you are the universe experiencing itself

“You are a unique point of view that Cosmic Consciousness (ALL THAT IS) has of expressing and experiencing itself in creation”.  -Anon I mus

Without mirrors I cannot see my back or my brain, and even if, like a neurosurgeon, I study other people’s brains, I cannot study my own while I am doing it. This is utterly frustrating, but it has a marvelous and fascinating implication which is absolutely inescapable. You yourself are the universe which you are observing. You are trying to get at yourself when you love/hate other people. I am going to leave it to you to work out the connection between the frustration and its implication (it’s a wonderful trip), and only add that the aspect of yourself which you cannot see is obviously not any idea, image, or opinion of yourself that you have already formed.
—  Alan Watts, “The Zero-One Amazement”, Cloud-Hidden: Whereabout Unknown

anonymous asked:

Existence itself is weird, sometimes I'm like "who am I?" "is this really my true self?" I can be at university and I get this feeling of detaching myself from reality and observing everything from affar, have you ever experienced this?

It is weird indeed. I get that feeling too. Have you heard of ego death? If not, I recommend researching it. It’s very interesting.

lay down and think about what you are: you are made of so many different parts. you’re made up of stardust and dead planets and bits and pieces from the very beginning of the universe.
you are the universe experiencing itself.