you are the biggest dork ever


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There are just some things in a fandom that are undeniably undisputed ft. Trimberly

-Kim is a complete service top
-Trini has nightmares constantly
-doors? Who needs them? Not them
-Kim is a bi mess
-similarly, Kim is an utter bi mess when Trini sings in Spanish
-Kim’s parents are literally never home
-Trini willing to fight anyone for Kim’s honor in any given moment
-“Kim I thought you were supposed to be the hot one but you’re the biggest dork ever”
-Daddy/‘Papi’ kink?? Like in every fan fiction?? That’s just common sense
-“Kim, please touch me. Just any sort of contact pls if I don’t get love I’ll DIE”
-heated fight foreplay while training
-the boys are so tired of their antics but they love them yet they always somehow catch them in the act
-“I feel your feelings the strongest and I’m constantly turned on do something about it”
-Trini is whipped. So whipped. She can’t say no to Kim even if she wanted to

BTS as shit my friends have said

Seokjin: “i’ll give you like 1$ if you laugh at my jokes”

Yoongi: “I can’t go out now it’s already 9pm and I need to sleep”

Namjoon: “i hate leaving my house but I love visiting new places, you feel me”

Hoseok: “I might be a dork but at least I am the biggest dork of them all, go big or go home “

Jimin: “dear lord all I want is a rich husband, amen”

Taehyung: “look I hate drama” *is the biggest drama queen to ever exist*

Jungkook: “tbh I want a sugar daddy but instead of sex I’ll give him emotional support like ‘yes you’ll ace that buisiness meeting, now buy me something expensive’”

What If I Kissed You

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Y/N Y/L/N, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Brianna Buckmaster  

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: A few adultish thoughts, Drunkish!Jensen, tipsy!reader, not much. Mostly fluff.      

Word Count: 1700ish

A/N: So I have been writing a lot of angst lately for my series and for and for angst day (yep I am gonna make y’all cry that day). So I kinda needed a change of pace. When I heard Temecula Road’s What if I Kissed You this one shot popped into my mind.

Thanks a billion to the bestest little sister in the world @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this one for me

Note hate against Danneel - I love her. For the purpose of this fic Jensen is single. 

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Being around Y/N on set was bad enough, but tonight it was down right impossible for Jensen to focus on anything else but her. It was a beautiful night in Rome. All his friends, well work friends, were there. Misha and Jared were laughing and talking about something right next to him, but Jensen didn’t pay attention to them at all.

His eyes were solely fixated on Y/N and the way she was laughing and dancing with Brianna. Hell, he couldn’t even hear the music over the sound of her bell like laughter ringing in his ears. He was drunk and not only on the “apple juice”  he had been drinking all day, but on her. She filled his senses and Jensen allowed his mind to wander as he watched how the short summer dress she was wearing clung to her curves in all the right places. Her tanned skin was almost shining in the lights of the club and her hair was swaying with her every movement. She looked happy and free.

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  • listen, this boy is the biggest dork EVER if there were an award for ‘world’s biggest dork’ he’d win it
  • meaning he’d be the silliest boyfriend in the whole entire world
  • but you’d love him for that exact reason
  • seriously you two would be so in love it would be disgusting
  • he would completely change when you two actually start dating he would’ve been so shy when he was crushing on you but after having you say yes to a date with him he’d calm down (mostly)
  • but when you wear his clothes, he’d go back to being that shy little boy again
  • he’d tell you you look so beautiful whilst doing that little smile he does yOU KNOW THE ONE
  • he’d always candid shots of you and some of them would actually be really nice
  • but other ones would be ones of you eating with food all over your face
  • you’d get him back though by screenshotting all his ugly snapchats
  • you’d be each others lockscreens
  • but it wouldn’t be a nice aesthetic photo, it’d be one of those stupid photos he took of you
  • your text conversations can be one of four things: memes, cheesiness, stupid deep conversations or you complaining to him about something he did
  • the meme conversations would be you spamming him with memes of himself and he’d haTE IT (well he’d pretend to but he lowkey saves them in an album)
  • the cheesiness ones are obvious, him getting emotional at 4 in the morning and texting you about how much he adores you and loves you and never wants to lose you
  • you, of course, respond 'you woke me up for this?’
  • the stupid deep conversations would be the same thing, hansol texting you at 4 in the morning about aliens or some new conspiracy theory he read about later in the day
  • you actually don’t mind these texts because you’re both dorks who like to research and talk about conspiracy theories
  • the complaining ones would be when the tables turn and you text him at 4 in the morning asking him why he ate all your snacks
  • 'hansol you were only here for 5 minutes yet my pantry is empty’
  • 'honestly i dont know how i did it either i kinda blacked out and next thing i know all the food is gone’
  • he’d get upset when you say 'ily’ or 'love u’ instead of 'i love you’
  • you’d touch his butt all the time and he’d get so flustered the cutie
  • he’d touch your butt back and giggle
  • arcade dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cuddly movie marathon wrapped in blankets dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • staying in bed all morning snuggling and smooching!!!!!!!
  • as soon as he finds a new song he’d send it to you
  • and every single lovey dovey romance song he finds, he says it reminds him of you and that its “our song”
  • keep in mind he finds about 10 every day that are 'our song’
  • and every time, you remind him that you have about 200 'our songs’ already
  • you love it a lot though because some of the songs are so sweet and basically say how in love with you he is, you won’t admit this or show it though
  • he’d be really bad at trying to be upset with you because he’d just do something silly like throw a blanket over you
  • you’d purposely annoy him even though he doesn’t get annoyed
  • but then when he does it to you you get so annoyed
  • when you’re not together you’d facetime for hours and hours
  • you’d end up falling asleep on facetime together every time no matter what
  • you’d basically just be best friends who are completely inseperable and everyone around you hates it because you’re so cute


