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college! au shidge

I may not yet be in college but I am however still a student and really I just pulled these from my butt and accidentally ended up writing a fic ok anyways

  • shiro’s staring dumbfounded at his best friend’s little sister who managed to jump three whole years into his grade like H O W
  • them at the library and pidge cursing her smolness and shiro just hoists her up on his shoulder to the right shelf
  • for some reason they have a lot of classes together. A LOT.

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Only Us (Part Eight)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1299

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk.

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I heard a loud crash and gaze locked down the streets of downtown Queens. There were screams and people began to yell running away from the explosion. I stopped, avoiding the people who ran and tried to see what had happened.

It was Saturday, and I had just gotten off work which was a relief. For some reason Saturday mornings were really popular and it always stressed me greatly. There was another sound from a few houses down and fear stuck me. I heard a gasps around me as I made my way to the explosion. Suddenly, a hand gripped my wrist pulling me back.

“So I thought I told you not to get into trouble.” Spiderman said looking down at me.

“Oh hey Spidey.” I grinned.

“Y/N.” he warned.

“I wanna know what’s happening.” I told him.

“I’ll tell you when it’s finished.” He said. “Now go. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Oh come on.” I groaned. “I’ll just peak in—”

“No.” He interrupted.

“What if I—”


“Come on—”

“No.” Another explosion sounded and his gaze ripped from mine. “Y/N go now.” He said.

“Wait.” I said grabbing his wrist. He looked back at me.

“Be careful.” I mumbled. “Please.” Spiderman nodded shooting his webs to the building next to me.

“I’ll be fine Y/N.” He said. “Now go.” I let his wrist go watching him propel into the sky to the explosion. I waited for a little bit before shaking my head continuing to walk toward the explosion. He wouldn’t see me, it didn’t matter. And I would be fine, I just had to be careful. I climbed into the wreckage as a small bomb blew up a few feet from me. Shit. I thought. This may not have been a good idea. I walked quickly toward only standing building peering through one of the window. Woah Ironman! I thought. He fought against a tall man and I watched as the man slowly lost. I snorted. What did he expect? He was fighting Ironman. I felt someone grab my wrist again and force me against the wall of the crumbling building.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” Spiderman growled. “Do you ever listen?”

“I wanted to see—” I started before there was another explosion.

“Shit.” Spiderman whispered. He grabbed me pulling me closer to him. His web shot up to attach to the building next to us. “Hold on.” He mumbled before I attached myself to him and we went soaring up. We landed abruptly and I let go of him looking down at the wreckage. “You know, Y/N I have enough shit to deal with. And then you—”

“Don’t worry about me.”

“Yeah well that’s hard to do when you go exactly where I told you not to go.” He said. “Honestly Y/N do I need to web you to something?”  

“I’m fine.” I shrugged. “Are you working with Ironman?” I asked.


“His suit is so cool.” I smiled.


“What?” I asked.

“Stay here.” He said. “I mean it.” I nodded slowly.


“Promise me.”

“Okay I promise now go the save the world.” He stared at me for a moment before shooting himself away. I ran to the edge of the building to look over at the fight. I cursed frowning as it disappeared from my view. I stared out before I sat down sighing. “Stupid Spiderman.” I mumbled.


It felt like a couple hours that I was sitting there, the explosions had not gone off in a long time. I slowly stood up hearing sirens. I quickly made my way down the stairs tripping a little bit at the rubble that surrounded me. Was he okay? I thought. I made my way carefully through the rocks into the main building. I swallowed when I saw no one there. Where was he? I thought. I made my way around for about ten minutes continuing tripping. Why was I so clumsy? I thought. I rubbed my elbow that I had hit pretty harshly against a rock until I heard voices from an alley near me. I walked quickly toward the voices. I saw Ironman and I smiled watching how his mask disappeared from his face. My gaze found my webbed friend as they stood next to each other the guy who I assumed was the villain was knocked out cold and webbed lying on the ground.

“Nice job kid.” Tony Stark grinned down at Spiderman.

“Thanks Mr. Stark.” Spiderman said. “He wasn’t much of a threat.” I breathed a sigh of relief as I looked at him, both of them still oblivious to me, standing a couple of feet away. Spiderman reached toward his head slowly pulling off his mask. I froze. His hair was messy and he continued to grin at Tony Stark, not noticing me. Tears filled my eyes as I looked at Spiderman—no not spiderman Peter, Peter Parker. I swallowed as a tear rolled down my cheek. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move. It felt as if my world was crashing down on me. How could I have been so stupid?

