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favorite rilaya fics?? i need stuff to read!!

you have come to the right place my friend

crawl home to her by BerryliciousCheerio

vampire au, has killed me and brought me back a couple hundre times

tell my love to wreck it all by BerryliciousCheerio


more than just a dream by BerryliciousCheerio

i sort of requested this so i’m obligated to rec it but it’s really good it’s a robin hood au and????? perfection, the cutest thing ever

tips and tricks by emilyrambles

this is the cutest thing ever it’s just ,,,, girls in love

ms believer by khalasaar

listen to me, this the saddest rilaya series in existence, i don’t even care if you don’t cry when reading things you will cry with this it’s fuckingoiengeoigneoige, read the trigger warnings

diamonds are a girl’s best friend by khalasaar

i proofread this it’s super cute i’m in love with it

in two days by khalasaar

i keep reccing her stuff but d00d it’s amazing this is another series that i’ve fallen in love with

valentine: to you, from the square root of negative one by khalasaar

this is the smartest plot i’ve ever read, like hands-down the most thought out developed plot i have seen in my entire life, if you’re a math person you’d know what this is

love song to a generation by kwritten

this is by far and away my favorite futurefic, the dynamic between them is perfectly written and it’s just so nice and warm and maya is my daughter 

BlackPink Reaction #5 - You wear a cute onesi and cuddle them to death

monsta x / black pink/ bts how would they react if you would dress up in a cute onesi and cuddle them to deathxD

still so cute I’m dying TT.TT thank you for requesting anon!!!

Jennie: “Nya~ You’re so cute!!” *squishes you in cuddles* “My heart could just burst!!”

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Jisoo: “What brought this on?? Not that I’m complaining!” *you two spend the rest of the night in matching onsie’s, cuddling, watching movies*

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Rosé: *blushes* “Oooh, you know just how to cheer me up sweetie~ All I need is you being adorable to make me happy again!”

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Lisa: *fangirls and takes thousands of pictures with you posing cutely* “Eeee!! YOU’RE THE CUTEST THING THAT HAS EVER EXISTED I CAN’T EVEN RIGHT NOW!”

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ask box open~

Minhyuk sitting between Jooheons legs is actually the cutest thing ever and will forever be one of my many aesthetics

Dont mind me just ur casual Minheon shipper reminding you this ship exists and has been sailing since No.Mercy ;)))

Rowan Blanchard:
. Queen
. Fantastic actress
. Cutest thing you ever did see
. So sweet
. Total dork
. But like she’s our dork and we love her
. Literally so fucking fierce I can’t
. Uses her voice to do good
. Constantly slays my existence with her intelligence
. Out spoken activist
. Fierce intersectional feminist
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Woke af
. So so educated
. Beautiful role model
. Wish I was like her when I was 14
. I want to be her when I grow up

Carmen Blanchard:
. Queen
. Adorable
. Literally so cute I could die
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Actual sweetheart
. So educated
. Like she’s twelve
. And she’s so woke and enlightened
. Like wow
. Called out and fucking ended a 19 year old with her intelligence
. Actual queen
. Literally everything

Amir Mitchell-Townes
. Actual King
. Literally slays our existences with every Instagram post
. Fantastic actor
. Makes music that is good af
. Son of the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff
. Cancer survivor
. Literally beat cancer at the age of eleven
. Fucking kicked it’s ass
. Fuck cancer
. Literally so fucking woke
. #blacklivesmatter supporter
. Literally educated so many people about it on his Instagram
. Literally so badass
. But like also adorable
. Like an actual puppy

Uriah Shelton:
. Trash
. A shitstain
. Does not deserve to be in their ethereal presences

Reaction (iKon): When you ask for their autograph and you’re dating them

Junhoe: “Of course I’ll sign the album for you. But only if I can have a kiss first.”

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Yunhyeong: “Aigoo, you are so cute. I just want to squeeze your cheeks and kiss you all over.”

