you are the cutest cupcake

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Warnings: violence, jealousy, possessive jerome, its not smut but like its pretty frisky. WINK WINK

A/N: Sorry for the wait. I had severe writer’s block and I just really hope you all enjoy this. This kind if turned out longer than I expected.


Your finger lightly traced the rim of your glass as you nodded your head to the beat of the music. You looked particularly bored, well because you were. You wanted some action, something entertaining so you decided to stir up a little bit of trouble. You grabbed your drink and took a sip out of the tiny black straw then looked over at the ginger sitting next to you. You smirked remembering all the crazy times you two have went through together.

It had been so…boring since the red head died, but now that he was back it was time for some fun. But before Jerome died you two had a thing but it was never really established, kind of like friends with benefits. Jerome had an eye for you and it was pretty obvious because he made it clear to everyone. He would constantly flirt with you and would be very touchy feely with you. You didn’t mind of course because you had a “little” crush on him, but you liked to keep it to yourself because you were quite the fan of the playing hard to get game. No, fuck that. You were a tease.

You set your drink down and stood up from the bar stool and quickly pulled down your rather short dress. “Hey, J?” You called him in a sweet voice pressing your body against his. His arm snaked around your waist and he looked up at you with the cutest puppy eyes accompanied with his extended smile.

“What’s up, cupcake?” You smiled at his little nickname name for you.

“Will you dance with me?” You asked in a rather innocent voice, pushing a couple of stray hairs back into his neat hairstyle.

“See, I would princess, but ole’ Romey here isn’t much of a dancer.” Jerome said and you rolled your eyes and pouted. “Alright then. I’ll find someone else.”

You broke away from Jerome’s arm and walked over to the dance floor, making sure you were swaying your hips a little more because you knew he was watching you. The beat of the music slowly started to consume your body making your hips swayed seductively to the lyrics. You let all your worries go and you felt like you were living, of course with a little help from the previous drinks you had before making you feel tipsy.

“What’s a beautiful lady like you doing here by herself?"A very smooth male voice asked in your ear. You turned around to get a good look at him and he was very attractive. Tall, dark hair, perfect smile, dimples and hazel eyes. You smiled and your hands found their way to his abdomen slowly sliding their way up to his shoulders. Pulling him down to your level you whispered in his ear: "Dance with me.”

You turned around and felt his hands rest on your hips, gripping them slightly. Jerome had to do a double take to make sure what he was seeing was actually happening. The stranger pressed his body to your backside to where you could feel his member. You felt Jerome staring bullets into your soul but you continued to grind against the attractive stranger. The whole time you were making eye contact with Jerome. His jaw was locked and his fists were clenched, but he was still sitting in a relaxed position. You felt his lips softy graze your ear lobe.

“Come home with me.” You heard him whisper in your ear. As if on cue Jerome stood up from his seat and made his way over to the both of you shoving and bumping the people that were in his way.

Jerome didn’t hesitate to grab you by your arm and yank you away from the stranger. If looks could kill you would be dead. The guy you were dancing with was none too pleased either. You had to give him props though, he wasn’t scared or at least he did a damn good job of hiding it.

“What’s your problem, man?” It was evident that the guy was highly annoyed from his tone of voice.

“The problem is you, buddy!” Jerome’s tone was very cheerful but you knew he was fuming, and it was just what you wanted. You looked around and noticed that everyone had been focused on the dispute between the two.

“Listen here, I hate to break it to ya, but,” Jerome leaned into closer to the guy’s ear. “She’s not interested.” Jerome started to cackle uncontrollably until the stranger shoved him.

“Oh, that wasn’t very nice.” Jerome sounded like a parent chastising their child. He quickly pulled out a gun that he had his his jacket and pointed it to the man’s head. Then without hesitation, Jerome pulled the trigger.

You were still processing what just happened before you were being dragged out quickly by Jerome. He shoved people out of the way trying to get to the exit.

The exit door swung open because you and Jerome bursted through. The cold Gotham weather hit your legs making you shiver and regret wearing such a short dress. You soon found yourself being slammed against a hard brick wall in an empty alleyway, the only thing that could be heard was the club’s music and the late night city traffic.

Jerome had you pressed against the cold wall with no room to move. His face was inches away from yours giving you a stare that felt like he could see everything you were thinking. You avoided all eye contact with him because you felt guilty, but also so submissive and quite frankly it turned you on.

“Look at me.” Jerome ordered in a very soft voice but you silently refused. “Look at me!” He yelled making you jump. Jerome took his hand and grabbed your face forcing you to make eye contact with him.

