you are the prettiest man i ever did see

Clexa After Surgery AU

Summary: Clarke wakes up from surgery but doesn’t recognize Lexa….her wife. Because shes still high from the pain meds.


Clarke: “Owww”

Lexa: “Eat your cracker honey”

Clarke: “Can I sit up at all?”

Lexa: “Um in a minute, i’ll see if they’ll lift you up OK?”

Clarke: “Did the Doctor send you?….Man you are eye candy!…..woah!”

Clarke: “You’re the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen, are you a model?”

Lexa: “No, i’m going to be right here with you just eat your crackers”

Clarke: “Who are you? whats your name?”

Lexa: “My names Lexa I’m your wife”

Clarke: “YOU’RE MY WIFE?”


Clarke: “Holy shit!”

Lexa: *Laughs*

Clarke: “Dang, oh how long?”

Lexa: “Just eat your crackers, you’re still waking up Clarke”

Clarke: ”Do we have children?”

Lexa: “Not yet”

Clarke: “Oh man….have we kissed yet?”

Lexa: “Keep eating your crackers”

Clarke: “Its hard, its hard baby its hard they’re so dry….do we call each other baby?”

Lexa: *laughs*

Clarke: “How long have we been married?”

Lexa: “Just about 3 years”

Clarke: “Oh my god I hit the jackpot!”

Lexa: “Eat your crackers, you gotta eat babe”

Clarke: “Man…you’re the mos beautiful woman I’ve ever seen…lemme see your face, WOAH you are perfect!….turn around for me”

Lexa: “Hahaha no eat your cracker”

Clarke: “….Were married?!”


Lol just thought this would be cute, if you recognize this its because its based off of the video of the man who woke up from surgery and didn’t recognize his wife.