you are the one to blame

tell me again about the multiverse theory

about how we got it right in every world but this one

or how even when we didn’t

you got creative

that this is the only universe

where you asked if we could still be friends

and then made a home halfway out the door

tell me there’s a universe where one of us could take the blame

where you ripped up my poems

and i called out your bullshit

and you slammed the door like a clapperboard

and leaned against it cinema style while i held back tears on the other side

i know its selfish to wish we lived in the world where this is killing you as much as its killing me

but i can’t help wishing for a better ending

even if it isn’t a happy one

maybe there just isn’t a poetic way to leave


forget i asked

tell me instead about the universe

where every day feels like sunday morning

and we never get out of bed

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Ughhh reputation is so lyrically LAZY. Like it's one thing to not have emotional and deep ballads, cuz if you're not sad, I won't expect you to write those. But 'it makes me so mad ?' seriously?? Also personally I don't buy into the satire theory since Taylor hasn't confirmed anything ... Wbu? Ps- Can't believe her lyrics at 17 were better than 28. I blame grammys for validating her relatively mediocre writing on 1989

Yeah but even 1989 was better than this… sure some songs weren’t exactly lyrical genius, but wonderland, clean, wildest dreams (even tho it was literally a thinly covered up lana del rey cover), new romantics were all pretty good lyrically and were actually bops. Sure, there were a few unimaginative ones (i know places, all you had to do was stay, shake it off, i wish you would) but overall i’d say that it was lyrically okay. But so far this is all just lazy.. and you can’t even make the pop music argument, that it needs to be repetitive and dumb, because take a look at any of lady gaga’s older stuff, it’s repetitive and pop-y but the lyrics are clever. It can be done, and taylor has proven that she has done it before. I think her pop writing is just somewhat weak, and that’s why I was hoping she’d release a more acoustic album, because not only is her voice suited to that type of music, but she actually writes better songs. Her niche really is in country/acoustic music, but I understand that she is making more money this way. Just a shame that the content isn’t there anymore.  

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I may be late to the tea party but I asked my friend from Moscow what Russians have in their tea and she said jam, honey, lemon, or vodka were all options. She likes jam best personally (she also sometimes has sugar and milk but she blames that on living in England for a few years).


thank you for this anecdotal data because i was mad at the internet

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I don't know if you've talked about this before, sorry, but some hours ago you reblogged that deleted scene from The Avengers with the tag "so many things happening here!!!" and I'd love to hear more about that if possible? :)

(referring to this gifset)

so first of all: there’s the dramatic reaction when the Other first contacts him - you see the same flinch and pain when he gets kicked back in their first conversation, and this time it’s when the Other apparently just grabs him - in the middle of a fight - and it pretty obviously isn’t fun. this isn’t a willing connection, or one Loki has control over. 

then there’s the way Loki is reacting to the fact that the attack is failing. he doesn’t seem particularly upset or angry about it - or even really that frustrated. his response to the Other’s anger is almost flippant, irritated if anything that he’s being blamed for the Chitauri’s shortcomings. it’s “I’m trying my best but look what you gave me to work with”.

it also makes pretty clear that Loki isn’t really in charge. he was there to let the Chitauri in, but he’s not giving the orders and he’s not in control. and he’s very much not happy. 

Riot of Rot Skins

Turnout for the skin and accent contest for RoR has been abysmal and the vast majority of the skins and accents submitted either break the rules, are obviously from other Festivals and are just getting resubmitted for the lulz, or for quality reasons will never win. And the staff have no one but themselves to blame for that. They created Plague with super dark lore at the start of the game and have been systematically strangling it ever since. I’ve been in Light since I joined and even I can’t even with their crap. Ooh, no blood or injuries or suffering! Somebody might get upset. This while bloody bandages and hideous infections and fungal growths are a-okay. You think that stuff doesn’t hurt? Shit is ridiculous. The official description of the plague region celebrates pestilence and death and a survival ethic in as many words. But now they’re trying to push artists in a poorly defined PG direction with skeletons and zombies. Um, wouldn’t that be an embarrassment/unacceptable to the Plague deity under the terms of your own fucking lore? Skeletons and zombies are dead. They failed. They did not survive.