You know one thing I don’t think I’ll ever understand is the characterization of Krem as the ‘mature’ one of the Chargers or the straight man for Iron Bull’s jokes all the time. I don’t mean people showing him as serious at times either or responsible, cause he is, but like I see him being portrayed so much as a lot more serious and tired of jokes than he actually seems in game. This is a kid who in our second encounter with him not only gives Iron Bull lip but follows up with asking about caskets of alcohol that they opened with axes. Based on how he said it to, it doesn’t sound like he just let people do it but was right there with them going: you know the best way to break this big container of alcohol open? Weapons!!

Then when you meet him with the other Chargers again he’s teasing Bull about running around shirtless and referring to Bull’s 'pillowy man bosoms.’ In the first part of that exchange it actually sounds a bit like Bull is exasperated one with 'it’s a harness, Krem’. How many times has Krem teased Bull about that? Probably a lot.

Then before Demands of the Qun where he’s sparring with Bull, you walk in on him telling Bull 'you’ve still got plenty of ass Chief’ after Bull says he’s working his ass off to show Krem a move. This is followed by Krem mentioning how he always wanted to see one of the dreadnaughts in action. From his tone it sounds like he can tell Bull is really on edge with this and he’s trying somehow to lighten the mood. Cause his tone isn’t aggressive or stoic, it sounds like he’s saying something to try and ease the tension he knows is there. And while Krem isn’t Bull level reading people he can still do it. He knows Bull isn’t feeling great about this.

Follow this by being on the storm coast itself and even right before a fight he still sarcastically refers to Bull as 'mother’ and then assures him they’ll be okay.

And if you save the Chargers back at skyhold, again you have his interaction with Bull where he mentions Bull breaking out Chasind Sack Mead for the Chargers. And again his tone is just light and sounds like he’s trying to point out a fun thing Bull is doing with them. From Bulls reaction I wonder if that mead isn’t super strong and that’s why he practically face palms with Krem mentioning it to the inquisitor because the night is going to be chaotic. Or if it’d just like Bull is frustrated with everything (because honestly Bull being like 'you don’t say that in front of the inquisitor ’ seemed less like Bull, whose usually very open with everything and seemed to come more from frustration about all that had happened beginning.) And then you have Krem changing his tone again instantly because he can read people and then Bull kinda sighing and smiling saying he’s doing fine.

Then we get to the reasons I say Krem can read people and this is based on what he says and what Bull says about him. One is Krem says after everything happens that Bull is down about what happened with his people, but hasn’t said anything but the Chargers can tell. If Bull isn’t talking about it and trying to avoid it (you even get disapproval for apologizing to Bull about coming between him and his people ) then I’m guessing it really is something that he’s trying not to show. So for Krem (and all the Chargers here actually) to know and be able to read that when Bull is trying not to let anyone know I thinks it’s safe to say they can read people and Bull pretty well.

It’s also based on what Bull says to you about Krem and why he’s such a good second. One of the reasons being that Bull says Krem is someone the others can talk to when BULL is being a to much of a hardass. I really don’t think someone whose as serious or just downright frustrated with any jokes like I’ve seen him portrayed a lot as being, could do that. I’ve been in situations where you have to work as a mediator of sorts and defuse the situation. Best way to do that after listening to someone and just letting them talk and being there for them? Well timed humor. Especially dry humor. Which Krem seems to excel at. If you can get someone to laugh or even just smile it does help. So for him to do what he does, for Bull to recognize the talent he has in this area and the other chargers to actually come to him , it doesn’t make sense to me when I just see him as always the serious one.

Yes he says how he’s been putting up with Bulls jokes since Bull rescued him and offered him a job. And he absolutely groans when Bull makes his Krem Brulee joke.

