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do you know of any good codependency and/or clingy fics? thank you!

you should check everything by fawkesflame123 and greenbergsays (AO3) :D

for more codependency (please check additional tags):

We Were Here All Along by giselleslash

After the events in DC Bucky shows up at Steve’s door. All Steve wants to do is hide him away from the world so when Natasha offers the use of one of her safehouses Steve takes her up on it. Now the two of them are together, and on their own, nothing but two ghosts haunting a cabin in the woods desperately trying to get back to each other.

the best thing i’ll ever do (is holding close to you) by hitlikehammers

Every man has his breaking point. And much as they tried; much as people tended to forget—Steve Rogers is no more than that: a man.

And no man can be expected to last long with his whole heart stopped on ice.

Or: in which Steve reaches the end of his line after trying to live with the consequences of Bucky going back on ice. Because Steve Rogers is only a mortal man. And mortal men have limits as to how much heartbreak they can stand.

Our Endless Numbered Days by hitlikehammers

They promised each other to the end of the line. But when they made that promise, they couldn’t have known it. They couldn’t have dreamt that their line might be infinite. They could never have imagined a world where that end might never come.

It’s an obligation they never could have foreseen, Bucky knows that.

Bucky knows that it’s wrong to hold anyone to that kind of vow.

near mint by liketheroad

Steve Rogers lets his hair down.

Einherjar by thecommodore_squid

But Steve was fine.

Sure, he hadn’t seen Bucky in months, and sometimes he was at the punching bag so long that his skin started to peel off to expose the bones of his fingers, and sometimes he couldn’t find the energy to drag himself out of bed, and sometimes he went weeks without sleeping, and sometimes he thought about throwing himself head-first off the nearest tall structure, but he was fine.

He was absolutely, perfectly, one-hundred percent, fucking fine.

In which Steve learns how to deal with his shit, and Bucky learns how to stop leaving.

all we have to lay on the line by tigriswolf

There is a difference between justice and vengeance, and Steve’s not digging any graves.

I’m doing a pathology paper for class on retroviral treatments of HIV and I’m remembering, as I often do, my “let’s learn how to do public speaking” project that I did on HIV/AIDS in 8th grade. My English teacher begrudgingly allowed me to present that topic on the condition that I not mention homosexuality and homosexual behavior. I mentioned homosexuality and homosexual behavior. She took me aside after class to tell me at length what trouble I could get in if any parents complained.

And that cowardly tepid bullshit “now I’M not offended but OTHER PEOPLE might be so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you can talk about the AIDS crisis but leave out all the gay bits” is probably the best thing a teacher ever did to me as I’ve made sure that every academic presentation I’ve given since has been one that would make that asshole uncomfortable, anyway back to this essay that she would fucking hate


Let’s talk about your story! Here’s what you do: 1. how many stories are you writing? 2. What’s your favorite story/favorite post you’ve written? 3. Who do you personally ship in your story? 4: Who do you think has had the most character development in your story (bonus: why) 5. Tag 3 story simblrs that you’ve been reading!

I was tagged by @blythelyre, thanks Babe! I originally did this meme here but I wanna tag some more people whose answers I’d love to see so it’s all good.

1) Still only writing the one story, Five Years Later.

2) The first time I answered Roy and Sonia’s wedding and that is true in terms of fun…I truly look back on it as being the best fun I have ever had writing anything, and also setting up the scenes, choosing the outfits, the decorations etc was a blast too. But if I would have to choose my favourite post in terms of actual feels, it would probably be the aftermath of Joël finding Anita cheating with her workmate. And this song always plays in my head as a soundtrack, and the lyrics never cease to give me chills when I think of poor Jojo’s heart being ripped out of his chest. I don’t know who you are now, all the things I hear you say, you talk that way, you’re a stranger…. 😭😭😭

3) Jonita and…heheh. I also still secretly ship Romi, lulz. And I love Seph and Audrey. I really want to explore their story further. How I’m going to do this has not yet fully revealed itself itself to me, but if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I have faith.

4) Naomi, no contest, but thinking about my current story arc def also Mia…I feel like I owe it to her, she’s a trooper and has gone through so much, the poor lamb. Why has she had so much character development? Well, I think I owe it to my characters, basically. Of course I owe it to my readers too to have complex characters who aren’t stereotypes. And to have them continually surprise people is great and hopefully keeps people interested in their lives and stories.