“I’m-I’m sorry, Jerome.” You apologized quietly. You didn’t know if it was the drinks or the fact that he could possibly kill you but you felt tears running down your cheeks.

“It’s a little late for sorry, princess.” Jerome wiped your tears, intentionally smearing your makeup in the process. “No amount of tears will help me forget tonight. You know, I’m very disappointed in you” Jerome continued to chastise and tease you, making you wonder what he’s going to end up doing to you.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, and I think you need a punishment.” Jerome leaned in and started to bite on your neck making you bite your lip holding back your moan. His hand slowly trailed down your side and soon found its way under your dress, rubbing your very sensitive area in circular motions.

This was going to be a long night

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May I request the bros with a shy and soft spoken s/o, please?

Of course you may! 

*disclaimer, this ‘reader’ may or may not be based off my own personal experiences*

Noctis loves the way you speak, and he thinks you’re adorable. He knows it’s patronising, but he just loves how bashful you are.

Of course, when he knows you’re feeling shy and actually uncomfortable, all he has to do is grab your hand and squeeze, and you know he’s going to support you through it.

Being with the prince is nerve-wracking anyway, but having to be the centre of attention is the worst. He knows you hate it and he loves you all the more for it.

He adores the way you speak. He leans in close and smiles at you when you finally tell him you love him, and he kisses you with such fervour and emotion, it almost makes you cry. “You’re perfect,” he whispers.

Prompto gets ‘shy’ better than most. He takes his time getting to know you, and listens really hard when you do say anything.

He never pressures you into talking, just loving spending time in your presence, waiting for you to come out of your shell. When you do, he is there laughing along with you, holding your hand, tugging you close.

He knows you don’t feel that confident around the others, and he bears the brunt of their jokes, especially from Gladio, while you smile sweetly up at him.

He loves catching your eye, especially in public places. He gets a real kick out of watching you blush and giggle at something he’s done, and he enjoys the challenge of bringing you out of your shell a bit.

 Ok. Gladio initially thought you were the cutest fucking thing since pink cupcakes with glitter sprinkles. He still does, but he loves that you gain confidence around him.

His outgoing personality is the perfect foil for your shyness.

He jokes around, goofs off around you, but the moment you open your mouth to say something, he shuts up and listens.

He really listens to you. He knows that you tend to keep your thoughts to yourself, and if you do decide to speak, he’s learned it’s worth listening to.

At first he thought you were just another mindless wallflower, but when you contradicted him on something, and won your point fair and square, he changed his mind about you.

He enjoys the delicacy of your shyness. He takes pleasure in protecting you, in sheltering you, in offering you a safe place to go when it all gets overwhelming.

 Ignis adores the way you speak.

Like, to the point of fetish.

It’s soft and quiet and delicate, and it’s rare for you to talk, but it’s a treat when you do.

He wants to reassure you, to let you know it’s alright to speak, to voice the opinions he values so much aloud.

He holds your hand. All the time.

You love tucking yourself behind his arm when in public, allowing him to take the limelight and do the talking, and you know he loves it when you squeeze his fingers in silent support and agreement of what he’s saying. It’s like you’re screaming your support for him, but only he can hear it.

He loves it when you come to him when you’re feeling quiet or shy, and just want to snuggle up against his chest and be held by him. His calm confidence stills you inside, and makes the world stop spinning wildly.

Ignis is your anchor.

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Nevada Ramirez & Crybaby: and ‘Cookie’

Yea… this happened… I’m still really distracted by Raúl and the puppy…

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Canon Character: Nevada ‘Trujillo’ Ramirez (Trouble In The Heights)
OC: ‘Crybaby’ Caroline, long-time girlfriend and consistent thorn in his side.
The Ta-Do: House party, not too far from their new apartment.
Warnings: Cussing, drug use (smokin’ reefer), feels.


While pouting, she twist a bit at the waist, mostly just to please him. “What'dya want?” Hollering, over the music coming from someone’s shitty speaker system. “I’m busy.”

Nevada groaned, started shouldering his way through the crowd so he could manage to curl a hand around her wrist. “You’re not busy,” he splayed fingers out towards the little collection of now-hushed girls she was standing with; pretty young ladies wearing too-short skirts, gossiping and chatting about nothing really important- “You’re chattin’, c'mon.”

He tugged at her waist, Caroline rolled her eyes and began reciting her ’I’m sorry’s to the girls who understood, as she was drug through the little apartment. There really shouldn’t be this many people here, she thought to herself, while struggling to maintain the pace of her man’s strides. It was probably a fire hazard, or should be…

But nobody really cared about that.

