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Summery: You’ve been taken hostage and Bucky has a mission where your being held.

Word Count: 1,300+

Warnings: Themes of torture, death, guns, heights(idk if this is a trigger).

A/N: So this is my largest one shot so far, idea and proof reading from  @helllaellla AKA biggest cutie pie ever. Its kind of fluff, idk what it is really. *gif not mine. 

Key: Italics are Bucky’s thoughts. Speech with brackets are Russian (I don’t speak Russian and didn’t want to use google translate).

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The mission was simple. Get in the building, get the information and get out. No unnecessary deaths and all hostages saved. Since Bucky knew the complex he was obviously Fury’s first choice, but Steve and Natasha were on standby.

‘You ready, James?’ Natasha called out from the cockpit. Bucky looked down at the vast white of Siberia and sighed.

‘As ready as I’ll ever be, Natalia!’ He shouted back. He looked over his shoulder at Steve who offered him a hopeful smile.

Despite being a supersoldier and master assassin Bucky was afraid of heights (he did die falling of a moving train). But he knew the mission had to be completed and he was best equipped for it. So he swallowed his fear and jumped out of the jet that was circling his target.

‘Okay, Barnes. Wait to open your parachute, we don’t want them spotting you’ Bucky could hear Maria’s voice through his earpiece. Modern technology is amazing. ‘3-2-1. Now!’

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