you are the prettiest man i ever did see

Hard Candy

pairing: finn balor | original character and kazuchika okada | original character

summary: you go to japan with finn, and sometime during your trip you make the discovery that okada is the prettiest man you’ve ever seen. finn doesn’t appreciate that at all.

tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingnoob @deseraysmiththings @ambrosegirlforever @blondekel77 @nickysmum1909 @daintymissdevitt @daddy-slug @motleymoose

author’s note: gotta do everything ourselves, don’t we?

I’m nearly beside myself with excitement in the car with Finn, “Wow, this is so cool, Finn. I can’t believe you lived here for as long as you did and wanted to leave.”

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Robin Who? - Damian Wayne x Reader

Requested by Anon -  a request with the readers name is Robin and she meet older Damian on Christmas and he introduces himself and she’s like “Robin. Nice to meet you” and Damian is shocked thinking she discovered his identity? But like the next Christmas they are a couple and he introduces her to his family and the batboys shocked that after Damian introduced them she again answer “Robin. Nice to meet you”.

Damian walked alone on the street, lit by thousands of Christmas decorations. He pulled up the collar of his trench coat before burying his hands into his pockets as he marched down the street. Passing several groups of people, Damian scowled at the various Merry Christmases thrown his way.

Normally, Damian would be at the manor for Christmas dinner, but an argument between him and his father drove him out of the house before the dinner could take place. 

His stomach growled with hunger, but Damian pushed it aside. He knew he was still too angry to go back yet. However, the cold seeped into his bones, drawing him to find some place to warm up before he continued his walk around the city. 

Damian passed a coffee shop that was still open. He thought it was unusual considering the holiday, but he didn’t question it. 

Suddenly, Damian bumped into a warm mass before jumping back as a hot liquid spilled on the ground. He looked up to find himself staring at the prettiest woman he had ever seen. 

You gasped as your drink spilled and splashed on the ground. Gazing up at who you bumped into, you were embarrassed to see a very handsome man.  

“I’m sorry,” you replied quickly, glancing down to see if you got any on him. “Did I get any on you?”

“No,” Damian answered, finding himself unable to look away from your face. “I don’t believe so.”

You sighed in relief, taking in Damian’s appearance with a shy gaze. “I’m sorry, I’m just so clumsy sometimes.”

 “You do not need to apologize. It was my error,” Damian admitted. He found the anger from the argument with his father fading away as a warm feeling grew in his chest. “I will buy you a new drink if you allow me?”

Blinking at him in surprise, a smile grew on your face. “I’ll take you up on that, Mr…”

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Mistaken Identity

A/N: This is my first fic I’ve ever published for the internet to see, so I’d really appreciate it if you would leave a like or some other form of encouragement because there was a lot of debating if this was even half way decent. I know it kinda jumps weirdly at one point, but I didn’t want it to go on forever. ALSO I was inspired by the new haircut so… you get it. 

Word Count:  1552

Triggers: Swearing, almost drowning implied, blood mentioned once, angry people. ((If you find anything else send me an ask and I will add/change it))

AU: Modern

Pairing: A. Ham x Reader

Saturday mornings were your favorite kind of mornings. There was just something special about them that made them better than the others. Maybe it was the beginning of the weekend, maybe it was the one day people were available. Or maybe, it was the farmer’s market.

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Perfect Timing for a Break Down

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,277

Warnings: I think it’s just swearing for this one

Prompt: Based on this post from the other night, where I was stranded. It’s more so based on the tag ‘where’s my mechanic Dean?’ I’m writing him, therefore I found him.

Originally posted by grumpycatdixon

You were not happy with the fact that you had to fire someone that morning. You were not happy with the fact that your break got cut short, thanks to someone being late. You were not happy with the fact your hour long meeting turned into an hour and a half. To top it all off, you felt sick to your stomach from the lack of food in it. All you wanted to do was go home, eat something, and then spend the rest of the night sleeping.

You were already making a plan in your head about what your night would consist of. You planned on making BLT’s for dinner, remembering you had some bacon in the fridge and you were usually well stocked on vegetables. You threw your stuff into the blue 1970 mustang coupe, taking a deep sigh of relief knowing your day was over and you had nothing else to worry about tonight.

That was until your car didn’t start.

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anonymous asked:

“A kiss in exchange for every nice thing you say about me. Deal?” Zachwen

He’s not really sure how he got to this point, stone cold sober with an absolutely slaughtered Owen pawing at him through his close. Zach laughs, head falling back against the bed as the larger - much larger - man bites his shoulder through the fabric of his t-shirt.

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fuuuturism  asked:

did you see Mike's eyelashes during the Glasto set? Like. Even if you don't think he's hot you just gotta appreciate that's Art

Omg how could I not? This man has the prettiest eyelashes (& eyes) ever & I’m highkey jealous because mine are super short haha. If you haven’t already watch their set from Reading 2015 because there are so many shots of mike’s eyes😍

Clexa After Surgery AU

Summary: Clarke wakes up from surgery but doesn’t recognize Lexa….her wife. Because shes still high from the pain meds.


Clarke: “Owww”

Lexa: “Eat your cracker honey”

Clarke: “Can I sit up at all?”

Lexa: “Um in a minute, i’ll see if they’ll lift you up OK?”

Clarke: “Did the Doctor send you?….Man you are eye candy!…..woah!”

Clarke: “You’re the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen, are you a model?”

Lexa: “No, i’m going to be right here with you just eat your crackers”

Clarke: “Who are you? whats your name?”

Lexa: “My names Lexa I’m your wife”

Clarke: “YOU’RE MY WIFE?”


Clarke: “Holy shit!”

