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Werewolf Boyfriend (Jack)

Part One of @ladyccr‘s commission for a jealous werewolf. Set in my Prince Adam Universe along with Harun. Part two coming soon!

 To be quite honest I had never considered myself the mating type. I had seen many a courtship ritual and it always struck me as somewhat useless. It always rubbed me wrong watching my friends go out normal and then come back with their head full of clouds. I never understood. And in fact, I sort of hated them for it. Even when our leader, Adam, started his courtship I felt myself lose a little respect for him. I hated it. I couldn’t understand what all these morons were doing. I didn’t understand at all.

   Then there was you.

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Half-Sister, All Burden

Dean x Sam x Reader

Reader (Adam’s sister) living with Sam and Dean in the bunker. Dean hates the reader but she made the ultimate sacrifice for him.

Warning: Character Death, Abuse

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Half-Sister, All Burden Part 1

Part 2 

“I am sorry guys, I didn’t think that the vampire would …” I said

“You didn’t think? You almost killed Sam!” Dean yelled.

I looked down, afraid of looking into Dean’s disappointed eyes. This was my worse nightmare ever since I started hunting with my half-brothers Sam and Dean. I was afraid that one day I would get one of them killed.

“Dean, it’s not her fault! She almost got killed too!” Sam tried to reason with Dean.

“Better her than you.” Dean said under his breath. Sam did not hear it but I did. Dean thought that I did not hear it because he rushed to help Sam into a chair to check his injuries. Sam had a rather ugly cut on his abdomen.

“CASS!! We need you here!” Dean yells. A slight flutter of wings and the angel appeared. Cass did not ask questions and went straight to healing Sam. I looked at them and realized one thing. They were the original trio. Two brothers and an angel. I was just a burden that they had to bear. After Adam and mom died, they took me in because “I was family.” Honestly, they did it because the felt guilty for leaving Adam in the cage with Lucifer.

I rushed into my room before either of them saw the tears in my eyes. It hurt, knowing that I was a burden and that I was not wanted there. I walked into my room, shut the door and collapsed onto the floor. There was a sharp pain on my thigh where I fell into some broken glass. I slowly got off the floor and started taking off my jeans. I bit my lips to stop myself from yelling out in pain.

There was long gnash on my thigh. I guessed the adrenaline kept me from feeling the pain. Suddenly, the room started to spin. The next thing I know, I was on the floor and then, there was darkness.

My eyes opened slowly. It was like in the movies where the unconscious person slowly regains consciousness. Everything went from blurry to HD in about five seconds and three blinks of the eye. I was on my bed. It smelt like it. I heard some awful yelling only to realize that Sam and Dean were having a full blown argument just five feet away from me. I closed my eyes and pretended I was still asleep.

“She is nothing more than a burden. If she had told us she was hurt, none of this would be necessary!” Dean yelled.

“Dean, you were too worried about rubbing her mistake into her face to even check her for injuries. This is your fault Dean!” Sam replied, slightly agitated.

“She almost got you killed Sam! What was I supposed to do? You are my brother! She is nothing more than dad’s bastard of a daughter!” Dean said.

“You are just jealous because she had a normal life and you did not! Face it Dean, she is our sister! We are supposed to be loving brothers.” Sam argued. Dean said nothing more and stormed out. I heard Sam pull a chair and the next thing I knew, he was holding my hand.

“Y/N, I know we have not been the best brothers in the world. I am so sorry. I should have have taken better care of you when Dean did not. In some ways, I understand you, being the younger one. But don’t worry. It will all change now. I promise, you won’t ever be a burden to us.” Sam said.

I decided that it was time that I “woke up,” so I, channeled my inner actress and faked my awakening. I made sure I blinked a couple of times, moved around slowly and moaned in pain. I opened my eyes and saw a teary eyed Sam in front of me. Sam had a big smile on his face.

“You are awake, are you alright?” asked Sam.

“I am fine, what happened?” I asked.

“Well, you were hurt. There was a huge cut on your thigh. It was worse than my injury. Why didn’t you tell me or Dean?” He asked.

“I didn’t want to be a burden, sorry. I thought I could handle it myself. I am so sorry.” I said almost crying.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t apologize. You did not do anything wrong alright. You are not a burden. If anything, you are a gift to us. Don’t tell Dean, but I have always wanted a younger sister.” Sam said.

“I won’t tell Dean. Thank you Sam.” I said.

“Call me Sammy, like Dean does.” Sam said, holding my hand.

“Okay Sammy, I love you.” I said hesitantly.

“I love you to sissy. Get some rest, I will bring you food later.” Sam said. Sam stood up, gave me a kiss on my forehead and left my room. I felt a little better and for the first time, I felt like I was loved. I rolled over and slept with a smile on my face.

After that incident, Sam and I had become closer. He and I would spend hours reading books together in the library. He convinced Dean that I could stay in the bunker and provide information to them while they were on hunts. It proved to be a good idea as I helped them crack a few of their hard cases. Sam was very proud of me and would tell me so.

Dean on the other hand was different. He started to treat me worse. He would only talk to me because Sam was in the room. When Sam was not around, he would ignore me completely. I figured that I could not be too greedy. I assumed that Dean was jealous that I was spending more time with Sam. He made sure that there were always out on cases so I would have less time with Sam. Sam realized what he was doing but did not confront him.

“Y/N, we found a case. It is in Michigan.” Sam said while standing outside my room door.

“What? But you guys just got back yesterday. Don’t you guys need to rest and recover?” I asked. Honestly, I just wanted some quality time with Sam. I missed him while he went on hunts.

“I know sissy, but Dean says that it is important and there were no other hunters around to help.” he said, looking at me sadly.

“Well, I guess that can’t be helped. I missed you though.” I said. Sam came in a sat beside me on the bed.

“I know that Dean has been doing this because he is jealous that we are together so much. I should have said something, I am sorry baby.” Sam said. He only called me baby when he wanted to make sure I did not get angry.

“I know too. Don’t worry. He is your brother first. I come second. I am okay with it, as long as both of you come back in one piece. Contrary to what you may think, I do love Dean too. I love him like how I loved daddy. Dean is a lot like daddy.

“Baby, I promise I will talk to Dean about this alright. I also promise to make sure Dean and I come back in one piece. I love you so much.” Sam said, giving me a big hug.

“I love you both, my big brothers!” I said, returning the hug.

“We’ll be back in a couple of days. We will check in every night and whenever we need too. Behave!” Dean said, standing outside my door. Sam huffed in frustration and turned toward Dean to say something but I replied before he could.

“Yes Dean, I will. Don’t worry about me.” I said. Sam turned around me and he mouthed an apology to me. He stood up and followed Dean. I took a deep breath and looked around my room. Another few days of being alone.

I spent the next few days cleaning the bunker. I washed all the bed sheets, deep cleansed the kitchen and dusted the place. When I wasn’t cleaning, I was knee deep in the lore, trying to help Sam and Dean with the up and coming monster.

After I had identified the monster, I went back to bed. It was already midnight and I was exhausted from all the work. I slept well, knowing my brothers will be back the next day. Around four in the morning, I received a call from Sam. I immediately panicked. I was worried something had happen to either of them.

“Sam! What’s wrong?” I asked. My heart was racing.

“It’s Dean, he got hurt bad. He might not make it.” said Sam. His voice was breaking.

“Where you you guys? I will be there as soon as I can.” I said. I got up and started stripping off my pajamas.

“Michigan General Hospital, drive safe sissy.” Sam said. I was heartbroken. I could sense that if Dean died, Sam would be devastated. I wished that it was me that was dying. Then, an idea hit me. I knew what I had to do.

“Sam, don’t worry. Dean will pull through. I promise you.” I said before hanging up.

There was only one way to save Dean. I put on my clothes, collected several items and then left. I was scared of what I was about to do. But I was more afraid of losing Dean.

“Hello darlin, what do I owe the pleasure?” Crowley asked.

“My brother, Dean. Save him.” I said.

“What are you willing to offer, my sweet young thing?” Crowley asked, stroking my cheek. I looked in Crowley’s eyes and sensed some sympathy, well, enough for the King of Hell.

“Anything.” I said. The next thing I knew, Crowley’s lips were on mine.

I walked in the hospital and saw Sam and Dean in the hallway. I ran straight towards Dean and gave him a big hug. The next thing I knew, I was violently pulled away from Dean.

“This is all your fault!” Dean yelled at me.

“What? I don’t understand!” I said. Did he know about the deal that I made?  

“If you had done your research, I would not have gotten hurt.” he said. Then, Sam yanked me away from Dean and into his arms. He held me close to himself.

“Dean, it is not her fault. We all did research and came up with the same conclusion. Don’t pin this on her, you selfish bastard!” Sam yelled at Dean. Sam then took my hand and pulled me out with him.

“Where the hell do you think you are going?” Dean asked.

“I am riding with Y/N!” Sam yelled back. I tried to stop Sam but he was too strong for me. I let him pull me out of the hospital. Sam opened the passenger seat door and gently shoved me inside the car. He then went around and got in the driver’s seat. We were on the road in five seconds.

It has been three weeks since Sam left Dean in Michigan. It has been an incredibly stressful week for all three of us. Sam and Dean were talking more these day, it seems like they have solved their issues. Sam has been extra loving to me. He spent more time with me. I took full advantage of it, knowing I only had a week before my time was up.

I yelled Sam’s name. No answer. I walked out to his room. He was not there. I checked the kitchen and then the library, no one but Dean. I walked in slowly. Dean was having a beer, at 10 a.m. It did not look good.

“Dean, where is Sam?” I asked.

