you are such a precious human being and just a nice person in general

Things I loved about The Dark Prophecy: 

Once again, it starts with Apollo hating his humanity, something that I believe won’t change in some time, he was born a god, after all. Though I fervently believe that he is learning from his time as a mortal. 

Through the whole book, we are able to read some of his most selfish comments, which is to be expected, since he had always been portrayed as a selfish, self-centered god. However, we’re able to see his selfless and kind side, too. 



“…It went against the very nature of being Apollo. I should always be the most obvious, brilliant source of light in the world. If you had to search for me, something was wrong.” 

And: “I tried to contain my bitterness. Soldiers and sailors were all very well, but if your city’s biggest monument is not Apollo, I’m sorry, you’re doing something wrong.” 


“You rescued me.” Then I added two words that never came easily to a god: “Thank you.” 


“When I was a god, I would’ve been delighted to leave the mortal heroes to fend for themselves. I would’ve made popcorn and watched the bloodbath from a distance on Mount Olympus, or simply caught the highlight reel later. But as Lester, I felt obligated to defend these people….I wanted to be here for them.” 


“Their eyes were so full of concern- concern for me- that I had to swallow back a lump in my throat. Six weeks we had been traveling together. Most of that time, I had fervently wished I could be anywhere else, with anyone else. But with the exception of my sister, had I ever shared so many experiences with anyone? I realized, gods help me, that I was going to miss these two.” 

These are some of the parts I loved the most about the book:

  • The Waystation. It’s nice to know of more demigod safe-spaces, more so when they’re under the loving care of Emmie and Josephine: 

We’ve saved a lot of demigods and other outcasts- raised them at the Waystation, let them go to school and have a more or less normal childhood, then sent them out into the world as adults with the skills they needed to survive.” 

It’s different from both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, where, no matter how much they protect you and care for you, it could never be as normal and comforting as being raised in a “normal” loving environment. 

  • The relationship between Apollo and Calypso: They hate each other, that much is perfectly clear…

“Lo!” I said. “I arrived at Camp Half-Blood as Lester Papadopoulos!” 

“A pathetic mortal!” Calypso chorused. “Most worthless of teens!” 

“-…her evil stepfather had poisoned her mind!”

“Poison!” Calypso cried. “Like the breath of Lester Papadopoulos, most worthless of teens!” 

“Lo!” I shouted. “From the Oracle of Dodona we received a prophecy- a limerick most terrible!”  

“Terrible!” Calypso chorused. “Like the skills of Lester, most worthless of teens!” 

Though as the chapters progress, it appears that it’s more of a mutual disagreement than actual hatred.  Apollo realizes how unfair their punishment on her was, and starts to feel like his own treatment towards her is unfair: 

“Just yesterday, I had toyed with the idea of leaving Calypso behind to the blemmyae when she was wounded. I’d like to say that it wasn’t a serious thought, but it had been, however briefly. Now Calypso refused to leave Meg, whom she barely knew. It was almost enough to make me question whether I was a good person…” 

And, in the end, they become friends. They still have much path to cover and much to discuss, but I believe they’re on good terms now. 

  • Calypso and Leo: 

One of the many topics vastly discussed after Blood of Olympus was how short and forced their relationship seemed. However, in The Dark Prophecy, we caught a glimpse of the reality they’re living on: 

They’re trying to discover who they are together, as a couple and as friends. We see their multiple fights and their disagreements, and I believe it’s a very good thing! They’re exploring the possibilities of their relationship! 

We see Calypso missing her island, we see her missing her powers, but most than anything else, we can see that Calypso and Leo truly love one another, and that they’re trying. It feels real, their problems, which only makes it better. It was to be expected that they’d be fighting and having problems, since they hadn’t talked much back on her island before he was forced to leave. They’re testing the waters, as Calypso explained. 

They’re trying to build a good future for each other, they’re even going to enter school together. I like how their relationship improved, I like that Rick portrayed and fixed the mess that was their relationship by the end of BoO. 

I also loved that Leo keeps calling her mamacita, and that Leo’s full name is actually Leonidas

  • In general, everything about Emmie and Josephine was pure perfection. 

They were hunters of Artemis, hunters who fell in love with one another and decided to choose each other over immortality. Their love was beautifully portrayed, and the fact that they adopted a daughter was even more precious for me and for everyone in the LGBT community.

I like that, on a similar topic, we had more explanation about the Hunters of Artemis and their rules: 

“All romance is off-limits. My sister is quite unreasonable in that regard. The mission of the Hunters is to live without romantic distractions of any kind.”

It makes more sense that the Hunters only being prohibited the company of men, as was stated by the Titan’s Curse. I like that Rick fixed that, too. 


Also, Zeus forbidding Artemis from interfering with Apollo makes me so angry, but I didn’t expect anything less than that coming from him. It was good, though, that Artemis sent her Hunters to help Apollo discretely, just like when Apollo helped Percy and co. with rescuing Artemis and Annabeth. 

  • Apollo being thirsty as fuck: 

Apollo having the hots for Tall, Dark & Handsome Jamie. 

Apollo being a fluttering mess when talking to him, then feeling away as soon as he heard Jamie had a girlfriend. 

Apollo canonically having fantasies involving Thalia: “Thalia Grace climbed up behind me on the elephant- which fulfilled a daydream I’d once had about the pretty Hunter, though I hadn’t imagined it happening quite this way.” 

Apollo canonically doing all sort of stuff to get Britomartis’ attention. To get a “kiss” and a “cute date” from her. (We all know that he wanted more than just a date and a kiss, but alas, this is a “children’s book”

  • Apollo and Commodus: 

I’m aware that Commodus is evil, and I don’t like him as a character, but honestly, his relationship with Apollo killed me unlike any other relationship ever had. More specially, this: 

“Overhead, a white silk canopy billowed in the gentle breeze. Inn one corner, a musician sat discretely serenading us with his lyre. Under our feet spread the finest rugs from the eastern provinces. Between our two couches, a table was spread with an afternoon snack of roast boar, pheasant, salmon, and fruit spilling from gold solid cornucopia. 

I was amusing myself by throwing grapes at Commodus’ mouth. Of course, I never missed unless I wanted to, but it was fun to watch the fruit bounce off Commodus’ nose.

“You are terrible,” He teased me. 

And you are perfect, I thought, but merely smiled.”


“I didn’t mean to laugh at the expense of his distant wife, but part of me was pleased when he talked badly about her. I wanted all his attention for myself.” 

And, of course: 

“Commodus looked at me, panic in his eyes.

“Go,” I said, as calmly as I could, forcing down my misgivings. “You will always have my blessings. You will do fine.” 

But I already suspected what would happen: the young man I knew and loved was about to be consumed by the emperor he would become. 

He rose and kissed me one last time. Then he left the tent- walking, as Romans would say, into the mouth of the wolf. 

“Apollo,” Calypso nudged my arm.

“Don’t go!” I pleaded. Then my past life burned away. “ 

Never forget this hear-wrenching part: 

“As I often did for him after our workout sessions, I filled his great marble bath with streaming rose-scented water. I helped him out of his soiled tunic and eased him into the tub. For a moment, he relaxed and closed his eyes. 

I recalled how he looked sleeping besides me when we were teens. I remembered his easy laugh as we raced through the woods, and the way his face scrunched up adorably when I bounced grapes off his nose. 

I sponged away the spittle and blood from his beard. I gently washed his face. Then I closed my hands around his neck. “I’m sorry.”

I pushed his head underwater and began to squeeze. Commodus was strong. Even in his weakened state, he thrashed and fought. In had to channel my godly might to keep him submerged, and, in doing so, I must’ve revealed my true nature to him. 

He went still, his blue eyes wide with surprise and betrayal. He could not speak, but he mouthed the words: You. Blessed. Me. 

The accusation forced a sob from my throat. The day his father died, I had promised Commodus: You will always have my blessings, Now I was ending his reign. I was interfering in mortal affairs- not just to save lives, or to save Rome, but because I could not stand to see my beautiful Commodus die by anyone else’s hands. 

I hunched over him, crying, my hands around his throat, until the bathwater cooled. 

Britomartis was wrong. I didn’t fear water. I simply couldn’t look at the surface of any pool without imagining Commodus’ face, stung with betrayal, staring up at me.” 

Rick Riordan has a talent of portraying gods and their actions unlike anyone else. 

Apollo loved Commodus, he loved him deeply and wholeheartedly, but he couldn’t see anyone else killing his beloved Commodus. He killed him, for he could not stand the way the young man he loved had destroyed himself, turning into a murderous, evil emperor. 

For me, Apollo has always been a complex god. 

He said so himself in the first book, when he called his arrogance a pretense, when he mentioned he was a guilt-ridden, miserable god. He has never been good at love, for some reason, all of his lovers end tragically in one way or another, some by his own hand (Cassandra, Commodus, etc). It weighs him down more than he admitted when he was a god. As a mortal, he is more connected to his emotions, and is unable to put his usual facade of coolness and of arrogance. 

Everything he has done, every sin he has committed, weighs him down: 

“I imagined Trophonius’ head transposed on his body- my son’s agonized voice crying to the heavens, Take me instead! Save him, Father, please!

This blended with the face of Commodus, staring at me, wounded and betrayed as his carotid pulse hammered against my hands. You. Blessed. Me.

I sobbed and hugged the commode- the only thing that wasn’t spinning. Was there anyone I hadn’t betrayed and disappointed? Any relationship I hadn’t destroyed? 

  • And, since we’re talking about Apollo and his change, I’d like to mention his relationship with Meg. 

