you are the roof when i rain

It’s not one habit you’re breaking, it’s every single minute of the day you’re breaking a habit, and it’s exhausting. I had this metaphor in my head about being in this house and there’s been a drought but you feel like there’s a storm coming, and so instead of trying to block out the storm, you like punch a whole in the roof and just let all the rain come in and when you wake up in the morning, it’s washed away everything that used to hurt you.. And then you’re clean.
—  Taylor Swift perfectly describing the process and feelings of trying to get over something that is doing you no good and how it feels to overcome that something 
There’s always something about the rain that reminds me of you. How it gently taps the roof of our house, because like the rain hearing your voice feels like I am always at peace, like I’m in my own sanctuary. Maybe I just suck at describing how you brought lightness to my life that I often lack of adjectives and I’d often be loss in my own thoughts. I couldn’t exactly pin point the thing that made me like you, but I knew somehow that it was meant to happen. I could almost smell the start of rainy season when you came and it changed everything. And from that day I wanted to be with you. I stopped living for others because instead I wanted to live just so I could be with you. I wanted to be the person that understood your aloofness. I wanted to be the one whom you can share all your pain and secrets. I wanted to be one who’ll discover the hidden parts of yourself that no one ever tries to find. I wanted to give myself up completely, to love you so freely, to give you what you deserve so much. I wanted to be the one who will answer your call at 2 in the morning just to let you know that I’m here, that I care.
I wanted you.
I wanted to be the one for you.
I guess I just wanted us to be so flawed yet so right for each other.
—  I wish you felt the same//(K.V)

Brett x Reader

Requested by Anon

“You must find it before the others do.” The words echoed through your head like a constant reminder that you were going to fail.

Try as hard as you could you couldn’t find what your alpha had described and you were turned around, still not used to Beacon Hills.

Just as you thought you’d found a way back to a main road you hit a dead end and an arrow whistled past, so close, that you watched it split the ends of your hair.

“(Y/N) run!” Brett yelled from somewhere, kicking you into gear as you climbed the building, running over the roof tops until you saw him and jumped down.

“What’s happening?” You gasped but before he could answer whoever was hunting you jumped onto the roof, taking shots from above.

“Just run!” He yelled, the both of you tearing away from the attacker.

You slowed and slipped in the rain, screaming when you fell behind and an arrow almost caught you.

“Don’t Worry, I’ve got you.” He gasped having skidded to a halt to help you.

“Brett!” You whimpered as the figure entered the street.

“Listen just focus on healing while you run.” Brett snapped, his hands guiding you as you blindly stumbled into a side street.

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Taehyung Scenario - ‘Kitten’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby ( I loved this one)

The storm was loud. It was so loud that the thunder shook your window panes, making you shake too. You were never a fan of thunder storms, your childhood fear turning into mild discomfort as you got older. Taehyung, in stark contrast, loved them. He never gets so horny than when it’s thunder storming.

               You were trying (read: failing) to sleep, and Taehyung was trying (read: failing miserably) to control his raging boner as the rain beat down on the roof, making a booming pitter-patter sound. Finally, Taehyung couldn’t control his body any longer and he pressed himself to your back, his pelvis rubbing on you, whimpering at his own sensitivity. You sighed, letting him touch you. Normally, you’d push him off you since you were never really in the mood when it stormed, but you let him this time. For some reason, the thought of him touching you made you feel a little less weary.

               “Oh, sorry baby, I forgot.” He said softly before pulling himself away from you, and you felt the hardness move away from your thigh. Impulsively, you grabbed his hand and held it to your lower abdomen, pushing yourself backwards towards him.

               “I… I’m kind of scared Tae. Can you touch me?” You said, still not looking at him, slightly embarrassed by how pathetic you sounded. You heard him suppress a groan and push even closer to you, very obviously pressing his hard dick into you.

               “Of course I can touch you, kitten.” He growled into your neck and gave your body a new reason to shake. You felt his hand on your abdomen move of its own accord, down to that sweet spot between your thighs, rubbing gentle circles into your clit. His other hand stayed firmly entwined with yours. His mouth was pressed against your ear, so his hot breath tickled you every time he let out a heavy sigh or moan. He began rubbing himself on you again and you could feel yourself getting wetter by the second, quickly forgetting the storm.

               After a few moments, he sat up and pushed you flat on your back, hovering above you. He lifted your shirt over your head and slid your now soaked panties down. He still only had his boxers on and you reached up and palmed him through the thin, damp fabric.  You felt him twitch and buck against you, and his sigh was shaky. He pulled away after only a few seconds, though, and pushed you back onto the bed, his finger to your lips.

