you are the cutest thing to ever exist

All The Things I Love About You {S.M}

non-requested// imagine where you feel as if you aren’t good enough for someone as great as shawn and he tells you everything he loves about you

author’s note// did you guys know LITERALLY all i fucking care about is taylor swift she is the ONLY woman i will ever love go buy look what you made me do on itunes RIGHT FUCKIN NOW


Shawn was perfect. It didn’t take a genius to understand that Shawn was overall the perfect man. He was the best boyfriend any girl could ever dream for, and he was fucking famous for crying out loud. He had countless fanfiction shit and stuff on the internet, and it was all so accurate. All of those dumb ridiculously gross relationship goal stuff all of the twelve year old girls wanted, was exactly what he did. He posted pictures online with you, much to his publicists dismay as she said it may cause a slight uproar in his fanbase if he were to announce he was in a relationship. He didn’t care at all, he posted photos with you, of you, posted mushy captions, all of the stuff teenage girls make edits of and post on tumblr. He took you on dates, but weirdly personal dates. Like he would take you on a picnic to a little hill by your house or that italian restaurant that was tucked away in the western corner of your town that you just loved. He took you on tour, when you could of course, and he always made sure he made time for you whenever he possibly could. 

But it was all just… way too good to be true. 

You considered yourself to be incredibly average. You didn’t have an extraordinary job, you were an architect. You had a pretty great job at a firm, which was amazing for your age and the fact you were a female but it was nothing compared to your chart topping pop star boyfriend. He was absolutely stunning, one of the most beautiful man you had ever seen in your whole life. His body was perfect, there was seemingly no flaws. Even the scar on his cheek he had gotten using his dad’s razor when he was younger that bothered him so much was the cutest thing ever. He was hot as all hell, girls wrote friggin sex fantasies about him online. You thought it was super weird, yeah sure, but still they existed. He was genuinely perfect in every single way and you were mediocre at best. 

You didn’t consider yourself super hot, and you weren’t super tiny, which is apparently what everyone thought Shawn needed. Someone considerably shorter than him, and tiny overall. You weren’t that. You were shorter than him, sure but it was due to the fact that he was more of a tower than a man, but you weren’t super tiny. You didn’t look amazing in a bikini, you don’t wear a size extra small, and overall, you just didn’t think you were what Shawn deserved. He deserved the perfect girl, and you didn’t deserve him. 

But, that was just what you thought, not what Shawn thought. When you met Shawn at gross little coffee shop in Texas, he thought you were absolutely radiating. He thought you were the prettiest thing he had ever seen, with your glowing caramel skin, and long deep ebony hair. He was dumbfounded by your beauty, how your body wasn’t one of a super model but you made it look absolutely lovely. What he loved most was that you had no idea how absolutely gorgeous you were. He hated seeing all of these admittedly stunning women at events and parties, who just know they are one of the most gorgeous human beings in the world. You were even more stunning than all of those girls he had ever seen combined, and you weren’t even aware. 

He tells you ever since then he has been absolutely smitten. So in love with you, maybe even disgustingly in love with you. You just didn’t find it realistic. You didn’t find it realistic that this perfect human being saw you as an equally perfect human. You didn’t vocalize it too much, but he knew. He knew you felt insecure. Sure, he wasn’t sure of the extent of the fact, but he knew. 

“C’mon honey, please? You haven’t sat in on Q&A in forever.” Shawn whined, trying to pull you off of the couch that you were firmly planted on in Shawn’s dressing room for the venue that night. 

“I don’t like them, I feel uncomfortable. I’m not even semi ready. I’m wearing one of your sweatshirts and shorts. I can’t go, and I don’t want to.” You told him for what felt like the eightieth time in the past five minutes.Yet, he continued to try and pull you up. “Shawn, seriously I don’t want to.” You stated as monotone as you could physically could manage. You couldn’t show any weakness in a situation like this, he was the type to call of his Q&A to talk to you and make you feel better. You hated when he did that, you hated when he would put you before that kind of stuff, it made you feel like a controlling bitch, even though every single time he told you that it was his decision, not yours, and he is more than willing to tell anyone who asks that very thing. 

“Honey, come on. They love you they always do.” Shawn knew he was lying right through his teeth. They never loved her. At best, they completely ignored her, which is what Shawn considered ‘love’ even though it was just not being a complete asshole. 

“They literally never love me, Shawn. Last time a girl told me to hang myself with one of your broken guitar strings.” It was actually incredibly sad that you weren’t exaggerating, she had actually said that. She had used her question to ask if you could do that, which was the fucking saddest thing you’d ever heard. 

“It won’t happen this time, I promise.” He let go of your hands, knowing for a fact that you wouldn’t be going with him. He looked at you with sad eyes, pulling his blue button up sleeves up to his elbows, his muscular forearms tensed up a bit and you felt a knot in your stomach. 

“Shawn, they’re right.” You groaned, pulling yourself up and somehow dodging him, which was impressive since he was such a tall muscular guy. He scoffed a little, folding his arms as you started to pace around his dressing room, your socks picking up some static electricity as you dragged your feet across the carpet. 

“If you’re saying you should hang yourself…” He chuckled, and you quickly whipped your body to face him, a glare on your face. 

“No, Shawn. They are all right.” You started, pulling the ends of your hair that was up in a ponytail to your fingers, fiddling around with the ends of it. His arms dropped to his side and his head tilted to the side a little bit, a few of his curls falling into his eyes. He started to look sad, and he knew what you were about to say was going to break his heart. “I’m not good enough for you.” You whispered, looking down at your feet. 

“The hell is that supposed to mean?” Shawn hissed, taking small careful steps towards you until he was only inches away from you. 

“Shawn, I’m just not good enough for you. You’re fucking perfect, you’re the perfect man and I’m just…” You tried to think of the correct word to use but it just wasn’t coming to your brain. “me.” You sighed, looking up at him. You could feel his breath on your forehead, he was that close to you, yet you weren’t touching. His arms were shaking just a bit, so you could tell he wanted to pull you close and hold you badly but he was scared. You were glad he didn’t though, you may have started crying. 

“Do I need to list every single thing that I love about you?” He simply stated, looking you straight in your eyes. You shook your head quickly, not wanting him to waste anymore time on your insecurity than he already has. 

“No Shawn, it’s fine, i’ll get over myself, it’s ju-” He cut you off as he grabbed both of your hands. 