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B.I: “Aish this girl. What do you want me to sign my love? Anything for you.”

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Jinhwan: “Babe, you are the cutest thing to ever exist. Of course you can have my autograph.”

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Bobby: “She’s so cute. I can’t even with her. How is she this damn cute?”

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Donghyuk: “Want me to sign this foam finger too? How about a giant t-shirt so you can sleep in it? I’ll sign anything for my jagiya.” 

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Chanwoo: “Awe jagiya you are so freaking cute. You can have as many autographs as you want.” 

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asdjalkdjhaldjhaljdgaljgf the way you draw smol jimin is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire existence bless your soul


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Who would be into a short chubby girl who is very shy and clumsy but laughs about everything? From Nekoma, Karasuno, Aoba Johsai and Fukurodani pls ^^ hope you don't mind!

Ahh more of these it’s like matchups but not exactly lmao - Hope


  • Yachi Hitoka
    • I can not express how much she would love a girl like this, she would think she is adorable and probably would just bring a smile to her face whenever she saw her
  • Tsukishima Kei
    • If y’all think that he wouldn’t like a girl like this you are terribly mistaken, although Kei is a little bit of a bitch he falls for very cute girls like this all of the time and he basically drives himself crazy because of how cute they can be


  • Lev Haiba
    • He would love a girl like this and cherishes her with all of his heart, also Lev is a bit clumsy himself so I don’t think he’d mind all of that much
  • Kuroo Tetsurou
    • He would just think she is the cutest thing to ever exist during the same time as him and he would have to ask her out immediately because he would never be able to stop thinking about her

Aoba Johsai

  • Kindaichi Yuutaro
    • Ever so silently blessed for a girl to be that cute, everyone encourages him to go after her and just talk to her but he’s far too nervous


  • Konoha Akinori 
    • He would definitely like a girl like that, and totally glorify her and shower her with compliments about how cute her laugh is or always catch her when she is about to trip


  • Reon Ohira
    • That big softy boy would love a girl like that who was just so happy all of the time and so carefree he’d just be head over heels 

An anon asked for this rec a while ago and I know that this is so late and I’m very sorry but here you go!

The Devil Made Me Do It by InitialA

Cecil can’t talk. Carlos has to do the show. ((This is one of my fave of this trope. It’s honestly the cutest thing ever))

Instinct by Mixxy ((Rated Explicit))

((This is the famous incubus!Carlos fic so you’ve probably read it before))
Carlos has managed to get a hold on his incubus side over the years. It’s not the happiest existence, fighting against nature every step of the way, but it’s necessary. After all, feeding on life energy through sex? It’s not so good for the other person.If Carlos has to be an abstinent sex demon, then that’s that. Never mind his urges always pushing him toward temptation. Never mind the always-present gnawing hunger.Besides, he could never tell anyone, especially not Cecil. It’s weird. Gross. And he can handle this. Right?

It Came Upon a Voidless Clear by doodlegirll

Carlos takes Cecil home to meet his family for Christmas. A tale of overcoming bias, fear, and closed-mindedness, love in all forms, bright green parkas, snowball fights, and gingerbread exploding. Nothing out of the ordinary for Christmastime, right?

Scared… No, Concerned. by bloodstonepentagram

Carlos heard Cecil’s latest broadcast. He’s worried about Cecil and wants to do something to help him. A short fluffy reaction to the events of Cassette.

Your Alert Citizen Card by theRavensdesk

Carlos gets reeducated and Cecil tries to help him feel better

Bad Habits by Mixxy 
((Pure PWP))
Carlos has a habit of putting writing utensils in his mouth when he’s working and distracted. Cecil thinks it’s kind of cute.

Except then he accidentally grabs Cecil’s tentacle by mistake, and Cecil isn’t sure what to think.

