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Being on the Avengers with Peter Parker would include..

- LMFAO y’all a bunch of headasses to begin with

- having the most precious relationship in the world

- A LOT of running around avengers tower

- and annoying tony

- taking dorky polaroids of one another

- becoming the iconic young duo of the avengers that is always talked about in the media

- being inseparable from each other

- reason behind that is that you two were the youngest in the team and felt a connection upon your first meeting

- always training together at headquarters

- (y/n) please don’t do that thing with your leg today’

- helping each other with homework

- natasha thinking that you two are the biggest dorks in the world

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make me choose: cute or sexy zelo for anon!

        *✧・゚ the boy with starlight in his eyes  *✧・゚

im gonna be so gay for a sec but

can we appreciate boys more
like all kinds of boys and everything they do??

like, when a boy is wearing a shirt or sweatershirt that’s just a little too short and he stretches and that Lil Bit Of Tum shows??? amazing.
and don’t even get me started on when boy’s wear hoodies that are too big and they get sweater paws. gosh dang sweater paws. they’re my weakness.

and chubby boys? can we talk more about chubby boys because chubby boys are the goddamn cutest. i wanna collectively squish all of their chubby cheeks and make all of them cookies. and also when boys GIGGLE???? don’t even get me started on boys giggling, especially when their nose get’s all crinkly as it goes from a giggle to a regular laugh ugh adorable. amazing and adorable, 25/10.
and trans boys?? do not even get me started. y’all are the absolute cutest, you deserve all the hugs & all the backrubs & all the cookies.

like, just, all types of boys are perfect and amazing. if you’re a boy or even somewhat see yourself as one and you’re reading this post you’re automatically adorable and perfect; sorry, i don’t make the rules.

Dating Zach Dempsey would include...

• Lots of basketball games, where’d you’d be on the side lines holding up a cheesy sign saying “# 7 on the field # 1 in my heart.”

• Him looking and winking just as he is about to make the game winning point!

 • He’d run to you after a game through the crowd, just to get his winning kiss. “y/n!” “Oh no Zach! Get your sweaty self away from me.” You said running through the stands. But he catches you in less than a minute and envelopes you in his arm. “Caught you.” He whispers “You’re an idiot.” You say with a smile “Yes, but I’m your idiot, so it’s okay.” He says right before he kisses you. 

 • Ice cream dates, he’d smile and watch you as you ate your ice cream. “What’re you doing?” You said with a giggle, “You’re so weird.” He rolled his eyes, “is it bad that I love my girlfriend so much I can’t help but stare at her beauty?” You held out your spoon. “Oh shush and let me eat my ice cream in peace.” He leaned over and ate it as you gasped! “Zachary! How dare you?!” He chucked and winked. “Maybe next time you’ll take my compliment, so I don’t have to take you ice cream.”

•Movies at the Crestmont, where you two would sit in the back and cuddle into him.

•cuddling non stop.

•lots and lots of kisses, on your forehead, nose, lips

• You always wear his letterman jacket and it’s huge on you because your boy is a giant. “You’re tiny.” “I AM NOT.” “Y/n you are so small.” “I am average height, you fricking giant.” “Gosh you’re feisty, and you look so cute in that.” “Can I keep it.?” “No.” “But Zach…”

•he’d surprise you from behind and always make an effort to walk you to your classes. “Zach you’re gonna be late for your class.” “But I have to walk with you to class..” “I’m a big girl I can walk by myself.” “Yes, I’d rather spend time with my girl, than be in class, unless that class is Bio.”

•you and his sister are best friends, and you guys are always whispering. And he loves how good you are with her.

•his mom loving you because unlike the rest of his friends, you’re such a good influence on him. She sees the way you two love each other and can’t wait to call you her daughter-in-law

•Zach gets jealous easily, especially when you laugh at Jeff’s jokes and hang out with him. He will give you the silent treatment until you make him realize he’s the only boy for you.

“Zach, I love you. No one else” “But Jeff..” “He’s a friend, one of my very good friends and you need to stop being jealous about small things. You know i’d never leave you.” “I-I’m sorry.” You kissed his forehead. “I love you okay? Don’t forget that.”

•you play video games with him, and sometimes he lets you win, just to see you smile and jump around. “OH MY GOD. I BEAT YOU.” Zach chuckled, “yes you did.” “I BEAT ZACH DEMPSEY AT COD.. HOW IN THE WORLD.” He scoops you up in his arms, “yes you did y/n, and I’ve got a prize for you.” He says as he kisses you!