In the beginning, he could not stand her. Then by the end of the first book, he cared for her. Now, on this second book, the feeling grows and morphs into something so profound and so beautiful that I do not have words for it. 

“No! She was- she was trying to protect me.” I choked on the words. “She is my friend. Take me instead!”

And also:

“She is precious to you,” Said the Oracle. “Would you give your life in exchange for hers?”

I had trouble processing that question. Give up my life? At any point in my four thousand years of existence, my answer would’ve been an emphatic No! Are you crazy? One should never give up on one’s life. One’s life is important! The whole point of my quests in the mortal world, finding and securing all these ancient Oracles, was to regain immorality so I wouldn’t have to ponder such awful questions! 

And yet… I thought of Emmie and Josephine renouncing immortality for each other. I thought of Calypso giving up her home, her powers, and eternal life for a chance to roam the world, experience love, and possibly enjoy the wonders of high school in Indiana. 

“Yes,” I found myself saying. “Yes, I would die for Meg McCaffrey.”  

And lastly but not least important:

When Apollo shared Meg’s curse, slipping into her mind and trying to save her: “I would share this burden with her, even if it kills me.” 

What saved us what a simultaneous thought: Meg/Apollo needs me. 

There we had Apollo, someone that, supposedly, only cared about himself, risking his life, his human life, to save his little but beloved friend from madness and darkness. 

It’s a beautiful moment, more so for those of us that adore Apollo since before the PJO books. It’s a beautiful character development from the fuckboy we saw in Titan’s Curse; it’s a beautiful character development from the god that we met in the first TOA book, the god that could only feel annoyance towards Meg.

“Let the girl go,” I whimpered through the pain. “Kill me and let her go.” 

I surprised myself. These were not the last words I had planned. In the event of my death, I’d been hoping to have time to compose a ballad of my glorious deeds- a very long ballad. Yet here I was, at the end of my life, pleading not for myself, but for Meg McCaffrey.” 

  • The mention of other gods through the book: 

Apparently, gods have a weekly game night in Mount Olympus where Athena loves to gloat about her Scrabble scores. 

AND THIS SAVAGE LINES: (AKA: my cute, dorky ex-god being dorky as fuck)

“Ever since my famous battle with Python, I’ve had a phobia of scaly reptilian creatures. (Especially if you include my stepmother, Hera. BOOM!)

“I’ve always found spiders fascinating creatures, despite what Athena thinks. If you ask me, she’s just jealous of their beautiful faces. BOOM!” 

This important, yet short part: 

Leto knelt at Zeus’ side, her hands clasped in prayer. Her bronze arms glowed against her white sundress. Her long golden hair zigzagged down her back in an elaborate ladder weave. 

“Please, my lord!” She implored. “He is your son. He has learned his lesson!”

“Not yet,” Zeus rumbled. “His real test is yet to come.” 

I laughed and waved. “Hi, mom! Hi, dad!” 

There we have a glimpse of Leto being concerned over Apollo’s fate and we see that she cares. Zeus is, as always, being shady as fuck, and Apollo is super cute while hallucinating and being under the effect of the waters of Mnemosyne and Lethe. 

  • Apollo realizes how hard some demigods have it: 


“I’m new to these heroic-quest business. Shouldn’t there be a reward at the end? Not just more deadly quests?”

“Nope,” Leo said. “This is pretty standard.” 

My sweet, innocent Lester seems to forget that when he was Apollo, as a god, he never cared much for the quests he made demigods go through. 

“I wondered if demigods ever felt the need to restrain themselves when facing ungrateful gods like this. No. Surely not. I was special and different. And I deserved better treatment.” 

Had Percy Jackson been there, he would’ve written a gigantic thesis statement with a power-point presentation about how wrong Apollo was. 

Also, this part: 

“I knelt next to him- a boy of about sixteen, my mortal age. I felt no pulse. I didn’t know whose side he had fought on, but that didn’t matter. Either way, his death had gone to waste. I had begun to think that perhaps demigod lives were not as disposable as we gods liked to believe.” 

Finally, at the moment of war, Apollo realizes how easy it is for a mortal to die. And most times, demigods die because of the gods. 

  • The part where they find out Georgina might be Apollo’s daughter: 

The whole scene, though the most painful part was when Emmie asked if it was payback for having renounced to his gift of immortality: 

“I hadn’t known I could feel any worse, until I did. I really hate that about the mortal heart. It seems to have an infinite capacity of getting heavier. 

“Dear Emmie,” I said. “I would never. Even on my worse days, when I’m destroying nations with plague arrows or putting together set lists for Kidz Bop compilations, I would never take revenge in such a way…” 

That shows that he was a good god, even if he murdered and punished people, he had some kind of morality. He knew where his boundaries went: like when he mentioned that he flirted with the Hunters, but that he would never dare to go any further than that. 

Had it been Zeus, he would’ve raped them already; and canonically, on mythology, I’ve never read about any case of Apollo raping anyone. 

  • Also, I really liked that Rick added certain parts that showed that our actions, as mortals, are what define us and that, once we take one wrong decision, we cannot pray for better things when it is us that fuck things up. 

I’ve heard so many people complain that their prayers were never answered, that their God never helped them. They don’t seem to realize that God cannot help us if we don’t help ourselves first. 

It’s shown here: 

“Don’t blame me for you robbing the king’s treasury!” I snarled. “You are here because you messed up.” 

“I prayed to you!” 

“Well, perhaps you didn’t pray for the right thing at the right time!” I yelled. “Pray for wisdom before you do something stupid! Don’t pray for me to bail you out after you follow your worst instincts!” 

Apollo’s son, Trophonius, made wrong choices all his life, and when it came back to him, he wanted his father to miraculously save him. It doesn’t work like that, God/gods cannot help if we try to make them fix our whole lives. 

  • The way they temporarily defeated Commodus. (I found extremely pretty the way Apollo’s real form was revealed) (Finally we had an explanation as to why gods’ real forms are deadly to mortals: they’re pure light.)
  • The second chance Apollo gave Lityerses. “Everything alive deserves a chance to grow.
  • Lityerses sobbing when Emmie said he could be part of their family. 
  • All the “lit” jokes. And the commode ones too. 
  • “The two bumped fists as if they hadn’t spent the last few days talking about how much they wanted to kill each other. They would’ve made fine Olympian gods.” 
  • Little Georgina’s words to Apollo. How he told her he was there for her if she wanted to talk. How he was concerned about her, even if he was not sure if she was his daughter. 
  • You’ve built something good here, Hemithea.” I said. “Commodus could not destroy it. You’ll restore what you’ve lost. I envy you.” 

Everywhere he goes, Apollo seems to crave home. Not Olympus. Home, as in: a place where he’d feel loved and safe. In the 1st book, he wanted to stay in Camp with his children, now there, he admits that he craved the lovely home, the safe environment that they created at the Waystation. 

“It all felt so homey and cozy, I wanted to volunteer to wash dishes if it meant getting to stay another day.” 

  • Apollo trying to fix what he did to Agamethus by offering to go to the Underworld once he became a god again, to ask Hades to send him to Elysium. 
  • “Never underestimate the healing power of music.” 
  • Lit staying in the Waystation. 
  • Apollo mentioning that he believed in second chances, and that he could understand Lit since they had things in common- being attractive being one of those things. 
  • Apollo’s talking arrow only speaking bad Shakespearean English. 
  • Being productive. Urgh.Same, Apollo, same. 
  • The whole choo-choo scene, I don’t now why but I really really loved that part. 

I must’ve missed many points, but this was already very long. In general, I really loved The Dark Prophecy, and I recommend everyone to read it as soon as they can! It is honestly so, so good. As good as the first one, I cannot wait for The Burning Maze

When you have a crush on them and shyly confess

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To be honest, it’s hard to gauge his reaction to this.  He’s a quiet, shy person himself so he might really have an appreciation for what it took to confess to him.  He is american, though, so he might be more used to straightforwardness.  Either way, he’ll probably think it’s cute.  The little origami heart will definitely peek his interest, though he might be a little confused as to what he’s supposed to do with it.  It might end up in his pocket or in his wallet before someone (probs Jinyoung) points out it’s not just a gift, it’s a letter.  He’ll probably feel terrible, especially if it’s been a few days, and seek you out.  If the crush goes both ways he’ll want to find you as soon as possible to clear things up.  It would be his worst nightmare if his obliviousness cost him a chance to be with you.  “Hey, uh, I’m sorry about that.  I didn’t mean to ignore you or anything.  Can I make it up to you?”

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He’s going to be super surprised.  I can imagine him standing there after you’ve left the heart in his outstretched hand with just the most dumbfounded expression on his face.  He doesn’t strike me as the most observant person…like he notices things about the people in his immediate circle, but like outside of that he’s kind of walking blind.  He’s seen you around before and has on multiple occasions found himself thinking ‘wow he’s/she’s cute’ but because of your shy nature, he’s always assumed you weren’t interested.  So, what exactly is he supposed to do now that you’ve dropped a literal heart in his hands?  Jaebum would need to talk this out with someone…anyone just to wrap his mind around it.  He can be shy, but he’s mostly blunt.  He knows what he wants and he’s going to get it.  If you fall into that category, then just be prepared for him to walk up to you and tell you in the most straightforward way that he likes you back and wants to date.   “She/he likes me, dude…” “Is that a bad thing?” “What? No!” “So you’re going to ask him/her out, right?” (cue the ‘are you stupid look’)

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all of the usual skelebros (that is, ut, uf, us, and sf) reactions to their S/O making pie or ice cream sundaes or whatever, and they "accidentally" squirt a lil bit of whipped cream on their boyfriend's face and try to kiss and/or lick it off. not in, like, a dirty sexual way tho. S/O is just rlly rlly shy and wants an excuse to smooch their cute skeleton man ;;

(I don’t have emojis on PC, sooo….)

