you are too adorable h e l p

Ok so let me tell you about Toursies in Charlotte NC
  • Letter from the Refuge is absolutely as heart wrenching as they say it is Zachary Sayle will rip your heart out and crush it
  • I wasn’t sure about Dan DeLuca but now I’m sure about Dan DeLuca
  • Ben Cook is a god among men who can do six pirouettes in a row with a cigar in his mouth holy shit that was beautiful
  • Anthony Rosenthal is a precious baby angel whom we must protect from the dangers of the world forever
  • Dan DeLuca is an angel
  • Stephanie Styles is angelic and kind and asks your name and uses a gold sharpie
  • Angela Grovey uses a purple sharpie and is just as glorious in real life as she is on stage
  • Jon Hacker is super nice and is the only one that uses a ball point pen rather than a sharpie
  • I told Dan that I’m using Santa Fe to audition for Bert in Mary Poppins next week and he said he’d love to play Bert too and then sang two bars of Santa Fe with a British accent what a sweetheart
  • I might be really a little in love with Dan DeLuca tbh he’s perfect h e l p
  • I’m even more Jack/Crutchie trash than I was before
  • Stephanie Styles wants you to follow your dreams and be whichever newsie you want and also she is very down with bootlegs and has great hair no matter what color it is
  • Zachary is so adorable what a cutiepie

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I really like you all, every single one of you. I don’t know what to say much, but please, be my followers forever too! Be with me~ ♥

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thypoqueen  asked:

Riarkle/Ot3 headcanons where Farkle is OBSESSED with Newsies, Pippin, Hamilton, etc. and gets involved in every single school musical/play?