•he’s super protective, especially after hearing Bryce’s tapes, and makes sure you’re never alone with him.

•He comes to you whenever he is sad, or upset about life. And the two of you cuddle and eat lots and lots of ice cream.

•You always make fun of how he’s allergic to strawberries. “It’s kinda sad, you know? You’ll never be able to bite into a juicy strawberry.” He rolled his eyes “yes y/n I’m so sorry that the small little fruit could possibly cause me to die.” “I’m just saying it’s a shame, they’re so good.” “God, you’re so mean.”

•He loves PDA when he’s drunk, but when he’s sober, he’d rather it be more personal, just between the two of you.

•He’s never fails to make you laugh, and cracks jokes just to see your eyes light up and to see your smile grow.

•When he gets drunk, all he’s does is think about you and tell you how much he loves you, and will not stop kissing you. “My girlfriend y/n, she’s such a babe. Like damn she’s the hottest girl in the school and she’s all mine. And have I told you I love her so much.” “Zach I’m right here.” “You’re really pretty you know that.” “Oh dear Zach, how much did you drink.”

• He’s always super embarrassed after hearing what he did while drunk, and you think he’s the absolute cutest.

• Zach is so fit, and loves the gym, and half the time you joke you’re dating him just for his abs. “God you’re hot.” He looked up at you. “Well that was random.” “Like I’m definitely dating you for your abs.” “Wow y/n so superficial” “Kidding I love every little thing about you.” “Oh sweet little y/n, nothing about me is little.” “ZACH!”

•Zach leaves the weirdest compliments in your compliment bag, and you keep them all to look at whenever you need to smile.

•Justin being like another brother to you and always jokes about how you have Zach wrapped around your finger.

•Justin and Zach are so close you always joke that he’s Zach’s boyfriend. “Hi I’m y/n and this is my boyfriend Zach and his boyfriend Justin.”

• He always tells you the cheesiest science jokes, because he’s a bio nerd. “Hey y/n, are you DNA helicase cause I’d like to unzip your genes.” “You’re an idiot”

•Zach dreaming about spending the rest of his life with you and growing old, because you’re everything and more he’d ever imagine in a girl.


It’s been a few weeks and Max & Haru are starting to adjust to their new lives with Billie!
They finally got the finishing touches on her room done, acclimated to waking up in the middle of the night to chase away monsters, are learning how to avoid food being launched at them, and are mastering the art of diaper changing!
To celebrate they decided to head to the park and take Billie hunting for Easter eggs!

Gee Angus, how come Griffin lets you have so many family members?

He thinks he must have picked it up from Mavis. After all, they all care about him and take care of him just as much as they do Mavis and Mookie, so they should all be his Aunts and Uncles too, right? In spirit, anyway.

He likes the titles because after the day of Story and Song, “Madame Director” or “Miss Lup” or “Mr. Bluejeans” all feel too formal and stiff, even for him now that he knows so much about them.

So in his head he starts referring to them as Aunty Lup and Uncle Barry and Aunt Lucretia (That aunt/aunty distinction is very important, it just wouldn’t feel right the other way around.) Carey and Killian make the list too. And Kravitz, of course, by extension through Taako.

Taako, Magnus and Merle are still just Taako, Magnus and Merle because even though he calls them “sirs,” even the title of Uncle seems to formal to address them as. But he stills refers to them that way when he’s talking to his friends at school.

The first time he says it out loud to any of them, it’s him shouting “Aunty Lup!” to get her attention as she walks away. Lup freezes and stares at him for a second, and he wonders if he’s crossed some sort of boundary before she says “Holy shit, Barold did you hear that? That’s absolutely the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.” And he beams.

Lucretia starts tearing up and gives him the biggest hug after he first uses it to her.

The one exception is Davenport. Angus doesn’t seem him that often once he starts traveling, but he always refers to him as “Captain Davenport, sir.” Davenport appreciates it, and it feels good to be recognized by title again.

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Sterek Meet Cute Thoughts: Derek is being deployed overseas for 6 months and before he goes he needs to find someone to take care of his dog. It's a wolf/husky hybrid and hard to place because he is a large dog who doesn't do well with other pets or young children. Derek is running out of time and desperate so when a friend of a friend offers to take him Derek accepts even though he can't even drop the dog off himself because he has to leave and this Stiles guy lives 4 hours away. (1/?)

