sharp eyebrows. beauty in passion.
  • Sagittarius: unexplained nervousness. a rollercoaster of bad days and good days. the feeling when you finally say what you want. sunshine in a smile. small birds outside windows. oversized sweaters. loud music and broken earphones. beauty in strength.
  • Capricorn: being confident in feelings. recklessness in love. loud, disappointed sighs. pushing a friend in the right direction. shelves upon shelves of finished books. childhood memories still staring you in the face. making trivia teams and sports teams because you tried hard. beauty in determination.
  • Aquarius: basketballs falling into the net in gym class. having admirers everywhere that you don't know about. thin eyeliner. new makeup palettes. pop culture references. the feeling of security in playing it safe. the feeling of pride in taking risks. beauty in daily existence.
  • Pisces: getting high grades. playing childish games as teenagers. having all the games for pokémon still safely tucked into your 3DS case long into high school. laughing like nobody can hear you. awkwardly shrugging off hugs. not being nostalgic because you're always thinking of the future. university applications. beauty in knowing who you are.
EXO reaction to their crush suddenly pinch their cheeks and said so cute

anonymous asked:  Exo reaction to their crush suddenly pinch their cheeks and said “so cute”. Love your reactions they give life! :)
A/N:and you’re making my heart beat fast:) <3
Xiumin- “So would you say I’m boyfriend material?”

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Luhan- “You’re cute”

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Kris- “really? So would you accept this cutie’s asking you out on a date?”

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Suho- “Not as cute and beautiful as you are”

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Lay- “Then maybe… you can call me something else….like….boyfriend”

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Baekhyun- “You just want this don’t you”

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Chen- “You’re too cute for your own good”

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Chanyeol- “Here’s a flower for the most beautiful girl in the world”

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D.O- “Why are you making me feel this way”

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Tao- “Give me a hug”

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Kai- “t-thank you”

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Sehun- *Just gif honestly sehun doesn’t need no words*

