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How Do You Tell?

My Buddy And I Are At Our Wit’s Ends! How Do You Tell The Burgess Twins Apart? Who’s Tom? Who’s George?

I Say i Can tell Them apart From Their Man Cakes.

Can you Tell The Difference?

Miss Model

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Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 563

Part 4 of Utter Perfection

After Cas left, you sat on the end of your bed and reached down, slowly slipping off your heels. Your mind was reeling. He’d looked so happy when you saw him. Getting up, you took off your jewelry and dress, letting them fall to the end of the bed.

Once you were in a shirt and shorts, you brushed out your hair, and then pulled it up into a messy bun. Your bare feet moved you towards your bedroom door, and you felt like a zombie. All you wanted, was to wash the makeup off your face, crawl into bed, and do anything besides think of Crowley.

Crowley knew what you were thinking, it wasn’t hard to figure out. What it was, however, was completely wrong. After he’d destroyed far too many demons, he snapped himself to you. His eyes moved from the end of your bed, up your sleeping form, to your face. You were hugging your pillow tightly, and it was still damp from your tears.

His eyes fell for a moment before he moved forward, licking his lips. “Love?” He spoke up. You shifted, but didn’t wake. “Love, please, I need to speak with you.”

“Why aren’t you speaking to miss Model?” You sighed, not looking up at him.

His hands were in his pockets, not wanting to make you uncomfortable by sitting down. “She’d be more likely to wind up in your bed than mine, I can promise you that.” Crowley told you, a slightly amused look on his face at how you stared at him.

Shaking your head, you sat up, furrowed brows. “Wait, what?” You asked, still getting rid of the sleep induced brain fog. “Why would she be in mine?”

That made him laugh, his head went back and everything. “I don’t have the parts she’s interested in, pet.” He said gently, wondering how long it would take you to catch on.

After a moment, you blushed. “OH!” You buried your face in your hands, chuckling. “Oh, God.” You groaned. Sighing, you sat back, looking at him. “I’m so sorry.” You said softly. “I saw the way you lit up with her, and how different her body was.”

“And your insecurities got the better of you, didn’t they?” He asked, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

You nodding, wiping a tear from your cheek. “I think because I was scared.” He gave you a moment to add to that if you wanted to. “I had planned to sleep with you when we got back.”

Crowley’s eyebrows went up. “That I was not expecting.” He admitted. You bit your lip, still blushing. “Care to know what we were discussing?”

“First, can you come kiss me?” You asked bashfully. “I can’t believe I acted like that.”

Snapping his fingers, you were in his chambers. “How about I hold you, as well?” You were in his dress shirt- the same one you wore your first night there. When you smiled, he crawled into bed, in just his boxers, his arms open for you.

You leaned down, kissing him gently before resting your head on his chest. “So, what were you talking to her about?” You asked, your fingers drawing lines on his chest.

Crowley grinned, although you didn’t see it. “I asked her to hunt down the perfect ring to ask you to be my Queen.”

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agent-peggycoulson  asked:

From the moment I saw your fanart, I've been in love with it. It's a diffrent kind then I'm used to see, and it's amazing. I love the fact that you see Harry with the facial hair and manbun and Ginny with the pixie haircut! Keep up the awesome work and I'll be looking forward to see more of it!

Thank you so much! I love man bun Harry and pixie haircut Ginny! I finally could see them as adults. And I’m glad more people enjoy it too. It is nice to know my art is something different, it really motivates me!

anonymous asked:


Thank you so much! ♥
Yuuri Katsuki is a precious bun that we must all protect at all costs. 

1) Any music you’ve been particularly into lately?

lofi. Oh god lofi. It changed my life. Eevee’s “Unexpected” is beautiful.

2) Who was your first celebrity and/or fictional crush?

(this is so embarrassing) Jeff from Dynasty. I know. I was like 5.

3) How tall are you?


4) What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Strawberry. Also stracciatella.

5) Pick four countries you would like to visit!

Japan, Morocco, China and South Africa

6) Your personal opinion on listening to music in a language you don’t understand?

Why not

7) How do you usually do your hair?

bun, ponytail.. sometimes down too.

8) Favourite mythological creature and why?

Medusa!! I fucking love Medusa.

9) Do you prefer swimming or hiking?

Swimming.  Nothing relaxes me more.

10) What is the most bizarre or ridiculous dream you’ve ever had?

I honestly never remember my dreams.. 

11) Sunrise, sunset, or stars?


I tag: @dryasiulia @claudeng80 @sabraeal @akai-vampire @ruleofexception 

TalesFromYourServer: I don't understand pooling.

(Not a new thought, but finally writing it down, because I’m sitting here watching it, and I’m about to close out, and it’s pissing me off. I’m the customer here, if that’s not clear.)

You are doing a great job, Oddly Short Cocktail Waitress. You’re pretty busy but you’re circulating, checking in on folks, your table chat is brisk but feels genuine, not plastic-y. (Pet peeve.) You have your act together, you are a professional.

You’re not the problem – Lazy Ass Man Bun behind the stick is the problem. He’s slow when he is moving, petulant to you and to Slightly Chunky Brunette on the (many) drinks he’s had to remake, and what little time he spends away from hitting on Blonde DD Customer is spent texting.

Nonetheless, if I tip to reward your service, he will get the same share you do. Maybe more, if you get cut early. F that.

Can anybody gave me any rationale for pooling? Otherwise it’s just “you should tip because of the wage structure”, and I’m going to figure out how long I’ve been here, and leave a living wage for that, whether it’s 3% or 30%, because it has absolutely no connection to the excellent job you’re doing.

By: throwaway_735295763

a restful home.

yes, i can stick magnets on my arm.

but i only do it for a good cause. the letters are magnetic. repainting the arm is too much work

steve decided he wanted to draw this because the last time i did something like this there wasn’t anything to prove it had happened. (last time i painted ‘die nazi scum’ on the side of a tank which id stolen from the nazis. the 40s were a wild time my friends)

(This is for sale on redbubble, both with and without the text and red circle. A black background version is under the cut, just because it looks cool.)

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