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Negan Drabble

This was inspired by two queens of the music industry. They stop the world. But they allowed us to carry on lmfao (Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj and Queen Bee herself) 

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Princess Kink, Somewhat NSFW, Torture mention, Swearing, I think that’s it if you want me to tag anything else let me know!


Yes Daddy I do.”

He chuckles and squeezes his hand around my neck. He pushes me into the wall behind us and kisses my lips, my heart pumps in my ears as everything falls into a haze around us. Everything elegant in his room means nothing anymore, not the silk sheets, the beautiful floral or the pristine cleanliness of it, just me and him.

The scruff of his salt and peppered beard pricks against my face. God I love when he doesn’t shave this shit. He smiles and pulls away from me with his hand still firmly on my neck.

“Good girl Princess.”

My eyelids fall half down as I bite my lip and look up at him through my thick lashes.

His beautiful sadistic smile comes across his lips as his eyes grow hungry. “No need to give me that look, Princess, you already have me.” His other hand slowly trails its way down my stomach, right to my sweet spot between my legs. I roll my hips against his hand and moan.

He smirks as he leans forward and whispers in my ear, “You like that Princess?” His hot breath hits my neck as I moan. Hot waves roll down my back as my heart pounds. I just want him, just him. I’ve been waiting for so long.

“Yes Daddy.”

A low chuckle comes from his throat, “Good.”  His lips go to my neck as he runs his hand in between my legs in small circles. Even rubbing me through my jeans he puts a number on me.

I grind against his hand and push off his leather jacket, as he rips off my shirt, barely breaking his lips away from my neck. He throws it on the ground and pushes his weight against me; the cold wall sends shivers down my almost bare back.

I put my hands on the top of his jeans and fumble to undo his button and zipper. I begin to push down his pants to reveal his-

Bang! Bang! Comes from behind the door, I flinch away as Negan groans and turns towards the door.

“Negan! We have a problem.” Simon yells behind the door, “There’s a few Saviors that were caught stealing medicine.”

Negan pulls away from me and tilts his head back and groans. “How many pricks?”

“A dozen, their group seems to be growing. They said they would much rather be dead than part of us.” I can see practically see Simon on the other side of the door with his hands on his hips and waiting for instruction with his head down.

Negan’s hand goes to his chin and rubs over his scruff as his eyes roam over my body until finally stopping at my eyes.

I smile and put my hand on my ass and twirl around and whisper, “This will be here for you when you get back. It’ even has a bow on it.”

Negan chuckles as he shakes his head, “You aren’t staying here if I’m torturing these pricks. You want in on the action don’t you?”

“Watching you torturing people turns me on. Even if I do prefer to do it myself, but you’re the next best thing.” I put my hand on his broad chest and push myself up against him. I can feel him rise against me and I smile and arch my eyebrows.

A mischievous smile comes across his lips as he leans back.

“So?” I look up at him and smile.

“Put on your shirt- I won’t start without you.” He smiles as he grabs his leather jacket off the ground, and puts it on, before grabbing his prized possession. Lucille. From the side of the bed, he tosses her over his shoulders as I put my shirt back on.

“I’m almost jealous of Lucille; she always gets to ride you.”

He smiles, “Be a good Princess and Daddy will let you ride him for as long as you want.”

I look up at him and smirk, “Daddy better turn me on.”

“Daddy might even let you torture those pricks if Princess behaves.”

I giggle, as I put my hands together, and sway from side to side. “Well- I might just behave then.”

I couldn't live without you

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Can you pretty please do an Ubbe imagine?x

I cant still believe Ragnar is dead, like wtf happened there im never gonna get over it. The flashbacks had me crying like hell. And where the fuck is my Hvitserk and Bjorn they’ve been absent for two episodes?? Anyhow i think this is my longest imagine i just got carried away tbh! 

Warning: i donno, violence maybe. Except form Ubbe though. That hot fella is a warning in him self. 