               “Wait here, kitten, I’ve got something for you.” His deep voice rumbled like the thunder outside and made you ache in all sorts of different places. You waited patiently as he got up and started rummaging through a dresser drawer. He pulled something out but kept it behind his back as he walked over to you, smiling his normal rectangle smile. The bed dipped as he kneeled in front of you and pulled out a little pink collar with a gold bell on it.

               “I was waiting for a special occasion to talk to you about this… but tonight feels special enough for me. (Y/n), will you wear this for me, kitten?” You asked shyly, holding the collar out to you, a faint blush hinting at his cheeks. You didn’t speak. You merely sat up and tilted your head, exposing your neck so he could collar you. You and Tae had been doing this ‘kitten kink’ for a while, but more so as just as an experiment. You guessed he must’ve really liked it for him to go out and get you something like this. To be honest, the thought of Taehyung owning you gave you a jolt of excitement.

               You heard swallow hard and he leaned in to buckle it around your neck, his fingers ghosting over your skin and giving the bell a little flick. There was a clear wet spot in his boxers now and you decided they needed to go. You went to slide them down, but Taehyung pushed your hands away.

               “No, kitten. Rub yourself on me first. Your face.” His voice seemed to get deeper and deeper. You knew what he was asking for, you’d heard of scenting before. You crawled toward him on your hands and knees and you could see his muscles flex from the waist down. You pressed your cheek against his crotch and rubbed your nose around him, smelling his musky scent. His head rolled back as your started to palm him (paw him?) again. You almost forgotten all about the storm at his point until a close bolt of lightning struck and shook your house violently. You jumped nearly a foot and let out a frightened gasp, pushing yourself back up to the foot of the bed. Tae’s head snapped forward and he rushed to you, holding your face in his hands.

               “Hey, hey, shh it’s ok kitten, it’s ok (y/n), I’ve got you. Your owner’s got you, kitten.” His voice went from a growl to a gentle purr. You leaned into his hands, calming yourself down as best as you could, not wanting to spoil the night.

               “Taehyung.” You purred out breathlessly. The change of your tone immediately bringing his attention back to the neediness in his boxers.

               “What is it kitten? What do you want?” His knees scooted a bit closer.

               “I want my owner to take care of me. I want my owner to make me feel good.” You put your hands on him, smoothing over his hard biceps. Tae’s tongue flicked out to wet his beautiful lips and his eyes wandered up and down your body, devouring you.

               “Of course, kitten.”

Rainy Days

Request:  I looove your blog!!! Please can I request 38 and 70 from the prompt list with peter Parker? Don’t worry if you don’t want to though 😘 love you xxx

38.  “I like your laugh.”

70.  “You’re warm.”

Peter Parker x Reader

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The sound of pitter-pattering on the roof of the library filled my ears. I looked up and peered through the window in front of me. I sighed when I was faced with heavy rain pouring from the sky. Bending down and opening my bag, I rummaged through it to find my umbrella. I groaned when I realized that I had left it at home.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I thought to myself. 

I finished up the last of my schoolwork before I made my way out of the library. Grabbing my phone from my pocket, I speed-dialed my boyfriend, Peter. The phone rang a few times before it dropped. I redialed a few more times before surrendering to the thought that Peter wouldn’t be able to save me from the rain. I tugged my jacket on and made sure nothing in my bag was going to get drenched. Praying for the best, I fought my way through the wind and rain.

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‘Hadn’t had a good time since you know when.
Got talked into goin’ out with hopes you were stayin’ in.
I was feeling like myself for the first time, in a long time.’

‘Then you roll in with your hair in the wind, baby without warning
I was doin’ alright but just your sight had my heart stormin’’

The rain pelted against the roof of the training chamber, thunder echoing in the distance as Vegeta wiped the ever pouring sweat from his brow. He’d long since lost track of time. Once the weather report that morning had called for near emergency conditions he’d decided now was a better time than any to lock himself away for several hours in the metal room; if anything to at least to burn off the cabin fever creeping up his spine. He could only sit still for so long without wanting to murder something, so he felt as though he’d done some sort of benevolent service to the world.

The only irritating thing about locked away for so many hours were the thoughts, the somewhat repressed memories that came rumbling as deep as the storm overhead. He’d been practically taken prisoner on this God-forsaken planet; had been unwillingly integrated into some silly band of misfits determined on saving the world. Their leader Kakarot was of the same lineage as him, but had all the grace and poise of the village idiot. How that miscreant lower class Saiyan had surpassed him, the Prince, in raw power to become a super Saiyan was beyond him. But that was why he instructed the earth woman called Bulma to build him the training chamber. Despite her hostile and aggravating personality she’d agreed and encouraged his endeavors. Surely she was aware of what he was intending to do; his plans of immortality had gone awry on Namek but there were Dragonballs here on Earth as well. It was his duty as ruler of his people to be placed back in power again and becoming immortal would only assist him in that endeavor. Earth, while a lowly little planet could in fact be of some use to him. Frieza was no more, so what else was there to stop him? Kakarot perhaps…but once Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans achieved the super level there would be no one to stand in his way.