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The signs from a Cancer Point of view (use 🌞 + 🌜):
  • (My posts are backwards on purpose)
  • Pisces: Oh my lord, you can be so silly. I love how infectious your giggle is. You can think of things in ways I would have never even thought; you're almost too creative for your own good. I know sometimes you're not so good at art, like most posts predict, but the way you speak is beautiful, like your words were perfectly arranged to form a mosaic of variegated interpretations. You let everyone's experiences influence you to the point where you take them on as your own, and that's ok. I know that just helps you stay close to the ones you love, as if living in their memories with them strengthens your connection with them.
  • Aquarius: You can be distant, but care with every pulse of your heart. Sometimes that's what confuses me. There's a reason for everything to you. You want to know cause and effect, but I'm worried for the day when you realise that not everything has an explanation; at least not one easily confined by mere words. You're not devoid of emotion. You're just much better at deciding when and how to deal with them. How do you do that? How do you know how to reach out for help without burdening everyone?
  • Capricorn: We are opposites. You work so hard to be happy, that sometimes I think you hardly stop to enjoy even the small things that have a magical air to them; like the plush towels against your skin, or the pattern of the sky that will only freeze for a few seconds more. To you, it's all about pushing forward and getting things done, and I love your motivation, but don't you realise how stressed out you get yourself? You can be cold, but that's only because sometimes you don't want to stop to know what will happen if you do.
  • Sagittarius: I am amazed at how much patience I have with you. You're so carefree, and I don't believe I have ever seen you stressed. Sometimes I get frustrated with how you treat others, but I know you don't mean to hurt people on purpose. I love how you want to be a free thinker, you don't let others cloud your thoughts or decisions, unless you really love them, then in that case you trust their opinions. Not everyone can or could ever earn your trust. You have clarity when most others are stressed because you've detached yourself from them so successfully. I'm glad that you of all people could take the weight that you do, though I'm not pleased that you have to in the first place. You handle beatings with grace, and you hold your ground firmly.
  • Scorpio: You're the most passionate person I know. When you talk about what you love or hate, I can see the propellers churn in your eyes. You love to love and hate to hate. I know it's hard to let people in, but I'm thankful you chose me of all people. I'm sorry I can't always be there when you sob in your bed late at night, but you always hold off when you're ready. That's ok too. I know you don't like to be pushed. Sometimes you let others passions overtake your own and you get so confused and tired that it's hard to face anyone. You want to love so badly, but you're always doubting yourself. Your thoughts can be overwhelming and it seems lonely in crowds, even around your own family, but even you need to trust more than one person.
  • Libra: You of all people know what to do and say all the time. I enjoy just sitting back and watching you talk and interact with people; you get that everyone is different, and you treat them according to how they are. If only people had that same respect towards you. I love how you can diffuse conflict as if you're stroking the nuzzle of a wild horse. You listen and think before you speak. You thrive on the subject of philosophy because you think, and it does, makes you a better person. You love everyone and you value friendships and relationships. You don't know who the right partner is, but I know when you find them, they will make you feel like the only person in the world, just like you do with everybody else.
  • Virgo: There's a lot to worry about. You are the one that I wish I was the most like. You live in the moment, without leaving the past or planning for the future. You're aware of the things larger than life, and you respect them, but you understand how all the little things contribute to the infinite tapestry. I wish I could notice and appreciate as you do. I know you focus too much on the tangible, and I understand that it's easy to get lost in the world of perfection and imperfections, to ignore the thoughts and feelings of others. Most people think you are cold, but I think there's more to it than that. Maybe you just know what to do with your feelings, and they're under your control, and yours alone. You're calm and always seem to be at ease. In no way should that be a crime, after all, many could learn a thing or two from you.
  • Leo: I find a lot of admiration towards how confident you are. Your presence alone is awe-inspiring. Everything you do--the way you walk, how you speak, your gestures, everything--looks so effortless but well thought out. Watching you is like enjoying a movie where every movement is perfect. I love the way you make me feel like we've know each other for years. I am at ease and comfortable by your very presence. One might expect your voice to be loud and authoritative, but it's soothing and suggestive more than anything. You want to make everyone feel like your friend, and I know it has no malevolent purposes, but it's for your own conscious because you can't bear a single person disliking you.
  • Cancer: I could tell you how seething your own mind is, but I'm sure you already know that. You can be so optimistic that you become blind to the worse in human nature. You have fallen victim to many schemes of manipulation, and each time you've beaten yourself up for it. It's ok to yell and scream and cuss. In fact, it's normal to let yourself explode. Nothing could ever right the wrongs that you can never seem to forget. I'm sure that even though they haven't made it up to, or apologised, that they still love you. Not everyone is like you where they can hold onto their emotions and keep it from lapping over the edge. People say things they don't mean, and they make mistakes. It's ok to not be able to forget, you just have to find a way to love again despite their wrong doings.
  • Gemini: When I am with you, I am never bored. There's always something to talk about, and you're willing to look at every side of a story because you love to be fascinated. You are so animated when you speak, as if you're trying to replay and exert the experience to everyone so that they can experience it as you once did. I love your acceptance of art in all its forms but most of all, I appreciate your desire for knowledge. You may not be the smartest, but you are the one to show me how to think.
  • Taurus: I see a lot of posts categorising you as being a glutton for food. Truth is, you love to enjoy things you like, and by no means is that bad. Some people talk about what they like and you feel their radiance through their words, but with you, you don't have to say anything. I feel your content seeping into my veins and I too become enveloped in this world of yours where the finer things of life are adored. I value your opinion because you learn to know and feel every inch of something before you can decide to love or hate it. You have to know for sure because once you make a decision, by God you stick to it. I love how you're supporting and refreshing for anyone who needs it. You've made some good calls, and also so bad ones, but you've learned from both and you can separate truth and fiction like nothing I've seen before.
  • Aries: You are the epitome of fire. I know it's easy to think of everything at once, and it gets extremely overwhelming. I think you tend to overlook other people's feelings for the small minute things that really don't matter. Your opinions and desires matter, just understand that you can't make anyone agree with you. You have a silver tongue, and it's hard to resist your logic, because despite how wrong you may be, you take record time in thinking up of an argument and at the same time shred your adversary to pieces. Some say it's water that wears you down slow and painfully, but I have witnessed the hot flash of your flames burn and dissipate. You get caught up in the moment. It's no biggie. I respect that you have confidence, I love that. You are into fast paced things, and I don't think I've ever seen you relax without falling asleep. You really amaze me at how adept you are at working under so much pressure. You've been through a lot, heaven knows, but we both know you've become a better person because of it. Your optimism is what pushed me through my own experiences, and I am most grateful for you especially.
Puppy Love - Part 1