5) This time around I would like to tag @mada-didi @trembling-hands and @sunset-melody! Cheers, possums! 

Update on Supergirl Drama

A further interview came out from ComiCon on TVLine where they spoke briefly about supercorp friendship and Katie referenced the past interview, the following takes place from 3:30 to 4:02:

Interviewer: What is it about that friendship that fans love?
Melissa: They’re a Luthor and a Super.
Interviewer: They give hope that enemies can be friends?
Melissa: Yes.
Katie: It doesn’t matter what other people think you are, it’s who you are. You’re your own person despite other people’s perceptions of you, you know.  And I think that this shows that that can overcome anything
Mehcad: That was beautiful
Katie: I know guys, I brought it back to reality, you want to go back to singing again?
(everyone laughs)

 To summarise, Katie McGrath is an angel sent straight from heaven to bless us and is single-handedly the best ally to have ever existed.

Best Thing I Ever Bought- Part 2

Dean x female reader

Best Thing I Ever Bought Part 1

Ok guys, this is 1360 words of pure porn. NSFW text, if you’re not 18 just turn around and go home!! Side note: this is my first time writing SMUT with no plot, so let me know what you think!!

Warnings: oral, fingering, unprotected hot tub sex, and my typical adult language

This was written for all of you beautiful people that requested a part 2 and for Melissa Celebrates Challenge hosted by @melissaj616! My prompt was “Going for a swim”

Without further ado, let the smuttyness ensue!!

Dean contemplated your proposal briefly before stripping faster than you thought humanly possible. He was on the second step when he paused for a moment then quickly backtracked to the door, locking it before sprinting back to the hot tub.

Rather than using the stairs, he used his running start to vault the side, splashing you as he plunged into the water. You laughed hysterically at the impressively coordinated goofball that was your boyfriend before you were utterly distracted by the naked man wading through the water, closing in on you.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” you raised your eyebrow smugly, resting your arms along the edge behind you, the swell of your breast barely visible above the bubbling water line.

“Mmm, hell yeah it is…” his voice was low, hungry eyes watching you as his hands found their way to your hips, your body pinned between him and the side of the hot tub. His nose brushed against yours gently before he pressed his lips delicately against yours. It was sweet and tender… at first. But time spent apart, no matter how short, left both of you craving the other. With a swipe of his tongue against your bottom lip, an instinctual groan blossomed deep in your chest and you opened your mouth, allowing him deepen the kiss. Your fingers scratched lightly at his scalp before giving his hair a slight tug as his tongue was claiming its space, massaging against yours. Dean’s teeth trapped your bottom lip as he pulled away, eventually realising it with a small ‘pop’.

You were both panting slightly, gazing directly into each other’s eyes. You closed the distance, copying his previous action by nibbling his swollen bottom lip, tugging just a little before letting go.

“I missed you,” he confessed before his mouth pursued new territory, assaulting your neck. As his teeth grazed your pulse point, your back involuntarily arched, pressing your naked body up against his.

Keep reading

Do you ever think of how many little pockets of queer community there /must/ have been throughout history, even if we don’t know about it? Either because it was too dangerous to leave any written records, or they got lost, or it was just a bunch of queer people who found each other accidentally bc queer people seem to naturally gravitate towards each other. But we’re so good at carving out little pockets in which to live and be ourselves, even when the world has hated us and done its best to repress us and kill us and pretend we don’t exist. We’ve always been here and as much as I love hearing stories of queer people from history, I know that’s just a FRACTION of the queer people who existed together and supported each other throughout history.

  let me get sappy for a moment, and tell you about one of the greatest people i’ve ever met on this website, who i’m also happily dating, and i’m so glad i met her nearly a year ago.  like what the fuck my emotions.  @zaldrizotala  is my girlfriend, and has been since may 13th of this year, and she was my best friend beforehand, and still is.  i’m really lucky to be dating my best friend, and the one person who really gets me, and gives me a reason to keep going even when my mind isn’t clear.  thank you so much for loving me, i love you a lot.