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NCT as Your Older Brothers

I was too lazy to do ‘em all so I hope it’s ok that I only did the debuted members! >.< this turned out so loooong but it was fun to do :D

rv version; here


  • looks out for you so much
  • always asks how you are & remembers every single test you have, then asks you about it
  • will listen to all your worries & never judge, no matter what you tell him. even something that not everyone might accept, such as not being the “standard” sexuality or gender or mental state
  • loves you so much, no matter anything in the world
  • comes home sometimes with strawberry milk or a chocolate cookie for you. then tells you to eat healthy afterwards
  • is so nice to your friends too & has been the driver of your squad to many a nightclub & party
  • anxiously stays awake when you’re out, only able to sleep when you’re home, safe, in bed. so that’s why he’s the driver; he’s always awake anyway.

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  • sooooo protective
  • the most protective big bro, but tries to pretend he isn’t. he does it without meaning to so he’s not even aware of how protective he is
  • sometimes looks over your shoulder when you get a text or looks up your friends on social media to check that they’re worthy of your time
  • oh & partners better watch out
  • even if they’re the holiest of holys, they’ll never be good enough for you
  • can be too busy to hang out with you sometimes but makes sure to always at least check in on you with a text or call a day
  • and makes up for lost time on days off by bringing you to see a movie or go bowling

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  • “eww, you have a crush? I’M TELLING MOM!”
  • he’s the type to read your diary, bomb every sleepover, hide your things, eat your food, pull your hair, run into your room to fart then run out, is just an overall annoyance basically
  • but he’s your annoyance, you get me?
  • for all the grief he’ll give you, he’ll also buy you medicine when you’re sick and cuddle you until you’re feeling well. then promptly denies even knowing you - “what do you mean, I rubbed your back? do I even know u?”

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  • is a bit clueless at times
  • doesn’t know how to deal with you if you start crying or what to buy you during holidays/birthdays bc he wants something special but what do u want? what do the kids these days want?
  • “doyoungie, you’re young too, you know that???”
  • “shush, little sibling, your big, superior brother is thinking here”
  • is so awkward around your friends & boy/girlfriends
  • never spills your secrets & is very trustworthy

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  • has said before that if he were to introduce his younger sister irl (that’s 3 years younger if I remember right) to anyone it would be mark. so he would introduce you to him too & try to set that up
  • if you’re not interested, then he highly recommends johnny. & if you turn him down then ten’s genuinely confused since “he’s so handsome, what’s wrong w u? well, if you don’t want him, I’ll have him”
  • compulsively lies & blames you for everything. so fights can happen
  • but for the most part, you two live in harmony & love each other deeply

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  • does his best to pick you up when you’re down, doing aegyo or cooking you something to make you smile
  • knows that all your friends think he’s hot so if they’re over, even in winter, he’s in tank tops & shorts to show off his body & flirting grossly w them
  • so he’s annoying at times.
  • oh, he takes your food too. pesters you til you feed him. always makes sure you’re fed too
  • loves when you fall asleep on him, esp since he can take sneaky pics of you & send them to the members like “wow, I’m such a great person that anyone could fall asleep on me”
  • your relationship is very good & strong. not a day goes by where he doesn’t mention you or how much he adores you

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  • the type to wake you up christmas day with a snowball shouting “snowball fight!” so you run outside barefoot in pj’s to no snow since it turns out he made the “snowball” from ice in the freezer to trick you
  • nags you to keep up with your school work
  • introduces you as his “fetus sibling” to the boys
  • teaches you how to charm taeyong & now he’s both your bitches

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  • jamming to beyonce & rap songs all night long
  • he even blares them on his phone then jumps on you to wake you up
  • when you two share a bed, he wraps his legs around you since he loves sleeping w a pillow between his legs & now that’s what you are
  • always gives you song recommendations
  • shows you the lyrics he’s writing before anyone else; “what do you think? does it sound good?”
  • practices his dance/rap/singing & makes you be his one-person audience
  • takes you ice skating every christmas
  • sometimes wakes you up in the middle of the night to vent or offer you some ice cream
  • has no issue with you dating & even helps you sneak out of the house if you have to

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  • introduces you to as many sm idols that he knows. exo’s lay basically considers you a younger sibling too
  • the kind of brother to put something cute up on his social media on your bday, like his fav childhood photo when you two went to a park & you scraped your knee so he kisses it better. will also accompany that w a cute, heart warming caption
  • your parents never had any trouble with you two as kids. even now there’s no issues, since you two get on so well.

