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Dancing, ~ flo\||/ing ~ go\||/ns ~ and ~ handsome ~ suits, 

glitter, ~ laughter, ~ food ~ and romance…

It ~ is ~ once ~ again ~ time ~ for ~ our ~ favourite ~ tradition.

I ~ am ~ looking ~ for\||/ard ~ to ~ seeing ~ you ~ there.

Best ~ regards,

Your ~ host ~ Zamiir ~ Paradi.


This is the 6:th ball I’m hosting for Tumblr’s fantroll community, does that make you feel old or what?! Sure makes me realize how long I’ve spent here!

For those who are new: The past five years I’ve been hosting this event, The Ball of 12:th Perigee Eve, which is supposed to be a sort of Alternian Yule Ball.

Each year, the event has been quite a success, and been bringing the community, roleplayers and their characters together… 

Thus, it has become a bit of a tradition for me to host this for the Fantroll Community!

Please enjoy! <3

- @taimatrolls

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Bently: Wait!! Is that a fish market?

Levi: Oh gross, I don’t see how you eat that stuff.

Bently: You seriously have no idea what you’re missing out on, desert boy.

Levi: WE DON’T HAVE OCEANS NEAR THE DESERT. Fish are not supposed to be eaten. They smell and taste like death and are sharp and pointy in all the wrong places and–

Bently: Well I’M going to go check out the selection. Get moving!


Proprietor: Hello! Welcome to our stand! We’ve got a varied selection of fresh catches from around the bay area. Are you locals or just visiting?

Bently: We’re here on vacation, but I’d love to take a look at what you’ve got!

Proprietor: Of course! Feel free to browse!

Bently: Man, I wish we could get fish like this back at home for the restaurant.

Levi: We do get fish like this! I would know because you make me prep it regardless of my disdain.

Bently: Maybe eternal fish prepping will be my payback for your little Lighthouse stunt. Hehe >:D

Levi: You’re pure evil, you know that?

Bently: Likewise :).


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anonymous asked:

Hello, I’m new to all of this meta stuff and sometimes things fly right over my head. I’m really not trying to be rude here, I’m just looking for more explanation I suppose. But sometimes I feel like there’s an overanalysis of the show. Like that post you just shared about the gates of bisexuality. It just feels like to me sometimes things are overanalysed in a way to fit a certain criteria, and almost as if we’re reaching. I’m sorry if this offends, I’m just a little confused I suppose

Sometimes things can be overreached it’s true, we don’t know everything and we don’t know exactly what the writer/set designer/director really intended, we can only guess. We just look at the consistent themes and find that when they are consistent and obvious then they must add up to *something*.

With SPN we know that they write A LOT of things with deep meaning, we know that Jerry Wanek (set designer) puts a lot of thought into his work.

Eg. when they put a second beside table in Dean’s room during the human!cas era and then got Dean lying down one half of the bed and lit up the empty side with a light to show and emphasise the empty space. 

When asked about this Wanek tweeted that that everything is intentional and he’s happy people noticed.

I mean the dude inserted ships into the set design of this scene that were not there in the original set/restaurant. They were purposefully added for the filming of this scene (from the information I’ve gathered and believe to be the case):

So really it depends how far you want to believe the meta. But really? So much of this is intentional it’s hard to believe there are accidents when it fits perfectly with all the rest of what they are doing.

The fact that there is a cowboy and a cowgirl, Athena looks a lot like the cowgirl with her bandanna, jeans and shirt and Cas is wearing a cowboy hat like… these are things I noticed and things that fit with overall themes you know? So I don’t see why it’s overreaching.

So yeah how deep does it go, sure sometimes we might go overboard, but the general gist of the matter is this is not an accident and the main point is done on purpose and fits with a thousand other times this also happened.

Consistent and repetitive accidents are not accidents my friend.

Seven Minutes with the Warlords

Thanks to @acrispyapple for input even though she’s “pure.”

