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Adrien’s Game 2.5: The Ball’s In Your Court, Nino

If you’ve read my previous posts “The Evolution of Adrien’s Game” and “The A-mew-sing Sequel”, you’ll know that:

A: I’m being forced to rest until my bronchitis is gone, so I can’t sew
B: My creativity is suffering so, therefore, I’m making crack posts
C: I have a warped sense of humor

This one’s gonna be an in-between because “Animan” is where Adrien’s game truly shines!  Unfortunately, he uses it to coach Nino into trying to get a date with Marinette.  Go with what you know, I guess.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Alternatively titled: Adrien Flirts With Marinette Through His Bestie

  • Can we all just agree that Adrien giving Nino advice on how to score with Marinette is the cutest thing ever?
  • Nino literally tells Adrien this crush came out of nowhere.
  • Adrien’s all “yeah dude, IKR?!”
  • If I were you, I wouldn’t look so smug, Junior.  
  • Phase 1 of Operation: “Clueless Dorks” uh I mean “Give Nino the Confidence to Ask Alya Out Instea–” er…you know what?  We’ll just call it Phase 1.
  • PHASE 1
  • Ask Mari out on a date.
  • No, not me.  YOU.

See how this trainwreck goes below the cut!

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Sleep Alone (Peter Parker)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: After a long night of crime fighting, Peter visits his best friend as he always does, only to discover that she had fallen asleep while waiting for him. 

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is just a little fic with your friendly neighborhood spiderman being a little cutie. 

Masterlist Request Any Of These

Peter let out a content sigh as he found himself feeling warm in the light that illuminated from Y/n’s bedroom window. He calmly ran his finger along the edge of the chipping paint of the frame before opening the window slowly and as quietly as he could before slipping into the cool air that filled the four blue walls. 

“Y/n?” Peter whispered the girl’s name quietly as he looked around the room before his eyes found themselves gazing upon the sleeping form of a girl. 

Y/n’s hair was in her face, in her hands sat a book as she laid on her back, the warm covers beneath her. She was beautiful in Peter’s eyes.

Peter let out a light chuckle as he knelt down beside the bed. He carefully placed a kiss upon the sleeping beauty’s head before sliding the book out of her hands and marking her page. He then lifted her off the bed like a husband would his new bride and placed her beneath the covers before he kicked off his shoes and took his place beside her. 

‘I will never let anything bad happen to you’. ‘I’m so in love with you’. ‘God, you are beautiful.’ It was like a therapeutic spilling of kindness and affection that Peter never said when he thought Y/n could hear him as his fingers grazed over the lines of Y/n’s face and her hair. 

Naturally, feeling the sudden warmth surrounding her and the soft sounds of Peter’s voice and his sweet nothings, broke Y/n free of her dream world as she continued to listen. 

“This is the story of how I fell in love with you,” Peter whispered quietly as he placed a gentle kiss upon Y/n’s cheekbone. “I’ve never told it to you, but it’s not something I think you’d ever want to hear when you’re awake. It’s silly, I know, cause I’m Peter Parker, neighborhood dork and you’re Y/n L/n, cheerleader and popular best friend of said dork. You get invited to parties and I get to make Lego models with Ned. Not that I don’t like hanging out with Ned, I do, I just wished that I could be your date to parties someday.”

Peter let out a long sigh as he placed another tender kiss on Y/n’s forehead, causing Y/n to refrain from giggling at the feeling. “Anyway, I think it all started in the first grade, when we met. I wasn’t in love with you then, not yet anyway, but I made a best friend. You were always the cutest girl I’d ever met, especially with the way you wore your hair and the way you obsessed over those 80′s movies your mom let you watch.

“And then in fifth grade, when you broke your arm and sprained your ankle while we were skateboarding at the park. You were trying to be so brave and tried not to cry, but the moment I picked you up to carry you home to Aunt May, you sobbed and cried out in pain and told me you never wanted me to let go of you. When you had your arms tightly around my neck with your face buried in my chest, I knew there was something between us.

