you are the revalation

We all learned that POV is important in Skam. Thats why a character seems so different every season. We se them through the eyes of the main. And that doesnt let us see all of them. Only the stuff our main is focusing on. Like Eva being a partygirl and kind of hurt by her ex when the main was Noora who chose to stay collected and was afraid of hurting Vilde or getting hurt herself.

Well I got to thinking. What does the characters look like through the eyes of the rest of the school? All the gossip and hate accounts made me think. What does some of the characters look like when you only know them through school yard gossip or soscial media?

Eva: stole the man of her best friend. The only girl taking care of her when she transfered from a different city. And then proceeded to cheat on him only a little over a year later. And now shes always drunk and hooking up with the same boy or strangers.

Noora: defends feministic views but ends up going for the fuckbuy the whole school knows her best friend has a crush on. As far as some people knows she even got drunk and spent the night naked in bed with his brother. Then she leaves this boyfriend in another country. And now shes hooking up with the friend of her best friends brother at parties.

Isak: snitches out his friend on a public gossip account on Instagram. Arranges street fights. Hookes up with girls at parties but never gets serious. Forgets one of his best friends birthday. Is suddenly gay. Brakes up a four year long relationship. Fights his other good friend, most likely because his homophobic. Gets into a fight with four arab dudes. Hes propably rascist. Made a hate account to get revenge after a brakeup to a girl even though his gay.

Sana: snaps and throws water in other girls faces at parties. Has Sharmuta written on her locker because shes so opressed. Is rude to everybody even though they just made one little comment. Just takes over the russebuss without anyone getting to wote for her or anything. And then she just leaves because shes to good for the whole russefeiring. And did you know she took a choke hold on someone at her last school?

Even: hes totally psycho. He wrote all this crazy shit on the facebook wall of his last school. He cant be trusted. He left his girlfriend because he cheated on her and aperantly he did it once before. Also hes away from school for long periods of a time and doesnt get in troubble because of the 10 percent. Hes cheating or theres something wrong with him

Elias: calls her sister slave and sends messages asking for nudes and fights people just because theyre gay

Vilde: shes a total slut. She threw herself at William. And shes always working out and watching her food, like what does she think she is. And shes always gossiping. And shes so stupid thinking brun og blid is a good sponsor. And did you notice her clothes still have the tags on. Does she return them to hide how poor she is, or does she steal them? And did you know her mom is propably alcoholic or homeless or something? And she sents messages with this guy about nudes and is probably cheating on Magnus. Because everybody knows hes more into her than shes into him.

Conclusion: pov changes how you see things (shocking revalation nr 1) and gossip is really dangerous (shocking revalation nr 2).

So what can we take from this in regards to season 4? Sana needs to talk to people! And she needs to hear the stories from the people in the stories. Not from third parties! And she cant always trust her pov. Sometimes there is more to it than what you saw or felt or thought in a situation.

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Mitsu & Ryuu: Momo-san!! Let’s play together!!
Momo: Let’s go let’s go~!!

Banri: Tonight, let’s have a good time together until the end ✧*。
Momo: Kyaaa~!! Ban-san, ikemen!!!💕

Tsukumo: Mo~mo♡ Let’s eat cow’s tongue together in my place♡
Momo: …. Tsk *but going anyway*

Yuki: Everyone is taking Momo from me since part 3 starts tho is it just me?

Maybe I Could....

A/N: HI guys! Just a little imagine for the Elf Man. For like two weeks, anime and BTS are ruining my life. It’s an addiction I’ll admit it. Don’t send help yet.

“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?” You muttered quietly yet enough for Leo to hear. Leo lifted up his head from it’s bowed position and cut his chocolate brown eyes at ou in curiousity, “You’ll give me a massage?” He asked smugly a smirk creeping it’s way onto his tanned face. You gave a small mod of your head and smiled weakly, yet sincerly, “You’ve been working pretty hard on that ship of yours, I mean you’ve been bending over all day so your back is probaly hurting and your neck is probably-       “ Your unconcious rambling was cut off by a small giggle that sat just across from you and you swore up in down in your mind that it was the cutest thing you’ve ever heard. Leo smiled brightly and placed his hand on top of your in a reasuring way, “I am pretty sore…. You think we could start now?” You gulped silently and forced a smile through your anxious state, “Lead the way, Hammer brain.” He rolled his eyes at the dumb nickname you’d picked for him, but lead you over to some bunk beds he’d set up for late nights in bunker nine. Your mind raced without control once he laid on his stomach on the small bed, things that were to never leave your mind flashed alongside the thought of ‘How the hades am I going to do this?’ He turned his head to look at you, his dark curls splayed around his head on the eggshell white pillow case. You shot a warm close-lipped smile to him and marched over to the bunk before placing each leg nervously on either side of him so that you were sitting on his bum, He immediently tensed up at the strange position and touch and you couldn’t really blame him for it. You shyly moved his usual white work shirt up to reval his slightly moist back  to the air and moved your hands down and up on his bare back, earning a few grunts from him. You hit near his neck when he let out a rather loud groan and moaned out ‘right there’. Hearing this from someone you weren’t even together with- not to mention that it’s your crush- scared you and aroused you at the same time. You pressed harder on the spot and massaged it gently until the knot was fading, “Oh holy Hephaestus…. Your hands are magic or something! I swear you give the best massage ever.” He said with a content sigh at the end. You let out a hum in reponse, but, it sounded more like a sqeak than a hum. Without warning- he flipped his body around so that you were straddling him and he was facing you. This wasn’t that big a dea considering the next thing he did was sit up and kiss you.

