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Leah I love every single text post you've ever made, from Dracula to the most obscure Stoker text, from personal life updates to observations on misogyny. You are a delight and I love having you on my dash.

This message, when I got it, made me positively giddy with happiness (although lbr I was having a somewhat giddy day in general). Thank you so much for the kind words. Hearing that people enjoy my posts is lovely: probably the loveliest thing I experience on this site - on par with ocassionally having a student contact me to say my blog helped them get an A on a Dracula paper.



nothing in my life has ever made me happier than to love and cherish 9 of the most loveliest boys in existence. as a group you have grown so much these past 5 years and nothing has made me more proud than seeing you push past the limits that people put on you and achieving things nobody else has yet to achieve. your hardwork, your perseverance, and your loyalty is evident time and time again and nobody can any longer doubt how hard you have all worked to become the successful and talented group you have dreamed of since predebut. happy happy 5 years exo and i truly hope to see you boys achieve all of your dreams that will last you a lifetime! (insp)

ARIES: eat frozen yogurt and take not-so-shitty Polaroids because these memories mean more than you’ll ever know. you are unique. go on adventures, and let yourself be taken with whatever these heated days have to offer.  you remind me of the good that will persevere no matter how bad it gets. i have so much love for you in my heart, and thank you for being the closest thing to home i know. you have saved so many people with those warm arms of yours. i am lucky enough to be one of them.

TAURUS: i hope you let your skin get painted over in gold from sunshine and your cheeks hurt with the weight of your smiles. see new things,  but be safe.  if it gets rough, just know there’s nothing you can’t get through. you are a smart and beautiful everywhere. embrace your humor, you’ve always had a knack for keeping me laughing.  

GEMINI: this is your time. the skies are blue with your name painted in every breeze. it’s all yours if you want it. i think you should spend as much time as you can outside, because there is something about summer that will always love you. eat your birthday cake on a picnic with the most loveliest person you know, and let all your stress fade into the chlorine smell of swimming pools and sticky sweet smell of skin and sunscreen. it’ll be good, i promise.

CANCER: you deserve to shine as bright as you possibly can, you deserve to see the stars, and taste galaxies, and love someone who knows what that word means. you deserve so much, much more than i’ll ever be able to give. but i will give it up anyway. no more regrets. dance a lot to loud music, and sleep with your entire body and soul, take care of yourself in the most gentle way you know how. i want you to have fun. go out and do something only mildly reckless. i want you to find stories, to tell, to write, to capture, to paint, to sing half badly at the top of your lungs. you are so lovely. none of these words will ever be enough to tell you how grateful i am that you are here.

LEO: we’ve got a calendar of things to do but it’s gonna be alright, trust me. you’ve got an army of love ready to fight the stress any hour of the day. there is so much good waiting for you, so much greatness you deserve.  if there is a battle, you are the winning side. you’re the strongest person i know but please remember take care of yourself. travel far and i hope you find different places that feel like home.

VIRGO: i just want you to smile. a little, a lot. i want you to feel lighter than things have been recently, or in the past, just want you to relax. the world is always moving, turning, constantly, and it can be deafening the amount of noise. sometimes people act like they don’t hear you, but they do. they’re just too stupid to admit it. you’re so goddamn gorgeous. enjoy the sun, i hope you find something new to love.

LIBRA: you mean so much, you matter so fucking much, there will be never enough of my stupid poetic sayings to describe it. this is what this is, stupid. just another time i couldn’t keep my mouth shut. you’re a different aspect of life, one that i’ve neglected. my most sincere apologies.  you’ve always believed so much, i admire that about you. i hope you’re happy every possible moment you can be, and i hope you are loved. this summer should be good. you deserve it.

SCORPIO: calm down, breathe in, breathe out. you are always there, like a constant thrum in the background or the sound of screaming poetry, no matter the noise, i am nothing but appreciative of your love. i hope you live your days breathing in salty sweet air of the sea and that your skin is speckled gold with sand and that your soul is breathing and alive. things will work out, i like to believe the universe has a way of giving back to the good ones. you’re one of them. good. calm. pure. something sinful, yeah maybe, but i’m alright with going to hell as long as i see you there.