He Had Come to Study by nameless_bliss


I am Broadcasting for Personal Reasons by nameless_bliss 
((this is so cute I promise it is fantastic))

Carlos is working all night to try and save the town. This may be newsworthy, but not newsworthy enough that he expected to hear it in a radio broadcast.
A radio broadcast in the middle of the night.
A radio broadcast just for him.

One Imperfect Weekend by SuperKat ((literally the best sickfic ever))

Carlos prepares for the perfect weekend, but his plan backfires spectacularly. The week is, scientifically speaking, godawful. The weekend is somehow worse.

Aware by ZiGraves ((no wait I lied this is the best one))

Carlos experiences one of Night Vale’s charming local viral infections.

Scientifically Impossible by messyfeathers  

Perfection doesn’t exist.” Carlos spat. “It’s a scientific impossibility. And even if it did exist, I would be nowhere near it.”

Vital Signs by messyfeathers ((basically all of messyfeather’s stuff))

When a trip down Memory Lane goes dreadfully wrong, Cecil is left with questions that can’t be answered - not even by Carlos, not even in Night Vale

Snow in Summer by messyfeathers .

On a walk home from their definitely-not-a-date at Rico’s, Carlos convinces Cecil to spend five minutes in the inexplicably snowy Dog Park.

And a Pair of Fuck Me Pumps by theRavensdesk ((smut))

Cecil and Carlos have date night at the Night Vale Community Picnic and Film Showing at Grove Park. Cecil has big plans for the night, but plans rarely turn out well in Night Vale.

Science Swear by Pigquet  ((THIS IS SO CUTE TRUST ME))

“Cecil…” Carlos drew out, with no better words to follow. He truly wanted to believe Cecil. It was rare that the humble host ever went back on his word, but the scientist remained skeptical.

“I promise.”


“Okay, fine. I science swear.”

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True or false. You love your girlfriend so so much and you to are cutest couple to ever exist and totally relationship goals forever.

True!! So true! I’ve never read a truer statement in my life. I adore her. 

I don’t know about the cutest couple ever thing but thank you!!

7 Unsexy Things That Unexpectedly Turns Him On - [EXO] Chanyeol

#3 Standing on your Toes

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UnloadedGunn said: I love when my girlfriend stands on her tip-toes to give me a kiss. It’s the cutest damn thing ever.

All she needed to do was exist. Chanyeol thought to himself as he watches you do your laundry. He had just woken up from a sleep that extended to noon. He was pulling and all-nighter the night before, to work on rearranging his mixtape after feeling rather inspired. He soon regrets it because he hates to see you doing the chores alone. You honestly don’t mind. His mixtapes had been bothering his appetite and sleep, the least you could do is try to provide the comfort he seeks. Just because he’s here, doesn’t mean you should cling on him.

Just a basket full of laundries into the dryer, then all you need to do is fold the bunch. You sighed and remembered that Chanyeol was the last one to use the clippers. The thought alone had you frowning. You weren’t upset because he was using them. You were upset because Chanyeol would place it at the top of the shelves because he can. He did it without thinking, and it wasn’t a sabotage or whatever. Chanyeol just forgets that you’re not as tall as he is. No one is as tall as he is. No one you know, at least.

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soma week day 4 - dragons

shout out to wingsof-flame for reading over this and earth-shines for lobbing around headcanons with me. i think i kidnapped her soma kids and now they exist in my fics, too… either way, you’re both groovy for putting up with me ♥



It was probably the poofiest dress Wes had ever seen.

Somewhere underneath all those layers of chiffon and poof was a bright-eyed baby, with her blonde hair tied up with ribbons. He could see her face, soft cheeks pink and blue eyes vibrant with the same sort of curious wonderment that all babies seemed to possess, but everything else – her legs, especially – was overshadowed by intense floof of the dress.

It was the absolute cutest thing. He snuck a kiss onto her pudgy cheek and bounced her on his hip. Clumsy baby hands patted at his chest and she giggled softly.

“Now where did your daddy go?” he wondered. She did a little wiggle and pressed her cheek against his shoulder. “What do you think? Should we go find him?”