“The way you smile, the way you laugh when I say something that isn’t even remotely funny, the way you get so passionate about those fucking blueprints for some class that I can’t even begin to understand, how you get so emotionally invested in those Grey’s Anatomy characters to the point of tears over the fact that Christina and Owen broke up, how you taught yourself piano because you wanted to be able to play while I sing, the way you smell like peaches every single day, how incredibly aware you are of social issues, how you literally went to a black lives matter protest on your birthday because you said that was the real important stuff, how the music on your phone literally only consists of my stuff, Taylor Swift, and Billy Joel-” You laughed a little, cutting him off. 

“I also have the whole season one of Glee soundtrack.” You swung you and Shawn’s hands back and forth a little bit. It made your whole body feel warm and happy over the fact that he saw all of these little things about you and thought about how much he loved you. He noticed things more than your body and the way you moaned his name. He noticed all of those little things, those dumb things you had barely even thought about. “Shawn, I love you so much. I seriously do, and you mean everything to but I-” He took one of his hands and placed his pointer finger over your lips. 

“But nothing.” He pulled you into a big bear hug, his arms wrapping completely around your body, making you feel like you were in a huge cocoon of love. You wrapped your arms around him, trying to make your hands meet so you can fully hug him back. “It doesn’t matter if I am a pop star or a dumpster diver or if you’re an architect or a screamo lead singer. It doesn’t matter, I love you and you love me. Literally, the only thing that matters. I don’t wanna hear anymore of this ‘not good enough’ shit, got it?” He stated, trying to sound somewhat powerful and dominant. He wasn’t always good at seeming dominant and scary. 


“Got it?” He boomed, squeezing you just a little tired. 

“Got it.” You grumbled, “I’m still not going to your Q&A”

author’s note// this was deadass just me going on about how hot shawn is also buy look what you made me do on itunes

andrew and the cats

andrew acts like the cats don’t mean anything to him, but i swear to god whenever neil isn’t in the room, he can be found sat on a bean bag with both cats in his lap just talking to them about anything. he only ever does it when he knows neil won’t be home for a while, but one day neil’s practise gets cut short bc coach has a family emergency so he comes home and andrews in the bean bag, a bowl of cereal in one hand and the remote in the other and sir is sat in front of him and he’s literally explaining exy rules to the cat. neil can’t fucking believe his ears, not only is andrew actually acknowledging the cats existence but he’s talking about EXY. so anyway neil comes closer and andrew just looks up and he can’t even hide how pissed he is to have been caught and he just points the spoon in neil’s direction and says “don’t you dare fucking say anything about this to anyone, especially kevin.” and neil would drop into the bean bag beside him like “but this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen” and andrew would push neil and say “don’t ever use that word in association with me again” and neil would nod but then a few seconds later say “you’re cute when you tell me what to do” and andrew would literally turn the volume of the tv up louder but neil doesn’t care


