you are the bun


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 

a restful home.

yes, i can stick magnets on my arm.

but i only do it for a good cause. the letters are magnetic. repainting the arm is too much work

steve decided he wanted to draw this because the last time i did something like this there wasn’t anything to prove it had happened. (last time i painted ‘die nazi scum’ on the side of a tank which id stolen from the nazis. the 40s were a wild time my friends)

(This is for sale on redbubble, both with and without the text and red circle. A black background version is under the cut, just because it looks cool.)

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Fic prompt: Jack talking to Bitty's little stuffed rabbit lol

“I know that you are, for all intents and purposes, inanimate. But you’ve been closest to Bitty for the longest, and I have to ask someone. So, here goes.”

Jack takes a steadying breath. Across the kitchen table, Señor Bun stares at him.

“I want to ask Bitty to marry me.”

There’s no response from Señor Bun.

Jack nods anyway, and sighs out. “Thank you. That means a lot to have your blessing.”

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the small case he’s been carrying around the past few days. He opens it and holds it out for Señor Bun to inspect.

“It’s silver,” Jack says, in case the rabbit is as unfamiliar with precious metals as he was before he started searching for engagement rings. “It’s meant to go well with Bits’ colouring.”

Jack laughs. “Okay, fair point. He looks good in anything. Or nothing,” Jack adds, and then feels compelled to apologise for being so crass after having just asked for Bitty’s hand in marriage.

“I have only good intentions, I assure you. You know I love Bitty. Fuck, I love–oh, I swore, sorry.”

Jack doesn’t know why he’s apologetic for that when he and Bitty have both sworn plenty in Señor Bun’s presence before.

Jack takes the ring box back, and looks down at the simple band.

“I love him more than I thought I could love someone. Being with him feels right, you know?”

Jack imagines Señor Bun nodding.

Jack runs his finger over the band once before snapping the lid shut and putting it back into his pocket.

“What do you think about me asking tonight?”

It’s harder to fill in the blank this time, but as Jack stares across the table, he would swear on his second favourite hockey stick that Señor Bun’s head dips infinitesimally in a nod.

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  • Jungkook: I'm not jealous.
  • Jimin: Then what are you? You keep doing the jeonlous tongue thingy.
  • Jungkook: I'm possessive. I can't be jealous of something that's mine. You're mine.
  • Jimin:
  • Jimin: Jungkookie
  • Jungkook: What?
  • Jimin: I love you too