“None of your business.” Dean said, gulping down the beer. Normally, I would have apologized and walked away. But since I only had days left, I figured that I should know the truth to why he hates me so much. I pulled a chair and sat in front of him.

“Why do you hate me so much Dean?” I asked, looking straight into his eyes.

“I don’t hate you. Why do you think I do?” Dean asked, looking away. I was furious. He was trying so hard to hide his hate for me. I made a deal to save his life and he won’t even look at me.

“Really? Ever since I you found out about me, you have treated me like shit. I tried everything I could to please you. I saved your… I am sorry that your duo became a trio. I am sorry dad did not treat you like he treated Adam and I. I am sorry I had a mother and you did not. But this is not a reason for you to just pretend I did not exist!” I yelled.

“Fine! I hate you! I hate that you had a better life with dad than me. I hate that you just barged into our lives and made us responsible for you. Most of all, I hate that you took Sammy away from me. You are nothing but a burden. You should have never been with us. If I could, I would put you in the cage with Lucifer!” Dean said. I was shocked. I did not know his hate had run so deep.

“Maybe your wish would come true.” I said. I stood up and walked out of the library.

That night, I wanted to spend the whole night with Sam. It would be my last night with my beloved brother. I would miss him the most. I faked being afraid of a nightmare to get him to stay with me. We spent the whole night talking and laughing. Sam finally slept beside me. I was awake. I spent about an hour watching him sleep. That was how I wanted to remember my brother, peaceful and happy.

Finally, I slowly got out of the bed so Sam would not wake up. I changed my clothes. I took one of Sam’s flannel and tied it around my waist. That way, I would have something of Sam’s with me. Then, I took Dean’s shirt and I wore it. I now have both of my brothers with me. I was ready for the consequence of the deal.

I walked out of the bunker. Outside, Crowley was already waiting for me. He saw the tears in my eyes.  I thought I saw him hesitate. Then he clicked his finger and we left.

Being in the cage with Lucifer was absolute hell. He was exactly how Sam described but ten times worse. He would fill my head with lies. He only mentally abused me. Apparently, Lucifer was a gentleman and would not hit a woman. That was the only good thing going for me. I was to be Lucifer’s punching bag. It keeps him from attacking the rest of hell. This went on for a long time.

— Sam’s POV

It has been almost five years since Y/N left. Dean and I have searched high and low for her. Nothing. I was devastated. Dean was sad too but somehow, I felt that he was hiding something. I never got to confronting him because I was afraid that he will leave me too. Fast forward to now, where I have to be in the cage with Lucifer to get him to work together with God.

I am afraid that Y/N is in hell. We found and killed a few crossroads demon before Crowley came and told us to “go to hell” when we asked if Y/N made a deal. I could have sworn that he knew something about Y/N. I did not press the issue. Part of me was afraid of what I would find out. The other part of me just missed her.

Now, I am about to be transported into Lucifer’s cage. I was nervous. I shook that feeling away and nodded to Crowley. He seemed a little hesitant but he motioned for Rowena to start the spell. In an instant, I was in the cage with Lucifer. He smiled at me and pointed behind me. I looked behind me, there was no one. Then I looked down and I saw her. My sister was in the cage.

I rushed to her. She seemed unharmed. There was no bruises on her body. I noticed that she was wearing Dean’s favorite t-shirt that he lost and on her waist, my flannel. I shook her and tried to wake her up. She did not move an inch. I turned around to Lucifer and was pushed down.

“Now, now, let’s not get antsy. I know you have many questions, but one at a time please.” Lucifer said with a smile on his face.

“What is she doing here?” I asked.

“She made a deal with dear ol’ Crowley. Simple as that.” Lucifer said.

“But why would she make a deal? We weren’t dying or anything. Sure we were hurt but both of us was not injured to the point of death except… Dean.” I said, looking down at my poor sister. I was mortified.

“Yup, dear sister made a deal to save her brother’s life. How touching. That is actually the reason why I was so nice to her. She knew what it felt to be abandoned by a loved one. The same way God forsook me, Dean forsook her.” Lucifer said.

I knelt down and held my sister’s body to my own. I felt the tears filling my eyes. I was filled with guilt and anger. I was angry at myself and Dean not knowing that she made a deal. I was guilty of not confronting Dean about mistreating her. I felt like a failure. I had failed my only sister.

“Enough of this sappy feelings. Let’s bring the guilty party into this court! I shall be the judge this time.” Lucifer said as he snapped his fingers.

“Dean Winchester! How do you plead?” asked Lucifer.

A-Z NSFW: The8

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A = Aftercare 

Aftercare with Minghao is pretty extensive, no matter what happened during sex. He’s got a mental check list and he will do every step or he’s not letting you move. Step 1: you ok? Step 2: want me to get a rag or can you walk to the shower? Step 3: you better drink this water istg Step 4: you hungry? i can order food? Step 5: i got this nice scent lotion want a massage? i didnt ask if it hurt shh! i asked if you wanted one! Step 6: yeah ok ok now we can cuddle .

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

Minghao’s one that uses his body to his full advantage; fingers, thigh, mouth, anything can be turned into a tool to please you but his fingers are a personal favorite. Long and slender, easy to access some..ahem hard to reach places for you. He ain’t even gonna play like your butt isn’t his favorite, he’s not gonna even try the ‘oh i love you eyes and your mouth and’ bs nah he likes your booty. He’s a touchy boy, he opts out of hips or waist to hold, he likes feeling the soft skin under his fingers as he rocks you back and forth on his lap or feeling you jump when he brings his hand down on your flesh. He likes ya butt. idk what else to tell ya.

C = Cum 

He’s rather clean in bed, he’s weirdly obsessive with not messing up the sheets to the point of needing to wash them before you can sleep so he’s adamant about cumming in or on you, so it’s a quick and easy clean up. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

Being adventurous in the bedroom, Minghao does have several things he wants that he keeps hidden because honestly some things should just be kept to yourself. It’s not too bad but the idea of it needs a bit of work to bring it up; getting a kama sutra book and going at it. Can’t really say ‘hey babe, wanna try twisting yourself like a pretzel and i’ll fuck you ok?’ He’ll get the nerve one day…maybe

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Minghao’s got a basic outline in mind, obvi he’s like ‘ok this goes there, that feels good, you can do this that and these in bed, etc’ but as far as putting what he knows to the test, that’s limited. He’s going to have to go through trial and error in the bedroom.He’s going to be quite sloppy and kind of confused, so give the poor kid a hand…

F = Favorite position

His weird obsession feeds into this, Minghao’s a big fan of reverse cowgirl, doggy style, anything from behind and he can get an eye full of dat booty shut up liz god but the boy’s really game for any position, he’s not picky.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Minghao in bed is actually really silly. He’s one of the boys that’s an idiot and rlly gonna stop in the middle of sex and be like ‘huh, i’m holding your ankle so get it in there…hey babe, are you ticklish?’ It’s so playful and fun with Minghao there’s not a moment of pressure to act all serious or behave a certain way. His jokes are more to make you both comfortable, sex is fun, he’s going to make sure it’s fun. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
I don’t see him doing much down there. If it’s a legit ‘fuck i hate pubes’ issue, you gotta get on him about it, because honestly the boy let’s the forest grow and doesn’t really touch it. That being said, I do think he’s one of the weird dudes you mean and get drunk with and spills that he shampoos and conditions his pubes. Just throwing that out there.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

Because he’s like…over the top goofy in the bedroom, I don’t see that coinciding with romance. It’s one or the other and Minghao chose clowning around. The intimacy and romance goes more into aftercare, when you’re both satisfied and cuddling in bed and having some good little pillow talks. But during the actual sex? Not much, if any at all. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

Since he’s not exactly a horny toad like some members, Minghao’s not lie…a chronic masturbater, it’s literally impossible to catch him, all he does is take care of business in the shower when the need arises. Then again locked doors don’t exist to seventeen so even then…not really safe. Anyways, not very often, either just taking care of morning issues in the shower or just random jerk it sessions scale normally once over 2/3 days.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Kinks are few with Mighao, but he’s got a couple. Idk if you want to count his thing for ya butt as a kink, or we can call it a fetish and say him spanking you is his kink. A bit of marking each other, leaving purple flowers all over your body is always a good time in his book. He’s a switch though, so you do have the ability to have your own fun with him, so might wanna take advantage of that one. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Minghao’s adamant about his privacy with you. Nothing at all leaves the bedroom. You two exit that door and the only thing you’re getting from him is a hug, holding hands, or a kiss. Nothing else, or he’s just steering you into the bedroom again if you start messing with him.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

His thighs are weirdly a weak point for him, no one knows why. Get your touch on, and rub his thigh or trail your fingers up the muscle or just get right in to it and have a nice little dry hump session is a pretty easy and for sure way to turn Minghao on. He’s a weird kid…

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Role playing isn’t his speed at all. They honestly weird him out a bit, the ones like student/teacher or doctor/patient are far out there. ‘so let me get this straight. people pay money for costumes to dress up like doctors and stuff…to have sex. you’re supposed to fix my booboo not fuck me i dont get it’. It just doesn’t tickle his horny bone. 