SAGITTARIUS: there is sunshine loving adventures waiting for you. i think you’ll hate and love airplanes a little bit more, and get a little pissed at the way time seems to run on it’s own agenda, but all in all, i know it’s going to be a good month. draw, paint, laugh, go on road trips with good music playing in the background and take a selfish amount of pictures. there are memories that will keep you warm longer than the sun ever has.

CAPRICORN: i don’t know what to expect out of you that’s anything less than greatness. don’t run forward but a walk in the park can do wonders sometimes. you’re life. don’t forget that. have fun, don’t sit idle. move around, go downtown and look at sculptures and art you have no idea what they mean. laugh. a lot. be a child, cause you know things are only getting harder. but you’re better. you’re good. things will work itself out. what is broken, will always rearrange.

AQUARIUS: summers are either chlorine stained hearts or the breath of fresh air in your lungs, and this time around might feel a little bit of both. work with what you have, i don’t know what else to say. but remember you are not poison. yes there is black ink spilling from your pen and sometimes your gushing veins, but it is not a part of hell you have to keep inside of yourself so you don’t infect and destroy and hurt hurt hurt. humans, we’re heaven and hell combined in one animal. and that’s it. you’re only human. nothing more, nothing less. and that’s okay. keep breathing. i know you can take care of yourself, but thing is, you don’t have to. you are not alone.

PISCES: i don’t see you around much, but your tenderness is always in my heart. i hope you pick flowers and decorate your hair with the aesthetic cause you’re a sunflower in a garden full of weeds. you told me that once. i’ll never forget. i hope you love yourself. if things are spiraling, i will do good on my promise to sink with you, no matter the distance, no matter the time spent apart, we’re always together. somewhere. i miss you yeah. there is no battle ship, there are no more gun shots and bullet wounds, and you’ll be okay. the sun will be sweet to you. listen to good music and visit a new cafe. you have so much love to give.

His Pet-names For You|T.Holland

Baby cakes:

  • This would be one of his favorites
  • Calling you baby cakes when he wants your attention
  • You’d be reading a book and he’d be staring at you with a pout
  • “Baby cakes come snuggle in cold.”
  • So much whinnying
  • “Baby cakes won’t come give us attention Tessa..”
  • making the give me more hand motions as you walk by
  • Calling you baby cakes when he finally sees you after a long time
  • Finally giving in because he looks so cute and snuggly


  • Would be reserved for when you were upset
  • He’d always call you an angel because angels don’t deserve to be upset
  • “Oh angel.”
  • Lots of forehead kisses and tight hugs
  • “Everything will be okay angel, I’m not leaving you.”
  • “Oh sweet angel of mine.”
  • Soft kisses to you lips as he softly whispered ‘my angel’ between kisses


  • Would be an everyday thing
  • He’d never call you by your actual name
  • “Darlin’ you ready?”
  • Always waking up to soft kisses and a ‘good morning DARLin’”
  • “Darlin’ have you seen my shoes”
  • Him loving how your cheeks would turn the loveliest shade of scarlet when he called you darlin’ in public
  • He’d simply calling you darlin’ because you were in deed his darlin’ and he loved you to pieces


  • Is what he called you when he wanted you to feel special
  • “You’re my FlOr..”
  • You looking at him confused making him have to explain
  • “Flor means flower in Portuguese and I wanted to call you something unique because you are so special.”
  • Secretly loving this pet name the most because it wasn’t used often so when he did call you Flor you’d be a stuttering mess
  • “Flor you ready to you.”
  • “Bloody hell Flor, you look breathe taken.”


  • This nickname came about after you got your wisdom tooth removed
  • Your cheeks were all swollen and his heart was swelling up at the sight of you
  • “Oh peaches!”
  • “Harrison, peaches needs me!”
  • Having to fly home to take care of peaches
  • This becoming your nickname for whenever you got sick
  • “My peaches is sick, I need to go tend to her every need.”


  • Would be your nickname when talking to others about you
  • “My sunshine is coming to see me!”
  • “Who the fuck is sunshine?!”
  • “It’s y/n..”
  •  Screaming out SuNShINE when he sees you walk on set
  •  Running up to you and spinning you around before pressing a soft kiss to your lips
  •  Screaming around saying that sunshine is here to see him
  • Explain to everyone why you’re his sunshine
  • “Simply my sky’s are always grey when she’s away cause she’s my sunshine.”