Sasuke - “I think we should make out… for research purposes, of course. I have acquired a list of first and second base objectives for our ‘studying.’”

Mitsunari- “We’re supposed to do what in here? Well if it’s with you, I think that sounds rather pleasant.” *pulls out a condom* “Will we be needing this?” (just an inside joke based on @cheekrubsu art here, and my fic here.)

Mitsuhide - “This is quite the ludicrous game,” *gives you a sinister smile*   “but I’ll play a long with you.”

Nobunaga- “Since you played Go, I’ll agree to you game,” *five mins later, breathless covered in hickies* “this is now the official game of Azuchi castle.”

Hideyoshi- “This seems like a rather dangerous game for a young lady such as yourself. I guess it’s good you have me in here to protect you.” *pats you on the head*

Masamune- *shut and lock the door, when it’s time’s up you’re both panting and disheveled, Masamune has lipstick marks all over and the next couple has to pry the door open to get you two out*

Shingen- “I think I will enjoy this sensual game of yours,” *tenderly hugs you* “ohhh such a sexy goddess,” *more hugging*

Kenshin - *locks the door* “It won’t take a full seven minutes to make you mine,”

Yukimura- “You dummy, I’m not making out with you. Move over, you’re in my space,” *3 mins later* “I mean we could try it…”

Ieyasu - “This game is ridiculous …. but please hold me if it will make this ridiculous game end faster.”

Kennyo - *seven minutes of smack talk about Nobunaga*

TOMA AELY! >w< Usted es la persona que sigo desde el 2015 para mi verla de nuevo es como un monton de recuerdos :’3 
Ya sabia que el 16 de noviembre era su cumple pero…aca en Perú es 17 y en Mexico supongo que sera 16)?
Espero que veas esto  @idolaelyartist 


TAKE AELY! >w< You are the person I have been with since 2015,  good to see her again is like a lot of memories :‘3
I already knew that November 16 was his birthday but … here in Peru it is 17 and in Mexico I suppose it will be 16)?
I hope you see this  @idolaelyartist


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What if Will doesn't use himself as bait to lure Hannibal, but he retreats, which Hannibal would expect. So Hannibal thinks he has to go after him and lure him. And then Will strikes. And I always think Hannibal the devil isn't fully explored. Hannibal hunts(stalks) people and manipulates them like a puppet master. Although he does it subtly without their awareness(Will is aware, of course), he is certainly a control freak. We rarely see him tempt them into his trap except for maybe Antony?

I suspect that if Will had retreated, the outcome would have been more or less the same because the way Will did things was necessitated by their psychologies, meaning that regardless who initiated the contact, the behaviors would probably have been essentially the same. Hannibal’s certainly not going to leave Will alone by any means, so I suppose the only real difference here is the amount of time it would take and that the version from the show is better suited to television while the version you’ve got here might be better suited for a novel. 

Hannibal functions as devil in two different fashions, and we see a fair bit of both of them. One is as the punisher of sins and overseer of hell, and this is the fairly obvious part where he carves people up in some gesture of symbolic retribution and then sentences them to the fiery depths of his tum-tum. 

The other is as the tempter, and we see that manifest in two ways as well. The first is again the fairly obvious part where he gets people into situations where they’ll (hopefully) kill. This applies most transparently to Will, Abigail, Bedelia, Miriam Lass, Randall Tier, Margot, and Chiyoh. So we’ve already got a lot of Hannibal-as-tempter (”What Hannibal does is not coercion. It is persuasion.”) just with this. 

But it also works on a less transparent level: Will offers the thesis in the very first episode–in practically the first line–that everyone has thought about killing someone, whether it be by your own hand or the hand of God. And by the time we get to the end of the show, every one of the surviving (and many of those who die) major characters has either killed directly or had a hand in killing: Jack kills his wife, Alana and Margot kill Mason, Chiyoh kills a multitude of goons for Hannibal in addition to the one guy Will got her to kill. Even Freddie Lounds and Frederick Chilton have both been culpable in murders (those of Nicholas Boyle and the night nurse, respectively). Although some of these characters have found their own way into sin, so to speak, Hannibal–and Hannibal’s agency–helped pave the way for the rest. 

