you are the most precious of all the precious people

Some Wisdom for Today

1. Life is a mixture of experiences. Some of them are painful and some are fabulous.

2. If we accept responsibility for our lives, we’ll have a lot more say and exert much more control.

3. Avoiding pain will bring some temporary relief … But pushing through the pain often reaps more benefits.

4. Time is very precious and can never be regained – so try not to squander your opportunities.

5. If we treat people poorly we will suffer in the end as we all need one another to succeed and grow in life.

6. Choose to learn from the past – then let it go, and live your life. Today’s a precious gift that you can miss, if you look back.

7. Life is constantly changing, and our friendships often fade. So make the most of the present, and recognise it may not last.


Alec Lightwood in that damn Balcony Scene™

Things I have observed in different fandoms, French edition


  • C L A S S I C
  • everyone is in it. you’re french you’re in it.
  • gifs for everything
  • ships 
  • but everyone is chill you it’s cool
  • no drama no ship wars no discourse
  • in hiatus since 7 years? just dead inside when you mention it
  • best representation of depression on tv ever
  • perceval is precious. bohort is precious. arthus is precious. venec is precious. everyone is precious just protect them
  • in denial about Mani

Visiteur Du Futur

  • usually the same as tomitch
  • still receive material now? when the serie ended in three years ago? and actual new material that extend the story?
  • has to work with INCONTINUTY and PLOT HOLES explained by “time stuff lol” in canon
  • still very happy that everyone is queer
  • there are 5 different media they are all canon
  • no one talks about belettexrenard
  • The Henrisiteur Consprancy is on
  • Giant Gay Robot ™ can pull off the moustache
  • do not mention judith
  • or Matteo s4
  • made of 30% of accurate textpost
  •  Raph needs to be protected he is a babe
  • writers and directors and actors approchable af, giant nerds, take pictures of fanarts, 11/10 would recommend


  • Not the name of the show but the fandom was created mostly around the ship so hey
  • like 20 people in it so you know everyone
  • more fics than vdf? WAY MORE FICS? IN SUCH A SMALL TIME? good work
  • trans headcanon accepted by almost everyone
  • and talked about with the writer who wants to know more about it
  • I did more than 50% of the fanarts
  • already did two meet-up when the fandom was created like 9 months ago
  • stuff is problematic and we do talk about that
  • Johnlock AU
  • Funny Web Serie Was A Slow Burn Agonising Gay Pining Story All Along, read more on page 9
  • really just headcanons and gifs and welcoming people

Hero Corps

  • discreet. Does it exist? yes. Can you find it? probably not.
  • s5 entirely paid by fans
  • i n  s i x  h o u r s
  • klausxdoug aka the schodinger ship
  • I don’t think anyone not french can understand the show on all levels tbh

Dead Landes

  • was really active for like 3 weeks
  • so much problematic stuff in the show
  • Sam is a babe
  • the only only-DeadLandes tumblr is recommended by the writer for any technical question and thanked by the communication team for any gif. how surreal is that.


  • makes actual memes about actual politics who want to run/have run this country why does this even exist
  • why is it so present
  • and why does it make so much sense
  • still won’t let the 0.3% go (nor should they)
  • composed only of left wing people let’s be honest
  • makes a pokemon trainers AU
  • meet up only to eat raclette
  • use Assemblée National debates’ quote to talk about scooby doo
  • zorro?
  • kinda gay for NKM but not too much because she’s of The Right Wing
  • ships. way too many ships. vallande 2.0. 7/10 not sure I would recommend.
  • managed to get us frenchie tumblr users to get actively interested in the politics running our country of fucked up is that

Other ones I forgot?

The Montreal Canadiens a short Summary

Max Pacioretty

- Captain Patch / Patches / Patchy

- Deep but heart warming voice

- Always gets shit on by Therrien

- Deserves the world

- The face of loyalty 

Andrew Shaw

- Shawzy

- Mutt

- Will fight you anywhere any day

Paul Byron

- Pauly

- Zoom zoom he goes as he scores 

Tomas Plekanec

- Pleky

- Veteran 

- Loyal human being who tries to protect his children

Torrey Mitchell

- Will sometimes fight you

- Loyal 

Alex Galchenyuk

- Chucky

- Was born in America but Russian

- Gets angry at Gally for calling him Russian

- ½ of Gallys

- Will protect Gally at all cost

Brendan Gallagher 

- ½ of Gallys

- The most precious human being there is

- Always fights people bigger than him 

- Will always protect Chucky 

Jacob De La Rose

- Disappears at dawn

- Precious cinnamon roll

Phillip Danault

- Zoom zoom

- Great flow but he got a haircut 

Daniel Carr

- Works so hard its ridiculous

- Underappreciated 

- Deserves the world

Alexander Radulov


- Well loved

- Precious Russian

- Loves his Captain Patch

Brian Flynn

- Zooooooooooooooooom zooooooom

- Overall great quiet human being

Sven Andrighetto

- Always getting sent back and forth 

- Hard worker

- Deserves the world 

Shea Weber

- Dad af

- Habs dad

- Will fight you if you mess with his children

- Slapshot will kill you

Alexei Emelin

- Emy

- Russian Tank

- Will destroy you for messing with his team mates / just because 

Zach Redmond

- Precious Cinnamon roll

- Works really hard 

David Desharnais

- Davey

- Smoll

- Great human being

- Sometimes struggles on the ice but he works super hard and deserves the world

Jeff Petry

- Best Flow

- Kind gentle human being

Greg Pateryn

- Lumberjack look

- Overall great human being

- Rugged beauty

Andrei Markov

- Marky

- Stealthy Russian

- Always serious

- Will kill you if you mess with his team


Nathan Beaulieu

- Nate

- Great human being 

- No seriously he is such a sweatheart

- Trying to get in between the Gallys

- Well loved by everyone

Al Montoya

- Underappreciated

- Honestly the kindest human being

- Deserves the world and more

Carey Price

- Jesus Price

- The Price is right

- Pricer / Pricey

- Innocent but deadly

- Cowboy

Artturi Lehkonen

- Leky

- Baby Hab

- Finnish Ken

- The most adorable and hard working human being ever

- Deserves the entire universe and more

Michael McCarron

- Mac Attack

- Very big

- Sweetest human being 

Mikhail Sergachev

- Sergy


- Puppy

- Deserves the entire world

- Seriously the most precious human being ever (yes i am still bitter they sent him back)