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Minghao’s a bit sloppy with oral but he enjoys it, he’s figuring out what makes your toes curl and what he can do to feel your thighs tense beneath his hands. 69 is more his preferred method of going about oral, it’s a two way street of pleasure.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

His pace is move faster, not fast like he’s going to fuck you up a wall or anything, it’s a good, steady pace and pretty balanced, not too rough or gentle. Like he’s Goldilocks it’s just right.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Minghao isn’t too fond of quickies, they put too much stress on him to hurry up and get it all done and he just thinks you both walk away more unsatisfied than when you two started. They don’t happen often, they’re really rare with him, barely once a month if that, he’s much rather just go to the bed and lay you out for the night versus a couple minutes of awkward rushing.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Aside from his little kinks, Minghao’s pretty vanilla? He’s not out there pulling your hair and breaking bones with his dick and making you call him daddy or anything. Sex stays in the bedroom, he’s got a few kinks, he’s willing to participate in yours if he’s okay with them, he’s pretty open to ideas, just it really depends on what the idea is will determine if he actually goes through with it. It really depends with him, but in general, Minghao’s pretty reserved.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
He’s fairly normal in stamina too, he’s really an average guy in the bedroom. One round is usually it, on a rare day he can stretch two if he tries really hard but normally it’s just the one round. And averages normally 10-15 minutes at best. Foreplay is rather drawn out just so he knows you’re on the same level as him before he gets to his desires.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
In the extensive world of sex toys, Minghao doesn’t delve much in to them. He’s more hands on, he likes to do everything with his own body. His fingers, his tongue, his cock, no rubber replacements. But he does have a little stash of simple, small paddles, nothing that’s going to break you just a little tap on the butt he adores so much.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Lucky for you, Minghao is slightly impatient when it comes to the bedroom so he’s pretty lenient with teasing during sex. He’s not merciless, he does tease and bit, just a lil bit, but it’s not to the point that it’s unbearable or you have to beg him to move on, he goes easy on you.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Minghao’s on a permanent low volume in the bedroom, he doesn’t get above a normal talking voice. Low moans and heavy breathing and soft spoken words is all Minghao makes in the bedroom.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Minghao’s obsession with your butt isn’t a secret, he’s always touching even outside of the bedroom. So when as pay back, you swatted him on the behind, it was…kind of a shock when he just looked at you and ‘…..i kind of liked that. do it again.’

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
My Nana took one look at Minghao and just said ‘hotdog’ and I hate that. So uh…by my all knowing grandma’s knowledge on dick…she’s positive he’s longer than normal, pushing 5.8-6″ but thinner on the spectrum of girth, more slim. 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

He’s got a fairly average sex drive, he’s not over the top or lacking in drive, he’s just…normal. Makes life a bit easier without him humping your leg or something so maybe you should count your blessings. That’s not to say his ass ain’t being a pervert 25/8 with you though, cuz he is. smh.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Minghao is a cuddle bug with you and post Minghao is even clingier than normal. He’s just exhausted and sweaty and whiny until he’s able to crash and sleep. He sleeps really fast, as soon as he cums it’s a race for time to run through aftercare before he crash and burns. Tuck him in for me pls.

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Hey lovelies. Can you recommend any Sterek fics where Derek and Stiles have to have sex to magically break a spell, curse, make the pack stronger, or escape a tricky situation? I've already discovered and devoured your 'fuck or Die' tag and although awesome, that's not quite what I was looking for. Please continue to be excellent xx

ooooooh yes, I think I have a few links for you *cracks knuckles*  -Emmy

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The one that immediately came to mind is this series, which we may or may not have used in fuck or die, but I’m adding again cause I love it (and I do what I want ok???)

Making Love Our of Noting at All (Series) by silverlining99 

(27,822 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, dubcon, first time

Stuff makes them do it

Now on to other things which should also fir the bill (so much dubcon up in here, let that be an attraction of deterrent on a case by case basis)

The Beast Lies in Sleep by skyshadedblue 

(755 I Explicit I Complete)  *magic makes them do it, dubcon

Stiles takes Derek’s mark using an ancient ritual, thinking it’s the only way to bring back Derek’s ability to transform and save the pack. Instead, he’s unwittingly bound himself to Derek.

Did (K)Not Mean to End Up Like This (Or How Stiles Gets Cursed and Everything’s Fine) by redkislington 

(1,414 I Explicit I Complete)  *werewolf!Stiles, magic makes them do it

“Hey, Der-bear, my lovely bunch of sunshine, how’s it-”

“Stiles, what’s going on?”

Stiles was quiet for a few moments, before he sighed. “I, um… maybe kinda sorta might’ve pissed off a witch?”

If You Die the Little Death by tryslora 

(2,505 I Explicit I Complete)  *magic!Stiles, first time, magic makes them do it

There’s a potential magical trap… and Stiles trips it. Whoops. (Lucky for Derek, it’s all on video…)

The Perils of Fungi by the_deep_magic 

(4,112 I Explicit I Complete)   *sex pollen made them do it

“Yeah, he’ll be fine,” Derek says evenly, hoping Scott is too freaked out to sense that it’s at least two-thirds of a lie because Derek probably knows what this is and Stiles is probably going to be just fine, but poking purple mushrooms with sticks has consequences, dammit.

Like a Beast by Brego_Mellon_Nin 

(5,120 I Explicit I Complete)  *wolf derek, bestiality, magic/spell made them do it

“Um, what… Is that a real wolf? He isn’t… that isn’t a normal werewolf,” the boy stuttered, pulse hammering along.

Peter snorted, “The moron ran afoul of a witch and got himself cursed. She was a rather imaginative lady. Made it so he’d have to have wolfy sex in order to lift the curse. I think her exact words were ‘If you insist on behaving like a beast, I’m gonna make sure you have to fuck as one!’ Isn’t that about right, Derek?”

Derek glared as best he could, ears turned back and teeth showing.

Necessary or Sufficient by Saucery

 (6,028 I Explicit I Complete)  *captivity makes them do it, first time

Is it even possible for penises to develop Stockholm syndrome?

Prim(ordi)al by nameloc_ar_115 

(6,106 I Explicit I Complete)  *feral!derek, curses make them do it, first time

Derek was one of the most taciturn people Stiles had ever met, and yet, he was the one who found himself cursed after back-talking a witch. The universe really fucking hated Derek’s guts.

The Beast You’ve Made Me by MemeKon 

(6,562 I Explicit I Complete)   *dubcon, magic makes them do it, feral(ish)!derek

“Just stay still.” Derek says, almost snarling, teeth elongated into pointy fangs. “I can control it.”

Stiles shudders as Derek rests his face on his chest, clawed hands coming up to grip his sides; he can hear Derek’s agitated breathing, can feel the way he’s pressing Stiles harder, harder, against the wall.

“Sure, big guy,” he breathes out, tapping the fingers of his left hand on his own leg nervously, biting at his lip until the sensitive skin there feels sore, and the cold air coming through the open window makes his lips tingle, wet and abused.

God Damn Witch by sshp4ever 

(6,566 I Explicit I Complete)  *magic made them do it, dubcon

Stiles gets kidnapped by a witch. But does he really want the friendly neighborhood alpha to get involved? Licking ensues. Hints of dubious consent. Magic made them do it. Knotting. *This was just an excuse for porn, leave me alone!*

 I’m Not Immune by moodwriter 

(24,287 I Explicit I Complete)  *kidnapping, magic makes them do it, mpreg, torture, dubcon

“Did they inject anything into you? You can hold me back. You can stop me. I can’t stop you.” Stiles is in full blown panic mode now.

The one where Stiles and Derek get kidnapped, and sex needs to happen for reasons.

Things That Can Be Used Against You by Mewenn 

(39,692 I Explicit I WIP)  *magic!Stiles, spells make them do it, first time

You gotta keep perspective on certain things.

So Stiles will stay in that circle and just lay back and think of Beacon Hills. Or something.


Five times Stiles and Derek have sex because magic says it is so and the one time it wasn’t for a spell. (and the three interludes where the adults wonders about what the hell their kids are doing and move the plot forward)

Tiny Houses by ohmyjetsabel 

(77,138 I Explicit I Complete)  *spells make them do it, mpreg, pack dynamics

“So this is what Stiles does. He lies in Scott’s bed and waits for Melissa to say she’s found someone to get it out of him, to cure him of the wrongness and the bad, and he dreams.

God, he dreams.

He dreams of fire and swollen bellies and that scene in Alien, of giving birth to jackals through his urethra, the whole horrific nine yards. His head is a terrible place to be, he can’t imagine his stomach is much better, why anyone would want to put a thing inside of it.”

The Hunting Academy

Originally posted by yourockmoose

Summary: The reader starts work at the brand new Hunting Academy where she runs into some new faces…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 5,300ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Inspired by this post about the boys…

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Kirishima’s mysterious upbringing

Chapter 139 came out, and it had to give this splendid panel of Kirishima getting angry about the cowardice of their opponent.

I’ve been thinking about Kirishima’s attitude since some times, and wondering how come he was so uptight about manliness, and what manliness was exactly for him. A lot of great theories have already been written here about his hypothetical past and involvement with villains, like this one by red-riot so maybe I’m not bringing anything new at all, but it’s still fun to think about so why not make an other theory anyway. If you don’t agree in the end, you can still take this post as an appreciation post about Kirishima. It’s also what it is, kinda.

Okay so here is what I’m wondering about, what if Kirishima was raised by yakuzas? Here are the reasons why. 

1. Yakuzas in My Hero Academia 

To begin with, yakuzas in MHA are pretty much extinct, thanks to heroes’ massive rise in society. There are a few who escaped the fate of being arrested during the dismantling of their organizations, and they’re currently living by keeping low profile. If they’re not doing anything, it’s because All for One was keeping control of what was happening in this dark side of society. Here’s what Overhaul is saying about them.

If elders respected All for One, then it means they could have tried to stir things up, but they didn’t. Their downfall didn’t represented their ruin, but only their withdrawal from society. They’re still here, and some are waiting for the occasion to rise again. Therefore, yakuzas probably are what they have always been, and the existence of a young leader such as Overhaul just proves they’re still on the roll. If yakuzas still stick to their traditional organisation, business and values, then Kirishima could very well come from that kinda family.