If I were an artist, I would have no idea what to do with their vague, ambiguous rules. Well, staff, have fun judging Blobby Red and Green Airbrush Lines, Barely Visible Scars, Obvious Fire Skin, and the rest.

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Could I request for headcanons about cute signs when he has a crush for Gunhead, Mirio, Amajiki, Nighteye & Fatgum please? P.S. I blame the anime for making me like this muscular but adorable man. I also want to see how you improvise with him but you can refuse if you want to

Okay so like, 3 of these guys can fit the ‘muscular but adorable man’ thing but I’m assuming you mean Gunhead since he’s the only one in the anime. I’ll do my best with him!


⚪️ He’s obvious, but not in the way that he’ll pronounce his feelings for you constantly. He teases you, calls you cute, shows you cute things, tells you you’ll look cute in an outfit you pass by. He’s very open with his compliments of you.

⚪️ He likes seeing you embarrassed. Not in a sadistic way, but because you look so adorable and it makes him feel kind of proud to know he can affect you like that. When he teases you about a ‘crush’ or anything romantic, he secretly hopes your embarrassment is because your crush is on him.

⚪️ Loves any opportunity to teach you self defense. It’s an excuse to not only get close to you and touch you, but to help you out as well. He feels safer knowing that you can protect yourself better.

⚪️ He picks you up all the time and carries you. He just does, so get used to him doing this. He can even do it with just one arm, too.

⚪️ Result: He’s the least-threatening crush ever. He’s going to be pretty open about asking you out, too.


⚪️ He gets himself way too excited over the smallest things so long as it pertains to you. He’s like a puppy that’s finally found its owner, and he’ll follow you around right until the point that it starts to become creepy.

⚪️ This means that he will appear from walls when he knows you’re somewhere alone, just to surprise you. “Hey, (Y/N).” After you gasp and let out a shriek at suddenly hearing his voice, he just smiles and says, “I was thinking about you.”

⚪️ It’s sweet, but borders on being silly. Plus you know that he’s naked behind that wall so…

⚪️ He’s open with flirting but despite this, it’s easy to fluster him. All you have to do is: flirt back. Once you have the upper hand, his sudden smoothness and charm is out the window. 

⚪️ He stares at you as much as you thinks about you - which is all the time. He doesn’t know how to be normal and not overbearing. 

⚪️ He’s so nice to you though. Always trying to help however he can, offering to walk you home (especially if he thinks you might need the extra protection). Also, he talks about you constantly to Tamaki and Nejire.

⚪️ When it comes to asking you out, he’s pretty forward about it. He still has a little blush on his cheeks when he asks you though, since he’s still nervous that you’ll reject him. 

⚪️ Result: He can be unintentionally creepy but if you understand his true intentions, he’s an absolute sweetheart.


⚪️ First thing’s first, you will have to be the one to make the first move. He might try, might feel a bit of confidence after some support from his friends, but in the end, he fails. He just can’t get the words out and he starts blushing too much and stuttering too much and when he sees you looking into his eyes he just can’t.

⚪️ He stiffens up almost automatically whenever you’re close by. You can visibly see his shoulders tense. You make him uncomfortable but not because he doesn’t like you, but because he likes you too much.

⚪️ Mirio and Nejire definitely have to give him encouragement. Hell, even Fatgum and Kirishima will start helping him with his problems. “Huh, what’s this I hear about a crush? C’mere, Fatgum can help!” Tamaki will just want to die since he isn’t sure how everyone is finding out about his feelings for you. 

⚪️ Like everyone will know. When you walk by randomly, class 1-A will be like “Hey, isn’t that the person Tamaki likes?” Which causes Tamaki to hide his face against the wall and never want to leave. 

⚪️ Tamaki’s heart races in his chest when you’re around. He feels butterflies in his stomach. His hands start to feel clammy. The ends of his pointy ears turn red. He can’t do it.

⚪️ BUT if you are someone he’s grown comfortable around, like a friend, he will be able to talk to you and have conversations normally. Just don’t touch him, he’ll get shy again. 