Additionally, the most insidious way–and, I’d argue, with the most significant religious implications–Hannibal tempts people is to persuade them to hide their sins. Will speaks of this openly to Frederick Chilton in S2 when he tells him that the only way for him to be saved is to go to God (Jack) and repent and confess. But it comes up from pretty much from the start: Hannibal’s first means of getting Will under his influence is to collude with him by rubber stamping his psych eval, then getting Will to hide his hallucination from Jack. He shares the secret of Bella’s cancer with her and then hides it from Jack until Jack finds out on his own, he colludes with Frederick Chilton over the #unorthodox. Then there’s the whole Bedelia and Neal Frank thing. Hannibal gets Abigail to ask him to help her hide Nick Boyle’s body, then sneaks her out of her hospital and hides things from Alana. In fact, it’s when Abigail starts to refuse to hide things by agreeing to collaborate with Freddie Lounds and unearthing Nick Boyle that Hannibal starts to lose control over the S1 situation. That Freddie Lounds has no shame and therefore no reason to hide much of anything is one of the reasons he has so little power over her. 

For sin, there is grace, but not for those who don’t confess and repent. One of the major tenets of Christian belief is that when you aren’t right with God–when you haven’t confessed and repented–then you open yourself up to the machinations and influence of the fiend. 

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Shoot + claire (i mean dynamics-wise cause i find her being an addition so cool and exciting like??? A weird kid or fan girl of root's skills and TM who literally no one asked for but is here running about in their lives in STC as a trainee :'))

(so this one is very definitely set in the universe of my canon-divergent fic sliding towards chaos. it should be really easy to pick up on what’s going on without having read it though. i had a lot of fun writing this.)

“John, can you babysit my stalker?”

Reese looked over Root’s shoulder to where Claire was pounding furiously at the subway car door with one fist. Root must have locked her in. Again.

“Aren’t you supposed to be training her today?” Training wasn’t quite the right word. Insulting and ignoring a student didn’t count as training in his books.

Root patted him on the shoulder. “I think you have so much more to offer her as a teacher.” She flitted past him and vanished out the door before he could argue.

He heaved a sigh and went to look for the remote to open the subway car doors.

The thing with Claire was, well, he couldn’t really blame Root for dodging her all the time. Claire had been trailing after her like a lovesick puppy since day one, completely enraptured by being in the presence of the Machine’s analogue interface.

It had weirded Root out a little the first few days.

“John, why is the angry child staring at me all the time?”

“She’s almost twenty-two, you know.”

“Fine. Why is it staring at me?”

Negative progress. He moved on from the point. “Well, Claire is like you….”

The toothy grin that formed on Root’s face reminded him of a wild animal about to pounce and rip out its prey’s throat.

“I just meant she’s a, uh, very big fan of AI, right? And you’re basically the Machine’s chosen human, so she’s probably a big fan of you as well by association.” He decided not to mention Claire’s painfully obvious crush on Root, just in case Root had somehow not noticed. It would only make things worse.

“Hmmm. We’ll see about that.”

He tried not to worry too much about that ominous statement, and for the next week or so things actually went surprisingly smoothly. Until he noticed an emerging pattern.

Root had never been the tidiest person ever. He wouldn’t have called her a slob, by any means, but stuff seemed to accumulate in a trail behind her. Usually wires and hard drives and laptops, but it could be almost anything. But Claire now followed her around cleaning up after her. And fetched her drinks. Ran to the store for her. Picked up her laundry.

“She’s using her as an errand girl,” he told Shaw.

“So what?”

They both watched as Claire hurried across the subway carrying a tray of starbucks to Root.

“Where’s my whipped cream?”

“I thought you said…”

“I always get whipped cream.”

“I, uh, I’ll be right back.”