Letter from John to the RHCP Fan Club, 1990

Notable quotes:

‘P.P.S. Buy a copy of Trout Mask Replica by Captaion Beefheart if you want a spiritual revalation.’

‘I have been masturbating extensively’

‘Anthony, Flea and Chad read every letter, except i wipe my ass with every 392nd one’


“Guess what?’ Fitz said.
‘I don’t know,’ Jude said. 'What? Narnie smiled?’ He glanced at her for the first time.
'When you guys see a Narnie smile, it’s like a revalation,’ Webb said, gathering her towards him.
Jude stopped in front of her and, with both hands cupping her face, tried to make a smile. Narnie flinched.
'Leave her alone,’ Tate said.
'I need a revelation,’ Jude said. 'And you’re the only one that can give me one, Narns.”

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☆ g - grossest memory: i dont really have one, but if i have to choose then its probably seeing a haikyuu kurotsuki doujinshi where tsukki was a child and was raped by kuroo. it was a nightmare.

☆ h - horror yes or horror no: YES

☆ i - in love?: nah

☆ g - jealous of people?: oh god too much

☆ k - killed someone?: almost myself, three times. lol

☆ l - love at first sight or should I walk by again?: uhh idk

☆ m - middle name: Magdalena

☆ n - number of siblings: 1

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☆ r - reason to smile: for example cute girls

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☆ z - zodiac sign: typical libra

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Should You Mirror Someone's Beliefs for the Sake of Working With Them?

Someone you must maintain a good relationship with comes to you one day and tells you they’re psychic.

Maybe you believe in psychics maybe you don’t but either way you ask them “Why’s that? ”

They tell you a story you couldn’t possibly find convincing-

“One day I dreamt I’d find a dollar in my left pocket and when I checked there was nothing BUT when I asked to borrow a dollar two weeks later my friend said yes and took one out of HIS left pocket.”

-something like that.

They tell you this is such an amazing revalation that before they had it, their life was miserable.

Should you express your doubt, and risk making yourself an enemy to their beliefs?

Or should you say nothing and simply pretend to agree so things go smoother?

Is that not lying to someone?

Is professing a strong belief you would be upset or angered to hear challenged or dismissed not simply asking someone to lie to you?

More and more often I find myself cornered by important people excitedly conveying wildly different supernatural beliefs and if I pretend to agree it’s only a matter of time before two are in the room together talking about it.

What would you do?

Lazy Day Turns Into Sex Day [Luke Hemmings Smut]

Based on this request: could you write a lazy day with luke?

Warning: Smut (NSFW)

Word Count: 4565 (you’re welcome. Unless it’s bad, then sorry x)

You and your boyfriend Luke of a year recently decided that it was time to take your relationship to the next level and move in together. Before he left for tour last year, you found this lovely house overlooking the sea that was perfect size for the two of you and, hopefully, two little kids. You both immediately fell in love with it and Luke, for your birthday, bought it. A few weeks ago they started an one-month-break and you suggested to definitely bring all of your stuff in there. Today, you were supposed to finish unpacking your thighs.

Luke had been awake for two hours now, trying the most desperate ways to get off himself or fall back asleep, ignoring his hard on. But he couldn’t just sleep it off, he would wake up after five minutes, biting his lip and trying so hard not to wake you up and end this torture himself. He glanced at the clock again; ‘8am, maybe I can try and wake her up’ he whispered to himself.

“Babe” Luke’s deep, velvety voice penetrated your dreams. You shifted lower into the sheets, hoping that his voice was just in your dreams. You heard “baby” again and you knew he wanted something. “Hmm” you grunted in reply, trying desperately to grasp back onto sleep, but it was slipping away for you, also because of Luke’s bony finger poking you in the arm. “Wake up” he commanded, resting his head on your stomach, nudging you until you finally opened your eyes, vision still blurred and feeling sleepy. “Luke, it’s early. Go back to sleep” you told him, rolling onto your side, huddling deeper under your duvet.

“I have a problem, down there” he pouted, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling your back against his chest; making you feel his prominent morning boner, begging to be taken care of. “I’ll make breakfast and I promise you can go back to sleep after” he pleaded, kissing from your shoulder to your neck; knowing how much his kisses can make you instantly weak and wet. “You’re such a horny fella” you chuckled, turning around to place a soft kiss on his lips. “Heey” he frowned and gave you the best puppy-face he could. “It’s not my fault if I keep dreaming about my breath-taking girlfriend’s body” he smirked, rolling on top of you, kissing your jaw lines up to the corner of your lips, “and the way she was a screaming mess last night” he continued, grinding his hips down onto yours, earning a low moan to escape through your now parted lips.