Lexa: *Laughs*

Clarke: “Dang, oh how long?”

Lexa: “Just eat your crackers, you’re still waking up Clarke”

Clarke: ”Do we have children?”

Lexa: “Not yet”

Clarke: “Oh man….have we kissed yet?”

Lexa: “Keep eating your crackers”

Clarke: “Its hard, its hard baby its hard they’re so dry….do we call each other baby?”

Lexa: *laughs*

Clarke: “How long have we been married?”

Lexa: “Just about 3 years”

Clarke: “Oh my god I hit the jackpot!”

Lexa: “Eat your crackers, you gotta eat babe”

Clarke: “Man…you’re the mos beautiful woman I’ve ever seen…lemme see your face, WOAH you are perfect!….turn around for me”

Lexa: “Hahaha no eat your cracker”

Clarke: “….Were married?!”


Lol just thought this would be cute, if you recognize this its because its based off of the video of the man who woke up from surgery and didn’t recognize his wife.

TA: so where are we goiing agaiin?

TA: what wa2 2o iimportant that you had two drag me away from candy cru2h?

TA: iis iit the laundry room?

TC: NaW wE’rE gOnNa Go sEe BrIgHt EyEs, ReMeMbEr?

TC: LaUnDrY rOoM cOmEs AfTeR. ;o)

TA: 2iince when do you lii2ten two iindiie 2ob rock, aren’t you iinto weiird clown rap?

TC:  HaHaHAHaHaHa BrOtHeR wHaT aRe YoU eVeN sMoKiN’? hElL yEs I dIg On ThAt KiNdA bItChTiTs TuNeAgE, bUt HoW’s ThAt BeInG tO dO wItH bRiGhT EyEs FoR?

TA: iit’2 a band.

TC: NaH, mAn, NeVeR eVeN hEaRd ThAt NaMe. I oNlY eVeR uP aNd WiTnEsSeD tHe BeSt WiCkEd LiTtLe PaInTsLiNgEr I eVeR dId SeE.

TC: ThEeEeErE sHe Is.

TC: SoLbRo, MeEt My GiRl BrIgHt EyEs. :o)

TA: oh, uh, hello liittle giirl who ii2 not conor ober2t.

UU: ^u^

TC: ThIs Is My BrO, SoLlUx. He’S tHaT cOmPuTeR wIzaRd I wAs AlL tO bE teLliNg YoU aBoUt.

TA: … computer wiizard, what.

UU: …

TC: OnLy ThE TrUtH. ;o) WhAtChA aLl WoRkIn’ On ToDaY? Is It CaTuRdAy?


TA: huh, that’2 cute.

TC: AwW hEcK yEaH, tHaT’s OnLy BeInG tHe PrEtTiEsT KiTtEn WhAt EvEr GoT dRaWeD. wHaT’s He GoT tHeRe, SoMe CaTnIp? 

TA: “heck yeah”?

TC: HaHaHaHa Oh NoOoOo

TA: what a douche, miice barely have, liike, any money.

TC: (SoLlUx CaPtOr.)

TA: (what!)

TC: (YoU mOtHeRlOvIn’ ZiP iT.)

TA: oh my g

TA: go2h.

TA: who'2 the 2word guy?

TA: aw, look at hii2 liittle fruiity cape.

TC: ThAt’S a RiGhTeOuS cApE iS wHaT tHaT iS.

TC: aNd WhAt’S hE aLl Up AnD gOnNa Do To ThAt MoNdAyFrIdAy FeLiNe FeLoN?

TC: HaHaHa hE’s AlL lIkE pChOoOoO!

TA: 2weet ju2tiice, lol. 222222uck iit!

TA: nnmph!

TC: My GoOd BrO gOt HiMsElF A bAd CaSe Of FrOgMoUtH, hE’s To Be cAtChIn’ FlIeS LeAvInG iT aLl wIdE oPeN lIkE tHaT. 

TA: mngh!

TA: ffhhffhfffh ffh ffh hh fhh hf!

TC: YeEeEaH, tHaT’lL lEaRn'Im.

TC: YeAh, I dIg. StIlL, ThAt’S a WiCkEd CoMiC yOu GoT. mAyBe yOu CoUld Be dRaWiN’ mY bRo TaVrOs OnE sOmEtImE.

TC: hE’s AlL aLlErGiC aNd sTuFf, SnEeZeS hIm Up A sToRm EvErY tImE hE aLl TrIeS tO uP aNd PeT oNe. :o(


TC: Ow BrO yOu WaTcH tHaT bUzZsAw GrIlL!

TA: pfah. bluh. fiine.

TA: yeah, that ii2 a kiick-a2tronaut 2tory riight there. thank2 for showiing iit two u2, kiid.

UU: …

TC: HeY, mE aNd SolBrO aLl GoTtA gEt SoMe LaUnDrY dId, BuT I’lL sEe YoU lAtEr OkAy?

UU: ^u^

anonymous asked:

There really is nothing homophobic about not approving of men wearing make up, while I personally love wearing eye liner and nail polish, I can understand how it does make me less masculine. Just as I believe men aren't real men if they drive a hatch.

Oh my god really. Make up is literally just a substance you put on your skin. How does it have ANYTHING to do with ‘being a man’. Like, do you identify as a man? Congratulations, you’re a man! That’s it. The end. Nothing more required. Powders or liquids that you may or may not put on your body have absolutely nothing to do with it. Neither do pieces of cloth you may or may not wear.

If I went out in the prettiest, frilliest pink dress you ever did see, dolled up like I was going to a beauty pageant, I would still be a man. Also it’d look hella with my awesome beard.