“Whoops sorry nothing to see here.” Tony grinned looking at me. Peter, who hadn’t seen me yet smiled at his mentor before looking over at me his smile falling from his face.

“Y/N.” I heard him whisper.

“You know her?” Tony asked. “Great, now we don’t have to erase her memory.” I assumed he was joking but that was the last thing on my mind. More tears fell from my eyes as I slowly backed away.

“Shit—Y/N.” He said taking a step toward me. I shook my head letting out a sob before turning and running out of the alley. I heard him follow me as I ran. I tripped suddenly falling on the ground sobs ripping through me. “Y/N.” I felt his hand on my back. I stood up ignoring the pain that swept through me.

“Don’t touch me.” I whispered before I started to run again tripping again but quickly recovering.

“Y/N!” I heard him yell at me. I stopped suddenly feeling webs on my the wrist of my right arm. I tugged trying to get away, the tears in my eyes blinding my sight. “Y/N please listen to me.” He said as I felt his hand grip my wrist.

“Leave me alone.” I tugged turning around.

“Y/N.” He said grabbing my other arm turning me to face him.

“Are you happy now?” I asked.


“You are a real hero Peter.” I sobbed. “I trusted you—”

“Y/N please—” I shook my head thinking about all the times I had talked to to Spiderman, all the things I said to him.

“‘I bet Peters a really nice—I’m sure he likes you.’” I sobbed. “You are a real piece of work you know that?”

“Y/N I’m so sorry.” He started.

“Let me go.” I tugged at the webs.

“Please just listen to me—”

“Let me go!” I yelled at him. He swallowed helping me out of the webs. I turned before his hand wrapped around my wrist turning me to face him.

“Y/N please, just let me explain.” He begged.

“I wish you’d never saved me.” I sobbed trying to tug my wrist out of his grip.


“Did you enjoy leading me on?” I asked. “It’s amazing—I told myself I would never let anyone break my heart but congratulations Peter—or Spiderman, you won that prize.”

“I didn’t mean—”

“Sure you didn’t.” I sobbed.

“Please Y/N just listen to me.”

“I hate you.” I glared at him.


“Stay away from me Peter—I mean it.” I ripped my hand from his grip walking away quickly.

Part 9

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HIM will never be over as it will always live in each of us.

It took me a while before I found the courage to talk about it here.
So yes, as we all know by now HIM is disbanding. Just writing the words hurts like hell. I still can’t believe it’s happening. When you’ve been hanging onto something so dear to your heart, you tend to take it for granted and think that it will last forever. HIM is and has always been more than a band to me.

They shaped the person I am today, they brought me the most amazing friendships and unexpected love. If it wasn’t for them, my life would litterally be completely different. I would never have met my girlfriend in here by fangirling over them and then moved countries to be with her. I wouldn’t have so many incredible and loyal friends that I met because of out love for them.

I was a lost 13 year old kid when I heard their music for the first time and what they gave me then cannot ever be forgotten. Acceptance, empowerment, courage and love.Their music, interviews, everything about them pushed me into being the best version of myself that I could be. They were warm and comforting in times of need. HIM has always been a huge part of me and my safety blanket. That is why I just cannot accept or concede it to be ending, because they always were more than a band. They will always be a part of me no matter what happens, I will always rely on them and have their posters on my walls. I will always follow, support and love every single member in their future projects and keep on being the giant HIM nerd I have always been. I can’t deny that it hurts immensly and breaks my heart but I need to respect their choice, that’s the least I can do. Just remember that as long as we are here to cherish what they’ve given us, HIM will never be over.

I will in a way or another go to at least one of the announced lives. Most likely in Koln with my girlfriend and perhaps Hamburg (Germany), also seriously considering Amsterdam. Let me know if you guys go to one of these or somewhere else. If any of you would like to meet up it would be amazing.

I love every single one of you and will always be here for you, will keep on posting HIM related things forever.

The Tao of McKay

Despite the flashlights, this whole episode took place more or less as an attempt to turn of some lights.  Nothing’s easy in Atlantis.  Picture included because this McShep fan loves the McKay Zelanka interactions in this episode.