“It won’t take long baby, I’m actually one-stroke-cum” he blushed slightly before starting making his way down your body with kisses, “But you know I wouldn’t be able to cum without pleasuring you first” he whispered, pulling your panties aside and blowing cold air on your clit; making you hiss and close your eyes. Though, it was true, he couldn’t stand the fact of not making you cum before him. He always had this idea about pleasuring his girl multiple times before coming himself.

“You’re going to be the death of my pussy, Lucas” you sighed as his lips attached your clit and started sucking on it. One of your hand grabbed a hold on his hair, while the other rested on his shoulder, biting your lip harshly, asking yourself how it wasn’t bleeding. He chuckled at your remark, sending vibrations through your whole body and making you arch your back from the sheets; his hands pushing your hips back down, his dominant part now revaling.

His tongue thrust inside you, immediately finding your g-spot and hitting it every time it would come in. “Oh my God, Luke” you gasped, out of breath, as a smirk grew on his face “That’s right, moan my name” he mumbled, his head buried between your thighs, one of his hand reaching over to rub your clit in circles, before he slipped two of his long fingers inside. You squeezed your eyes shut, your mouth forming an ‘O’, no sound could come out of it anymore as you rocked your hips against his fingers; feeling yourself getting closer and closer to your high. “Luke, I’m gonna come” you managed to say between moans as he nodded and leant down to press a kiss on your folds. Your eyes widened as you stared at him; ‘if looks could kill’ he thought by himself and shook his head smiling slightly.

“Do you find it funny? You woke me up and then you don-“ he cut you off; taking you off guard and slamming into you. “Oh Gosh” you moaned, your anger towards him vanishing the instant he began thrusting his hips forward yours. The knot in your stomach building up all over again as you felt him twitch inside you. “I’m not gonna last long. I’ve been hard for more than two hours” he groaned, leaning down on his elbows. His face inches from yours; you could hear his breath against your nose as your arms wrapped automatically around his neck and your leg hooked around his waist.

He didn’t have to tell you that he was close; you knew it by the way his eyes closed and his veins showed up on his neck. On the other side, he didn’t have to either; he could tell you were about to cum just watching into your eyes or how he could feel your legs shaking beneath him. Your fingers tugging at the hair at the back of his head, his thrusts were getting sloppier as both of you reached your highs together. He pulled out and plopped next to you on the bed; the two of you still trying to catch your breath.

“It was worth the wait” he chuckled after a few minutes, you giggled too, turning around to face him, and pushed a strand of sweaty hair away from his forehead. “It was worth being woken up” you smirked, wrapping a leg around his waist and an arm around his chest as he hummed happily. “I’ll be waiting for the breakfast anyway” you cleared, his chest vibrating under your arm as he laughed. “I need a shower first, if you’ll let me get up ma’am” he teased and you rolled over your other side.

“Your turn” Luke said once he came off the bathroom, with just a towel around his hips. “I except the breakfast to be ready when I’ll finish” you demanded jokily; although he knew you weren’t kidding. “Of course, I would never disappoint my girl” he whispered and leant forward to press a sweet kiss on your lips, “don’t take too long” he sighed as you made your way into the bathroom, stepping into the shower and turning on the already hot water.

Once you finished, you dried yourself a bit and got dressed with underwear and a tee of Luke. You went down in the kitchen and saw it was all ready like he promised; Luke didn’t notice your presence yet as he washed god knows what. You walked behind him and put your hands over his eyes, making him tense up and then relax again. “Guess who?” you said, trying your best to do a man voice, “mhh, Daniel?” he wondered and you laughed. “No, silly boy” you pulled your hands away and he turned around smiling, leaning down and pressing a kiss on your lips. “Let’s have breakfast” he breathed against your mouth and lead you towards the table, pulling you onto his lap before you could walk on your own chair.

After you ate, you got of his lap and started unpacking the boxes that were left in the kitchen and living room. “Baby“ Luke grumbled after a few minutes of sorting your things out, “Can we finish tomorrow?” he asked, puppy eyes that you tried to ignore. “Not happening, pretty boy” you rolled your eyes, hiding your smile when he came behind you; wrapping his arms around your waist and leaning his chin on your shoulder. “Pleeeease. I’m so lazy today” he said, nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck. “Alright, but if you’re not gonna complain tomorrow” you gave in and turned around, his lips forming a smile before he started spinning you around excited.

“Let’s watch a film” he smiled and pecked your lips a few times. Cheesy, yeah but you both always loved cuddling and watching movies. You both wanted to go all out and watch a movie that you normally wouldn’t, so you decided to watch ‘50 Shades of Grey’. At first, when he suggested to watch it, you were hesitant, but he finally talked you into watching at least a part of it. You knew how Luke is and you knew that you weren’t going to make it through even half of this movie. You didn’t think you were going to be so turned on, so you didn’t really mind that much.

Once the first sex scene started, you shifted uncomfortably, surprisingly getting really wet. You could tell Luke was trying to hide his boner and just continue with the movie, so you tried to hide it as well. By the third sex scene, you’d finally grabbed a blanket, pulling it over you, before bringing your hands to your pants, trying not to let Luke notice. You rubbed your hand over your clit, circling your fingers and adding pressure. You didn’t know how you were going to hide this from Luke because he was sitting right next to you, snuggling up with you; his boner prominent, though he didn’t seem to want to do anything about it, which is odd for him. You were so turned on, you decided to do something a little different. Your goal was to get him to punish you with hot sex because, well, “daddy Luke” was always so hot.

