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What advice would you give to someone who wants to turn what they make into a business like what happened with you all? I am 22 years old with several chronic mental and physical illnesses and feel very hopeless and alone and all I know is I love art and want it to be my life but have no idea what to do with it and get scared that I'm not good enough

Hello! Ok, firstly it’s hard to give any tailored advice without knowing what you’ve done so far/are planning on doing but I’ve got some general advice that might apply?

For creative based jobs it’s important to be honest with yourself about how much you can/should be doing in a day. Lying to yourself might make u feel better about doing less but it doesn’t help at all in the long run. 

If you want to turn something into a job you have to treat it like a job. Take emails, spend a work day doing it, network, social media etc etc, sometimes imagining you have a boss can help, like, would my boss be pleased with what I did today (spoiler - the boss is U) or would they expect more of me etc.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Not enough time spent doing, maybe, but talent/skill is just time. If you’re worried you’re not good enough, keep practising, it isn’t an end of the road, it just means you gotta spend a little more time BECOMING good enough. U can do this. Do not give up.

lastly I guess, try and find like-minded people to help with your venture. With most creative-type jobs there’s room to pay more than one person if you go about it right, and it’s good have some team members to help turn it into a proper job yknow? 

OH WAIT one more, THE MORE YOU DO NOW THE QUICKER YOU’LL GET THERE. I know, seems obvious right? but things don’t just ‘happen’ unfortunately, all your spare time you pour into building something will see you get there quicker. When we started SGC pretty much all of our spare time was spent working on new designs and comics, networking as much as possible, building the brand etc. If it can become your hobby that’s pretty handy. BUT OBVIOUSLY, take breaks, check in with yourself, and don’t push too hard, only u can know when too much is too much so make sure you listen to your brain. 

Such ramble, hope that helps maybe a little?

Lize xx

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Can you do one where josh broke up with his gf and you're his best friend so he calls you really upset and you fly out to comfort him and then fluff ensues and you two get together or something?


The text came through just as you were about to plug your phone in for the night.  Josh’s name lit up your screen, making your heart immediately feel lighter.  It was probably one of those stupid pictures he finds online that he always thinks are way funnier than they really are.  You always pretended to hate them, acted like you were too cool for them, or whatever.  But the truth was you looked forward to them, because anything that made Josh smile, made you smile.  You’d never tell him that though.  You slide the message open to find that it’s not a picture, instead three words appear in a grey bubble.

‘Are you awake?”

You type back, “Yeah, what’s up?”

The little typing dots appear only briefly before another message comes in, “can i call?”

Your brow furrows, wondering what Josh could possibly need this late at night, but you respond quickly, “of course”.  You’re thrilled to be hearing from Josh.  Ever since he started dating his new girlfriend, things had been different between the two of you.  She kept him sheltered, limited who he could see.  Even Tyler was shafted half the time.   You waited in anticipation for the phone to ring, so anxious to hear the sound of his voice.  It always seemed to comfort you.  You’d never tell him that though.  

Within the minute, your phone is vibrating on the wood of the dresser.

“Hey,” you answer excitedly, putting the line on speaker and starting to take the pillows off from your bed, getting ready for sleep.

You hear a gaspy sigh on the other end of the line, which catches your attention.  


“Sorry,” he breathes, you can immediately can tell something is wrong, “sorry, I just-“

He can’t seem to form a complete sentence.  Your stomach churned once you heard the sound of his choked up voice.  

“It’s okay,” you immediately reassure him.  “It’s okay, Josh.” You pick the phone up, turning it off speaker and pressing it against your ear.

“I just- I just didn’t really know what to do,” he lets out a breathy chuckle on the other end of the line.  Josh was horrible at expressing himself.  This much you knew.  He was fairly open with you. but would still laugh or smile to mask any pain he felt. “(Whatever his gf’s name is), uh-“ he pauses to chuckle again, “she cheated on me.  Or was cheating on me, like plural. More than once.”

You cover your mouth with your hand, letting out a gasp.  “Oh Josh,” you say with utmost sympathy.  “What happened?”

“I flew home,” he says, “to surprise her, you know?  Turns out I was the one surprised,” he laughs again, making you cringe.  

“Wait you’re home?” you ask.

“Yeah, I’m home,” he sighs, sounding defeated.  “And I really don’t want to be alone,” he whispers softly.  

You’re already standing up and jumping into a pair of sweatpants before he’s finished the sentence.  “I’m on my way over,” you say.

“Thank you,” he mumbles.

“See you soon,” you say before hanging up the phone.   You skipped down the steps into the kitchen, opening all your cupboard doors and searching for a comfort food that could subside some of Josh’s pain.  You grabbed the unopened box of cookies you’d just bought earlier that day and rushed out to your car.

You were anxious about seeing Josh.  On one hand, you were excited to finally get to be around your friend.  He’d been on tour for so long, you were starting to forget the shade of brown his eyes were.  Columbus always seemed darker when Josh was gone, at least to you.  You’d never tell him that though.  

On the other hand, your reunion wasn’t on the happiest of terms.  You had no idea how you were going to comfort Josh.  Thank goodness you thought enough to bring food.