“Oh shit.  What have I done?”  “Do prdele, Rodney.  What did you do?”

John always brings Mom Friend Elizabeth around when Rodney’s sick, stabbed, paralyzed or possibly injured.  He needs the moral support.

Why is he sitting away from the team???

I’m sorry, Rodney.  You’ve been diagnosed with being a cutie pie.  There is no cure.


Elizabeth and especially John are very sad to inform Rodney of his impeding death.

Rodney’s not exactly thrilled about it either.

Go on, Rodney.  Heal Radek.  Without him, they’d be a riot in Science within a week.

Because science!

This scene is mcsheppy goodness.

“I suck.”  “Rodney, I really don’t need to the details of your and Sheppard’s sex life.”

You know, Rodney might get a reputation for being a asshole, but he’s also often the most thoughtful and touching person too.

Aw…  they hug. 

A man’s heart is breaking.

“You all love me?”  “Yeah, and I’m obligated by the homophobic tv execs to” Oh screw it, John just confessed his love.  That’s exactly what happened here.

Ded. :(

NO WAIT!  He’s only almost dead!

While McShep is my OTP of all OTPs, I absolutely love whenever Ronon hugs, carries or generally handles Rodney.  I headcanon that Ronon thinks of Rodney like some sort of nerd little brother, even though Rodney’s older.

Lay’im on the floor and hope for the best.

I’m alive!  I’m hungry!


In short, this episode is full of whumpy goodness.  Seriously, the entire episode is people worrying about Rodney has he deals with the fact that he’ll probably died.  Rodney hangs out with John a lot and gets two hugs from Ronon.  The stupid “as a friend” comment subtracts a point though.  8/10

The Punk And The Nerd 2! (BrOhm)(OhmBryce)

((another school au and also base on a art-work by alien–stranger on tumblr. so enjoy :3 ))

it was a rainy cold night. the rain was falling heavily outside. Bryce was in his room, reading a book. he was studying for a test tomorrow. he smiles, closing his book. he was reading for a hour, it was 9 pm. he stretches, he could use some he laid back, his phone went off. he looks over and smiles, seeing the caller ID. Ryan, his boyfriend. they’ve now been dating for a couple weeks now. it was very nice and amazing. weird how a nerd and punk got together, opposite attract. Bryce lays back and answers. “hello?” he asked, hearing a charming yet happy voice.

“hey Bryce” Ryan’s voice spoke to him. his voice made Bryce melt hearing. “d-don’t you know we have school tomorrow?” Bryce asked, hearing a soft chuckle. “and? i wanted to hear your cute voice” Ryan spoke, he was also in his bed, but he wasn’t tired. Bryce giggles softly. “you can hear my voice tomorrow Ryan” Ryan made a playfully whining noise. “Brycey, you’re breaking my heart now” Ryan held his chest, acting in pain. Bryce can tell this and was laughing softly. “alright alright” Ryan grins as he and Bryce talk some more, random stuff, going to bed at now 12 am.

when Bryce awoke and yawns, sitting up. he stretches his arms. he got on his glasses. then he saw his phone and blushes, remembering talking to Ryan for hours. his voice was so soft it was putting him to sleep, hearing Ryan spoke so deeply but softly of “sweet dreams Bryce”. Bryce held his face, blushing mess. then he saw the time and froze. he had only a hour to get dressed for school. he quickly got out of bed and got dressed, getting everything ready. then he hurried down the stairs and got breakfast, also he fed his cats before heading out and locking the door.

Bryce then saw Jonathan and Evan waiting for him as he rushes over, had finished his breakfast, a toast, as he got to them. “hey guys” Bryce stated, catching his breath. “Bryce, where were you?” Evan asked. “i kinda slept through my alarm” Bryce gave a nervous laugh. “you slept through your alarm? that’s not a Bryce thing, what were you doing last night?” Bryce blushes and smiles. “w-well-” Evan guessed and chuckles. “talking to your boyfriend?” Bryce blushes more and slowly he nods. Jonathan watches and turns. “anyway let’s go motherfuckers!” he grins.

they got to school and went to their lockers. Evan and Jonathan’s lockers were down the hall while Bryce’s locker was on the other side of the building. he didn’t mind. he got to his locker and got his things ready for class. as he closes his locker, strong arms wrap around his waist and a kiss to the top of his head. Bryce blushes but turn his head to look over his shoulder. he smiles, seeing Ryan who looked very sleepy. “didn’t get to sleep?” Bryce asked. Ryan nods, nuzzling his freshman. “i guess, but you’re very comfy” the senior stated making the freshman giggle softly.