You circled your hands faster, letting out a moan and throwing your head back. “What are you doing Y/N?” he asked through clenched teeth, not even glancing over at you. As you continued to add pressure and play with your clit, you gasped out again. “Luke, ugh I’m gonna cum” you lied; cumming in your pants wasn’t exactly what you imagined and planned, but it was worth to see the expression on Luke’s face when he heard that. You inserted your finger in your entrance before pulling it out slowly, hitting the nerves, giving you intense pleasure.

When you slid your digit back in, you curved it in a ‘come here’ motion, causing you to roll your eyes back and you head to roll to the side; falling on Luke’s shoulder, as you came loudly, moaning and arching your back. He stiffened and looked at you. “Y/N stop, are you trying to get punished?” he growled and you just looked up at him innocently through your eyelashes, the answer obvious. He smirked at you, “So you are? You want me to eat that pretty little pussy if yours? You want me to fuck you senseless? Tie you to the bed? Blindfold you maybe? Is that what you want?” you moaned at his words bringing your digit out of you and bringing it to his mouth. He immediately took your finger between his lips, sucking all your juices off, as he closed his eyes sighed at your taste. “You’re gonna get it now princess” he said whispering slowly, but dangerously.

You moaned quietly at his words as he grabbed your wrist, leading you upstairs rather fast. Once in your bedroom, he ordered you to strip and lay on the bed, starfish position, and wait for him. You did as you were told, while he walked into your closet grabbing a few things you bought when you were both drunk and horny. When he came back to you, he didn’t say much but tied your arms to top of the bed, and your ankles to the bottom. Now that you were exposed to him, he stood in front if you licking his lips, just looking at your dripping pussy, taking time to admire how breath-taking you were and clearly enjoying his view. You moaned and arched your back for him, begging him silently to do something, anything.

He walked around the bed to you and crawled on top of you, before slowly grinding his hips into yours, rolling them to create more friction between you; the rough material of his skinny jeans adding to the intense pleasure. You gasped loudly and lifted your hips forward, pulling against the restraints, but he firmly held your hips down before looking at you with such lust, desire and need to be the one in control. “Now am I going to have to blindfold you as punishment? You know the rules baby, don’t make a sound” he growled in your ear before standing back up and grabbing the blindfold. He knew this was your weakness; not being able to see what he was doing and what he was about to do to you. You tried to move away when he started putting the blindfold on your eyes; frowning at him and pouting. He clenched his teeth and looked you in the eyes “Now are you going to make the punishment worse? The blindfold is not that bad, baby, I can do much worse. So do not give me that face” he demanded and you knew he could; you knew he could do so much worse and, tonight, you were too sexually frustrated to experience that.

“Guess, I’ll have to punish you harder now. I don’t want to but you keep breaking my rules” he smirked at you when you wouldn’t let him blindfold and you whimpered slightly, giving in and letting him put the blindfold on you. Luke leant down, his forearms next to your head as he kissed and sucked hard on your neck, leaving marks and marking you as ‘his’, as he kept grounding his hips roughly into yours. You struggled not to make a sound as the pleasure intensified every time you would feel his tip against your entrance through his damn jeans. Though you didn’t know how this was so pleasurable, you thought that maybe Luke just had that effect on you, somehow. When he started rubbing your clit with his crotch, you felt a knot in your stomach, panicking a bit but thinking that he surely wouldn’t humiliate you so much as to make you cum like this. “Luke, you are not going to make me cum like this. That’s not fair!” you failing to raise your voice, as it cracked at the end, being too distracted and lost in the way he was building your orgasm more and more. “I can, and I will Y/N, now, what did I say?” he growled, his eyebrows raising as he wiggled them a bit. “I’m sorry, daddy, I’m so sorry please don’t punish me more” you begged and you knew sounded pathetic, but in that moment, you couldn’t care less; with your high getting closer and knowing what Luke could do with all the sex toys the both of you had.

“Baby,” he whispered, stoking your cheek with the back of his hand gently, “I’m sorry, but you’ve behaved bad, and bad girls get punished” he looked at, not even trying to hide his well-known smirk of the night. You whimpered as you felt that you were about to come. After a few rub of his against your clit, you finally came, your juices dripping onto the bed sheets and on his boner. You felt so humiliated, as Luke was still dressed and you came just by he dry-fucking you, while he didn’t . Tears flooded your eyes and your cheeks went red with embarrassment. As Luke took the blindfold off, he noticed them; his expression changed immediately. "Baby what’s wrong? I thought you were up for this” his caring side back, “You are still dressed and I just reached my high, I’m so humiliated” you stated as you tried to hide your face. It was kinda hard since you were still tied up though.