But him groaning about that joke also comes after we see his interactions with Maryden that include him explaining why he sat on the back of a chair to “get a better look at your…songs. ” that is a dork move if I’ve ever seen one and it was funny and cute. You then have him telling her the Chargers have their own song and offering to sing it. We’ve all heard that song. That is not a stoic song or something you generally sing on a date if you don’t have the humor to pull it off.

And the biggest one for me, Krem asking the inquisitor to distract Bull so they can get his birthday present ready. Watching the Chargers get that ready to it’s a fun thing they’re doing and Krem gives Rocky a look for drinking, but five seconds later let’s him blow something up so they can get the dragon skull in the room. And they set this up as a surprise. Not even just a gift. He’s beaming when he tells Bull surprise! Happy Birthday Chief.

Plus the stories he tells you about the Chargers adventures! He sounds like he’s having fun telling those and even makes a point to make a joke about squirrels being the worst part of one if their jobs!

Krem is a fun character with fun interactions. He can absolutely be serious and somber and he knows how to fight and make sure everyone is okay and follows a plan. But he can also be light hearted and just plain funny. I think sometimes maybe because his humor is so dry in parts he can be read as more serious than he is, but looking at the tone and interactions with others I don’t think he’s as serious/exasperated with jokes or would be the constant straight man for Bulls jokes that I’ve seen a lot of in fics and stuff.

This isn’t about any fic or anything in particular and I don’t want to tell anyone how to write his humor. This is just an observation of a trend I’ve noticed in s lot of places and kinda just wanted to ramble about why I think Krem actually has more of a sense of humor than he’s often shown with.

Uptown Girl [5]

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: first of all, i want to say thank you to everyone who’s read uptown girl!! i cannot thank you enough for all your kind words <3 second, i lied lmao there’s gonna be one FINAL chapter after this one (i promise this is for real now lmao) p.s. peter’s pov lol

p.s. (2) don’t hate me for ending this chapter where it ends lol

Peter Parker x Reader


// Masterlist //

Originally posted by buckybarnres

“Karen, could you show me the videos I took on my phone from last Tuesday.” I was laid down on the top of a building after a long afternoon of running after car thieves and helping lost tourists. All I wanted to do was see Y/N and sleep.

“I’m connecting to your phone, now.” Karen’s robotic voice filled my ears. “Playing video footage.”

My vision was filled with Y/N’s smiling face as we walked in the park. Her hair was blowing in the wind and the light that was hitting her face made her look like an angel.

“Peter! Put that away! I look hideous right now.” She exclaimed in the video. As if she could ever look hideous.

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all alright

summary: you and steve have been friends for a while. after the party at tina’s , you’re worried that the veil of friendship might not be so strong, after all

pairing: steve x reader (fluff + a lil bit of angst)

word count: 1k

A/N: hello kids! this is my first fic ever and im super nervous abt it! let me know what u think! also this goes out to @sanjariti bc steve is our boy

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IASiP Ask Game

Dennis: What’s your darkest secret? 
Dee: What’s your dream profession? 
Mac: Are you religious? 
Charlie: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? 
Frank: What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done? 
Rickety Cricket: What’s your biggest regret? 
Artemis: Weirdest sexual/romantic encounter?
The McPoyles: Who’s in your family, and are you close to them? 
The Lawyer: Have you ever committed a crime? 
Marueen Ponderosa: What’s your favorite animal?
The Waitress: Tell a story about/behind your name.

because I’m a huge nerd. (Much thanks to @meshtank​ for helping me make this tbh)

what u really need to know about seventeen


  • Mother Hen/leader of the thirteen members
  • His thighs could crush you in .2 seconds
  • is secretly superglued to jeonghan
  • hip hop team leader but has an incredible voice ???


  • goes from soft and sweet to daddy af in the blink of an eye
  • don’t call him a girl or I will fight you personally
  • l a z y bo y watch any funny dance practice I promise he’s fucking around somehow
  • “whose baby are you?”

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#on a happier note though #look at this fucking nerd #he goes around so tall and handsome as hell #and people think he’s so suave #when in reality he goes around wearing 10 different pieces of clothing #sending dolphin emojis #having a wedding plan #and doodling hearts on windows for his crush #and on top of it he puts a freaking ‘’I’’ inside the heart #this is the biggest dork you will ever meet

Thank You, Hoya.

As I type this, I am admittedly an ugly mess. I woke up from a nap this evening & I saw an article that came out a few minutes beforehand about Hoya’s contract renewal, saying that he did not go through with it. Groggily, I clicked on it, not thinking much.

I sat wide awake as I read the sentence once, twice, over and over and my mind couldn’t even properly process it. Leaving?? Actually leaving???