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,470

Summary: The reader’s dog wanders off and she finds him hanging out inside of an Impala that belongs to her gorgeous new neighbor.


You swear to god your dog is a ninja. He’s constantly sneaking off and getting into trouble. He’s worse than a little kid. He’s a 100 lb German Shepherd for Christ’s sake. You should be able to keep track of him.

“Murphy! Come here, buddy!” 

The beautiful beast is too smart for his own good. He’s a troublemaker for sure. He needs to know what’s happening at all times. You have a slight suspicion that he thinks he’s a police dog.

You quickly search the house and the backyard, you’re not surprised that he’s no where to be found. He tends to invade your neighbors lives. He’ll just waltz right into someone’s yard or house if he can. Sigh. You walk out your front door and start looking around.

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If you don’t want to go to college, don’t. If you want to be single, be. If you don’t like what you see on the menu, leave the restaurant. If you feel something, express it - through art, through literature, through music. If you like a song, sing it in the shower.

Life is too short to leave things unsaid. If you find someone who makes your heart race when their name pops up on your phone, do not let them go. Marry someone who makes a quotidian reality as good as your dreams. If you want to be happy, look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are fucking awesome. Confidence is sexy.

At the end of the day, when you lay your head on that pillow, be proud of yourself. You are unique and strong in your own way. We are all just specks inhabiting a beautiful, lush rock for 100 years. Wake up every morning, embrace positivity, and make your life exactly what you want it to be. The clock is ticking.

We all have that one follower...

The one who arose from seemingly nowhere and has amazingly BEAUTIFUL WRITING. That sucks you in and writes in ways you could NEVER possibly dream of.

The one that stepped out of the darkness and into the light and made you think, “Fuck! I wish I could write like that.”

The one that makes you sob a little bit in the corner wishing you could conjure up some magic of your own and steal their talent.

The one who is WAY TOO DAMN GOOD to be following you and deserves all of the love and followers.

If you have that one person, or maybe a few you just don’t feel worthy of, don’t forget to remind them how fucking awesome they are and how glad you are that they actually follow you.


Here’s looking at you, kid.

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My Romanian Fiance

Here is part six to the “My Romanian” series.

Read My Romanian Best Friend
Read My Romanian Confidant
Read My Romanian Roommate
Read My Romanian Boyfriend

Words: 1168

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send me an ask.

           You had been gone for three weeks doing press for the new season of your show. You didn’t mind it, really. But you hated being away from Sebastian. He was working on his own stuff, so the two of you were apart.

           Facetiming again became your means of communication. You didn’t like not being with him, but at least you got to see his face and talk to him.

           “Hey, Beautiful,” Sebastian smiled when the two of you pulled up your Facetime on your phones.

           “Hey,” you smiled at him, “How are you?”

           “I miss you, but I’m doing good,” he said.

           “I miss you too,” you sighed, “I can’t wait to be back with you.”

           “Just a little while longer and we’ll be together again,” he said, “Think you can make it?” he teased.

           “I’ll do my best.”

           “That’s my girl.”