THIS *clap* CUTE *clap* SHIT *clap* IS  *clap* MY *clap* JAM. Also this might be toeing a lil closer to nsfw than usual but then again, its me.

Also also, this got kinda long because I was in a mood for fluff, so some under the cut. A lot under the cut. 

UT!Sans: “sweet of you to cook.” He grinned from his spot leaning on the counter.

You roll your eyes.”That was barely a pun, dude.”

The grin widened and he came up behind you. “come on, I’m pie-ing here.”

That one gets a small smile out of you and you turn back to the pastry. He reaches from behind you. “hang on, think it needs a test-”

You smack him away. “Phalanges off, its not done.” You gesture the can in your hand. “I abjectly refuse to let you eat pie without whipped cream, I’m a good person. So just sit tight.”

He smirked, holding his hands up and backing away. “alright, alright. normally i’d argue but you’ve got me whipped, babe.”

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A Fair Trade

you guys know how i feel about the underfell!bros. i’m gonna cry. this one was kind of tough because i haven’t written very much for them, but i hope you like it regardless!

read me before following! / request a fic from me!

Pairing: UF!Sans/Reader, UF!Papyrus/Reader

Summary: You have a great idea to bring some much-needed warmth Underground. You just didn’t think any of it would be returned full force.

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Meeting Liam @ SiriusXM

Hiiii, so I’m pretty much writing this post because I need it forever engrained in my memory and I just want to share it with everyone. I genuinely didn’t think it was possible for me to love Liam anymore than I already did, then yesterday morning happened and he exceeded every single expectation I had. 

HERE WE GO (I’ll put it beneath the cut because it’s long, but let me just say, he’s flawless in the picture)

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Werewolf!Taehyung Part Two

I’ve already done werewolf!Jimin part two (here) so we’ll be moving along to my love, my lil bby who’s not all that lil but is forever lil in my heart, Kim Taehyung aka V aka the cutest lil bub in the world I love him have you ever just sat down and thought about how cute and precious tae is bc yeah he has his manly side but that’s V I’m talking about tae, the lil cutie who always seems to find any puppy and/or bby within a five mile radius and who has the cutest bby giggle that could make my day no matter what he needs to be protected and loved and I hope he’s having a great day/night rn

  • Part one is here, werewolf!tae as a father is here
  • For a more in depth explanation, you can go to Jin’s post (right here) but I’ll do a quick summary here
  • Dating humans, being around humans, falling in love with them, none of that is against any pack laws or anything like that
  • Werewolves are free to be with whoever they fall for, especially since they tend to only fall in love once
  • It’s super hard for a werewolf to move past their first love so typically, it’s a one time deal type of thing
  • However, it’s not extremely pushed for bc humans have a big chance of rejecting the werewolf once they find out their lover isn’t human
  • Taehyung is another member that literally doesn’t give a single fuck about whether his love is human or a werewolf or anything else
  • He seems like a very open/curious person
  • He doesn’t seem like someone who would refuse to date someone bc they’re human
  • To him, if the person is nice and he likes them and they have fun together, he’ll be friends with them
  • He’s not horribly complicated when it comes to making friends, as long as they’re not an asshole, they’re welcome to chill
  • He’s always been around humans, werewolves, vampires, just about everything in the book bc this kid is a social lil bun
  • He just likes people in general
  • He likes talking and playing around and just being Tae
  • So to him, humans are not a big deal at all
  • He’s the fourth to fall in love
  • You two are best friends  
  • You meet during your first year in high school and kinda just click from there
  • You’re new in town and it’s your first day
  • So tae being tae decides to take you under his wing and show you around, introduce you to the nicest people he knows and give you a list of people who aren’t that nice
  • It all happens naturally
  • There is no forced conversation, no awkward silences
  • He just notices you look a bit confused and remembers how you’d meet into the house across the street from his so he just walks up to you and starts talking and voila a friendship that will turn into a relationship a few years down the road is born
  • You two become super close bc you live near each other and have the same classes
  • His friends all love you and you love his friends so you two are around each other a lot and just are v v cute lil friends
  • He highkey has a crush on you and isn’t very secretive about it tbh
  • Like he tries to be all cool about it and be smooth and flirty like the guys in movies but oops he’s a cutie
  • Ends up stumbling whenever he tries to do the whole lean one arm against the wall and give the friend a smirk to look all hot
  • Also ends up giggling whenever he tries to be flirty bc since when does he talk like that
  • Thankfully you find it adorable bc this is Tae how do you not
  • He gets a lil shy around you when you two meet up but it goes within 0.5 seconds bc he gets excited and goes back into normal tae
  • But shy!tae is fucking precious, it’s all fidgety hands and avoiding looking at you bc he knows he’ll go into that lovey mode where he just gets really giggly
  • It’s all bitten smiles and shy peeks across the room that turn into mayday mayday abandon ship my love knows I’m staring Jimin say something make me seem busy
  • It doesn’t take you long to just be like tae you know I like you too right??
  • He’s honestly so !!!! but also a bit ??
  • “You let me look like an idiot for all this time?? You let me try to flirt even though I’m just repeating whatever Namjoon tells me to bc I’m just trying to impress you and look cool why dID YOU NOT SAY SOMETHING EARLIER I HAD TO LOOK UP PICK UP LINES”
  • It turns from cute lil friends to a cute lil couple that loves each v v much
  • He’s pretty much already a puppy so it doesn’t really surprise you when he tells he’s an actual pup
  • He seems like a very honest person so the whole telling you about what he is happens pretty early on
  • At the end of the day, he doesn’t want you hurt so he’d rather get it out the way before you two fall madly in love
  • Bc if he waits, he worries that you’ll think of all of those months he get such a huge secret and you won’t trust him anymore and that would make him feel like shit
  • So he just takes a deep breath and tells you
  • You honestly just kinda laugh for a minute bc of course
  • The pup is a pup it makes sense but it’s just like that moment of irony bc you’d been calling him a puppy since you two had first started talking
  • He just gets this blank look and he’s so confused like um excuse me I just confessed a huge secret are you mad at me is that a sarcastic laugh do you not believe me
  • It takes you a lot of kisses and a lot of cuddles to get him to be all smiley again bc he’s secretly just pretending to be pouty but also knows that you know he’s pretending but both of you play along bc cuTE

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What's something that annoys you most in the KHR-fandom?

Okay, I’m going to have to make a list. Only 10 because if I do more, I’m going to be too angry.

I could easily do more. Disagree if you want to but yeah, this stuff annoys me. Some more than others.

1. General ignorance.

Yes, the Vongola is the oldest and most powerful mafia famiglia in the KHR-verse.

There’s no way it is around 400 years old. Look at how Giotto dresses, the fact that G had a pistol and so on. If you’re going to do the 400-year thing, have a reason for it beyond ‘I want to’ as based on when the mafia first started.

I think the main issue here is that people think established family = stays until everyone is killed/famiglia is destroy. When really they should be thinking more GoT type thoughts. But worse as GoT has more honor, traditionally.

Mafia-life is violent, there’s crime, honor and so on all tied up in the murder business. Succession should be considered a time of crises.

Lots of famiglias don’t survive their first succession, especially if it’s not blood-bound. Because then you get different factions supporting different people and someone is going to get betrayed. And then people and the famiglia die.

It can still happen in famiglias that have bloodline bound succession, but at least no outsider can go and take it over.

Which means that most mafia famiglias tend to die, dissolve or are taken over in the first three generations; potentially through marriage and potentially through violence. That is if in-fighting doesn’t get them first.

That’s human nature, sadly.

2. Geographical ignorance

This is not my best subject, but a flight from Italy to Japan doesn’t take 30 hours. You could have a trip take that long, switching planes and all that but you’ve got layover. Not a flight. Please state the difference.

That said people tend to forget that both Italy and Japan are mountainous countries. Which means winding mountain roads at best and goat-forsaken mountain trails at worst. Namimori’s at least mostly urban/suburban but it’s got rural mountains and a beach nearby. The Iron Fort/the Varia’s Castle are clearly somewhere rural.

Getting from place to place takes time. Not just from Italy to Japan but the Iron Fort to the airport to Japan to Namimori.

3. Character bashing

It happens in every fandom, but some are more prone to being bashed than others.

There is however a difference in bashing and pointing out a character’s flaws.

Everyone is flawed, but some flaws are worse than others.

Even if they’re not really flaws so much as their personality. The difference in bashing is in the evidence and how it is presented.

Is it from a biased character with minimal knowledge/experience? Probably bashing.

Is it from a professional assessment? Probably not bashing and something to worry about.

Is it from a character with moderate knowledge? It’s an educated opinion and everyone character has their own opinions.

I don’t as an author bash characters. It’s bad writing. Allowing my characters to have opinions however is good writing, no matter how or what those opinions are.

4. Giotto the saint, the dork, the Vigilante aka fandom has it all wrong

Giotto was born to well-off folks. He’s the one that went and gave money to that one guy, not Cozart. Which as a teenager and during the time period would have been really precious and a huge deal if there wasn’t more of it available to him.

So Giotto, he’s not nobility but he’s still a lot more rich than the average peasant of the time. He somehow feels enough responsibility that when his town is under threat by bandits and so on that he and his friends form the Vongola.

Also given the time period, the ruling body and so on… I want to know when Vigilante became synonymous with hero without involving comic book super heroes. Because that’s a delusion and a misunderstanding of the word. A vigilante is not a hero. A hero upholds the law; a vigilante takes it in their own hands.