Let me back up, as in, a few months before all this unfolded. Infinite was supposed to come back in May, as announced in their third fan-meeting and everything.  Sunggyu was having health issues and the comeback naturally got pushed back. Their 7th Anniversary eventually came around, but I kinda felt like it was a quiet celebration. There were a few SNS posts, but no annual live broadcast, apparently due to issues with gathering all the members in one place. (When they said this, I thought to myself, ‘This is their SEVENTH anniversary, but they can’t even get together just for that???’ *sad but also equally confused face*). Their contracts came to an end, but there was no official word of their next steps for quite a while. In the middle, we got a little announcement that discussions were still going on and that they were all headed in a positive direction. Weeks trickled past. It was rumored that all re-signed except for one member, supposedly L, but that was just a false report. Three excruciating months later, it is revealed that everyone but Hoya renewed their contract with Woollim Ent. And then the next day, they announced his departure from the company, and the group completely.

I honestly did not see it coming. Throughout these three anxiety-filled months, I kept preparing myself for the worst, which was presumably an official disbandment. But never in the slightest could I imagine a falling apart. A break up?? The loss of a piece that makes them whole? Not hiatus, not disbandment, not separate ways, but the genuine departure of a member. An entire member. I just……….. of all groups to ever pull this off (and we all know that plenty of 2nd gen. groups have been through this, GG, Teen Top, Beast, 2NE1, Apink, Girls’ Day, etc.) INFINITE was one to follow this….. “trend”. This wretched trail of pain that way too many groups have crossed several times.

Before I go into how I feel overall, I just want to make it clear that of course, I will still support Infinite as 6 members, and Hoya in his personal endeavors unconditionally, no matter what. I’ve literally been following them for over 6 frking years now, how could I just abandon any of them like that? No, lol, I’m in way too deep, y’all. So yes, I will never ever ever everrrrrrrrrr bash or disrespect their decisions in any way. I will, of course, wholeheartedly accept this with open arms because that is what true fans do. And if anything, considering that this is what we’ve come to after THREE entire months, doesn’t that just further prove to us how hard this probably was for the members, and staff, and just everyone else collectively? Clearly, a lot of thought went into this. This wasn’t impulsive. This is for the better, and I will fully respect that.

HOWEVER, I am, after all, a fking diehard Inspirit and these boys have literally defined my years as I’ve matured into an adult. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, and as I like to say, my “part-time lifeline”. Even though I almost basically despise current kpop (I will say this several times, but 2nd gen. kpop is dead & gone and that’s something I will mourn for a while), Infinite has always been there. They are my Day 1′s, and as time went on, even when I got extremely busy w/ junior & senior year of high school, I still tried my best to keep up with them, support them, and just honestly, thank them. For being there. Because even as all these years passed before my eyes, they were still here, ALL 7 of them, still occasionally coming back with music for fans, still being Infinite. Just being Infinite. And I was (and still am) so eternally thankful for that. I watched groups lose members, go on hiatuses, or completely fall apart left and right, but Infinite promised us time and time again that they would be there no matter what. I can’t say this enough, but seriously, from the bottom of my heart, when I had time to just reflect on the years, I was just so so so so overwhelmingly thankful for them. 

And so 1 member leaving was just……. it broke me to pieces. I was utterly, completely devastated. Because it was simply a reality I never saw coming. One I never wanted to believe in. I wanted to keep believing that they would continue on as seven for as long their hearts could desire, just as they’ve been doing for all these years. That they’d surpass Shinhwa, and be the longest-lasting boy group to exist, unchanged since debut. That they are family, brothers for life, that they would never separate in such a way. Not to say that they aren’t family anymore. But that their bond of trust would transcend any notions of breaking apart.

But really. It’s okay. Nothing lasts forever, and I know that very well. All good things must come to an end. And that is what I’ve had the most trouble dealing with ever since I read that sentence. This is the end of an era for the boys. This marks a new journey where nothing will be the same as it was before, for better or for worse, who knows yet. But we all have to say goodbye to the Infinite that existed before today. And that’s what’s really hard for me. That’s what has got me looking like an ugly sobbing mess for a good 8 hours today LOL. Because it’s really hard for me to say farewell so suddenly. But the storm will pass, with time.

And with that, I want to once again, thank Infinite, thank Hoya, thank the world for letting these boys shine brightly for the past 7 years, and to hopefully continue to shine even brighter for years to come. Thank you so much Hoya, for being such a pillar (—holy fck hold up, I never thought I’d be typing these words and now im a mess again, great) within Infinite.

Thank you for being the iconic dancing machine within Infinite.

Thank you for not only rapping impressively, but singing stunningly as well.

Thank you for venturing into the acting scene & pulling off amazing characters like in Reply 1997, Mask, My Lovely Girl, Radiant Office, and more.

Thank you for being a complete bora-dori.

Thank you for constantly expressing your passion for hip hop (remember when he talked about when he was younger, he even wished he was black??? AHAHAH good times :’)), whether it was through Infinite H, self-composed raps/songs, or your personal Youtube channel.