  • Would be reserved for bedroom actives
  • “Fuck Baby girl right there”
  • Knowing he wanted some sexy time when he would hum out “Baby girl come here..”
  • Calling you baby girl softly when out just wanting to get you alone
  • Whispering dirty things in your ear
  • Cause BAbyGIrl did things to him

I’m fucking crying my eyes out right now over how amazing perfect my goddess is in her Halloween outfit. Nana is too adorable in general for my already bursting heart and then they throw me a witch Nana????? 

 Bandai are trying to kill me with these recent Nanas and I’m all for it

Dear you,
You showed me the loveliest parts of you, the most vulnerable ones. Ones you’ve probably only shown the truest people in your life. I’m glad I was once one of those people. I learned from you what it means to give your all to someone. What it means to plant your seeds inside someone, to watch them bloom. I learned what true pain it could be when you watch the winter roll over and the flowers inside of you begin to wilt. Most of all, I learned what it meant to be in love. I learned the kind of person I am when I become truly engrossed in someone, and what the word regret means. I do not regret falling in love with you, I do not regret the memories we will forever share, but I regret letting you go. I still love you, I always will.
The girl you once loved.
—  A Letter To The Boy I Once Loved
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Ankita, can you name or post things that make you a Martin Freeman fan? It can be just a list of things you like/love, photos, gifs, quotes, anything! Spreading some Martin love ♥

Hello Romina thank you so much for asking me this question which is simultaneously the easiest and hardest question ever. I will try my best to describe this fabulous human being who is Martin Freeman. I am not good with words most of the time but I will try my best. Anything for him.

He is one of the loveliest persons. Like just look at him.

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He is a versatile actor whose acting range includes comedic roles, positive roles, negative roles, grey roles everything. He is experimenting and breaking himself still.

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H e  i s  a  d a m n  g o o d   a c t o r

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He is funny.

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He is super fucking nice with his fans.

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Has a colourful vocabulary.

He is adorable.

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Has a tongue which does not listen to him.

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He is sassy (best quality tbh)

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Is a fanboy when it comes to good music. Loves music and looks like he can die for music.

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His dancing

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Very very sexy (Do I even need to mention this?)

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Dresses perfectly. I mean really that is a stylish man who knows himself and his fabrics.

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Looks like sex In glasses (Those tinted ones? Ugh I can do anything for him)

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Looks like my sweet sweet death in beards I know I am going on too much about his aesthetic qualities but yeah watch me)

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Smiles like sunshine. Actually sunshine copied his smile.

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Basically looks good in anything he wears because he can carry himself wonderfully.

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Is an impossibly sweet cinnamon roll

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Bottom line. I love him I adore him I am crazy for him and I wish he stays healthy and well and surrounded by the works and the people he loves and never changes. ♥ ♥ ♥

Congratulations (Thomas Brodie-Sangster smut)

Summary: After winning awards, you and your boyfriend Thomas share some celebratory sex (it’s better than it sounds, believe me)

Word count: 4.7k - about half of that is the smut ;)))

Warnings: this contains smut!!!

A/N: I kinda created my own awards show and just ran with it haha. This is the first time I’ve written about TBS (aka the literal love of my life??) and I’m not really sure if anyone reads imagines about him. If you’re interested, however, I happen to think this is quite good :) also v smutty.

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“Over here!”


As you walked down the carpet, you couldn’t help but grimace.

A net of voices spread across the air, sounds melding together in a way that smothered you. In addition to the loud words and yells, the occasional flash of bright, white light would cut across your vision, rendering you temporarily blind. 

Aah, the sweet joy of stardom. 

Taking it one step at a time, you forced yourself to move across the scarlet carpet, posing in front of a white wall with the logo of the awards show printed across the backdrop. Giving a large smile, you stayed in place for a few moments before moving onwards.

“How are you feeling tonight, Y/N? Confident? Nervous?” A voice stood out as you passed by a group of journalists. You paused and turned to face a camera, microphone being thrust in your direction a moment later.