Vegeta exited through the electronic doors, the sounds of the storm even louder now. Capsule Corp was one of the safest places to be in conditions like this, so he wasn’t the slightest bit concerned. He’d had worse. Much worse. Although, he noted as he passed by a shatter proof window that the sky was pitch black, no stars to be seen. A quick glance at the watch on his wrist (a gift from the annoying Bulma who insisted they were a necessity) told him it was almost midnight. Perfect. He would be alone if went down to the kitchen to raid the pantry.

He outwardly growled however when he noticed there was indeed a light on, the sounds of a radio on low. The music was absurd; whomever was singing had an odd accent he’d never heard before. He managed to creep to the doorframe, peering in to see Bulma, mug in hand on a barstool. And per her usual MO she was wearing hardly anything: a loose fitting white shirt and a ridiculously tiny pair of pink sleep shorts. Vegeta sneered, arms crossing. He didn’t understand it. Clothes were meant to be functional. They covered your body to protect it. And here she was, nearly naked just waiting for some predator.

Just as he was about to turn and leave without being noticed, a loud clap of thunder hit shaking the house and Bulma actually yelped. She jumped up, knocking over her stool and whatever liquid was in her cup came splashing out all over her flimsy night shirt.

“SHIT!” She swore through clenched teeth, pulling away the dripping front of her clothes. Vegeta couldn’t help it, he barked out a laugh and her head snapped to the doorway, eyes narrowed, “Yeah, yeah… Laugh it up you stupid jerk.”

Since he’d blown his own cover there was no use hiding anymore. Vegeta plastered on his best smirk and strode into the kitchen, “Ha. I could have guessed a weakling like you would be afraid of thunder.” He pulled open the fridge, seeing there was a platter of steaks with a yellow post it note right on top with his name scrawled across it. At least the blonde woman Bunny (unlike her obnoxious daughter) was good for something. He pulled out the entire thing, shirking utensils and instead grabbed a whole slab of meat with his hands and ripped out a large chunk with his teeth.

Bulma made a disgusted face, reaching down and picking up her stool, “Ew. You could have at least washed your hands you heathen.”

Vegeta’s face grew hot as Bulma bent over, her shirt riding up her back giving him a particularly nice view of the rounded underside of her ass cheek peeking out from beneath her shorts. He coughed and waved the steak at her, averting his eyes back to his meal so that he would no longer be distracted, “If you haven’t noticed, I’m not the one covered in liquid. Speaking of, it’s all over the floor. You might want to mop that up.”

Ah yes. That was the perfect comeback. Point for Vegeta.

“Shut up you ass-” whatever other insult she was ready to let loose was cut off by another loud boom. Bulma cowered on her stool, covering her ears.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow, still chewing, “Seriously?”

“I-it’s just loud.” She finally managed to whisper, “I’ve always hated thunder storms.”

“Tch,” He’d already finished the first steak and was starting on the second, “weak.”

“Whatever.” Bulma mumbled, turning the dial on the radio to make it louder. It was that music again; Vegeta realized with some annoyance he didn’t mind it as much as he should have. Not that he ever listened to music anyways. The Saiyans were not known for their love of the arts.

Against his better judgement, curiosity won him over, “What is this?” He mumbled, gesturing with the steak again towards the radio, trying to not sound interested.

“Oh, do you like it? It’s country.” Bulma said, her voice bright, “I like it because it’s romantic.” She sighed, “I’m still waiting for my cowboy.”

“What in the actual fuck is a cowboy? Sounds stupid.”

Bulma rolled her eyes, “Oh please. They’re hunky men who ride on horses and wear tight jeans and chaps.”

Vegeta scoffed, “Sounds stupid to me.”

“You don’t even know what any of things are! Actually,” Bulma smiled, waggling her eyebrows, “you’re a little bit like a cowboy, all handsome and rugged.”

The Prince froze mid chew; despite the fact that he knew she was teasing him, he was alarmed by the warmth behind her words. And that smile… What was she getting at? Feeling his cheeks heat up, he turned back to the fridge, looking for something…anything to get away from her gaze, “I’ll take that as an insult.”