Kirishima’s involvement in the new arc can invalidate my theory. But after all, yakuzas are keeping a low profile in society. Maybe his family wasn’t involved in fights for power because they’re already wealthy enough and satisfied with their status. Maybe Kirishima either rejected his family or was rejected by it and he’s not informed of what’s going on with them, be it its choice or not. With such a background, a lot of scenarios are possible. 

2. About his previous appearance

Following what I said, his previous appearance, his low self-esteem and his trouble finding worth in who he is can support this theory. If he was raised by yakuzas, then, there are a great deal of things that could have happened so Kirishima ended up so down on himself. Maybe the heavy burden of being raised in that sorta environment ended up being too much for him. It’s possible either Kirishima or his family was disappointed because of his “limited” Quirk, causing him to be down on himself for it, thinking he’s after all not good enough to live up to his and his family’s expectations. You can’t be that down on yourself unless you’ve contemplated your insecurities for so long you’re convinced you’re nothing special after all. 

Given his previous kinda dark appearance, he must have decided to keep a low profile for a reason or another. Maybe he wants to redeem himself by entering UA and that’s why his appearance changed so much. Maybe he’s trying to find a path for himself and stick to values that his family didn’t recognized in him but he appropriated anyway. There are a great deal of possibilities once you imagine he may come from that kind of strict and demanding environment. 

3. Kirishima’s wealthy background 

For the technical and more canonically aspect now, remember that suspicious behavior Kirishima had when he brought up his night vision googles during Bakugou’s rescue operation. Midoriya stated it was really expensive, and how a young man such as Kirishima can enter in possession of expensive stuff like that? His entire room in the dorms is also full of enhancing material, which must be just as expensive. And when Midoriya asked how he came to acquire them, he purposely avoided the question. So at least, we can say Kirishima has a wealthy background, unless he’s doing some shady activities himself to get money, but I don’t really stick with this idea. It seems too natural for Kirishima for him to not being used to it. So I do think his family is wealthy, and what would stop him from saying where the money is coming from? Yakuzas aren’t the kind of family you can really talk about. Speaking of unusual things Kirishima seems in fact accustomed to, there are some that also lead to think he’s coming from that kind of social environment. Things such as villain’s behavior, handling responsibilities and questioning authority; things he shouldn’t be as comfortable with as he is for a 15 years old unless he grew up with it.

4. His attitude towards villainous behavior

I really like Kirishima and Bakugou’s relationship because they have great chemistry and, as Midoriya puts it, they’ve built each other as equals through time and hardships. And now, to do that with someone as complex and self-centered as Bakugou, you really need to be comfortable enough to see through his problematic attitude and grasp the best in him to begin with. Bonding with Bakugou was tough, as he must be treated with a lot of caution given he’s quick to feel threatened by others as his mental health’s state is frail. But then, just look how easy it was for Kirishima to befriend him. He’s not intimidated by Bakugou, and act naturally respectfully with him since the beginning, providing comfort to Bakugou and making him feel safe enough to don’t act rude and eventually, making him rely on him. Kirishima is someone who’s very honest and genuine, but the way he acts comfortable around Bakugou, and that villain he’s ready to provide comfort and share his story with also shows he’s used to be around people with unusual and violent behaviors. It’s like he already knows how to handle all kind of people from classmates to teachers, pro heroes and villains. He’s often taking the lead and trying to act while thinking of everyone’s sake. Kirishima gives great importance to the group, and naturally always thinks about their cohesion as this core that must stick together. Even when he’s reflecting about his Quirk, what he asks is how he can keep up with everyone else.

The fact that he wants to keep up is probably due to the fact he was already left behind before because he couldn’t meet other expectations. Once more, it’s like this attitude is something not only natural to him, but also something that was cultivated during his upbringing.

5. Kirishima and the sense of responsibility

Kirishima is also incredibly responsible for someone of his age. It first appeared quite early, at USJ when he realized he was in Number 13′s way and wanted to take responsibility for his acts.

Not only he’s kind and considerate, but he’s also ready to take responsibility for others’ behaviors too and call them out when they’re crossing the line. There are a lot, lot of examples where Kirishima interferes in situations that are worsening in front of him even if he’s not involved to begin with.

Once again, he’s thinking of him and others as a group who must stay united, and he’s acting as a leader who’s trying to keep everyone together. In chapter 139, the way he flames up and shouts “A real man would never push all the responsibility on his henchman and escape!!” really makes you wonder. He takes it quite personally, as he’s the only one to react with strong emotions like that, and I think that consideration for “henchmen”, people you are responsible for as a leader, is something he maybe acquired by growing up in an environment that promotes that kind of behavior, as the heir of a family that watches over a whole clan, such as the yakuzas. It was slightly occurring to me before, and now I can’t help but find it suspicious how he’s taking personally the way a leader behaves with their henchmen, and how carefully Hori makes sure to show it so we can’t ignore it.

6. What being manly means to him

Last but not least, Kirishima accords great importance to a manly behavior. Now that word he’s always using is interesting. He doesn’t use “manly” in a way to oppose gender and prone masculinity, but more to scoop up different values and embody them as a whole he’s considering the most honorable behavior. All of these values he’s defending and trying to incarnate really make me thinks of those yakuzas have. Being true to your words (and furthermore pledges), being trustworthy and loyal, respecting hierarchy, knowing your place but also how to deal with authority… Authority is something Kirishima also seems comfortable with. He’s very kind, respectful and thoughtful, he’ll even apologize for others’ behavior, but he’ll trespass rules it if he judges it needs to be done. He wasn’t really worried to break the law when he suggested to go and rescue Bakugou. After that, he only felt guilty when Aizawa pointed out he felt betrayed and it would take time for his trust to be restored; that’s when he feels the more guilty, because breaking that trust is worse than breaking the law. 

Even if he respects authority, he’s ready to question it and act based on his own will because sometimes, there are more important things, such as rescuing and protecting people you care about. Midoriya and Todoroki also did it when they fought Stain, but it happened because of Iida’s wrath. Kirishima deliberately choose to do it. The fact that the whole class was opposed to the idea emphasizes how Kirishima’s decision was unexpected for someone of the hero course. And again, the way he gets angry about the so-called loyalty of the leader that’s escaping just demonstrates his perception of what being manly, being a leader means and the importance he’s giving to it. It means to be trustworthy, inspiring, reliable, considerate towards members of your group and ready to fight to protect them and keep everyone together. Everything Kirishima embodies as a manly behavior really makes me think about yakuzas values and traditional organisation as a family you’re responsible for and must protect. 

Well, there are a lot of thought provoking elements about Kirishima’s attitude, and I find his involvement in this new arc quite fishy. I can be totally wrong, but I still think this attitude and the lack of information about his past hide something important and related to villains, even if it’s not yakuzas. Well, at least it would still make an interesting plot for a fanfic I guess.

Car Seat Treat [M]
You always enjoyed going out with Jimin and the boys. If anyone was able to make Jimin laugh hysterically it was them– and it was a beautiful sight. They always managed to have him a blushing mess, especially when they talked about you. It didn’t really affect you other than make you feel warm and loved that Jimin loved you so profusely, but tonight seemed to be a little different.

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Reader! What brings you to the Spring of Jomuer? Why, it must have been the stars! Although, it seems your triumvirate now numbers four exiles, not the expected three… The rules of the Rites were not created for you to besmirch!

The full sized version of this one wound up being 3840x7334 pixels, I’ve been scaling them all down (because I’m pretty sure tumblr scales large images down anyway) but so far this one is the biggest!

Edit: The tumblr dashboard seems to not like the size of this one–click through to the full size image to see it all nice and crystal clear. If anyone knows how to make Tumblr behave please let me know!

Should I report this?

So bit of a backstory: I work at a crafting store where they throw me anywhere they need me which, right now, is register or sales floor. There’s a lady who regularly comes in who is basically a giant bitch. She is one of those customers who wants you to do everything but wipe her ass. I stopped letting her treat me like shit by getting a little sarcastic and snippy back which apparently does it for her as she always singles me out to help her. Yes she goes running to the managers that I was being a little less than kind but they just tell me to behave since I still make sure she’s taken care of (appropriate items found, coupons in full use etc) so she can’t claim I’m neglecting her. Now. She recently started coming in less and less and then, surprise, I find her at the galaxybucks I frequent. She’s a barista there now. Before I proceed, I’ll admit I decided to be a bitch customer right back now that the roles were switched. And she seemed to know this as the first time she handed me a drink. I was that person who said it wasn’t X enough and made her redo it. Petty and I’m not proud but it was a little fuck you back to her. Plus the other workers started picking up that there was some sort of hostility between she and I so they seemed to steer clear. In retaliation, she got bitchier when she came into my job which I could deal with as it’s only fair. You can’t fight fire with fire and expect to not get burned back.

So the part that has me wondering if I should report her or not or say something is because today when I received my drink she grinned and told me, “I win.” I have no idea what she did to my drink or if this was some sort of psychological way to mess with me but I didn’t drink it. I ended up throwing it out. I already have enough health problems that I seriously did not trust it. Yes I am aware I am at fault too for being that person people hate but I don’t know. I guess I figured this would just be a petty contest with her not a “I’m gonna fuck you up” contest.

Tldr bitchy customer became a barista so I became her bitchy customer and now I’m convinced she did something to my drink.

Love Labour’s Lust

Eleven x Reader

Anon: Can I have an 11 x reader where they’re on an adventure and the doctor keeps eyeing the reader romantically, and when they get a small amount of time alone the doctor does something to hold him over *wink wink* so when the adventure is over and they’re in the tardis the doctor tries to do it with the reader but she keeps stalling which makes him angry and dominant and eventually he can’t wait any longer. Sorry this is complicated and reallllly specific you can change it J

I haven’t written smut in quite a while, so I hope this is alright and you enjoy it! I had fun writing it! I kept it as close to what you wanted, while adjusting a couple of things which I hope will fall into the same realm of what you wanted. Thank you SO much for your patience anon! Hope you enjoy the read! Xoxo

Title: Love Labour’s Lust

Warnings: Smut, and cursing.