Wordcount: 2,621

“Thank you and have a good day my lady!” The young merchant boy said as he gave you the basket full of fresh, crisp apples. Giving him a smile, thanking him, your small hand gripped the basket handle and turned to walk away. The sun was warming your face as you walked trough the market, it was especially crowded today, probably because of the beautiful weather. Children ran past you chasing each other, letting the skirt of your blue dress follow their direction and nearly making you trip. “Sorry mam!” One of them yelled over his shoulder. You only laughed, it brought back memories of when you, Ubbe and Hvitserk did the same thing. Being raised in the residence of king Ragnar and queen Aslaug made you close to the brothers. Just the year older than Hvitserk, and two years younger than Ubbe, made you closest to the two oldest of Aslaug’s sons. But as you grew older you noticed how Ubbes bright blue eyes lingered on you extra long, how he always looked for an excuse to be with you, and also snapping at his brothers for saying something rude. Admitting to yourself that also you had gotten another view on him. He was the childish boy how always bossed over you anymore, but a grown man taking care of his brothers in his father’s absence. You knew it was love on your side, but was his feelings mutual? As the queens first handmaiden, you where a well known face in Kattegat. She had sent you out early this morning to gather her favorite apples and some herbs. 

“Well isn’t it the beautiful Y/n! What can I aid you with today?” The old lady asked. “I’m here to pick up queen Aslaug’s lavender, she used the las…”, a loud banshee scream from a woman disrupted you, as your head turned towards the sound. More screams followed hers and people started running past you. Round blue shields with black stripes hiding both women and men behind them, with large axes and swords swinging at you fellow citizens, cutting them down. The realization hit you like a fist to the stomach. The full basket fell to the ground letting the big round red apples roll in the mud, Kattegat was under attack. In the back usurper seemed extremely familiar with blond braided hair. It didn’t take long before you recognized the person as Earl Ingstad, and a sickening feeling creeped trough your body. If Ingstad was here, where was Ubbe? He and Sigurd had left to meet with her, and now you feared the worst. As the violent men approached closer, you let your sweaty palms grip on to the fabric of your fine dress, lifting the skirt of and giving free access for your feet to run. Feeling the cold mud splash upward your legs, your breathing started to feel like fire in your chest. You had so many questions in your mind spinning like a madman up there, that you almost overlooked the little two year old boy crying out his lungs for his mother. Picking him up in your embrace as you ran by, you kept him close to your chest in fear of loosing him. You started seeing dead bodies around you, and some of the citizen fighting back. The panic and fear was thick in in the air, almost felt like it would strangle you. The boy was still crying loudly right into your ear, letting his tears wet your shoulder. You started to run straight for where Aslaug was, not knowing any other safe place to go. As you took off around the corner, you almost ran straight into a small group of blue shields, they where surrounding the village. Turning on your heel before that could see you, your feet led you to another path that they knew would lead you to your destination. Adrenaline pumped trough your veins, keeping all your senses sharpened. You could see the residence of the king and queen now, giving you some sort of strength for your sore feet to carry on. One hand banging on the door as the other held the weeping child tightly, you yelled out of your lungs for someone to let you in. As the door opened you waisted no time pressing yourself inside, only to be held back by the guards. Struggling in their hold, queen Aslaug’ voice filled the room demandingly, “let her trough!” Letting out a breath of relief once inside, you ran straight towards her and hugged her. She embraced her arms around you, comforting you in a way, as you laid your head on the fur on her shoulder, before she lifted your cheek to look at her. “My child you need to hide” she warned. Looking to your right you saw a girl holding a beautiful long shiny sword. Was she going to fight Earl Ingstad? Looking at her with big confused eyes into her relaxed calmed ones, she opened her mouth, “hide in my chambers, the Earl will not harm you, but her soldiers might. Keep the dagger under my pillow close to you.” She let one of her skinny fingers up to caress your cheek. “Ubbe will never forgive me if I don’t succeed in protecting you, so please do as I say”. Now you where confused, had he told her something? “Is he dead” I barely dared to ask, fearing the answer would break me. “I don’t know my beautiful y/n, but know you must hide and take the child with you”, she said and walked past you with her servants and soldiers following her out the door. 