“But, then you and I, we didn’t hang out as much as we used to once we got to high school. I know you felt bad about it, I know you still do, because you had cheer and sports and the only club we were in together was robotics and you weren’t always able to come with your other responsibilities, but we have these nights together and we were one another’s dates to homecoming, even though you were asked by other guys. 

“Speaking of homecoming, that was the night I realized what I’ve felt for years had a name. Love. The way you laughed when I told you not to choke me with my bow tie as you helped me fix it to the way your voice sounded so soft and sweet when we slow danced. And, God, just the way you worked the room like you owned the place when you didn’t ditch me when I fell behind, but tucked your arm under mine and took me with you, introducing me to your friends. I’ve never felt so included. 

“And most importantly, the way your lips felt against mine when you kissed me goodnight. That was my first kiss and if I died today, I’d be glad that it was my last. We haven’t talked about it since then, but I wish I could get the courage to ask you out, to tell you I love you. 

“Cause it was you who initiates everything. You asked me if we could be friends in first grade, you were the one who asked me to homecoming. You kissed me.

“I don’t know, laying next to you makes me wish to never sleep alone, to never be alone. I don’t know if you kissed me out of pity the night of homecoming or if you kissed me because maybe you love me too. But, Y/n, I love you.”

“You know I can hear you, right?” Y/n’s sudden voice startled Peter.

“I’m sleep talking,” Peter said immediately. “This is all a dream. You’re dreaming.” 

Y/n hid a smile against Peter’s neck, a sensation that Peter felt melt his heart, and drew him closer. “I love you too,” she said simply, with a soft sigh, as she drifted back to sleep content in the safety of Peter’s arms, knowing for the first time in her life, love could be reciprocated by even the silliest of heroes.

Taeil Appreciation Posts

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Okay I had never NEVER expected so much notes from my Jaehyun appreciation posts. So I thought why not do more with every member? (Someone please help me with the whole mobile link thing cause I don’t really know how to do it. And I’m really hoping to add all the members with their link)

JaehyunTaeil, Yuta, Doyoung, Winwin, Mark, Haechan, Johnny, Taeyong, Ten

Anyways Moon Taeil need to get more love. I feel like he is the least appreciated member so this post is really important. If you never heard of him or not like him as much as the others, be prepared to be blown away. 

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This boy can sing and make my heart stop. I swear when I heard his voice he made MY MOTHER FREAKING HEART STOP. Its amazing how one person can do to someone. (Just listen to “Because of you” its a beautiful song sung by a beautiful person. Note this is the song the member tease/sing all the time to him) 

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Although he’s not really known for being a dancer, like every NCT member, all of them can dance. I don’t care what anyone says Taeil is a great dancer. 

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Taeil can be sexy. FIGHT ME, IF YOU DON’T THINK SO. I know he’s mostly the awkward, introverted, shy type of guy. But I believe in the bottom of my heart he has a sexy side. *wink* *wink*

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He is the greatest motivator. I mean did you see those cheer leading skills in NCT LIFE PAJU? 

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He’s hella cute. You can tell in those beautiful eyes of his he is innocent to the soul. So pure and angelic not a care in the world. A LIVING ANGEL I TELL YA, A LIVING ANGEL.

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I don’t know about anyone else but I’m loving his hair in cherry bomb era. It’s so fluffy and bouncy I want to touch it. It looks like a cloud that just happens to be on Taeil’s head. LET ME TOUCH IT.

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But that gaze thou. SO RUDE LOOKING AT US LIKE THAT. 

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Did I mention his jawline? No? Well that jawline can cut a diamond no problem cause it’s so sharp. I also like his eyebrows, I don’t know why I’m mentioning that, when your eyes is on his gorgeous jawline but… eyebrows.

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Savage AF LEVEL 10000+. Poor Doyoung, I swear Taeil is gonna kill Doyoung one day by accident. If Doyoung dies one day you will know why, two words. Moon Taeil. 

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Also R.I.P Jaehyun’s dick. Like I said Taeil is not only gonna kill Doyoung but every NCT member. Poor Jaehyun, I love how Yuta just ends up laughing.