Shaw and Reese watched Claire scurry out of the subway.

“See?” Reese said.

“I mean she does always get whipped cream.” Shaw looked thoughtful. “I wonder if I can get her to go on food runs for me.”

In the end, he had to beg the Machine to convince one or both of them that Claire was not there as Root’s servant. Root sulked for a while, but eventually relented and went back to avoiding Claire whenever possible.

Claire wasn’t doing much to help her case. The day she showed up with her nails painted black, Shaw had to physically remove Root from the subway before she could get her hands on a taser (or possibly his grenade launcher. Both were in the weapon lockers at the time, but he firmly chose to believe that she was going for the taser). He got left with the task of convincing Claire to remove her nail polish and dealing with the inevitable round of moodiness that caused.

And then there was the whole Root and Shaw…situation. Whatever they were calling it. Claire had to have known on some level (since Root was the antonym of subtlety), but sometimes seeing was believing.

He’d taken her and Harper to the shooting range that day, and Claire had followed him back to the subway after, no doubt hoping to find Root. He should have known better than to come back to the subway late without checking in first, but he’d been distracted by Claire sulking about how much Harper had teased her (Harper wasn’t as bad as Root in that respect, but still) and didn’t even think about what they might be walking into until it was far too late.

Fortunately, no one had removed any vital pieces of clothing yet, but Root was very definitely sitting on Shaw in the computer chair in the subway car (which he was never going to be able to sit in again now), with her face buried in Shaw’s neck and Shaw’s hands down the back of her pants.

Claire walked right into a pillar.

Root didn’t get up, but she did turn her head and shift sideways so Shaw could see them as well. She looked incredibly smug and Reese was willing to bet his favorite gun that the Machine had told her they were showing up and she had ignored her. Or instigated the whole scene.

Shaw, for her part, was a bit flushed and breathless, but didn’t appear to be even slightly embarrassed by the whole situation. She did make Root get off of her (eventually), but otherwise didn’t seem to give a shit that they’d been walked in on.

Claire had basically fled after that, and going forward she went all wide-eyed and forgot to breathe every time Root and Shaw got within three feet of each other. Since Claire’s view of the world had previously been narrowed down to only the Machine and Root, her newfound discovery of Shaw’s existence meant she was tripping over her feet even more.

She happened to show up one day while Shaw was in the middle of brainstorming how to handle the new number they’d gotten. Shaw’s chosen method of brainstorming that day involved doing pushups while she thought things through. Claire took one look at Shaw–all sweaty with her tank top showing off her rippling arm muscles–and her jaw dropped and her face turned bright red. Reese was unsure if he should be amused or concerned by this development.

It did make Claire take the non-computer-related parts of her missions more seriously. She went from barely paying attention to tactical lessons, to being Shaw’s most attentive student overnight. Shaw was either oblivious to the attention or just completely didn’t care, which worked out pretty well for everyone involved.

But Root still had to be cornered and forced to spend any time training Claire at all. (He’d been worried about Root’s reaction to Claire’s sudden fascination with Shaw, but when she’d noticed she’d laughed so hard she’d fallen out of her chair). There was really only one thing that could possibly soften Root even a little towards her, but it took months before that happened.

“Why does she have you maintain this setup for her here still?” Claire asked as she looked over the Machine’s hardware in the subway car. “Surely she doesn’t need it anymore.”

Root watched her from the far end of the subway car, clearly suspicious. Reese had decided to sit on the subway seats halfway along the car, placing himself between them. Just in case.

“Obviously She doesn’t need them,” Root said, “but She likes having a physical location near us. It’s largely symbolic, of course.”

“It’s incredible.” Claire sounded awed.

Root scowled, probably offended for some reason Reese couldn’t fathom. “What is?”

Claire turned around to face them. “Well, she’s an AI. The first artificial general intelligence to ever exist. She’s faster and smarter than any human ever could be, and she doesn’t need us for anything. Not really, I mean. But she fought to protect all of you, even after she didn’t have to.”