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Who you should fight: Shadowhunters edition
  • Clary: she's tiny and might seem an easy target, but she's also a shadowhunter and generally filled with rage. A very careful approach is advised
  • Simon: you could fight Simon. Even as a vampire, he's pretty harmless. You could take him, although I'm not sure why you'd want to hurt this cinnamon roll. Just be aware you'll have a clan of vampires and a few shadowhunters out for your head if you do
  • Jace: not a good idea. Don't fight Jace. The only chance you'd have is to attack him when he's too deep in his self-loathing to notice you approaching, and even then you would only get a punch or two before he breaks every bone in your body
  • Isabelle: do NOT fight Isabelle Lightwood. She'll wreck you and you will look up from the ground, lying in a pool of your own blood, wondering why you decided to anger this beautiful, warrior goddess, as she smirks at you, and you'll think that no death will be sweeter than the one where you can look upon her face
  • Alec: don't fight Alec. Even if you do manage to beat him, which is very unlikely but let's say for a second you do beat him somehow, you'll have to face his enraged siblings and his boyfriend, and that's not a situation you can come out of alive
  • Magnus: are you kidding me. Do you wanna fucking die buddy. Because that's a High Warlock, he'll atomize you and send your remains in the deepest, darkest reaches of Hell by snapping his fingers as he drinks his cocktail in his armchair. And magic aside, have you seen those arms? Dude is ripped, I wouldn't want to get punched by him. Also, look at you, there's an arrow in your knee, wonder how it got there
  • Raphael: bad idea. Don't fight Raphael. He's a vampire and has biceps that could make his shirts explode
  • Luke: why the fuck would you fight Luke. You'll lose, and hasn't this guy been through enough already? Give this dad a break, Jeez
  • Lydia: you probably shouldn't. We haven't seen that much of her fighting, but I have the feeling it won't end well for you
  • Valentine: well, I'm rooting for you but you're gonna be dead before you even reach him, torn to shreds by all of his followers. Although if you do manage to reach him, then please hit him for me too before he guts you
My loneliness is a tangible fog
and I’m never quite enough sunlight to burn it out.
This loneliness is a shower curtain pulled
from the rail: damp and shrouding and
everyone is too cautious to pull it back.
I am trying to be enough for myself.
I leave positive post-it messages on the bathroom mirror,
I snow-angel myself across the mattress so I don’t notice
the empty spaces–
I say ‘I love you’ to anyone that will listen.
Tracking progress with something like loneliness
is like measuring how beautiful the moon is
when your eyes are closed.
I might not be able to tell things are better
until my body stops reaching for something,
until my soul isn’t too scared
to exist on its own.
—  Schuyler Peck, When Your Shadow Isn’t Good Company
I’m Scared - Josh Dun

Requested by anon x

Josh flopped down beside you, his chest rising and falling quickly from the activities you had just done together. You were breathing heavily too, and looked over at Josh to see him smiling cheekily. You couldn’t help but smile back, and you felt his fingers lace into your own.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, still staring at you with a smile. You felt your cheeks go red, as even though you and Josh had been together for over five years you still felt butterflies in your stomach whenever he complimented you.

“And you’re good in bed,” you replied, making Josh laugh. He leant forward and connected his lips to yours, before you were interrupted by a loud bolt of lightning hitting the ground outside. The two of you both jumped as you heard rain start to pour down outside your bedroom window.

“That scared the shit out of me,” you mumbled, pulling the covers up more. Josh turned over so he was lying on his side facing you, and started to laugh softly. He was about to kiss you again before your bedroom door flung open, and your five year old daughter came running into the room.

“There are monsters outside!” she screamed, and bolted towards Josh and you. You suddenly panicked as you realized that both Josh and you were naked, and your daughter was wanting to climb into bed with you. You turned your head to look at Josh, who looked like he was thinking the exact same thing.

“Abbey, just wait there,” Josh said frantically, and she did just as he told her. She stood at the foot of the bed with her stuffed bunny clutched in her tiny hands, her eyes full of terror as she looked out the window at the storm. She jumped every time lightning hit outside, and even the thunder seemed to scare her.

You looked over to see Josh quickly pulling up his boxers and flinging his shirt over his head. You immediately started to follow his actions and put your own pyjamas back on, trying your hardest to not let Abbey see too much. Luckily it was dark, and she was far too frightened of the storm to see anything.

“Alright come here,” Josh said as you were pulling your pyjama shorts on, and Abbey placed her arms on the top of the bed to pull herself up. She held tightly onto her bunny whilst she stood on her tip toes and struggled to get up.