You drummed your fingers angrily on the steering wheel as you made your way to Josh’s house.  You sped through corners, knowing your way all-too-well.  You could probably drive blindfolded by now.  You were angry.  You hated Josh’s girlfriend.  Or ex-girlfriend now, you assumed.  She never treated him right, always isolating him from his friends and bringing him down.  She’d call him stupid and never laugh at his jokes.  She was utterly uninterested in what he did for a living, never bothering to go to shows or listen to him practice. Josh deserved better.  He deserved someone who was warm and caring and loyal.  Josh deserved support and encouragement.  Josh deserved the world.  You’d never tell him that though.  

You gripped tightly, the thought of her being unfaithful to Josh didn’t surprise you all that much, but you were still furious.  Your knuckles were a ghostly shade by the time you pulled into Josh’s driveway.

You took a deep breath, peeled your hands off the wheel, and made your way up the steps to his door.  Your heart pounded in your chest, unsure of what to expect, but you rang the doorbell.  

It took Josh all but five seconds to fling the door open.  Once you saw him, all your anxiety melted away.  You didn’t hesitate before crashing your body into his, wrapping your arms around his waste and letting the side of your face collide into his chest.  You felt his arms wind around you, holding tightly.  His head rested on top of yours.

“I’m so sorry,” you said into his chest.

When you finally pulled away, you held up the box of cookies to him and sighed.  “I hope you’re drumming hard on this tour, cause we’re about to consume a lot of calories.”

He nodded, smiling.  You could see the pain behind his front.  It made your chest ache.  

You sat cross-legged on Josh’s couch, the pile of cookies between you two, and he opened up.  

“We’d been fighting a lot the last couple months or so,” he started, he was picking at the cuticle of his index finger.  “A lot of stupid stuff,” he sighed, “but there was a lot of big stuff too.  I mean, things were hanging on by a thread, I was relieved when I left for tour, because it meant I got a break from her,” he paused, “how messed up is that?”

You smile softly, “Pretty messed up,” you say honestly.

Josh chuckles, “I know.  I knew it too, I just-“ he sighs, “I wanted to try to make things better.  So I thought I’d surprise her.  Make her happy again.  I walked in, and there was just this line of clothes going all the way up the stairs and-“ he stops momentarily, closing his eyes as if he’s remembering the exact moment, “I just followed it.  I knew what I’d find.  I had to have known, but my mind just refused to believe that she’d do that to me..  She was the one yelling at me,” he scoffed, “I just stood there, in shock, just took it.  She was asking why I was doing here, like it was all my fault.  Calling me worthless,” Josh looks down at his lap, “pathetic,”  every word cuts through you like a knife, “not good enough.”  

He’s pulling the skin from his nail harshly, clearly anxious, “I just feel really stupid,” he says, “I mean, you warned me about her so many times.  Tyler, too,” he shakes his head, “I just didn’t see it, God I’m so stupid.  I deserved this one,” he scoffs.

“No-“ you interject harshly.  “Stop.”

He finally looks up from his stupid nail and makes eye contact with you.  

“That’s what she wanted you to think,” you say.  “She wanted to bring you down and make you think you were stupid and not good enough, but she’s wrong.”

You can tell Josh was getting uncomfortable.  He started fidgeting and shaking his head, like he didn’t believe a single word you were saying.

“She’s wrong,” you repeat.  “You’re not stupid,  you didn’t deserve this,” you slide closer to Josh, kicking the cookies out of the way so that you can grab his hand, “Josh,” you say, looking him in the eyes, “you are the kindest, most generous person I’ve ever met.  You are smart and creative and so, so talented.  You’re brave and you’re honest, and so special.  And yeah, this is a bad beat, this is a rough one, but you deserve so much better, and now you’re free to find it.”

Josh hangs his head low, his breathing has become slightly irregular and you can tell he’s stifling back some tears.  

“I know you don’t believe me,” you whisper, “and that breaks my heart.  But I mean every word.  You are my favorite person in this entire, stupid world and that will never change.”  

When Josh looks up, his eyes are watery, but he has a genuine smile on his face, “You come here in the middle of the night, with a box of cookies and a best friend speech all ready to go?  Man, how’d I get so lucky?”

You shrug, trying to think of a cocky comeback, but you can’t.  All you could feel in that moment was an immense amount of admiration for the boy sitting next to you.  The five words that you’ve been wanting to tell Josh for years now linger on the end of your tongue.  They are pure and beautiful and true.  You wonder if they’d sound as good as they taste. I’m in love with you.  I’m in love with you. The phrase is being mass produced in your head, taking over all other thoughts.  It rattles in your brain, screams in your mind.  I’m in love with you. You’d never tell him that though.  

You couldn’t tell him that.  Not now.  Josh needed a friend.  He needed support and consistency.  So you swallow the words and you rest your head on his shoulder.  When Josh wrapped his arm around you, holding you securely to his chest you felt at home.  You’d never tell him that though.

Fannibal Fic Writer Support/Idea Request

Hey everyone! Congrats to everyone who is being published in @radiance-anthology!

Making an anthology is hard, and the creators deserve kindness and respect. They are doing their best to include and also trying to create something within their creative vision. This is a lovely book, and I hope we will all support it and encourage more fan books in the future, not tear the idea down.