Word Count: 3,769

It had been a great day for you and the Doctor. You went on another amazing adventure in a faraway place many others couldn’t even imagine dreaming up, and while you both were feeling happy, the Doctor couldn’t help feeling as conflicted as he was by the end of the day. He never felt this way for someone before, and it was driving mad. He hadn’t ever experienced a feeling of his stomach fluttering, churning, and piercing him all at once. He never felt a love like this before, none of the less the feeling of desire and lust that would take over him just by laying eyes on you.

Every move you made was intoxicating to him, and he could swear he was drunk by just thinking of you. Your smile, and the way your nose would crinkle as you laughed would grip and twist his heart, the way your hands would gracefully go about touching anything that was lucky enough to be in your proximity sent chills down his spine, the timbre of your voice made his lower belly feel a heat that would burn through his entire body, and the way your hips moved as if they could move mountains would send his head spinning. The Doctor didn’t know how much longer he could keep his yearning for you a secret. He didn’t want to scare you off, or end up finding out you didn’t feel the same way, but the longer you traveled together and the closer you two would get, the harder it was for him. Literally and figuratively.

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Of Gnomes and Respectable Hobbit

short silly, fluffy OS I wrote that was inspired by @rutobuka2‘s stream and something @emsiecat said!

It’s a Hobbit/kinda Fairytale AU

Bilbo was a Hobbit of many secrets. So was everybody in the Shire, if you thought about it, but a respectable Hobbit knew how to hide them properly.

And a respectable Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins was. Or at least, he liked to believe he was though it was slightly questionable if you knew happened to catch him badmouthing his annoying relative when he though nobody was listening, or again when he discreetly gave his tomatoes a “little push” with some forbidden ingredients to make sure they will won first prize.

The latest oddity that one could find at Bag End was the gnomes. They first appeared on a breezy October morning, as Bilbo forced himself to fight an already lost battle against the East Wind to rattle the dead leaves away from his vegetables.

His big nose turning red and sore even though it was protected by a thick, handmade knitted scarf, Bilbo was cursing the stormy weather when something hard blocked his tool. Wondering if it had hit a rock, he kneeled next to a particularly large pumpkin, curious… and yelped in pain as something pointy pricked him between the eyes.

“What on middle earth…?” He said to himself as he pulled out what looked like the tiniest arrow he had ever seen. But his confusion only grew as he heard a quiet, angry voice shout from behind the pumpkin:

“Kili, be careful! This creature isn’t dead, yet!”

“Another arrow, and he will be, Uncle!” Said another quiet voice, though this one sound almost enthusiastic.

Bilbo liked having guests at home just like the next Hobbit, but not when those were unexpected, especially not on a cold Friday morning. And as his patience grew thin –he just wanted to go back inside and eat his second breakfast after all- our respectable Hobbit grabbed the pumpkin and raised it in the air to see who is little unwanted invaders were.

And how little they were! Surprised, Bilbo accidentally dropped the huge vegetable on the three garden gnomes that had been hiding there.

“Oh oh…” He whispered as the strange creatures yelled as they were crushed under the pumpkin. Cautiously, Bilbo pushed it away and leaned closer to the three gnomes now lying in the dirt, not sure if he was mostly annoyed or just curious.

“You!” The seemingly oldest man shouted, brandishing the tiniest sword Bilbo had ever seen, “How dare you attempt to our lives!”

“I beg your pardon?” Bilbo said, avoiding the blade that was trying to poke him in the eye. “I meant no harm, so would you please just leave me and my garden alone, thank you very much!”

And with a slightly crossed expression as the three gnomes began to climb on his furry feet and attack him, he grabbed them by the collar and threw them as far away as possible.

“Go bother Lobelia Sackville-Baggins! Her garden is already infested by her nasty personality anyway!” Bilbo shouted before going back inside his house and sitting by the fire, grumbling about gnomes and the rudeness of the tiny creatures.

Still, once his bad temper calmed down, Bilbo felt a bit remorseful about throwing the three men away; a proper Hobbit would have at least offer them some tea and biscuits before politely leading them to the exit.

“Oh, bugger! They shouldn’t have try to attack me in the first place.” Bilbo said aloud, trying to ignore the pouring rain that had begun to fall and how the gnomes must be all soaked wet and dirty by now.

Luckily for him, Bilbo was offered a second chance as the next morning, he found the gnomes stubbornly back into his garden, armed to the teeth and calling him a foe for daring to attack members of the royal family.

Thinking it was a joke, Bilbo found himself laughing and picking up the three little men to bring them inside while being nastily stabbed by their blades and arrows.

“Will you quit this, or I will not provide you some food and warm tea!” He threatened them and the youngest one looked at him with stars in his eyes at the mention of food. He was also the most eager one eating as Bilbo watched them feasting on his lemon biscuits, though the two others kept glancing at him suspiciously.

“If you promise to behave properly, I will let you stay for the day.” Bilbo said and the oldest one looked at him suspiciously before agreeing and so Bilbo found himself making the tiniest and cosiest bed ever out of his nightstand drawer.

“Thank you Mister Hobbit for providing us shelter and food.” The grumpy gnome said with a bow. “I, Thorin Oakenshield, will make sure to thank you kindly for your gesture.”

Bilbo laughed and wished the three of them goodnight, thinking that his three little guests were quite adorable now that they were all clean and sneering quite loudly for their size.

And as morning came, Bilbo found himself unable to chase them away from his cosy Hobbit home.

“You can stay until they day grow warmer.” He announced, and the gnomes seemed satisfied with his decision. “In exchange, you can protect my garden from certain bugs and weeds.”

“We will not fail our mission, Mister Baggins.” Thorin said with a bow; he had been calling Bilbo by his name since breakfast after asking to know how to address their host.

“I put all my faith in you.” Bilbo assured him, hiding his grin behind his cup.

“Kili, Fili; I entrust you to assure Mister Baggins’ vegetables’ safety.” Thorin said to his nephews.

And so our respectable Hobbit found himself sharing his welcoming house with three unlikely friends for the first time since his dear parents’ death, decades ago.

What he didn’t know was that Thorin hadn’t lie, and the three men were indeed of royal blood; they were actually dwarves from the mighty kingdom of Erebor that Thorin would lead once his father the king will be no more.

Alas, the prince and his nephews had been cursed one day by an evil man, and as seasons passed, the three of them were turning more and more into garden gnomes until one day they will be as cold and lifeless as stone; the only way to break their curse was for someone to show them love before the curse was complete.

Months before they found themselves in our dear Bilbo’s garden, they had made the acquaintance of a funny old wizard, Gandalf the Gray, who had promised them he knew how to help them and so they had travelled through Middle Earth together until the wizard unfortunately dropped them out of his pocket and didn’t seemed to realise it until it was too late; the dwarves were gone and lost in the Shire.

Hopeless, they had climbed all the way up the highest hill, where no nosy Hobbit seemed to venture. After a cold night sitting close to each other to stay safe and warm, they had been luckily found by Bilbo who was still unaware of the grim curse that was turning them each passing day colder and colder.

Days passed and so did Fall and Winter. Bilbo got used to this odd company, laughing more than he did in the past years at the merriness of those three friendly gnomes, singing along with them as they played their tiny instruments. Gone was the oh so coldly polite respectable Hobbit; Bilbo now liked to go on long walk and venture around the Shire, his three protectors in his coat’s pocket.

He was particularly fond of Thorin, and as the first day of spring came, found himself musing that it would have been lovely if the gnome had been Hobbit sized. But one terrible morning came where Bilbo woke up, only to find his drawer empty.

Alarmed, he went through his house, bedroom after bedroom, calling for Thorin, Fili and Kili. Panicked, he ran outside, ignoring the cloudless sky and the singing birds, only wishing to find his friends.

As her ran to the oak tree where he had built a tiny guarding stand for the two brothers, Bilbo bumped into something and fell face into the mud. Rubbing his sore nose, he turned his head and was horrified to find the three Durins standing here, now grey and hard like stone, expressionless.

The thing he had bumped into was actually Thorin, and Bilbo found himself mourning for his beloved gnome as he picked him up gently.

“Oh, Thorin!” He said, resting his forehead against Thorin’s cold one. “What happened to you? And Fili, and Kili!” He said, his heart sinking in his chest, as he picked up the two other gnomes and hugged them tightly.

Tears appeared in his eyes as he kissed Thorin’s nose, and the salty pearls fell on the three statues.

Suddenly, Bilbo felt something warm under his fingers and he dropped them with a gasp as the three garden gnomes became colourful and lively again and began to grow, grow, grow, until they reached the size of a tall Hobbit.

“Oh!” Bilbo said, in shock, as he realised that the three Durins were actually dwarves.

“Bilbo!” Thorin said with the warmest smile Bilbo had ever seen on his face. “You saved us!” And Bilbo found himself brought into a tight, welcoming embrace.

“I knew you could break up this spell!” Kili said with a laugh as he and his brother joined the hug.

“Didn’t I tell you, Master Dwarf? True Love always win.” Said a voice behind them, and they all turned to see Gandalf the Gray standing here, an amused smile on his face. “Bilbo, my friend!”

“Gandalf!” Bilbo said, surprised; he hadn’t seen his old friend in quite a long time.