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Reationship status: Single like a pringle
Favorite color: Light Purple
Lipstick or chapstick: Probably chapstick even though I wear niether ever lol
Last song I listened to: idk probably something Hamilton
Last movie I watched: Nine Lives

Top 3 fictional characters: Umm idk 
Top 3 ships: I really only ship one and its my 11 year old brother and my best friend’s little sister. His name is Jack and her’s is Emily so its Jemily
Books I’m currently reading: American Gods

I tag @blogginginsimlish @aharris00britney @lilssims @pixelmoons @angelictrait @starryllamas @sandy-sims @alwaysimming @lunarcreek @super-sweet-sims @wrenpity @wild-pixel  (I pretty much just went through all my old messages and picked some but these are pretty true when I talked to them they were pretty cool so yea) (also sorry if you have already done this and I tagged you)

Ok now Cancer season is over but I need to get this one thing off my chest

First, obviously at their best, water signs are fantastic. They’ll be the best mom friend, take care of you, defend you and be on your side even when you’re wrong. There’s a lot that’s wonderful to be said about them. HOWEVER

Lately I’ve been observing a lot of the worse aspects of Cancer, specifically. And as an air sign–an opposite of sorts–it blows my goddamn mind.

Cancers, at their worst, are some of the most manipulative people I’ve ever seen. They refuse to communicate, then get pissed when nobody can read their mind and give them exactly what they want the way they want it. Then they guilt trip everyone around them for daring to not do the exact thing desired, even though…maybe other people’s desires matter, too?

I mean, people drag lower-end Leos for their selfishness, but Leos just forget to consider others; it’s not actually an act of malice. With lower-end Cancers (by this I mean on the worse end of the spectrum), they just think they’re so special that they deserve all of the attention and action in their favor.

What’s worse, when people don’t behave exactly as they’d envisioned it in their heads, crummy Cancers will project all of their own crumminess onto the other people, accusing them of abandoning them, or being selfish or manipulative themselves, even though it’s only Cancer (& sometimes crummy Scorpios and Pisces) who pull that kind of BS.

It’s especially mind-boggling to observe specifically in relation to air signs. With multiple people, I’ve seen Cancers invest all of this caring into something to do with the air signs, whether as family, friends, romantic interests, whatever…and because air signs are just all in their heads, objective, analytic folks, you can bet they haven’t set out with the intention of just hurting anyone’s feelings. But Cancers (& again, sometimes the other water signs), at their worst, will assume these actually nonassuming air signs are as awful as Cancers themselves can be, & completely ignore all of the evidence of who air is in order to blame them for Cancers’ own problems. Then pull some petty revenge nonsense, because they’re feeling betrayed, even though no betrayal or intention of it has taken place–only a failure to communicate.

I’ve been witnessing so much of this lately, & can’t exactly voice my concerns politely to the Cancers in question, because lord knows they’ll just decide to feel super offended and not listen to anything I’m actually trying to say. Worse, then they strike out at anyone who’s trying to stand up for themselves, as if simply saying “I don’t want to do this” is a direct attack on bad-Cancer personally.

*deep sigh*…I just need all of my good Cancers out here to remember to keep doing good, to communicate no matter how awkward you feel doing it, to see people as they are, not what you think they could be, to listen with an open mind as well as heart (I know you’re really good at that), & to give people space to be themselves & do them without passive-agressively chastising them for it, whatever your reasons might be.

The fact that I’m requesting this of y'all good water folk is sort of a moot point, because you already do that, but I’ve just had a doozy of a month dealing with your less-awesome cousins, & needed to get that off my chest.

Thanks for being awesome, my awesome water peeps. & thanks for listening


OK, so I know I’m really late but that’s BECAUSE I HAD TO TAKE SOME OTSHA ACTION PICS FOR YOU.

I love you so much I hope you had a blast in CHICAgo, ILY and your sexy voice, your sense of humour, the way you attack sunny, YOUR MEME DATABASE (honestly how many memes r u hiding). You’re one of the funniest people I have ever met, and YOUR MAKEUP SKILLS LIKE WHAT??? I remember when you showed us your makeup collection and i farted out of shock. I’m still crying at the thought that U R ONE OF MY BEST PEEPS.

You’re one of the dankest cancers I have ever met (besides myself obvi). I love how supportive you are of everything and I MISS YOUR STORIES. I need my husband shou back bitch. Let’s not forget that one shou post where he was THICCCCC. pls never leave me because i would turn to a dried bread crust.


Here's why giving feedback is important:

•It encourages us writers to keep on keeping on, shows us people are reading and responding to our work.