And Stiles is crazy about the dog, he always wanted one, and tries to take care of him but it becomes clear that the dog is in charge. Stiles emails Derek for advice because the guarding behavior is endearing but also kind of a problem. Derek answers and the epistolary romance beings. They start talking about the dog and then end up talking about everything complete with subtle and not so subtle digging for “are you into guys” and “are you seeing anyone” of a asking for a friend variety. (2/3)

Stiles makes self-deprecating remarks about his looks and Derek calls himself boring and a nerd so they both have an image of what the other looks like but they never see each other by unspoken agreement. Derek arrives home safe and OF COURSE goes to get his dog (and meet the guy he’s in love with) and Stiles is hoping to share custody (and date Derek forever) and when they meet they kind of can’t believe their luck.

omg this is the absolute cutest thing holy shit ;;

i need a 40k fic of this so badly, you don’t even understand. this sounds like it would be the absolute cutest and fluffiest and i have a mighty need !!!

bless <3

“...Where is our child ?” - Wonder Woman x fem!Reader

Hey, so because I often receive messages about you guys wanting “more Wondermom” (yes, “Wondermom” became a thing) well…I’m writing this story. This is basically a part 2 of : “take care of my babies or you’ll die”, so if you didn’t read that you can if you want, so this story will make more sense and…Boom, part 2, hope you’ll like it

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The present :

You and Diana were sitting side by side on an upside down car, looking at the destruction the latest “League fight to save the World” created. 

Fortunately, everything happened after the small town where things went down was evacuated (thanks god your brother, Bruce, was always planning things so carefully and almost always managed to bring the villains where he wanted them to be, in inhabited places). But oh the destruction was still there. 

The small coffee shop that was absolutely the cutest and that made you want to sit in and drink a warm cup of brew was no more. 

The school, a school that eerily resembled the one your son used to go to, was no more.

People’s houses were gone. They all lost everything (though probably, “Wayne Enterprise” would get a new charity and give money and men to rebuild the place). All their possessions  were no more. Pictures of their families, the same kind that hung in your house, souvenirs and all…no more. 

Worst, the library and book shop right next door were no more…You sighed as you see a few pages of destroyed books fly in the wind. 

Your Diana’s arm is around your shoulder, and you cuddle closer to her as you witness the destruction you and your friends were responsible for…But hey, you saved the World again. Small sacrifices were always needed you know ? 

Still, her presence reassures you, makes you feel better. It always have. Having her beside you always made you stronger. 

Your wife’s voice startles you, as you weren’t expecting her to speak right now, in that short moment of peace after the storm :

-Remember when I said that I did NOT want our child to ever fight ? 

You smile weakly and straighten up a bit, turning your head to look at her. She smiles back at you, and you take a wild strand of her hair to put it behind her ear lovingly, brushing your fingers along her cheek, before saying : 

-Yes I do. The good old days. 

-When he wasn’t born yet and we could still hope. 

-Really, what did we expect ? He’s ours, of course he would have to fight one day…

-I just wished there was another way. That he could have had a normal life.

A loud sigh behind you makes you jump a bit and you both turn around…to be faced with your brother and his sons. 

The sigh was from the youngest, Damian and…oh God you couldn’t believe that brat was already an adult. You wished you could turn back time, to moments where he was not that giant man, but a tiny insecure boy who often came to his aunt for advices and hugs (yes, hugs. It was a secret between you and him). 

You don’t even have time to say anything as Damian begins : 

-You know, Thomas isn’t a baby anymore. He’s perfectly capable to handle himself on a battlefield. After all he’s from my…our family, there wasn’t any other way, and such an extraordinary being couldn’t have just a “normal life”. He’s important. Hell, he even saved Superman’s life today. He’s vital part of the league. And…

You roll your eyes and cut him off : 

-Yes yes I know Dami’, you told us a hundred time. 

-And yet you still baby him. You know, he just turned twenty and…


Diana chuckles lowly, your nephews (but Damian) full on laugh at the face their little brother is making (seriously, it could be the illustration for the word “annoyed” in the dictionary), and even your brother utter a small smile. 

Of course you know your boy isn’t a small child anymore but…you can’t help it. You can’t help but being a little bit sad and angry at yourself for ever letting him become a superhero too. You can’t help but feeling guilty about the life he’s doomed to lead. You can’t help but worry about him constantly. 

Sure, he’s twenty now but…Some things never change. 

Speaking about things that never change : 

-Wait…Where is he ? 