“So this was your plan all along, then.” Thorin said with a frown and the wizard laughed but said nothing. But then, Thorin’s eyes fell on Bilbo again and his features soften. “You saved us.” He repeated again fondly.

“Well, I suppose I did.” Bilbo said with a little giggle. And just like Bilbo had done before, Thorin kissed our dear Hobbit’s forehead as his dear nephews gasped and cheered loudly.

And though he couldn’t consider himself a respectable Hobbit anymore now that he will become the consort of the future King under the Mountain, Bilbo realised that he didn’t mind at all.


Don’t Go Too Crazy

Seth Rollins/OC. For Anon: Seth Rollins one where Seth (Colby) takes the reader home to his parents and they share a bed (his dad’s idea) and the reader tries to respect his parents’ wishes and not have sex in their house but Colby talks her into it anyways. Bonus point if his dad brings up the noises he heard at breakfast the morning after.

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I'm okay trying out polyamory, but I don't like the person my partner is dating

My partner and I have been dating for a year and we both realized we are polyamorous some time ago. Some months ago, they started dating this other person, an older girl she met online. I was OK with it but I insisted I meet this girl. We got close, in a way, and I wanted that, I needed to trust my partner’s partner otherwise I’d feel wrong with the whole deal. As I got to know her I realized she’s a toxic person, she’s possessive, overly jealous and plain rude at times. I can’t even talk to my partner on social media without her throwing a tantrum about “not being loved by (my partner)”. In addition to that, she has misgendered me a couple of times (I’m a trans boy) and done things that make me highly uncomfortable (and I’ve told her those things make me uncomfortable but she keeps doing them anyways). How do I talk to my partner about this? I am afraid to do so because they might think I am just not okay with the poly. And honestly I’m not too sure I am but only if they have a girlfriend as possessive as the one they have right now. I feel constrained and I am afraid they might hurt my partner.

It’s okay to just come out and tell her basically what you told me: “I have some concerns about how your girlfriend is behaving - it’s negatively affecting me. I don’t want you to think I’m not okay with polyamory in general, but polyamory with this specific person isn’t working for me and I need to talk to you about it.”

I’d advise against coming out and saying that this person is toxic, possessive, etc. - that’s too subjective and opens you up to unwinnable arguments. Focus instead on specific behaviors and examples. “When she misgendered me, that was painful and not okay, and makes her an unsafe person for me to be around. When I asked her to stop doing [thing] and she kept doing it anyway, it made me feel like my boundaries were being violated and that I can’t trust her to take my feelings or needs seriously.”

Be clear in this conversation about what you want from your partner: do you want your partner to stand up to the girlfriend more and say “hey, you can’t talk to my partner like that, please stop”? Do you want to spend less time interacting with this metamour and need your partner to help facilitate this space? Have you realized that you don’t want to be in a polyamorous relationship that includes this person, so you’re letting your partner know you’re going to have to leave the relationship as long as she’s involved? (Note that this framing is very different from “dump her or I’ll leave you” - you’re not making demands or threats, just identifying the right choice for you to make based on whether this situation is healthy for you to be part of.) 

Strictly Professional

Originally posted by onlylostmemoriesx

A/N: YES I KNOW ITS BEEN EONS BUT IM FINALLY UPDATING!!! I’m sorry if this is kinda boring but it will get interesting soon, I hope:) The other fic should be uploaded soon, but I have lots to think about for that one. This fic is 100% mine and written by me! No I do not own JDM, sadly. Also, let me know if you want to be tagged! Enjoy! 

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan AU X Reader

Warnings: None that I know of (please let me know if there are) 

Word Count: 1,416 

Tags: @a-queen-and-her-throne 

Chapter Two: 

The bell rang, signaling the end of the first day. You stood at the door and instructed the kids to form a quiet single file line. After they all were lined up, you all walked to the cafeteria so that the kids could sit and wait for their parents. Another teacher took everyone who had to ride the bus outside so that you could stay and make sure that all of your kids get picked up. You weren’t as scared and dreadful of talking to the parents this time, since the morning of the first day is usually when it’s the most hectic. Most parents didn’t even talk to you when they picked up their child, since most of the time they were both eager to go home. But fortunately, Amelia had really become fond of you, and didn’t mind talking to you about how much she loved school already. Even though you didn’t like to choose favorites, Amelia was definitely one of them. She was always so kind and well-mannered, and loved to play well with others. And her happy spirit seemed to spread to whoever she was talking to at the moment. “Ms. Y/L/N, you’re the best teacher ever!”, Amelia said to you. You laughed at her and said, “I’m your first teacher, Amelia! And I’m your only teacher this year, you can’t say that yet!”. “I know but you’re still the best!”. She had the best and funniest ways of lifting your spirits. “Oh look, my dad’s here!”, she said before running to him. Your eyes followed and met with his in an intense stare. Why did he have to be so gorgeous? You smiled at them as he picked her up and spun her around in a tight hug. You could tell she was telling him about her first day by the way her face lit up and how excited she was. 

Once he set her down, he pointed to one of her friends and she ran to them, and then he started walking towards you. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod. “Hey Y/N! So, how was your second first day?”, he said, close enough to you that you could see every detail of his perfect face. “Hello Jeffrey! It actually went pretty well, everyone today seemed to love school so far”. “Well I’m sure that having you as a teacher helped lift their spirits”, he said with a sparkling wink. Is this man trying to make you faint? “So, how was Amelia today? I hope she was on her best behavior, sometimes she gets a little too hyper and it can be difficult to calm her down”. “Oh don’t worry, she was fine. Actually, she was more than fine. She is one of my best students. She is the most well-behaved and kind child I have ever seen. And she is certainly the happiest!”, Jeffrey broke into the brightest smile at your words. “Thank you so much, you have no idea what hearing that means to me. Being a single dad is tough and you’ve just reassured me that I’m doing everything right, so thank you!”, he smiled at you and held your hands again. Good grief, how could someone’s hands be so soft and rough at the same time. You started to think of possibilities of his hands going elsewhere before you scolded yourself to be professional. “Stop worrying Jeffrey, you’ve raised a wonderful daughter”. He smiled and stared down at you with his intense eyes, creating a little bit of tension between you two. You weren’t even sure exactly what kind of tension it was. Just then, Amelia ran up to you both, breaking the spell as she said, “Hey daddy, Anna left and gave me this flower she drew, see it?”. “Oh wow, that’s a very pretty flower! Did you thank her for it?”. “Of course I did!”, she laughed at Jeffrey, as if it was even a question. “Can we go home now? I want to eat my soup!”. Jeffrey laughed back at her and said, “Yes we can go, say goodbye to Ms. Y/L/N first though”. She ran up to you and hugged you tight and said, “Goodbye Ms.Y/L/N, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”. You hugged her back and told her, “And I can’t wait to see you either!”. Jeffrey smiled at the two of you in a hug, “Aw, look at my two favorite girls”. You blushed at his statement and Amelia pulled away to say, “As long as I’m your most favorite, right daddy?”. “Mmm, I don’t know, Ms.Y/L/N might have you beat”, he teased at Amelia. You and Jeffrey both laughed as she just stood there and pouted. “Oh come on Amelia, you know you’ll always be my favorite girl”. She smiled and ran into Jeffrey’s arms, making him laugh and almost fall over. “Well, we’ll see you tomorrow Y/N!”, he said while picking up Amelia. “Goodbye guys, have a good day!”, you waved at Amelia as she waved to you, Jeffrey winking at you before he left. Good God, how were you supposed to survive an entire year with him? 

After cleaning the classroom and talking to Mrs.Sanchez for a while, you couldn’t wait to finally get home and relax. Once you got home, you put on your most comfortable pajamas, poured yourself a glass of wine, and lay on the couch to catch up on some TV shows you loved to watch. You heard your phone ring and picked it up to see it was your best friend, Lilly. “Hey Lilly, what’s up?”. “So, how was the first day?”, she questioned, seeming to be a little too excited. “Well hello to you too! And it was pretty good, I didn’t have a mental breakdown or anything, so it was definitely better than last year”. “Good! And how are the kids? None of them are too bratty, are they?”. It amazed you how much Lilly just absolutely loved children. “No Lilly, the children are just fine. Most of them are the sweetest little things ever! Especially this one little girl I have, she’s just so happy all the time that it makes me happy!”. “Well I’m glad you’re having fun, we picked up three more cats today, which means three times more sneezing for me. Why did I even want to work in an animal shelter?”. “Because you love animals and have a big heart. Come on, you’re around animals all day. How is your job not the best?”. “Why don’t you come down here and clean up the kennels yourself?”, she let out laugh, “No, I’m only joking. I do love working here. Especially since this hot guy just started working here, he really makes it even better!”. “Hmm, I don’t think your boyfriend would enjoy hearing that very much”, you teased. “I only said he was hot, I didn’t say I would date him! And what about you? Have you seen any hot dads yet?”. Instantly, you could feel the heat in your body rush to your cheeks. She hadn’t even said his name, yet his face wouldn’t leave your mind. You didn’t want to tell her and give her the satisfaction though. “No, I haven’t seen any”, but once the sentence left you, you could tell that she wouldn’t buy it. “Y/N, are you lying to me? You know I can see, or hear, right through you, right?”. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”. “You are! Oh my God, you must have a huge crush on him then. Please take a picture of him and send it to me! Wait, tell me his name so I can look him up”. “No! I am not taking a picture of him or giving you his name!”. “Fine, then I guess I’ll have to come to your school and find him myself!”. “Alright, just remember that there will be tons of children here”. “Oh, that’s right. My evil plan has failed. Oh Dave just bought some Chinese food home, I gotta go. Bye Y/N!”. “Bye!”, you laughed, she sure loved herself some Chinese food. After going through some of your TV shows, you looked at the time and realized it was 11:00pm. You turned the TV off and headed to the kitchen to eat a quick dinner. Once you finished eating, you went straight to your bedroom where you could finally drift off into a nice, peaceful sleep.