Please know that rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t great writers! Every person I know who was rejected is talented, skilled, and wonderful at their craft. This fandom has some of the most amazing writers we’ve seen(that includes writers from outside fandom, too!).

Writing is hard. The nature of fic means that there are only rare opportunities to have your work in hard copy. It’s much harder to get support because it takes a lot more time for someone to read a fic than to look at art. It’s harder to sell fan fic, too. So, rejections can sting because there just aren’t a ton of chances to get your work out there, and it can feel like when you post fic you’re just yelling into the void. The popular platforms aren’t set up in great ways to get your fic seen, and we know how hard it is to promote and build up a following! (No hate on fan artists! So much talent in this fandom, and we love you. It’s just a different medium with different advantages and disadvantages).

Here at Hannibal Fic Writers, we will be thinking of ways to promote and create more space for writers in the fandom. Please send any ideas our way!

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These up here are all the reasons you need to read:

In Vogue by @otpwhatever

Summary‘Is that why David Beckham has been featured multiple times on the pages of your life’s work? Does your criteria seriously consist of one thing – a man’s ass?’

'Well the ass is a man’s best asset,’ Harry smirks, holding the Martini glass high up his face. 'And don’t call the magazine my life’s work. There are far more important things in life, Louis Tomlinson, than what’s printed on the pages of a magazine.’

Fashion AU. Louis is the editor in chief of Vogue magazine, and Harry’s running British GQ. Featuring Zayn as the crazy creative director and Louis’ confidant, Liam as the sports writer that gets to sit front row at fashion week and DJ Neil as the only sane person in the whole story.
(There are no skinny jeans in this fic)

Chapters: 11/11 
Words: 121,296
Rating: ★★★★★ 

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Identity ask :3! 2, 3, 12, 17, 22, 27. (Feel free to ask me more questions, or stuff related to fandoms or ships if you want xD!) Tbh we're literally having a conversation together more than anything else

2. Have you ever found a writer who thinks just like you? If so, who?

- I’ve spoken with a few, and they’re all so amazing and talented and creative(and I love them), I’m several years older than most of them, but I think we may think a lot alike, unfortunately, I’m so awkward I haven’t really been able to talk super closely to them to find out, y'know?

3. List your fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.

- IDK why this one’s so hard for me to answer~(。•́︿•̀。)

12. Dog person or cat person?

- I skipped everything and answered this first, hehe, I am both, I love dogs and cats, they both have their perks, my Momma prefers dogs to cats so we have 2 dogs inside, but we feed some stray cats, and they all love me~(๑・ω-)~♥”

17. Would you say your tumblr is a fair representation of the “real you”?

- I would definitely hope so, I always try to be as much myself as possible, I feel like sometimes I’m more me online than irl, does that make sense?

22. List the top five things you spend the most time doing, in order.

- Napping. Reading Fafics/Manga. Watching YouTube vids. Apologizing to inanimate objects when I accidentally bump into them(I’m so clumsy). Hanging out with my family.

27. Do you feel like your outside appearance is a fair representation of the “real you”?

- Again, I would definitely hope so, I was raised in a strict religious household, so growing up I wasn’t allowed to do anything I really wanted appearance-wise, I wasn’t able to wear black, or wear anything with skulls on it, I couldn’t even put on black nail polish, until high school when I started rebelling and being more myself, I cut my hair in super weird ways, I accepted my sexuality, I actually got teary-eyed when I cut my hair, the way I have it now, for the first time, it makes me so happy~(♡˙︶˙♡)

Haha, yeah, I tend to do that a lot~ I’m sorry, notifications are shit on mobile, so I hope you haven’t been waiting for too long for this~흫_흫 but it definitely goes both ways, hun, if there is anything else you wanna ask, I’m practically an open book~

For @faeryixing

I think I can speak for the entire zyxnet chat when I say you’re simply the most genuine, giving and selfless person we know. I for one am so happy you messaged me after I complimented you since you’re always there supporting and blessing our days. You love people so much and it’s literally the sweetest thing to see. You’re funny and talented and creative and hardworking and I’m honoured to have been able to befriend you. Thank you so much for these appreciation days cause they meant so much to each and every one of us and know that you’re just as appreciated and I am here for you always!

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Okaayyyy it will be so hard to talk about you without it becoming obvious who I’m talking about. But oh well 🤷‍♀️

You’re a person of many beautiful characteristics. I love how serious & passionate you are about what you do and how determined you are to achieve your goals. You are extremely talented & creative, and what I love most about this, is that you use it to spread the love of Ahlulbayt (as). You use your beautiful voice to spread the words of Allah swt, in a time where people have abandoned the Qur'an, unfortunately. You use your intelligence to help imam al Zaman (ajfs), by preparing something for him which no one else I know ever has.
You use your talents to bring people closer to Allah swt. Tell me, what is more beatiful than that?

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Not an ask, but I just wanted to say I really love your blogs and I think you're a really cool person and that I admire your creativity and artistic talent so much 👋🏻

Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. You must’ve been following me for a while if you know what my art looks like, dang. Thanks for putting up with me and sticking around for so long. I’m glad that you like my blogs, lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve been doing poorly with them, so this seriously cheered me up. 