❛ you inability to learn complicated handshakes is tearing this gang apart ❜
❛ i hope no one lowkey hates me. highkey hate me. hate me with every fiber of your being. go big or go home ❜
❛ my style isn’t even my style, i can’t afford my actual style ❜
❛ i feel like everyone has a teacher from high school that they’d 100% fight ❜
❛ i don’t mean to interrupt people i just randomly remember things and get really excited, i’m sorry ❜
❛ sir, you cannot name your son ‘Papa_Roach_Scars.mp3’ we just won’t allow it ❜
❛ if you asked me what my sexuality was, i couldn’t give you a straight answer ❜
❛ i just wanna wear lingerie, smell like lavender, and have soft skin ❜
❛ yabba dabba done with your shit ❜
❛ 5 years ago i was a fucking mess and now i’m a fucking mess but at peace with it and with a cooler fashion sense ❜
❛ the only reason i’m staying in school is so i can provide for my future ❜
❛ occupation: sleepiest girl on the planet ❜
❛ true friendship is willfully making someone’s emotional devastation over fictional characters worse ❜
❛ (not so) breaking news: i’m sad again and everyone’s tired of hearing about it ❜
❛ my new year’s resolution is to stop ❜
❛ people keep posting ‘what’s REALLY in your food’ articles like i’m gonna stop eating whatever it’s about lmao listen, death is coming. death is coming. pass me a hot dog ❜
❛ do you sometimes wonder why you have weird friends but then you snap and realize that you’re as weird as them ❜
❛ have you ever met someone who’s smile looks like it could make flowers grow ❜
❛ is ‘no’ an emotion because i feel it ❜
❛ i wanna be the one girl who looks really cute but also gives off the vibe that she could snap your neck if you disrespect her like is that possible for me ❜
❛ concept: me, having friends and being liked by people ❜
❛ the human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them ❜
❛ replace my heart with another liver so i can drink more and care less ❜
❛ i need a hug and six months of sleep ❜
❛ good morning i’m obsessed with being loved ❜
❛ don’t come back when you realize that i’m rare ❜
❛ i’m stuck in between ‘i really wanna meet new people’ and ‘why can’t everyone leave me the fuck alone’ ❜
❛ can you believe some people meet each other and just hit it off right off the bat and just… date??? and fall in love? ?? that sounds fake ? ? ? ❜
❛ painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk ❜
❛ people are always like ‘are you a morning person or a night person’ and i’m just like… buddy, i’m barely even a person ❜
❛ you ever talk to a stupid boy to pass time? ❜
❛ don’t talk to me or my 78 insecurities ever again ❜
❛ i’ll always have a soft spot for you ❜
❛ i hate being tickled. i do not think it’s cute, i do not think it’s funny. i will kick you in the fucking face ❜
❛ you inability to learn complicated handshakes is tearing this gang apart ❜
❛ there’s no blood in my veins anymore it is coffee and broken dreams ❜
❛ i’ll pay you $7 to have a crush on me ❜
❛ i’m a hopeless romantic… emphasis on hopeless ❜
❛ i deal with my personal problems the same way i study for tests… i don’t ❜
❛ half of me is a hopeless romantic and the other half of me is, well, an asshole ❜
❛ my biggest problem is i don’t like, do shit ❜
❛ how am i supposed to be productive when netflix just automatically plays the next episode for you? ❜
❛ a girls sleepy voice is probably the cutest thing that has ever existed on this earth ❜
❛ at like a really specific time at night i feel like i wanna fall in love or some shit but then i wake up and i’m ok again ❜
❛ i’d really like to be taken out tbh. in a date way or a sniper way. i have no preference ❜
❛ i don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions ❜
❛ i want to be one of those people who does yoga and eats berries for breakfast, but i’m one of those people who stays in bed until 4 pm and eats pizza ❜
❛ why are there waiting lists for preschools?!?! babies are small!!!! 800 could fit in one room, just stack them ❜
❛ raise your hand if you are scared shitless about the future yet couldn’t care less at the same time ❜
❛ i hate being the stereotypical emo bitch, but life sux, my dude ❜
❛ i wanna learn how to throw knives so i can throw ‘em like real close and graze somebody to let them know to shut the fuck up ❜
❛ my heart says yes but my mom says no ❜
❛ if we are ever invaded by aliens and they wanna destroy earth and whatever that’s fine, but leave old friends senior dog sanctuary out of it ❜
❛ i don’t want to get involved in the drama, i just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened ❜
❛ if i had the power to control time i would probably just use it to sleep more ❜
❛ guess who got shit done today….. not me lmao but congrats to somebody out there ❜
❛ i promise i’m a lot nicer than my ‘walking to class’ face would lead you to believe ❜
❛ why spend money on booze when i can get fucked up by conspiracy theories for free? ❜
❛ binge watching is great until you run out of the show and have to start watching it weekly like some sort of medieval peasant ❜
❛ merry crisis, everyone ❜
❛ my whole life is the one episode of friends where ross drinks all those margaritas and keeps telling everyone that he’s fine when he clearly isn’t fine ❜
❛ i’m a huge supporter of things which annoy misogynistic rich white men ❜
❛ kinda wanna go on a date, kinda wanna get hit by a truck too ❜
❛ do i even have a sexuality at this point or is it literally just ‘oh yes i’d kiss you’ ❜
❛ not interested dot com forward slash you ❜
❛ napping together is my kind of date ❜
❛ i’m trying to stop being a hater but it’s just so hard when there are so many things that need my hate ❜
❛ i need to stop imagining things i’d say in interviews if i was ever famous because i am not ❜
❛ guess who got their life together!!!!! …not me, but someone probably has ❜
❛ concept: the worst is over. everything’s gonna be okay now ❜
❛ me, giving your eulogy at your funeral: ‘we are gathered here today to mourn a friend, a relative, a companion and a loved one, and to kinkshame them one last time’ ❜
❛ one day i will take a really good selfie and you will be sorry….. you will all be sorry ❜
❛ i was so ugly in 2008 because i didn’t care about my looks, i cared about the jonas brothers ❜
❛ i’m the whole package: bitter AND petty ❜
❛ my life is that awkward walk/jog you do in front of a car when you’re crossing the street ❜
❛ i use sarcasm because flat out telling you you’re a fucking moron is considered inappropriate and is frowned upon and i was raised better than that ❜
❛ my aesthetic is looking really tired even when i’ve had enough sleep and having a lot of bad habits and responding poorly to criticism ❜
❛ yes you’re allowed to have other friends, you just have to love me more ❜
❛ i just want to be somewhere warm and making questionable decisions ❜
❛ i don’t have plans for tonight or the rest of my life if you want to have a drink or get married ❜
❛ screenshots don’t scare me, i know what the fuck i said ❜
❛ ‘you’re kind of annoying’ kind of? kind of??? excuse me. excuse you. i am fully annoying. i am very annoying. there’s nothing half-assed half-hearted ‘kind of’ about it ❜
❛ *jumps over hole in sidewalk* yeah you could say i’m pretty fucking athletic ❜
❛ i don’t ‘dress to impress’ i dress to depress. i wanna look so good that people hate themselves ❜
❛ sorry, i couldn’t hear you over my internal monologue ❜
❛ valentine’s day is coming up, i don’t know what to buy myself ❜
❛ you’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time ❜
❛ ‘dude, i’m wasted’ and by wasted, i’m talking about my wasted potential because i’m a lazy piece of shit ❜
❛ i may be a terrible person but at least i say please and thank you and use my fucking blinker ❜
❛ is it too late to try to be myspace famous ❜
❛ ask him if he’s good with his hands, then when he comes over, make him put together ikea furniture ❜
❛ if a woman’s hand is steady enough to put on winged eyeliner then it’s steady enough to stab you in the heart ❜
❛ please don’t get tired of me ❜
❛ finals? fuck a final. gone girl myself. ❜
❛ i really thought quick sand was going to be a bigger issue in life when i was little ❜
❛ i’m so tired of not being a multimillionaire ❜
❛ why must the cute ones (me) suffer ❜
❛ nasa actually stands for ‘not any straight aliens.’ gayliens are real and out there ❜
❛ not to be bitter or anything but i hope everyone that has ever hurt me is absolutely miserable ❜
❛ my mind says college, but my heart says isolated sheep herder in iceland ❜
❛ i am an adult oh god make it stop ❜

( you can find the other three parts here: 1, 2, 3 )

Fake Chats #203
  • Namjoon: this is stupid.
  • Namjoon: this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
  • Namjoon: why would people say that?
  • Namjoon: I can't believe it.
  • Namjoon: when will the world understand the truth?
  • Namjoon: Jin-hyung is the cutest, most handsome, talented man to exist!
  • Seokjin: thank you, Joonie, I appreciate it. Also you're embarrassing the kids.
  • Namjoon: I'm not sorry.
Dating Hoseok;

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Originally posted by sunshinejhp

- having such a fan, yet weird relationship.
- him kissing you on the cheek
- hoseok booping your cheeks all the time
- basically, him being in love with your cheeks
- really cute good morning/good night texts
- whenever he’s on tour, he’ll texted you 24/7 saying “i love you” or
“i miss you”
- him dancing weirdly sat the random times through the day
- and then you staring at him likes he’s on crack
“honey, it’s called talented. something you don’t know much about,”
- cute coffee dates
- just being complete idiots around each other
- going to the beach a lot
- like beach dates
- p d a
- lots of pda
- so much fucking pda
- being known as the “loud couple”
- cheesy pick up lines
“is there a mirror in your pocket, because i can see myself in your pants,”
“i actually hate you,”
“i love you too babes,”
- him making you laugh whenever you’re upset or angry
- him being “your hope”
- literally, him cradling you whilst you sleep
- laying your head on his lap whilst watching movies
- cinema dates
- basically, a fuck load of dates
- him calling you up at 4 am, asking if you wanna go on a
- “hobi, it’s 4 in the morning,”
“i know, i can tell the time. now get your lazy ass out of bed and come out with me,”
- lil nose kisses
- watching whilst he practices the dances
- him always having rap battles with you
- “i obviously won,” you’d say waving your hands around in his face
“sure babe, only because i love you,”
- him buying you gifts and surprising you with them all the time
- like literally all the god damn times
- seriously, his always buying you shit even though you tell him not to
“babe, you shouldn’t have. i told you last time, i don’t need the gifts. you shouldn’t be spending your money on me,”
- “well, what else am i suppose to spend it on? my cat,”
- “you don’t have a cat,”
- “exactly, I’ve got no one to spend my money on,”
- aLl ThEm FuCkInG sMiRkS
- him being the sunshine he is
- you being his “favourite human being,”, as he puts it
- lots and lots of kisses
- kiss on your lips, your forehead, your nose, your cheek, your ear, your neck.
- he just loves kissing you
- hobi would always want to be close to you
- him being the big spoon whilst spooning
- cute nicknames for each other; sunshine, sweetie pie, cutie, my love etc.
- “i love you my little sunshine,”
- always yelling
- when having arguments he’d go quiet letting you yell at him for whatever reason
- he’d probably just walk away, and lock himself in his room
- staying away from you for a while before coming back to hug you apologetically
- i don’t think he’d arguments
- but when you do him getting extremely upset about it
- “let’s never fight again, yeah baby,”
- his biggest fear would be losing you
- whenever your upset he’d probably cry with you
- emotions
- loads and loads of emotions
- him crying over the smallest things, even if you’re not that bothered about the problem he would be
- him just being an absolute darling
- “you’re amazing, you know that,”
- endless reminders of how wonderful and beautiful you are
- overall, him just being a little prince and loving you more then anything
- your relationship would be the best, and hobi would be the most amazing boyfriend to ever exist. your realationship would be practically perfect in every way, he’d just get you.
sup, hey, how ya doin!
so, yeah, this is how i think hobi would be as a boyfriend.
i think he’d be the cutest smol and i love him. the other boys will be coming up within the next couple of days so if i haven’t done your bias yet, he’s coming- don’t worry.