Thank you for gifting us with your iconic bitch face. (This might honeslty be the biggest thing I miss LOL jk jk ily hoya adjakfjlkf i cant rn)

Thank you for being a dork/dick half the time and always roasting the members without shame.

Thank you for yes, ddabong to u too times 5805925 LOL

Thank you for developing from that awk, Busan boy into a resilient Seoul man HAHAHHA proud of u tho

Thank you for your brows because we all know they were ur focal point ;)

Originally posted by namgyusoo

Thank you for also unleashing ur inner hoaegi sometimes

Thank you for sincerely being one of the most passionate members ever. I think I can safely say that no one put more energy and fervor into a performance than you did.

and just…

Thank you for being a part of Infinite for these past 7 years. At this very moment, I cannot imagine an Infinite without you. I will miss everything you have given us, and more than anything, thank you for working so hard.

사랑해 ❤

New Rules

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,575

Requested? yes

Summary: Peter Parker imagine loosely based off of New Rules by Dua Lipa

A/N: to the anon who requested this, I’m sorry. This is so bad, but I honestly had a hard time writing this because I had to write Peter in a bad light.  But, my wonderful friend @babyfairybaekhyun helped me out by giving me the idea of the original Spider-Man movies. It makes me cringe just thinking about it: Spider-Man 3.  I hope you like it and if people actually think it’s good, I’ll write a second part to this. that and I’ll probably make this better.  Enjoy!

You had had the biggest crush on Peter ever since you could remember.  Your parents and been super close with his aunt and uncle, and you met when you were both five, and grew up to be best friends. You never got over your crush on Peter, and eventually you grew to love the boy, but you never acted on your feelings. Because you had accepted that he would never like you the same as you did with him.  

Eleven years later you were still in love with the dork, which is why you went to this stupid party. Even though you were not the partying type. At all. You sucked it up and went because Peter asked you to.  Despite the fact that Peter fucking ditched you the second we got to the party, like he always did.  Not that you were surprised. Peter had been doing shit like that a lot recently, all for Liz, but you didn’t say anything because it wasn’t too horrid. Mainly due to the fact that Ned and Michelle usually came too.

Which was fantastic, because they kept you company at the parties like this. Like they had been for the past three weeks, ever since Peter suddenly started dragging you three to them. His sudden change had confused all of you, knowing it wasn’t like him to go to parties like this and enjoy them, but you all figured that he was just trying something outside of his comfort zone and left it at that.  

After about 2 hours of talking and hanging out with Ned and Michelle out on the deck, you’ve had enough and you stand up.

“Let’s go find Peter and get out of here.” You suggest, and watch in amusement as they both shoot up and start making their way into the house in search for Peter.

“I guess that’s a yes then?”  You mumble to yourself as you follow them, watching as Ned heads to the kitchen and Michelle goes for the living room. You decide to head upstairs and see if you can find him.  After 15 minutes of searching the entire upstairs, damn giant house, with no luck, you head back downstairs to find Ned and Michelle.

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you look over the top of everyone, easily able to spot Michelle. You head over and slump forward when you see that Peter isn’t with her.

You sigh and ask, “No luck?” she shakes her head and replies, “Nope. I don’t think Ned seen him either. I’ll text him to let him know we’re ready to go.”

You gasp, of course!

You shake your head, feeling like an idiot, and take out your phone to text him.

Y/N: Pete, where are you? I’ve looked everywhere for you!

You, Michelle, and Ned wait for him to text back, but 15 minutes later with no response, you start to lose hope of him texting back.

You hold back tears and turn towards your friends, “Guys, I don’t think he’s gonna answer. Let’s just start walking back.”

Ned gives me a sad smile while Michelle scoffs.

“What?” you ask, not sure you really want an answer.

“Y/N, when are you going to realize Peter has become a shit friend?  I know you’re a bit blind because you’re in love with him, but come on.” The way she says ‘in love with’ sets your teeth on edge; she says it like it’s ridiculous that I love him.

“Oh, fuck off, Michelle. He wasn’t always like this, you know. He is someone worth loving, he’s just going through a phase right now.” You glare at her and turn around, a few tears leaving the corners of your eyes. You feel a hand on your shoulder and glance over at Ned as he pulls you in for a hug. You go in willingly and feel Michelle’s huff of disapproval as Ned tugs her into the group hug as well.

You put your arm around her, “I’m sorry, Michelle. I’m just fuckin’ worried about Peter.” You whisper, guilt hanging over your head for lashing out.

“It’s fine, Y/N.” she pauses for a second and add, “I’m worried about him to.”

After another minute of hugging each other, you break apart and stare at each other for a second.

You clear your throat, “So, shall we?”

