you are the one to blame


True story. I hardly ever play Widow (usually too busy filling in tanks and healers) but occasionally I try her out. Wanting to brush up on different skills, y’know. And if you ever play Widow, you’ll know that you became the one to blame the moment things go wrong. Or even before that, a lot of the time. 

Then his happened and my heart of stone melted.

I wish you peace more than anything. Now I know. I know why you weren’t capable of loving me. You weren’t used to people expressing their love for you. No one ever kissed you and told you you were beautiful. That’s why you didn’t know how to love. You didn’t know how to say I love you because these words were strangers to you. I don’t blame you nor hate you. I just wish that one day, someone will join your path and make you feel the things you never had the chance to feel with me. It’s not your fault or mine. We were never meant from the start. Deep down I knew, but I still wanted to defeat faith. Despite this unrequited love, I still loved you. A lot. Forever.

Was sent home today because of the flu (it came in like a wrecking ball, I tell you) and when my teacher led me to the door – telling me “If I take my eyes of you, you would probably try to sneak back in” – one of my classmates said behind my back “Sick again? Geez, she’s so weak!”.

It’s not like she was very quiet, and a few others started laughing, so both my teacher and I heard her. I felt ready to keel over, but I still said, “No, it’s okay” when my teacher wanted to turn around and call her out on it.

It’s not like I don’t appreciate the fact that my teacher would stand up for me. It’s just that I literally don’t care if they say stuff like that. That’s because of something my brother told me long ago.

I’ve always been a bit sickly. Probably because of my premature birth – being born three months too early means that lots of things didn’t have a chance to fully grow. Apart from some other little things, my immune system is much weaker than average, Thus, when I was little, I literally spent half of my time in different therapies or with trips to the doctor.

Now, it’s not easy to explain to little children why their classmate has to go see the doctor so often. So when I was in kindergarten, my peers often laughed at me or asked question that I couldn’t answer.

“Why are you always sick? Why do you limp? Why does the teacher have to help you walk up stairs?”

And then, finally, when I was five or six and sent home again because of having a fever, one of the children concluded loudly, “Is she more often sick than us because she’s weaker than us?”

Somehow, that scared me. I was too young to understand why I was so different than other children, but I understood that I was. And the thought of being weak, being a burden to others because of that, really scared the hell out of me.

It’s no wonder I was crying when I arrived home – my parents were still at work, and I would have to ask my big brother to tell them I was sick yet again. And still I was so, so scared that I’m weak and a burden.

My brother almost dropped his plate of food when he saw me limping into the room, crying loudly and with cheeks red of fever. “Little sis! What happened?!”

“I’m sick again!” I managed somehow, hiccupping like crazy. Everything hurt, which made me cry even harder.

“Hey, hey, shhhh, it’s okay, everything is okay,” lifting me up, my brother placed me on the couch, tucked me in and went to get everything. By now, it was almost routine between us – lots of water to drink, a cold wet cloth against my fevered skin, and some movies to watch so I wouldn’t get bored.

But even then, I couldn’t stop crying.

“Does it hurt so much?” My brother was at a complete loss, dabbing my face with the wet cloth. “Should we go see the doctor?”

“N-No!” I cried even harder – now I had to go see the doctor again? That made me even weaker, right? “I d-don’t wanna be weak!”

The dabbing stopped, and my brother lifted me up gently, tugging me into his lap. He was frowning as he cradled my face in both hands and asked softly, “Baby girl, who said you’re weak?”

“I’m s-sick so often because I’m too weak, right? The others said so…”

“Well, the others are fucking stupid, then.”

That shut me up pretty quickly and I sniffled with wide eyes. We had been taught not to swear, and that was the first time my brother had ever looked angry.

“Now listen here,” my brother adjusted me so that he could hold me with one arm, the other hand taking up the cloth again to press it against my heated forehead. “You’re the opposite of weak, okay? You’re a fighter. In fact, baby girl – you’re fighting right now.”

“I… I am?”

“Sure you are! Did nobody ever tell you?” Looking around, my brother waved me closer, whispering quietly as if it was a secret “Being sick is actually being in a fight, you know?”

Really?” I was transfixed by that, but I would never have doubted my big brother. I had spent a long, long time believing that everything he said was true.

