you are such an idiot thats why i love you

[What would you say,
if your loved someone was here?]

Silly boy.
Little shit.
(I need you)
Stupid kid.
(Please, don’t go)
(I can’t follow you there!)

[What would you tell him,
if he was here right now?]

(I need you)
(I wasn’t enough?)
Son of a bitch.
(Please, come back…)
Go to hell.
(my happily ever after is only with you.)

—  therapy workshop. PD

“I’m in love, Maes.”

“You’re drunk.”

“That too.”

“Is this why you keep grinning at your phone like an idiot?”


“Don’t fall asleep in your suit. Gracia’s not ironing it again.”

Heir to millions, playboy Roy finally meets his match in romance and poor Maes has to deal with the fallout…and the late night interruptions.  

Classic and Expanded Universe Doctor Who Appreciation Week
Day 5: A Favourite Non-Companion Character: Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot
Okay, I’m cheating a bit here because a) that’s two characters, not one, and b) they’ve travelled with the Sixth Doctor, so technically they are companions buuut… they weren’t introduced as companions, and being companions aren’t their primary roles, sooo… they count, right? Honestly, I’m just so ridiculously invested in these idiots and their shenanigans. I love them both equally, but I feel like I’ve found a soulmate in Jago: I, too, bumble through life with absolutely zero tact.

why does demiromantic exist as an identity in mogai tumblr. like i can get demisexual. that at least makes sense. its stupid but it makes sense as an ace identity. but with romance??? thats how its supposed to be?? idk maybe this is the Trauma and bad experiences talking but if you’re dating someone you’re not already head over heels in love with you’re honestly a fucking idiot 

okay but that plot for friendenemies though?? like my starco trash brain already has the shippiest plot imagined

like what if the reason Tom wants to see Marco instead of Star is because Tom is secretly trying to learn how to be more like Marco, because he figures that if Star likes Marco (which he’s convinced she does) then if he started acting more like Marco then maybe Star would like him again. 

But like…Marco is a smart kid and he figures out Tom is trying to be like him and hes like “why you wanna be like me so bad?” and Tom is just like. “bECAUSE STAR IS IN LOVE WITH YOU IDIOT…SO SHED LOVE ME IF I WERE LIKE YOU” 

Marco doesnt even know what to say hes blushing so hard. hes like “S-S-S-Star doesn’t l-l-l-like me……………………thats crazy…………………………………….were jst friends………………………………………”

Tom is just. “smh how much denial youre in right now”