As you guys walk, Ned and Michelle, well mainly Ned, talks for the entire time in an effort to distract you. You’re grateful that you have Ned and Michelle with you, because you probably would’ve been crying by now if you’d been by yourself.  

“So, Peter has been acting unusual these past few weeks, right?  Can you guys think of anything else he’s done lately besides the partying that’s been… not Peter?” you ask, softly interrupting Ned’s rambling.

Michelle snorts and hold out her hand, counting things off as she talks, “Well there’s the fact that he’s started acting cocky and confident. He hasn’t acted like he gives a shit about us. And he’s acted like a dick” she glances over and you and Ned, “There are plenty of others, but those are the main things.”

You nod; thinking of all the times when what she said applies. There are a lot. You turn to Ned, “What about you? Have you noticed anything unusual?”  

He’s quiet for a moment, “no. Michelle pretty much covered it.”

“What do you think’s going on with him?” you ask, looking at the ground as you walk, possibilities running through your head.

You see them shrug out of the corners of your eyes, and you all are silent for a while as you think of the person Peter is becoming.

Not long after, you get to your apartment. You look at your friends and offer, “you guys wanna stay over tonight?  You know you’re welcome to stay.”

Ned happily says yes while Michelle remains quiet, thinking.

“MJ, it’s fine if you don’t want-“

“No, I’ll stay with you guys.” You smiled and grabbed their hands, leading them up to your apartment.

Later that night you decided to send one last text to Peter, against your better judgement and Michelle’s complaints.

Y/N: hey Peter, I hope you’re okay.  Ned, Michelle, and I got to my place safely. In case you decided to care about us again.

Peter never responded to that text.

Or the text you sent the next day.

As the day went on you got increasingly worried about him, you all did. And finally you decided to call May.

You dialed her number and set the phone on your bed, glancing at Ned and Michelle as they leaned forward in anticipation. You turned your lips up in amusement, which quickly left when you heard Mays voice.

“Hello? Y/N? is everything okay?”

“Hey, May. Um… has Peter gotten a hold of you at all? We went to a party last night and he ditched as and hasn’t answered any of our texts.  We’re really worried.”

“WHAT?!” she shouts, making all three flinch causing you to yank the phone away from your ear with a yelp. Ned and Michelle stare at the phone with wide eyes and you hear mays voice again, muffled, “Peter get in here!” There’s a silence that you all share awkwardly, “Sorry about that, I’ll be speaking with him about his awful behavior lately. He got home at 10 last night.” You and Ned gasp, while Michelle glares at the phone like it murdered her whole family.

“Really?” you say in a small voice, tears threatening to fall.

“Yeah, Sweetheart. I am so sorry. He’s been acting so strange lately, and usually I’d blame it on teenage hormones, but this is something else.”

You, Ned, and Michelle all exchange a look.  

“Peter!” you can hear her stomping towards him now, and you cringe on the inside. An angry May isn’t not a pretty sight.  

You hear Peter say, “I heard you the first time, May! I don’t know why you’re bugging me. I don’t care! I honestly don’t give a fuck about them.” the words not registering at first, but when they do, you can feel your heart rip in half.   All you hear is May gasp before you hang up.

You all stare at each other as you take in the fact that Peter went home an hour before you did.  Michelle’s the first to break the silence, “well, I’m not talking to that asshole again.”  You look at her and your shocked to find tears running down her face.  

You look down at your phone and your heart clenches in pain.  You don’t even notice your our tears falling as you zone out, thinking of what he just told may.

You’re all quiet as you process what just happened.

An hour later you’re all sitting down watching the first harry potter, distracting yourselves from what happened earlier, when you get a text. You look at your phone and gasp, Peter? You look at the text and any hope you had of Peter coming back is gone.

Peter: You should come over and hang out! There’s this cool party tonight. You up for it?

You scoff and toss your phone onto the table. You decide right then and there that you’re done dealing with him. You’re done being shit on by who you thought was your best friend.

This is the beginning.

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Got7 / One of the members is their S/O’s ex

Request: Got7 reaction to one of the members being your ex?🙇🏻‍♀️    

Thank you for requesting this, hope you enjoy! ❤️


Originally posted by mayfifolle

Mark didn’t know that you and Jackson used to date a few years back. You couldn’t seem to find the right moment to tell him, and when he brought you to meet the rest of the members, it was suddenly too late.

Mark had introduced you to each boy individually, all while smiling widely (something the boys subtly teased him about). However, when he brought you to meet Jackson and a deeply uncomfortable silence descended, Mark got a little confused. He asked if you two knew each other and after a long moment of silence, you managed to finally confess that you and Jackson dated for a few months a long time ago.

Mark was deeply shocked as he unconsciously wrapped his arm around your waist tighter. You took his silence as a bad sign and began to shower him with explanations that you moved on, that this didn’t mean anything, etc.

