you are the biggest dork ever

#on a happier note though #look at this fucking nerd #he goes around so tall and handsome as hell #and people think he’s so suave #when in reality he goes around wearing 10 different pieces of clothing #sending dolphin emojis #having a wedding plan #and doodling hearts on windows for his crush #and on top of it he puts a freaking ‘’I’’ inside the heart #this is the biggest dork you will ever meet


Malec: Harry and Matt are good friends, they are both huge dorks, they both are super cool and funny. They both ship Malec, don’t even get me started on who is the biggest Malec suppoter *cough* Matthew *cough*

Philkas: They became best friends, they LITERALLY live so close to each other. ALSO HUGE DORKS. Every night after the episode they do livestream. They are so cute with each other. Even Tyler’s girlfriend ships them. LIKE WHAAAT!!!?? + THEY FUVKING MADE PHILKAS PLAYLIST TOGETHER??!!! They understand how we feel, they make funny content for us. And again biggest supporter, if you didn’t know already is TUM TUDU DUM James Paxton everybody!!


Confession:  So I’m about halfway through my first ever run of Origins, after having played Inquisition 3 times. My third run on Inquisition I chose Cullen to romance to put my heart back together after Solas wrecked it on my previous run (and Blackwall on the run before that). But thanks to Origins, I have had to come to terms with the fact that sensitive ex templar dorks who are way into their hair are my biggest weakness. Alistair and Cullen, what have you done to me?!

fave moments of the marco livestream

-my favourite karate move? blocking claw! *makes marco do the blocking claw* “this is my way of dabbing!!” *repeatedly makes marco dab*
-“hey chansey, I thought you died in battle”
-marco’s parents trying to be hip and marco’s mom doing the shuffle
-we held hands, and we *starts coughing aggressively*K-KISSED
-look at her! look at her….I’m gonna send her a meme!
-star’s kinda …gotten me out of my shell. I’m glad she showed up.
-“toffee? well, he tried to kill me so……not a huge fan?”

 -adam generally being the biggest dork ever trying to please the fans I love him

  • listen, this boy is the biggest dork EVER if there were an award for ‘world’s biggest dork’ he’d win it
  • meaning he’d be the silliest boyfriend in the whole entire world
  • but you’d love him for that exact reason
  • seriously you two would be so in love it would be disgusting
  • he would completely change when you two actually start dating he would’ve been so shy when he was crushing on you but after having you say yes to a date with him he’d calm down (mostly)
  • but when you wear his clothes, he’d go back to being that shy little boy again
  • he’d tell you you look so beautiful whilst doing that little smile he does yOU KNOW THE ONE
  • he’d always candid shots of you and some of them would actually be really nice
  • but other ones would be ones of you eating with food all over your face
  • you’d get him back though by screenshotting all his ugly snapchats
  • you’d be each others lockscreens
  • but it wouldn’t be a nice aesthetic photo, it’d be one of those stupid photos he took of you
  • your text conversations can be one of four things: memes, cheesiness, stupid deep conversations or you complaining to him about something he did
  • the meme conversations would be you spamming him with memes of himself and he’d haTE IT (well he’d pretend to but he lowkey saves them in an album)
  • the cheesiness ones are obvious, him getting emotional at 4 in the morning and texting you about how much he adores you and loves you and never wants to lose you
  • you, of course, respond 'you woke me up for this?’
  • the stupid deep conversations would be the same thing, hansol texting you at 4 in the morning about aliens or some new conspiracy theory he read about later in the day
  • you actually don’t mind these texts because you’re both dorks who like to research and talk about conspiracy theories
  • the complaining ones would be when the tables turn and you text him at 4 in the morning asking him why he ate all your snacks
  • 'hansol you were only here for 5 minutes yet my pantry is empty’
  • 'honestly i dont know how i did it either i kinda blacked out and next thing i know all the food is gone’
  • he’d get upset when you say 'ily’ or 'love u’ instead of 'i love you’
  • you’d touch his butt all the time and he’d get so flustered the cutie
  • he’d touch your butt back and giggle
  • arcade dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cuddly movie marathon wrapped in blankets dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • staying in bed all morning snuggling and smooching!!!!!!!
  • as soon as he finds a new song he’d send it to you
  • and every single lovey dovey romance song he finds, he says it reminds him of you and that its “our song”
  • keep in mind he finds about 10 every day that are 'our song’
  • and every time, you remind him that you have about 200 'our songs’ already
  • you love it a lot though because some of the songs are so sweet and basically say how in love with you he is, you won’t admit this or show it though
  • he’d be really bad at trying to be upset with you because he’d just do something silly like throw a blanket over you
  • you’d purposely annoy him even though he doesn’t get annoyed
  • but then when he does it to you you get so annoyed
  • when you’re not together you’d facetime for hours and hours
  • you’d end up falling asleep on facetime together every time no matter what
  • you’d basically just be best friends who are completely inseperable and everyone around you hates it because you’re so cute