⚪️ Result: You will most likely have to make the first move. Even though Tamaki has his bouts of confidence, the moment he sees your face it just leaves him. It’s pretty obvious he likes you though, since rather than cold he’s just completely nervous around you. 


⚪️ Good luck.

⚪️ He tries to tell you funny jokes and stuff but considering his facial expression and overall intimidating demeanor they never come across as jokes. Even the silliest thing can seem like a threat.

⚪️ He might criticize you or be a bit harsh, but it really is because he likes you a lot. That’s his strange way of showing affection. If you ask him to tone it down or if he ends up hurting your feelings, he’ll feel bad. He doesn’t realize he’s doing it and the last thing he wants is to hurt you.

⚪️ Pretty protective… but will deny that it’s because he cares. If it’s cold and you’re not wearing something heavy enough, he’ll make you wear a jacket (Perhaps his own) while scolding you for being careless.

⚪️ Possibly will talk to you a lot about All Might, since he trusts you with a topic that he holds dearly to his heart. 

⚪️ He really does appreciate when you show interest in what he’s talking about or cares about though. Because you matter to him and because he wants you to know this, he will make sure that he listens to you more too. Slowly, he’ll start to warm up to you and that’s when his crush is more obvious.


Result: He’s kind of scary and unfriendly at first, but really not a bad guy and truly does care about you. Either you or him can make the first move, either is likely. 


⚪️ He will ask you out a lot. Mostly to go eat, but also just to do things in general. It helps if food is involved though.

⚪️ Hm, he’s not touchy in the overbearing or uncomfortable way, but he does like touching you. Picking you up and spinning you around when he first sees you for the day, placing a hand on your shoulder or back… he’s careful not to absorb you through his fat though, if he is in his fat form.

⚪️ He’s so proud of you like he talks about you to anyone who will listen. Kirishima, Tamaki, Rock Lock, Nighteye, or even the takoyaki vendor. You’re his favorite topic.

⚪️This means he’s also very protective of you. Not only in the physical sense, like wanting to protect you from villains or getting hurt, but in other ways too. He can’t stand to listen to someone talking down to you and will always stick up for you even if you can do it for yourself as well. It makes him angry, actually, that some people don’t realize how amazing you are.


He always listens to everything you say and actually cares. He isn’t just nodding his head just to act like he’s listening. Often, he likes to have you around his office just so he can be in your presence. It’s relaxing and he gets to tell you all the things that happen when he’s out on patrol.

⚪️ Like the other adults, doesn’t like playing games too much. He’s going to be pretty open about asking you out and won’t be very shy about it. 

⚪️ Result: It’s pretty obvious he has a crush on you. However he’s not going to make a move unless he knows for certain that you might have feelings for him too.

I forgot to share I got one of my CO-worker to finally watch Voltron, and he literally spends his entire day-off watching it and he comes back the next day he is all like;

Co-worker: I am not saying there is something there but- They are so gay for each other.
me: ….who?
Co-worker: you know WHO, I see why you like the show aside kicking robots.

He knows… me… too well.

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Popular Sonic opinions you disagree with?

Off the top of my head:

“Robotnik isn’t such a bad guy.”

Yes he is, dagnabbit. >:|

I’ve noticed a lot of fans who tend to downplay Robotnik’s villainous qualities and paint him as more of an anti-hero or anti-villain type. But Robotnik has always been a straight up villain, and he’ll always be a straight up villain. He may not be evil for evil’s sake, but a villain doesn’t have to be generically evil in order to “count” as one, and sure enough, Robotnik is still a nasty piece of work when you get down to it.

In some ways, I blame Sonic X and Boom for adding fuel to this particular fire, due to their considerably… soft portrayals of the doctor.

“Sonic Adventure 2 had a balanced and well-told story.”

Just because it had any intentionally lighthearted moments at all (compared to ShtH and ‘06) doesn’t suddenly mean that the narrative is actually balanced. While nowhere near as bad as the aforementioned later games, I do nonetheless believe that a lot of this game’s story was stretching the line in regards to how far you can go in a Sonic game, and the whole thing really comes off as a transparent case of “See guys? Sonic is serious now!”