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His smile. I feel like every member in NCT had one of the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. When can I have a beautiful smile and look good while smiling? Oh I know, never.

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I just wanted to include this cause why not. Doyoung looking at Taeil’s butt thou. We see you Doyoung, WE SEE YOU. NASTY BOY.

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Look how small he looks compared to the other members, so tiny and cute. Jaehyun-6ft, Yuta-5′9ft, Taeil-5′8. However Yuta looking like he’s 5′10 or 5′11 but I won’t judge. Taeil maybe tiny but he’s still taller than me shm.

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Like every NCT member, he’s a dork. A cute, lovable dork. A dork in which we should all love and cherish forever. 

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Once again look how small Taeil looks compared to Jaehyun. If Taeil was wearing a dress and a wig or something, I would mistake him for Jaehyun’s girlfriend. (Throwback to Haechan dressed up as a girl. Freaking Haechan looking better than me as a girl, when I am one.)


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2Tae’s. Tbh I feel like Taeyong can be shipped with any member, or is it just me?

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Also I personally ship Doyoung and Taeil. I haven’t seen this ship much but this gif just bring a smile to my face. (Whats this ship name?)

got7 as your best friend | imagine

jackson: the definition of ‘ride or die’
- he’s always the one to hype you up when you’re down
- nobody has your back like jackson
- he would hurt himself before hurting you tbh
- “slay Y/N, slay!”
- people would think you two are dating because of how close you two are
- matching outfits
- late night deep talks
- takes cares of you
- clinginess
- expect him to always buy you things and do stuff for you
- gets jealous when he sees you with other people

mark: your shy bestie
- he’s not so quiet around you
- he’s always doing his adorable high pitched laugh around you
- he’d probably spoil you
- naps together
- let’s you wear his oversized hoodie that’s too big for the both of you
- trips to local restaurants
- “you get me.”
- he would pour his feelings out to you since he’s so quiet
- you both would exchange your deepest secrets
- hand holding

jb: your overprotective sexy bff
- he takes care of you
- puts you before anyone else
- allows you to be around his cats (things are getting serious)
- comes off as intimidating but is really soft
- piggyback rides
- scolds you and gives you a tiring life lecture if you do something wrong
- “you shouldn’t wear things like that Y/N.”
- acts like your boyfriend
- cooks for you
- friendship bracelets
- opens up to you
- arguments about stupid stuff like why you shouldn’t leave the door open

youngjae: the cutest person in your life
- expect to always be soft around him
- he will do anything for you
- you two would watch cartoon movies together
- you both will learn each other’s native language even if you aren’t good at it
- cuddling
- “you’re so pretty Y/N!”
- you’d tease him about cucumbers
- you’d always be around coco
- walks in the parks
- expect to be hit a lot when you make him laugh since he’s a physical laugher
- he would sing to you

bambam: the wildest dork ever
- his dabbing would rub off on you
- he would buy you expensive items
- you both would exchange dirty jokes
- inside jokes
- “we can be the dbffs!” (dabbing-best-friends-forever)
- trips to his hometown
- sleepovers
- he’d probably forget your birthday tbh
- never fails to make you happy
- deep talks
- making fun of each other

jinyoung: the bougie shade-thrower
- you both would always gossip
- drinking wine together at 11pm
- roast sessions
- coffee dates
- he would force you to read books
- he would be an open book to you
- “I’m the most important, Y/N.”
- he would get salty when he realizes you have other friends
- you’d probably start covering your mouth when you laugh like he does
- play fights

yugyeom: your giant baby bestie
- he would be embarrassed when you baby him
- “Y/N let’s go have fun!”
- you both would vibe to music together
- expect mentions about chris brown
- he would blush when you compliment him
- you two would make fun of the other members together
- hitting each other
- arguments that might result in him crying since he’s so sensitive
- he would make you feel small