She reached a hand out towards the kitchen, and Wes knew that his niece was a smart little thing. He knew he could thank both his sister-in-law and his brother for that – Maka was brilliant and her brain must’ve been at least a little bit hereditary, but Soul had read every book under the sun about raising children in preparation for her birth.

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Pentaholic Definitions

Alexander Kirk: Even girls want to date him because he’s so hot like wow

Avi Kaplan: The sexiest bass man that will seduce you with his voice and has the long flowing mane of a lion

Jeremy Lewis: Kirstie’s perfect boyfriend


Kevin Olusola: The most amazing beat boxer on the face of the planet with the smile that shines like a thousand suns

Kirstin Maldonado: The most beautiful and sweet person to ever live who’s always on point

Kavi: A really underappreciated but adorable ship

Mavi: A ship where everyone hopes that Avi plays for the other team because if it actually happened it would be the cutest thing to ever happen

Mitch Grassi: An angel that was sent down from heaven to save our souls with his voice and slay all the haters with his sass

Olaf: Literally the cutest little husky on the face of the universe

Pentaholics: The most dedicated and amazing fandom you could ever hope to meet

Pentatonix: The queens of everything that slay everyone’s entire existence and are the sweetest group of people in the galaxy

Risk: reading scomiche fanfictions while sitting next to your extremely religious grandmother

Scolex: The cutest relationship ever

Scomiche: A ship that has the power to kill everyone if it ever happened

Scott Hoying: An adorable little noodle

Slay: being an absolute Queen and owning everything you say and do

SuperFruit: The absolute best show on the internet that you could binge watch until 3am and never get bored of

Wyatt Blue Grassi-Hoying: Illusive creature that is also the child of scomiche

1. Xiumin

Y/N: Come on, sweety, you can sleep with me and daddy tonight…

“He can? But I thought we had another plan for tonight, honey…”

2. Luhan

“ Don’t worry…come on, let’s tuck you in and cover you with the blanket to keep the monsters away, alright?”

3. Kris

“Don’t worry, I got this….yo, kiddo, you know monsters don’t exist, right?”

4. Suho

“Let’s go, tonight we’ll sleep with the lights on, okay, buddy?”

5. Lay

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. Come on, daddy will stay with you until you fall asleep, princess…”

6. Baekhyun

“Don’t worry, kiddo, if you don’t snore too loudly, the monster in your closet won’t wake up.”

7. Chen

“Are you even real, dear? What is there to be afraid of?”

8. Chanyeol

“ See? There’s nothing under your bed. And nothing in the closet. There’s nothing to be afraid of, kiddo!”

9. D.O.

“Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing in there…if anything happens, scream and daddy will come right away, OK?”

10. Tao

*like father, like son*

11. Kai

“Don’t cry, baby girl…come here, I’ll read you a story….”

12. Sehun

*teasing the kid*

“Worry not, child of mine, the ghosts in our house are friendly…most of the time." 


I had fun doing this! Thank you for requesting! ^^ 

I hope you enjoyed it!

Also, thanks you for being that sweet!!!!!

I got bored.

Friends 💎

lcuigi ~ You’ll always be my fave and the only Taurus I fuck with

dominicanhoe ~ Thanks for showing me
the light that is Ziam and invite me to yours and Liam’s wedding

vansau ~ You’ll forever be the cutest person that’s ever existed

awharrys ~ Fuck you (I love you)

antiteen ~ The only not annoying Gemini I fuck with

frontsound ~ Can you believe you gave birth to me

narrytitty ~ Bite me

niallthedinglehopper ~ To keeping the things we yell at each other a secret 🍷

Absolute loves of my life 💕

tvventies dadkinks zarryputa africanhoe dahrbae noshirtnoblouse riharryhoe shadybicth gagmeniall louietomlinson pinkrihanna zarrynotzerrie drakesideheaux drakesidebae
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