•There’s a little tingling sensation the author gets when people reply with “oh my god my heart!” Or something dramatic and crazy like that. We have power to make the feels and it’s the best thing ever.

•If you don’t give feedback, how do we know what you guys like and don’t like?

•Literally the amount of happiness you will give us is unexplainable.

•I wanna know if my angsty heart poking fic made you cry dammit. I swear I’m not evil (just very pleased)

•Believe it or not, some of us have a hard time posting our work because we’re self conscious about it. Your words help push that feeling away and make us want to write more.

•Good or bad feedback, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t be one of those cunts that tells someone to stop writing because you don’t like their work.

•Feelings I tell you, I need to know your feelings. (Seriously I’m not evil for wanting to know if you cried)

•One kind word a day can keep the writers block at bay!

•Feedback is so important oh my GOODNESS I can’t even explain it. Just do it. Make an authors dreams come true.

•Finally, the MOST important: We write for people to read when we post. We write to get our words out to our audience. We literally post for you guys and your encouragement/support. Tell us how you feel, what you think. Seriously. It’s all for you guys, your feedback is the most important of them all.

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Bless your heart for having a fringe tag and making me relive that entire series in under 2 minutes with all the love and heartbreak and.. 😭😭👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾👌🏾 best show of all time. Good on you, bless your soul

Ahhh! What’s funny is that I’ve been itching to rewatch it lately (because I haven’t seen seasons 4 and 5 since they first aired). “Fringe” was brilliant TV - one of my all-time favorite series ever - and I have yet to forgive the Universe for not giving Anna Torv an Emmy for her incredible work in season 3.

It makes me sad that not a lot of people still talk about the show (I only know @lladill is a fan, too), but I’m so glad that you found my “Fringe” tag because now I’m reliving the series, too. Such a damn good show! Bless your good taste.


I wanted to let you all know how I take the time to look at every reblog, ever like, ever comment- just things like that.

If you reblog my work, I check out that reblog and see if you comment anything or put something in the tag.

If you comment on one of my works, I try my best to see that and reply back and thank you.

Even if you just like I work, I take time to see which thing you liked.

I’m so grateful to everyone on here, even the silent readers. To the people who remember and know the name of my blog, know that really means a lot.

To those of you who have ever sent in an ask, or have become a well known Anon, or someone I now talk to, you guys are really amazing.

I know to some readers, a like or a reblog or a comment or an ask isn’t that big of a deal- and believe me, I write to write, I don’t do it just to get notes- but hearing from you guys and knowing that you enjoy my stuff really~ makes my day and keeps me on track with writing. So thank you.

A beautiful copperhead chilling in the “snake bucket”. So many (non herp) people have warned me how “aggressive” copperheads are, yet none of the many copperheads I’ve handled have ever struck at me or the tools I was holding them with.

**MASSIVE DISCLAIMER** Do not handle venomous snakes if you don’t have proper training, safety gear, and tools! Deliberately initiating contact with snakes is the best way to get bit. Don’t become a statistic!

This snake was being relocated away from a group of people to avoid the snake getting killed or people getting bitten (but just a short distance away into appropriate habitat). Hopefully the unpleasant experience of getting caught and stuck in a bucket will prompt this snake to avoid populated areas in the future.

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Hiii I really looove the story you made in collab with @l0vegl0wsinthedark but idk how to look for the entire compilation? Can I ask you how to look for it on here because I really really reaaallyyyy wanna read the chapters chronologically :((( Iloveyoubothsosososooomuch you are like the best people ever I love your writing pls don't ever stop you are gifts to this fandom okay that's all. Kisses!

Hi anon! Yes, you can now find the master list on my or @l0vegl0wsinthedark’s blog, under the tag masterlist. 😊

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What are some of your favorite fics your friends/fave mutuals have written? What would you like them (specifically) to write in the future (can be tropes, actual plots, and or ships/characters)?

So I am gonna talk about my top Four Mutual Authors on this site.

Okay so @skywalkerr has the best Star Wars AU ever. Her Canon divergences are out of this world. If you guys havent yet you need to read this woman’s Rey Solo Series cause its Hella good.

So I see people dissing @philinda ‘s work all the time. I dont know what the fuck this Anon is talking about, but she writes the best stuff. Her Philinda Fics are always so awesome and sweet.