boyfriend!mark lee
  • the cutest dork ever omfg
  • gets shy and blushes a lot
  • especially when he holds your hand, which he’s doing 24/7 his hand is forever glued to yours
  • always squishes your cheeks and cups your face
  • gets really flustered and embarrassed when you do it back
  • and when you compliment him omG he’d be so smiley and as red as a tomato
  • would always be trying to make you laugh or smile even a little
  • he’d tell you really stupid cheesy jokes and you’d laugh not because they were funny but because he’s an idiot
  • you’d also be laughing because he’d be so pleased with himself and giggling so hard over such a bad joke
  • even though he’s only young he is very deep
  • meaning he’d come to you a lot for advice when he has worries
  • you’d also stay up all night when you’re laying in bed having deep conversations while you cuddle
  • the older members would be like brothers to you
  • they’d be more protective over you than mark is omg
  • soft shy kisses!!!!! hELL YES!!!!
  • gives you the cutest nicknames
  • and he’d change your contact name to them when he thinks of a new one
  • loves to play with your hair
  • would make you really cute playlists
  • writes raps about you
  • whenever he’s tired he’d get really snuggly and would fall asleep with his head on your shoulder
  • he’d just be the cutest little puppy ever with you
  • you’d be his entire world he’d be the best boyfriend despite being young
  • he’d give you his all

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TMNT Flashback . . .

“And, April, if you give me your cell number … ” 

“I can patch you into our network.”



“See that?”

“I got her number.”


“Her number’s on the fridge, you dork.”

“ … ”

*OMG, Donnie is the cutest thing ever! I love this flashback! 😍 😍

Click here for more TMNT Flashbacks … ;)

Nu'est Videos!

To spread some happiness within our ㄴ.ㅇ.ㅅ.ㅌ fandom, I’ve compiled a list of links to my favorite youtube videos of Nu'est!

Baekho hits Minhyun for playing the same notes on the piano over and over!

Produce 101’s Clarification Corner! Baekho’s beard and JR’s hair loss?

CEO Hwang Minhyun (the subs had me dying)

Literally Nu'est expectation vs. reality and probably the weirdest but funniest video they’ve ever made

A short clip of Minhyun singing Urban Zakapa’s “I Don’t Love You”!

OT5 dancing to Pick Me!

Nu'est acting out concert ettiquite! (You will laugh and cringe)

Goodbye stage for Overcome on MTV The Show featuring the cutest ending!

The boys being dorks and singing Lie by Bigbang! (Someone help them lolol)

Dancing to Face on HeyoTV! (They get super hyped lmao)

Singing Overcome at a radio show and it sounds just like the studio version!

The best fancam ever taken of Minhyun! (angel vibes)

Compilation of Baekho’s laugh!

Compilation of Minhyun’s laugh!

Nu'est VS. Minhyun!

Ren being a dancing god!

Ren dancing to Up & Down by EXID!

Aron bothering Ren!

JRon doing the beginning of Hello together!

Nu'est is not in here but Rap Monster sings Hello!

Baekmin acting out the beginning of Hello together!

Nu'est performing Introduce Me to Your Noona

Newly debuted Nu'est singing Sorry (aka my most favorite song of theirs)

Ren being Ren while singing to 2NE1’s I Am the Best!

ARen doing karaoke together!

Cuts of JR during Canvas promotions!

JR doing an over exaggerated dance!

JR becomes Sistar19!

JR prepares a sweet surprise for Ren’s birthday!

I hope these videos also cheered you guys up!


What me and Peter used to do, I would usually get picked up at say 5, 5:30, and then on Doctor Who we were on set at 7:30, on camera to rehearse, and then you film through to 7 pm is the kind of schedule that you’re on. So what me and Peter began to do a lot is because Peter, in particular, his dialogue is insane, and, more often than not, I’m pretty fast at learning lines anyway, but not the kind of jargon that he has. So we’d just run them together in between takes. (x)

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Uma x Gil x Harry headcanon, sleeping??

Awww, adorable! <3

- Gil seriously screwed up Harry and Uma’s sleeping arrangements. He’s huge so it’s hard for Harry to take up as much room as he usually does and still give Uma room to curl up. These three often wake up a twister of limbs and nobody can figure out how it happened. 

- Gil gets really messy bedhead it is adorable. Harry and Uma love to mess with it, he pouts it’s like the cutest thing ever. 