“It is! You know, the illness? That’s actually a tiny, tiny little army of viruses that’s attacking you. They’re so tiny, you can’t even see them!” He showed me how tiny by pressing forefinger and thump together, nodding all the while. “And you and your body, you have to fight this tiny army. And that’s why everything hurts so much – because you’re taking hits while fighting. But you fight back, and you win, and then you get better. Every time. You see, little sis, you’re like, a knight! A brave knight fighting many armies. The others? They’re not that strong. They couldn’t fight so many armies and still win. So don’t listen to them, alright?”

“Alright,” I agreed solemnly, eyes falling closed as sleep creeped up on me.

“That’s my brave girl. And now, the little knight goes to sleep, so that she can fight with new strength later.”

It was the last time that I thought of myself as weak for being sick so often. From then on, every time I felt bad – be it because of an average illness or depression – I thought of the whole thing as a battle that I have to fight and win.

The whole thing is not even that silly. Think about it – especially those who are somehow fighting their own battles right now. You’re fighting, now or then or in the future. Even though you’re probably feeling terrible, you don’t give up, but keep on going, keep on fighting back whatever makes you feel horrible. How is that supposed to be weak? That’s the opposite of weak! It takes strength and courage to fight. You’re not weak, everyone – you’re super strong and brave, and amazing in general.

Don’t let anybody tell you you’re weak when in reality, you’re a fighter.

The One That Got Away [Chapter 4]

Chapter 4 of The One That Got Away

Ch1  Ch2  Ch3

Series Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

The big day was finally here and you were feeling anxious as you looked around your empty apartment. If these walls could talk, they would tell countless stories of the memories you and Jaebum shared within them.

Everything that transpired still felt surreal; like a bad nightmare you couldn’t wake up from. You still hadn’t heard from him since that night and you couldn’t blame him.

You were broken and so was he. It was best to let him mend on his own, any contact from you would only deepen the wound.

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ok that post thats like “donald trumps mom was an immigrant, donald trumps wife is an immigrant, THIS IS A RACIAL ISSUE!” like….. yeah it is….. and it was a racial issue when our black democratic president was in the white house and deportations hit record levels…… this is what i cant stand about american liberals, you want to shift blame from the democratic party politicians that you see as the “good guys” and make the republicans out to be the big bad wolf when the same exact shit happens under both administrations, just one is more visible than the other. do you really think racial profiling of immigrants and ICE targeting WOULDN’T be happening during the administration of the first madam president hillary clinton? of course it would. is trump louder about it? yeah. is it scary how naked the federal government’s racism has become in the last month since his inauguration? yeah. just because it’s more severe and more publicized right now doesn’t mean the same exact stuff hasn’t been happening for decades, yes even under liberal presidents. and the fact that so fewer people would even care if hillary clinton had won the election and were sitting in the oval office right now is frankly baffling…..

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Ay, totally with you. And also not? Like even if pewd did nothing wrong, even if the media were abusive, i still think that some people need to learns lessons! I guess pewd did with that joke? It wasn't mean to be harmful, it just got out of hand! I don't blame him tho. Nor anyone exept the medias. ( i mean if i said "death to all jews" in a video, meant to be funny, no one would care bc i'm not popular, but bc he is popular, he get hate for nothing. That sucks.) sorry for the bad english

no no your fine, and haha I completely agree! People definitely need to learn lessons, and BOY Pewdiepie sure did learn the hard way XD 

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Okay so I'm watching your friends dragging you about your love for hisoka (which i dont blame you one bit for btw; hxh somehow managed to make a clown one of the most attractive characters ive ever seen) but the one part i need clarified is that hisoka somehow orgasms on the show??? First of all how because kids are watching this; second of all where because i need to hear it too... Just asking for a friend, honest

I DONT LOVE HISOKA STOP DOING T H A T :OOO My heart only belongs to Kurapika pl s don’t drag me I’m already surprised enough that I actually like to see him around don’t make it w o r se!

And omg ye. 


well it was well shown in the manga already but if you need the full version from the anime with VOICE ACTING

and I don’t have everything but we also have footage of him moaning because of Chrollo. And I’m not even talking about how fucked up he is in general


the fact that Hisoka and Gon share a character song together where it feels like Hisoka is moaning???



T W I C E 




I blame @thisdiscontentedwinter  for this.

PS: This is meant to be funny, not to bash the characters.

 In case you can’t read the captions:

Lydia: Stiles. The only way we were able to break through the Hunt is with an emotional connection.