Bruce looks away and his sons do too, but you catch Tim’s look before he can and it’s impossible to avoid your gaze once it’s locked on something and…With a dangerous voice, you ask : 

-Spit it up Tim, my boy…Where’s our child ? 

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ok first of all who gave you this talent??? bc damn ive stayed up until like 4am stalking this blog i love it so much lol 💕💕i was wondering if you had the time of you could write a little thing about if BTS were going out with someone who actually did the jobs they had in the Dope Era? I just kinda thought it would be a cool concept welp anyway I love you remember to eat all three meals 💖💖💖

omf all u people who stay up till like the am hours need to sleep,,,,,also this was such a cute idea so!!! here you go!!!

Namjoon x Bellhop 

  • thinks your little uniform is the absolute cutest, gets all smiley when he sees you in it
  • listens and comforts you when you talk about people being rude to you on the job
  • once snuck into the building pretending he lived there, just so you two could ride up in the elevator alone and had there not been a surveillance camera he mumbles that he would have kissed you
  • knows your job can get pretty boring so he sends you samples of music he’s working on
  • made you a playlist called: my elevator love LOL

Yoongi x Military General

  • your job title is so intimidating, but yoongi is so into it,,,,like so so so into it
  • “so you order people around for a living? that’s hot” 
  • wants to know all the military slang and probably tries to use it around bangtan and they’re just like ? and he’s like “did i mention im dating basically a superhero? you think you’re tough jungkook have you seen my significant other?”
  • honestly,,,,yoongi isn’t one to brag about much - but i think he’d really be proud of you 
  • but,,,,,even though he doesn’t show this side of himself a lot,,,,he’d constantly worry that your job might get you hurt in the future
  • once you and him were hanging out with the rest of bangtan and there was a loud noise and all seven of them hid behind you,,,,,,,,yoongi clutching to your arm so hard it nearly went numb 

Taehyung x Detective

  • “can you tell me about the FREAKIEST criminal you’ve ever met?”
  • “did you see something gruesome today?”
  • “can i look at the evidence with you?”
  • it is a,,,,,constant barrage of questions because taehyung thinks your job is the cOOLEST
  • but then he realizes it is a shit ton of paperwork and he’s like,,,,oh,,,,,like he is genuinely upset at this fact and you have to cheer him up with kisses about it
  • once introduced you to bts as the sherlock,,,,,,who solved the mystery to his heart
  • and jungkook was like that was cornier than anything seokjin has ever said in his life
  • late night working on a case and taehyung tries to stay up and keep you company but ends up falling asleep against your shoulder 
  • you have the same coffee orders because being a detective and being an idol = stress = need caffeine 

Jungkook x Police Officer

  • asks if you’ll ever consider joining the k9 unit in the future,,,,,,,you know,,,,,because dogs are great
  • knows work can take a toll on your mood so he’s always trying to make you laugh when you come home 
  • but sometimes he just holds you in his arms, your face buried in his chest
  • just for fun, you let jungkook take the physical exam that police officers have to take and he,,,,passed,,,,,,,,,it
  • you can recite law from memory, which jungkook thinks is amazing he just stares at you in wonder 
  • accidentally handcuffed himself when you told him not to play around with them like ten times
  • falls in love with your hard work and perseverance a little more every day

Jimin x Office Worker

  • stresses that you should eat during your lunch break no matter what, he knows you think chips are a meal but they’re not - they’re really not
  • put a keychain of chimmy on your ID badge
  • knows your bus schedule and gets a lil grumpy if you’re late and you’re like sorry sorry im going im going
  • but then also he runs out of the apartment still in his slippers to give you your keys and kiss you one more time before you go
  • “9 to 5 jobs suck but i want you to know that i love you and you’re doing great!! here is a photo of the sky i took for you because it’s beautiful just like you”
  • gets shy at the christmas party because everyone is like “oh, they talk so much about you!” because you do,,,,you love talking about your adorable boyfriend,,,,

Jin x Doctor

  • the amount of times he’s feigned sickness ,,,,,,,,, just to say “my heart is sick with love for you” is probably in the hundreds by now
  • wore your doctors coat but it was too small in the shoulders
  • got you a picture frame of you two and was like put it on your desk so your patients know you love me
  • and you’re like oh my god,,,,,,i already have a photo of us on my desk and he was just like !!!!!!!! really!!!!!!!!! 
  • texts you “jungkook has a fever - do you think we should go to the ER?” and you’re like,,,,,,if he gets worse yes but soup and rest can work?????
  • and jin is like wow. my smart doctor significant other. i love you. you are the smartest. and my heart is sick with love for- 
  • you: i know what you’re going to say seokjin and i love you too
  • he knows it’s overused but he’s like “love is the cure for everything. come here and let me kiss all your sadness away” and you can’t even argue with him,,,,because most of the time it works