Signs as People I Know
  • Capricorn: (you're my dad.)People say you come off as scary but you're one of the nicest people I know, you always lighten up the situation, you throw shade so damn hard, you take everything literally, you're the student that's always a smartass but the teacher can't help but love because you're super smart
  • Aquarius: (you're an old friend.) You're super dorky, and would rather vent to your cats than to a person, you don't trust easily, but once you've found someone you can trust you attach to them, you have a beautiful soul, listens to emo bands but doesn't look like it
  • Pisces: (you're my neighbor.) You let people walk all over you, a go-with-the-flow vibe, physically aesthetically pleasing to the eye, always has a sense of wonder, the most chill person
  • Aries: (you're my best friend.) You're the kind of friend that constantly gets on everyone's nerves but would never want to lose you, you do have a big temper lmao but despite that you're a great listener, you're very confident in everything you do, you make your dreams a reality
  • Taurus: (you're a new friend I met this year.) You're very down-to-earth and grounded, you're that person who always has their shit together in a horror movie, you're good at keeping people stable, you have a pretty personality that no one else seems to realize
  • Gemini: (you're my brother.) You're not very too-faced as the stereotype depicts, you're really good at coming up with funny one-liners, you don't know what to do in a bad situation, you're also very chill and don't really make decisions in a group, don't talk much in a group convo but everyone wants you there
  • Cancer: (you're the boy I like.) You're under appreciated and so kind, you're surprisingly very hotheaded but you cool easily, you have a hard time showing but you care for everyone a lot, you don't like showing weakness to anyone and sometimes you really should, you have a tendency to hurt yourself whether you mean to or not
  • Leo: (you're a classmate.) you're so socially awkward it's adorable, you look so innocent but you are most definitely fucking not, definitely has the prettiest eyes, are also very chill and will only get heated if something applies to them
  • Virgo: (you are my childhood friend.) you're the biggest meme I know, unintentionally funny, you love so hard without meaning to, hopeless romantic but would never admit it, very insecure but doesn't want people to know, is a social butterfly
  • Libra: (you're an acquaintance.) you talk way too much, you're very awkward in social groups, but you always have an opinion that is used in the end, clingy, very blunt, has an idgaf attitude which is fine until you lose friends and complain about it
  • Scorpio: (you're my mom.) you're the most forgiving person I know, you never get mad at anyone, you have a very spiritual vibe, honestly if you ever got into any trouble with the po po you'd probably get away with anything bc you're so god damn nice and loving
  • Sagittarius: (you're my cousin.) you're that person everyone hates just bc you complain about your figure and you're rocking an hourglass body like wtf, incredibly creative and artistically talented, you can pull off a variety of styles, very good with children, also good at persuasion

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETEST HUMAN BEING IN THE WORLD. In the short time I've known you, I've had the privilege of getting to know what an amazingly talented, creative, kind and good person you are, and I'm so glad to call you a friend! I hope you have the most wonderful of days! HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAY! *shoves mooncalves at you*

AHHH thank you so much friend!! It’s been a wonderful few months talking to you and I hope we can keep doing so as time goes on  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ You’re such a wonderful person, and absolutely fantastic and creative with your writing, I wish you the best of luck with it!
*thumbs-ups while mildly trampled down by flipper feet* :D

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1. First impression: oh wow this person is PROLIFIC and really good at writing, i bet they’ve been doing this so much longer than i have
2. Truth is: you have Not but are still so talented, not only in writing but in pretty much every creative capacity i’ve seen, and also one of the fiercest friends a person can have
3. How old do you look: 16-17
4. Have you ever made me laugh: probably every time we’ve ever spoken aloud, yeah
5. Have you ever made me mad: absolutely not
6. Best feature: physically, The Mane™. internally, you’re one of the most loyal people i’ve ever met and it’s nice to know there are other people Doing That, and SO NICE to be on the receiving end of it
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope
8. You’re my: little sister
9. Name in my phone: just your full name like everyone, but for a long time before I knew your last name it was Molly Moose
10. Should you post this too? yeah!!

Zodiac Signs As How I’ve Know/Known Them (an INTJ Libra)

***Some signs I know better than the others, that is why some descriptions are longer than others. It is not because I hate them. I love ya all!<3***

Aries: Always competitive, the stereotype exists within the person I’ve known since childhood. Although subtle and not bull-raging mad they will still elbow you aside, trip you, and accidentally hurt you a lot in gym class. They’re competitive because they fall into a trance like state to “win” and nothing will stop them and they literally “ram” down anything in the way. It’s like their soul left the body, and the sheer aggressive power of God replaced their usual self as you cannot see “them” when they are in that trance. Good luck winning a competition with them in it, be it sports or academics. They always come out on top or very close to the top. When they are their “usual” selves they are genuine, caring, and always need reassuring/advice on things. Also they need hugs, and if you need a shoulder to cry on, they can hold you while giving advice. If they trust you, they want the same treatment described above.

Story Time With Aries: The Aries I knew had a subconscious fight for our friend we shared as little kids. I think she’s winning, she still talks to our friend. (Sorry I forgot to talk to her since beginning of summer xD) Around elementary years, I tried giving the Aries a piggyback ride, I tumbled face forward, with her on top…No matter what it is they are always on top. >.<  During my whole time being with this Aries, she caused me to trip 7 times, slapped me twice in her sleep, almost sprained my arm twice, and almost dislocating my shoulder.