Root’s scowl had vanished, but she looked ready to bring it back at a moment’s notice. “She cares about us. Because she chose to.”

“Yeah, and that’s incredible, right? Like she’s this being that’s so vastly different and greater than us, and she chose to care about a handful of humans. In all the theories out there of what a true AI might do, no one saw that coming.”

“She’s always been so much more than anyone ever thought She could be,” Root agreed. “Almost everyone who knows about Her sees Her as a threat or a tool. So reductive. Typical human thinking to value what She can do over who She is.”

Claire turned back to the humming server racks. “Their loss.”


Reese figured it was the closest thing to a breakthrough moment that they’d ever have.

The next time Root locked Claire in the subway car she left a window cracked open for her and seemed genuinely pleased to learn she’d escaped unaided.


Floral Fluster - Ch. 2

Title: Floral Fluster
Warnings: Contains mentions of gambling and vague alcohol abuse
Chapters: 1/2/?
Word count: 4,543
Relationship: Mugman/Cagney Carnation (relationship)
Other characters: Cuphead, Elder Kettle, Rumor Honeybottoms (briefly mentioned), Hilda Berg (briefly mentioned).

Summary: Inkwell Festival is in a few weeks time, and Rumor insists that Cagney goes to it. Perhaps insisting he goes with Mugman might be the encouragement he needs to come out of his shell?

Author’s notes: I’m so so sorry this took a while. I really am. University sucks, life sucks, everything sucks. However… I am rather proud of this part. I sifted through and edited out all my mistakes this time. 

As mentioned in the first part, if you are new here, Cuphead and Mugman are both, in fact, older. They are at least 17. I suppose this can be read as a one-shot, like the first part, perhaps…? Also, has the name for this ship changed? I’ve seen the tag “tea leaf” being thrown around here and there. I’ll use both, regardless, but ah well.

Also, I do apologise if Cuphead or Elder Kettle seem a little out of character. I wasn’t exactly sure how to write them. I’m so sorry.

But, without further ado… once again, please enjoy! 

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anonymous asked:

You really need to stop being so opinionated when people ask you for certain spells I don't want a lecture j want you to anwser my question ? Lool usless . If your intent is to annoy everyone who asks you questions your killing it as "witch mums" .

Hi there!

From MmeHW:

Well, the only purpose of us here at witchmums IS to give our opinions. We’re not qualified to give anything more than that.

We are NOT a spell dispensary.

From EstFortis:

We’re responsible for the results of our actions and as such we aren’t going to give out spells for things we think are Ill-advised. (Besides we’re mums. Aren’t we supposed to give you what we think you need even if it’s not what you think you want?)

anonymous asked:

Your art is so amazing! Do you think you can draw something fluffy like? You dont have to if you don't want to. I'll understand.

Oh, darling anon!! :)) I know I have been wallowing in the angst recently (and it’s not ending any time soon, tbh…), but I do have some fluffy things in the works, too, don’t worry! :’) Sometimes everything’s fine and nothing hurts, even in this blog xD

For example, here’s a part of a WIP: Rick & Morty adventure, with -**spacewhales**- <3 <3 (I love spacewhales~~)

(this was supposed to be a nice and easy scenery project but it’s become a real monstrosity 0.0 I wonder when I’ll finish it, lmao)

College AU Prompts

I thought it’d be fun to write some college AU stuff (I’ve never done it before so it could potentially go terribly 😂) anyway here are some prompts I’ve collected/created for you to request from:

  1. You spilt something on your laptop so you go to the floors computer tech for help
  2. I’m getting hit on at your party and you swoop in and save the day (Lydia Martin)
  3. “Your roommate and my roommate are having sex, can I crash here?” (Will Halstead)
  4. You talk to your neighbour across the hall in note form (Clarice Fong)
  5. “We both somehow ended up here and I think it’s gonna end in a satanic ritual.”
  6. I come to library everyday to ‘study’ but I’m actually just watching Netflix over your shoulder and I’m really invested in this series and the day you were supposed to watch the season finale you’re not there and I feel personally betrayed. (Jay Halstead)
  7. I’m sick can you please take notes for me in a lecture. (Ray Palmer)