 Stiles: Emotional connection?  Peter and me? There’s no connection emotional or otherwise, why would even think-

Lydia: Then I guess everyone dies. And for the record, one thing neither of you are is subtle. Scott figured it out before I did.

 Stiles: Wait, Scott figured it out before you?

 Lydia: Well, I’ve been off my game this season.  Are we going to save Beacon Hills or not?

 Stiles: Peter….Daddy….Daddy….Please wake up.

 Peter: Daddy’s back, baby.

 Lydia: Wow.  That was hotter than anticipated.

Oh. My. God.

Greg is such a great feminist. Oh. Egalitarian. He also he so does not victimblame, oh Lordy no, oh flippin’ cheese and crackers no. Definitely makes sense. You wanna go out and have a good time with friends? Well ya stupid fucking dullun! Ya done opened yourself up for rape!

Oh mighty Onision who has had no life experience outside of the computer since he fucked up being in the airforce around ten or so years ago, the great and powerful one full of wisdom with no friends besides his wife who he got with when they were but a sweet and tender seventeen year old; just how you like ‘em, do go on and give us some more information at how we are to blame for being raped!!

P.S. Lol fuck you Greg I was raped when I was drunk and it was by my then boyfriend. It would have happened regardless of wether or not I was drunk

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#70, pretty please with sprinkles on top :D

Hi!  Sorry this took so long to get done!  I wrote this with a splitting headache so I’m sorry if it doesn’t seem like my best work.  Someone else also asked for #70 with Noct or Nyx so obviously I had to choose Nyx … blame the anon who gave me him as one of the options!

This is something of a continuation of THIS.  I hope you enjoy.


Nyx Ulric x Reader

“Damnit,” Nyx tried to catch the tray before it clattered to the kitchen floor but only succeeded in making more noise.  “Fuck it,” he breathed as he leaned over to pick it up from the floor, “Try to surprise her and at this rate, all you’ll do is terrify her.”  He placed the tray back on the worktop and set about emptying out the other bags he’d brought with him.  He knew all about your sweet tooth and after a week spent on warp class duty, he figured that you could use a bit of a pick-me-up.  Cupcakes, cheesecake slices, home baked chocolate cake and all from your favourite bakery soon covered the island in your kitchen as he set about fixing you a very, very sweet treat.  He had let himself in with your spare key and before long, he had the cakes arranged on the tray, taking care not to drop the thing on the floor this time, and he had a pot of Ebony brewing.

You and Pelna had spent your week putting the recruits through their paces, Drautos seeing fit to torture you.  Not that you minded spending time with Pelna, he was a good friend, but the after-effects of hours of warping definitely had you beat.  Best thing was, the captain saw fit to assign you to those same classes until you could train yourself not to have such an adverse reaction to hours upon hours of warping.  It wouldn’t be so bad if Nyx had the same assignment but, in true Drautos fashion, he’d changed Nyx’s assignment at the last minute and so you’d been left to suffer without the comfort of your partner’s presence.  The least he could do, he thought, was to treat you before he had to be back on duty.  

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Chocolate Box Reveals!

And now I can talk about what I wrote for Chocolate Box. I had a lot of fun doing this and got to explore some relationships I’ve always wanted to write for.

a broken starbird, Rogue One, Jyn Erso/Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma had learned to never let her emotions show on her face, but she still had to school her features at the pronouncement. “You’re known to me, Lieutenant Erso.”

Jyn is purportedly a lieutenant in the Imperial Army. She and Mon Mothma meet at an Imperial event.

a constant rain, Rogue One, Galen Erso/Bodhi Rook

There was a charge that filled the air whenever Galen was around—one he couldn’t blame on the ship or the cargo or the antigrav fields humming away around them—and Bodhi didn’t have the courage to ask if Galen felt it, too.

There is no better ship for sad pining and missed chances than this one. It ended up being sort of a companion piece (in my mind, though they aren’t continuous in content) to microcosm, but instead of Galen’s perspective, this one takes Bodhi’s.

a fiercer gale, Game of Thrones, Petyr Baelish/Sansa Stark

He blinked and peered at her, hands folded behind his back. When he stepped toward her, she didn’t step back. There was no stepping back with Petyr Baelish, she’d found, just an endless circling that she could choose to play to or not. “That was quite the display in there,” he said and she didn’t need to ask what he meant. “Little Lyanna Mormont rallying men five times her age and ten times her weight. I wonder if history will remember it.”