anyway, thanks so much for reading!
hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i liked writing it.
reacts, moodboards and ship requests are still open, so don’t be scraed to message me at anytime.
and here’s my masterlist in case you wanna check out any of my other stuff.
- love ya all!
- kala
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i love ben so much. can i get some headcannons about ben listening to boy bands, hanging out with the losers club, reading books, studying crime/paranormal things, and basically being a cutie patootie?

i luv my boy ben :’)

- ben and richie are always talking about paranormal things. ALWAYS.
- ben is certain that ghost are real you can fight him on this.
- he is literally a butterfly whisperer??
- whenever the losers club is chilling by a bunch of flowers he can pick a butterfly up and it won’t fly away until ben puts it down.
- the losers club swears its the cutest thing they’ve ever seen.
- in the back of his closet he has a giant box of the new kids on the block albums.
- beverly is the only one who knows it exists.
- bev and ben listen different albums when ben has a bad day.
- ben will slyly insert lyrics into conversation
- only bev and mike pick up on them
- if ben gets bullied even a little you better bet the losers club is gonna be there to put you through hell.
- one time someone called ben “piggy” during his science fair presentation
- the guy came to school the next day with a black eye (curtesy of beverly) and during lunch announced that he was “A fucking dumbshit who likes to eat ass”
- when ever he gets really tired he rests his head on the nearest persons shoulder
- its a blessing from god himself according to the losers club
- he’s an amazing hugger!! boys like a freaking teddy bear!!!
- he has found a place in the library in between two bookshelves and he can sit there and read for HOURS
- stan once found him there asleep and proceeded to get everyone to see how cute he looked.
- ben makes THE BEST cookies ever
- “that shits straight from heaven” -richie on ben’s cookies
- can literally make any animal fall in love with him
- one day a rabbit followed him home and he kept it as a pet
- he named it donnie (inspired by donnie wahlberg)
- donnie is his child and he loves it and they are precious together
- his favorite flowers are carnations and he picks them a lot. his favorites are red because the mean deep love.
- he has a secret journal where he writes down poetry.
- only mike knows about it bc he stumped across it once and he almost cried
- ben is a beautiful boy who deserves more LOVE


I don’t know WHY THE FUCK no one in the damn fandom gushed over or even MENTIONED this moment from the Legacy game! I didn’t even know of the existence of any Spitfire in the game aside from him comforting her after Tula’s death! But then I found out from Bio that THIS fucking scene exists!

And like, WALLY FUCKING WINKS AT HER LOOK AT HIS STUPID FACE OH MY GOD. This is like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and no one ever even talked about it!! Shame on you Spitfire fandom for leaving me in the dark over these two precious babies!


a whisper

kirigakure hotaru x mc (unnamed)

a/n: ok so this little ninja made off with my heart, so when @bakers97 asked for a fic with him i jumped at the chance. he’s like. the cutest thing. i love him. this is prompt 70 from this list - “do you trust me?”

His life has always been painfully quiet. Almost from the moment he learned to speak, his gift manifested—he hears the soul of languages began its life when he did—and he was always told to remain silent around his fellow Iga ninja.

The place he regards as his home is, in a way, a prison. His regular escapes to Kai offer him the opportunity to exist as he never has before, not freely, but close. As close as he imagines he will ever come. When the days spent away from his Haven (and her, especially her) pile up, he feels an inexplicable weight in his chest—the only solution is to run it off by running to Ueda.

In Ueda, they welcome him with open arms, they see past his unfortunate gift and actively refuse to see anything but the good in him. He can see why his brother chose to live there.

And Ueda is where she is, which is the best part of all.

Thoughts of Kai, of her, make his journey go by much quicker—or perhaps they simply quicken his pace, he cannot tell.

He arrives at the castle as the sun is setting, and something is—is off.

Normally, there would be noise coming from the Main Hall, some sort of energy, but he can’t feel anything. The quiet and the stillness both make him feel uneasy, but quick on his feet.

He can sense that his brother is not around. That thought is even more frightening.

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Minhyuk sitting between Jooheons legs is actually the cutest thing ever and will forever be one of my many aesthetics

Dont mind me just ur casual Minheon shipper reminding you this ship exists and has been sailing since No.Mercy ;)))


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #38. Andie McPhee & Pacey Witter

“I’m afraid because you’re the single most important being to ever grace my existence. Andie, I am falling hopelessly in love with you.”

Secret Idol Relationship With Zuho

- is literally the fluffiest and cutest most caring boyfriend ever when he is with you- backhugging you while you guys walk to a hidden café and would feed you every single bite of your food and get matching couple things but when you both are on stage, it’s like he doesn’t even know you. Doesn’t even talk about you to the sf9 members or even mention he’s a fan or that he’s aware of your existence but that’s how you guys never ever get caught.
But he would do very cute and small actions like when both of your groups are at the same music show prerecording for simply kpop and you had to line up next to him- it would just pure silence until you felt his finger brush against yours and he then proceeded to hook his pinkie finger with yours for a few seconds before letting go slowly, making you smile. You didn’t want to turn your head to look at him so you both are just staring straight ahead but would continue to play with each other’s fingers for the rest of the time.

