you are the gift that keeps on giving

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I don't get it. You're not that nice but people constantly like you. You are obnoxiously annoying when it comes to jongup too. we get it, you and him have something. don't have to rub it in everyone's faces. But it wouldn't be anything without your so-called friends you probably pay to give jongup your gift just like how you paid for post its. if they were really your friend you wouldn't have to pay for it. but you keep saying they're your friends.

ok but…

favorite Zen Things™: 

  • when you can hear him laughing as he talks 
  • managing to somehow be pretentious about beer 
  • the way he calls you “princess”/“공주" 
  • when you choose someone else’s route and he instantly goes into Big Brother mode
  •  he’s not just a musical theater actor, he’s a musical theater NERD
  • the fact that he keeps talking to you casually as he’s doing stuff- putting on a shirt before working out, heck even yawning
  • he’s so… weirdly intuitive despite being the most defiant of any god that might give him the gift of prophecy

feel free to add more i’m am love this man

So i just came out to my dad abt being nb, and he said something really wise about names, i think.

He said “Gifts are not obligations. You give things to people, and you hope they like them. And your name was a gift from us to you. If it doesn’t work for you anymore, you’re not obligated to keep it.”

and i just thought maybe other people could use hearing something like that.

the reason yuri on ice keeps surprising us is because they actually do the stuff we jokingly make jokes about and wish for but never actually expect to happen and it is causing so much chaos its fantastic

this is what happens when you give people what they want but never expected

they dont know what to fucking do anymore

yuri on ice is a gift that keeps on giving

Letting go of anger, bitterness, resentment and hate towards others is the not a weakness - it is in fact the strongest, most empowering thing you can do for yourself.
No matter how heinous what was done to you was I guarantee you thinking negative thoughts will not harm that person in any way, shape or form… the only person it hurts is you. You’re not giving them a free pass to hurt you again… You don’t have to forgive or forget - but let go of the negativity. It’s like trying to kill your enemy with a poison you drink yourself.
And yes, sometimes those negative emotions will be hard to give up because they gave you the strength to keep fighting when you had nothing else to keep you going… but one day when you’re ready - letting those feelings go will be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Because ultimately, you’re freeing yourself of the power that person has over you by not letting them continue to hurt you psychologically anymore. And more importantly – you’re not letting them change you from a positive person into a negative one. So get them out of your mind, they’re not worthy of the emotional energy you’re focusing on them. Perhaps they deserve what you’re wishing for them to receive… but your thoughts and emotions aren’t punishing them - only yourself. Ultimately the happiness they took from you is a more worthy cause to fight for…. and it’s time to take it back!
—  Ranata Suzuki | Letting go
How to be a Genuine and Fun-Loving Person

1. Value and respect the fact that you are a totally unique individual, with your own destiny to fulfill. Believe in who you are, what you think and believe, your gifts and talents, and what you have to offer to those around you.

2. Refuse to give into negative feelings of anxiety, self doubt or insecurity. In fact, “fake it till you make it” is often good advice … So, ignore how you feel, and act the way you want to be. Choose to switch off the old tapes that keep on playing in your head, and try to visualize your goals and then push on and seek to reach them.

3. Don’t pay any attention to what others think about you. The most important judgment should be yours, and yours alone. If you live in constant fear of what others think about you, it will only hold you back from realizing your potential. Also, you’re not a clone of others as each of us is different. Don’t be afraid to be unique or to stand out against the crowd.

4. Accept that you have good points, and areas for growth. We’re all a mix of different qualities, and flaws, and traits. We all make mistakes – it’s what you do with them matters – so embrace the fact you’re human and won’t always get it right.

5. Also, develop a tough skin and don’t take insults personally. Look back and laugh – don’t cower – or criticise yourself. It won’t help if you’re sensitive or worried all the time. It’s better to forgive yourself, and then move on again.

6. Develop your ability to think creatively. Try out those new ideas, and choose to live outside the box.

7. Seek to enjoy this moment, and to live life in the present. Be grateful for the small things, and savour all you have.