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  • he will play your fav songs to cheer you up on practically every instrument in existence since this boy is talent™ 
  • loves playing video games with you and watching movies. esp car movies so I hope you’re okay with that
  • he doesn’t mind having you in his room as long as you don’t touch his car models or car drawings or his anime figurines
  • doesn’t talk about you a lot to his hyungs though bc he’s afraid they’ll fall for you but will also support your relationships. as long as you’re happy, he’s happy

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  • NOT TRUSTWORTHY. DON’T TELL HIM ANYTHING. will spill all your secrets for ice cream or even for free if he’s feeling evil
  • teases you constantly
  • takes your things & lots of bickering
  • screenshots all your ugly snapchat pics for a long 10 minute compilation for your bday on fb
  • pulls up your enemy’s insta page to mock her/him with you. bitch sessions are the only time you two truly bond. the sass is strong in your family
  • but if you ever have a problem then he gets so emotionally involved it’s like it happened to him. if you ever experience bullying then don’t be surprised when he starts crying
  • behind your back he’ll complain to the boys that you’re gross but if one of then even looks wrong at you then r.i.p they had a good life.

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  • all nighters watching iron man or horror movies. which, depending on which of the two, you two either pass out on top of each other on the couch. or you sleep in the same bed. just in case a murderer shows up
  • makes sure you eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away
  • always has playful dance offs with you, esp to exo songs
  • once dreamed of being a doctor so acts like it when you’re sick; “what are your symptoms? no, don’t buy that medication. get the one in the red packet, those work better”

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  • introduces you to exo’s lay, so now he also treats you like a sibling. between lay, renjun and chenle; you’re taken care of
  • sings you to sleep when you’re sick or upset
  • is also super mischievous so sometimes pulls pranks. not extreme ones though. he’ll never push it too far
  • is also your partner in crime
  • your parents have a lot of their hands since you two always have each others backs; “broken vase? what broken vase?” “yeah, we’ve been in our rooms all day.” if one of you goes down, the other does too, & you wouldn’t have it any other way

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  • brags about you all the time to his hyungs
  • sends you the cutest snaps & texts & buys you things all the time from cupcakes to a new phone
  • is basically your wing-man since he praises you so much that the other guys joke “man, maybe we should marry (y/n) since they sound so great” & jisung’s so proud like “yeah, my lil sibling is so great & cool.”

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Migé and Ville being Migé and Ville Part 6

The time Migé and Ville turned into girlfriend and boyfriend I guess.

“Honey, you are not fat!”
“Of course I am!”
“ No. You are not!”

Migé is just the cutest cupcake :) 

And for Ville I would recommend a visit at an optician to get get himself a pair of glasses. Because, seriously?

source:  Ville Valo & Migé Amour | funny interview for BRAVO TV, 2001.

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Oikawa husband headcanons

- Literally needs to be cuddling when you go to bed. If his s/o is turned away from him, or on the opposite side of the bed, he will pull them flush against him, their head on his chest, or vice versa. Yup, he’s clingy like that.

- He can’t bake, but boy, can this boy decorate. If he were to bake, there’s no guaranteeing that the kitchen wouldn’t explode, but give this boy a pipe full of frosting and some sprinkles, and you will be gifted with the cutest cupcakes you’ll ever see.

- Even if him and his s/o have been married for years, he’ll still try to be as romantic as possible. He knows not everything is going to be lovey-dovey, fairytale all the time, but when the opportunity arises, he ceases it.

- He hoards houseplants, and it’s a wonder how he fits so many into the house. Anytime he sees a cute plant at the grocery store, he’ll buy it. So far, he owns 14 cacti, 8 succulents, 10 air plants, and 4 flowers. His s/o is sure those plants consume more water than they do…

- He’s such a classy dresser, even in the most irrelevant situations.
“Tooru, why the hell are you wearing a suit?”
“Don’t we have to go out today?”
“Yeah, to the flower shop. For fifteen minutes. Right down the street.”
“Dress to impress, baby.”
“Tooru, it’s literally 90 degrees outside, do you want to die?”
“… Dress to impress.”

- He occupies so much time in the bathroom, it’s actually annoying. Him and his s/o will be in a rush trying to get to work in the morning, and he’ll take an actual hour primping his hair. On more than one occasion, his s/o has peed while he was doing his hair because he was taking up so much precious time.

