you are the most beautiful man ive ever seen

things from deh 11/19
  • the lights hadnt even gone up on ben yet on the bed and people were already applauding like it was the end of the world. the applause just..kept going. and ben had this choked up look on his face and he was trying not to cry
  • the same for rachel bay jones just. raucous applause. 
  • and also? when the murphy family breakfast rolls on people lost it and they had to wait like 85 minutes before going back into the song
  • ben forgetting his lines in the middle of sincerely, me and just kind of standing there with a little grin on his face as will was just staring at him like omg
  • during ywbf ben walked toward the front of the stage as usual, you know, but he was looking UP at the screens and all around like he’d never seen it before in his life and he wanted to memorize it all. he had his head entirely craned back just looking UP 
  • after smthng jared says about the Gay Emails ben sat there and did his normal little head shake but ppl laughed so much, and he did it again and people laughed, and he just kept doing it an incredible amount of time just. shaking his head and everyone loved it
  • he wiped his hand ENTIRELY down to his foot when he meets zoe for the first time. like not just a dramatic little shirt wipe. he lifted up his leg and wiped it the ENTIRE length to his off-brand shoes
  • after zoe was like “im not breaking up w you” ben was facing out toward the audience and did this little hand moment like Oh but again. we all laughed. and he kept doing it for like 5 hours
  • also his FREAK OUT when he thinks zoe is breaking up w him was SO DRAMATIC he did lunges and shit i have never seen a human body move in that way before
  • mike really pummeled him in sincerely, me during their little Buddy Buddy part. and BEN !!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKIN RAN HIS HAND THROUGH MIKES HAIR INSTEAD OF DOING HIS NORMAL TINY POKES
  • sincerely, me was basically a rock concert ppl next to be started to clap along it was wild
  • bens hug with jlt after for forever didnt end they just did not let go of each other
  • mike was especially kind today as the computer lab connor he was very very kind. gentle. until you know, hes not
  • ben hugged michael park after to break in a glove
  • this is not specific to today but whenever rbj struts up the center of the stage during good for you i lose my mind
  • there was a half standing ovation after words fail. a good portion of the mezzanine stood and i couldnt see the orchestra. man, you could see him concentrating all his energy just NAILING every single not and i think he was legitimately sobbing when he told the murphys the truth. he had to take some breaths. i mean, sobbing more than usual. i was worried for a second
  • so big, so small was impossible to watch bc it was the most truthful beautiful quiet thing ive ever seen. the looks they gave to each other. the words they said without speaking abt how much they love each other. i cannot express the power of the beat that evan and heidi spent looking into each others eyes doing nothing but being together. they took their time on this song and it hurt so bad 
  • the finale was ridiculous it was just everyone weeping weeping weeping. laura dreyfuss was WEEPING her face was red with tears but she somehow held it together to talk to ben and say “i wanted you to see this” but even from the MEZZANINE i could see the sparkle of tears in her eyes and i was like laura please if you start crying, im really gonna lose my composure and fuckin shriek or something
  • when everyone came out to sing for forever at the finale and theyre all looking at him ben just looked at them for a good long minute and theyre all smiling at him, and the look on rachel bay jones’ face is ethereal, and hes in the spotlight, and he steps forward to sing his final lines and he closes his eyes and just feels it 
  • and then its done
  • laura gives him a huge bouquet of flowers and he keeps motioning for the rest of the cast to come on and bow with him again and again bc the theatre just wont shut up and he has to keep coming back and bowing 
  • and then its really done

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I agree that patrcik stump is talented but he is not attractive at all so I lol at all you're tags

Sam Winchester

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I could write volumes on everything about this character. He is my #1 all time favorite fictional character, and I’m old, Ive experienced hundreds if not thousands. 

Sam is a 100% perfect gentleman. Respectful, kind, compassionate, empathetic, and wouldnt hurt a fly, unless that fly was hurting innocent people, his family,  or Chuck forbid, Dean, then you have one big, scary, lethal mofo you wish you never crossed. 

He’s beyond gorgeous. I may go as far as to say he’s the most beautiful man Ive ever seen, but not in an obvious, super model way… but in a way that I may not notice at first glance,  but then upon the 2nd glance, I may have to be scooped off the floor. 

This is kinda how I fell in love with him. I’ve always  liked him, dont get me wrong, but till S4 I thought I was a Dean girl, and then somewhere in the middle of S4, I fell into a Sam crisis, and I never came out. And Im perfectly happy staying where I am thanks!

I think what I like most about Sam, is we have watched him grow and change over the last 12 years, and his character is incredibly defined, however, he continues to change in some ways every season. Show me a picture of Sam, with no background, and I can tell you what season and which half of the season, and probably what episode. His looks change all the time, but so does the character, but he always holds on to a some aspects. His hair for one, it’s kind of his signature. Sometimes is long and lush, sometimes its shorter and curlier, we had to deal with the pork chops for a couple seasons, and whatever wss going on with his hair in the 2nd half of S9 and all of S10, but its always interesting and the topic of conversation. 

Sam has always been protective of the little guy, or the innocent, he’s always been a nerd and a genius, his compassion and love has always been there, and these things Im sure will always be a part of Sam, but every season brings changes. This keeps him interesting. I love to find out new things, about him. Like he’s into True Crime, uses fancy shampoo and hides it from Dean, and is a Harry Potter fan. 

There’s still so much to learn about him, and so many ways he can change. I hope the show allows us to know everything about him, and doesnt leave us wondering what his favorite color is, or favorite band, or even favorite porn (since we know what Dean likes) 

You can say what you want about Sam Winchester, but I will always say he’s the best written character Ive come across… and Dean is a close 2nd. I could happily continue to learn about him for the rest of my life. 

ive said it before but ill say it again

Hoshino’s art is literally the most beautiful style that ive ever seen in my god forsaken life. the lines, the use of shading, the way she draws wrists??? damn 

its incredible and she’s incredible and d gray man is incredible im just so overwhelmed by this last chapter i stared at every page for like 10 minutes just so i could look at her art