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OK, but in an AU where Kazer is legitimately ~involved~, how fucking overwhelmed (and smug, lbr) must Kaner get every time he's hit with evidence of how much Tazer loves him? and then a convo like so takes place: "If you keep this up, people are gonna figure us out." "Maybe I want them to." "What? You've never said..." "I am now." ;)

Lol Jonny is so unsubtle. He should get an award for it tbh. And yes, I imagine it makes Patrick both so cheekily smug and also so bashfully pleased that he feels a little overwhelmed at times. Because let’s be real, Jonny is a very overwhelming kind of guy.

But Patrick definitely shows his love too! Just in quieter, more discreet ways.

Like by his words:



By the way his face lights up when Jonny’s nearby:



By his concern:

And by his little touches:



Also I’m a firm believer that in any universe where they’re together it’s almost impossible for them to keep it from the team. I mean c’mon! Looks at these dorks. SO IN LOVE.

One of the things I love most about Dhurke is how we are introduced to him.

Our first impression of him is this:

A big hulk of a man who is super intimidating and dangerous and will probably cut down anyone in his path. 

…And then we meet him.

And he is just the biggest dork ever and not intimidating at all I love it so much. 

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*coughs nervously* Hi! So, uhm, I've been following your blog for a really long time and I'd just like to say I'm a huge fan! You're absolutely amazing at writing, and you've got some mad skills. I was wondering if I could send in a request (my first ever one!) for Andrew and Neil about which one of them would be the person to steal the other's phone and which one would be the one to deal with the aftermath. Again, number one biggest fan! Keep it up! Lots of loveeeeeeeeee! <333333333333

Ladies and gents I present my giant dork of a best friend. I love you.

this is so long im so sorry

  • Andrew takes Neil’s phone
  • But see, it’s not just for kicks, this kid has a plan, he’s already placed certain bets with the rest of the Foxes long before he takes Neil’s phone
  • The two have similar phones so it’s easy enough to switch his for Neil’s in the morning. Andrew makes sure his is dead so Neil can’t get into it anyway.
  • Nicky and Matt and Dan and Allison and even Renee’s texts keep coming in to Neil’s (Now Andrew’s) phone and a gc with the upperclassmen along with Kevin’s reminders for practice have Andrew murderous
  • So Andrew has Neil’s phone and he texts everyone normally at first so everyone is under the impression that it’s Neil
  • He replies to “How are you?”s with “I’m fine.”s
  • And “What’s up?”s with “In xyz class.” bc obv Andrew has Neil’s schedule memorized bc he’s a fucking nerd
  • And then it starts
  • Andrew takes a pic of random attractive people and sends one to each of the foxes like
  • Damn, they’re hot, I’d tap that.”
  • And everyone’s like
  • Oh my god
  • Neil
  • Wtf are you doing
  • What do you mean
  • What does this mean
  • Nicky’s screaming
  • Matts worried
  • Dan’s being a mother
  • Allison’s like same babe, same
  • Renee asks if Andrew and he’d fought like the sweetheart she is
  • Aaron doesn’t respond, but texts Andrew a “Shut your bf upBC HE CARES AND DOESN’T WANT NEIL TO HURT HIS BROTHER OK  which Andrew doesn’t know about until much later bc he desn’t have his phone
  • Kevin tells Neil to concentrate in class so he can practice more
  • Andrew doesn’t respond to any of the texts after sending the pictures
  • fucking nerd
  • i hate them all oh my god
  • But bc no one else is in his year and everyone has different classes they cant talk to the real Neil until practice the next morning
  • …but no one wants to say anything in front of Andrew
  • Andrew’s fucking dying
  • He acts like Neil and he fought big time, like they p much broke up
  • and everyones freaking out
  • and Neil, like the oblivious babe he is, is like…ok? Andrew’s being weird, but ok.
  • Andrew doesn’t stop there
  • He legit goes “I’m sorry Neil.” loud enough for Matt to hear.
  • “I didn’t mean it.” loud enough for Nicky to hear.
  • and Neil’s so fucking confused, but Exy, so he goes “We’ll talk after practice.” to placate Andrew
  • Andrew almost feels sorry, Neil is way to easy to prank
  • Everyone thinks this is it
  • Andrei have broken up
  • Money starts changing hands, all the bets, along the lines of Neil would sleep with anyone else, Neil would never leave Andrew, Andreil was going to be endgame, Andreil would make it to 80, Andreil would never break up
  • Every single one of them bet high bc they had faith in Neil
  • Anyway
  • Neil’s ignoring Andrew till after practice like he said and Andrew’s purposeley following him around with a dejected look on his face and Renee is collecting everyones money to give to Andrew
  • bc omg is this really happening
  • Andreil is breaking up
  • Andrew pockets the money such a lil shit oh my god and gets out of there as soon as practice is over
  • The Foxes corner Neil later and ask what the actual fuck happened
  • and Neil’s like wtf are y’all taking about
  • and they’re all like the texts? Kayla from History?
  • Adam from Stat? What the fuck what that?
  • and Neil, bless him, is so confused
  • and they’re like wtf
  • and he’s like wtf
  • and then he’s like “My phone’s been dead all day, which is weird, because I remember charging it all n- oh….”
  • No one gets their money back  