Taurus: Very chill. They will always pop up at the right moments, or completely disappear for months. When hanging out, they will let you choose what to do 50% of the time, the other 50% of the time they somehow make you do what they want for once. The Taurus I know does love food, but it had a good reason. There was a Starbucks points thing and they had a phase where they had Starbucks each morning. They can too be social and gossip and aren’t all about food. Also they are serious about their work when they want to be, but when they are, they gain so much from it. Bubbly, yet chill, somehow makes you jealous, sweet, and funny. I’ve observed a Taurus for a bit, they like reading, and music a lot.

Story Time With Taurus: Starbucks trips during Friday lunch, it was our thing. Be it rain, snow, wind, or sunny. We shared these times either silent or obsessively chatting.


Gemini: Talkative, yet sometimes they don’t have anything to say as their minds race for something to talk about/distracted. I know/known 4 Gemini people in total, all of them always mean no harm, bubbly/wild, and can be silent. They aren’t annoying, they know when to be quiet. Also they don’t gossip 24/7, people this stereotype is old. They aren’t shallow, they’re pretty deep when talking to their closer friends. That’s what you do people, and they do have a huge circle of friends but some may not. Very protective and may come off as obsessed with the things they like. Very private about their personal feelings/emotions/interests. Unless they choose to share of course. Very funny in their own ways. Each Gemini has a “thing” unique to their own self, all of them are memorable. (I was trying to say all of them aren’t the same as the stereotypes perceives them to be.)

Story Time With Geminis:

-First Gemini I knew owned a pet turtle, she was also sweet/shy like a lil’ bunny. >3<

-Second Gemini is loud, not in noise, but with their actions. Bold messy bleached hair, and gold jewelry that make a statement. Working out, one of the fastest runners I know, best poet I know, and the best artist I know. Just unique from the crowd. Obsessed with Tumblr. (You know who you are.)

-Third Gemini is obsessed with anything marching band related. Not afraid to speak her mind, stands her ground.

-Fourth Gemini is obsessed with punk rock. I mean everything punk rock/that direction of music/style. (Hai, you know who you are if you see this ^.^ also sorry if I’m mistaken on the alternative style you like.)


Cancer: Unconditional love emits from them. Also they are not cry babies/weak. In fact, they are very strong, controlled people. The Cancers I know workout, have strong willed personalities, yet sweet. They actually love water, fishing, boating, sightseeing waterfalls…etc. When they need to apologize, they come in peace, even if it may take them a while before they approach you. Have their own sense of creative humor. Whatever noise they emit that isn’t talking is one of a kind and comedy gold.

Story Time With Cancer: Once, Cancer and I were playing video games in our living room, when the Cancer started making cat noises as he was loosing during our evening 1v1 gaming sessions. I instantly found it funny and decided to elevate the gaming experience by making noises myself and adding jokes. Until the funniest joke ever came from them, “War, war never changes…Or does it? Maybe, no, yes, no. yyyEEESSS?” xD


Leo: They are generous, with their time and money on people they care about. Try hard in everything. Very supportive/assertive when you need help. Other wise, they make a great friend that you can talk to about anything and everything. Very trusting, actually reliable and won’t tell your secrets and share theirs. Funny in their own way, also someone you can have fun with while e\just sitting there in silence without it being awkward. They shower you with compliments.

Story Time With Leo: We both spent one summer seeing each other from 1-4 times a week sitting and chatting on the sandstone porch of our old elementary school. Conversing about anything/everything. Watching the sunset together, getting sugar rushes, and mostly sitting there enjoying the presence of one another without talking.


Virgo: They need hugs, what they need is a cuddle buddy. The strict regime gets to them, whatever it is. Virgos are humans too who make mistakes ad need comfort from time to time. Always down to unwind from the daily stress and relax their brain. Very strategic people, even when they have fun, they have a plan for that.

Story Time With Virgo: Master of hide and seek, they have came up with the ultimate funnest way to play a full scale hide and seek within a mall. Trust me, it is fun. xD


Libra: Eyyyy sup? No but really, this is how I usually greeted one and only Libra I know other that myself. That Libra over time must have adapted to coffee drinking from me. Very chill, and is interesting to be around. Supports your decisions and adds more reason to stick with your own thoughts rather than someone else’s. Good to small talk with, no strings attached. Somehow gets into drama, and always by accident. Down-to-eath, will do anything you want to. Very good at dancing.

Story Time With Libra: COFFEE AND STARBUCKS BUDDY OMG (Other that Taurus) Morning chats, and random hallway encounters was a daily.


Scorpio: Give the most intense and unreadable stares ever. Gives great advice. Masters of sarcasm. Scary when video game raging… 0.0 Goes with the flow of the crowd. Silent, but has so much to say. Speak up! <3 Super creative either with art or roleplaying.

Story Time With Scorpio: I know a set of twins, one girl one guy, they are the ultimate Scorpio twins. (You know who you are.)