@shesthemuscle is the master of Rare Pairs fics. Like she is fearless in her work and she writes them very well. I always enjoy seeing her combinations and many times sweet stories.


@agentmarymargaretskitz ‘s chicken verse changed my life…

I would love to see them continue their work and maybe step into different fandoms maybe I dont know it would be cool.

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Question for you! Obviously you're a cosmic witch (gathered that from your user name. I'm clearly a genius). Im asking you this because you do a lot in this community and I'm wondering if you know a ton of witches. Like. A fuck ton. Who do you follow for non-cosmic (like green or hedge) witchery? Do you ever follow non-cosmic blogs and then cosmic it up for your personal practice? Like "fuck that's a good idea but this needs planets rolling around in it, bitches"? Asking for a space monkey.

Omg. I follow too many blogs to just name a few but I follow all kinds of witches. I actually don’t follow many cosmic witches bc for one, there aren’t that many to begin with and two, some of them really aren’t that great tbh. I try my best not to copy other people’s spells and give credit where credit is due. 100% of my content is original :) and if it’s been inspired by someone then I’m sure to mention them in my work.

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I really can't take seriously the hurt/ comfort genre anymore, because comfort in spanish is confort, but in my country people use the word confort for toilet paper. So when I was beginning to learn english (and reading for the first time fics in english) I would related hurt/comfort with hurt/toilet paper, and I was like wtf, why would they need toilet paper if they're hurt? Like crying? Or is it because they poop so hard it hurts?

OMG, that’s hysterical! As anyone who has ever cried in a bathroom will tell you, not entirely inaccurate, but still.  LOL.  Poor you.  I love language.  It really is the best.

anonymous asked:

I need advice please! So I've been wth my girl (super monogamous) for 3 years now and I love her to pieces, I would never, ever do anything to hurt her. However, recently I've met this girl who I've developed feelings for. She likes me back but due to my girlfriends shutting down my poly option we have chosen to stay best friends. Is there an easier way to get over someone quicker? I'm polycurious and I feel so conflicted. I feel like all I'm doing is hurting people 💔

All my experience with ‘getting over it’ has involved taking time apart and putting in emotional distance, if you’re going to be around each other a lot and still being close emotionally, it’s gonna be harder and take longer.

If you’ve got closure, and you’ve resolved that this is the best thing to do, all you can do is wait it out. Remind yourself of why you’re doing this, invest time and emotional energy in your partner, and tell yourself why it’s not going to happen until it sticks.

Best of luck anon, I know it sucks and I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

10 Songs Tag

Tagged by the lovely @lattetae 💖💖

rules: list ten songs you’re currently vibing to and tag ten people.

1. Foreward - Tyler the Creator 

This is the best song Tyler could ever start the album with?? Like? Foreward guarantees you the album is one of the best of this century right off the bat.

2. See you Again - Tyler the Creator

How can a song be so beautiful? Tbh I’ve been listening to his new album on repeat these past couple of days because it’s just so beautiful.

3. Infatuation - Brockhampton

I don’t know I just really like the song and Brockhampton a lot (plus it relates sex to dbz which is? hard to relate something to but alright lol

4. Orange - Natalie Green

The vibes this song gives off I really like; gets me in the mood to write;) and I just really love Natalie Green

5. Sober - Lorde

This one also gets me in the mood to write and tbh all of Melodrama is golden so how could I not:’)

6. Inside - Earl Sweatshirt

I could say Early Sweatshirt is Gucci but I’m going to say he’s RAF instead; that stuff is expensive and great, so is he;) and this song is different from his other ones, its chill and I like that

7. Passionfruit - Drake

I love Drake, he will always have a part of my heart. Passionfruit also helps me write, and I just love how different it sounds because DRAKE?!?!?

8. 9 to 5 - Crush ft Gaeko

This one gets me hyped up. Thats it.

9. Gajah - Gaeko ft Rap Monster

Gotta love Gaeko, and when Rap Monster is in the game? Gajah still has me fucked up.

10. Wet Dreamz - J.Cole

I know this song is old but I really love it and it makes me laugh because I always thought it was about a kid doing the do for the first time but the music video is about two young dogs wanting to breed pretty much lmao

Idk who to tag so here are these wonderful people! @mytaeddy @gukstudio @taeuinn @fragrantae @blumiin and @hob1smixtape 💞💓