Post-Season 6 tag in which I got to exorcise some of my feelings about Sansa, Jon, and Baelish.

iron filings, Rogue One, Cassian Andor/K-2SO

Cassian despaired of ever teaching K-2 a sense of humor that wasn’t twisted so far beyond repair that you couldn’t entirely tell when he was joking or not. When he’d reprogrammed K-2, he hadn’t ever expected this. And most of the time he was delighted—secretly, of course, no one needed to know how fond of the security droid he was—by each new facet of personality that emerged, every cranky foible that presented itself, but sometimes he’d just been shot in the gut and didn’t have the patience for any of it.

Cassian might just be worse at having feelings than K-2.

microcosm, Rogue One, Galen Erso/Bodhi Rook

“I’m sorry for the delay,” you tell him, as congenial as you know how to be anymore.

“It’s okay,” the pilot answers, his voice fine and clear even with the lashing it takes from the weather. It’s a kind voice, kinder than you’ve heard in a long time, and you wonder how a man such as this ends up working for the Empire even in this mostly harmless capacity.

We all work for the Empire, Galen, you think, one way or another.

Second-person story from Galen’s perspective about him and Bodhi getting to know and trust one another.

parergon, Star Wars The Force Awakens, Finn/Phasma

Even the military had rules against fraternization. He’d—they’d—learned that the hard way. And it was difficult. To go about his life and pretend what they shared wasn’t something worth pursuing?

Better to have never started anything at all.

So he smiled instead. It was better than the frown that threatened to form.

Canon-divergent AU in which the Republic never fell. Finn and Phasma were in the Republic Navy together. Complications ensued. Finn joined the Jedi. It was a whole thing. Mostly an excuse to write Admiral Phasma and Jedi Master Finn Skywalker not enjoying each other’s company very much.

petty revenges, Star Wars The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron/Finn & Terex

Of course, the last time they crossed paths, Poe hadn’t had a reason to initiate it, that very important, very fundamental-to-not-generating-valid-anger-in-one’s-former-whatever talk, Finn having not yet become a fixture in Poe’s life and all. So Poe had ended the encounter the way he always did: by planting a bug and a tracker in Terex’s stuff and leaving behind a false trail for him to sniff around, one that led Terex back to some First Order annoyance or other that he would take umbrage with and handle on Poe’s behalf—even if he didn’t know why he was doing it. That was their system, their understanding, the foundation upon which their relationship was built. Strangely enough, it worked for them.

Poe Dameron might have a type and that type is apparently ex-stormtroopers. This fact finally comes back to bite him in the ass.

slow fixes, Star Wars Original Trilogy, Lando Calrissian/Luke Skywalker

Luke hadn’t found his way onto the Falcon before, not while it was under Lando’s care at least, and the effect of his arrival was immediate. He wouldn’t have gone so far as to say the place seemed brighter with Luke there—that would have been ridiculous, and not true. The Falcon was every bit as smudgy and poorly lit as ever. It still carried grunge in its crevices that was probably older than all of them put together. There was enough wisdom in Lando’s heart to lead him to the right conclusion: it wasn’t the Falcon that had changed.

It was him.

Luke accompanies Lando on at least one leg of the search for Han.

us and them, Rogue One, Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso

His features took on a flinty quality, harder to read than she’d ever seen. She almost laughed. Where was this man before, she thought. He’s the kind of man who’d pull off what you’ve done. He’s the kind of man I wouldn’t have been able to catch.

I don’t always write historical AUs, but when I do, they’re set in the 1960s and everyone’s a spy of one sort or another. Jyn’s with MI-6; Cassian’s with the DSF. And Jyn’s just taken a bullet for him.

I'm safe!

Just as a minor, quick follow-up, I know there was a scary post that got made about me. I had an issue and went seeking treatment. Found it, am safe. Unharmed.

This is nobody’s fault, nobody did anything, in fact it was a financial issue that set the ball rolling on the bad. Nobody can lay claim to the blame, save perhaps my husband’s old boss who canned him on a technicality.

Rest assured I am safe and being cared for and if ya scared your followers with the other post maybe point to this one? Thank you for the concern regardless, you are all beautifully kind people for having worried, even if it was necessary or not.