“Princess, it’s not anything to be embarrassed about. I wanted to pleasure you, and I did, I made you cum. That’s an amazing feeling knowing that I’m the only one who can make you cum. I love that I’m the only man who gets to see you this way. I don’t care if I’m still dressed. I could make you come another five times if you wanted to. And I would wait” he said in an adoring and reassuring tone, gazing into your eyes with love and lust. You nodded and he whipped your eyes for you; a smile now on his face as he kissed your forehead. “Do you want me to untie you or do you want me to keep going?” he asked, now unsure if this is a great idea, “Keep going Luke, I’m sorry just keep going…Ugh, God I love you so much” you let out in a breath. He kissed along your jaw again and to your neck whispering in your ear: “Baby don’t be sorry, I love you so so so much. You have no idea how much I actually love you Y/N”. He quickly sat up, taking his shirt and skinny jeans off, leaving him in his boxer. You eyed him up and down; adoration, love and lust sparkled in your eyes.

Luke got back on top of you, this time slowly starting to kiss down the valley of your breasts, leaving your skin wet with his open-mouthed kisses. You closed her eyes, hoping that the less you watched, the faster he will get to where you needed him most. Luke took his time roaming your body with his lips; wanting to touch every part of you, needing to cherish the most engaging body in front of him. You weren’t having it, though as you kept pushing his head closer to where you craved him, whimpering every time she felt his hot breath against her. “Luke” you moaned loudly, he pulled back before winking cheekily at you. “Now baby, rules didn’t change. You are still getting punished, Kitten” your eyes widened at the nickname he gave you, taking big gasps of air, you nodded eagerly; wanting to start again as soon as possible.

He pressed his tongue flat against your entrance, looking up at you. Keeping quiet, you bit your lip, squeezing your eyes shut. He pulled back and kissed your clit, trying to get a reaction out of you. “Luke I’m begging you. I’ve never been this desperate. Please do something, please” you cried out and Luke smiled, loving how much you wanted him. He was doing this; the woman he was admiring was the woman he was doing this to her. Luke instantly pulled back and looked at you with a shocked expression before smirking. “Eager, are we, kitten? Well, I guess we’ll have to start sooner than planned” he shrugged, immediately placing the pad on his thumb on your clit, moving slowly in circles on it.

You rolled your eyes back, needing him now more than ever. “Ugh, daddy, just give me your mouth, your full fingers, your cock, anything, just please” you said angrily, practically begging. “As you wish, baby” he smirked before kissing your clit, then diving his tongue in your entrance, hitting your g-spot. His hands held your waist, as you tried to buck your hips at the pleasuring sensation. He started sucking on the bundle of nerves, as you rolled your head back on the pillow, once again feeling that powerful feeling all over your body. You started convulsing, your movements stiff as small screams escaped your mouth. Your shaking legs found their way around his neck, your ankles pushing him closer against you.

Luke knew what this meant. You’ve done this action too many times not to know. You were close, and this was exactly how you wanted him to finish you off. You wanted his tongue buried deep within you, flicking inside of you until you reached your most vulnerable moment. Flicking his tongue quickly, Luke reattached his thumb to your clit, rubbing in figure eights. You were lost in the feeling that Luke was giving you. You weren’t sure of anything other than this was the most pleasure you’ve ever felt. You could barely think straight, feeling that tingle in your lower stomach. “Please, please, please don’t stop!” you screamed and, before Luke could make any more movements, you were cumming all over his tongue. You were screaming his name repeatedly, and Luke was quick to react to it as he worked you through your high.

Once he you calmed down, Luke manoeuvred his mouth away from you and crawled on top of you; your breath still harsh as you opened your eyes, noticing that his dick was just a few inches away from your mouth. “Now baby, I expect you to give me a blowie” he breathed as he sat over your face pressing his dick into your mouth. “Try and fit all of it in your warm mouth, sweetheart” he obeyed and your eyes went wide at his words, as he was rather large and long. He slid his dick most of the way in, as you tried to handle it as best as you could, but your gag reflex soon became to much as you whimpered and tried to move your head to the side so he’d get the hint and pull out of your mouth. “Guess we’ll have to train you gag reflex then, won’t we kitten?” he sighed and your eyes widened again at his words and you quickly shook your head, wanting to pleasure him, yes, but you weren’t sure if you could do this. “Baby, it’s okay, I’ll be gentle” he slid back into your mouth. He slid half of the way in, holding it there for a few seconds before inching a little more in, as he kept repeating this process. He pulled out, but before he could go back in, you begged, “Luke please I love you and I want to pleasure you but I can’t do this”. He leant his head down and kissed you sweetly, his eyes pleading as he looked down at his hard on.

“Baby please, please try one more time, just one, for me” he asked in a begging tone. You looked into his eyes, as you nodded; at the end, you knew you could never say no to him. He put himself back into your mouth, inching in and watching intently you to make sure he wasn’t hurting you. You winced slightly as his tip went further in than you expected, but you let him continue. When he was all the way in, he watched your face, as your eyes stared at the each others. You pulled at the restraints and nodded, letting him know he could fuck your mouth. He pulled out then pushed back in, repeating this process a few more times, before shooting his load in your mouth throwing his head back; groans and slight screams of your name left his parted lips as you managed to swallow it all of his cum. You could came just at the sight of Luke like this and you sent him a small smile as he looked at you with loving eyes.