Sagittarius: They are present, but like their own space. Very into people respecting their personal belongings/space. Good to get along with, extraverts. Has a good taste in things. Very talented in their own fields. Determined to get whatever they want, including riches and traveling. Very lucky with life. Live in the fast lane but stop to smell the roses once in the while.

Story Time With Sagittarius: They love movies! I either see one watching them at home, or always wanting to go to the movies when invited to hang out at the mall instead of shopping which some of them don’t really mind.


Capricorn: Very hard-working people. Always came off as the quiet type around me before they got to know someone specifically. Once they did, they open up and become themselves. Although they are social butterflies and know how to have fun. Has a competitive spirit. Either girly or full on tomboy, but which ever end of the spectrum, they all like sports.

Story Time With Capricorn: My childhood best friend I shared with Aries. We had the craziest pillow fights, and sometimes I think they are the “Aries” in their Earth group. Once sleeping over at the Capricorn’s place on the first day of summer and out from elementary, we almost pulled an all nighter, but ended up eating cheese-stuffed sausages at 3AM. With full bellies we went to sleep around 4AM.


Aquarius: Very mysterious, heavy aura along with Scorpio. Lost in your own thoughts yet very much aware of the world around them. Masters in building/making things. Loves sleep and sandwiches.

Story Time With Aquarius: The Aquarius I used to know was a huge teddy bear, and he loved to give people hugs and piggy back rides.


Pisces: Very understanding, and trusting, they trust first. Adorable in their own way. Sweetest sign ever. But cold as ice when they are questioned, challenged, or angered in anyway possible. Brutally honest, extreme emotions, nice creatures. Their talents seem to be in the arts field, as they are super creative people. Doesn’t judge you or the world around them. Is not a cry-baby, they in fact can mess you up pretty bad. Although it takes time to know them, and when you think you do, boom another thing you didn’t know about them. Seem lost in their mind, sleeping, or very closed off. They may be sometimes inconsiderate of themselves or people around them while occupied with thoughts. Even though they can control their emotions, they are still a walking nuclear bomb.

Story Time With Pisces: I’ve been best friends with one for a little over a year and a half. Best friend material, in my opinion the most open armed people, creative and intellectual stimuli type of people.

The Signs as People I Know (Gemini Perspective)

Aries: Literally you are the most legit person ever, we talked for 5 minutes about something dumb and random and have been best friends ever since. But I know you stole my cookie and I’m freaking coming for you

Taurus: I don’t remember the last time we had a conversation that wasn’t an rp or about food. You are so massively talented and creative and drop dead hilarious; when will you believe me?!?? Oh and you don’t know how to use punctuation WHAT SO EVER and it kills my soul.

Gemini: I know you are up to something (don’t pretend that you aren’t) and hey ok man it’s totally cool but my only ish will happen if your mischief screws with my mischief. Mutual respect 100% but warn me before you do something seriously or at least let me in on this plan! Our team would be so freaking unstoppable no joke. Btw you’re hot af

Cancer: Hey ok you’re totally cool and funny but dude knock it off with the clingy thing. It’s not really you, honestly it’s me; but your emotional and needy personality is way too much for me to handle on a regular basis. But besides that, you’re so cool and have a fashion sense and aesthetic that I love

Leo: So I would NEVER admit this to you in person, but see you as goals that make me push myself harder and harder. You’ve got all your shit figured out and have this perfect (not so little) life with everything just being freaking peachy keen for you. It absolutely infuriates me and I want nothing more than to show you up, but you’ve really got it going for you

Virgo: I don’t know you very well because I think we might be mutually scared of each other (I am for sure). You just seem so level headed and smart. You’re the only person I can’t read. And being around you is so unsettling because I feel like you’re judging me every single waking moment of the day. All my friends say you’re really cool but idk I think you might be plotting to kill me.

Libra: Hey baaabe;D We are the number one partners in crime. We sneak out at night to get chicken nuggets, we fail regularly at diy projects, and we’ve literally been around the world together. I’d be nothing without you. Every friend I have I only know because of you. I love you so much and always will

Scorpio: Have I ever told you how freaking badass you are?? Nothing scares you, you’re always down for anything, and your awesomeness is goals. Plus I maaaay have been crushing on you since basically forever. I’m sorry but you’re one of the few people who can keep up with my shit and let’s me be free. You’re just this dark and dangerous but ridiculously smart god who might as well rule the world.

Sagittarius: You’re the one I can ALWAYS count on to be down to party it up. If i need a wing man to be with me to own the show, you are absolutely the first person I call. Not to mention, we always have a million and a half things to talk about and no moment with you is ever dull! I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to be bored if you’re involved

Capricorn: There’s no one else I count on more than you. You get me, you listen to every bs rant and rage and problem I’ve ever had and you’re advice is more helpful than anything. We’ve been through thick and thin, and even through the worst shit I’ve been able to count on you to be there

Aquarius: Ok so I know I might get on your nerves sometimes…or all the time…but you’re so cool. Literally like everything you do might as well be in Vogue because seriously no one I know is as chill as you are. You’re the kind of person who would come have coffee with me right after being in a photo shoot, then have to leave early because they are scheduled to give a ted talk or advise the president

Pisces: You annoy the living hell out of me but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a good person when it comes down to it. We might go through rough patches, but somehow you manage to show up and pick me up when I have no one. You always know the right thing to say; and how to use those words to either raise anyone up or knock them down just as hard.

