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Dating AJ Styles Would Include:

Requested By  @ashleyamorexo

  • Him calling you “Sweetheart” and “Darling” all the time.
  • Simple cute dates.
  • Lots of cuddling.
  • AJ loving to be the little spoon, but of course never admitting it.
  • Starting your relationship whenever he was still in ROH.
  • Being friends with Gallows and Anderson.
  • Getting into little fights about stupid stuff.
  • “Oh yeah? Well at least I didn’t lose to James Ellsworth..3 times!”
  • “…I cannot believe you went there!”
  • Laughing at how much he hates Dean Ambrose.
  • Getting annoyed with Shane and Daniel, because of how many times they make him fight Ellsworth, knowing that Dean will interfere.
  • “You know, you’re a great champion.”
  • “Oh, believe me Sweetheart, I do know that." 
  • Him being arrogant and flirty with you in public
  • But, being very, very, sweet with you any other time.
  • “BaeJ Styles.”

So, I’ve never done on of these new year posts, but I have a few things to say about this year, and maybe I’ll mention something that someone needs to hear.

As far as competitions go, this year was pretty crappy for me. I dropped in placement at every single major that I’ve ever been to. I had teachers telling me I’d win things that I barely broke the top ten at. Some I didn’t even get that far. It sounds like I’m complaining about silly things; stupid Oireachtas champion problems, right? But it was hard. Especially when you think you did your best, but the judges don’t agree.

At first, it really frustrated me, you know? I felt (and I know I’m not the only one) like I was disappointing my teachers, parents, friends. Bipolar marks made me feel like nothing was under my control in dance, anymore, and I went crazy half the year trying to figure out what in the world I was doing that the judges hated SO much. I had to start seeing a sport psychologist to keep my head on the right way, and for a little while I forgot that I love Irish dance.

Sometimes when you get so into something - whatever it is that you do - you begin to expect things of yourself that you didn’t at the start. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s what makes you better. But when you start to expect things of yourself without forgiveness when you fall short, you’re setting yourself up for so much disappointment. This year, I - stupid perfectionist that I am - had myself so. freaking. stressed. because I thought perfection was the end goal. I fought myself for a solid 10 months before I realized what I was doing.

Thing is - and I’m a control freak, so I hate this - sometimes there are things you just can’t control. You can’t control what the judges like, can’t control the stage, can’t control the venue or who you dance with or if you get the flu two days before you dance. And you have to learn to be proud of yourself, not for the number you get, but for the improvement that you see in yourself. It took too long for me to understand that, but it really does change your perspective. If you compare yourself to anybody but you, you’ll never see how far you’ve really come.

There’s always another competition.

You can always go to another feis, do another major. You can always try again, and marks don’t stop you from trying as many times as you want to. Only you do that. So, for this year, I am proud of all my crap placements because I know that I worked hard and that I WILL do better!

(Jesus, I’m sorry this is so fricking long, Happy New Year, yall!)

New Books. . .and the Accidental Date.

Amazon emailed on Friday that they were offering $10 off of a $25 book purchase…so obviously I had to immediately purchase more books.  Obviously.  My husband got a new sander that also came today–way more boring, but he’s excited about it. ;)

Soooooo, maybe it’s just me, but has anyone else had this experience during the dreaded activity known as networking? 

Situation: I know that I am supposed to bring on more board members, donors, and company “champions” because that’s part of my job.  Usually, this is not overly difficult and professional boundaries are clearly in place, BUT at certain events like networking happy hours (I was recently forced to attend one) where you are just chatting and mingling with people one-on-one and there is alcohol involved, it seems people are more prone to blur boundaries. The most recent one of these stupid events that I attended was for venture capitalists and major donors and I gave out several of my cards and have had several follow ups.  Most of them have been phone calls or emails, but one of the men that I met suggested that we meet for lunch. I have work lunches fairly frequently, and I thought nothing of it.  In hindsight, I suppose I should have noted that, although he did say, “Hi, this is _________–not sure if you remember, but we met at __________ event a couple of weeks ago,” he did not specifically say in his invitation to lunch that we should meet to discuss work–I just assumed it.  And, yes, I do recall the phrase about what happens when you assume… *sigh*  Well, I met him at the restaurant, and he immediately told me how “beautiful” I looked…which is not a greeting that I associate with a work lunch, but I smiled and thanked him and ignored it.  We ordered and broke into some random chat about the holidays and then somehow he brought up books and we talked about that for a bit–nothing necessarily concerning since I tend to talk about plenty of things at work lunches because I like getting to know people.  However, when I tried to steer the conversation toward work, he would continue to steer it away…and at one point, he just said, “But, I really want to know more about you.” Aaaaaaat which point I said, “Um, but I thought the purpose of this lunch was to discuss how our organizations might work together??”  And, at which point he turned brilliantly red and said, “Oh, right, yes…of course,” and then within five minutes realized that he had an urgent meeting he’d forgotten about and cut the lunch short.  So, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I went on an accidental date this afternoon.

Important to note: I always wear my wedding ring and mentioned my husband on several occasions–both at the happy hour AND at lunch.