As for the handling outside of the tone, I’m generally willing to overlook a plothole or two in a story as long as it’s not too jarring, but Adventure 2′s plot has way too many for it to me to regard it as anything other than a mess, even without it’s numerous other issues. (And no, the Japanese version only fixes some of the story’s problems, not all of them.)

“Sonic Adventure 2 has one of the best soundtracks.”

It has it’s great tracks (I especially love The Last Scene), but the gratuitous emphasis on rock for rock’s sake makes the overall package feel very samey.

And Live & Learn? Completely sick of it.

“Shadow’s backstory was great until his spinoff ruined it with aliens.”

I have nothing against Shadow himself as a general character, but I believe his backstory was ridiculous - the bad kind of ridiculous - from the very beginning. It just went from one type of stupid to another type of stupid once Black “Ten Packs a Day” Doom showed up.

“Neo Metal Sonic has a badass design.”

Metal Sonic does not work with elf shoes, a ripped dress, and a starfish haircut. I’m fine with the concept of him having a temporary upgraded form, but Neo Metal’s design is very tacky. I’d argue he’s less dignified in that form than he is as Mechagodzilla Metal Overlord.

And while we’re talking about Metal…

“Metal Sonic is only interesting when he goes rogue.”

I think Metal can work perfectly fine whilst still working for Robotnik. He didn’t betray the doctor in the OVA after all, and that’s still widely considered to be his best portrayal in the whole franchise due to how much of a force of nature he is.

“Sonic Unleashed is one of if not THE best Sonic game(s).”

I respect the effort that went into the game, and I’m willing to give it credit for what I believe it does well (like having a reasonably balanced tone, for instance). But as an overall game, I just think it has far too many shortcomings - ACTUAL shortcomings, not just minor nitpicks - for me to consider it as one of this series’ best.

And yes, a lot of that has to do with the Werehog side of things. Note that I have genuine reasons for not being keen on the Werehog, so whether you would agree or disagree with them, I certainly don’t “hate on him” for brownie points.

“Sonic and Chip’s friendship was handled well.”

Due to Unleashed’s story flatlining for most of the game’s duration, their relationship suffers for it aside from some comedic interactions. So the indication that I’m suddenly expected to look at Chip as an extremely close friend of Sonic’s by the time Adabat rolls around is a little unbelievable IMO.

“Sonic and the Black Knight has the best story in the series.”

From a quality perspective, it’s handled decently enough.

But from a personal standpoint? I find the narrative (and it’s settings) to be incredibly dull, considering most of it is just Sonic fucking around with the forever foolish Knights of the Round Table while engaging in generic snark combat with Caliburn. And while I’m not going to call Sonic an outright Gary-Stu, I do think the game goes a little too out of it’s way to make him out as this perfect entity who everyone else remains hopeless and/or deluded without.

It’s a shame too, because Merlina’s role as an anti-villain is a good concept, considering that this series rarely uses antagonists like that. But it’s wasted on an unremarkable plot in an unremarkable game.

“Rise of Lyric is as bad as/worse than Sonic ‘06.”

No, it really isn’t.

I’m not going to say that Rise of Lyric is a good game. I don’t like it either. But for all it’s problems, for all the disappointment that it may have brought as the starting point for a new sub-franchise… it’s just bad. It’s just another bad game out of countless bad games out there. It’s nowhere near in the same special category as Sonic ‘06, Superman 64, Bubsy 3D, and so on. I honestly think a lot of that talk is just kneejerk.

Also, saying _____ is the next Sonic ‘06 doesn’t even mean anything anymore considering that in certain groups, EVERY new Sonic game is hyped up to be the next ‘06.

“The Create Your Own Character system in Sonic Forces is going to kill the franchise for good.”

No it’s not. This franchise has been through much worse than something as ultimately harmless as that.

“This is all your fault. I could have taken European folklore to cover my sociology requirement, but no, you said, “Take journalism, Iris. Reporters have all of the fun”. Guess what, Barry? Reporters have none of the fun. Journalism is boring. I’m bored. I blame you.”

