you are the best frontman and man


Miles: “I really wanted to be a frontman at that time [with The Rascals]. I hadn’t been a frontman. I had a hard-on for that.”

Alex: “Still have.”

Happy Birthday to a truly talented frontman! 

Some of the old fans may say what they want but I think Brian is AC/DC. He is funny, down to earth, he has an amazing voice and he is truly kind to all his fans. This year I finally got to see AC/DC live and appreciate Brian even more. He has lots of fun in what he does and it was so much fun to watch him perform, twice! 

Brian you’re an amazing man and I wish you nothing but the best on your birthday and many more to come! Have a drink on me today

SPIN Names ‘The Desired Effect’ One of the Best Pop Albums of 2015

SPIN has named Brandon Flowers’ ‘The Desired Effect’ one of The 25 Best Pop Albums of 2015.

Eve Barlow, writing for SPIN, says

There’s a song that forms the centerpiece of the Killers frontman’s second solo LP called “Between Me And You” which you must listen to in the car, on an open road, with your navigation system on mute. “These hours I’m working ain’t nearly enough / And sometimes it’s like a bullet that just blasted me right out of the blue / But I’m doing my best not to let it get / Between me and you,” he sings, sweating the weight of adult responsibility while representing this Great American ideal of the Man, the Breadwinner, the Hero. It comes paired with an obvious melody forming his most Springsteen moment yet, but it also relocates Flowers’ identity on an album full of surprises, which include a Bronski Beat-sampling “I Can Change” and the sax-blasting nostalgia trip of “Lonely Town.” This is the closest he gets to laying to rest his self-imposed mission to be as great as his rock forefathers. Finally, the man just owns being himself.

Taken from Sweet Talk.