One monday afternoon, at about 5pm, I decided that I needed a twenty one pilots blog.

Little did I know that this decision would pretty much change my life.

A lot has happened since then!
I started to draw again (Thanks to endless inspiration by Tyler and Josh, their music, and the amazing artists both here and on twitter who never cease to create their art and inspire me to do the same.)
I started to write again (even though that’s kind of on hold, I will forever be thankful for the help, the brainstorming sessions together and the incredible stories other writers have come up with.)
I saw the boys live (twice. No words can describe what I feel thinking back to these experiences.)

But most importantly:
I met you guys.

I met funny, inspiring, supportive, creative and talented people, friends who’ve stayed for months, acquaintances, people I’ve just met or talked to briefly - but each and every one of you has made a difference in my life, and I want you guys to know that thanks to your ongoing support and help, I am more the person I was meant to be than I was ever before.

Thank you.


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Every single one of you - written down here or not - means the world to me. I will never be able to thank you enough for the change and the positive development you’ve brought to my life.

If you follow me - thank you. You deserve the world and nothing less. Keep growing.

If I follow you - thank you. You’ve helped me through dark times, if you know it or not. I am grateful.

Lots of Love,Alex. ♥
After Kylie Jenner's wheelchair photo, people with disabilities reveal the things they wish you'd stop doing

Kylie Jenner has been branded an ableist after she was pictured using a wheelchair as a prop in a fashion magazine shoot

Captured by photographer Steven Klein for Interview Magazine, the image depicts the reality TV personality in a golden wheelchair as she stares in the distance.

The image was released just days before the UN’s International Day for Persons with Disabilities (IDD), which is aimed at raising awareness of the difficulties presented by a person’s health conditions as well as the way in which society is focused around the able-bodied.

Over a billion people, about 15 per cent of the world’s population, have some form of disability, according to the World Health Organisation.

Kayleigh Millar, a 19-year-old student at the University of Chichester and an ambassador for disabled children’s charity Whizz Kidz, said the photo was derogatory to her and other wheelchair users.

“Kylie Jenner used the wheelchair as a metaphor for the limitations she has faced in her career, and that word limitation affects society’s view of disabled people.

"So now when they think of a wheelchair they’ll think of limitations.”

To mark IDD, here are six things that - like Ms Jenner’s photoshoot - those without disabilities think are acceptable but aren’t.

‘Don’t assume you can know why I use a wheelchair’

“I find a lot of people feel they have the right to know what’s wrong with me before they know me,” explains Ms Millar.

“And then when you don’t tell them they get offended. It shows that my disability is viewed as more interesting as my personality.

"That happens pretty much most days. I get at least a comment a day.”

'Don’t make people with disabilities feel uncomfortable at work’

“Disabled employees need to feel comfortable that their boss will see their talent first and foremost and not the support they need,” says Clare Pelham, the Chief Executive of the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity.

“We know from our research that when people are open about themselves, and the support they need at work, that they are happier, more creative and more productive.”

'Don’t describe my wheelchair as a limitation’

"It’s not ok when people define my wheelchair a limitation and describe it as something that confines me,” explains Ms Millar.

“Like when they call me 'wheelchair bound’, because my wheelchair is my freedom, it’s not a limitation at all. In fact it enables me to do everything I can.”

'Don’t assume I won’t travel because I use a wheelchair’

“Disabled people are neglected when it comes to motivation to do these sorts of things,” says Ms Millar.

“I was never told I could travel the world, ever, after my accident.

"Whereas since I’ve had the new-found confidence I’ve been all over the place, including America, France.”

“I was like 'if I want to do it I will find a way’. But still there’s days where I want to give up because of the way society is structured because someone will make horrible comment, or a comment that may mean well, but actually kind of knocks me.

"It makes me feel like don’t want to travel anymore.”

'Don’t use the 'r word’

“As somebody with a learning disability, I know that the words people choose to use can be really hurtful,” says Lorainne Bellamy, spokesperson at learning disability charity Mencap.

“Some people don’t stop to think about using terms that can offensive to disabled people such as the 'r word’, though it makes me feel different and not respected.  

I’ve heard too many stories from my friends and colleagues who have a learning disability about people using highly offensive words to describe them. This is bullying as language like this makes people feel worthless.  

'Don’t think I don’t have sexual needs because I have a disability’

"As a disabled person you have the same rights as anyone else to enjoy sex and have sensual experiences. These rights don’t change if you live in a care home,” says Robert Hambrook, the manager of Leonard Cheshire Disability care home in Farnham, Surrey.

'It’s not OK to think I’m not worthy of a romantic relationship’

“I quite often get told 'you’re really often pretty for someone in a wheelchair’. Does that mean I’m not pretty in other standards?” says Ms Millar.

“​I tend to be stripped of gender. People tend to not see a woman [using a wheelchair] as an acceptable woman for a relationship or a man [who uses a wheelchair] as a competent man for a relationship. I want to be seen as a worthy member of a gender and equal to my peers in terms of relationships and romantic partners.