“Honestly? I’m bloody terrified. Excited, of course, but scared.”

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Hey! Could you please recommend me some great Jin blogs? I've realized that I don't follow enough at all

hello my love! first of all i wanna say i feel v. honoured that you’re asking me. secondly… jin stans need so much support. it’s a tiring life :’) i hope you love these people as much as i do

@brightjin @floralseokjin @itsrainingjin @jiinkook @jinbaby @jinblossoms @jinsprotectionsquad @jjilljj @keepseokjinsafe @kimskj @kissjins @kseokjiin @nintendojin @pink—prince @pingkeujin @skjinship @weakforjin @yourdailyseokjin

networks you should follow: @jinseok-net @seokjin-network @jinkook-network @hyunglinenetwork 

ask blogs: @ask-gryffindor-jin @ask-summoner-jin

anyway these are all the babes i can think of off the top of my head! go kim seokjin!!

JUNE 25: Anne of Green Gables is published (1908)

From Nancy Drew to Little House on the Prairie, most women have that one book series from their childhood that still sticks with them today. For a lot of young lesbians, it was in books that prioritized girls and girls’ relationships with each other that they saw the first glimpses of themselves in media – one such book series that continues to be loved by wlw today is Anne of Green Gables, which was first published on this day in 1908.

One of the original 1908 book covers for Anne of Green Gables shows a portrait painting of a young girl sporting Anne’s famous red hair (x). 

Lucy Maud Montgomery, better-known as L.M. Montgomery, wrote the first novel in what would eventually become the 12-book long Anne of Green Gables series as she sat at her bedroom window watching the sun set over the fields of Cavendish. Growing up in the rural area of Prince Edward Island, Canada, the aesthetic of Lucy’s childhood along with a photo of Evelyn Nesbit found in a magazine served as the blueprints of the series. The first novel tells the story of Anne Shirley, an orphan who is sent to live with an elderly brother and sister, as she settles in to her new home, makes new friends, and ultimately finds a family at the sleepy seaside farm called Green Gables. The book was an immediate hit  and to this day it has sold over 50 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over 20 languages. 

The 1989 television series shows Anne sharing a hug with her “bosom friend” and “kindred spirit” (and first love) Diana Barry (x).

Aside from its hazy, quaint depiction of childhood, wlw flock to the Anne of Green Gables series for its depiction of Anne’s relationship with her “bosom friend,” Diana Barry. In the first book, Anne describes a bosom friend as, “an intimate friend, you know—a really kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul. I’ve dreamed of meeting her all my life. I never really supposed I would, but so many of my loveliest dreams have come true all at once that perhaps this one will, too.” Anne’s dream of a bosom friend comes true when she meets Diana, who remains her closest friend for the entire series. Throughout each novel, Anne and Diana’s relationship is described with the most flowery, romantic language implemented in the whole series: “I’ll never have another bosom friend—I don’t want to have. I couldn’t love anybody as I love you,” “If you love me as I love you, nothing but death can part us two,” “I can give Diana half [my chocolate], can’t I? The other half will taste twice as sweet to me if I give some to her. It’s delightful to think I have something to give her.” In the latest Netflix adaptation of the series, “Anne with an ‘A,’” the writers even incorporated a canon wlw character in the form of Diana’s Aunt Josephine and gave a nod to the frequent lesbian readings of the novels:

Diana: [My aunt] is disinclined to stay at home since her companion died.

Anne: Her companion?

Diana: Her best friend forever and ever. Aunt Josephine never married. Neither of them did. They lived with each other their whole lives.

Anne: I’d live with you forever if I could, but I know you’ll leave me the day you get married to some wealthy and handsome gentleman. I hate him already.

Is it any wonder little lesbians who may or may not have a crush on their very own “bosom friend” read those words and somewhere deep down see themselves in Anne? Diana perhaps puts it best when, after meeting Anne for the first time, remarks, “You’re a queer girl, Anne. I heard before that you were queer. But I believe I’m going to like you real well.”