Bulma sighed, “Huh, that’s too bad,” Her voice was suddenly soft behind him, “I really did mean it as a compliment. You’re a tough guy, but I know there’s more to you than that-”

He spun around and within milliseconds his hand was clutching her throat across the kitchen island. Bulma’s eyes went wide, their blueness startling. There was a glimmer of something akin to alarm in her face, but it was quickly replaced by that warmth again. She didn’t fear him. She never had. He could crush her right now and she wouldn’t care. For some insane reason she trusted him; knew he wouldn’t harm her. It made him feel weak. His fingers twitched around the softness of her skin, feeling her pulse throbbing… he was trying to will himself to squeeze and it just wasn’t happening.

What was wrong with him?

Her hand wrapped around his outstretched wrist. It was so small…her nails painted a pale pink nearly the color of her shorts. The touch was light and for a brief moment he welcomed it, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been touched when it hadn’t hurt. Her fingers moved and she brushed her thumb soothingly over his knuckles.

“I could kill you.” He said darkly, fingers twitching again, “it wouldn’t take much. You are-.”

Bulma’s thumb continued stroking his knuckles, “Weak, I know. But if you really wanted to, you would have done it already. I told you, I know there’s more to you.”

“No, there’s not-”

“YES there is.” Now Bulmas other hand was touching his face, brushing down his tightly clenched jaw. Vegeta squeezed his eyes shut and with near desperation tried to resist. But it only took a few moments before he pressed his cheek into her palm. Damn it. What was happening? “Come on cowboy,” she whispered, “let me in a little.”

“I…” He could feel his fingers slowly releasing her throat, trailing them down to her collar bone and running across them with a touch so soft if he didn’t know better he would swear it wasn’t his hand. Bulma breathed something that sounded like his name, her hand leaving his face and running through the onyx hair at his temple. The music was still playing in the background, and she was still looking at him in that way that made his stomach feel sick. If it wasn’t for the island separating them he might just…

He retracted with a snarl, knocking over his platter of steaks to the floor with the sudden movement and stormed out of the kitchen hearing her call his name behind him.

He didn’t turn around.

He couldn’t face her.

That tiny woman had made him lose his composure even if it was only for a moment. He was a prince, one of the last of an extinct race. His reputation needed to stay intact. Any distractions were unwelcome…

But her hands were so soft.

Unwelcome and unwanted…

But her eyes were bluer than any sky he’d ever seen.

He couldn’t afford to be taken advantage of again.

But oh how he wanted her to break him.

That last startling thought caused him to stop in his tracks right in front of his bedroom door, hands tightening into clenched fists. The same hands that had killed thousands she had caressed as if I were the most natural thing in the world. What on earth was this insignificant earth woman doing to him? The door almost buckled after he entered and slammed it shut.

After a time Vegeta managed to lay on his bed staring broodingly at the ceiling, fingers twitching restlessly behind his head. The sound of the rain was making him anxious. There was a time where he would have had no issue eliminating a woman like her; she was brazen, outspoken, dangerous. A Prince like him could not afford to be distracted with such treacherous feelings.

And yet…

Why did she consume his thoughts? He’d done his best to berate her, ignore her, curse her, tease her and yet here she remained. She claimed to see something in him, but what?

A heat began radiating through his palms, an outward manifestation of the turmoil raging inside of him. He needed something, a distraction…

The radio he’d never used on the desk in the corner caught his eye. Deciding that Bulma was probably asleep by now and wouldn’t hear the music he rose and made his way to it. The copious amounts of buttons threw him for a moment (obnoxiously unnecessary if you asked him), but after some button mashing the radio blared to life, his fingers rotating the station knob scan until…

There was that music again. The one he didn’t mind. He turned the volume down until it was barely audible and this time pulled the blankets on his bed down and crawled beneath them. Wishing these new and unwelcome emotions gone, he shut his eyes and tried to block out his thoughts.

There was a soft knock on the door and Vegeta stiffened. Damnit.

“Vegeta? Are you awake?” The voice was muffled through the door, but he knew it was her.

He was at the door in an instant, pulling it open and seeing her large eyes staring at him. Bulma looked startled, but quickly composed herself, “Hey look, I’m sorry. I don’t say that often but-”

He grabbed her around the waist, pulling her inside his room and closed the door behind them. Vegeta pressed her back against the wall, lips seeking hers in the darkness of the room. She let out a gasp, fingers winding into the hair on the back of his head.

“Damn you,” he murmured against her lips, hands already pulling down her sleep shorts and palming her wet heat. She mewled, hips bucking, hands trying to pull down his shorts as well.

Vegeta was broken. But now he knew why. It was her doing. She stirred him in ways he thought had died along with his home. Just a child lost among a sea of stars and death, he’d witnessed more in his lifetime than most would in a thousand. None had affected him or caused him to lose any sleep in a long, long time. The life chosen for him had hardened his soul and that was how he had survived after all this time.