“Daddy, I need help,” she said, still trying to grip her fingers onto the covers to pull herself up. Josh smiled at you before grabbing onto Abbey’s arms gently and pulling her into his lap. She quickly wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his shirt.

“Aw sweetie, it’s okay. It’s just a storm,” you whispered, rubbing her back gently to calm her. You watched as she nodded her head, then slowly turned her face away from Josh.

“See? You’re a brave girl,” Josh said encouragingly, and slowly Abbey crawled out of Josh’s lap. She made her way over to the little space in between you and Josh, and shuffled her legs under the covers with her bunny held tightly in her hand. 

Josh pulled the covers up so she was fully under them, and you laid your head down on the pillow next to her. She was facing you, and opened her brown eyes to look at you sleepily. Josh wrapped his arm around her and pulled her in close to him so she was warm. A tiny smile appeared on her lips, and you began to close your eyes. Soon after you heard Josh begin to drift into sleep, and as you listened to his steady breathing you heard Abbey whisper something.

“Please let me have a little brother,” she whispered to herself, and you felt a small smile make its way onto your own lips.

these beautiful beautiful boys

btw i think you can order all for the game series on amazon? the paperbacks?? so please go and do it…. it’s way too good not to have it on your shelf! me and my roomate both are going to order our own copies. 

sometimes i realise i sound like someone paid me to advertise this series but no, no one did, it was just wonderful and i want everyone in the world to read it.

1. They told me if you don’t lose your mind while into a relationship, then you lose your time.

2. It takes less than 30 sunsets to get over him, if you let the sunset wander your thoughts.

3. When I were 13, I didn’t like taking photos, too ugly, too sad, too ugly, etc. Now I ask myself why I were so stupid that time.

4. I faked loving myself so good, it became a habit.

5. No one’s got your smile, no one’s got your hair, no one’s got your body and no one’s got your mind. Be proud of it and show the world your own beauty.

6. I don’t like my nose, never did, but yesterday my lover told me he wants our children to have my nose. Some things you don’t like in yourself, but this doesn’t mean no one likes them too, because, fuck yeah!!, there is somebody who wants to have your hair, your smile or even your voice.

7. Having bad parents is not so bad as it seems, actually they are a good example of how not to behave with your children. Often, those whose parents did not give them enough attention are great parents.

8. Sometimes, the things that worked for them are not gonna work for you. Because as I said, no one’s got your mind, no one’s got your body, we, people, are different and that’s what I like about us. It’s always interesting to find out what works for you.

9. My thoughts are killing me slowly, I still learn to think better thoughts, so should you do. You’re amazing, you look wonderful, your voice is lovely, you are smart, your family is great, everything is fine. If it isn’t, you can always come to my inbox and share your thoughts

. 10. I make the same mistake again and again, I always let him in my life and forget all of his bad parts. I have no idea why I do this, sometimes we do things because we wonder how it will end up like. And that’s okay, you know why? Because fireworks, coca-cola, potato chips were created by mistake.


things everybody deeply knows 🌙

You’re All I Want

Originally posted by mayaahart

Pairing: Lucas Friar x Reader

Request:  Can you please do to imagines for girl meets world, and Y/N in a country girl and she can sing really good, she beautiful, a barrel racer, and all the guys at the school likes her, and not everyone know that Y/N and ( I can’t think of his name right now!😬 but he’s the hot country boy) they are dating, and that she can play the guitar to please!! If that isn’t to much!😬

Requested By: Anonymous

Author’s Note: just going to assume you meant lucas

Y/N = Your Name

Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Italics = Flashbacks

Disclaimer: I don’t own Too Young by Sabrina Carpenter or Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland.

Lucas Friar and you were dating anyone who took any notice to both of you together knew that. But there were a few who didn’t seem to get the message. Every day you would have a guy from one of your classes-or even someone you had no classes with, that you didn’t even know-ask her out or throw you a cheap pickup line. And honestly, Lucas was getting tired of it. Could they not see him holding you hand and just generally holding you.  