This is what Iris tells Barry in episode two of season one. So, not only does she hate journalism and later gets a job in it like she loves it suddenly, but there is no way that she suddenly had a journalism degree by the middle of the season. A year wouldn’t have even passed. There’s no way she could have taken all the required classes when she was only taking journalism in the first place to cover a sociology requirement. Her major had to have been something else and that was just general ed. So, that means Iris literally only got her job by blogging about the Flash and has absolutely no qualifications for it what so ever. But, then again, Iris tends to take on jobs she has zero qualifications for. After all, she appointed herself Team Leader after three years of uselessness.

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no one on my team went healer in comp, so i did, then got called a trash player. next round, i switch to dva, get a 26 player kill streak and get a quintuple kill with my ult, undoing a mercy and a bastion ult; i ended up typing WHOS TRASH NOW to my teammates. playing dva is fun

There’s a lesson to be learned here. Congrats on kicking their butts! I think everyone’s first instinct is to blame their healer if they start losing. You made me hecka proud with the comeback. Good job!

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yee-jun replied to your post “So, it used to be that we hadn’t upgraded to Windows 10 because our IT…”

The calm before the storm. Windows 2020 will be all spiky fluorescents and if you make a spelling mistake the keyboard will stab you through the backspace key.

Being fair that would be pretty effective in teaching people to make fewer mistakes, or at least to live with the ones they made. :D 

geekerypeekery replied to your photoset “This is what happens when you don’t check your PO Box for like a…”

This is Anya’s very low-profile Tumblr. You do follow me, if only for the “I blame copperbadge”tag! Fine display of bday bounty (booty?), btw.

AHA. DISCOVERED. I shall edit the post appropriately!

FYI I’ve decided that tea towel is now the Designated Last Towel – it’ll be the last towel that is left out when I’ve packed everything else. :D 

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I’d suggest asparagus but I know you don’t do veggies. Maybe just sculpted stuffing?

I was wondering about stuffing! It would certainly have the proper horror-y look, but I don’t think it would be structurally sound. 

hellenhighwater replied to your photoset “tzikeh: humanformdragon: steampunktendencies: Chicken +…”

You could make a bunch of bread tentacles and add them after?

I was thinking about some kind of pastry wrapping around sausage but I hadn’t considered just making bread tentacles and adding them on, I rather like that. Then you’ve got rolls to serve with your chicken! 

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so it’s mac&cheese with pepperoni? Where does the pizza come in?

There’s a sort of tomato-y sauce? There’s cheese AND a sauce, it’s very strange. It is really much more delicious than it has any right to be, though – Trader Joe’s premade frozen meals tend to be very hit and miss, but this one landed square in “delicious trash”. 

alright let’s talk about this okay? first of all in terms of those who went to the sessions i kinda thought it was common sense to take everything they say with a grain of salt lol? i mean? if you had just gotten back from taylor swift’s house after listening to her new album with her would you really be the one to post “it’s alright, but its no red lol” like,, lets be real here. also they’re obviously super excited and they only got one listen of each song. so honestly i’m not gonna blame them for being overexcited and overhyping songs because i’m sure i would do the same and i’m sure all of you would as well.
also!! as far as lyrics go, i think this song is lyrically probably the weakest, but i do like a lot of lines! ready for it the verses were VERY strong i’m not sure….. where you guys are coming with that so were the verses of lwymmd and i personally think their lyrics were stronger than singles she usually puts out i mean are you guys gonna act like shake it off and wanegbt were lyrically strong??? its unfair to have an all too well expectation for RADIO SINGLES…. like,, i don’t.. know why anyone would think that regardless of what anyone has said

smoothie klance au?? i guess

you would not guess how many half-written AUs i have in my drafts that become WAY TOO LONG for me to ever consider publishing in a text post. yes this is a short one.