Most vigilantes of that time were more like a posse hunting down criminals. Criminals by their definition.

And Giotto led them.

Giotto is not a saint, is not a harmless dork. He’s a murderer.

Because most of the time, being a vigilante is illegal. Of the ‘being executed’ kind of illegal. Because a vigilante can’t just ask the police to put this person in jail. Vigilantes happen because authority fails to do what they’re supposed to. They’re pissed, want revenge justice, and decide that they don’t care what they’re doing is illegal.

The Vongola became his little murder club that no one wanted to rat on because of reasons. Mostly in that the government was ineffective, nothing was being done and they were fed up with it. And then Giotto solved their bandit problems with murder and then no one wanted to cross the guy who massacred problems.

Because that’s what they did when protecting his home town and other towns as the Vongola grew.

History became a lot warped and Giotto deciding to disarm/dismiss part of his forces, plus the fact that Giotto did something first and was always nice which colored his reputation as a good guy… still a mass murderer.

‘Saint’ and ‘Dork’ Giotto is not.

Giottto was a cocky little shit who grew into an unconsciously arrogant lord who later became horrified by his subjects doing what he saw as crimes, decided that disarming was a good idea, leading towards Elena dying, and all of it being all of Giotto’s fault because hindsight and guilt as Giotto had caused it all by founding the Vongola. Then he left Italy for Japan.

Which is not dealing with the problem he created, okay?

5. Ricardo is the source of all the Vongola’s Sins

Um, Ricardo is related to Giotto. So reasonably well off. Also presumably younger but may not have been.

He did probably spent some years with the Vongola back when it was a little murder club. However as Giotto wined, dined and wooed nobles and so on to sponsor his murder club someone was probably managing the murder club and you know, killing the trouble-makers as promised.

This was probably Ricardo as G and Deamon were with Giotto, hob-nobbing. Alaude might be there but he might not be. Knuckle swore not to kill. Asari might have been back in Japan. Lampo was a coward.

So Ricardo spent a lot more time among the bloodshed than Giotto did. More to the point, when Giotto went to Japan he left Ricardo with the Vongola problem and Daemon.

By this point the Vongola murder club has imitators and targets alike. All of which are fighting it out.

It’s a very bloody time period we really now nothing about. Other than Ricardo pissed off the Tomaso and there was a fight between them. And that Ricardo terrified the underworld so much that he was legend.

It’s just rather hard to find time for decadence and being hedonistic when slaughter enemies. Or greed that’s not loot.

Ricardo probably added to the Vongola’s sins, but mostly through murder, intimidation and a touch of blackmail.

Because the Vongola became financially independant somehow and somewhen and you need time to grow money enough for a criminal empire. So here is is probably the best starting point for that.

6. Tsuna the Saint

Tsuna’s not a saint. He’s a thoughtless, naive and whimpy teenager.

Being fanfiction, this isn’t always true. However somehow making him stronger and smart makes him a saint.

Tsuna’s got ethics and morals and is horrified by seeing the Vongola’s sins.

He still blasted Byakuran out of existence once. A version of him also brought back unprepared teenagers and children -including his then clueless love-interests- into a war-torn future they had no idea about.

Ethics are the limits of the loser.

And Tsuna’s being taught not to lose.

Which shows when Tsuna manages to break the Arcobaleno Curse.

7. Yuni the Saint

Yuni is raised outside the mafia. Probably by some sort of sworn servant of the Giglio Nero that’s not Gamma.

Yuni is also a child when she takes control of the Giglio Nero famiglia. One that sees the future.

It’s also said that the inherited power of seeing the future grows stronger with age. It is also said that bearing the Sky Pacifier weakens said power.

Yuni makes mistakes. She doesn’t say anything when Genkishi throws the fight. She doesn’t when Genkishi steals the Mare Rings to give to Byakuran. She doesn’t when she’s about to meet Byakuran.

Instead she gets drugged and manipulated like a puppet, effectively losing her famiglia in addition to her free-will to Byakuran. It’s implied that at least several thousand people in the mafia have been killed by Byakuran and his forces. It’s also stated that Byakuran will destroy the world, like he has multiple times in the future’s future.

Yuni says that while drugged she did something like Byakuran does when traveling to parallel worlds. She knows and has known for at least months what Byakuran’s done, is doing and plans to do.

She doesn’t start doing anything until about a month after future Tsuna has launched his time-travel scheme.

She knows how Byakuran’s powers work, knows about the Tri-ni-Sette and how to work it.

She doesn’t seal the Mare Ring despite having the ability to do so as Boss of the Arcobaleno. The revived Arcobaleno in the future do that.

It can be argued that Yuni was too young to know or too innocent but… you only have to look at her grandmother and what she did with the Arcobaleno to realize that Yuni is not a saint.

8. Spanner the Flameless

Spanner has a Flame. It’s not a fancy A-rank Flame like Shoichi, Gamma or presumably most everyone else shown using Flames except for the minions of Gamma and the minions of the Millefiore.

It’s mentioned he has a B-rank Flame.

No specific type is mentioned though. Spanner could have Earth Flames for all we know.

9. Nono Vongola

He’s a mafia don. Has been for most of his life when he wasn’t being groomed for it.

He’s sinned and smiled. He’s had children and raised them to be fine men. By mafia standards.

He’s also still on the proverbial throne despite being of retirement age and having grown successors. Who at the time were alive and capable if not great at what they’d do.

Nono also keeps secrets, even those that probably shouldn’t be secrets, like that entire mess with Xanxus.

Who despite being his adopted son that he loved, he left frozen for eight years.

Oh and who knows what happened to Xanxus’ mother. He could have had her shot or something.

10. Xanxus the rage monster

Xanxus is introduced as the villain. As the Varia Arc progresses, he’s shown as more of a monster, eventually resulting in the revelation of Nono in the Gola Mosca and using Tsuna’s attack on Nono as a method to force the Sky Battle to happen.

He’s bashed Squalo’s head into a table, thrown glass, threatened eradication of Tsuna’s family and all he cares for. He laughs at Squalo’s ‘death’ and kept Mammon in a birdcage nearby after Mammon lost against Mukuro. He even injured one of the Cervello to the point that she switched out of judging!

All of that points to him being an evil, irredeemable person beyond the whole leading the best assassination squad in the business and launching the coup in the first palce. Still as Basil mentions, in terms of ability and leadership, none of Nono’s sons could compare which is why so many people were for Xanxus being Decimo.

Xanxus kills people. It’s his job and he’s very good at it.

He doesn’t kill Tsuna and his Guardians. He doesn’t leave the Ninth to die of dehydration/exhaustion when Nono had been in the Gola Mosca for over a week.

He still arranges for transportation to Japan for him and the Varia. He acquires Nono somehow. How Xanxus gets the Gola Mosca is explained in X-fiamma but it involves stealing the plans from military turncoats that were pissed that Ottabio who was Xanxus’ Cloud Officer and Nono’s plant in the Varia had double-crossed them. Xanxus promptly murders Ottabio. He arranges for a body double of the Ninth to be brought in, for the Ninth’s Guardians to be elsewhere. For the CEDEF to do things that culminate in Iemitsu getting shot,

I should point out that Squalo wins most injured in the Varia arc, followed by Lussuria who is going to be bedridden for some time, Lambo, Nono who’s in the same boat as Luss but with less bloodloss and more exhaustion, Bel with the leg in a cast, Basil who heals up in a few days, then it’s Gokudera who pretty much is all self-inflicted during training and then Iemitsu who got shot. After him is Ryohei’s broken arm and Yama getting a few cuts.

Xanxus does terrible things but he’s strategic about it and knows how to manipulate things to his advantage.

The lack of death is pretty much why I say that the Varia Arc while awesome is almost completely contrived and not what it appears. Again, I iterate Bel deciding not to kill Gokudera during the Sky Battle. Gokudera was still poisoned at the time and helpless. Very easy prey but Bel’s like no, I’m gonna get to Mammon and take the mist-girl hostage when I already have the Smoking Bomb here.

From Tsuna’s perspective the Varia are there for Xanxus and the Rings.

From a wider perspective, the Varia Arc doesn’t make a lot of sense as some details are… off. Like Bel not killing Gokudera when Bel purposely goes hunting hitmen for fun. 

Gokudera has plot-armor.

anonymous asked:

Ok, but Realtalk© here. Why do you think our dear DK, DoKyum, Lee SeokMin is so slept on? I literally had all the same thoughts you did when I first saw him. I thought he would be one of the oldest because of his mature facial structure (turns out he's only a 97 liner?) and I could've sworn he was a model or actor. Then he sings like a professional and is a perfect variety star. He keeps up in dancing as well and his smile and personality light up a room. It just doesn't make sense??



1. His attractiveness

Originally posted by jiminteresante

Great place to start though, right? I mean… Just look at this idiot. Look at his smile and his hair and his eyes and how expressive he is. His bone structure is fabulous and his eyebrows are amazing for his face shape and his nose is just the right length and positioning and even his teeth are good, okay? His ears are super cute and his fingers are amazing. Look at his shoulders. Look at his neck. Just… Look how flippin attractive he is. Also, A+ because he can pull off long coats with those ridiculous legs of his. 

2. His voice

Seokmin has a legitimately good voice. If you think about the very first time we hear him at all in Adore U, it’s for this amazing “ooh” that’s both raw and smooth at the same time. I’m not even kidding, I’ve heard someone say that note alone is the reason they started listening to Seventeen.