-You two were always luckily on the same shows like weekly idol where your group would be with his and some of the sf9 members would have to to win your heart as a game so you can pick who to pair up with and zuho would just try his best as possible to not get partnered with any of your members, never lining up behind them to be a contestant. And he thought it was easy peasy until when it was your turn, all of the sf9 members lined up behind you and he’s just like wtf I should have told the members im dating her dammit everyone get out my way.  But he’s also super confident your going to pick him anyways because ‘duh pick me im your boyfriend’ but however for ratings, the mc’s and everyone started to ship rowoon with you because you two look the best couple and zuhos just super salty and you could tell so you politely turn down roowoon and admit that you were a big fan of zuho causing everyone to freak out and zuho couldn’t help but smile and break into an awkward shy laughter. Then everyone would push him next to you and the mc would ask 'zuho what do you think of her?’ and he’d avoid eye contact and just stare at the ground but would softly say with a small smile 'she’s my favourite idol’ Goes back to the dorm and he would decide to tell all the members about his relationship with you because after this day he doesn’t trust any member anymore lol.

-Whenever he misses you, he would just be super quiet that day and text you stuff like 'I miss you TT…when will I see you again, why is the day so long?“ And would take pics and send to you of everything he was doing, what he was eating, where he was going and take a shiton of selfies but they’re all pouting. When you do get to see each other it’s you always sneaking into the practice room late at night when he’s the only one staying behind on purpose and you’d always bring pizza or chicken with you and that would be the best date you both could even ask for and the members are always wondering why zuho spends his nights in the practice room instead of sleeping at the dorm.

-on his birthday you bought him a simple silver bracelet and he legit never took it off since. On interviews and radio shows when they ask him about it, he would say it’s his lucky charm and that without it he wouldn’t feel confident and Inseongs like 'that’s so true. One day he left it in the bathroom and freaked out, barging into both dorms and going through everything and making a mess everywhere.’ And the members would all agree because legit if anyone tried to wear the bracelet zuho wouldn’t forgive them for a long time. He would even let the stylist take off the bracelet during performances, that’s how much this bracelet meant to him.

-You guys end up dating for 5 years until one day, someone finally looked through all the cctv’s of the practice room, catching you guys eating pizza. 

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favorite rilaya fics?? i need stuff to read!!

you have come to the right place my friend

crawl home to her by BerryliciousCheerio

vampire au, has killed me and brought me back a couple hundre times

tell my love to wreck it all by BerryliciousCheerio


more than just a dream by BerryliciousCheerio

i sort of requested this so i’m obligated to rec it but it’s really good it’s a robin hood au and????? perfection, the cutest thing ever

tips and tricks by emilyrambles

this is the cutest thing ever it’s just ,,,, girls in love

ms believer by khalasaar

listen to me, this the saddest rilaya series in existence, i don’t even care if you don’t cry when reading things you will cry with this it’s fuckingoiengeoigneoige, read the trigger warnings

diamonds are a girl’s best friend by khalasaar

i proofread this it’s super cute i’m in love with it

in two days by khalasaar

i keep reccing her stuff but d00d it’s amazing this is another series that i’ve fallen in love with

valentine: to you, from the square root of negative one by khalasaar

this is the smartest plot i’ve ever read, like hands-down the most thought out developed plot i have seen in my entire life, if you’re a math person you’d know what this is

love song to a generation by kwritten

this is by far and away my favorite futurefic, the dynamic between them is perfectly written and it’s just so nice and warm and maya is my daughter 

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Idea for a jikook fic: (really typical but cute) • Jimin is the new nerd/shy boy at school • Everyone thinks he's stunning cause he is..Ofc(Purple/silver hair era, because he kind of looks like a prince) • Jungkookie is a bad boy at the same age as Jimin. (You never walk alone hair era because it's messy) • Jungkook finds Jimin annoying because he is stunning and smart BUT poor • Jungkook on the other hand is a rich kid with a lot of problems at home • Jimin finds out Jungkook's secrets • LOVE

Okay so this has been sitting in my inbox for months now and I’ve just had 0 motivation to write a fanfic. not just off this prompt, because i love it. but a prompt in general. so instead i’m going to do headcanons. I hope that’s okay! 

(note: this is amercan school bc i’m too lazy to look up details on korean school oops)

~ Jimin just moved from Busan to Seoul. He was pretty out of his comfort zone at his new school. He had dyed his hair silver because he liked it, not so that he stood out. but that’s all that happened - was him standing out. 

~The first person that he met was Taehyung, who ended up being his best friend and self-proclaimed soulmate. They had met when Jimin had been trying to find his first period and had accidentally tripped over Tae’s leg. 

~Jimin got dubbed as the shy new boy by almost the entire student population. It wasn’t even a small school, yet they all knew him. 

~Some called him a nerd because he tried to join the debate club, but he only joined because tae was too scared to be in the club by himself after he had accidentally pissed off the club leader. 

~He first saw jungkook after school, jungkook was leaning against the school wall with a group of his friends (basically 97 line) and he was laughing and jimin lowkey fell in love with his smile. 

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About princesses and dragons

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Angst (but fluff cause I’m a slut for fluff!) 

A/N: So, in Spain today is St. George’s day. A day when girls receive a rose as a present and the boys a book from their s/o. It’s a day based in the world knowed legend about the princess who is rapted by a dragon and a knight who comes in her rescue.

Summary: The legend says that the princess awaits for a shinny armor knight to come and rescue her from the terrible dragon… But maybe you don’t want to be saved at all from your Dragon

A bubbly laugh echoes through the walls of the compound followed by your delighted chuckles. 

- He’s the cutest thing ever - you state amazed by the tiny human on your arms. Elisabeth, a brilliant scientist who works for Tony, had bring her new born son to the compound so all the Avengers can know him. This little boy should be very proud of himself by having grown ass men and women, who had fight againts aliens, amazed about his small existence. They all are making a circle around you and him while his mother can’t stop laughing.

- Let me grab him - Tony makes grabby hands demanding to hold the little one

- You already hold him! It’s my turn - Natsha pushes him with her elbow placing herself in front of you. You handle him to her carefully and the small boy tangle his fingers on Nat’s red hair. 

You step back, your grin threaten to break your cheeks by the cuteness of the situation. Turning your head you realize that Bucky is nowhere to be seen. He has been there a minute ago… Crossing your gaze with Steve he shoots you a sad smile. You frown.

Leaving everyone on the livingroom you walk through the compound searching for him. He is nowhere, what the hell? The only part of the tower to look is the one which Stark is remodeling, but no one goes there, there’s no lights, neither windows yet. But your instinct makes you do a step forward and before you realize you are walking over bricks and empty cases searching for him. 

You really don’t expect to find him there so you startle a bit when you spot his figure in the middle of the dark.

- B-Buck? 