She left you in an empty hall with the fire crackling on your side. The boy had calmed down and his hands where clinging to your neck, fingers tangled in your long, thick h/c braid. You walked back into her bed chambers as she had asked and lifted her big soft pillow to reveal the dagger. It’s shaft where beautiful, decorated in glittering stones. Lifting it in your hands, it fitted perfectly. Pointing a finger at the sharp end, you drew some blood from it, didn’t expect it to be that sharp. Sucking at it from between your plump lips, letting the blood flow over your tongue. Sliding your back down the wall behind you, letting your bum rest on the wooden floor - letting aching muscles rest. The boy was sleeping heavily, probably exhausted after the recent events. Close your eyes you let out a shaky breath trying to collect your thoughts. What would happen after this? What would happen to the people you call family? What would happen to you? But the most dominating question of them all, was the question of whether or not Ubbe was still taking breath. You couldn’t imagine a life without him in it to brighten it up, therefore coming to realize - you did really love him. As eyelids started to grow heavier, taking a lot of strength to keep them up. The steady breathing of the little boy worked as a lullaby in your ears, and even if you did everything you could to not - you let yourself fall asleep.

A loud bang made you jolt up, and upsetting the boy in your arms again. Rocking and hushing him, you tried to calm both of you as the voices of unfamiliar women filled the room. You’re hiding deeper in the room, a wall separating you and the voices. Putting the boy down, hiding him, you prepared to defend yourself. Steps coming closer and the lump in your throats growing bigger, you leashed yourself on the person standing right behind the wall. Not caring where you hit, as long as you do, the dagger manage to strike a cut on the woman face, before she had you pinned on the hard wooden floor. “Damit this is a fierce one” she laughs as I struggle you only her grasp, pushing you down harder. Light step came to an halt before your face, and you where lifted to a kneeling position. Your arms where locked behind your back painfully, but that didn’t stop you from trying to get loose. “Indeed she is” the woman before you, which you recognize as Earl Ingstad said. “I will kill you” your words came out through gritted teeth. She only looked at you with the same expression on her face. “Where is Ubbe, what have you done to him!” You demanded, even though you weren’t in a position to demand. “He’s fine and so is Sigurd, they are under my protection, I would never kill one of Ragnars sons”. Her words calm, as nothing of this was affecting her. And it also calmed you, to a certain point, that Ubbe was safe. “And my Queen, where is she?” I knew the answer, because finally her face flinched a bit before turning back to the same expressionless one. “She is standing before you, queen Aslaug is dead. I’m the queen of Kattegat now.” Her words stabbing you. Anger replaced the adrenaline that flow through your veins. “I swear to the gods, I will kill you so you better kill me now, because you will never be my queen” you said spitting at her. She only took a deep breath before giving a nod to the raven haired woman behind you. “I’m sorry” she said as a sharp pain hit the back of your head, making everything black. 

