you are the matter

Dear Taylor

I love you

And I will always love you

I’ll love you if you rap and will love you if you go back to country.

I’ll love you if you cut off your hair or grow it to the floor

I’ll love you if you decide to exclusively wear bikinis or focus on turtlenecks and sweater vests

I’ll love you if you hang out in public or decide to live a private life

I’ll love you if you love cats or move onto alpacas

I’ll love you if you write music or if you move onto professional cross stitching

I’ll love you if you date 200 guys or if you never date anyone again

The point is I’ll love you no matter what. Whatever you do, I will be here. I will always have your back

Because I love you for you

Thanks for everything @taylorswift you mean the world to me


I’m worried, guys...

If RiD2015 ends in the third season with a cliffhanger and plotholes like our poor sweethear Transformers Animated, I swear I’m gonna kill myself! Because I need more info of the characters, I need to see more of my husbando Steeljaw, I wanna see what the hell is going on in Cybertron, and more of Team Prime, I wanna keep watching RiD!

Cyberverse sounds promising and all, but pleaaaase, we don’t wanna see another show possibly cancelled with an unsatisfactory ending! Guys, the least we can do is buy. Buy the products to help the show!

I mean, remember what Sardonyx from Steven Universe said about cartoon characters and merchandise?

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If you don’t like RiD, it’s ok. But if you DO care if something ends with an unsatisfactory ending that leaves the fandom enraged, please, see if you can help us too.

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I literally haven’t seen my OTP in the flesh together for two y e a r s, seven months, and four days, and counting…..

When you find an anime/manga really great at the start, but, the romance they added later on completely ruins it.

Dianakko week Day 6 - AU (years later - no magic AU)

Au where Diana is an excellent doctor in her prestigious family clinic, while Akko is a freelancer in the entertainment field and can work at home

California Becomes The First State To Recognize A Third Gender
Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill making California the first to widely recognize being nonbinary — neither male nor female — as a third legal gender option.
By Jessica Testa

Congratulations California on being the first state in the nation to officially recognize a third gender! 🌈 Thank you California Gov. Jerry Brown! 🌈

If you or someone you know needs support, we’re here for you 24/7 at: 866.488.7386🌟 Text and chat available at: 🌟

and I feel blessed in this chillis tonight

kinda late congratulations to @yang-smash-trash and @cenizacaer for their enga(y)gement they blessed my eyes and my heart