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Where is no answers going? Do we get to see Obi-Wan s royal family? Does Qui-Gon find out what happened? Thanks for writing!!

Picking up the glass, Obi-Wan sighed. “How did you know?” He questioned quietly, taking a sip of water to wet his suddenly dry throat.

“Anakin saw you leave the Halls. When he said which part and what door… well you’re not the only one who’s been to the mind healers in their lives Obi-Wan.” Qui-Gon leaned on the table, watching the younger man.

Anakin did his best to pretend he wasn’t listening, rinsing off the plates in the sink as the kettle boiled for tea.

“I see…” Obi-Wan let his mind bounce, staring at the glass rim before taking another sip.

Mutely, Qui-Gon watched him. “…We were at your family’s home planet you know. They’re still a bunch of pretentious asses.”

And promptly the sip of water went up his nose at Obi-Wan’s snort.

A tiny bird like titter came from the kitchen as Obi-Wan desperately mopped at his face with his sleeves, a half grin on his face. “Q-Qui-Gon!” He rasped out while the old master smiled, unrepentant in his choice of words.

“What, they are. Your father asked for your health though, I told him you’re a man in a dangerous profession but a skilled man.” The long haired master shrugged, sitting back in his chair.

Peering at the other from beneath his bangs, Obi-Wan swallowed. “…Did they ever tell you why they gave me up?”

Slowly picking up his own glass, Qui-Gon gave a low hum. “…Line of succession, having twins born on the same day has historically muddled the line of succession on Stewjoni, which again has lead to civil wars in deciding which twin is the true heir to the throne. That’s the explanation your father at least gave me.” He shrugged. “Giving you to the Jedi seemed the kinder option in his eyes, a prospect of becoming someone wise and respected.”

‘…What?’ Obi-Wan swallowed a bit before nodding.

He spent so long wondering, thinking that he was given away because he wasn’t ‘enough’. But could it really be so simple?

A king worried about the line of succession with twin children.

“Your brothers a giant slob though!” Anakin chirped.

“Anakin.” Qui-Gon quietly scolded before shooting Obi-Wan an apologetic look. “…He’s not wrong though. If I wasn’t already aware of the family connection, you’d never believe it. But your twin is smart at least so there’s something. He certainly does not behave or dress like a crown prince honestly.”

Blinking at the two, Obi-Wan let out a small smile. “Oh, well then…some people require time to grow up Anakin, not everyone are… not everyone is forced to see the reality of a galaxy as soon as we are.” He shrugged.

The blond considered that then shrugged. “Eh, I guess, he’s still a slob. And he was way to fond in the brothel, I had to follow him around to make sure no one hurt him.”

“…Qui-Gon you didn’t send Anakin into a brothel did you?” Obi-Wan questioned, eyes wide.

“I waited outside on a rooftop.” Anakin hurried to assure, though honestly, he was a former slave, Anakin had seen worse things. ‘Guess sometimes Obi-Wan just wants to protect me huh.’ He mused.

“Back to the original question Obi-Wan.” Qui-Gon hummed, faintly amused.

“…I’m seeing mind healers, yes. You were right.” The redhead sighed.

“I figured as much.” The older man hummed again, no infliction to the noise and therefor not giving Obi-Wan a clue to how the other felt about it.

His shoulders drawing tight, Obi-Wan was about to excuse himself when Qui-Gon laughed. “This linage is really deep in it huh? I hope I do better with Anakin then the rest have done with us and I with you.” He grinned at Obi-Wan.

“What?” Obi-Wan blinked.

“You haven’t noticed?” Qui-Gon smiled faintly. “There’s something broken with our linage. Its the only existing linage of Yoda because none of the other padawans of his has picked padawans themselves and yet… Yan Dooku is clearly on the verge of both Falling and splitting from the Order. I wouldn’t call myself a paragon of mental health, I have no sibling padawan, Komari…the less said about her infatuation with Yan the better along with her aggression that lead to her Fall. I can’t take credit for Feemor, he was almost a knight when I took over his training and he’s doing well because I had little to do with his initial years and Xanatos…” The long haired man looked away.

Obi-Wan blinked then looked down at his hands. “…Master Yoda guides us all though.”

“But not all of us personally are inflicted with his philosophy.” Qui-Gon sighed. “…Yoda’s line is a broken line, many of his apprentice have either gone missing, Fallen or become… terrible Jedi Master’s themselves with time. I won’t say that there aren’t other linages like ours but… there is a lot of wrong inside ours.”

Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon stared at each other.

Being in a wolfpack with NCT

Guess whose back, (back again). So i will be doing debuted members only.

And this is dedicated to @arosequartz for her bday. Happy bday and love you! Also the inspiration came from her other blog @nctminiseries, check it out, she has amazing writing skills and an awesome wolf story to write about. Enjoy your bday!!!