"With women’s clothing, there’s a certain expectation that I can’t dress pretty and there’s no sexual appeal if you wear a dress. You’re expected to be a certain way and you can’t be anything else.”

'It’s not OK to assume I’m brave’

“People tell me I’m brave all the time – when I’m shopping, heading to work or enjoying a drink with friends,” says Rosemary Frazer, campaigns manager at disability charity Scope.

“Someone even told my partner that he was brave for taking me out. Our research shows that 62 per cent of disabled people say they are treated differently because of their impairment.

"This includes being told ‘you’re brave’, being asked ‘what’s wrong with you?’ being patronised and treated like a child.

"Not many people come into contact with disabled people in everyday life. So when they do, they panic, make awkward gaffes, or worse, avoid situations for fear of doing the wrong thing.

"Let’s be brave, get over our awkwardness and focus on the person, not their disability.”

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Dear Core Contents Media (MBK Entertainment):

So let me say that I appreciate that you allow Taewoon to have creative freedom and make mixtapes with his crew Royal Class. I also like that you give the other members of SPEED plenty of time to rest. These are good things.

But may I ask if you listened to SPEED’s most recent album, SPEED Circus? Did you see the stage performances of “Don’t Tease Me”? That album and those performances were some the best things in the first half of 2014. I know you’re their company, but do you remember or realize the amount of talent and personality that SPEED possesses?

So you may be wondering, Core Contents Media/MBK, why am I writing this fictional letter to you? Well, I heard that you are debuting two new groups this year (a girl group and a boy group). Good for you. I’ll probably like them, because I have a soft spot in my heart for rookies. I’ll give them attention.

But CCM, may I remind you that “Don’t Tease Me” didn’t get a proper music video (besides concert footage)? You, a company in charge of the funds, could have put a touch more work into the music video for “Zombie Party.” A comeback in the second half of 2014 would have done well for SPEED’s popularity, but now we’re in 2015.

Yes, the quality of a music video isn’t everything, but it’s part of marketing. (Are you debuting more bands so you can raise more money to spend on marketing and whatnot?)

Anyhow, debut whomever you want because I’m sure they’ll be lovely, but please invest more time/money/attention/whatever it takes into SPEED. They’re too wonderful for you to overlook them.

Sejoon said for us to wait for him. And we will.

Signed, a Blogger DEEPs

anonymous asked:

Hey, Brian. I'm an aspiring writer, and I have this complex about being a person of color trying to break into comics. I know I'm probably making a bigger deal out of this than I should, but it's kind of disheartening to see gatherings of creators and to notice the lack of color. Am I worrying for nothing? I tend to over analyze things, so this has been bugging me more than it probably should. I apologize in advance if this question is stupid, annoying, or has been asked before.

I am not a person of color but I am the father of a multiracial household and I’m Hypery aware of the world we live in in this regard. but I truly believe that there is nothing standing in your way of making your dreams as a creative person come true. It’s between you and your talent.

truthfully most of us don’t even know what each other looks like. all anybody cares about is the quality of each other’s work.

 do not put things in front of you to stop yourself from making your dreams come true. do not. people do this all the time and I truly believe it’s the difference between those who succeed and those who fail.

stop rejecting yourself before the rejection comes. and if rejection comes, and it will, don’t make it about anything but your work.


I usually keep my personal life away from tumblr as much as possible but I couldn’t help but say something about the Lego Movie and myself; I’ve seen it twice now and I simply had to make a gif set to this quote. All my life I’ve struggled with mania, depression and anger management. I was terrible to everyone. My friends, my family - and it took until I was 17 for my mom and I to start piecing things together. I’ll be 20 this year and I know now that I’ll never be like the majority, but that’s okay. I know in the film Emmet has a different problem, he’s too much of an average Joe but it’s a lot of the same actually. We’re both special. Everyone is special and has different ideas, backgrounds, accents, appearance, beliefs, laughter and cries. We’re all different but we share this planet and I know our differences cause a lot of wars and misunderstandings because at the end of the day there is no such thing as an average Joe. You may not be the most creative, smart, funny or even best looking person in the world and that’s okay because you’re here now and this is your time to do something. That those little things shouldn’t hold you back, not talent and not a bipolar disorder. So do something because there’s something to learn from everyone, Because everyone is special. 

Happy Birthday, K!!!

In case you didn’t know, today (the 5th) is K’s birthday! Holy geez!!

So, happy, happy birthday to the most important, sweet, creative, talented, beautiful and awesome person in my life on the planet! Every year, I vow to make a million times more amazing than the last and I can’t wait to be there for the rest of your life!

…That last bit sounded a little less creepy in my head.

Even though it’s her birthday, she’s working on comics for everybody right now (let’s face it: she loves comics that much), so you guys should totally send her some good wishes! As far as gifts go, the only thing she has requested is that people go and play a free game that donates rice to the needy – it’s at!

So, what are she and I going to do for her birthday? That’s mostly private (nudge nudge wink wink), but I can guarantee one thing: an extra “special” (vegan) BMO rice krispies treat-cake! Don’t worry. There will be pics.

And to K: I love you so much. I hope you have the best birthday, yet, because you deserve everything wonderful in the world. Let’s have some fun!