You woke up a day ago with a tremendous pain in your head, chained up in a little room. A bowl of water and food before you, but to stubborn you weren’t going to take anything this usurper offered you. Your braid was like a birds nest, sending hair straws everywhere. The baby blue dress was brown on the bottom thanks to the mud. Only thing comforting you, was the fact that Ubbe was alive and well. The door to the room opened by the same woman who had hit you. Coming into the room she placed a gentle hand around your arm dragging you up to your feet. “Where is the little boy?” I turned my head to look at her, she was really beautiful. “Safe with his mother" she only smiled as she looked right ahead. “It was not your fault your father was bewitched.” You heard the voice of the new self claimed queen Lagertha, as you where led next to her in the main hall. Eyes scanning the room, you finally saw them, the deepest blue eyes of the man you love -and he saw you. “Y/n..” you saw his mouth form your name. Your feet where about to run to him, but where hold back by the raven haired woman. “Let her go she holds no threat to you!” Ubbe yelled, fury in his words and a sword pointing against Lagertha. “I shall let her go when I see fit” her voice determent. His eyes just grew wilder at her words, tongue darting out to wet his perfect lips, as he looked at you intensely one more time. He turned around and removed his cloak, then suddenly pushing Sigurd away, swing his sword at the first person standing in his way between you and him. A gasp escaped your lips and bound hands reached up to hide it. You knew him to be a fierce warrior, and he proved himself to be one right now to, but still you where worried - you couldn’t bear to see him hurt. He was quite close to Lagertha now, but inn return more of her shieldmaidens stood before her. Bringing them down one by one, he was nearly animalistic. Trying to calm yourself, you took heavy breaths looking at the display in front of you. A fist slammed into his beautiful face, but only bringing him back a little. They where to many for him now, but he continued to fight. Turning your head to the right, you looked at Lagertha as she gave a little nod. Suddenly Ubbe was knocked down to his knees, struggling against the many soldiers trying to bring him down. “Please stop it! You’re hurting him” You begged her with hot tears streaming down your face. He only growls at the queen, being pressed down by all the shields, until he gave in. “Let her go” she waved her hand at the woman behind you, as someone cuts the rope twisting around your wrists. Waisting no time you ran to him taking his face in your hands, how his handsome face had been broken. Biting your lips to prevent a sob form slipping out, you caressed the side of his face as he locked you in his embrace. Strong arms pulling you into him as he sat up again. He hugged you, buried his face in your hair and took in your scent. He took your face in his big hands looking over you. “Are you okey?” Concern in his voice as you only gave him a weak nod. His lips placed themselves on you head - lingering a moment. “Place them in one of the chambers and make sure they cannot escape”, Lagertha’s voice filled the room, as Ubbe’s grip tightened around you. You came in with a cloth bathing in a bowl of hot water, careful not yo spill anything on your way. Placing yourself between Ubbes feet, you set the bow down on the floor next to you, twisting the fabric in your hands. Bringing it up to his face, you started cleaning his wounds, gently dabbing them. He hissed at the contact with the cloth, turning his face away. Lifting your other hand you sternly gripped his chin, turning his head to look at you again. You didn’t meet his gaze, afraid you would fall into it. The room was dimly lit and the fire between you and Sigurd was freeing a welcoming warmth. Ubbe lifted his cup to his mouth, letting the liquid flow in. “Your really good at his Y/n, maybe you can save my brothers face” Sigurd said joking, making you let out a breathless laugh. Ubbe took your hand in his, gently stroking his thumb over your knuckles. “And its only she who can save it with such magical touch”. His words made a deep blush creep up your cheeks. “We should rest brother, it’s been a long day”. Ubbe said as you helped him to lay down. “You’re right, some rest would feel good right now”, Sigurd barely reached to say his words before he fell asleep. Ubbe pulled you down with him, placing you on his broad chest. The big hand stroked your h/c hair, lulling you to sleep. “I would never be able to live if something happened to you Y/n. You where the only thing on my mind when I first heard about what happened, and when I saw you I just snapped”. His words filling you with warmth as you looked up at him. You didn’t say anything, just looked him in the one eye which weren’t swollen. Your eyes darting to his lips as you leaned in and placed yours on them. He returned the kiss, and you felt the love that came with it. “I love you Ubbe, and I couldn’t have lived without you either”. The truest words you had ever spoken. He smiled at you and placed a kiss on top of your head. “Rest now love, you need it” he said in a whisper. Laying your head at his chest, his warmth radiating from his body, you drifted off to sleep, knowing you where safe in the arms of the man you loved.

Part 2

So I started to think what it would have been like if witty, sassy season 1 Stiles had been audible during all the Nogitsune scenes, and I got excited and wrote a few down:


VOID:    You want to handcuff me?

STILES:  Listen here you little shit, I swear to god if you touch my dad I’m gonna get a baseball bat, cover it in nails, dip it in acid and whack our face repeatedly with it.


VOID:    What happened to the woman who called out for chaos, strife and pain to decend upon veryone and everything? What happened?…I do

STILES:  My god you are such a drama queen, you little shit.


VOID:    Oh, I hope he gets there in time. I like the twins. Short tempers. Homicidal compulsions.

STILES:  Let me guess, they also have great hair and rippling muscles, why don’t you just marry them!?


VOID:    I’ve heard of an alpha pack, Derek, but not a pack of former Alphas. It’s a little sad, isn’t it?