- He really would adore kids in the future, especially a boy. It’s his dream to have his son go through school playing volleyball like he did, and revive the Oikawa family name. (He’s also kind of narcissistic and wants his kid to be a chick magnet like he was…)

- On top of hoarding house plants, he hoards flowers too. There is, in fact, a small flower shop down the street from where he and his s/o live, and everytime he passes by, the pretty pinks and mint greens catch his eye and he always ends up buying a carnation or two.

- Before him and his s/o we’re officially married, their bed sheets were galaxy themed. However, once they did get married, his s/o more or less forced him to ditch them. (They still use the duvets when they’re cuddling on the couch, however.)

- His passion for volleyball never died. He went on to become the official setter of the national team, which he was absolutely thrilled about, until he realized that he would be the official setter for Ushijima Wakatoshi, and his excitement died just a little bit. Also, much to his spite, his wife and Ushijima’s girlfriend got along horrifyingly well. (He would make them take a shower every time they came home from hanging with her because, “She has Ushiwaka germs on her and they’re on you now too.” His s/o would always contradict him by saying “Yeah well, don’t you have Ushijima germs too? Since you’re teammates and all…” He internally combusts a little bit every time.)

- He’s such a loving and caring guy, and despite all his flaws, loves his s/o with all his heart, and everytime he catches glance of her wedding band, he gets giddy over the fact that, “Wow… she really does love me too…”


i was tagged by the cutest cupcake aka @dulcetyeoll

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five things you’ll find in my bag:
·hand disinfectant
·baby wipes

five things you’ll find in my bedroom:
·a lot of stationery and pencils
·uncompleted drawings
·my owl plushie^^
·(chanyeol chained to) my bed

five things I’ve always wanted to do:
·have a private atelier
·become an author
·produce beats,compose lyrics & record my music
·get rid of anxiety
·get rid of writer’s block

five things that make me feel happy:
· @peachesandkookies, @dulcetyeoll & @poodleyeol
·seeing dust particles dancing when a sun ray enters a window (i’m emo)
·reading my favorite books
·having the time and inspiration to create

five things I’m currently into:
·crafts and painting
·underground/dark rnb
·doodling chanyeol’s eyes

five things on my to-do list:
·start studying for uni
·write the first chapter of the fanfic i’m working on (i started from the middle 😑)
·shave for god’s sake i look like a carpet
·learn chinese/korean/japanese
·become active here :3

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Dating Wen Junhui Would Involve
  • Having a greasy af boyfriend!
  • But he is a sweetheart in truth
  • Acts like you are a princess
  • Is very protective of you
  • Acts like a gentleman when you are on dates
  • But is a fucking greaseball when you are in company of the other boys or in private
  • Not in a gross way though
  • But he is the type of guy to hold the door for you on dates, and laugh his ass off when you run face first into the door when his friends are around or when it is just the two of you
  • Or pull out chairs when he is over at your parents place, but pull it out a bit too far when you are over at the dorm
  • Uses a lot of cheezy pick up lines to see how you react
  • Gives you those looks
  • In public it is this sweet admiration and so lovey dovey
  • But he looks at you like he could eat you right up in private
  • It might seem as if Jun is two faced
  • But he just doesn’t think being a greaseball is appropriate in public
  • Where he has a rep to uphold
  • He also does a lot of romantic things for you when no one is looking though
  • Shows up unexpectedly with take out and drama dvd’s
  • Gives you the cutest nicknames 
  • Cupcake, sugarplum, pumpkin, little dove
  • But his favorite is Baobei
  • He loves twining his fingers with yours
  • Nose kisses
  • Lays his head in your lap when you are netflixing
  • Holds your hip a lot
  • Loves to watch you struggle before getting up to help you with something
  • Is big on cuddling
  • Always wants to be the big spoon
  • Is big on movie and dinner dates rather than active dates
  • Takes a lot of pictures of you

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positivity for an autistic slurpuff, who who is insecure about their looks *they are overweight* and insecure about people they love abandoning them

First of all, regardless of your size, you are absolutely adorable and as sweet as sugar! You’re like a cupcake decorated with the cutest designs! And no one could ever abandon someone as sweet and lovable as you. You’re wonderful, you hear me? Wonderful!

game grumps as food

arin: microwaved totino’s pizza rolls that you dropped on the floor in anger because the center is still cold like your soul

danny: cosmic brownie placed on a fancy plate and garnished with skittles and whipped cream on top… the perfect sexy dessert

ross: milk in cartons bc cartons are satan

barry: five guys double bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries… amazing

suzy: île flottante but the crème anglaise is colored black. dark yet classy at the same time

kevin: the cutest pink vanilla cupcake that you bought from a charity bake sale… it’s yours now and no one will take it away from you