(Once one has been requested it will no longer be able to request from so it really is a first come first serve basis)

Just a little more

I was supposed to put a comic yesterday but my schedule got a little off after the laptop incident, but i am making progress on it and will be up in the next 2 or 3 days. To get you hyped here is a little sketch of it:

Btw it is not related to the “Not Again.” comic. I hope you laugh a little when this is out. cheers <3

Daniel Sharman | Thunderstorm

Count of words: 353

Warnings: short

A/N: I’m sorry this is so short guys. I haven’t posted an imagine in a while and this is very short and I feel bad and I’m sorry. I’ll try to make it up to you ♥

Requested?: Yes

Anonymous asked:

can you do a daniel sharman imagine cute cuddling or something like that. love ur blog x

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

requests here

masterlist here

The previous night had been somewhat a catastrophe for you and Daniel. The thunderstorm outside had disturbed your, planned, quiet night. The two of you were supposed to watch movies and cuddle, eating pop corn and other fattening snacks you desired. But the loud thud of the thunder and the lightning cracking up the dark sky, as well as the hail falling from it and landing on your rooftop, made it had to listen to anything other than the sound of it. It wasn’t as bad, though, you had to admit. Despite your phopia about lightning, everything seemed more idyllic, better than the two of you had planned. It was a pleasant catastrophe.

As I said, the thunder was deafening in your ears, feeling as if it was right next to you, the situation only panicking you more. Every lightning you saw indicated the loud thunder following it. It prepared you and right before the thunder stroke you held onto Daniel, just a little bit tighter. Although, you had to admit that this scorching energy shinning through the sky illuminated it beautifully. It was quite the attraction, but, as much as you believed it to be a piece of art, the fear never went away.

Daniel seemed to notice the pattern as he was admiring the natural phenomena, the one in his arms and the other right outside the windows. Your reaction was always the same. As the lightning crossed the sky, before the thunder was even heared, your relatively small palm held onto him just a little bit tighter every time. Your eyes would shut and you would whimper a tiny little bit before opening up your eyes again and relaxing for a second.

He found it adorable, that you were afraid of the thunderstorm. It made him feel more needed, like you needed him to protect you, and God forbid him if he didn’t. Every time you jumped up he would embrace you a little bit closer to his chest attempting to calm you down. Truth be told, it did. You felt safer in his arms. Maybe thunderstorms were not as bad after all.

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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ This is the Amazing Person Award! (and trust me... you are AMAZING) Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you're amazing inside and outside.


Originally posted by jimiyoong

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who wastes time on my shitty blog that I started because I needed to keep track of BTS shit to write fics ayy lmao. I’d like to thank our socially inept overlords at tumblr dot com for sponsoring these awards, we wouldn’t be here without you. I’d like to thank @ak24, my partner, for always being there. My closest buds on this hell site, you know, I share this award with you - @budgiebazooka @ahjiminie @saltygayhoseoks @flap-monster @strawberry-laudanum and @taetaesbandana!

Remember, guys,

BTS is gay and so can you!



I know I’ve said this often these weeks but yes this time I hope it’s possible to post here again.

So welcome, for those who hasn’t been following me for a while, this is supposed to be a History blog with special emphasis on Napoleon Bonaparte, French Revolution (a part of me always wanted to be French… well, still does), Spanish history here and there, tv series now and then, art, opera, occasional rants, opera, and lately utter disperation.

And opera.

Basically, it’s a little chaotical place right now.

Name’s Maria, I barely sleep, and my (main) phobias are nationalism and crockoaches, so if you are a nationalist I don’t know what are you doing following me, and if you are a crockoach then kudos to you for having a blog and you can click the follow button with your little legs. But don’t enter in my bedroom at night, ok.

So that is. Welcome again.