STILES:  Hey I’m the only one who’s allowed to be mean to sourwolf. I came up with the name sourwolf! C’mon at least let me have this!


VOID:    You really have to learn not to trust a fox, cause they are tricksters, We’ll fool everyone.

STILES:  Are you actually kidding me? You stabbed Scott? With a sword? Oh my god that’s disgusting don’t twist it. Hey is that Deaton? Hell yes take that you foxy piece of crap.


VOID:    But your not here to kill me, you’re here to protect me.

STILES:  I- You- You know what I’m not even mad that was really clever. I still hate you. But kudos.


VOID:    We aren’t exactly scared of your little fireflies.

STILES:  I’m scared! I am VERY scared of the little fireflies. Her little fireflies are terrifying. Tell her I’m scared, dude, don’t just leave! Oh my god she is totally going to kill us.


VOID:    Dad, he’s gonna shoot me

STILES:  Oh don’t play that card- you- your playing that card, the pouty lip really? YOUR NOT EVEN DOING IT RIGHT.


VOID:    Are you threatening us?

STILES:  Don’t antagonise her she is quite clearly threatening us. For God’s sake why are you so evil, eugh.


VOID:    I swear to god it’s me

STILES:  Bitch why you always lying?


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  • Winter: But fear not. I, Winter Schnee of the Atlesian military, will be here to protect you all from what ever dangers-
  • Qrow: Well isn't that a load of BS?
  • Winter: ...Excuse me, Qrow, but who exactly said you were supposed to be here?
  • Qrow: Ozpin. You know, the guy who runs this place? The guy who explicitly said he didn't want you Atlas ass-kissers showing up to ruin everything?
  • Winter: I'm sorry, but are you insinuating I can't do my job?
  • Qrow: You couldn't defend your way out of a paper bag.
  • Winter: That doesn't even make any sense.
  • Qrow: Don't get smart with me, ice queen. You don't belong here. You can't protect anybody, not even from 1 drunk idiot.
  • Winter: ............... *Unsheathes sword*
  • Qrow: Oh my, it appears I have been put into a self-defense situation, whatever shall I do? *Takes out his blade*
  • *Fight ensues*
Chrianna Short: Alone Together

“Babe…” Rihanna drew out softly. Chris playfully pouted as he shook his head no to her question, “Baby Girl, you know I can’t.”
“Not even for a few hours.”
“Robyn, I won’t have enough time to see you and come back here for my show.”
“Ugh…I don’t like you.”
“Baby Girl, don’t be like that.”
“But I want you here.”
“And I want to be there but you know why I can’t be. We talked about this.”
Rihanna crossed her arms over her chest as she pouted her lips. Chris chuckled lowly as he ran his hand over his blue hair, “Robyn, I love you.”
“Uh uh don’t talk to me.”
Chris adjusted his phone on the stand. He and Rihanna had been on FaceTime for the past hour, trying to get as much quality time together as possible.
“Robyn, seriously don’t be like that, we talked about this.”
“But it’s not fair that-“

“Beep. Beep.”

Rihanna huffed, “Chris, who the fuck keeps calling you? That beeping noise is fucking annoying.”
Chris looked at the notification that popped up on his iPhone and sighed, “the person who keeps calling me is fucking annoying.”
“Your girl, huh?”
Chris narrowed his eyes at Rihanna and she laughed, “she ain’t my girl and that ain’t funny?”
“Oooh, you ain’t gotta be so sensitive, I was just playing.”
“I hope you don’t think you scaring me with the Breezy look. You know like I know I don’t give a fuck.”
Chris rolled his eyes as Rihanna chuckled and took a sip of her drink, “Text her or something so she’ll go away. Bitch keep interrupting.”
“Give me a second, Baby Girl.”
Chris picked up his phone and typed out a message. The immediate response made him roll his eyes as he put his phone back on the stand, “She cannot be serious right now.”
“What happened?”
“Talking about I didn’t call her for Valentines’ Day.”
Rihanna laughed, “You know y’all in love for the Gram, Babe. Don’t act all clueless now.”
“I’m just saying, I haven’t spoken or even thought about her for the past couple of weeks now all of sudden a holiday, I’ve never celebrated with her, come up and she wanna call me.”
“Like I said, you know why she calling. You overdue for your Instagram post.”
Chris gave her a deadpan look and Rihanna laughed again, “Robyn.”
“What? You know it’s true. Just like everybody else with sense know what it is. You still in love with the Coco.”
“I should’ve never played you that song.”
Rihanna laughed, “what? That’s my shit. That and Trap Queen.”
“You swear you a thug.”
“Just like you swear you a Rasta.”
“I been around your Bajan ass for ten years, I can’t help what I picked up.”
“You mean stole. Nigga on the song sounding like you from Kingston.”
“I know you aint talking, Ms. Backstage Shawty.”
Rihanna smirked, “Maybe it’s the Virginia in me.”
“Oh Shit. You starting?”
“No. It’s too early.”
“It’s never too early. I mean I know you ain’t got no bra on, you should just move your-“
“Chris. No.”
“Come on Baby Girl, stop playing.”
“I’m not playing. Nasty ass always turning everything into-“