Seokmin is a very talented singer who gets lost in the mass of talent that is Seventeen. Please, please please if you ever doubt this, just listen to him. Listen to any of his parts in Adore U and don’t listen to the rest of the song, just his voice. Listen to his high notes in Mansae. Listen to his opening of Bindatteok Gentlemen. Listen to his solo performances. In fact, let’s just all take a moment and appreciate DK’s voice

3. His sense of humor and general dorkiness

Originally posted by junhuitherealvampire

Although it’s more commonly associated with Seungkwan and Hoshi, Seokmin has a great sense of humor too and is a huge nerd. See: horse puns. But it only adds to his lovable nature, especially when he laughs at his own jokes and his laugh shakes his whole body and is accompanied by his sunshine smile. Fun fact: DK is actually short for Dork. But a lovable dork. 

So far, all of these things are surface things though. Things people see about Seokmin and know already, things that are obvious. So what are some things to love that make our precious main vocal a multilayered human being and not just a flat, one dimensional pretty boy?

4. His hard-working nature

Seokmin is a very hard worker. The joke of him being a horse isn’t entirely untrue, as he pulls so much weight in the group as a main vocalist and is still very hard working and loyal. He always wants to improve himself, but not necessarily only for the sake of improving himself. Also for the sake of the team, for the sake of being the best he can for the overall value of the team, not wanting anyone to be burdened or dragged down by him. He’ll go out of his way, as well, not to put anyone else out of their way for him, working hard to make sure he doesn’t cause any problems or cause anyone to see him as a issue to be fixed. 

5. “Happy Virus”

Originally posted by seungheol

The horse comparison continues, because Seokmin is a naturally gentle person. He seems easily made nervous or spooked by some things, and he’s very emotionally connected to the group. His heart is very open and that makes the emotions and the atmosphere of the group more obvious to him. This connects to him not wanting to burden anyone and his sense of humor, because he wants the atmosphere to be good and light so he does all he can to be the “happy virus” of the group.

A good example of his caring nature at work can be seen at the MAMAs performance they did this year (I swear I had a post about this somewhere but I can’t find it for my life, so I’m assuming it was one of those conversations with a friend where I turned it into a rant like I would make answering an ask OTL so I’m just going to summarize it again). At MAMAs, everyone saw, S.Coups tripped over Vernon by accident during his rap. He ended up saving it and it all turned out okay, but just after he finished his rap, as he was walking back to his stage position, DK gave him a high five. That might not seem like much, but that could make a crazy amount of difference. On the hectic mess of the stage while you’re performing, it can seem like fifty years and also thirty seconds have passed. A single mistake like S.Coups can cause such internal panic that it could be all he remembered from that stage, messing up the biggest performance they’ve done to this point. But DK instead chose to capitalize on the good, high-fiving him for his save. Because of that one little tiny action, now when S.Coups looks back, he can remember the reaction his group mate had noticing the good save he made and the memory can be positive, of how he managed to keep from falling into the audience and how he finished his rap nicely under a hard circumstance. Just one little high five changed so much, and I think DK knew that when he did it.

6.  His good heart.

This is probably the single most important aspect of DK, and it connects heavily back to all of the points I’ve made, but DK genuinely, truly has a good, kind heart for others.

To illustrate this point, I’d like to refer to Seventeen Project ep. 3, which you can find here. I’m starting at 38:57, where Seventeen’s vocal team has just gone through an evaluation where Seungkwan was praised for his nice voice but nothing was said about DK. I’d like to make a few points about this happening, about DK’s reaction, and about his character in general. 

Firstly, I’d like to point out that he doesn’t bring it up at all. DK doesn’t bring up how hurt he feels, how he feels like he’s a burden, or even Seungkwan’s name. It takes prompting from the PD for him to say anything at all about it, about his feelings and about how he reacts. 

And then, his reaction to this. His first reaction isn’t to jump on what the PD said at all, aimed at Seungkwan. To be honest, DK and Seungkwan could have a very different relationship. Seungkwan gets praised often, for his variety skill and also for his voice and his caring nature. DK has all of those things as well, but gets overlooked. DK could very easily get angry at Seungkwan. Seungkwan is younger than DK, and DK could easily be upset that he gets more of the attention. They hold the same position as main vocalists, but Seungkwan still gets more recognition. But what is DK’s first reaction, his first sentence after the PD’s prompting? It’s an acknowledgement of his own lacking, to say it’s his own fault that he wasn’t praised. DK doesn’t go after Seungkwan at all. He’s not angry or upset, and he never mentions being bitter at all that Seungkwan gets more praises than him. Instead, he immediately takes it as his own fault, his own problem that he isn’t recognized.

DK and Seungkwan have a good relationship. They’re very close, and they like laughing together and playing together. And a lot of that is possible because DK has such a good heart. Because he refuses to let it be a competition. He refuses to be bitter over the attention Seungkwan gets that he doesn’t. It would be very easy for them to be rivals, to be competing for the attention and the lines. But DK refuses to let it be that. He refuses to let his professional ambition, his personal feelings, or his pride turn their relationship into a bad one, so he takes the responsibility, the burden, and the criticism on himself with a good heart and with kindness and gentleness instead of placing the blame on Seungkwan and being bitter over something neither of them can change. He determines to work harder instead of being angry, and that proves DK is a kind, good hearted person if nothing else does.

All in all, Seokmin is talented and kind and gentle and deserves so much more love than the fandom recognizes, and I hope he starts to grow in the eyes of the fans and people start to recognize him and appreciate him more and more. Please don’t overlook our sunshine. He works so hard, he’s so talented, and he has such a good heart for all the fans and all his members. Please appreciate DK.


Before I start I just wanna say a h u g e thank you to everyone for 1,600 followers!! It’s amazing and I can’t thank you guys enough for following and reading and leaving cute messages bc they make my day !! But now onto our angel, our very own ray of sunshine, Jung Hoseok aka J Hope aka hobi aka can we talk about how precious this man is like he just goes around making people happy that’s what he does and he’s so passionate about what he loves and he’s not shy about his emotions which is so endearing and he loves his family and he doesn’t take himself too seriously he’s so fucking precious I adore him so so much

  • Hobi is a very unique vampire
  • As I’ve stated in the other posts, vampires are typically written out to be more lonesome creatures
  • Hobi is definitely more of a people person
  • He’s very outgoing and he seems to love making friends and just being social in general
  • So he wouldn’t be the typical vampire in that sense
  • He also seems like way more of a morning person than a night owl
  • He seems like he genuinely enjoys the morning/day and likes being under the sun
  • So there’s another trait that he’s just like nah I’ll be myself instead of forcing myself to be like the others
  • In fact, when his closest friends do find out he’s a vampire there’s so ??
  • Like okay head canon time
  • He tells the boys about it bc they’re the people he trusts most and he knows they won’t tell anyone outside of their group and he just knows that they’ve got his back so he’s not that worried about it
  • But when he does tell them they’re just like wait what no way
  • “You’re so…not what they show in the movies??”
  • “I thought vampires burned in the sun”
  • “Aren’t they supposed to be like not be afraid of anything”
  • He’s just like idk about the other vamps but I am the way I am regardless of whether I’m a vampire or not I will now take questions
  • He was turned like back in the Victorian era
  • Idk I just really like the thought of hobi in like Victorian fashion
  • Like the jackets and the dress pants and the nice hair
  • Okay but like you know that hair he had in the TenAsia photoshoot where it was like down but it swooped to the side that’s vampire!hobi bc that hair was f in e as fuck
  • He of course experiments with his hair throughout his years but he normally has it down and just casually kinda combed through
  • But sometimes he feels like going all out and he makes it go up like back in NMD era but that can take a wh ile to do so that’s reserved for the days he feels like putting in all that effort
  • But I mean I feel like even bed-head hobi looks fine as hell so he could literally just roll out of bed and walk out like boom there ya go
  • He’s definitely done that too many times to count
  • He does follow the fashion trends loosely like if he likes the look of something he’ll wear it, if he doesn’t he’ll stick to what he wants to wear he doesn’t really care what everyone else is wearing
  • His sister is turned first actually
  • You and his sister have been friends for ages
  • You’d met hobi many times and considered him a friend, if not a crush
  • You normally don’t do romance with humans so you kinda try to ignore the lil crush you have on him
  • She ends up catching a life-threatening illness but doesn’t really tell anyone about it bc she can still function normally and she’s hoping she can heal up
  • You’re the only person she does tell bc she doesn’t want her family worrying over something that might not be anything
  • You hesitate at first but then after seeing her slowly begin to get worse, you’re just like I have to at least offer it to her
  • You tell her about how you’re a vampire and how you can help her out
  • She’s on board like right away, even after you tell her some of the cons about being a vampire
  • You give her a day to fully think about it even though she’s totally ready for it
  • You just want to let her truly take a second and weigh the pros and cons but you both know she’s gonna stick with her answer bc this is just what she needed
  • After you turn her, hobi is the first person she tells
  • She’s v v close to her brother so secrets are a rarity
  • Like having to keep her illness hidden from him was really hard on her bc he was always the first person she went to when she wanted to talk or rant
  • He doesn’t really want her to spend forever alone so he’s like ight sign me up
  • You give him the same lecture you gave her, like hey here are the cons they kinda sucks you sure you wanna spend forever living with them ?? are you double sure??
  • You agree to turning him bc you know she wouldn’t be truly happy if she didn’t have her brother with her
  • You three end up kinda just living together??
  • Like anywhere you go, they somehow follow and anywhere they go, you somehow follow and you all just stick together
  • After a few decades of living together you realize your crush is no longer a crush
  • It’s love at this point
  • His sister is the one to realize you both have feelings for each other but don’t really realize it so she decides to be matchmaker
  • She “accidentally” sends you both on a blind date with each other like lol oops did I send you to the same restaurant what are the chances well you might as well have dinner together
  • Things kinda just kick off from there tbh
  • She’s v v proud of herself when she hears you two are together like fuck yeah I did that oh shit does that mean I’m gonna have to move out so you two can live together well fuck I didn’t think this far

soulrach  asked:

Hi, I was reading your wing!kink recs, and I was wondering if you've read "The Shadow At My Window" by Zombiecat >> archiveofourown [.] org/works/971269 It starts kinda Peter Pan-ish but it develops its own and a little darker plot, it also has oil!kink and bottom!Dean if you're interested. And "Flight" by NorthernSparrow >> archiveofourown [.] org/works/1749230 is the best wing!fic I've ever read, the details about angel wings are precious, definitely a must read (along with its prequel).