“You treat me too well Y/N. Too bad I still have to punish you” he said quietly, whispering more to himself than to you. You squeezed your eyes shut, wanted some kind of contact with Luke. To your surprise he uncuffed you. “Get on all fours” he said harshly, returning to his demanding behaviour. Once you were on your hands and knees, you felt Luke’s hands go straight to your ass. “You are so beautiful, I could look at you all day when you’re like this” he suddenly let out, proud was in his voice. But, before you could answer, he brought one hand back and gave your cheek a hard slap. He repeated this three more times before doing the same to the other cheek. Each time, you jerked forward and dripped in the bed or moaned and buried your face into the mattress. Luke felt a sense of pride. Knowing that you were all his, that nobody else could ever have you like this.

“Ugh, you are all mine, aren’t you kitten?” his possessive side now showing. When you didn’t answer, he brought his hand back on your ass with another harsh slap. “I said,” he gritted his teeth, “You’re all mine, aren’t you Y/N? Nobody else’s. Nobody can have you like I do. Isn’t that right Y/N?” he said again, his words left his mouth slower and more fluently. “Yes daddy…fuck…I’m all yours. Nobody can fuck me like you can. And either touch me or kiss me like you can” you whispered against the pillow, but he still could hear the best sentence coming out of your lips. With that, he slammed his very hard cock into your very dripping wet pussy. You jerked forward at the sudden feeling, but soon you moaned loudly as he thrust into you, and then pulled out slowly, letting you feel every part of him. Still sensitive, you felt your legs start shaking and you knew you were close to your third orgasm of the night. "I’m not gonna last daddy” you adverted him. “Hold it just a little longer baby, please” he whispered, biting his lip as he concentrated just on the way your walls felt around him.

A few minutes passed and you couldn’t hold it anymore, and you let go just as Luke pulled out and came on your backside; both of you out of breath as you fell flat on the bed. He quickly grabbed the closest thing to him he could reach and cleaned you up. After he finished, he laid next to you, both of your mouths still parted slightly as they struggled to catch your breath. After a while, he wrapped both of his now sweaty arms around your waist, pulling you closer against him; your chest touching his. “Sorry babygirl if I was I too rough?” he asked and looked worriedly in your eyes. “God, Y/N, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to do that when you were giving me a blow job. I wasn’t thinking, I swear baby I’ll never do it again. Gosh I’m so stupid sometimes” he ranted, his eyes a little glossy, as he thought he hurt you. “Luke, Luke, look at me” you whispered, your hands cupping both of his cheeks so he could only look into your eyes, “I promise, you didn’t hurt me. I got to pleasure you, that’s all that matters to me. I love you so much” you reassured him with a loving smile. “You’re the best, Y/N. I love you so much” he leant in kissing you passionately, as if he was telling you just how much he loved you, as you returned just as much passion and love. “I guess you weren’t that much lazy, uhn?” you teased and he laughed, throwing his head back.

After you took a hot shower together, you both cuddled on the bed listening to music playing on the background and talking, just how you loved it.


Imagine 2

Character- Teresa
Word Count- 762

You opened your eyes suddenly, feeling cold, hard metal under you. You instantly looked around, trying to get a peak at your surroundings, but failing due to the swallowing darkness around you.

You decided to feel around the room to see if it could give you any idea of where you were. You crawled along the small area you seemed to be trapped in. You tried to stand up just them, but you were instantly jolted back onto the floor when the small box started moving. 

You leaned against the wall of the box, trying to calm down. What is this? What’s happening? How is this even possible? The box kept moving for what seemed like centuries, but in reality it was probably only fifteen minutes.

The loud, obnoxious, annoying sound of the chains moving was starting to give you a headache, but you tried to ignore it. After some time, the box finally came to a stop. Two doors opened, revaling the blinding sunlight shining through. You put your arm over your eyes as an attempt to stop the burning in your eyes from the sunlight.

You heard someone jump into the box, and you removed your arm, looking to see who it was. The stranger had blonde hair, with dark eyes, almost black. He looked shocked. 

“It’s another girl!” He said stunned, as he helped you up. You heard murmers around you coming from outside of the box. How is this even possible? 

“Put your foot through this.” The boy said, pointing to the rope. 

You did as told and they pulled you up. Once your feet touched solid ground, again, you looked around. There seemed to be about fifty boys around you. As you scanned the crowd, your eyes landed on one girl. 

For some reason, she looked really familier, like you have seen her before today. As you racked your brain from memories, you realized you had none, just faint images that didn’t help you. She noticed you staring and walked over to you slowly. Once she reached you, you looked at her again. You have definitely seen her from somewhere, but where. 

Just like she could read your mind, she said,“You look really familier. Where have I seen you from?”

“I thought the same thing.” You replied. 

“I’m so confused.” The girl said. 

“Yeah.” You agreed. You looked around again and noticed that the blonde guy was walking up to you. 

“Welcome to the Glade greenie, names Newt.” The boy, whos name you just learned as Newt said.  "All of those shuck faces gawking over you are the Gladers. Probably still in shock from a girl arriving.“ Newt explained.

"Why? What about her?” You asked, refering to the girl next to you. 