Reasons to stan UP10TION

  • They’re literally the sweetest people in the world
  • Every single one of them would probably leap over mountains if they heard you crying I guarantee it
  • Their music is BOMB I could jam to Party2nite for the rest of my life
  • The skinship is real
  • They’re so comfortable with each other it’s adorable
  • The biggest dorks I mean a few of them stan bts they outta be huge dorks
  • Hwanhee’s ear muscle
  • You know that one kid that looks like Jungkook? His name is Sunyoul and he is cuter than a dozen puppies huddled around two dozen kittens you think I’m lying but I’m not
  • All of them are so incredibly friendly
  • Wei wants to rap with Vernon from Seventeen and Wooshin wants to meet BTS
  • Wooshin has also called himself an ARMY how fucking adorable
  • There’s this kid named Bit-to and he’s the biggest bias wrecker ever just see for yourself I can’t explain it
  • The list could go on forever really

Reasons not to stan UP10TION

  • ?????? ? ???? ??
  • none really

It’s not everyday that the person you admire most who just so happens to be the 3rd highest paid model of this year, queen of making cookies, a youtuber with over 500 thousand subscribers, one of TIME magazine’s top 100 for this year with her biography written by THE Diane von Furstenberg and the model who has walked in shows for probably any designer you could name and has had SO many more achievements takes time out of her incredibly hectic schedule, gets her team to contact you and invites you to hang out at her hotel for a while and whilst you’re there she thanks you for all that you do and gives you the best DnM and advice ever!

All of those things I’ve mentioned that Karlie has achieved are absolutely incredible and I’m ever so proud of her but to me Karlie is the girl with the best advice i’ve been given, the most humble sweetheart, one of the biggest dorks you could ever meet, someone who understands my struggles with long limbs and awkwardness, a person with an absolute heart of gold, someone who shares my love for learning, the reason I have so much passion and a girl who shares my love for giraffes and so many more things.

Karlie motherfrickin’ Kloss (I love that this is almost an inside joke of ours now) I am so thankful for all that you do and I’m already grateful and proud for things in the future! You have a heart of gold thats the size of both our arm span and we both know that is HUGE!! 

I can’t wait to see this girl continue to take on the world and absolutely excell at everything! I have her back and now knowing she has mine is something that I’d never thought would happen and I can’t wait for what is to come in the future! December 13th 2016 will forever be the magical day I tell all the kids in the neighbourhood about when I’m 80 years old and I’m beyond thankful for everything, I wish I could just show how thankful I am for this and how much it means to me 💕

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Hope solo is seriously the human embodiment of a fucking lioness and it's hot as hell. Before you ask, no I'm not alright. 🤤

Dude I’m with you on that
like look at her

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Like how can anyone be ok

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If she punched me in the face… I would thank her

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she’s not only one of the most badass people ever but she’s also the biggest dork of all time

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Just fuck me

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@ people who are complaining they went with lusa for the anime: have you like. ever. watched a region clear animation?? ever?

and @ people who are complaining that masi/esper would have been better: do you know anything about lusa?? he is the softest marshmallow. the biggest dork. you will love him if you dont yet. he is Softe

I can’t believe in acd canon the first thing Moriarty says to Holmes is “you have less frontal development that I should have expected” and then he takes out his notebook where he’s noted down every fucking time Sherlock crossed his path like wtf James you huge nerd can you stop fangirling in front of your nemesis

(But to be completely honest in acd canon Sherlock is the biggest fangirl ever while Moriarty is like “relax we just have to kill each other you don’t need to hold your breath every time you hear my name”)

  • *remus and sirius taking a walk*
  • sirius: hey moony?
  • remus: *turns around*
  • sirius: *gets down on one knee*
  • remus: *gasps*
  • sirius: would you hold on a second, i gotta tie my shoes
  • remus: omg you fucking dork
  • remus: *smacks sirius*
  • sirius: *has the biggest smile ever*
B.A.P 101: How to Stan the Biggest Dorks Ever

Obviously B.A.P aren’t relatively unpopular/new but they’ve been on hiatus for almost a year now and they’ve gotten less and less fans and recognition SO with their come back getting nearer and nearer I had to make this post!!!!! Please support and love B.A.P okay you won’t regret it.