Hi there! First of all, sorry for cramming this answer for this long time. There were so many wing fic asks at the same time that we decided to put this one and all the other wing kink asks together and not to answer them all separately. And since there had just been one wing fic post, we didn’t wanna publish another one right after that. You know, even if we love wing fics, there might be some people who want to read other kind of fics, too. 

Anyway, back to your ask. Or message, more like, because this time you’re reccing something for us. We’ve read those two fics you spoke about and you can find our comments if you keep scrolling down. Thank you for reccing those. It’s always nice when people suggest fics for us to read. It’s actually very hard to try to find specific fics by browsing AO3 and all the other pages, so this helps a lot.

For all the other wing kinks people who have sent us asks about that subject: keep scrolling down. Here’s another post with a lot of wings. Hope you’ll enjoy these! – Admin J

Title: The Shadow At My Window

Author: Zombiecat

Rating: Explicit

Words: 141,620 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I can’t believe I’ve forgot to rec this one earlier. It’s a very good fic and thanks to your message I re-read it and now I cannot forget to rec it! Damn it! Anyway, the fic is very, very good, so everyone who are into dirty things with wings (or wings in general), pick this one up!

Summary: As a fledgling angel, Castiel is not allowed to interact with humanity. He should be strictly observing and concentrating on learning to be a warrior of Heaven. Even so, he cannot seem to stop himself from visiting the human boy that leaves his window open at night. At first, it’s only to get a glimpse of their world.. but all that changes the night he saves the boy’s life.

( Read here )

Title: Flight

Author: NorthernSparrow

Rating: Explicit

Words: 319,744 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: You’re definitely right about this being a very good wing!kink fic, though my first prize still goes to Angel’s Wild. Honestly, people, you all should give this one a chance, even if you don’t like wing!kink that much.

Summary: Sequel to Forgotten. A/U from mid season 9. Castiel is human and wounded, and Dean and Sam need to get his grace back - and his wings. Things do not go as intended and Cas faces a difficult road. Long case fic with strong emphasis on Team Free Will friendship/family bonds. Will get serious and angsty and lonely. ALERT: There will be two versions of this fic, Destiel and platonic. This version (Flight) is the Destiel version. Slow build and mostly pre-Destiel. The platonic version will be called Broken and will be posted later.

( Read here )

Title: Crazy Stupid Love

Author: Castiel_For_King

Rating: Not Rated

Words: 32,477 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: So maybe I was wrong about the whole canon verse fics… This is probably the best thing I’ve read in a while and now I’ve opened a door to a whole new world of fics that I’ve ignored for the past few years! This is bottom Cas at his best!

Admin J’s notes: Ha! I told you so.

Summary: Castiel is struggling with the onset of human emotions brought on by the fact that he spends so much time in the company of humans. Shockingly, it is Dean that helps him through it…until Cas confesses something that sends Dean running behind emotional walls. But after a run in with a necromancer, the trio decides a little R&R in Rufus’s cabin will do them some good.

In which Dean and Cas spend a lot of time getting to know each other in front of the fire place.

( Read here )

Title: Excite

Author: perpetuallycaffeinated

Rating: Explicit

Words: 3,332 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Cas is one smooth talker here! Lol I can’t with this one :’D

Admin J’s notes: While reading Dean’s birthday fics I started to think that Sam’s life is pretty hard with Dean and Cas. The poor guy is soon back in the mental hospital.

Summary: “Sam Winchester, I am going to carnally worship your brother whether you are in this room or not.”

( Read here )

Title: Collateral Wing Damage

Author: apocalypsecat

Rating: Mature

Words: 3,533 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Not my personal favorite, but seems like alot of people liked this so I don’t want to go on a rant-fest about it :’D

Summary: “I can see your damn wings Cas, okay?!” He heard a sharp intake of breath behind him.

“I… I didn’t think this would happen.”

“That what would happen?” Dean asked, swivelling back to face Cas.

Castiel is wounded from the battle in heaven and asks Dean to help him. What starts as a helping hand turns into a lot more.

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Author: CloudyJenn

Rating: Explicit

Words: 17,000 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is my kind of porn XD I get my kicks from reading fanfics but this, this I wouldn’t mind watching… especially if Cas was there performing! Just saying…

Admin J’s notes: It’s not that long ago when me and Admin A talked about how much we need to get a porn channel with only Destiel porn. You know why. I would pay for that channel.

Summary: When Castiel loses his job, he resorts to making wing fetish videos to make cash. Dean really likes them.

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Title: Ache

Author: HigherMagic

Rating: Explicit

Words: 5,000 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Winged Dean isn’t really my favorite thing in the world but here it just works for me and I might need to go browse through winged Dean tag again :’D

Admin J’s notes: It bothers me that no one tells me why Dean has wings!

Summary: Dean’s recently gotten wings and Castiel helps him deal with them and exactly what he’s saying when he uses them.

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Title: All That Is And Used To Be

Author: Misachan

Rating: Explicit

Words: 26,993 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: At first I wasn’t sure what to make of this fic but once I finished the story, all the loose ends came together in an amazingly unexpected way. The combination of AU and canon setting was so well done and the characters were spot on!

Summary: Dean never even knew anyone was living in the old estate outside of town until its mysterious occupant contracts his shop for a very specific job: a custom piano bench with grooves cut into the back. He finds Castiel and his terms to be eccentric with a capital E but the money is too good to turn down and anyway, Dean can’t help indulging his curiosity about the guy and his secretive, isolated life.

There are secrets that will not stay hidden and stories that refuse to be forgotten. Especially when they happen to involve Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel.

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And hey, if you want more wing fics, check out our wing!kink tag in HERE.

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♠Organising Thoughts On PMMM: Rebellion, part zwei♠

let’s do this part 2, electric boogaloo

part ein is right here, discussing characters individually, while this post focuses more on overarching themes in PMMM. in other news, pidge is a giant nerd baby who writes essays on anime movies for fun

I might do an additional post all special for Homulilly, Homura’s witch form, since it’s just plain interesting.


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Cursed Child Opinions and that

 (okay so like, ik this has been done already, but like, i enjoy hearing other opinions on the play and, OH BOY do i have opinions on this play, and i have a very long train journey to fill (how very jk rowling of me). this is going to be very messy, but here goes:)

things i liked:

-albus and scorpius being devoted best friends because honestly i have been waiting years for this.

-scorpius malfoy being kind and caring and swee and an actual angel child.

-scorpius malfoy being a huge fucking nerd.

-just scorpius malfoy in general. he was your favorite character, don’t lie to yourself.

-hermione being minister for magic because YES this brave, intelligent, caring witch is such a capable leader and honestly a queen. also!!! a muggleborn! this goes to show that some things really have changed!

-ron and hermione being the granger-weasleys because they are both proud of their families and where they came from and want their children to recognise both sides of their heritage. 

-also, although i haven’t seen actually seen the play (curse my broke ass self) BLACK HERMIONE. representation is just oh so important, and ik noma dumezweni played her excellently.

-ron and hermione still being very much in love and happy (long live my first ever ship)

-ron wanting to renew their vows even after all this time what a sweetheart.

-just ron being a little ray of sunshine for everyone throughout the play, giving his family funny little gifts from the shop (also ron working at W.W.W!!!)

-the trolley witch scene because i did not see that coming and because finding out fred and george and the fucking marauders tried to get off the train gives me all sorts of life.

-and even though he’s a bit of a dick to his little brother i love that james potter the second is so much the embodiment of james potter the first, i like to think he is the BANE of mcgonagall’s existence.

-minerva mcgonagall, headmistress of hogwarts, still being an absolute bamf. i mean, she scolded the minister for magic, could anyone else get away with that? i think not.  

-mcgonagall deciding not to see albus and scorpius together under the invisibility cloak because she is literally the biggest g.

-ginny weasley still being the mix of fierce and kind that we loved in the books, and being a good mum.

-ginny and draco having a moment of understanding because tbh i always wanted the two of them to be bro s.

-draco malfoy, who is v cool and collected in public, and certainly in front of harry, storming to harry’s house without embarrassment to demand why harry would hurt his son. he might not be thrilled with scorpius’ choice of friend, and he 100% is not thrilled with harry but draco will be damned if he lets his wonderful son loose anymone else he loves. 

-sorry wow i just love scorpius so very much. so does albus.

-draco and the trio bonding over parenthood is just pretty lit tbh.

-hagrid going to collect baby harry. literally the only part of the play that made me cry.

-harry regularly visiting cedric’s grave, like damn this was the one of the only things in the play that resonated as harry behavior to me.

-harry and albus becoming closer at the end of the play…things between them getting better…i think??? lmao i hate pigeons too i feel ur pain, harry.

things i did not like:

lmao time for a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath.