“Came last month.” She said. 

“Are you the leader or something?” You then asked Newt the question you have been thinking for a while now. 

“No. Second in comand. Alby here is the leader.” He said, patting the boy on the back as he came over to talk to you, you guessed. 

“No more shuck questions until the tour tomorrow. Teresa here will show you the main parts of the Glade and where you will be sleeping.” Alby said. “The rest of you shuck faces get back to work!” Alby called out to all of the boys who were still shocked. Alby and Newt walked off, leaving you with Teresa. 

“C'mon, let’s walk around for a little bit.” She said, starting to walk off. You followed her, not saying a word until you got to a small open field. 

“I thought we could have some fun and mess around. I haven’t really gotten time to since I’ve been here, and none of the guys would do anything with me because they were too busy.” Teresa said. 

“So what do you wanna do?” You asked.

She smirked before tapping your arm and saying,“Your it."With that, she ran off.

You laughed and started running after her. You tagged her and you started to run away, but stopped. Something took over your mind. 

You could see two girls running in a field, laughing and playing tag.

"You’re it.” You said to the girl, who looked like Teresa. 

“No, you’re it!” She said, running away. 

“Come on! You’re older then me sis!” You called out. She was about to reply, but the memory stopped. 

You looked at Teresa and she looked at you. 

“Y/N, we were sisters.” She said. You walked up to her and hugged her. 

“I love you.” She whispered. 

“I love you too.” You replied, smiling.

#2 BlowJobs [5SOS Preference]

Warning: Smut (NSFW)


“How much longer do you need to play?” you asked to your boyfriend Luke.
You do love him but you can’t deny that you hate videogames and that you were pretty bored after two hours of watching him playing.

“Just a few more minutes, baby, I need to win this level and then I’m done for today” he quickly kissed your cheek and you sighed; you wanted all of his attention to you and you knew how to earn it.

“Okay, Luke, no problem” you nodded and placed a hand on his knee, playing the innocent one as he kept staring at the TV.
Your hand slowly started rubbing his thigh, and he didn’t take long to glare at you “what are you doing?” he asked, still not completely aware of what was coming next.

“Nothing, just helping you to relax and win the match” you smiled and a gasp left his lips when your hand landed on his crotch “I know what you want, just wait a few more minutes and you can do whatever you want to or with me” he pleaded but you weren’t going to let him persuade you just with these words.

You started rubbing his growing boner until he couldn’t take it anymore “get on your knees, now” he demanded and you obligated, chuckling.
“I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist me” you smirked up at him and he already had his pants and boxers down “mmh eager, aren’t you?” your lips brushed against his tip and he sucked in a breath.

His length kept growing until he was completely hard beneath your parted lips “I’m gonna fuck your mouth so roughly” he growled and grabbed the back of your head with both of his large hands.
His hips jolted up, slipping his cock almost all the way in.

He couldn’t help himself anymore as he started pounding into your mouth as if it was your pussy “God, that feels fucking amazing” he moaned as your tongue worked around his throbbing dick too.
His groans became more frequently when your throat started clenching around him and your tongue licked whatever it landed on.

“Y/N, baby, I’m-” he sturred but you knew by the way he twinched in your mouth and his head fell back that he was close.
A loud grunt left his lips as his load spilled into your mouth, swallowing as much as you can, you gave a few more sucks before he became too sensitive.

“You’ve killed me” he breathed out while you were making your way up to him to peck his lips “thank you babygirl” he stroked your back and sighed happily.


His strong arms were wrapped around your waist and his legs were interwined with yours when you both fell asleep.

An heavy grunt woke you up from your sleep and you groaned tiredly “Micheal, are you okay?” you asked but there was no answer from him ‘he must still be sleeping’ you thought by yourself and tried to drift off to sleep again.

This time you felt something moving against your ass and you didn’t take long to understand what was going on. You sighed and glanced at the clock “it’s 4 am, can’t you wait a few more hours?” you stuttered sleepy, earning a loud moan as response and faster moves of his hips against yours.

“Please Micheal, just an other hour” you pleaded but you coulnd’t deny that you were turned on by his groans and his boner firmly against your ass.
After a few more grunts of his, you turned on your other side to face him, seeing his eyes closed and his lips slightly parted “ohh” you chuckled when realization hit you “are you having a dirty dream, my little boy?” you teased and an idea came through your mind.

You pushed him back on the bed, carefully to not wake him up, and shifted on the bed to be between his thighs.
The outline of his completely hard dick was defined and it was enough to make your lower part throb “are you dreaming about me sucking you off? Or maybe you pounding into me like no tomorrow?” you whispered as your fingertips teased his tip, making his hips lift up, wanting more friction.

His boxers where now somewhere on the floor and your eager mouth came closer and closer towards the dick that was aching for it “let’s see if you’ll wake up” you smirked.
He moved a bit forward and his eyebrows narrowed when your tongue licked all of his length. One of your hand rested on his thigh as the other made its way to grab his balls.

His eyes fluttered open and the moan that he was holding back could be hear in the room “fuck-what are you doing?” he closed his eyes and leaned his head back again when you started bobbing your head up and down slowly “you were a groaning mess and woke me up, decided to wake you up too” you shurgged when your attention went to his balls, knowing how much it drives him insane when you play with them.