“Beep. Beep.”

“Oh my god, what the fuck?”
Chris huffed, “hold on for a second.” Chris read his newest text message and rolled his eyes, “I hate it when you right.”
“Better put something up before she start crying.”
“She can wait. What else were you gonna say?”
“That you always turning everything into sex.”
“Hey I’ma man, you can’t be too surprised.”
“I said nothing about being surprised. Now concerned is another story.”
“You ain’t had no problem when I was up under that pink dress backstage at the Grammys though.”
Rihanna’s mouth opened in mock shock, “We agreed not to bring that up.”
“You mean how I had you so bad, you kept grabbing your middle during your performance, pussy was vibrating even 30 minutes after, huh?”
“And everybody just thought you were being intense.”
Rihanna glared at him and Chris laughed, “you just can’t let stuff go?”
“Nope especially if it’s good,” Chris replied with a quick swipe of his tongue over his bottom lip, “so what you get me?”
“What you talking about?”
“It’s Valentines’ Day. What you get me?”
“The same thing you got me. Shit.”
“How you know I didn’t get you something?”
“I definitely haven’t seen any special deliveries pop up around here.”
“That doesn’t mean I didn’t get you anything.”
“Well it kinda does if I don’t have it.”
“Who says you don’t have it?”
“Chris, don’t play with me.”
“I’m not playing. How you know I didn’t get you anything and that you don’t have it?”
“Babe….don’t play with me like that. What you get me?”
“You really wanna know?”
“I really wanna know.”
“Do you really wanna know?”
“Omg Chris, stop playing. What you get me?”
Chris took a dramatic pause before sighing and saying, “Nothing.”
“If you were in front of me right now, I’d throw this pillow at you. You’re such an ass.”
“You got me all excited for nothing. I really thought you got me something.”
“Would you really be upset if I didn’t?”
“No. I mean you give me gifts all the time so it’s not that big of a deal.”
“you really mean that?”
“Of course. Babe, you know I don’t trip over stuff like that.”
“I know.”
“Ok Christopher, I’ve been on the phone with you long enough.”
“Aww…you leaving me?”
“Not really. I’m just really tired and I wanna take a nap.”
Chris chuckled, “I thought you were going to do something important.”
“Sleep is very important especially when I didn’t get any last night.”
“Something wrong?”
“Nope. I stayed up all night watching movies and shit.”
“Oh ok. I’ll call you later, make you sure you ok.”
“And to tell me about your show tonight.”
“That too. Love you Baby Girl.”
“Love you too.”
“Happy Valentines’ Day.”
Rihanna blushed and blew him a kiss, “Happy Valentines’ Day, Babe.”