-some of the charecterisation was honestly laughable, like there were just so many lines that just would not have been said by certain characters. i have a lot to say here, so i’m gonna split this up by character - there are a few - and hope i don’t forget anyone:

harry potter: okay so this one is pretty obvious to anyone who has read the play, so i won’t say too much here but, really?! really???? harry potter, the boy who lived, lived because he was protected by love from his parents, who learnt to value love more than anything else, who named his child after two people who he greatly respected despite being so aware of their flaws, who knows exactly what it feels like to grow up feeling alone, would certainly have tried so much harder to make sure his child knew he was loved and grew up happy. harry potter would never have kept albus from his best and only friend, and oh my god he would not have been so rude to mcgonagall he would have to be out of his mind. ginny was right when she said that harry had one of the greatest hearts in the wizarding world, i truly don’t believe that even in anger he would say something so hurtful to his son. okay wow i have said way too much here, moving on…

rose granger-weasley: we don’t really have anything from the book series to compare her to but like, her parents. i find it difficult to believe that ron and hermione would raise their child to be, at times, so downright rude.if there is one thing that hermione granger preaches, it is forgiveness. i mean, you know what she said on the platform, she didnt want rose to hate scorpius at all. and even if she really did hate scorpius so strongly (how tho??? he is so precious) i don’t believe any member of the weasley family would ostracize a family member, especially one that had previously been a close friend. it just wouldn’t happen.

hermione granger-weasley: i am so 100% behind the idea that she is minister for magic, but what i hate is the fact that in a universe where she is not married to ron she looses that ambition??? and becomes spiteful and mean? hermione granger, smartest witch of her age, is brilliant to the core, and although she loves ron dearly, she does not need him - or anyone - to succeed. also like, hiding the time-turner in her book case, ffs, as if.

cedric diggory: so tbf he’s not really alive enough for heavy character analysis but, cedric diggory, clever and talented and so very hufflepuff became a death eater and killed neville just because he lost the triwizard tournament? fuck outta here.

severus snape: i refuse to believe he would’ve been so noble following lily’s death. like yes he said he would protect harry, but once harry passed away and there was no trace of lily left i don’t think he would’ve been so devoted top the cause. then again, this may just be me, i’m not a huge snape fan.

draco malfoy: tbh i’m just mad about the ponytail.

-the fact that delphi exists. just delphi in general, she’s a bit of a shitty character, at no point did i even want to care about her. and HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! at what point was bellatrix pregnant what is this bs??? where has she been for about twenty years? and most importantly, i rlly don’t think voldermort would do something as human as having sex, not even to continue his blood line. why would he need a child, he didn’t believe he would die??

-also like any hint of delphi/albus because, come on, there’s a ten year age difference. also scorpius and albus are meant to be.

-the fact that werewolves are still associated with voldermort makes me so sad. like i really thought things would’ve gotten better for people with lycanthropy. (remus is probably mad af up in heaven my poor bby)

-astoria being dead. like i get it, plot and everything, but ffs let draco and scorpius have some of kind of happiness. also, the death of a malfoy would 100% have been big news, that nearly all of hogwarts would have been aware of, but did they give scorp a break? no??

-ginny, who grew up in the weasley household not letting her children have sweets. i mean,  no way would molly let her get away with that, or any of her siblings (apart from percy…i bet this was percy’s idea) 

-and, speaking of the weasley family, where tf were they all??? like, emphasis is put on the fact that none of the rest of albus’ family are in slytherin, but where actually are they all??? like it is literally canon that there are dozens of cousins all of similar ages, but literally none are mentioned but rose, not even hugo???

-and my boi teddy lupin was fuckin nowhere to seen. tbh this may have been for the best

-that total bullshit harry pulled on mcgonagall, telling her that since she had no children she didn’t understand??? saying minerva mcgonagall doesn’t understand children is about as correct as saying harry understands albus tbh. also, harry clearly has forgotten that pretty much every parental figure he’s ever had (bar the weasleys) was childless. i mean, hagrid, remus, sirius…he named his child after albus dumbledore ffs.

-and like okay this may just be a personal thing but where TF was the G A Y????like fr, we get two characters, who find themselves in a lot of romantic tropes (separated by family who dislike each other, doing something that scares them to help the other person, being each other’s only friends i mean for fuck’s sake)

-and like okay i would probably be less mad if it wasn’t for the romantic plot lines they did go with. albus gets the hots for some twenty year old he’s known for a few days who also turns out to be THE CHILD OF VOLDERMORT. and scorpius is in love with a girl who has literally said a nice word to him ever?? like literally, i think the closest she ever came to it was teling him that he had a nose.



-honestly ffs.

pls message me if u want to talk about cursed child or anything i clearly have way too many feelins oops

Superhero Comics and the Illusion of Significance

I’ve spent a decent amount of my life laboring to understand – and qualify – the appeal of the comic book superhero.

And I know, this isn’t exactly a head-scratcher; Superheroes are bright, bold, flashy, and everybody loves a good punch-up. What’s wrong with me, right? That’s obvious.

Beyond that, though, there’s also a raft of Psychology 101 interpretations, all of which ring true; they’re adolescent male power fantasies, they’re simplified morality plays which celebrate individual ethical authority, they’re foundationally authoritarian but dressed in the skin of anti-authoritarianism (the finks’ favorite type of tyranny!), and so on.

(Just as an aside, I’m particularly fond of the reading of Superman/Spider-Man and the like wherein it’s a solace to the lowly and downhearted – people who feel pitiable, wretched, unloved, despised and disregarded – that their secret interior self is actually noble, powerful, good and beloved and if they could only let it out, no one would even recognize them in all their faults. That seems reassuring. Someone nice came up with that).

I think that comic book superheroes – regardless of the media, whether it’s television or film or what-have-you – promise some degree of consistency, as well. Like almost all heroic fiction, the comic book superhero promises not just a simplified morality play but a consistent morality play, one where good inevitably wins out over evil in the end, no matter how bloody the process. (And this isn’t even to mention the constant maintenance of the status quo, to which all superheroes eventually seem to return eventually).

Consistency has tremendous emotional value to people in general. I’m of the mind that the two urges which most drive humanity are the fear of being unloved and the fear that one’s passing will go unnoticed, and that you can find these dreads at the core of almost every human invention and institution. Every act of kindness seems rooted in acknowledging these fears in others, and every act of unkindness sprouts from failing to recognize these fears in ourselves.

Still with me? I got all touchy-feely for a second.

In terms of consistency – and directly referencing the above fears – one of the other things which comic book superheroes promise us is that the things we do matter.

The things which comic book superheroes do matter, incontrovertibly. In every issue of every series, every comic book superhero saves lives, saves cities, saves worlds, saves universes, saves the entirety of creation in its all unknowable splendor.  And then does it again next month.

Despite its almost tiresome repetition, you simply can’t argue that saving the universe isn’t important. It’s where you keep all your stuff. You’d be heartbroken if it were eaten by a multiversal moth.

This consistency reassures its readers that the things people do matter, or at least can matter. In many ways, comic books don’t offer escapism merely in the sense of high adventure, but they offer the escapist illusion that everything, no matter how ridiculous or unlikely, is important and everything we do to interact with those things has meaning. They have permanent meaning. Comic book superheroes promise us, on a monthly basis, that the things we do matter AND, therefore, people love us and will notice when we die.

Whenever one of the big companies does a shakeup wherein previous stories are erased or reconstructed, there’s always a wail among fandom about the old stories becoming irrelevant, having “no longer mattered.” Likewise, when a company becomes too addicted to revamps (DC, I’m looking at you … through blast goggles), it undermines all future stories. “How do I know that these new stories will matter?” a fan might ask. And rightly so.

Listen, I hear the counterarguments. “It’s not like these comics winked out of existence” and “who cares if a story matters, all that matters is that it’s a good story!” And hey, I’m with you, I personally agree completely. As an example, “my” version of the Flash was Wally West, specifically in the Bill Loeb issues, and that got wiped out and retconned so savagely that it made a whole universe go away. But I know that those comics still exist; I go back and re-read them every now and again, I think they’re great, no skin off my back if his publishers didn’t know a good thing when they had it.

But every act of kindness comes from recognizing these fears in others. Remember that? I wrote it a little ways up there, although I can forgive you if you drifted off a little bit.

I don’t personally freak out when a new reboot is announced. I get a little annoyed, admittedly, because it seems to be the product of a creatively-bankrupt editorial board stuck on the “big meaningless events” page of their playbook and more interested in fiddling with arbitrary continuity than creating a compelling line of stories in one of the most vital and accessible media in the current market (DC, I’m looking at you again … are you passing notes? Come sit up here by me).

But I understand why others do get upset, and I think it’s reasonable, at its root. Invalidating their stories, wiping out their virtual reality, takes something very precious and important away from their most dedicated readers – it robs them of the reassurance of their fears. And it does it by failing to recognize those fears in itself, since how else can you describe the almost desperate and constant revamp-after-reboot by the big companies (DC, that’s enough, go to the principal) as the fear of being unloved and the fear that their passing will go unnoticed?

anonymous asked:

Dear Tarra, Thank you for your wonderful recaps! it is incredible, almost every day you give us such thoughtful insights! The human nature has no secrets for you (no wonder you are a writer). I’m very interested in what you said, about Hannibal’s attention and "how Will experiences Hannibal’s rare regard",Please can you write a little more about this because for me this is one of the keystones of show. Thank you ;) Elena

[from this]

Bahahahahaa, oh sweet Elena I can assure you human nature holds AAALLL the secrets, endless fields of them, and I have like, a handful pebbles. I think I just got lucky that I share a few pebbles with Bryan Fuller, so that when it comes to the fictional people in his stories, I do pretty ok sometimes? This probably has more to do with Me & B Fulls (a coupla weirds) than ~human nature~ though :p

And speaking of shit Fuller does to his characters, ooo boy I am very interested in Hannibal’s attention on Will too! Let me tell ya this has been WRINGING MY HEART OUT AS OF LATE. I know we joke about how Will can do very little to drive Hannibal away, I for one have certainly joked about that, but that unconditional Hanners love is RARE for Will, and I don’t think he knows how to manage it. People always tend to leave him, yknow? He’s difficult, and he knows this, and being alone is safe and safe is good, but it means he’s grown into a person who doesn’t *have* anyone. (There’s the angle that Will is difficult half on-purpose, but as that’s probably partly because he doesn’t want to drag people into his world, etc, it’s still really dang miserable.)