Note: This isn’t a list of everything they’ve been on/done, just the most important(?).


BANG YONGGUK- Rapper/Caretaker Leader in B.A.P. His birthday is March 31, 1990(25 years old; oldest member). Some fans call him grandpa because he moves and talks very slowly and its adorable okay I promise. He’s mostly known for his deep ass voice like seriously I didn’t know a voice could go that deep. Was an underground rapper and went by the name Jepp Blackman(? don’t ask honestly). He writes/has written a lot of B.A.P’s songs and is basically the dad of the group. Also really loves Tigger. twitter instagram

KIM HIMCHAN- Vocals/Visual in B.A.P. Some people call him the mom of the group and tbh it’s true. His birthday is April 19, 1990(25;second oldest). He went to a performing arts school and can play like…a shit ton of traditional Korean instruments as well as guitar and piano. He was an ulzzang pre-debut and a lot of people say he looks scary but really he’s just a big softy and super touchy I love Himchan. twitter instagram weibo

JUNG DAEHYUN- Main vocals in B.A.P. When they debuted their agency called him Busan’s Wonbin in order to cause a stir and I don’t think anybody has let that go yet tbh. His birthday is June 28, 1993(22; B.A.P’s middle child basically). He’s the one screaming in all the songs if you hear a random and super extra high note in a song it’s Daehyun. Talks entirely too much like he really never stops talking(which is funny because when they first debuted he was supposed to be the “silent type”). He’s like an annoying little brother sometimes but he always posts updates of himself and the other members and is always saying how much he loves his fans he’s just. Sinnamon roll. I don’t think he was doing anything in particular pre-debut but he always wanted to be a singer. Also, in desperate need of chapstick. twitter instagram weibo

YOO YOUNGJAE- Main vocals in B.A.P. He doesn’t really have a nickname as far as I know. His birthday is January 24, 1994(21; not really maknae line but not really not maknae line; ice cream line). B.A.P’s second most slept on member(I think people are still hurt about the One Shot MV). Full of sarcasm and always making fun of the other members but never in a harsh way. He and Daehyun are like partners in crimes they really never stop talking. He likes to pretend he’s cool but in reality gets super embarrassed and he is just. Beautiful and also his laugh is so extra he’s so extra please don’t sleep on Youngjae. twitter instagram

MOON JONGUP- Vocals/Main Dancer in B.A.P. His nickname is Moon Angel/Moontos. His birthday is February 6, 1995(20, maknae line). His fans are called Cheetos because his muscles look like cheetos(he literally called his biceps cheetos i love jongup). B.A.P’s MOST slept on member imo!!!!! He’s quiet and usually zoned out but whenever he does talk he’s sooo funny without even trying he’s really an angel. Also an amazing dancer even though on stage he only do like three in a half moves he got jams okay my dude can dance. Plus his singing is beautiful but he doesn’t get a lot of lines honestly #LetJongupCook2k15. Also his smile saved kpop. twitter instagram

ZELO(CHOI JUNHONG)- Rapper/Dancer in B.A.P. World’s largest maknae. His birthday is October 15, 1996(18; a baby). He loves socks and skateboarding and one time he danced in front of the sunset to Hotline Bling and it changed me as a person. He’s the only member with a stage name they picked it from a Greek god I think. And he’s like 7ft tall(6’1) but is still an awkward teenager going through his rebellious stage. Basically a giant baby. Also fashion disaster and constant victim of bad hairstyles.  twitter instagram weibo


Never Give Up(Yongguk/Zelo sub-unit)
No Mercy
Crash(Crash in Sokcho)
Stop It
Rain Sound
One Shot
Coffee Shop
Where Are You?(어디니? 뭐하니?)
Excuse Me
One Shot(JPN.)
No Mercy(JPN.)



Weekly Idol - (120822)(130306)(130904)(140305)


Ask in a Box

Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook(Starts around 20.20)

After School Club(Badman era)(1004 era)

Pops in Seoul



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Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12, Episode 13,

please let me know if any of the links are wrong/broken and feel free to add on!!!