You mean the actual cannon of the show??? lmao sure

  • Okay so again Farkle only got really into theater bc the boy is literally Billy Elliot and accidentally ended up in Riley’s ballet/tap dance class one day and liked it so much he joined for real
  • Riley kept making jokes about it and Farkle never understood them
  • But Billy Elliot happened to have already opened on Broadway by this point so Riley puppy-dog-eyed Cory into getting tickets for that for their next Theater Trip with Josh and convinced him to let Farkle tag along
  • Farkle wasn’t expecting to like the show much at all but
  • He ended up finally learning what it means to transcend
  • And he’s like…8, at this point? So it was an impressionable age and this show was great enough to convert him into theater trash almost immediately
  • He bought the Billy Elliot soundtrack and would blast it all hours of the day at home and Stuart was like “Farkle 90% of these songs are just listening to people tap dance how are you possibly enjoying this” and the kid is just like “shush I can hear them doing my favorite step!!!” and Stuart just has to resign himself to doing his work with ear plugs in
  • Okay so Farkle’s now working harder than literally everyone else in the dance class because he feels like he has to catch up
  • And during the breaks everyone has little convos about their favorite musicals and he’s like??? Omg there’s more????
  • And Cory Matthews has always been deeply closeted theater trash his whole life and is now finding liberation in being able to take his daughter and little brother to all the shows they can without feeling like he’s being judged
  • So when he sees how obsessed Farkle gets when the kid basically didn’t even know what a musical was in the first place, he’s like…I must do right by this boy
  • Lmao so Farkle is officially invited to all the shows Cory, Josh and Riley go to
  • So since he liked the dancing so much Cory figured West Side Story would be a safe bet to see for a second show
  • Farkle transcended a little less bc he’s never been a big Shakespeare fan but he did absolutely love it
  • They all adored Memphis
  • Cory debated with himself for like 3 months if Hair was too inappropriate for two 9 year olds and a 12 year old bc that’s one of his favorite shows and he was loving the soundtrack the revival cast released
  • Ultimately decided they were too young to understand anything too inappropriate but old enough to understand the overall plot
  • He completely forgot about the nude scene
  • He tried so hard to cover all three kids eyes and he mostly saved Riley and Farkle but Josh fought his arm away and was like ‘Yes’
  • Jen freaked out when he tried to apologize about it and wouldn’t let Farkle see another show with them for like a year omfg
  • She only agreed to let him go again bc they were gonna go see Elf and that’s obviously a safe show
  • Everyone hated it, but hey, it was still safe lmao
  • Josh was now 13 and in the 7th Grade Emo Phase and insisted on wearing fingerless gloves Cory was judging him so much
  • But anyway so Josh more or less demanded they see American Idiot which everyone did end up loving to their immense surprise
  • Maya’s 11th birthday was coming up and she was going through this massive Wizard of Oz obsession phase so the Matthews were planning on surprising her with Wicked tickets and Farkle was like ‘what’s Wicked?’  and Riley almost fainted from the shock this poor ignorant boy
  • Anyway, you’re getting the point, they were seeing a lot of shows together and slowly become a little Trash Family
  • Newsies opened in 2012 and Farkle was just like ‘is this what true love feels like’ and Cory laughed about it for a week
  • When the Pippin revival came to Broadway no one actually wanted to see it but it was the only show left with enough discount seats so they were like fine whatever
  • Farkle cried for 90% of the show and would not explain to anyone why he was so effected but that’s when he declared Pippin is the Best Musical of All Time and cheered so hard when they won the Tony
  • He talked about the show none stop for like 5 months so that’s why Cory will occasionally affectionately call him Pippin lol
  • Okay so then like. It had never really occurred to him that being in shows was a thing
  • Like they had dance recitals and stuff but he never put two and two together on the ‘community theater exists’ thing until they saw Next to Normal
  • They went into that show blind to the plot and everyone sobbed uncontrollably the whole show omfg these babies (and Cory) were so unprepared
  • And after the show Josh was like “Riley when we get older we HAVE to play Gabe and Natalie together!!!” and she was so onboard with that plan omfg they had a full conversation about exactly how they’d play the rolls and Josh was getting ready to run home to his piano to teach himself the songs immediately
  • And then Riley grabbed Farkle’s arm and said something like “When Joshie and I do Gabe and Natalie you HAVE to be my Henry, Farkle! It’d be the best!” and he’s like w h a t
  • And Cory’s in the back like ‘you’re too young for this show but that would be adorable’ and Farkle’s suddenly having this revelation moment that he can actually be in musicals omfg
  • And he’s like…Riley how tf do we make this happen
  • Because he wants to join a theater group or something now but he doesn’t want to go in alone so he’s like R i l e y P l e a s e
  • So she’s all like omg yes!!! And has her parents look up places near them that they could join
  • Before Farkle can even blink or have enough time to second guess this idea they’ve been cast as Jack and Little Red in Into the Woods
  • And he’s freaking out and developing stage fright at the rehearsals alone but Riley’s always been good at calming him down so he doesn’t drop out
  • Opening night he’s a tiny little wreck backstage but in the boys dressing room next to his stuff he finds a little bouquet of orange roses with a note from Riley that reads “Break everybody else’s legs!!! <3 “ and it definitely helps him relax awwww
  • He goes out for his first scene and naturally Maya is sitting in the dead front row center seat looking like she’s waiting for him to trip and mess up
  • But he doesn’t and the show actually goes so well and Maya’s cheering louder than anyone when he and Riley do the bows and suddenly he doesn’t feel sick to his stomach anymore omg
  • This goes on and on like that; he and Riley get relatively good roles in shows, he panics nonstop till it’s over, Maya always sits front row and tries to act like she hates musicals even though they can clearly see how entertained she is, as the years goes on he gets way less panicky about everything the whole process becomes more relaxing than anything else lol
  • They both get into their school shows too- sure he had that unfortunate mishap with Romeo and Juliet in 7th grade so the director hated him, but the high school drama teacher doesn’t have to know about that!
  • And their high school director does not seem to remotely give a fuck about censorship and whats considered appropriate for school shoes holy shit they do two a year and junior year it was Spring Awakening and Heathers
  • Some parents were throwing a fit lmao
  • Okay so by this time Riley and Farkle had managed to suck Zay down this rabbit hole
  • So Spring Awakening resulted with Riley as Wendla, Farkle as Moritz and Zay as Hanschen omfg
  • Lucas and Maya could not believe what was transpiring before their eyes it was so funny
  • Lucas was spiritually rioting with some of the parents but wanted to support his friends but he was so lost why does Zay have that weird long robe on as he’s reading Shakespeare OH MY GOD WAIT ZAY STOP why is some guy on top of Riley OH MY GOD RILEY NO WHERE DID THE TOP HALF OF YOUR DRESS GO wait what why does Farkle have a gun SHIT FARKLE DON’T DO THIS TO ME
  • Maya has like a hand pressed over her heart the whole show and part of her was really digging the plot and message but make no mistake after she saw her friends when the show ended she punched Farkle in the face because he made her cry and that’s Not Cool
  • okay and then the next show was Heather’s right
  • And no one got the role the were expecting omfg Riley was expecting to get Martha and have to learn to maneuver a fat suit, Zay was expecting to get one of the football players dads and everyone was expecting Farkle to get JD
  • So the cast list comes out and Riley’s Veronica, Zay is JD and Farkle is Kurt and everyone is like o h m y G o d how did this happen
  • Like they had so much fun but Farkle had such a hard time not dying of laughter during ‘Blue’ he was not built for this
  • Zay was thoroughly offended the first time they ran Dead Girl Walking and Riley slapped him really fucking hard and refused to ever go easy on him omfg
  • Farkle and Riley were already dating by now too so that got a little awkward lmao but Farkle ended up deciding to not watch any of their couplely scenes if he could avoid it ahaha
  • and Texan Christian Mom Lucas Friar was less horrified by Heathers than Spring Awakening but still pretty horrified
  • Maya spent the whole show essentially just whispering “ Yaaaaaasssss” under her breathe and she died of laughter every time Farkle was on stage she genuinely could not handle him as the Pig Football Player omfg
  • She’ll now start singing ‘blue’ at him at the most random times to make him blush and set ‘Dead Gay Son’ as his ring tone on her phone
  • And obviously they have to stop doing shows at some point in life because they’re way too busy with work/school/their small army of children but they still see shows whenever they can and most of the Minki are really involved in their schools drama club so they never really escape or anything