But she had broken that. All it had taken was a crack,

“I know there’s more to you than that-”

But was there really? She had no clue the things he had done, the man that he was. His fingers stilled against her hardened nub, her breath hot against his neck.

What was he doing?

“Vegeta?” Her voice reverberated against his skin, it was breathy and low, “what’s wrong?”

He didn’t answer. Eyes closing tightly, he hung his head until it rested against her shoulder. The warmth from her womanhood was strangely comforting against his fingers, sticky and wet. Could he allow this? To lose control with her? It went against everything he’d ever been taught. Then again, everything he knew was told to him by the alien that had destroyed his world. He was free, so why did he still feel caged?

Bulma said his name again, gently nudging his cheek with her nose. He opened his eyes, and she looked into them without fear. Her hand moved from his waist down the front of her shorts, covering his slick fingers with hers. She began to guide him, never once breaking eye contact.

He watched her with fascination, noting the way her thighs clenched around his hand when he hit just the right spot, how her pupils expanded as her breathing became more ragged; her fingers stilled and yet he continued, circling until she shuddered against him, so trusting and un afraid.

The waist of his shorts slipped lower after a few moments, Bulma freeing his arousal to the open air. Her hand encircled him, and he hissed out her name. Morality had never been his strong suit, so boundaries be damned. He pulled away from her, grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her down on the bed. Within a breath, he was between her legs and slipping inside her.

The sounds of the storm outside and the radio within the walls were soon muffled and lost among the sounds of her moans and his ragged breathing. After a time he managed to growl out her name and spilled himself within her, this slip of a woman who had somehow torn a way around his defenses. Bulma pulled his mouth down to hers and this time he didn’t even try to resist, her lips were too soft and he was tired of pretending something within him wasn’t changing.

The storm within him had calmed; even if it was only an imperceptible amount. She was the cause and he could no longer hide the fact that he knew this.

It was enough for now.

'The moon went hiding,
stars quit shining,
rain was driving,
thunder 'n lightning.’

'You wrecked my whole world when you came, and hit me like a hurricane.
You hit me like a hurricane.’

Song credit: Hurricane by Luke Combs

You say it's quiet

We sit in the waiting room and you say it’s quiet
But you’re wrong
I hear pages turning
I hear people shifting in their chairs
I hear murmurs
You say it’s quiet but I hear
The heater whirring
The rain on the roof
The wind outside
The building shifting
My own breathing
You say it’s quiet
But I hear everything

How can it be quiet when there’s so much noise?

Kiss (Steve Rogers x O/C)

Originally posted by freakzter

Prompt: Wow! 4000. Congrats, love! Could I maybe request a fluffy Steve fic? Something along the lines of… Pre Serum Steve meets the reader at an ice cream parlor and offers to walk her home and the reader gives him a kiss when they get there and she asks him for another date… and just LOTS of fluff?? Thanks hun! And again, congrats!

A/N: This has been in my inbox for SO LONG but I finally wrote it, despite being utterly exhausted right now. @themcuhasruinedme, I hope you enjoy it, my love. 

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She was the sunshine on a perfect summer day. The cool breeze that kisses your cheeks at dusk. The soft rain pattering on your roof at 1 AM when the world is quiet. The warm cup of coffee you wrap your hands around as you walk through the bitter cold. The bright city lights you stare at longingly from your bedroom window. The twinkling stars that appear on a clear night and guide you home. The warm feeling you get in the very pit of your stomach when you’re finally home after a long time away. She was everything beautiful in the world, and yet he still let her go.
—  excerpt from a story i’ll never write
Riarkle Drabble Week: Day 2

8 Fall Out Boy songs + Riley and Farkle finding their way to each other

Series Info: Riarkle, T, also posted at my ao3

Day 1

The Pros and Cons of Breathing
I wish that I was as invisible as you make me feel.

Farkle takes the stairs up to the roof of his building, and when he arrives at the top, he looks out at the city below. It’s a cloudy day, the kind that makes him feel like even if it started to rain, he honestly doesn’t know if he would care.

Days like these make him feel even more invisible than normal. It must be because of the persistent grey sky and impending storm, but the reason why he really feels invisible, the main reason, is because of her.

As much as he knows that Riley cares for him, she’s also the one who makes him feel the most invisible. It’s not because she doesn’t have the same feelings that he has, and it’s not in the way that she sometimes passes him in the morning without saying hello anymore. He feels the most invisible when she so obviously gives her affection to someone else, someone who doesn’t even appreciate it, when he’s the one standing right there in front of her ready to give her anything and everything. That’s the worst part.