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*whispers* ✨✨Rebelcaptain✨✨

Why do I ship Rebelcaptain, you ask?

Short answer: because I’m a complete sucker for Battle Couples, and generally pairings that are on a Mission together. Blame The X-Files. :D

They ended up being angstier than I initially expected, but while I would have loved the juxtaposition of a slightly edgier version of Jyn with a more Diego-like Cassian too, I think what we got might have been ultimately more interesting (and I wish I could shake my writer’s block because exploring these two damaged, lonely souls falling in love despite themselves amidst terrible circumstances is delicious).

And, you know. The chemistry. I could honestly watch Diego and Felicity sit together, like, eating crackers and doing crossword puzzles or something. For hours. Without getting tired.

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Does that answer your question? :D

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You and @markired have me absolutely smitten again with Anti and Dark and all the headcanons and people coming up with story ideas is completely killing me. I LOVE it. Please keep up the amazing work, both of you. Oh! Also, thank you for being so calm and positive despite all of the Discourse™ that has been going on. It's REALLY REALLY helped me stay more grounded and less anxious over all of this. Thank you 👏

Well I mean, @markired gets some pretty nice Dark headcannons, so I don’t blame you for that one bit! Don’t die though, it’s bad for your health!

As for being calm..Thanks are not needed, my sweet. I know it’s a very stressful situation and I personally haven’t gotten much solace from it, so I want to make sure my blog is as drama free as humanly possible. I’m glad it’s helped! :D

I’m surprised she’s not surprised about the giant lobster man but hey I guess you gotta have priorities.

Also that sounds like an adult trying to do a child’s voice.

Yep, called it.

PSA: Do not eat cats. 



So the city decided to have a bunch of disasters around for this one convenient day.

Or maybe this happens every day and the neighbourhood’s going to shit.

Marco’s really banking a lot of this, not that I blame him. He’s a nice guy.

Star on the other hand really is being kind of a dick

(OOC) Why is Ratty so damn busy??

Hi peeps. So i figured I owed it to my rp request followers to explain why I’m so sporadic in my responses.

See, I’m the equivalent of a community college professor at the high school level (DC) and give me 4 college classes writing research papers (100 students), plus 2 regular sophomore classes and 1 advanced sophomore class trying to get through Macbeth, and you can see why I’m swamped right now. Oh, right. Add 2 boys and a husband who is constantly sick : /

“But I see you post with certain people!”

Yes, I do. Writing isn’t just about “oh I have a prompt. I will answer it now.” When I do that, you get one liners that many of you don’t care too much about. I don’t blame you. It was one of those spur of the moment things.  

Writing is about inspiration and having the feel to just jump in and write. Sometimes, inspiration doesn’t hit me as hard with some as with others. It doesn’t mean that I’m not interested or that I don’t want to rp. It just means that it’s going to take me a bit longer to get to those responses. Heck, @warlundblackfyre ‘s prompt is still there in my inbox and I look at it every single day. I just need to figure out what, when, who, why. I also have several prompts on Skype and on here. Bear with me please.

I don’t mean to be rude or off-putting. It hurts me that I can’t get to everyone. Once summer comes, and all is well, I can get back into the swing of things. Or maybe when I catch up with all my grading and down time with the family. So please, don’t stop sending prompts or asks. I really do enjoy receiving them (and I will repost prompts because reposting is easy XD ). But if you’re looking for one on one, hardcore plotting, speak to me. Let’s see if my appearance is a guest appearance or an entire season of story :p  I can do guest appearances. An entire season…well, you may have to speak to my agent. I think I have a luncheon with the Obamas that may interfere with that.

In all honesty, thank you for following and reading my shtuff. It makes me feel like a real writer. I look forward to you all challenging Ratty and the rest of the Kingdom, as well as my other characters. And I will on occasion send bloody valentines to you all <3  Much love to everyone.

Ps. Oh this also applies to anyone rping with @thehumbleknight , @lexiadieri, @captainseawolf n_n!

Oh hell no!

Okay, Clary. You’re hallucinating. I get it, I do. But… as I told Alec something similar all the way back in season 1 (when he hurt Magnus’s feelings) … that does not give you the right to dregde up your mother’s death to throw blame at Alec for something a demon made him do!

(And if it’s Iris making her say this somehow, Magnus is gonna be p****d.) No one hurts his Alexander.