Hoseok x Race Car Driver 

  • in theory, hoseok thinks your job is so cool and you’re a badass who can handle his wild, energetic self
  • in practice, you are a badass but hoseok is the one who cannot handle race cars
  • all that noise??? the literal chance of getting super hurt???? someone sidesweeping you into oblivion??? no thanks
  • but he knows you love it, and you get a thrill so he’s still the supportive boyfriend
  • who always has 911 on standby during your races even though that’s not necessary LOL 
  • you do both look hot as hell in leather jackets and holding helmets 
  • also, hoseok has the biggest heart eyes watching you fix your car - a little oil on your cheek and being just ,,,,,,, so good with your hands and passionate about something
  • like it makes hoseok happy that you love something like he loves dancing
  • “my love is a race to the finish line and you got first place~”
  • i think couple tattoos are definitely in you and hoseok’s future 
The team shipping You and Wally West together

•To say that the team thought that you and Wally would be the cutest couple was an understatement.

•The team ABSOLUTELY saw a future between you and Wally.

•But for some weird reason you two refused to talk or admit that you both had feelings for each other.

•Wally lost his flirting charm around you and got all nervous and flustered.

•And you always smiled a bit more and unconsciously would talk about him a lot.

•So why didn’t you two get together???

•There was one time where they were sure you two were going to kiss, but it turned out Wally was just trying to find the remote and his face ended up really close to yours.

•And there was many times where Wally tried to ask you out, but it was either a mission or annoying person that interrupted the moment.

•So the team took it upon themselves to get you to together.

•So at first they did the casual tactic, they would all slowly leave the room until it was only you two left.

•You both would be watching tv together.

•And Wally slowly lifted his arm to wrap around your shoulders…

•The team got all excited and breathlessly waited for him to make the move.

•But at the last minute he backed out!!!

•Groans were head in the back room.

•The next tactic was trying to make you both talk about each other.

•"So Wally ran out of the lab and set off all the alarms!“ Megan said with a laugh.

•You laughed along and sighed.

•"He’s quite the guy huh?”

•Megan smiled brightly, “Oh yes! Lately he’s been getting popular with some girls.”

•Your smiled faltered, but you quickly brought it back.

•"He always wanted that, so good for him!“

•You quickly excused yourself and left. Plan #2 failed.

•"The talking thing was a bust.” Megan said gloomily through her telepathic link.

•"Oh good, because it failed with Wally too.“ Dick chimed back.

•"That’s because you broke his heart!” Artemis yelled.

•"What? How?“

•"Welllll, I may have told a little lie on how Y/N may have been getting a boyfriend.”

•"You couldn’t think of a better one?“ Conner sighed.

•"What? A little angst never hurt anybody, they should be united after this!”

•"I think we’re being too involved with their feelings.“ Kaldur stated.

•"They need help on this though!” Megan replied.

•"Perhaps, but let me try an approach where there’s no lying or manipulation involved. Bring Wally to the kitchen in an hour.“

•And with that Kaldur started his plan.

•He went to where you were sitting and started a casual conversation with you.

•He then slowly brought the topic about Wally.

•Checking the clock he had ten minutes left.

•"You seem to have some feelings towards Wally?” He questioned.

•You blushed but laughed slightly.

•"Eh, well, yes- I mean kind of! I mean yeah… I guess… I do?“

•"What do you like about him?” Kaldur asked with a smile.

•He listened intently, but looked at the clock, 2 minutes left.

•"That was a lot, sorry about that Kaldur.“

•"It was no problem, but you do realize that Wally has feelings for you too?”


•You turned around and saw Wally with a red face and Dick nonchalantly moving towards the tray of cookies.

•Wally quickly ran in front of you and began to bicker at Kaldur.

•"Your not supposed to tell Y/N that!”

•"Why not? It’s only fair when she has the exact same feelings for you.“

•"What… you do?”

•And with that Kaldur left the room for you two to sort out your feelings.

•The team stared at Kaldur amazed.

•They spent weeks trying to put you both together and it only took him an hour!

Imagine The8 feeling really ecstatic because he get to spend his birthday with you despite his busy schedule.