Nikita Scherbak

- Scherby

- Precious Russian

- Loyal

- Puppy

- Incredible human with a genuine heart

- Cute accent

hey! I love seeing all these beautiful cats so thank you :)

this is Edward Snowden or Eddie, he’s my precious son and even though I don’t live with my parents anymore and only see him once in a while he loves me the most. he’s really good at hunting and always hungry

BTS Reaction #63

BTS’ reaction to your freckles.


“People always say I look better without freckles–”


Originally posted by eternalwallkarasuno


“They’re so adorable Y/N, don’t worry about it.”

“I don’t know… most people always stare it as though they’d never seen something so atrocious…”

*shrugs and shakes his head* “Well that’s because they know NOTHING about TRUE beauty. Only Min Yoongi is worthy of your beautiful freckles.”

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“HmMmMM if you wear more caps and put up your bangs more often, maybe–”


Originally posted by coffeewithbts


“Your freckles are really cute.”

“Aw, really? I think your dimples are cute too!”

“You know what else would be cute??? Us. Together. ;)))” *laughs at himself in embarrassment*

Originally posted by taehyyungs


“You look really pretty tonight Y/N~”

“Really? I don’t really like my freckles all that much.”

*ruffles his hair shyly* “Sometimes I wish you could yourself the way I see you. Your freckles are beautiful.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas


*his eyes following you around everywhere you go*

“Is something wrong, Taehyung…?”

“No… they’re just so MESMERIZING, you should never cover them up again!”

Originally posted by jxnhyungs


“Oh, you didn’t conceal your freckles this time~ They’re very cute! But…”


“I want to be only one who can see this side of you. I don’t really want other guys to see how beautiful you are with and without makeup… what do I do???” 

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Dear Asian girls

I don’t care whether you’re from Kazakhstan or Malaysia, China or India, whether you live in Europe or America or Africa. If someone tells you that you are worth less than them, look them in the eye and laugh.

We have the richest history, the most beautiful history, the least explored history.

We built and destroyed empires, survived war and revolution. We have destroyed stereotypes, created music, lived our lives to the fullest we can with oppression and racism lurking around every corner.

We have the power to over throw the world and change society, and we must not, can not, let the world dim that flame we have inside us. We must shed those western ideals of pale skin, high bridged noses and big eyes.
Our skin represents the way we can change, a beauty, our noses won’t break so easy in a fist fight, our eyes, keep the sand from entering during a sand storm.
They would have broken, had they faced what we must fight everyday. Asian girls, you are beautiful, do not let them decide what is beauty. Decide for yourselves, make the decision to look in the mirror and see a beautiful person. All of you.



I’m sorry we couldn’t see Mamoru in the bed with them, because that was fucking precious in the manga:

Though, we could see that he woke up and seemed to have been lying down. But still.  PRECIOUS NO MATTER HOW YOU CUT IT, look at Usagi and Chibi-Usa sleeping so cutely away!  LOOK AT THEM CUDDLED UP, THE MOST PRECIOUS PEOPLE IN MAMORU’S LIFE.

But I miss the final line they cut off (even if it’s still implied/not 100% necessary) that he’s trying to figure out if they’re supposed to collect the Tailsmans or if the dream is a warning to leave them alone and it really strikes you just how little they actually know, just how little they have as concrete direction, even when they get a warning like this.

It’s one of the most interesting things about Infinity, that there’s the clashing of two different directions to go in, that these two schools of thought are pulling on them.  And that’s further reflected in the way Uranus and Neptune have one plan (to destroy the threat to the Earth to keep it safe, to kill their enemies before they can be harmed) and Usagi and her friends have another (to save everyone, that no one should be sacrificed, they can save the Earth by saving everyone), just like how Mamoru isn’t sure if the dreams are telling him to go this way or that way.

It’s one of the difficult things about growing up, having to deal with this kind of uncertainty, with having to struggle with more and more complex and competing world views.  And that’s one of my favorite things about Infinity, the way I feel those themes being such a struggle for Usagi, as she slowly figures her growing-into-adulthood self out.

Going through Jack’s Likes is just the most precious thing right now because he’s going through the tag and just reading and liking a whole bunch of people posting how proud they were and happy they were over the SXSW gaming awards and it’s making me smile so much. 

Check out the things Jack is liking here.


        truth be told, i never even considered that could end up reaching such a number here when i started. i was quite nervous, pretty much insecure about joining the mm bandwagon for many reasons, but most of them already vanished and i actually don’t regret my decision of take the step. all thanks to the wonderful people i’ve meet through these past three weeks. so welcoming and understanding. i know puppy gamer is the less popular, that i don’t talk with many, that i’m more slow than a snail with replies, and that sometimes i just disappear, so the fact people still care about me and yoosung makes me bubbly inside. i owe you a big thank you. for accepting me, for liking my boy, for being patient, for writting with me, simply for being awesome!! ♥  

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