- Gil’s like an octopus - he will find the people in bed with him and bring them in super close like you cannot get away from this man. It’s much different than when it’s just Harry and Uma but they don’t really mind it? 

- Gil cannot get into bed normally, he always has to flop onto it and move it around it knocks the wind out of the other two all the time GIL YOU DORK. 

- If it was like a little radiator before, not it’s like a mini-desert. It is so hot they barely need blankets. 

- It takes forever for them to get up. Between teasing each other and being sluggish it’s just a really long wait. 

- Uma is so short she has her feet at their knees. No snoring or she will kick you in them. 

- When they’re really tired, they can’t even pretend to explain each other’s mumbling. They just understand and run with it.

Hogwarts! Jun

anon requested: “I love the hogwarts au!! Please continue with other members, maybe Jun or Woozi?????”

  • Junhui has a reputation around Hogwarts 
  • he’s the Gryffindor house’s seeker 
  • make that star seeker 
  • as in the kid is good 
  • like always winning good 
  • and he knows it too 
  • he’s never actually practicing on the quidditch field if he can escape Seungcheol’s sharp supervision 
  • he’s too busy perfecting broomstick flying tricks 
  • whether that be jumping up over the goal posts and landing perfectly back on his broomstick again 
  • or zooming past the girls in the stands and shooting them winks 
  • he never fails to catch the snitch 
  • all the teams playing against Gryffindor always have to come up with a strategy knowing they’ll be 150 points behind once Jun catches the snitch 
  • as he always does 
  • he never really has any trouble doing it 
  • he’s only ever missed the snitch once 
  • and that was because the beater from the Slytherin team, Minghao, hit the bludger right into Jun’s broom 
  • and everyone was shook thinking that Jun would hate Minghao forever for it 
  • but Minghao ended up visiting Jun in the infirmary right after, really worried
  • and ever since that they’ve been best friends everyone is always in shock seeing the best friends from Gryffindor and Slytherin 
  • but the two get along so well 
  • pranking the others in their friend group 
  • no one can tell that Jun’s a year older than Minghao 
  • they practice their flying tricks on brooms together 
  • and they are often breaking the sitting at your own house table rule
  • though honestly their entire group does it, all 13 of them
  • and anyone else who has the guts really
  • and no one ever says anything cause who want to be that person
  • everyone who doesn’t know Jun very well might assume Jun’s a bit of an arrogant prick 
  • though ask any of his close friend group 
  • “Jun hyung? I mean Jun hyung is very confident in appearance but he’s probably one of the shyest of the group in reality." 
  • Mingyu tells you and your friend who’s in the third year like Mingyu 
  • you’re a fourth year Gryffindor like Jun 
  • and although you know him because everyone else in Gryffindor knows him 
  • and share plenty of classes 
  • you can’t really believe he’s the shy type 
  • he’s a bit intimidating, always surrounded by his friend group 
  • good luck trying to squeeze past his friend group if they’re all packed in the hallway 
  • and a bunch of girls are after him just because he’s a great seeker 
  • and he knows and is aware of these facts too 
  • which is why you felt iffy with how Jun’s personality was 
  • granted, you haven’t talked to him much 
  • but maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? 
  • you don’t know when exactly 
  • but you started paying a lot of attention to Jun 
  • surprisingly, Jun’s best classes were transfiguration and potions, but especially care of magical creatures 
  • and he never really seemed to study for those classes 
  • the only time he went to the library was to bug Wonwoo about something 
  • sometimes he just wonders around the school grounds walking with Joshua, or Minghao, or someone else, just talking 
  • despite never going to the library to actually research and study
  • his papers were always done well and his exam scores high 
  • it kind of made you wonder why he was in Gryffindor and not Ravenclaw
  • besides his confidence in his own skills that is 
  • no one knew exactly if he were a half-blood or pure-blood either, besides his friends 
  • if he were from a pure-blood wizard family, it could answer why he was in Gryffindor if all the rest of his family were in Gryffindor 
  • he was still a mystery to you though 