He doesn’t move his head from between his legs and you can’t see his face because his arms block your view. You step towards him and kneel. 

- Bucky? - you try again. This time he raises his head and you gasp noticing his red and puffy eyes - Hey, what’s wrong? - inmediately your hands go to his face to check for possible injuries - What happened James?

Not saying a word he grabs your wrists and push your hands away from him

- Nothing, go away - he says, deadpan

You froze. You try to reach him again

- Buck what…? - but before you can touch him again he flinch back and looks at you sternerly

- I said go away, I don’t want you here - he grunts

You feel a pang on pain in your chest and it becomes difficult to breath naturally

- What the hell? Why are you talking to me like this? - you spat hurted, why is he being so rude with you? - James, please, talk to me, what’s the problem? - Because of the lack of light you can’t utterly read his facial expression and you are getting nervous

- I don’t want you here - he shakes his head - I don’t need you, go away Y/N - he says a little bit louder 

- Bucky…. - you blink fast trying to contain the tears

- Leave me alone, damn it!! - he shouts. You flinch away a little bit scared, he has never shouted to you

- No!! not until you tell me what the hell happens! - you shout back

He grunts tired and stands up ready to leave you alone in the dark room. With your heart beating fast on your chest you jump on your feet and put your body on the door, blocking the only way out of the room.

- Move - he just says not meeting your eyes

- Move me - you dare, some tears escaping from your eyes

- Y/N… - he grunts but doesn’t move a muscle to touch you

- Bucky - you retort

He sighs shakily and raise his hands to his face

- Just give up… please - his voice small, fragile, opposite to the one he used just a second ago - Give up on me

- What are you saying Buck…? 

- I’m saying that i’m letting you go Y/N, you are free, you don’t have to be stucked with me in the dark, damnit - you can’t see his eyes but you know that he is crying 

- W-what? - the world start spinning dangerously, your blood pumping hard by your veins

- Be happy doll, I want you to be happy - he ducks his hands and between his eyelashes you can see his blue tired eyes sparking because of the tears - Go away from me, found someone who can give you all what you deserve

- Stop, Bucky, stop - is hard for you to gulp now - what are you saying? W-Why are you saying this to me? - you plant your hands on his chest and this time he doesn’t reject your touch

- I don’t want to drag you with me to the darkness, and that’s all I am… darkness - your mouth falls open, he thinks that he’s not good enough? 

- Buck stop right now, you are not! You are a good man who makes me truly happy - you raise your hands to his face and force him to look at you - I don’t want anyone else, never crossed my mind. I’m happy Bucky, you make me happy

- You deserve so much better Y/N - his eyes detach sadness - What if someday you want kids? I’m not sure I can give you all what you need doll, I’m not enough… - he has seen you with Elisabeth son? All of this is because it?

- Stop saying this Buck! You are more than enough, you hear me? You are the man who I choose to love, with everything that you are, your present and your past. I want and LOVE all of you, James. I don’t know where life will bring us, neither if I’ll want kids or.. iguanas - you chuckle -  but I just know one thing - he looks fixedly at you, eyes a little bit wider - Every step of my life I make, I’ll do it with you by my side. We are in this together, okay? I love you Bucky, forever. You are enough, you hear me? Never say that again, please - you voice cracks a little by the end and your eyes get wet again seeing how, down his cheeks, run tears which he doesn’t try to wipe away.

- Doll.. I…I - he tries to talk but emotions overwhelm him and you are suddenly wrapped by his arms which hugs you close to him. The embrace you share is full of emotions and you correspond to it with all your forces, rubbing his back when all his body trembles while he sobs, face hided on your hair.

- I love you Bucky - you say, one time and another - I will repeat it to you until you believe me, I don’t care how many times I’ll have to say it

- I do - he sniff kissing your scalp - I do believe you Y/N, I love you so fucking much… 

You push back softly and raise on your tip toes to peck his swollen lips. He corresponds the kiss and lifts you from the ground to deepen the kiss. Your arms round his head while your legs make the same on his waist, and you drop little kisses over his jaw and face until he stops crying. 

- You are stucked with me forever man, I don’t care how awful your taste on music is - you tease playfully and your heart inflates on your chest when he gives you a wide brigh smile.

- My pleasure doll - he kiss your lips tenderly

And like that, the most dark room on the tower, gets the brightest for you. Happily you will spend your days stucked in there with him.

A/N: Yeah, I have always had a weak spot for the dragon :)

plutoandpolaris  asked:

So you've completely captivated me with Antistein. Like, I didn't even think about it before but somehow, with whatever witchcraft headcanon magic you seem to have convinced me that it's the cutest thing on this planet. Do you have any more headcanons for it because the community around this ship does not exist and I NEED MORE OF THIS. Sorry to be intrusive, I just get really excited when I discover a new ship I like. XD

ahah thank you! ever since the theories going around about anti and schneeplestein working together i was like well, might as well add another ship to the list lol. but sure! here’s a few more for ya! 💚

  • henrik sees anti as a beautiful disaster and always tells anti when they’re alone together just how beautiful he is. anti tends to brush it off like it’s not important but he secretly treasures those moments.anti loves when henrik comes from behing to hug him and places his arms into anti’s sweatshirt pocket to hug him that way. it makes him feel secure and stable enough for once.
  • when anti is in distress or pain, he tends to glitch more than usual. henrik tries his best to calm down anti, but is afraid that if he might get too close, he’ll hurt himself. thus, whenever anti gets into down moods, he says that he’s a monster and not even schneeplestein wants to get close to him.
  • one of henrik’s favorite aspects about anti is his heterochromatic eyes. he can spend hours looking at the green one and the blue one.
  • when henrik was younger, he wanted to be an artist. unfortunately, his family forced him to become a doctor, but henrik still does art on the side. anti discovered his stash of paints and brushes and blank canvases but instead of scorning him, anti asked with a wide grin if henrik could paint him. henrik’s still working on it in his spare time, wanting it to come out as perfect as possible.
  • henrik enjoys showing video recordings of his surgeries. chase and jackieboy man tend to immediately get grossed out, but anti sits back with him and watches them with henrik. a few times, anti will even place his arm nonchalantly over henrik’s shoulders and ask about certain incisions he’s made. henrik is pleasantly surprised but explains.
  • anti enjoys pushing henrik’s buttons from time to time. anti can be an annoying little shit and loves watching scenes unfold when henrik’s in a rage and yelling. 
  • henrik tends to come home late from work, and most of the time, he’s plain exhausted. anti tries to perk him up so that henrik can shower him in attention, but there are some times when at most henrik only kisses the top of his head before heading to bed. anti always pouts.
  • while most people call anti ‘anti’ or ‘antisepticeye’, henrik tends to use just ‘antiseptic’ when formally talking with anti. henrik is the only one anti allows to call him that. 
I Just Can’t Help It

Request: I really don’t know if I asked you this request already but could you make a Norm request where you two live together as roomies in Norman’s apartment and on Steven’s wedding night you both come home a bit drunk and he just can’t resist you being in that dress all night long and it ends up them having like really rough sex but at the end is very sweet.