  • keith makes smoothies for a living. it isnt a big deal until it is.
  • one night, this dude comes in. who cares about build-up, we all know its lance, and he looks frazzled. he sits at the counter and orders the fruitiest smoothie on the menu. keith makes it and doesnt think much of it, except to note that something about this kid is just… weird?
  • 1: hes coming in alone, which people their age usually dont. 2: hes dressed pretty nicely. 3: hes just sitting there??? drinking a smoothie??? not even scrolling on his phone or anything, just looking around and slurping. okay weirdo. 4: he seems off. keith does not use the word “aura” on a regular basis but lance has an aura. (which does not make sense to keith, who barely understands his own emotions, let alone someone else’s.)
  • lance thanks keith, and leaves like thirty minutes later. hes certainly not the weirdest customer keith has ever served, but for some reason that random, singular dude sticks out in his mind.
  • but the shifts come and go, and gradually keith forgets about lance.
  • until he comes back in again.

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You’re so right Franny, there’s only one person to blame and that’s mr. Shifty himself. I want him to sit down and reflect on his life choices. There’s only so much inappropriate flirting that a girl can take.






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I don't know what to do! My girlfriend of 2 and a half years is literally fucking me over. We've planned a holiday together, only im the one paying for it. She was meant to be paying me back. She's paid nothing and now says she doesn't want to go and that we're not right for each other. She barely spends time with me and she's never around anymore. She blames it on me because im working so many hours to just be able to keep my head above water.. Help please?

Why is she even your girlfriend? She doesn’t sound like a nice girl. There is no excuse for treating you like this. If she agreed to pay the holiday together, she has to pay her part. You deserve someone who supports you, and accepts that you have to work a lot. It is not your fault you have to work so many hours to keep your head above the water… If she doesn’t make you happy, maybe you are better of without each other. Good luck!!  ♥️

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Because I refuse to choose between my newfound ship: Pet!Loki is enjoying his position as the Grandmaster's favorite, and does everything to be the perfect pet to keep that position. But despite his best efforts, he can't keep his thoughts and eyes from straying towards Valkyrie, who fascinates him - and who keeps looking at him with an odd expression on her face. Of course, the Grandmaster notices his little pet is straying; that simply won't do.

Rule one - the Grandmaster Does. Not. Share. Though there’s little Loki digs more than a strong woman who can kick his ass (darling sub that he is), he’s happy enough with what he’s got going on with GM (but if Valkyrie wants to beat him up every once in awhile, Loki really wouldn’t mind). 

Valkyrie is a little unnerved by all this when she realizes just who Loki is, because Asgard is a place she’s long ago put behind her. She hasn’t thought about the place she once held in a very long time, but behold - there, upon the Grandmaster’s lap, sits one of Odin’s sons. She doesn’t think he belongs there, but what can she do? To act against the Grandmaster would be suicide. She fought long and hard to survive in this place and scratched and clawed her way to a place at the Grandmaster’s side. Does she really want to lose everything trying to help this lost prince who doesn’t really seem to mind his newfound place in the universe anyway?

But if she and Loki don’t stop casting sidelong looks at one another, she may find herself falling from grace regardless. The Grandmaster likes his new pet, and isn’t about to take a chance he may stray.

Torbjorn is a flawed individual.

He’s made mistakes, he’s fucked up, he’s hurt people both physically and emotionally.

Sometimes he’s aware of these mistakes, like how he knows that he is partly to blame for the omnics.

Other times he doesn’t realise he’s messed up, or he’s too pig headed and stubborn to think that he might have done so. If you want an example such? Ask Mercy about her Nanites; she’ll tell you.

However this doesn’t mean he isn’t one to change, he just needs a push or sometimes a shove in the right direction. If you think you can do so? go ahead, he’ll appreciate you being honest about things instead of pretending everything’s alright. 

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I think that that anon meant that (too many "thats" sorry lol) most of the people present at the ss said Gorgeous was one of their fave of the album with sharp lyrics and stuff but actually it's just an average song (like AYHTDWS). I really like it but they grew up my expectation by saying those things and yes it's a good song but not That Good.

And it’s okay to disagree with them and i can defend you and say you can dislike it, but if you read my posts my problem with people is getting mad at them. Like you getting your hopes up isn’t really…their problem? Ya know? I mean yeah what a bummer but blaming them? really? What about those of you who hyped the song from the 10 second of the baby voice? like why aren’t you mad at them? That’s why I truly think people are taking this way out of proportion and my personal explanation for people doing that is because they were invited to SS and other people weren’t.