you are such a strong person and you deserve all the happiness you get

love 4 the signs:

ARIES: you are so so brave how do you manage that?? your smile could light up a stadium never let anyone tell you otherwise. your happiness makes others happy so keep doin what you love

TAURUS: it’s impossible to have a boring conversation with you. you have this crazy and addictive charm about you that makes people want to talk to you forever. don’t forget that everyone loves you more than you know

GEMINI: your genuine love for everyone makes you so unique. there’s never a dull moment with you and you make it easy for people to forget any sadness in their lives. don’t let anyone change you

CANCER: your never ending care and love for others makes everyone feel so special. you put everyone before yourself and make life easier to get through. please remember that your emotions are just as important as the ones of those you help

LEO: your strong character makes you stand out in the crowd in the best way possible. your laugh is so contagious and being around you is enough to lighten anyone’s mood. keep your head held high, you deserve all the love you get

VIRGO: everything about you seems so together and relaxed. your optimistic character rubs off on those around you and being near you makes others calm. your smile shines for miles, show it off

LIBRA: your patience with others is incredible. you always know what to say, and it’s the best feeling in the world to know that you’re on someone’s side. your words are enough to cheer anyone up

SCORPIO: you’re so strong and you don’t even know it. your loyal attitude makes others feel warm and happy inside. your feelings are just as important as other’s, so don’t be afraid to share them

SAGITTARIUS: your positivity shows no bounds. you’re always there for others no matter what, and that is what makes you so special. the way you love is so unique, but make sure you save some love for yourself

CAPRICORN: your sense of humour is crazy and I love it. remember that so many people go out of their way to spend time with you because they want to, not because they have to. spending time with you is always an adventure

AQUARIUS: you’re so different from any other person I’ve met. there’s something about you that makes people want to get to know you more. love glows from your skin and being near you is enough to make others feel safe

PISCES: the way you move through life is fascinating to watch. you’re quick to learn from mistakes and you’re able to teach others at the same time. your love and kindness for those around you makes everyone adore you so much

When I tell you “you will be okay” it doesn’t mean “you will find someone.” It means that you will be fine no matter what happens that even if you don’t find someone at the moment, you will find the real happiness you deserve because not all great things that happen in life are connected to the person who holds your heart. You will be okay means you will get through everything because you are an independent, strong and brave person even if you’re still in pain at the moment.