“I’m not gonna last baby, I need to come so badly” he groaned and you knew that he had been horny and hard for quite a while now. His hand came down to stroke himself as you kept working on his balls “that’s it” he groaned loudly as his cum landed on his chest.

You stopped and looked at him innocently while you were cleaning his abs before placing a quick kiss on his tip “stop, I’m too sensitive” he whispered and pulled you up next to him.


Today wasn’t the right day to wear that tank top Calum loves pretty much, the one that makes your boobs look even bigger and him, being the boobs guy he is, couldn’t take his gaze off them “So, Y/N, how are your plans for university?” his dad next to you asked and you started a conversation with him.

Though, Calum, couldn’t start any with anyone because he would feel the need to glare at your boobs every there and then.

The waitress started filling her notebook with your orders before she was quickly gone, just then you noticed Calum’s eyes not on your face but on your boobs, making you giggle and hide a smirk “Y/N can you pass me the bottle of wine, please?” Ashton asked and you nodded smiling “of course, here it is” you grabbed it and handed it to him, making your boobs squeeze together. And not just Calum dared to have a look.

“Are you okay, love?” you asked and took his hand in your innocenlty “yeah, I’m completely fine, just a bit too hot in here” he answered cheekily and you blushed slightly. You watched as his face paled when your foot leant dangerously close to his boner, before giving a ‘I hate you’ look.

He sneaked a hand under the table and took your foot in it to prevent your second move, but this didn’t stop you from doing it with your other foot. A throaty groan left his lips when you started massaging his crotch with the your tiptoes.

“Hey Calum, are you okay?” his mother asked him this time while the boys hid a laugh “yeah, I think I’ll just go out with Y/N, I need some cold air” he smiled gently at his mother and got up, walking towards your seat as you took your time to stand up. He wrapped his arm tightly around your waist as he lead you both outside.

“Just do your work now, and at home I’ll punish you” he growled as you arrived at the back of the restaurant, where no one was around “what is my work?” you teased and his glare made you get on your knees “good girl” he winked and undone his belt and jeans.

“I won’t hold back, so I won’t last long. It’ll be a quick blowie” he chuckled as you pulled his boxers down, revealing his hard and thick length. His hands found their way tugging your hair. He didn’t waste time and started slamming his dick into your mouth, not being careful to hold back his groans.

“Play with my balls” he demanded and your hand was quickly wrapped around them, squeezing them slightly as he made a particular hard thrust, causing your throat to clench around him “fuck, keep doing like baby” his head fell back and you saw through your watering eyes his neck vine, a sign that he was close.

You pulled him out of you and started licking his balls, making him come undone.


You pushed your boobs out a little more, pulling your shirt down a little further and jumped around to their music whilst watching Ashton glaring at you and awkwardly flushing.

You pretended to drop something behing you and bent over to pick it up, giving a good view of your perfect ass to your now horny boyfriend. He shook his head at you once you were facing him again, making you laugh and wink at him.

You mouthed ‘what?’ at him and he sighed and mouthed back ‘you know what’, his jaw clenched as all his concentration focus’ on not playing wrong. He looked back at you one last time and mouth ‘you’re gonna get it when I’m done here’ then he turned, leaving you in anticipation of what’s to come once he’ll be off stage.

During at show you found a way to tease him every there and then and, by now, he had to hide his boner behind his drums, not letting a stadium full of teenage hormone enraged girls see his hard on.

When the show finished he quickly made his way towards you “Y/N, can you come with me a few minutes? I need to talk about somehing pretty important to you” he urgently asked while you kept laughing with the boys’ grilfriends “can you wait until we’re home Ash” you smirked and turned your back at him.

“I’ve been hiding a hard-on behind my drums the entire fucking show. I’m aching” he growled quietly in your ear, sendind a rush of pleasure directly to your lower centre.

You palmed him through his jeans, feeling just how hard he was and making his jaw clench, still careful to not let the lads catch you “where do you want to go?” you whispered back, giving in, knowing how much he needed a relief.

He didn’t answer you, instead he lead you into his dressing room, locking the door behind him.

You released him, chuckling at the grunt he let out when the air hit his lenght. You didn’t bother to tease, knowing you’d teased him long enough during the show. You slid him into your warm mouth, taking as much as you could.

“Fuck” he yelled, ignoring when you gave him that dirty look, afraid that someone could hear him.
You bobbed your head, taking him deeper each time, earing a groan every time he felt your throat clench around his tip.
“Y/N I’m gonna come” he grunted and pushed your tongue against the underside of his tip. He came, groaning your name as he shoot his come down your throat.

You swallowed every drop, before pulling off him with a wet pop and a smirking face.


I wonder if Gimple has a bethyl blog and he just sits around like “yes my bethylers your doing good, daddy loves you…”

Now I’m paranoid one of you is Scott

Happy Birthday Kwonnie! I love you. Since the day I become BBC im falling in love with your smile. And when you reval that you have a girlfriend I even love you more. I love the way you are. What ever you do I trust you. So let’s work hard for more activity and for Block B

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