Happy 20th Birthday to Rin Nitaya! (1997/08/08)

💖Fic Recs and Love 💖

SOOOO I know I’ve been like, non-existent today (blame work and a billion other things y IKES) but I’m making up for it in celebrating FANFIC WRITERS APPRECIATION DAY !!
This post is just a big mish-mash of fics that I’ve read and loved and ppl I love who happen to be bomb-ass writers too - so without any further ado, here we go !

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hey so i reached 1k recently and decided to celebrate it by acknowledging all my lovely mutuals and people who i follow!! 

(thank you @catharinaloss for the gif i wanted this bc it’s the moment i fell in love with magnus bane and was like *eyes emoji*)

special shout outs

@catharinaloss  ok i’ll try to keep this short but jo you were my first friend here and i continue to talk to you almost every single day and i think i’ve shared many things that are pretty personal with you because you understand me so well and you’re so easy to talk to. you’re the sweetest, loveliest person even tho you might not believe me but you’re cute af and you deserve only nice things always! love you

@magnusbaene  ellie istg we have the most creative talks bc all the headcanons just pour out of me with you so i think it’s safe to say that we work well together lol. you’re funny and talented and you inspire me every day so thank you for that! also lowkey confession but you’re also really hot so that’s definitely a bonus for my bi ass

@hufflebee we don’t really talk that much francy but you have to be mentioned bc you’re the kindest person on this website and everyone should aspire to be like you! and i definitely wish we’d chat sometime

also this is for all the people i wish desperately that would talk to me more

 @patronusmagnus i love you dragging me pls you’re so funny

 @softshumjr you’re a sweetheart i see you and appreciate you

 @softdaddario ceci! i miss you! the gc waits for your commentary! 

 @daddarioswife danielaa i miss you we only talked like once *alec voice* whats up with that

 @baneftglitter kinga!! you’re the sweetest

 @maiasunshineroberts misha!! you’re a sweetie and we need to talk more pls

 @ffsmagnusbane alicia i loved how we had that discussion on swedish that one time hmu

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New Headcanon!!