  • that is until one day in care of magical creatures 
  • the professor brings in a hippogriff 
  • and Jun fearlessly steps forward, making eye contact with the hippogriff, not blinking as he bows 
  • the professor is kind of taken aback when the hippogriff quickly bows back 
  • faster than it has ever done for any other student 
  • and is even more surprised when Jun starts petting it as if they’ve known each other forever 
  • it’s legit just Jun the hippogriff does this with 
  • everyone else has to wait a few additional minutes before gaining the hippogriff’s trust 
  • and Jun just sits on the ground next to Minghao and Jihoon watching everyone else struggle a bit 
  • you’ve also heard he leads a few younger kids out at night to raid the kitchen for desserts past curfew 
  • and you point this out to your friend when you’re sitting with her and Mingyu at lunch 
  • "Ok but a late night dessert raid is so impractical." 
  • "I agree but it’s Jun.” she says laughing at you 
  • “Oh you mean that night? Well it was Hansol’s birthday, we went to get cake.” Mingyu says shrugging and giving you a chuckle 
  • “Jun may seem a bit arrogant, but trust me, he sometimes acts like our mom. Refused to let Hansol’s birthday just pass without cake, he was dead-set, couldn’t stop him so you had to join him." 
  • Mingyu then got called over to the Ravenclaw table by Seokmin about some assignment 
  • "What’s your sudden obsession with dissecting what kind of person Jun is?” your friend says pointing her fork accusingly at you before proceeding to stab her steak aggressively 
  • “No way!!!! Do you like Jun?” she says nearly choking after seeing you turn pink at her accusation 
  • “What the heck of course not! He probably doesn’t even know I exist!”
  • “Mhmm…” your friend says nodding and waving her fork in circles
  • “Maybe I’ll believe you.” she finally decides 
  • sighing in relief you tell her you’re going to get some air and try to finish that potions paper you’ve been sleeping on 
  • you walk along the path, thinking sitting by the lake might be nice when you spot a figure standing on the edge of the forbidden forest 
  • “Hey! You might not want to be there-” you say running up to them when you see it’s Jun 
  • and he’s carrying a snow white owl with a crooked wing in his arm 
  • “Oh.” you say slowing down 
  • the owl starts flapping its wings in a panic surprising you 
  • but what’s more surprising is when Jun grabs your arm 
  • “Don’t move y/n, I think something attacked it and it’s really scared now.” he tells you softly in a whisper 
  • lowering your voice you slowly raise a finger to pet the owl, who then begins to calm down a bit 
  • “Wait how did you know my name?” you asked Jun in a quiet tone 
  • “I’ve been in your classes for years now, y/n, I’m not stupid.” he says giving a shy laugh and letting go of your arm 
  • wait a shy laugh? 
  • yea, you notice how Jun focuses on the owl and how he seems to sink lower into his scarf when talking to you, the slight flush of pink in his cheeks 
  • he was almost cuter than the owl 
  • ‘Did I just call Wen Junhui cute?!?!’ you think to yourself 
  • he’s too busy focusing on the owl to notice you blushing 
  • “I was supposed to collect the bludgers after practice because Seungcheol caught me goofing around again instead of practicing and when I came out of the field, this little guy fell out of the sky.” he tells you
  • “Hmm seems like a broken wing." 
  • "Yes that’s what I thought too, might bring him up to the professor later, get his wing checked out." 
  • he straightens up and you give him your scarf to wrap the owl’s wing with 
  • "Are you sure? It’s kind of cold.” he says giving you a sideways glance  
  • “Yea it’s fine I’m not cold at all.” you say trying hard not to let Jun hear your teeth chattering 
  • and failing miserably 
  • Jun takes his scarf off and wraps it around your neck while still holding the owl 
  • “You don’t have to give it back anytime soon, I’ll just ask Mingyu to make me another one." 
  • you can feel your cheeks blushing as you cough and turn away quickly and start walking back to the castle 
  • Jun jogs lightly to catch up with you and you catch him hiding a smile
  • "You’re pretty good with magical creatures.” he compliments you while walking next to you back up the path 
  • “No, not really, I just don’t like seeing things get hurt.“ you grimace awkwardly 
  • "No I think you have talent, lots of it, especially for care of magical creatures.” he says nearly beaming 
  • “Says the person who sweeps every quidditch match easily without having practice.” you say laughing 