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19, 50, 72, 88??😊

19. Do you want a church wedding?

i honestly dont mind either way, probably ive never though of it before

50. Left or right handed?

right handed but i was stupid and fracture my right arm in KINDERGARDEN so i learned how to write with my left hand for like 2 years and then i forgot

72. Are you scared of the dark?

I LOVE THE DARK. im scared of bright lights more than im scared of the dark. i literally tear up when i go to the orthodontist because the light they shine at my face is too bright

88. What do your parents do?

My dad is a 5 time gold skating champion and my mom works full time as the sexiest katsudon that entralls men so SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME MY ADOPTION PAPERS FOR VIKTOR AND YUURI 

ya there, 8? it’s big sis. if your ever in alola again, i want ‘cha to send this to that stupid MC kid, got it? private eye job for you only. hella confidential.
..okay, not really. they just beat me in the dumb champion battle again, but thinkin’ of that kid receiving this picture? can’t help but smile, yo. either that, or ya boy was going off behind the camera.

( aka a reason for me to send you a cosplay picture)

~ Daaaaang sis. Lookin’ good! (Thank you for this omg you look AMAZING)

Get Ready - Dean Ambrose

WWE Imagine
Rated: T language

Summary: Your flight is delayed the day of Backlash you miss Dean losing the title and he meets you at the hotel and his reaction surprises you.

Requested by @baymella4eva

Y/n been Dean Ambrose girlfriend for a year, ironically your a nurse, and nine times out of ten Dean needs a nurse. You had been with him when he won the title and you were trying to get there in time for Backlash. Thanks to the stupid weather your plane had been on stand by, by the time you landed, Backlash was over, you managed to catch the end on your tablet. You saw AJ Styles pin Dean and the ref counted 1, 2, 3, and new champion AJ Styles. Tears started rolling down your face. You got to the hotel and got the key Dean left for you, and went up to the room. You knew how he’d react, he’s gonna be pissed, you figured you’d either be up all night listening to him yell and scream or you’d have angry sex all night. A half-hour later he opened the door and walked in, he closed the door and put his bags next to him. He walked to where you were sitting on the bed, he kneeled down in front of you. “I’m so happy you’re here, doll face” he said laying his head in your lap. “Me too Dean, I’m sorry I wasn’t there” you said running your fingers through his hair. He lifted his head and looked up at you. “Don’t apologize for that, I didn’t need you at the arena, to see the worst loss of my career, I need you, hell I just need you all the time” he said. You felt a tear building up in your eye, “Oh Dean, I’m always here for you, the title doesn’t matter to me, only you do” you said. Dean stood up and started looking around the room like he was looking for something. “Dean, what are you looking for” you asked, “I just need” that’s all he said. He grabbed the bag of water cups from the counter and took off the twist tie. He walked back over to you and he got down on one knee “y/n your the only one that keeps me stable and strong and you are my everything, I don’t deserve you but your more important to me then any Championship in the world, will you marry me doll face” he asked. You couldn’t believe what you just heard, you lost your voice for the moment and you nodded your head yes. He took your left hand and put the twist tie around your finger and twisted the top into a diamond like shape. “Dean is this a dream, are we really getting married” you asked crying. “Yes baby doll we sure are, you are more beautiful than that title was, I gotta get you a real diamond though” he said looking at the twist tie diamond. “Hey I love my twist tie diamond my future husband made it for me” you said planting a kiss on his lips.

The End

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The match hasn’t even happened yet but I can already tell you a 2v1 handicap match for the US title seems pretty stupid.

I do want the US title off Reigns and putting the belt on Jericho would be better if and only if they get away from having the same 4 guys in the same storyline (Reigns, KO, Y2J, Rollins).

Like I wouldn’t mind if Jericho had the belt and Jeri-KO had a feud with The New Day. Big E challenges Kevin Owens for the Universal title and Kofi and/or Xavier challenge for the US title.

But point blank, I want Big E as United States champion with The New Day still intact as a stable. 

I think New Day deserve to come into WM with a belt. Aside from Cena, I’m pretty sure New Day pushes the most merch, they are usually the most entertaining on RAW, and frankly they deserve to be a focal point of a 3 hour RAW.

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Cp meaning corporal punishment

Mycroft does not relish in the pain of others unless they were stupid enough to hurt his family however, while he might not be at all for flogging, death is one he might champion for if he knew without a doubt that the person in question would kill again. Mycroft just doesn’t like giving someone that would sooner attack his loved ones a chance to escape and do so again.

Fool him once shame on you, fool him twice and its shame on him and you do NOT shame Mycroft Holmes and get away with it.

The key notes to take away from this is that unless you’ve fucked up greatly(and I mean you REALLY screwed up and would do it again if given a chance) he won’t be for corporal punishment (death).

So death because it was determined that you will harm again=yes and flogging/water boarding/etc.=no.


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34. Kiawe + female champion that does crazy tasks to help the kahunas keep peace

Give the poor boy a break. ~ Admin Cosmog

34. “If you really love me, you’ll let me go.” 