hey heey! so this headcanon was written on my phone a long time ago (when i was turning in my application to be an admin) and this was what i showed jane! i felt bad for you guys because i told you that i couldn’t post anything till monday UNTIL I FOUND THIS IN MY NOTES so! i decided to post it. it was an ask that jane lent me a while ago (basically it was RFA + V + Saeran about to do the nasty with MC for the first time but because the MC is insecure about her body, she backs out even though she REALLY WANTED TO F UcK) and i wanted to let you guys read it! i’m sorry if the format is shitty, this was written on my phone and iPhone Notes kinda suck… a lot. anyways, please enjoy!! ❤️ ~amanda Yoosung: • you two were heavily making out on his bed, slowly pulling off each other’s clothes • both were blushing profusely and hands were wandering everywhere • his started kissing up and down your neck and pulling you close to him • you were moaning and grinding upwards into him, wanting him badly • yoosung pulled away and leaned towards your ear • “MC do you really want this?” he asked, looking at you in the eyes • you were about to nod until • he’s going to see you naked • NA KE D • what if he thought you were ugly? what if he thought you were too fat to be with him? what if you were a turn off? • you hesitated and pulled away from Yoosung, causing him to tilt his head confusedly • “I-I….” you couldn’t look at him in the eyes • Yoosung sat up and asked you what was wrong • “wh-what if… i do want this but… but what if you… f-find me…” you couldn’t finish the last word, but Yoosung seemed to understand what was the problem • he leaned in, kisses you softly and whispered, “MC i’ll never find you ugly. i love you and i want to do this with you. you’re absolutely beautiful in my eyes and i couldn’t care less if you were fat or skinny or average. i love you for who you are, not what you look like” • you Me LT E D • with that, you kissed him hard and your hands started wandering south • yoosung pulls down your underwear and leans his head towards your entrance, looking up at you and smiling • he ate you out with the skill you had NO IDEA HE HAD LIKE WOW Zen: • “princess, what’s wrong? i-i thought you wanted this?” • you couldn’t look at zen, as the embarrassment in you was showing • zen tilted your chin upwards to you look at him • you started telling him how you believe that he’ll think that you’re ugly and a turn off once he sees you naked • ????? • he likes personality not looks???? • AND HE THINKS YOUR JUST DAZZLING hoW can you SAY THAT YOUR NOT BEAUTIFUL??? • he smiled gently and kisses you with so much passion and love that you could barely hold on • fuCk i mean HOMEBOY KNOWS HOW TO KI Ss HELP • as he started peeling off your clothes, he mumbled “beautiful” and “gorgeous” and “my princess” in your ear over and over • you’re blushing and shaking your head, disagreeing with him • he dipped his hand into your underwear and made you yelp • pressed his thumb on your clit, making you moan loudly and falter in his arms • he kisses your neck again and whispers in your ear, saying how beautiful you are • “i love you MC, you’re so beautiful… i’m going to make you realize that by the end of tonight~” • throughout the whole night, he kept complimenting you and loving you • he doesn’t unleash The Beast because tonight is all about you <3 Jaehee • Jaehee had you on the bed, with you squirming as her mouth attacked your neck • she was fully naked on top of you while you still had your tshirt and underwear on • when she attempted to pull off your shirt, you yelped and scooted away from her • she looked at you confusedly and asked you what was wrong • you started blubbering and trying to avoid the question • Jaehee holds your hand and she repeats her question • “I-I just… well…” • you basically told her that you didn’t really like how you looked underneath your clothes and that if you were to be intimate with her, she wouldn’t enjoy it • TRIGGERED JAEHEE • Jaehee cupped your face with her hands and gave you butterfly kisses • “MC… honey…” • she couldn’t care less how you looked underneath your clothes! she’s just glad you trust her enough to want her as much as she wants you! • she kissed you lovingly and told you that she thinks your an absolute angel and wouldn’t want you any other way • you still weren’t convinced but Jaehee was determined to convince you • she laid you down and started kising up and down your body on top of your clothes • when she reached your underwear, she gave a chaste kiss on it and said “do you trust me?” • by the point, you were so turned on, you blurted out “yes” • she smiled at you and pulled down your underwear • and she wenT TO TOwN • she was determined to make you feel like a damn goddess by the end of the night Jumin: • “J-Jumin wait” • Jumin was on top of you, kissing your neck and shoulder and slipping his hand underneath your shirt • as he was getting ready to slip it off, you pushed him away and told him to stop • he looked at you concerned and asked what was wrong • after a while of his question, you sighed and sat up, looking at him • you explained to him that you were nervous to take off your clothes, considering that you were ugly and disgusting underneath them • wait • what did you just say • EXCUSE ME • NO, NEIN NEIN • Jumin never looked so shook in his life • he hugged you tightly • “MC, darling, that’s not true” • he went on saying how he thought you were absolutely beautiful and adorable and how you made him so happy in his life • he was willing to show you how beautiful you were if you let him • you hesitated.. still not sure until • he smiLED • rip mc • he said that he won’t change his mind of thinking gorgeous you were • he kissed you softly and started peeling off your clothes, finally persuading you • Mr. Trust Fund Kid had a beast of his own ;)) • the whole night you were screaming his name and begging for more and more of The Jumin Han Sperminator 707/ Luciel/ Saeyoung • this boy was making you melt underneath him, just by kissing your neck and lips • HOT BREATHS AGAINST YOUR COLLARBONE • not to mention that your moaning was cruCIFYING HIM • he was getting really into it and when you tugged his shirt off, he was coming real close to losing his self control • agent 707 about to hacK INTO THAT PUSSY • until • you stopped kissing him and pulled away • he stopped also and stareD at you, saying nothing • ????? mc?? • you stayed silent for a while, knowing that he was wondering why you stopped • in a cracked voice, you explained how you weren’t really ready to take off your clothes, since you believe that you were ugly if they were off • LMAOOOOO • wait • you’re serious? • seven engulfed you in a hug • “mc you shouldn’t think that! you’re absolutely gorgeous! i fell in love with the way you are. i don’t care if you’re ugly to everyone else, but to me you’re beautiful. i love all of you, including your body” • wow saeyoung • he kissed you all over your body and looked at you with love and lust • *cue to the part where mc nuts* • after you nervously nodded your head, he grinned and laid you down on the bed • BODy WOrS HIP pING • as he made love to you, you two interlace fingers and moan together • that boy was getting INTO IT BRUH OML V/Jihyun • “J-Jihyun, hold on a second…” • V stopped and glanced at you while panting • your cheeks are flushed and you LOOKED ready for him • but you weren’t • V could practically SEE the insecurity in your eyes and he wasn’t having it • “angel, what’s wrong? what are you feeling?” • you said that you didn’t think you were beautiful enough to have him be with you and you suggested that they should stop for now • HIS HEART BR OKE • he was so upset!! how can you not see how damn beautiful you were!!! like what!!!! • V kissed your forehead and held you in his arms • “mc what are you talking about? you’re the most beautiful, gorgeous, loveliest person i’ve ever seen. i love you and i want to show you how much i do.. will you let me?” • you slowly nod, after thinking about it • lemme just say • V has the fingers of a GOD • THE WONDERS HE CAN DO WITH THEM • he made you cum multiple times and he still hasn’t been inside you • he was taking his time, showing you how much he really loved you and how amazing you were Saeran: • making out making out makING OUT • hands were wandering everywhere and yall’s were grinding the hell out of each other • he was kissing all over your jawbone and neck • his hands with underneath your shirt the next second and you stiffened • Saeran noticed and stopped, looking at you concerned • “mc…? what’s up?” • you stuttered your answer, saying how you thought you were ugly when you were naked and that he would think so too • “mc shut up” • he began explaining how he didn’t give a shit if you were ugly underneath or not, he’d still love you • he fell in love with the way you treated him and your personality and hates the fact that you thought you were hideous • “mc you’re the most beautiful girl i know. i don’t understand why you can’t see that. but i guess that means that i’m gonna have to just show you…” • and with that, he started attacking your body with kisses and lowered his head towards your entrance • “are you okay with this? can i continue?” • you nod and let him pull off your underwear • he ate you out liKE A DAMN SNACK • he kept saying how delicious you were and loved hearing your moans • you could barely control yourself as you were gripping his hair and screaming his name • saeran was smirking and fingered you into OBLIVION • “please believe me when i say that i love you so much and i don’t want to lose you. you’re mine tonight, mc.”