Summary: Norman and the reader have been friends for years and he asks her to go to Steven’s wedding with him. The reader agrees. When the reader spends most the night dancing with another guy, Norman gets jealous and decides he needs to have her all to himself. Rough smut ensues, followed by Norman confessing he wants her to himself.


“Damn it, where did he put my hairbrush?” You muttered, looking through drawer after drawer in the bathroom you shared temporarily with you close friend, Norman.

He was letting you stay at his apartment while yours was being renovated. It was only supposed to take a couple of weeks, which would be fine if you could ever find where he put your things.

“Norman!” You called out, you waited a minute before calling out again, as you stomped out of the bathroom.

“Norman!” You shouted again in annoyance as you tried to straighten your messy bed head out on your own, with little success.

You walked through the apartment until you reached the wide-open living room, you saw Norman sitting on the floor, running a line of string around Eye’s head, making the cat lose its cool as it tried desperately to catch it. You couldn’t help but smile at the sight.

“What?” He asked you, his eyes still on Eye as he twirled the string around its head again.

“Do you know where my hairbrush is? I can’t find it.” You asked, softening your voice as you watched him play. Sometimes it surprised you that such a manly man like him could be such a kid inside.

He nodded his head up, “It’s on the kitchen counter. Right by the sink.”

You chuckled a little, “Why is it there?”

He looked over at you and shook the hair from his eyes, “I was making eggs this morning and I was using it.”

You laughed and shook your head, “Okay. Thanks.”

You walked over and grabbed the brush, finally running it through your tangled hair. You held the hair in your hand and worked out a few knots that had formed overnight, sitting on the stool in the kitchen, which overlooked the living room.

“What time do you want to leave today?” You asked.

You two had a big event to go to. It was Steven’s wedding, someone you and Norman had known for years. You had met him through Norman when he first started filming and had known him ever since. You and Norman had known each other for far too long, you could hardly remember a time you didn’t know him. You had been friends for over 8 years and long enough for you to watch him wade through his share of women and scandal.

Since hitting it big as Daryl Dixon, Norman’s restraint was nearly non-existent when it came to exploring his options and there were plenty to choose from. You had decided a long time ago it was best for you and your own heart if you just kept it as friends, but you couldn’t deny he was just about the cutest thing you had ever seen and his heart was so big, he really was an amazing man. To be honest, you didn’t know what he saw in half the women he hung around. But, it wasn’t anything you could control.

“Wedding’s at three. I figured we should get there about, 1-1:30?” He questioned, looking over at you as he laid his body down on the floor, stretching next to Eye, who was doing the same.

You looked behind you at the clock on the stove, “Shit! It’s almost noon already!” You sprang up and into action.

You stared at him through your messy hair, still wearing your pjs and plain grey tank top, “Why did you let me sleep so late?” You asked, starting to formulate your game plan for getting ready in your head.

He smiled at you from the floor, his head nuzzled into his folded arms which he rested on, “You look good no matter what. You’ll be fine, Y/N.”

You huffed the hair out of your face and rolled your eyes, “Yeah. Totally look, great.” You laughed, gesturing at your appearance sarcastically.

Norman rolled over to his back and smiled, tilting his head back to watch you walk off to the shower.

“You do!” He called out to you, as you shut walked into the bathroom.

“Liar!” You shouted back, poking your head out of the bathroom door quickly to stick your tongue out at him.

He stuck his tongue out back.

You rolled your eyes and smiled, nudging your head toward the shower, “I’m going to shower and then start the daunting process of getting ready. You know you really owe me. I HATE getting dressed up.”

Norman looked at you, upside down, lying on the carpet, rubbing his hands up and down his stomach.

“I couldn’t go alone, now, could I?” He smirked at you.

You rolled your eyes again, “Oh, please! I’m sure any number of bimbos used to wearing this shit would have gladly kissed your ass and went.” You said pointing at the dress he had bought you for the occasion which was hanging on the chair nearby.

He chuckled to himself, loving the heated reaction he got out of you. Truth be told, you were right. But, he didn’t want to spend such a special day with just any random bimbo.

“Guess, I just love torturing you more. Friend code. You have to go.” He cockily jut his head back and forth and stared at you, trying not to laugh as you got angry at him again.

You crossed your arms around your body and rolled your eyes again, “Ugh. Fine. I hate wearing that shit and if I fall and break my ankle on those shoes I will kill you!” You huffed and stormed into the bathroom, turning on the shower.

Norman busted out laughed, watching you slam the door. Eye climbed onto his stomach and he looked down, petting him, “We love giving her shit, don’t we?” Eye purred and leaned into his hand.

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When s/o wears something that belongs to the 2ps

Ah, this was kind of vague, and I almost deleted this ask because of my anti vagueness rule

However, I kinda liked thinking about this one, so here you go

I typed out what his s/o wears and how he reacts to it

2P Italy: *half of his entire closet is just plain white button-up shirts, so his s/o decides to borrow one….he doesn’t really notice until he goes to kiss them, smells his own cologne on the shirt, and starts laughing and saying they’re adorable*

2P Germany: *his s/o steals one of his T-shirts with shitty jokes on the front (this one in particular says “I put the fun in dysfunctional”)* awWWWW BABE YOU LOOK SO CUUUUUTE COME HERE LET ME LOVE YOU *glomps them and doesn’t let go for like a year*

2P Japan: *they’re wearing his black hoodie that has a picture of three fried eggs on the front (…..three fried eggs. yeah.)* _____-chan, have you seen my phone—- uh, is that my jacket? Pft. How immature. You could have at least asked. *as soon as they’re out of sight, he starts squealing and flapping his arms around in a major fangirl attack because holy shit they looked adorable*

2P Romano: *they take an orange shirt with gold sequins on the hems* uh. babe. That’s cute and everything, but that’s really Not Your Color. Come here, let’s find something that will look better with your skintone…. *he drags them into his closet and forces them to try on dozens of different shirts until he finds “the right one”*

2P Prussia: *they put on one of his many plain, neutral-colored T-shirts* i-i-is that m-my shirt? You look…really cute……c-c-can I t-take a picture of you? pLEASE? *it’s the cutest thing he’s ever witnessed*

