you are the reason i will never find a good enough guy

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Idk if you still take requests but can you do a kbtbb group piece where Mc gets kidnapped and the guys work together to find her? Love your work btw

Title: 99 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be Good Enough For You

Summary: He should’ve answered the phone when he had the chance.

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Everyone/MC, mostly Eisuke-centric

a/n: Here it is, anon! I’m sorry this took so long. I normally don’t take any requests, but I liked yours! Also, this is mostly Eisuke-centric, so I hope that’s okay with you lol

              The auctions were once again in full swing. All the items Baba put up were the star of the show, and none of the patrons could get enough of the prized antiques on stage. Every time the zeroes piled up, Eisuke’s smirk grew wider.

              Good, Eisuke thought. More profit for us.

              His phone buzzed all of a sudden, but he paid it no mind. The auctions were more important than some offhanded phone call. He didn’t even bother taking his phone out of his pocket when he pressed the sleep button to make it stop ringing.

              Whoever was calling him must have been pretty insistent because the phone wouldn’t stop ringing even after Eisuke ignored it the first time.

              Annoying bastard. Didn’t this person get the message already?

              Irritated, he turned his phone off. At least he wouldn’t be disturbed anymore.

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What do you think about the idea of guys/girls masturbating to your pictures? I know you would never do nudes but would you post a slightly more revealing selfie? <3

I wear/cosplay what I think is cute or makes me feel pretty and I don’t limit myself based on how revealing something is. The only reason I’ll never do nudity is because I don’t find it sexy. I find nothing alluring about it.

That being said, I’ve recently uprooted my life, moved across the country, and have been insanely stressed trying to find work and get my life in order without pulling my hair out so I’m not in the best shape right now nor am I feeling the best about myself.

In other words, there’s lots of pretty things on the more revealing side that I’ve wanted to do but they’ll have to wait until I feel confident enough for them.

As for your first question, I don’t care.
As long as no one’s trying to touch me in real life I’m good. lol


He said he liked you from the moment he met you on the plane to Thailand.

He said he wished you were sitting next to him on the flight back too.

And although he has enough miles racked up…to wrap around the earth over and over, you were the first person he wanted to seat next to him. I’m sure he didn’t send those flowers, either. He doesn’t like white flowers. That punk…is a psycho who sends flowers to me, a man. He sent flowers when I won an award too. But they were always blue, without fail. The dress he stayed up all night to make for you was also blue.

Let’s trust Jung Won. He is…lonelier than I. He is nicer than I. He’d be better to his woman than I. He has more money than I. But above all, he is healthy, manly and tall. He will give you nice shoes and take you to nicer places…than I would…He is…Anyway, there’s a reason I set you up. You should hear him out. And Jung Won is a victim. He may seem like he does whatever he pleases, but he doesn’t do anything he wants. I know that.

nine episodes in and jealousy incarnate has finally hooked me. as of now i’m firmly on team na ri; i support her and trust her to make the decision that is best for her. 

but damn if hwa shin’s inner turmoil didn’t have me grinning like the sadist i am. i want him to pine for her, i want her to be epicly romanced by jung won. it’s no less than what she deserves. i want hwa shin to watch. i want him to regret how he’s treated her. 

in all seriousness though, i ship na ri/hwa shin seriously hard right now. GIVE ME THE PAINNN.

“Pyo Na Ri, you fraud. It’s raining. You said it would be great weather for a date. Na Ri. You fraud.”