  • Jun doesn’t respond right away and you look at him 
  • he’s blushing and trying really hard to keep the huge smile off his face 
  • “That’s more luck than talent.” he says nearly stuttering over his words 
  • you’re trying really hard to resist thinking Jun’s cute but damn, now you know what Mingyu means by saying Jun’s shy 
  • “I mean, I think I’m pretty talented, especially if you think so too, but I’m worried people might not like me if I always say that.” he says giving you an embarrassed look 
  • “Your self-confidence is beautiful Jun, everyone likes you don’t worry.” you say with a smile 
  • “Well…” he begins 
  • “Hm..?" 
  • "You should come to the last quidditch game next weekend, I never see you at the after-match celebration party anyway, so maybe we could just go grab a butter beer at Hogsmeade." 
  • "Are you asking me out on a date Jun?” you’re reeling in surprise 
  • “Yes why? Am I not good looking enough for you?” he says laughing and raising an eyebrow at you 
  • “No, you’re too good-looking, that’s the problem.” you tease him 
  • “I’ve actually sort of liked you ever since you hexed that bully who was picking on that first year in front of potions." 
  • you recall the kid who had been calling the first year "mudblood” and how you had thrown perfecticus totalus  
  • “He deserved it.” you say shrugging 
  • “Yea but you stood up for that kid. I bet people would have called me that if they found out, if it weren’t for my friends." 
  • "So you’re muggle-born?" 
  • "Yup." 
  • "That’s so cool though, you’re good at so many things!” you laugh eyes lighting up 
  • you had always thought that Jun’s confidence in himself was admirable if anything 
  • “You’re just cool,” he said laughing, “sorry if I sound like a dork now though." 
  • "No way, I- I’ve kinda low key been trying to figure out what kind of person you are for the past few weeks and it took me this long to realize, but it might be because I think you’re pretty cool." 
  • he gives you the cutest smile ever 
  • "So is that a yes then?" 
  • "Only if you promise to get rid of all your fangirls by telling them you’re mine.” you say boldly 
  • “Deal." 
  • from then 
  • well, let’s just say everyone freaked out 
  • with Jun holding your hand when walking into all your classes 
  • and Minghao just shaking his head at the both of you and looking at Jun like  
  • "About damn time." 
  • and you always wear his scarf he gave you 
  • Mingyu just glaring at you and laughing 
  • "So that’s why he asked me to make him another one, could have just told me…" 
  • late night adventures sneaking out into the kitchen for cookies together -until Joshua catches the two of you giggling 
  • "Jun this is fifth time this month, I really don’t want to give out detentions.” Joshua says laughing and shooing the two of you away 
  • and since the both of you share so many classes, even the teachers give up and let you two sit together 
  • which ends up being a huge distraction for you because Jun’s busy drawing circles or spelling your name out on your arm or hand with his finger while you’re trying to concentrate 
  • “Hey just because you’re smart doesn’t mean I can magically transfer this info into my brain.” you tease him smacking his arm away 
  • and on the weekends the two of you just walk around the school grounds
  • or in Hogsmeade 
  • with people pointing and staring 
  • “There goes Jun and his girlfriend.”
  • “Honestly they’re always together in classes, it’s cute enough to make you want to jump out a window." 
  • him shooting you winks during quidditch matches or during practice, with girls looking at you jealously 
  • and every time Jun disappears from celebratory parties over a Gryffindor win 
  • everyone knows that you two are off together sitting by the lake and hanging out with the giant squid 
  • holding hands and teasing each other 
  • shoulders touching 
  • Jun trying his best to teach you how to fly on a broomstick, his arms around your waist  
  • "I kind of can’t fly if you’re holding me Jun." 
  • "What if you fall and scrape your pretty face, how will I live?” he jokes 
  • “Get over yourself.” you laugh 
  • and when you finally get the hang of it, you both just fly around, him showing you his favorite places in school 
  • until the two of you land on the roof by the astronomy tower 
  • and sit there together watching the sun setting 
  • your head on his shoulder 
  • hand in his and the both of you just enjoying the beautiful view 
  • oh and there’s the sunset too of course