By the time Will meets Hannibal, he’s pretty fatalistic about it (#always), and just believes himself to be someone who doesn’t get/deserve support. Cue 1x05:

Hannibal: “You ever feel abandoned, Will?”
Will: [wry chuckling] “Abandonment requires expectation.”

And Hannibal, oh at this Hannibal’s internal soundtrack switches over from “Fascinating New Thing” to “Lover.” Will is lovely and he’s perfect and Hannibal cannot believe no one else sees this, but THEIR LOSS because by god Hannibal wants to be his EVERYTHING, everything Will doesn’t have, and then invent new things and be those for him too. And it’s that isolating, you-only-need-me move again, but it’s kinda hard for Will to see that sometimes when Hannibal’s faithfulness is such a new and nice feeling. Even when Will shares the parts of himself that would send anyone else in his life fleeing, still Hannibal stays. Over S1, Hannibal teaches Will that he can rely on him — for once, Will can expect not to be abandoned. Imagine how much that must have hurt when the floor drops out beneath him in 1x13. This is what Will Graham gets for foolishly thinking he could ever have someone.

But then imagine how strange, how impossible, when Will begins to learn in S2 that he still does have Hannibal. Hannibal’s attention is not the Good he’d thought it was, it’s corrupting and it’s dark and it will pull him down but it’s still there. And in the cold of the cell where he has been cast off by everyone else in his life, Hannibal’s regard feels like warmth. A dangerous warmth, but he bends helplessly toward it anyway — and hopes he can use it, without losing himself to it. Oh no, honey.

In 3x10, Truthbomb du Maurier (bless her), lays it out for Will very clearly, as is her habit: “Your experience of Hannibal’s attention is so profoundly harmful, yet so irresistible. It undermines your ability to think rationally.” This observation fucked me up so much that when I reread what I’d written about it I fucked myself up anew, thanks SELF.

“wooowww the idea that Will is drawn in by Hannibal’s attention, even though it’s that which poisons him. And it’s a privileged attention, too, because Hannibal doesn’t care about most people. He cares about you, Will. Aren’t you lucky. Aren’t you doomed. Hannibal’s attention like a too thick blanket, heavy on your shoulders, holding you secure, holding you down.”

for fucks sake

I’ve got a new simile for ya too: Hannibal’s attention like an undertow, forever tugging Will’s feet out from under him and pulling him deeper & deeper. So adrift after Hannibal tosses him from him in 2x13, and even after he finally staggers ashore in 3x07 and tries to live on land for a spell, he gets swept right back up again in the current of Hannibal’s steadfast passion, boding and brimming in Hannibal’s eyes.


a couple asides

- Hannibal’s relationship to attention is different than Will’s, in that general attention makes Will “oh god they’re applauding” Graham uncomfortable, whereas Hannibal feeds off it. Hannibal loves to read about himself, after all. He loves to set the glitterati raving over his dinner parties. He loves to obsess the best minds of the F.B.I. But as Will is more special and wonderful to him than anything else, Will’s attention is the most precious of the attention he craves, and he hungers after it something fierce. 

- In the show, Will’s wide-eyed weakness for Hannibal’s focus on him gets pretty thoroughly wound into Will’s weakness for Hannibal’s touch, which of course would make sense as touch is gonna be like a physical manifestation of attention. His reaction to it all is mostly the same, that thing where he goes so still and wondering and like, ~glimmers~

But You’re So Little: A Marvel/Thor Imagine

A/N: Hi again, this is the third one for tonight, I owed you guys though! This is a request for something other than CM (Oh dear god I hope I can still write about something else properly). The request said “Avengers/Thor imagine where the reader is a short SHIELD agent and when she comes to work in flat shoes for the first time and Thor can’t get over how tiny and adorable she is” - Fuckeree

Rating: PG13

Warnings: This isn’t a warning, but I haven’t really gotten good at writing so that Thor doesn’t sound distinctly “normal” when he talks. We all know that he has a different speech pattern, and I haven’t adapted yet. For that, I’m sorry! 


With maturity, a strong job, and being an independent woman in a strengthening job position, you would hope that there was no reason to play shy. 

But when you were so close to five feet tall that sometimes people had to really stare at you before they realized that you weren’t a child, there was a clear reason to play shy. 

You had adapted to wearing heels, wedges, boots, platforms, anything that gave you that extra “oomf”, and as an agent of SHIELD, it passed as regular 

But this morning, your feet ached, your legs ached, and your back ached from a rather lengthy run with Cap the night before, and no that wasn’t cheeky, you literally ran with him. 

There was no way that you were going to talk yourself into shoes that you really didn’t need to wear, and so you slid on a pair of professional looking flat shoes and hoped that nobody noticed the difference. 

On the way over, you had begun doubting yourself, and really wondering how in the world you expected to pass as your “usual” height without the shoes that you so loved. 

But upon arrival, you took a deep breath, some Advil, and your water bottle, before entering into the general vicinity of everyone else. 

Nat had just stared at you up and down, before setting her hand on her hip and smiling that one of a kind smile that dazzled everyone in a hundred meter radius. 

“Well aren’t you just fun sized?” she teases, patting your shoulder as you shake your head at the first one to pick out the difference. Clint isn’t too far behind, and his only reaction is to grin and shake his head, quite like yourself.

Cap and Bruce are talking around the table, and you walk into the conversation with a grin and some determination. 

“Good morning Y/N, how are you recovering after that run last night?” sometimes he really doesn’t realize what other people might think of the words that he says, and you grimace. 

“Well, I wouldn’t want to go jogging with you for quite some while, my feet are killing me”. Banner laughs as you finally give your reason to why the shoes on your feet don’t make you at least two or three inches taller. 

“Well agent, I had this image of you in my mind, without those crazy shoes, and you fit it perfectly”. You swat at his arm, not afraid to push his boundaries every once in a while, and he simply chuckles, clapping a hand on your shoulder. 

“Blame it on stars and stripes, I would be an average height if I hadn’t decided to go running with the freight train that he is”. Tony breezes in, and stops for just a mere second to pull his sunglasses down and stare at you. 

“You look better this way, more natural” the feeling of relief starts to sink in, as the first person not to really joke about it graces your presence for less than thirty seconds before he’s off again.

“What are all of you speaking of?” the hair on the back of your neck stands up as you realize that there is no way that you’re getting away with being as short as you are any longer. 

“Agent Y/L/N, that’s what we’re talking about” Fury throws you under the bus entirely, and you turn red as he stalks toward you, staring down at you more so than he already does. 

“Friends, there’s no reason to gawk at her, she’s just a little-” as he realizes that the words he’s about to throw around aren’t the ones he’s really looking for, he stops, and grins. 

“She is little, that is what you’re saying” his smile is one of mischief and confidence, and you almost shrink into yourself, if that’s even possible at this point. 

“Yes, Thor, I am little” you take a swig from your water bottle, and he point Mjolnir at you. 

“No, you are tiny! You have become a very small and precious human” at this point you marvel at the fact that the average shoe differential doesn’t make any sense to a god, and just stare at him. 

“Yup, that’s me, I shrunk myself down a couple inches just to appease myself” he gawks at you, open mouthed and clearly confused. 

“I didn’t mean that, I can’t shrink myself, I’m just human after all. I just have flat shoes on today”. He removes the hammer from your face, and leans down so that his face is equal with your own. 

“Well I’ve never been happier to see you” he says, his voice filled with glee as he gently pats your head. 

“You are very seriously a tiny, little Midgardian beauty” your smile is genuine, and you reach up to push his hand off of your head, but he just takes a hold of it. 

“I am being honest in all of the ways that I can, you are completely beautiful and.. Uh.. How do you say it?” he seems to actively be searching his head for the right words, and you shrug. 

“Adorable” Stark calls, whipping in and out of the room once more, this time with a screwdriver and a glass of ice. 

“Yes! Yes, that it what I’m trying to say, I can’t believe how little and adorable you are” he holds your hand as if it isn’t even there, as if it isn’t a concern, and you wiggle your fingers. 

“I couldn’t thank you enough, but I don’t know if you mean to be holding my hand?”. He smiles as big as he did when he first tried a brownie, and the absolute sense of excitement and astonishment is enough to make you just as happy as he is. 

“I do, it is quite small too, and it seems to be a very nice thing to do when you are fond of someone, no matter their vertical status”. 

A/N: I really hope it was okay, I haven’t written anything like this is a while, getting away from CM is like entering the light after days in the dark, you’re really not sure if you’re as used to it as you were before!  


So I know I’m a bit late to the whole posting about sprinkleofglitr​‘s book ‘Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter (I was on holiday so didn’t get to read it until I got back, I had a crazy weekend etc) but I thought I’d post about the pages that stood out the most for me personally and explain a little about why they. (Gonna post under a read more because it’s gonna be a long post.)

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