He knew it shouldn’t bother him-you were his, you loved him and that was all that should matter. But it did. Every time he saw a guy try to grab your hand, hold you in anyway. He almost lost it-almost turned into Texas Lucas. They did it all the time.

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here’s a few tips for those authors who aren’t very good at writing:

  • if you come up with a good idea, write it down but don’t post/publish it
  • read a lot. trust me, it really helps improve your own writing skills
  • keep on writing. don’t stop just because your writing isn’t as good as someone else’s
  • know that eventually, you will get better. it might take a while but you’ll get there
  • once you get comfortable with your writing skills, go back to all those early drafts of stories that you wrote before and rewrite them
  • keep repeating, and you can only get better
  • don’t be afraid to message me with a question about grammar or an idea or whatever. I’m always happy to help writers edit their writing/ideas
Those three words

When you stirred it was still dark and cold outside but you were under covers next to person who radiated heat so it was nice and warm. You were leaning your back against steadily rising chest behind. Harry tightened his grip on your waist and pulled you closer fully asleep. You smiled and wriggled so you could face him.

He looked so peaceful and beautiful. Actually a lot younger and more innocent than normally. His hair were all around his pillow and few curly stress were on his face too. Lips partnered he sighed when you reached out to put the wandering stress behind his ear. You pecked his lips and buried your face into his neck. His skin smelled so good; his own personal scent mixing with hint of fine cologne.

You felt his grip tightening even more.
”Baby?” Oh shit, you didn’t mean to wake him but he looked so irresistible and you jus couldn’t let him, could you?
”Sorry, i didn’t mean to wake you” you said feeling even more guilty.
”No worries, baby, I was already half awake” he claimed his voice raspy and thick. ”No you weren’t. Don’t try fool me, Harold. I watched you when you slept and you were almost in coma deep sleep” blurted out immediately flushing because that kind of confession wasn’t you. You hated cheesiness and sappy romance.

You saw how he started grinning sleepily because you accidentally slipped something that proved your affection towards him.
”You freak!” he blamed you with smile ear to ear as he leaned to kiss your burning cheeks.
”I’m not a freak. It’s completely normal and you do it to!” you argued trying to keep your poker face up but soon a smirk creeped on your face and revealed that you weren’t as serious that you meant to be.

”Babe, you are and it isn’t normal but i take that tho.. only because you’re so cute when you snore” he teased you as he left trail of sloppy kisses in your neck.
”For your information: I do not snore” you said confidently.
”And stop drooling on my neck. You ain’t dog”. Immedieately as you said that you felt his tongue on your skin and he started licking your neck all way up to chin and then to cheeks.
”Yhyy! Gross get of me!” you yelled laughing.
”No, I would never do that, love” he stated starting to tickle your sides with one hand and taking your hands above your head with another. He climbed over you so he could control your movements better and you were perfectly trapped.

”Harry, HARRYYYH STOPHH I CAN’T BREATHE” you screamed trying to free your wrist but he was too strong so you could only squirm.
”Yeah baby say my name, scream it” he mocked you with the cockiest smirk ever
”I SWEAR IF YOU DONT STOP NOW I WONT HAVE SEX WITH YOU TONIGHT OR WHOLE NEXT WEEK” you threatened still wriggling underneath him trying to get free.
”You won’t believe that even yourself, but fine I will stop if you want” he said slightly too quickly to be so sure that you wouldn’t fulfill your threat.

After saying that he collapsed over you with all his weight and because you weren’t exactly giant you crushed between him and a mattress so thightly that you could barely breathe.
”You are currently suffocating your girl, H, did you know that?” you spluttered out. ”No I’m not” he said as he rolled on his back  gripping his hands around you so you ended on top of him. Both of you were still under covers and you stopped thinking how an earth that could be possible. He stared you and stroked your back lightly with his huge hands.