In case anyone’s interested, for tonight’s library scene Scorbus hug Albus just refused to let go? They hugged for an appropriate amount of time, then a couple of seconds more to make it awkward, then Scorpius went ‘okay okay okay okay okay’ before he finally let go. I think Albus felt as heartbroken by Scorpius’s speech tonight as I did.


if you’re feeling sad, someone made a compilation of all the times Holt drags Wuntch and it’s a thing of beauty and hilarity

Brooklyn Nine Nine is the gift that just keeps on giving

There is an ayah in the Qur'an where Allah promises us that if we thank Him then He will surely grant us more. And subhanallah, it’s not just to do with wealth. It’s to do with everything. If Allah has guided you, thank Him. He will keep you steadfast. If He teaches you something new regarding the deen, thank Him and He will increase you in knowledge. If happiness surrounds you, then thank Him. He will give you even more things to be happy about. Just a few moments of pondering over the bounties of Allah can increase our Imaan.

wait hold a hot damn second the ep 10 banquet montage also explains why viktor sounds slightly surprised about yuri considering phichit as his only foreign skater friend because like? yuri you drank and stripped and pole danced? with chris? dance battled with yurio? seduced viktor? literally everyone wants to drink with you again? everyone likes you, even the angry kitten?? you’re the life of the party??? 


I also can’t go without giving you all the gift that keeps on going, in HD even!

Remember, I am your fantasy


If you get yourself of a friend/your kid a betta PLEASE DO NOT KEEP IT IN A BOWL.
Betta fish need HEATED TANKS with LOW OUTPUT FILTERS in them. They are TROPICAL and while they can “survive” in fishbowl settings they will live longer and happier in a proper environment.

As an added note a betta’s tank should be at LEAST 2.5 gallons for large tailed varieties. It’s recommended to have them in at least a 5 gallon tank if you can spare the room. They aren’t “puddle fish” (The average wild betta has a territory spanning 3 cubic feet, and they live in river basins and rice fields).

You also need at least one hide and leafy plants for them to hide in, or they will be stressed. They can cohabit with glass shrimp, snails, and plecos to help keep algae growth down depending on your betta’s temperament (Corvo’s been bullying his pleco but not bad enough to warrant removal) but most other fish aren’t recommended.

A HAPPY MALE BETTA WILL MAKE A BUBBLE NEST. My last male never made one and I’m SURE this is because his tank wasn’t suitable for him. I didn’t know better so I had him in a 1.5 gal tank without a heater.

The average betta lifespan is 3-5 years. If your fish keep dying before that age, and you’ve been keeping them in bowl conditions, now you know why.

Please stop treating Bettas like trash fish or easy pets. They’re so smart and they deserve better.


Journal 3 shitpost doodle dump part 2! (Part 1 is over here and part 3 is over here)

To be honest, I don’t think I’m done yet. There’ll probably be a part 3 as well because there’s just so much more I want to poke fun of. This book truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Member: Bobby of iKON

Word Count: 3,680
Content: slight bondage, food play, others in the house, blowjob 
Summary: It’s Bobby’s birthday, and, being the amazing girlfriend you are, you go visit him and his family to celebrate. Of course, not all gifts are alike.

A/N: find ur local church and get holy water

“Y/N’s here!” Bobby’s mother called as you walked through the door. It’s his birthday, so you set the small gift bag on the table near the door before Bobby wrapped his arms around you.

“Happy birthday, babe,” you said, smiling brightly up at him. He grinned and pressed his lips against yours.

“Thank you,” he kissed you again, “Can I open my gift now?” He squeezed your sides playfully, causing you to squirm from the ticklish sensation.

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Sponsors needed

I just copied the list that keeps track of the numbers in the sponsorship, and sorted them in order of where most sponsorships are needed. US and UK people, do a few if you can! Apparently, in the UK Louis is only 1000 ahead of Matt from the X Factor, so this will make a real difference.

List is here. Gifting a copy can be done here. Do it TODAY to give everyone time to claim it before tomorrow the latest.

@1dsponsorships @projectjholdon @srslycris

PSA: Do not buy people animals as Holiday Gifts...

This simply needs to be said. You cannot buy a person an animal unless you know absolutely for sure….that they want it, and they want that specific animal. You also need to know that they are ready.

It’s fine and dandy to know someone “wants a school of corydoras” but…they may not have them yet because the tank isn’t done cycling yet. They could also want something (like a red tail cat) but never actually following through because they know they cannot care for it long term.

There are many things I really want. I’m in love with this tiny red spot severum that has been at work for a while. I would never buy him because he can’t go with Tweak (too small) and he’d tear up my 80 gallon planted tank. So yeah, do I want him? Yes…but will I get him? No.

Plenty of people want things…but don’t get them because reasons. I want a ferret badly. I’m allergic to ferrets. Get the drift?

So before you go out and buy an animal for someone, consider if the money is better spent on a gift card.