“You know she’s gonna have a heart attack right?” Melissa said as she opened the front door. Chris chuckled as he set down his gifts and took off his jacket, “Yea. How long she been sleep?”
“About an hour or so. How long you been in town?”
“I literally just got off the plane. I gotta be in Ohio before 8.”
“Oh, this just a quick stop.”
“Yea, she was asking me about coming by just a little bit earlier and figured what the hell.”
“Well I’m about to find something to do outside.”
“Why you leaving?”
“because you two are nasty as fuck and I don’t wanna hear any of it. See you later.”
Mel hugged him before gathering her coat, bag and keys and leaving out the front door. Chris laughed as he grabbed his gifts and carefully made his way to Rihanna’s bedroom. The door was open luckily so he quietly set everything on her vanity and walked over to the bed. He slipped his Tims off his feet and kneeled into the bed.

Rihanna groaned as she suddenly felt a side of her bed dip. She rubbed her eyes and turned over to stare directly into Chris’s face, “Babe?”
“Hey you.”
“Wait a minute, is this for real?”
“Yea. You’re not dreaming.”
Rihanna reached over to turn on a lamp and hit Chris with a pillow once she saw it was really him. Chris chuckled as he moved back, “what was that for?”
“For acting like you weren’t coming. That wasn’t funny.”
“I wasn’t trying to be funny. I honestly wasn’t gonna come up but I said fuck it, at the last minute. I can’t be here too long.”
“I’m just happy you’re here.”
“Really? Because smacking me with a pillow doesn’t really indicate happiness.”
Rihanna glared at him and Chris leaned forward to peck her lips, “Robyn, don’t look so mean.”
“Then stop playing with me like that.”
She wrapped her arms around his neck and Chris hugged her to him tightly. Rihanna kissed his lips and smoothed her fingertips along the nape of his neck, “Hi Baby.”
“Hi Beautiful. How are you?”
“I’m good. Even better now.”
“That’s good.”
“Did you really fly this way to just be with me for a little while?”
“Why you sound so shocked? Yes, I did.”
“I’m shocked because I don’t wanna get you in trouble or anything.”
“In trouble with who? Baby Girl, you asked me to come so I came, that is all that matters.”
Rihanna smiled as she tugged Chris completely into the bed with her. Situating himself on top of her without crushing her beneath him, Chris smiled down into her face, “you got me here. So what you wanna do?”
“First things first, whose flowers are those?”
“Whose room are they in?”
“Aww…you got me flowers too?”
“A little more than that.”
Rihanna turned to look at Chris and he laughed, “Chris, you know you didn’t have to.”
“I know but I wanted to. You want them now or later?”
Rihanna bit down on her lip, “later. I think I want something else right now.”
“Something like what?”
“Lay on your back and I’ll show you.”
Chris shifted and Rihanna straddled him, “you’ve really haven’t done anything all day, have you?”
“Nope. I ate, took a shower and climbed right back in the bed.”
“I really thought you were joking earlier.”
“Why would I be?”
Chris shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know. You look good though.”
“Chris, I’m barely dressed.”
“Doesn’t matter. You always look good to me.”
“Laying it on pretty thick, aren’t you?”
“Eh, I guess.”
Rihanna giggled as she ran her hands under his shirt, “Babe, I’m really glad you came. I know you were probably busy with tour stuff so I really appreciate it.”
Chris smiled and caressed her cheek, “You wanted me here so I came. You know all you ever have to do is ask me and if I can, I’ll make it happen.”
“All I ever have to do is ask and you’ll make it happen?”
“Good so can you-“ Rihanna leaned down and whispered in his ear. A grin wide as the Cheshire cat’s spread across his face as he ran his hands over her thighs, “You serious?”
“So serious. So can you make it happen?”
“Let’s find out. You first.”
Rihanna climbed out the bed, pulled her t-shirt over her head and started towards the bathroom clad only in a lace G-string. Chris quickly followed, taking off everything except his pants. By the time he made it to the bathroom door, Rihanna was standing in the middle of her shower, the hot water causing the glass surrounding her to start to fog up. Chris licked his lips as he saw just glimpses of her naked skin.
“Don’t take too long, I might have to start without you,” Rihanna joked. Chris shook his head as he chuckled, “now we can’t have that happening, can we?”
His designer jeans fell to the floor with a soft thud along with his boxers. He carefully stepped into the hot shower and closed the glass door behind him. Rihanna gave a soft smile and he couldn’t help but smile back, “you ready?”