You stared back to sparkling green eyes and daydreamed about something awfully corn even though he just had tortured you. You were so madly in love with him that you wanted to puke to your thoughts. It was so not you to be in love like this. You were that person who joked about death, threw knife sharp comments to everyone,  was done with the world and had most pessimistic attitude. You weren’t really nice towards any and no-one could refer to you as ’lovable’. Except him. You would never believe you would fall in love with anyone, least with world famous boyband singer who had completely opposite personality than yours. What did he see in you?

You thoughts were interrupted by that very boy pushing you down to mattress and snuggling his face to your neck.
”Pet me?” he asked sleepily while tugging your t-shirt.
”Well, H, I think you don’t deserve that because of your earlier actions.”
”Please, Y/n please, love. I’m so sorry that I tickled you, kitten. And I swear I never do that again. Would you please pet me now babe?” He looked you with those big lost puppy dog eyes straight to your soul.

His mode has went from mischievous to clingy in matter of seconds and you  couldn’t resist this big amount of cuteness.
”Fine” you agreed pretending to be annoyed. But your act didn’t work cause he saw right trough it.
”Y/n don’t act like you don’t want to do that i know you do” he said cheekily and took your hand and placed it to his cheek. His mood swings were particularly fast today.  You sighed smiling and stroked his cheek as his eyes closed slowly and started fluttering.

You didn’t know how long you have been laying there and you were pretty sure that he had fallen asleep again when his voice barely louder than whisper woke you from your deep thoughts.
”Y/n do you love me? ’Cause I surely do love you and if you don’t then… ” he was interrupted by your lips. He had said those words that you were holding few days know in your dark and twisted mind. You just were too afraid of losing him to say them out loud.
Kiss grew so deep that when you partened you both were breathless and smiling ear to ear.  ”Look, H, I don’t say these kind of things a lot but… here it comes…beware! I love you so much it aches my chest, how could you even doubt that?” you managed to say between deep breaths.

You were shamed because you couldn’t look him in the eyes while saying that but it was already hart for you. You decided to look him now to see his reaction to your words. For a second you thought that you saw his eye wetting but you didn’t have too much time to process that or take a closer look cause he crushed his lips to yours and rolled to hover over you. Your hands tangled into his hair and his were running on your body. This kiss grew even stronger than the earlier one and both of you started to get really turned on.  

He pulled away and cupped your cheeks to his hands like your face would be the most fragile thing in the world.
”You are so beautiful Y/n” you flushed slightly.  
”So are you” for a moment you just stared each other and then he buried his face to your neck and started sucking and nipping your skin lightly. You gasped as he hit your sweet spot and wrapped your arms around him.

You pulled him up so you could kiss. It felt like whole world could be collapsing around and you wouldn’t even notice. Both of your hands were roaming around each others body. His were under your t-shirt and yours under his. Your movements were slow but steamy. Both of you took the time to feel each others. He lifted himself a bit so you could strip out of your clothes. He was kneeling between your thighs as he took his shirt off first and then helped with yours.

He hovered over you and pecked kisses to your neck and chest. Slowly he pulled bra straps down to your upper arm and kissed your collarbones. You felt shiver go down your spine when he went down to your sternum leaving trail of kisses behind him. You closed your eyes when he unclasped your bras and threw them somewhere.
”Baby, are you okay?” oh his voice was so deep and it went straight down with another shiver.
”Why wouldn’t I be okay?” you asked whispering almost forgotten how to speak. ”’Cause you are shaking at the moment” he said looking curious but more than anything lustful.

You haven’t noticed before but, yeah, your whole body was shaking.
”Oh, well I guess you did that” you whispered not sure what to say. He looked stunned
”But I- I just kissed you nothing more… don’t underst..?”. You were quiet for moment:
”Well I think it is not about that how you kiss me it’s more about that it’s you who is kissing me” you explained. He looked you love in his eyes  
”If that’s the case..i wouldn’t mind to..” he leaned down and continued kissing your sternum his lips barely touching your skin.


After when you were lying on his chest you wondered how you felt so loved and peaceful and safe with him right now. You have had sex million times but this felt different. Usually both of you like it rough and fast-paced but this time there was no rush or harsh moves. Just you and him loving each others. You hated term ”make love” in all it cheesiness but now you understood the point of it.

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