“Seriously, man,” Jackson joined in. “It was a really long time ago and it didn’t work out. I’m actually very happy you two met each other.”

“Okay, good. We’re leaving though. Us. Me and Y/n. Because we’re together. And in love,” Mark kept talking, not understanding where this sudden insecurity came from.

Eventually, though, he realized that he had nothing to be insecure about. Although he wasn’t particularly fond of the times when you were talking to Jackson, he realized that he was always a little jealous when your attention was focused on someone other than him, so he didn’t let his jealousy affect his friendship with Jackson or his relationship with you.


Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark

You and Jinyoung have low-key dated, but you broke up before he properly told anyone about you. So, the rest of the members only know that Jinyoung was in a relationship that didn’t work out, but they never actually knew who he dated and since it was a sensitive topic, they didn’t bother asking too much.

So, months later, JB brings all of them together to tell them that he fell in love with the most incredible girl ever. Obviously, they all pat him on the back and praise him (all while JB smiles like the biggest dork), but then they settle down and ask him to show them a picture of you. Quickly scrolling through a folder on his phone, titled with too many heart emojis to count, he chooses a picture where the two of you are cuddling on the couch at your house. It was one of his favorite pictures because he had his head on your shoulder with his eyes closed, while you smiled widely into the camera.

All of the boys begin to congratulate JB, but Jinyoung stays quiet and asks to look at the picture again. JB, not suspecting anything, gives him the phone and watches as he zooms in on the picture, and his breath gets visibly caught in his throat.

“What?” JB asks, feeling anxiety but not yet knowing why.

Jinyoung gets really awkward and doesn’t know how to explain it until he just blurts that you were the girl he dated all of this time ago.

The boys all suddenly quiet down and look at JB, waiting for his reaction.

JB clenches his jaw, contemplating this news. He doesn’t say anything, just nods and allows Jackson to change the topic.

JB was jealous, though. Very jealous. And although most of the time, he kept his emotions in check, whenever it came to you, he seemed to lose it. Which is why, whenever you were with him and the boys, he would half-jokingly shoot Jinyoung death glares, although the poor boy wasn’t even looking at you.

JB wasn’t actually hateful towards Jinyoung when you weren’t there and the two of them were just as friendly as ever. However, JB’s protectiveness always switched on when he was with you because he wanted to keep you to himself and was never going to share.


Originally posted by memeslutbutt

When you and Jackson began to go out officially, you told him about your ex Youngjae right away. You were afraid of Jackson’s reaction but you also wanted to just get this out of the way.

Jackson looked deep in thought after you told him. Both of you shared a quiet moment until he finally spoke.

“I’m going to block him on your Facebook.”

“I don’t even have him—”

“And then I’m going to block him on my Facebook.”


“And then I’m going to block his phone number.”


“And then I’m going to block him in real life.”

Your eyes widened at this last part as you slapped his arm to get his attention.

“Jackson! Are you serious?!” you asked once he looked at you and finally allowed you to finish a sentence.

His features softened at the sight of your distressed face and without saying anything, he leaned in to quickly kiss you on the cheek.

“I’m just kidding,” he said, pulling away slightly. “But I’ll actually block him if he—”


“Okay, I’m sorry,” Jackson raised his hands in defense. “I just love you too much to think about any other guy being with you.”


Originally posted by gsvnrewind

Jinyoung really wanted you to come to their show, so he could finally introduce you to the rest of the members, but you kept refusing his offer, mainly because you still haven’t told him that you used to date Mark back in the day, and you were afraid it’d be awkward.

What you failed to realize, however, was the fact that Jinyoung started to think you didn’t feel the same about him and that this was why you didn’t want to meet the rest of his members. This insecurity forced him to distance himself from you.

And, ironically, Mark was the first person to notice that something was wrong with Jinyoung’s relationship.

“Trouble in paradise?” Mark asked him, jokingly.

Jinyoung just ignored this but the sad expression on his face allowed Mark to realize that something was definitely wrong, and he proceeded to encourage Jinyoung to open up.

And Jinyoung did. He told Mark about the girl that he’s falling for, and how scared he was that she didn’t feel the same way, especially since she didn’t want to meet his best friends.

Mark listened to this patiently and then took Jinyoung’s phone without asking. He was going to fix this. Quickly, he found the last text message on Jinyoung’s phone and called the number without reading the name of the person he was calling.

“Jinyoung?” you picked up on the first ring. “Are you okay? Why are you not replying to my texts?”

Although it’s been quite long, Mark still recognized your voice. In a moment of panic, he hung up the phone and turned to look at Jinyoung with wide eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Jinyoung jumped up from his seat. “Did she say something?”

“No,” Mark looked at the phone in his hand in disbelief. “But, um, I might know the reason why she doesn’t want to meet us.”