2P France: *they borrow a blue plaid button-up shirt and he doesn’t really notice until they sit kind of near him…..then he starts sniffing around* hey, what the fuck is that smell? ….I think it’s coming from your shirt…. wait… that mine…..? Um, I gotta go— *he runs off to take a shower and do some laundry*

2P America: *his s/o takes a plain white v-neck* awwwwwww dollface you look adorable—– *he goes to just give them a quick peck on the lips but then “accidentally” ends up making out with them for like an hour*

2P Canada: *basically every shirt he owns is a red plaid button-up shirt, so his s/o takes one of those* … that my shirt? heh. You’re weird. *quickly gives them a kiss on the cheek, then tries goes back to what he was doing, but he keeps glancing over to his s/o*

2P England: *they wear one of his clip-on bowties* POPPET OH GOSH DIDDLY DARN AREN’T YOU JUST THE CUTEST THING THAT EVER EXISTED OH GOODNESS COME HERE LET ME KISS YOU PLEASE *gives them a gentle kiss on the cheek, then continues to gush about how cute they look*

2P China: *they steal his black hat* awwww kittennnnnnnn come here let me HoLd yOu awh you look so adorable hahahha okaypleasemarryme *hugs them and kisses their neck*

2P Russia: *his s/o puts on his red scarf. he thinks it’s immature but adorable, but instead of Showing Affection, he just awkwardly points out random facts* …..That’s my scarf. You have my scarf. You’re wearing my scarf. My scarf is red. And you’re wearing it.

BTS When Their Girlfriend is The Younger Sister of Big Bang

I’m thinking of starting to do bts fake texts so what do you guys think?


*Namjoon would definitely be surprised when he sees you walking towards him with your older brother T.O.P before he’s about to go on stage for his performance. He’ll be even more surprised when T.O.P hands him flowers and asks him to take care of his sister. He’ll regain his composure quick and probably make some small talk before leaving.*

Originally posted by rapnamu


*Jin would be very excited to find that you are actually the younger sister of Seungri! He would be very speechless in seeing you walk towards him with the said member and he would probably be the first to greet and tell the member that he doesn’t need to worry since he cares very much for you.* 

Originally posted by jjilljj


*Suga would most likely be chill on the outside when seeing you with your older brother Taeyang but would probably be freaking out on the inside. He also might be mentally worried that Taeyang might’ve seen him pretending to cover his solo song. He would greet him and have a little bit of an awkward conversation.*

Originally posted by jeonbase


*Hoseok would definitely be excited to have you tell him that you are the younger sister of Daesung. He would probably ask you questions about what the members are like and ask if they have ever talked about BTS. Hoseok would just be adorably excited.*

Originally posted by kookiyoon


*Jimin would probably die a little on the inside when he sees you with Taeyang, his ultimate idol. He would probably greet Taeyang (A LOT) and then ask him about his life and probably try sneak in a little hug. He might even try to ask Taeyang for a collab!*

Originally posted by nnochu


*Taehyung meeting T.O.P would probably be one of the cutest thing ever. He would greet him with the deepest bow and give him his biggest smile ever. Taehyung would probably tell T.O.P how much he admires him and how he basically knows all of their songs by heart.* 

Originally posted by taehyunglq


*Now this boy would just fall in love with you even more if he found out that you were G-Dragon’s little sister. When Jungkook meets him in person though, it’ll be like you don’t exist at the moment because he’ll be too busy talking to your older brother about various things. it would just be a cute fanboy meeting him most favorite idol.* 

Originally posted by pjkook

The 2P’s when sick

2P! Italy: “if you even dare to fucking look at me i swear- //snEEZES.”-
- hes probably the cutest thing ever when sick but you won’t even get a chance to look at him lmao
- refuses to leave his room
- doesn’t exist for the entire time he’s sick
- and when someone asks him what the actual hell happened he’ll brush it off
- “luciano, you hibernated for days, wtf happened to you?” “what in the actual hell are you even talking about?”

2P! Germany: “yo dude, sorry can’t go today. i’m sick af”
- will use his sickness as an excuse for e v e r y t h i n g
- even if it’s just a little cold lmao
- will literally just lay on his bed all day

2P! Japan: “A mere fever won’t be able to get through me.” *falls over*
- tell him to take a break pls
- kuro listen to angelica and eliza
- but if manage to convince him to chill, he’ll spend the day with you in bed.
- not in that way, you sick fucks
- could be tho *wink wonk*
- cuddles and anime the whole day

- overreacts 24/7
- thinks he’s gonna die at any moment

2P! Prussia: “Y-you don’t really have to do all of this… I can take care of myself *cough*″
- precious li’l bean
- will refuse if you take care of him
- adorable sneezes 
- it’s really noticeable when he’s sick people could tell right off the bat
- would deny it non-stop

2P! Austria: “Darling, care to pass me the box of tissues? Your Dark Lord can’t reach it from here~.”
- will boss you around definitely probably
- rewards you with a nice kiss on the forehead tho (not lips, bae doesn’t want you to get sick as well
- lowkey jerk lmao
- wants to be spoiled

2P! America: “Hey, doll, come over here so i can infect ya lmao.”
- doesn’t really get sick easily bc he’s a healthyli’l vegan shit
- will try to get as close to you as possible (i.e sqUEEZING hugging, kissing , or just being a huge dick lmao) bc fuckin jerk wants you to get sick as well bc he lowkey wants to take care of you since he thinks its cute
- he gets better pretty quickly tho, you won’t even notice he’s sick

2P! England: “How troublesome… *kiTTEN SNEEZE* Hmph! Poppet, I recommend you to not get near me. I’d rather not have you sick, love.”
- stays away from physical contact
- it’s torture for him
- v tiny v cute kitten sneezes awh
- will try to work but usually fails
- “Uwaaah. How am I supposed to tend my garden?? QAQ”

2P! Canada: “I’m fine. I’m not sick at all.”
- dnies denIES DENIES
- save him

2P! France: “Just fucking leave me alone I can take care of myself.”
- pushes you away
- but actually likes it when you stay
- holy fuck rHYME //SHOT
- but he’s salty af so take care of him even if he says no to you (stop me)

2P! Russia: “You really don’t have to so this, you know…”
- weak af
- will fall over when he stands 
- usually has the worst colds lmao (this wasn’t intended i swear)
- baby

2P! China: “Aren’t you gonna give me a kiss to make me feel better, babe?”
- absolute baby
- whiney ass fuck
- “kitten, i’m feeling cold. cUDDLE ME.”

2P! South Korea: “so are we still going to-*agRESSIVE COUGHING*
- rip his lungs
- will use like 389 boxes of tissues
- it’s not even funny
- you two once watched a comedy movie he laughed to hard and started coughing really bad you had to call an ambulance
- he lived don’t worry