Farkle wishes he could just hate Riley. Maybe it would be easier that way. He contemplates making a list of all the things he doesn’t like about her, and while focusing on a tall building in the distance, he starts one in his head.

I hate the way she says my name.

I hate the way I feel when she’s sitting next to me.

I hate the way she looks at him.

I hate…

He covers his face with his hands. Maybe his jealousy will finally be the thing to make him resent her completely. In the cold, winter air, he sits there, waiting for the feeling to wash over him. He waits for it like he’s waiting for the rain to come pouring down on him.

An unexpected beeping sound comes from Farkle’s phone just then, and he immediately looks over at the screen. It’s Riley. She’s asking him if he’s free and telling him she really needs to talk to someone. His fingers type yes and I’ll be at the bay window as soon as I can with no hesitation, because of course he’ll always be there for her despite how crazy she drives him.

He arrives at the window to find Riley already sitting there waiting for him. She calmly tells Farkle that she broke up with Lucas that morning, but as she goes on explaining the events of the day, she breaks down a little with each sentence. By the time she explains how indifferent he was about the breakup, she’s a complete mess with tears streaming down her face.

Farkle doesn’t even need to think twice about how to comfort Riley. He sits with her all night, only stopping his careful listening to get her some tea and wrap a blanket around them when it gets cold. After she’s calmed down, Farkle notices her eyes flutter closed, so he ushers Riley to her bed and has her lie down while he takes out his phone and plays her favorite song to lull her to sleep.

Looking at Riley’s sleeping face, Farkle doesn’t see sadness. She looks like she’s at peace, and even though he knows she’ll feel upset for a while, he swears that when they were talking before, she seemed to feel relieved, maybe even free. Farkle doesn’t want to outright admit to himself that he’s happy about the break up, because he never likes to see Riley hurting, but he’s knows in his gut that this is definitely a good thing. Hopefully in time, he can help Riley to see that too.

Day 3


Morning morning my #Beautiful #Yogis. There is something about the rain that I have always loved.
___________________________ I remember when I was a child I ran outside in the pouring rain in a T-shirt and underwear. My mom had just bathed me, And I was sitting in the living room watching cartoons, I must have been about 6 or 7. And the rain started to pour so hard that you could hear it on the roof. I unlocked the front door and stood on the porch then I just ran down the stairs to the walkway and jumped around. I remember my mom screaming, get in this house!! You’re going to get sick! What are you thinking?! But I wasn’t, and my heart was happy. She wrapped me in a towel, and dried me off…
___________________________ I mean that’s pure joy. What makes you happy? I mean really brings you joy? Hold on to that and know that your being and soul is capable of experiencing such pure love. Here’s to you and this King Pigeon variation. 😜man my hands are getting closer to my feet! Stay #light and #awesome.

#yoga #yogaMom #YogisOfIG #oldLady #NotReally 😂 #Fitness #FitChick #FitFam #imStrong #WhiteLeotardSeries #Kapotasana #Legs #KingPigeon #Variation #YogaEveryDamnDay #YogaOffTheMat #smile #beLove #practice #PracticeDaily #itsMe #abs #TeamNatural #Pow #Peace #Namaste ✌🏽🙏🏽

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Trouble (Chapter 3)

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(This is a short one and if I missed you in the tags please send it on in again! If you want to be tagged or if you have any suggestions for the next chapters send them in! I don’t bite, I promise. Unless you want me to.)

Trouble (Chapter Three)

Chapter One / Chapter Two

Summary: Kai Parker is on the run from Damon and Stefan Salvatore and he finds his way to New Orleans, Louisiana hoping that the large supernatural population will hide him in plain sight; When he sees you, a beautiful witch that just so happens to be friends with the Original Family. What are the chances he can make his move before Kol Mikaelson can?

You and Kai were having a movie night. It was raining outside and your roof had a leak so while the workers worked through the night (Kol compelled them) Kai was letting you stay over his apartment.

“Why aren’t you staying at the history buff’s place tonight?” Kai asks as you scroll on your phone, almost completely ignoring the movie.

“Kol? We had fight. He’s such a- such a child sometimes.” You respond angrily as you type. You put the phone down to talk to him.

“What happened?” Kai shuffles a little closer after he talks, you pull your feet back to give him more room.

“His family- well, his brother, really- he’s really paranoid. He keeps thinking that I’m out to get him, out to get his daughter. I know I’ve done some really messed up thing but I would never hurt a kid, never.” Kai nods, wanting you to continue. You sigh and run a hand over your face.

“And the thing is- Kol isn’t even going against it- and if he is he won’t tell me so. He’s being so immature and stubborn. It’s such bullshit, he’s an asshole.” You tilt your head back and sigh loudly. Kai raise his hand to hold yours and you lift your head to look at him.