guys, i’m still sitting and screaming because of this milestone??? i just wanted to take a moment to say that i love each and every single one of you so much and this means the world to me ❤❤❤ tumblr is truly one of my favorite places and you all make it that special place for me!!! so here’s to all of my faves and mutuals for sticking around and making this place feel like home! 

really quickly, before i do the whole ff, here are a few shoutouts: 

@goodformcaptainjones: thank you for being my friend since the fifth grade even though i fucking obliterated your trampoline the first day we met. you’ve been there for me through most of my life and i love you so, so much. you mean the absolute world to me.

@rentthewoods: giiiiirl you’ve been here for a longass time too!!! thank you for being the loveliest human being on the fuckin planet and all of the memes when i’m feeling down (still not thankful for that sin you sent me of dallon humping a guitar tho,,,,)

@madstheadventurer: thanks for being the funniest person that i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and for being one of my best friends!! your sense of humor and creativity has really influenced my own!! i miss and love you very much!! i can’t wait to see your films in theaters some day!!!!!!

@oika-cos: thanks for being my partner in crime and for many, many years of being best friends. i honestly wouldn’t know who i am without having you in my life and having had you in my life for so long!! you’re my writing partner and weeb buddy and those are two big parts of my life that i wouldn’t have without you!!! thanks for being my inspiration and also for introducing me to haikyuu!! and voltron and bts!!!!!! 

@kyvber: thank you for always making my day better with your lovely asks and equally lovely personality!!! you’re honestly one of the sweetest people on this website and in the entire goddamn world and i’m so thrilled that i get to be blessed by your sweetness so often!!!! you deserve the entire world and more❤❤❤❤

and last but not least, @ahsoaka: we’ve seen some shit this year, my dude. from moving into a dorm room together to having late-night star wars marathons/conspiracy theory/quiz nights to making a good friend and then losing him and to a giant fucking rollercoaster of sexuality crises, you’ve been there with me through it all. i love you with my entire fucking heart and soul and i know that we’re gonna be like obi-wan and anakin (pre-ros lmao) for the rest of our lives. thank you for being my other half. 

anyways, now that i’m crying, on to the actual ff!! 