Jinyoung frowned but patiently waited until Mark gathered himself together and explained everything.

Jinyoung listened quietly and seemed to actually relax. The fact that Mark was your ex didn’t seem like a big deal, in comparison to the fear he felt when he thought you didn’t love him back.

He called you right away, the regret, caused by the days he spent giving you the cold shoulder, evident in his voice.

“Y/n, I know about you and Mark,” he spilled quickly, not giving you a chance to react. “And it doesn’t matter to me. I… I just want you to meet the guys. I want them to know how special you are to me.”


Originally posted by choiyoungjae

You and JB broke up on good terms. The two of you knew that the expiration date of your relationship has arrived, so you stayed friends even after the break-up.

Youngjae, who always had a low-key crush on you, knew about the fact that you broke up and he actually talked to JB before making a move on you. JB was fine with it, and momentarily taking the role of your older brother, told Youngjae to take care of you.

However, as your and Youngjae’s relationship progressed, Youngjae found himself worrying about your and JB’s friendship more and more. Especially since he read all of those theories about how two people who once dated couldn’t stay friends unless they still had feelings for each other.

One night, he accidentally blurted this worry out to you.

“Sit down, Youngjae,” you told him. “I’m about to give you a quick lecture.”

Surprised, Youngjae obeyed and sat down on the kitchen chair that he was previously standing next to.

“There is absolutely no way I could possibly still have feelings for JB,” you told him. “Because, sadly, the entirety of my heart belongs to you.”

A smile spread on Youngjae’s face at the speed of light. He needed to hear you say that. It eased his worries and calmed him down right away.

And although there’d be many more times when his jealousy would surface and cause him to become insecure about your relationship again, you were always there to remind him that he had nothing to worry about because he was the only one you loved.


Originally posted by taecula

BamBam found out that you used to date Yugyeom by accident. He was stalking your Facebook profile (despite being in a relationship with you, the boy still loved to stare at your pictures) and he scrolled down enough to see a cryptic message that you posted on your wall with a sad emoji. He clicked on the comments, hoping for some kind of an explanation. A comment from your friend read, “don’t worry, Y/n, you’ll find your one and only soon!”.

BamBam realized you must have posted this after a break-up and he suddenly got very curious about this relationship you had. You haven’t explicitly talked about your past relationships, so his curiosity was natural.

He nearly got a heart attack when he found the single picture of you and your ex-boyfriend. There you were, his girlfriend, smiling next to Yugyeom, one of his best friends, while he kissed your cheek. All the comments on the picture read how cute the two of you were and BamBam closed the app before he put himself into any more pain.

Panicking about this, he called your number right away. Once you answered, however, he didn’t know how to bring the topic up.

“I found a picture,” he tried. “On your Facebook.”

That was enough for you to understand what he was getting at, considering you dreaded the inevitable conversation you’d have to have with him about you and Yugyeom.

“It was really long ago,” you decided to say, trying to control your voice.

“I don’t care about that,” BamBam said. “I just… why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t know,” you said, honestly. “I think I was afraid of your reaction.”

“My reaction? But it doesn’t matter to me that you dated him, as long as you’re mine,” BamBam said. “You… you are mine, right?”

“Of course,” you answered right away.

“Then that’s all that matters to me.”


Originally posted by magiccastles

Yugyeom only found out that you used to date BamBam because your mother accidentally told him. The two of you were having dinner with your parents for the first time, and your mum, thinking Yugyeom already knew, accidentally mentioned BamBam, forcing Yugyeom to glance at you questionably. He didn’t ask you outright and just played along while you glared at your mum, letting her know that she just got you in trouble.

Once the dinner was over and the two of you retreated to your room, Yugyeom couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“So… how do you know BamBam again?” he asked awkwardly.

“Oh,” you said sadly because you had naively hoped he wouldn’t bring this topic up. “We kind of dated for a short time about a year ago.”

“Hm,” Yugyeom hummed. “Does he know we’re together now?”

“I don’t know,” you shrugged your shoulders. “I haven’t talked to him since the break-up.”

“Good,” Yugyeom said and then realized. “Not that I don’t want you to talk to him… I mean, I’d love it if you didn’t because… um…”

“Does the fact that we dated really bothers you?” you asked, biting your lip nervously.

“No,” he answered and then looked away in thought. “Maybe. I don’t know. Do you love him?”

“Of course not!” you said, a little surprised by this question. “We weren’t together long enough for that to happen.”

“Okay,” Yugyeom nodded. “I guess I’ll have to accept this, then. He’s just an ex.”

“Just an ex,” you confirmed, nodding.

And yet despite telling himself that he’d have to accept this, he was still somewhat uncomfortable whenever he brought you to hang out with the rest of the guys. He got used to it later, though, but never allowed the guys to joke about it.

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