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Wow This Is Gay

@trashy-potatos asked: Hey! I was just wondering, could you write some boyf riends fluff please?? I’m not in the best place rn and I just need a ton of fluff and like,,,,your just really awesome at writing fluff. Yeah your just awesome.


After the whole SQUIP incident, Michael and Jeremy had found themselves complimenting each other a lot more. Maybe it was because they’re feelings for each other were more obvious than ever, or maybe it was because they both realized how bad the others insecurities were. Either way they’d randomly tell each other how amazing the other was, and would get into full on compliment battles.

And that’s where they were now. They were walking in the hallway and Jeremy had tripped over a lose tile, Michael chuckled “you even make tripping adorable”

“Dude but you literally make everything adorable!”

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I'm so happy you included Kageyama on your top 5 cutest, because how do people not see that he is the most adorable little volleyball nerd ever?! Like, he's such a little dope, and the meat dance? I just want to hug him, he's so cute

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He’s the cutest dork blueberry ever, I love him so much <3 

(some) things Nero did:

aka a Nero appreciation post cause he is my husband and I will protect him

  • love Avilio even when he had no reason to
  • trust Avilio even when he had no reason to and everyone (ok, Barbero, mostly) told him he was wrong
  • be the only one to ever understand him
  • save Angelo from the Galassias
  • not kill Angelo, repeatedly even if he had the reason and the means to
  • not kill Angelo even when Angelo told him to do it
  • make Angelo finally cry and express his feelings
  • look at Angelo sleeping and then at the moon in a very sentimental way
  • trust Angelo again (freed him from his binds and what came after) after he fucking killed almost everyone Nero ever cared for
  • make Angelo kinda happy (at least he tried)
  • buy Angelo pineapple cans
  • let him see the ocean before he die
  • ask him to stay (”you don’t need a reason to live, you just live”)
  • understand Angelo still didn’t want to live anymore
  • (probably) kill him as an act of mercy
  • smile at a pineapple can

in short:

  • be totally gay for Angelo from the very beginning to the bitter end

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*clears throat* I have recently gotten into the twenty one pilots and would like to know everything your wisdom can give me on the topic of Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph pls

This is your pilot speaking, please buckle your seat belt and prepare for take off.

This is Josh Dun

He plays drums, does back flips off of things and is basically the energizer bunny. Exibit A: Brendon Urie and Josh backflipping in sync wow

He goes hardcore during shows

and outside of shows ???

and he puts everything he has into every performance

Also, his eyes get really squinty when he smiles and it is the cutest thing ever wow


This is Tyler Joseph

He sings. raps, plays ukulele and piano, and is a lyrical genius.

He wears ski masks a lot and can go from serious, philosophical mastermind to this in a matter of seconds

And sometimes this

What is he even doing?

His milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

He also says “sick” a lot

Together they make twenty one pilots.

They’re just two mamas boys from Ohio, and they have the greatest friendship ever.

look at these dorks

what are they even doing???

You have now been poorly educated on twenty one pilots

Stay street. |-/

EXO Reaction ~You doing Aegyo


Would probably smile like a total dork when you break out such cute gestures.

“Aww look how cute my Jagiya is!”

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Would laugh at your cute attempts to try to swoon him.

“Nope, not happening cutie pie.” 

Happens anyway.

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Would try to act unamused until you pulled the cutest face he’s ever seen, causing him to blush and smile like crazy.

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“What have you done with my Jagi, she’s never this cute.”

The comment would cause you to pout and he’s hug you, telling you how adorable you are until you stopped pouting.

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Would laugh cutely at everything you said, every face you made, telling you how adorable you are.

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“Jagi, you’re so cute, but you’ll never be as adorable as me.”

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Would make faces at you to try to mess up your aegyo, and he would eventually succeed.

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Would mirror everything that you did, trying to make you laugh.

“Look Jagi, I can do it too!”

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