“I’m here to listen, you know. I’m not going to turn into an asshole.” You snicker as you move to place your head on his shoulder, still holding his hand.

“Thanks.” He leans his head on yours as you watch the movie.


In the morning you wake up on the couch of Kai’s apartment. He was nice enough to put a blanket on you but now that the rain had stopped and the sun had started to shine again New Orleans suddenly felt like a sauna. You throw the blanket off our body and sit up, stretching your arms and groaning. You check your phone as you gather your stuff into the grocery bag you brought it over in.

“Leaving so soon?” You look up and then promptly go speechless. There he was, Kai, with no shirt and low hanging sweatpants. Did every attractive man in this town have a six pack, or were you under a delusion?

“T-The work men stopped so my apart-ment is done and I should go see w-what they did to it. Uhm, bye.” You rush out of the apartment leaving behind a smirking and snickering Kai. But it didn’t matter, because right now your heartbeat was going a million miles a second and you could practically hear Kai laughing from his apartment.

You look up at the ceiling once your heart calms down and sigh. The ceiling looks great, fixed, better than when you first bought the apartment but now dust covered your whole living room. You run a hand through our hair as you curse the workers under your breathe. You brush away all the dust before collapsing onto your couch.

Someone knocks on your doorway. You stand up and march towards the door.

“What the hell do you want?!” You rip open the door to find Kol standing there holding flowers.

“To apologize.” He offers you the flowers and you stare at them incredulously.

“Flowers? Flowers?! You wouldn’t even stand up for me and now you think that a bouquet of roses can make it all better?! How could you think that I could hurt a kid, Kol, a kid!” You swipe the flowers out of his hands as you yell. They fall apart on the floor as you point at him.

“I was trying to convince Klaus not to kill you. I brought you them because they’re your favorite.” Kol walks into your house behind you and shuts the door.

“And you couldn’t tell me anything? You couldn’t compel someone to tell me? To bring a letter? Kol you have a phone, you could have called me!” You turn around to face him, to yell at him more, when he grabs your face and kisses you. You barely have time to react before you kiss him back.

“What- the fuck- was that?” You say, panting after he pulls away from the surprise of it.

That, was something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” You don’t say anything, truly and utterly speechless as you stare up at him.

“Fuck you, get out! You can’t just fix everything with a kiss and a love confession! Get out!” You push him out of the door and slam it loudly. You can hear Kol walk down the stairs. You put your head in your hands when you sit down, hands still shaking from the anger and now the rush of kissing someone.

What the hell were you going to do now?

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Out of the Rain

I wrote a disgustingly fluffy Merthur fic to heal my soul. Hope you like it. :)

It was pouring buckets of rain. All Arthur wanted to do was curl up in bed and listen to it streaming down on the stone roof, but he had what seemed like endless meetings, not to mention training with the knights. Although, training had been postponed after Gwaine had taken one step outside and shouted, “Nope!” and when the others made fun of him, he shoved them into the freezing cold torrent until they all agreed that training could wait until tomorrow.

Finally, Arthur was in his room, the door closed, knees tucked under him on the window seat. The window was open, letting him hear the soothing staccato of the raindrops, whose furious rush to the earth tapped out a melody to loosen all the knots of his headache. He loved being king, but there were days when it was exhausting. Especially when he inexplicably hadn’t seen Merlin all day. Hearing Merlin’s mindless chatter was a comfort. And if Merlin were here, he could have gone down to the kitchens and gotten Arthur some tea, and maybe lit a fire, and fetch him a blanket. Now that he thought of it, sitting by the window listening to the rain was not enjoyable in the least, and it was all Merlin’s fault for being wherever the hell he was.

Half an hour or so later, the door to Arthur’s chambers creaked open, and he jumped up.

“Sorry I’m late-”

“Where have you been? I’ve had to go all day without- Merlin, what’s happened to you?”

Merlin was soaked from head to toe, pale white, and absolutely shivering. He was dripping a veritable ocean onto the floor.

“I’ve b-been out all day,” he said. “Uhh… collecting herbs for Gaius.”

“Collecting herbs for Gaius? And it took you all day?”

“S-sorry, sire-”

“No, Merlin, I’m just saying, how stupid do you have to be to go out in this pouring rain all day? You might have gotten yourself killed- you’ve probably got a cold now! Do you even care about your own health? Honestly!”

Merlin looked up, and he looked like such a pitiable mess that Arthur rolled his eyes. “All right, well, if you’re not going to take care of yourself, I will. I’m not letting you die of a cold just because you’re such an idiot.”