So being in a wolfpack with NCT

  • As you all probably guessed, Taeyong is the leader of the pack and Mark is the leader of the pups. So like when the pups are on a mission and they cannot get a hold Taeyong, Mark is responsible for making the decisions.
  • So i do not think, there will be like beetas  and even alfas and healer. Like Taeyong is just the one who usually makes the decisions, but he is not officially the alfa. Also i think that the healer is not needed, cause Taeyong probably forced everyone to take medical courses so they can treat themselves.
  • I also think that the original creator of the pack was Ten , but  Taeyong naturally took the leading part over.
  • So how everyone came into the pack.
  • Well the creator was Ten and he created it together with Taeyong, Doyoung, Taeil and Jaehyun. And the first member they added was Mark, cause Jaehyun new him and they met when he was living abroad, so that is how the pack originally started.
  • Well and then the rest of the member came along. Johnny had known Ten for 9 years and begged to be taken in, but Taeyong at first did not like him, but eventually agreed to take Johnny in. And Yuta just somehow appeared and they where like he seems like a nice guy, so yes we will take you in. And then the next ones were WinWin, Renjun and Chenle. So pretty much, they needed a place to stay, WinWin was responsible for Renjun and Chenle and he ended up behind the packs house door and since they could not speak korean very well, the pack just felt bad for them, especially Taeyong for WinWin and also Yuta fell in love with WinWin from first sight. So yea that is how WinWin, Renjun and Chenle got accepted.
  • So now we are left with Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin and Jisung. Taeyong and Doyoung just kinda found them on the streets and took them in.
  • So lets imagine that you are also part of the pack  but not a mate to anyone, just part of it, i wont write a how you got into the pack, that is up to your imagination.
  • So, Taeyong i think is the mother figure for everyone, he cooks, cleanes etc. And everything he does he does in the exact order, for example he found a new recepie on the internet, he gonna do it in the exact order it was written in the internet.
  • I personally think the father figure would actually be Johnny. I can imagine him being the laidback chill type of person, who loves spending time with the pups. Like playing basketball, football, american football, rugby, playing hockey, going skiing, skating and so on with them. But helping them with homework is probably up to Taeil or Doyoung.
  • So lets all imagine that you got a new table and someone has to help you put it together. If you ask Johnny for help, he would be the type of guy who is like i do not need instructions, i can do it on my own. And after 2 hours of trying but failing, Taeyong comes and is like dear lord i will help you and organises every piece by number and reads the instructions and puts it together in no time.
  • So Taeil, i think he is the one you can just talk to and get into really philosophical topics. I also think he would be so happy if came to ask for his help with homework or if you are older then just work.
  • Doyoung (oh boy) , he is ike Taeyong, except he doesn’t clean or cook. He just makes sure everyone is behaving and keeps tabs on everyone. Like: you are supposed to be at school, move quicker you are late, you practice starts in 30 minutes go already, you have to do these chores, who was supposed to wash the dishes, why didn’t you do the laundry already, and for Haechan if we get another notice from the school that you pranked someone you will be grounded for 3 weeks.
  • Next is Yuta, he well he is just a flirt. Either you are a boy or a girl, younger or older,he will flirt with you! Lets imagine you are new to the pack, and whenever he happens to be around you, he just wasn’t wearing a shirt. Like oh hey Y/N, isn’t it hot here and takes his shirt off. It got to the point, that you were considering going to Taeyong and Doyoung and asking them to make a new houserule, that forces everyone to wear their shirts. But he stopped doing it so, yea.
  • Now Ten, he is just on his own for the most time, does his own things and doesn’t contact with other that much, except Johnny, they make hot chocolate together for everyone in the evenings. I think that the newer pups (Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Jisung) don’t even know that he is part of the pack, let alone its original creator.
  • So Jaehyun, i really don’t know him that well, i just think he would be friends with everyone and just overall a chill person.
  • WinWiniiiee, so he is a shy ball of fluff, like he is so shy. He might seem even a bit cold, but he is just soooooo shy, but he eventually warms up to you.
  • Now Mark! He is that type of a person who will try to do everything. He is part of every sports team in school, if someone *cough* Haechan *couch* doesn’t have time or is just lazy to do their chores Mark will do it. He is also really sweet and caring and responsible for the pups in some ways.
  • Renjun. He is also really shy, mostly due to the language barrier (the same as WinWin) but he also warms up to you. He probably will force you to watch Moomin with him and he would also like to draw everyone in the house.
  • JENO!!! So as we all now the boy loves photography, so he will probably take a lot pictures and has some blackmail pictures of everyone. Also he would totally show of his hoverbord skills by riding it around the house.
  • So Haechan. He is the prankster, he would prank anyone at anytime. He also would be either you greatest partner in crime or your worst enemy. If you didn’t agree to pranking the others with him and occasionally taking the blame for him, then he will just prank you.
  • Jaemin. Since i also don’t know him that well, i just guess he is a very sweet and awesome person to hang around with. But his smile can cure anything!!
  • Chenle. Although he also kinda has the language barrier, he would not be bothered by it. He would be a very happy and bubbly person. He would also be really loud with his dolphin screams.
  • Jisung, the baby. He would be really awkward and confused most of the times. But he is a sweet kid.
  • So now mates!!!
  • If you were Taeyongs mate, he would be really sweet and caring towards you. Maybe show you off a bit. And as we all now Taeyong is into some really kinky shit so …
  • Johnny, he would probably be taller than anyone he is dating and he would use that as an advantage towards his mate. But he as well would be sweet and caring. I think the words “oh daddy” are enough.
  • Taeil i think would also be really caring and sweet towards his mate. But i tend to think he would not be that adventures in that department.
  • Doyoung, would constantly sass you out and roll eyes at everything you do, but that is just his way of showing you his love. I think he would be pretty adventures in that department but not as much as Johnny and Taeyong.
  • Ten, almost no one knows you are mates. Everyone just thinks you are part of the pack and since he is mostly hidden and when he comes out he is not really into PDA. But behind closed doors *winkwink*
  • Jaehyun. He would do anything you ask of him, like the dude is head over heels for you. I tend to think he would love PDA but get a little shy. And we all know how buff he is so…
  • WinWin well first you would probably speak both Korean and Chinese, he would constantly ask for your help with Korean. He is really sweet nd loving towards you. Although he is shy in public, behind closed doors…
  • Mark! He would be such a chill ma and he would never get jealous. He would  really like you. So the most you guys to is making out cause #WeDoNotSexualiseMinors, and he would like to cuddle you and when you are watching a movie in the living room he would ask you to snuggle up to him.
  • Renjun Moomin marathons and painting you. He would paint your portrait and your portrait looking as a mõmin and so on. He would get a bit annoyed with you when you cannot sit still for more than an hour when he is painting you. He is really sweet and caring towards you and he also likes you a lot. I don’ t think you would make out that much, maybe once in a few weeks. But cuddling and snuggling is a must.
  • JENO! So endless pictures of you and both beautiful and ugly looking pictures. He will take all your instagram pictures. He would also le to just walk with you, whether in the park or in the forest or around the city. I also tend to think he would like to make out with you on a minor level and kissing and hugging you in front of others is a must even if you are shy.
  • Haechan, he would make you feel so special. He would buy you little cute nicknacks and pay for lunch and so on. He would also like to prank the others with you and maybe sometimes prank you. I think he would also like making out with you a bit and  back hugging and kissing in front of others. Not really a cuddle type of guy but snuggles are okay.
  • Jaemin, smiles everytime he sees you. He really likes you, like a lot. Everytime he smiles he brightens up your and his day. You are the center of his world and he is you sun. But no making out, just cuddling and snuggling.
  • Chenle, everytime he sees you he does the dolphin scream. He is so bubbly and happy around you. He is your biggest hype man. No making out, a little bit of cuddling and snuggling. Likes to hold your hand.
  • Jisung, he acts like a baby in front of the other, but like a man in front of you. Opens doors for you. Likes to just watch movies with you, and read books and do homework with you. But no making out or cuddling ot snuggling. Just cute hugs and pecks on the cheeks.
  • Random, but house built up
  • Everyone has a separate bedroom. Even mates and that includes adult mates.
  • So it is a big house and has a lot of bathrooms, bedrooms and guest bedrooms. A study, library and one giant dining hall and kitchen and living room. It probably has a separate gym room in the basement and maybe a pool to. Also it has a very big garden.
  • So now mating season
  • If you were Johnnys, Yutas or Jaehyun mate, then good luck. They are all men that probably have a high sex drive and that intensifies during mating season. Like they would jump you anywhere and anytime.
  • Taeil, Taeyong and Doyoung can hold it under control, but barely. They would also be a little more is to irritate than normal times.
  • So WinWin and Ten. Since thay are dancers, they would hold everything under control by just dancing 6-8 hours straight.
  • So pups.
  • Renjun would get crazy inspiration to paint. But half of the time he would not understand what he painted looking back at it, but the other half the drawings would be better than usual.
  • Jeno would probably lock himself up in his room and cut any communication of with everyone. Maybe sometimes come out to eat, but mostly take his food and eat it in his room.
  • So Haechan would go crazy. Playing more pranks, gets 100% sassier and annoying. So he would talk back to anyone. Then everyone would get fed up with him and lock him in Jenos room. For the first 2-3 hours he would  triy knocking on the door to get out and then give up. But he would eventually get out because Jeno would throw him out.
  • Chenle would grow really quiet.
  • Jisung and Jaemin would be a little more hyper and in order to avoid anything Taeyong would send then to run circles around the house.
  • And Mark would just be confused, cause he would not know whether he is a child or an adult. Like so confused and lost.
  • So overall being in a wolfpack with NCT would be awesomke, whther you are someones mate or not.
  • Random, but i am thinking about writing “Being in a wolfpack with NCT as … mate” and one for every debuted member. Let me know if i should do that.

So yeah that is it. Also i am sorry if this is really long and messy. Sorry everyone.

Reigning Madness – Chapter 31


Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: None for this chapter

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         Caroline’s POV

    The feel of his soft lips on mine sent my mind into a complete state of intoxication. Shifting sideways, I deepened the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck while my body relaxed against the wall behind me. The feel of his fingernails moving along my skin, under the hem of my pajama pants, gave me goosebumps and set my skin on fire at the same time.

    We were so lost in the moment, but the sound of a door closing, made me bite down hard on his bottom lip. Dropping my arms to my sides, I watched him jerk his head back with a sigh. “Ow!” I stared at Emma, who stood there, eyes bulging and her mouth dropped open. The crease in her forehead was prominent as she moved forward. “Sorry to bother you, but Jared, I need your signature.”

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It pained him to admit that their first kiss hadn’t been planned, hadn’t even been perfect. It wasn’t really the spontaneity that bothered him, but how shameful it was that he had kissed her because he couldn’t help it.

A thousand years of self-control went to waste when a baby vampire looked at him. Really looked at him. With the corner of her eyes wrinkled from the wide smile spread across her face, with a gaze full of curiosity and understanding and not a trace of the hostility he’d always been greeted with.

Klaus knew it was foolish of him to allow her to have such power over him, but the fact that she’d allowed herself to be unguarded with him, to let him gain just an inch… It made him warm. It made his undead heart beat like the one of the hummingbird he had just described.

He had never seen anything more beautiful than Caroline Forbes’s walls finally tumbling down.

She just stood there, opening a door for him - opening a door, but not inviting him in. And he knew, of course he knew that he should wait for the formal invitation, but her face was welcoming and for the first time he was sure he wouldn’t be immediately thrown out when he crossed the threshold.

So that’s what he did.

Her eyes were locked on his, her breath caught in her throat as he leaned in. She smelled intoxicating and addictive and he wanted to drown in her scent. And in the back of his mind, the voice that told him that this had to wait, that it was still too soon, vanished completely and the only thought he had was how much he wanted to learn what her lips tasted like.

Klaus placed his hands on her arms at the same time his lips brushed against her softly, tenderly. He felt her tense up, then melt into him, lean into his touch. And the moment was blissful. It was a shame it lasted no more than five seconds.

Even if those five seconds felt more valuable than many of his centuries.

“What are you doing?” Caroline asked, looking around to see if anyone had noticed them. He knew she was still too concerned with the opinion of people who shouldn’t matter, but he wished he could say that it’d hurt him less. “This wasn’t part of our deal.”

“No, it wasn’t,” he agreed.

He took a step back, removed his hands from her arms, and watched as she struggled to build some sort of resistance against him, some ammunition to use after she had kissed him back.

The thought made him smile. His smile angered her.

“Look, you can’t do this, ok? You can’t just kiss me because you feel like it!”

“Why not?” he pushed, delighted by her exasperation, by how hard she was trying to ignore the blush staining her cheeks.

Caroline crossed her arms in front of her body, opening her mouth and closing it twice as she tried to come up with an answer. “Because I don’t want you to! Have you ever thought about that?”

“Extensively,” Klaus said with a smirk. “And I don’t think you’re ready for the conclusion I came to.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? No. You know what? It doesn’t matter. I don’t have the time to deal with you right now, because, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of in charge of making sure that everything happens the way it’s supposed to here. So you will behave and you will not kiss me again, do you understand?”

“Yes, sweetheart.” He bowed his head, a small smile on his face as he calculated how many steps that move of his had sent him back, as he swallowed the fear that one day she would realise just how much power she had in her hands.

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Trust Fall

Rafael Barba x Reader

(Photo Credit)

The counselor was late.

He ran up the stairs of the courthouse, purposefully jumping over a couple and prayed that his feet didn’t land incorrectly along the way. The last thing he needed was a foolish accident on the court steps.

When he heard his name being shouted from a far distance he knew for sure it was just his mind playing odd games. The closer the voice became the more familiar it became, and he was no longer able to resist the urge to turn around and find its source.

To his surprise it was his significant other, running up the stairs toward him just as he was doing only moments before.

He could count in the palm of his hand the amount of times he had seen her unhappy, let alone unhappy with him like the way she seemed now. When she finally reached his side he could see that unhappy was the wrong word to use; she was fuming, more like.

“How could you, Rafael?”

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Be My Lifeline

*Not requested, but something I have been working on.

Summary: The reader goes off to explore the world only to come back and find out her father has passed.

WARNINGS: Death of a loved one, swearing

Word Count: 2,572 

The gifs are not mine, I found them on Google.

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