She’s been champion for Tapu knows how long, he should be used to this. But he couldn’t get the shaking feeling off of being protective of their well being overall. She did stupid things that without him there, he believes would have gone worse. 

Tapu Lele was upset for some reason; blowing things up, it’s scales landing in various places. Locals not understanding to not touch the pink scales that are scattered everywhere. Kiawe was supposed to help Lana and Mallow take care of the scales, but after the scuffle in the porting area of Heahea City with the deity, he followed. 

Now the captain was standing on the verge of the cliff that led to the water. Nothing sharp at the bottom, but it was a stupid idea regardless to jump. “I’m not letting you go, you idiot. You can catch Tapu Lele in another part of the island. You’ll kill yourself.” 

“No I’m not! Primarina is waiting for me! He won’t let me get hurt.” She shot back, trying to release his grip. “Come on- it’s probably blowing up the beach by now!” She winced when his grip tightened and he pulled her back. “If you really love me, you’ll let me go.” 

“I do love you, but I’m not letting you go. You may be the champion and get away with a lot, but as captain, I’m doing this for your safety- and my sanity.” While his voice held emotion, his expression was stern, disapproving. 

The champion stilled for a few moments, before letting go of his wrist. “Fine.” Watching as he immediately relaxed, sighing. “Sorry for worrying you- Tapu Lele wants to fight. It never gets it’s energy out otherwise.” 

Quaffle to Couple

Request: Could you do a Oliver Wood imagine where you’re best friends and you’re on the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team and you get hurt in the match with Gryffindor and as soon as the game ends he rushes to the hospital wing and sits with you all night telling you stupid jokes and bringing you candy? Then you get teased about it bc everyone knows you like each other except each other. And you end up together? Thanks!

Word Count: 868

Pairing: (Y/N) x Oliver Wood

The adrenaline was coursing through your body, another match, another pressure on your team to win. This was the match which would decided placings. Final placings. If you won this then… well you were the champions. The opposition was the only thing which scared you, it wasn’t because they lacked proper manners (which they certainly didn’t) or didn’t play with dignity (which they above all houses did) but it was that they were the toughest house, the complete Hogwarts favourites… Gryffindor.

Your heart was torn in this game, half of it belonging to the blue robes but the remainder was on the other side of the pitch, near the all too familiar red and gold colours. Oliver was your best friend and had been since, well, almost first year. However sadly thats all you would ever be to him, a quidditch opposition, a best friend.

The cheers from all houses resounded around the quidditch pitch as your team gradually made their way onto the turf, the homely smell of cut grass wafter towards you, loosening your shoulders and returning your heart rate to normal. However it was barely two seconds before it picked up again, there he was, moving across the quidditch pitch from the opposite side, striding confidently as he rode the wake of red and gold, stopping before the captain of your own team. Although his attention was focussed on your captain you could clearly see his gaze flicker towards your direction, a small smile forming at the corner of his mouth.

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I gotta wonder if there’s like a running contest in Kiri to see who can have the most anti-climatic death of all because fucking seriously man you got like

Zabuza (currently the running champion)- dies to injuries inflicted by some nobodies on a pointless job, nowhere close to achieving his dream of becoming Mizukage

Kisame - dies for a stupid ass scroll that affected nothing and accomplishes nothing in the process

Raiga - thunderbolts himself in a hissyfit after getting beat up by some thirteen year olds

Juzo - gets too close to a Uchiha and accidentally gets stabbed by his own sword

Kushimaru and Jinin - Might Dai

Ameyuri and Mangetsu - die to the same melodrama disease that killed Kimimaro and Itachi

Hell, even non swordsmen are in on it

Ao - I still don’t even know exactly what happened, only that it was pointless

Tsurugi - Pein’s fucking dog

Utakata - Also Pein

Yagura - dies off screen in an unknown way, in an unknown point in time

The only Mist nin who didn’t have a completely anti-climatic deaths was like… Fuguki and arguably Gengetsu. What the hell guys

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Dragon, ground

Dragon: What has been your toughest challenge in Pokemon so far?

I think the biggest challenge is honestly remembering all of the little things that make a great competitive player. Remembering natures, speeds, what moves Pokemon are known for. I make a lot of stupid moves when I go on Pokemon Showdown and then I make some sort of self-deprecating comment in chat and we all have a good laugh.

Story-wise, Blue/Green/Farts has been and probably always will be the toughest Champion I’ve ever had to face. 

EDIT: Alternatively, finishing any long-term fic.

Ground: What is your favorite town in Pokemon?

I’ve got two. The first is Canalave. It’s by the water, the music is gorgeous, and it has the most amazing library ever. I could spend hours in Canalave and I always thought it might be nice to live there. 

But nothing will ever come close to Goldenrod City. Still in 2017 I can walk into that town and manage to feel both nostalgic and hopeful about the future. The City of Opulent Charm, or something like that, right? It’s got tons of small businesses, a booming entertainment industry, and a gorgeous park. That’s where you go to get a haircut, sniff out Rocket grunts, and breed your Pokemon, too. It’ll always feel like home to me.