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I don’t think it’s fair to say someone only gets one love in this lifetime. In fact, I believe the exact opposite. I think that as humans, we are blessed with infinite loves. The way the rain patters against the roof in the heat of the storm, the freckles dancing along the face of the boy you work with in english class, the sound of your best friend’s laugh after being apart for so long, the crash of the ocean against the shore reminding you that you’re home. Too often is love related to romance, when in reality it’s merely anything that causes a smile to form on your lips.
—  love can be everywhere if you take time to find it
Blank. My mind was blank. I had to write about a life changing experience but how do you choose one? Everything is life changing. The way the rain hits the roof and slowly slips off, the feeling you get when you find a new favorite song and listen to it on repeat for days, the way he makes you feel when he touches your thigh. They all change your mood, day, your life. Getting an A in the class you thought you would fail, buying your first lanyard to put your first cars keys on. The little things add up to change the big picture. You can’t put together a puzzle without every single piece can you? Life is the puzzle, and asking for one life changing experience is like asking to put it together with only one piece.
—  love
Our Love

Pairing: Saeran Choi / Mc (you)

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Summary: Saeran and Mc discuss their love and what they mean to each other.

                Saeran and Mc were cuddled up on their couch, which was the only thing they currently had in their new home. They were listening to the pitter-patter of the rain against their roof as they held each other. Saeran had been rubbing soothing circles on Mc’s back when he suddenly stopped. Mc, who had been running her fingers through Saeran’s hair, looked up at him, “What’s wrong?”

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What is love?

I’m not sure if I am right or if I am wrong in this or not… but truthfully… I really do feel like love is more than just butterflies and feeling comfortable with someone. I know its that feeling you get when home isn’t a roof over your head. It’s living in your car on a dirt path because you’re too broke to afford rent. It’s sleeping in a tent for months because you would rather sleep together and suffer than be apart. It’s randomly driving to the beach in the middle of the night so you can freeze on a pier while its raining because you have nothing better to do. It’s that argument at 3 am over something so stupid but you can’t sleep without each other. It’s that first date at Chili’s that you had when your junk car breaks down in the middle of the highway so he comes to save the night. It’s those steps right outside where you shared your first real conversation about aliens. The sidewalk you walked upon and shared your very first kiss together. It’s meeting your dad for the first time and being called “Beverly” the whole night because he was too drunk. The fights, slamming of doors, and screaming “goodbye” to one another when all we really wanted was each other. It’s proving to the world that they were wrong because no matter how much they want to fight us, we will win. Love is having feelings for someone the very moment you first start talking to them. When you know that you met for some reason rather than to just become strangers once again. When you become crazy for each other and will do any and everything to protect each other. Love is experiencing life in a way that nothing could ever compare to. Love is packing all of your things up and leaving because you thought there would be no other way… Love is respectfully trying to disappear from their life because they didn’t want to hurt you anymore… Love is waiting and being patient. Love is the one who comes back to you even when you know deep down that they have too much pride. We once had a talk about “true love” and I asked him “What is Love?” and he told me he didn’t really know. Then he stopped the car and said “I don’t ever go back to anyone after a break up. I just don’t. I move on and that’s that.” We argued about it because I was always the positive one about “love”. But what I didn’t realize at the time was, he was telling me that because he does love me. HE came back to me. And for him to do that… It really surprised me and touched my heart. Love is not perfect by all means. Love is exactly what you make it. Love is beautiful.

When I look up
at grey skies,
it fills with me
with serenity.  
The rain numbs
my discomfort, 
all I hear is repetitive 
drops tapping, 
like a soft knock 
on the gates of my soul. 
If you listen closely,
you can almost hear
the tender rhythm,
that sends a shiver
down my spine.
—  when the sky darkens and the rain starts to pour, my heart finds the warmest comfort // A.H. 

avelysian asked: chrysalism ( (n) the amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm)

“This is nice,” Castiel said against Dean’s chest as they laid pressed together on the couch.

“Mmhm,” Dean hummed, rubbing his hand up and down Castiel’s back.

Outside thunder boomed. Castiel jumped a little at the sound, then settled again. Rain poured down the roof and beat against the windows. Lightening streaked in the distance, lighting up the yard for a moment.

“Did you ever pour out the rain?” Dean joked, thinking of a song he heard years before. Castiel’s brow furrowed.

“Rain doesn’t come from Heaven. It-” Dean cut him off with a kiss.

“I know, Cas.”

Castiel huffed laid his head back on Dean’s chest. It didn’t take long for Dean’s breathing to even out. He always said that stormy days were the best for napping.

Castiel watched the storm rage outside, remembering when he had the power to create a storm or end one. Now he was just a spectator like every other human.

He listened to Dean’s beat mixed with rumble of the storm, feeling at peace. He never felt this close to Heaven, even when he called it home.