(i felt that i should only include mutuals in this, because of my mutuals being my fam, but i’ll have faves italicized! faves are people that i talk to sometimes and really like or just some mutuals who make me smile whenever i see their content on my dash :) ) 


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Ultimate Feels Collection
Tegan and Sara
Ultimate Feels Collection

my friends, i present to you…


an 80-minute mixtape of all their loveliest, feelsiest, most emotional songs… for your listening and bawling pleasure.

special care was taken in the tracklist, flow, song selection, etc… so i hope you guys enjoy!  

and keep your kleenex handy.

01. I Can’t Take It
02. Don’t Find Another Love
03. Clever Meals
04. Soil Soil
05. When I Get Up (Live)
06. The Ocean
07. Light Up
08. I Run Empty
09. And Darling
10. Not With You (Live)
11. I Was a Fool
12. This is Everything
13. Fix You Up
14. The Con
15. Guilty as Charged
16. Downtown
17. Call it Off
18. My Number
19. Now I’m All Messed Up
20. Where Does the Good Go?
21. Nineteen
22. Love Type Thing
23. Don’t Confess
24. Divided (Live)

Astro Reaction: when you compliment them a lot

MJ (Myungjun) :

Originally posted by jinwooh

It would become a competition of who could compliment the other the most, as a result making the other the happiest. You two would wake up and compliment the other. You would also do it during breakfast, lunch and dinner; name a time and compliments were sent. However despite being said so often it didn’t make the words seem superficial.  Especially on the days when you two wouldn’t give each other compliments but instead just whisper sweet “I love yous” to one another in bed – cuddling.

Jinjin (Jinwoo) :

Originally posted by binsblush

Every time you complimented him he would hide his face, blushing a little – he was slightly embarrassed. Not because of your words though, but because the actions seemed so assertive and raw, that they hit him really hard. He would never tell you stop, even if he knew the consequences of where you said them may not always be great - for example in front his group members. As long as you never said any during serious conversations and altogether bad times, he would continue to not mind you doing so forever.

Eunwoo (Dongmin):

Originally posted by moobinthighs

Although amazing in many aspects of his life, Dongmin isn’t someone who shows physical affection as much as he wants too. That’s why you had begun telling him compliments more often, all in an attempt to help him be more open with you. You didn’t feel any changes immediately until one day he back hugged you while you were doing the laundry, although stunned you welcomed the action. From then on your continuous compliments where something you both appreciated as they had opened up a new stage of your relationship.


Originally posted by 6astros

He would do that smile of his, where it looks like a smirk but it’s really him appreciating your actions, whilst also questioning everything and anything you do. Eventually he would grow used to it, but you would see that face often, especially if they got out of hand. If you ever said anything cheesy or a pun expect him to roll his eyes. In that way it became a fun and loving part of your relationship. However on days were he was feeling a little down or low he would appreciate your comments but you’re better off not going overboard.

Rocky (Minhyuk) :

Originally posted by hwxngmingi

He’d love compliments. Not because he placed his worth on them but because they served as trophies of his hard work. However despite liking compliments in general, your compliments always made him extra giddy. Whenever you complimented his dancing or rapping it would make him try ten times harder. It eventually became something he looked forward to whenever you were around – his own personal unique motivator.


Originally posted by binsblush

It’s a competition, a very serious one. Who can make the other cringe the most? Who can say the most stupid but loveliest thing? Although you often enjoyed telling him compliments, every new one said was another input into the competition and Sanha would not loose. ‘Yeah well I’d marry your cat just to get into your family because you’re so perfect I can’t let you get away!’ ‘Sanha I don’t have a cat.’ So although you gave them the most in the beginning, the tables soon turned on you in ways you never expected they would. In conclusion he would love it and you two would have a blast.


I wish the happiest and loveliest birthday to Harry. 🎉🎊🎁 He deserves nothing less than lots of love (and presents).
I just want to take a moment to say that I feel so lucky to be here and witness how this amazing human being is winning over this world with his passion, talent and, most importantly, with his pure heart and soul.
He taught me so much and he’s always been someone I look up to. So, thank you Harry for being you and for always making me feel accepted.
And I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us❣️ 

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