“maybe you should go to bed early” Bryce stated. Ryan gave a smirk as he nuzzles his neck. “maybe you need to stop sounding so fucking adorable” Bryce blushes and smiles, his hand reach up and gently brush a bit of his hair out of his eyes. “there we go” Ryan blushes, still holding the other by the waist as he leans down, kissing him softly. the other male blushes but he slowly kisses back. “meet me after 3rd period” Ryan offer to him. Bryce blushes and nods. “s-sure” Ryan smiles, kiss his forehead. “see you then Brycey” with that, he releases Bryce and walks to his class.

Bryce was a blushing mess, his heart beating fast. he smiles, also heading to class, thinking about what Ryan wanted to meet with him about. he was also thinking about the kiss. he blushes. he manages to pay attention in classes. after 3rd period, he went to his locker and saw a sticky note slid into his locker door. he pulls it out and opens it, smiling, seeing the note was from Ryan, telling him where to meet him. he looks around and started to head to the sixth hallway of the school. he walks around, normally he be at lunch right now. but he wasn’t that hungry anyway.

Bryce got to the sixth hallway, looking for Ryan. he didn’t see him. he frowns, maybe he got the wrong hallway. but he gasp to a hand gripping his and turning him around. Bryce shut his eyes tightly, flinched a bit. but a voice spoke that calm him down. “Brycey relax, its me” Ryan’s voice spoke to him. Bryce slowly open his eyes and blushes. he gave a nervous smile. “s-sorry i flinch when startle” Ryan smiles, hugging him close. “its cool” Bryce looks up at him, curious. “so curious, why did you want to meet me?” he asked. the senior blushes, rubs the back of his neck, looking shy a bit.

“i-is it bad i wanted to see my only favorite freshman?” Bryce blushes to this. his heart fluttering to this. the freshman then cups his face and stands on his tip-toes, kissing his senior on the lips. Ryan was surprised a bit, but his eyes close slowly as Bryce’s eyes were also closed. slowly, Ryan took control of the kiss, pinning Bryce against the lockers, his hands holding his hips. Bryce shudders with a tiny moan, his hands on his shoulders, their lips moving with each other. Ryan deepens the kiss as Bryce’s hands found the taller male’s lock of hair, running his fingers through it.

then Ryan broke the kiss, pants softly. Bryce was also panting, blushing mess, feeling his heart wanting to burst out of his chest. Ryan took his hand and places it on his chest over his heart. Bryce was surprised, blushes, feeling Ryan’s heartbeat. it was beating as fast as his, feeling like it was about to burst out of his chest. Bryce looks up at his senior, Ryan presses their lips together again, Bryce wraps his arms around his neck, kissing him back. Ryan held him against the lockers so there was no space left between them. as they continue their making out, a certain person was looking for them.

“Ohm?! where are you?! you’re late to class-” Luke or Cartoonz, was looking for his best friend after he failed to come to biology class. so he had a excuse to go to the bathroom so he can go find his idiot friend. as he turns a corner, he froze, seeing Ryan and Bryce making out hotly with each other. he was confused and signs. “hello?” he spoke, but they didn’t hear him. Luke felt a nerve snap, this was enough kissing for them today. he walks closer, speaking louder. “hey hey hey, you two are on school ground, break it up you two” Luke stated, startling the couple.

Bryce broke the kissing, startled by Luke seeing them, hiding his face, blushing mess, embarrassed as hell. Ryan glares darkly at his friend. “you ruined a moment, Toonz” Luke rolls his eyes. “not my fault, i happen to see my best friend making out with someone younger then him” Luke signs. “anyway you’re coming with me to fucking class, if i have to go through it, so do you” Ryan signs, his hands run through his hair. “fuck” he mumbles. Bryce, still embarrassed, whimpers softly quietly. Ryan then leans down, whispers into his ear. “we’ll continue this later”

“alright let’s go Romeo” Luke stated grabbing Ryan by the back of his jacket, dragging him with him. Bryce was a blushing mess, he got his books which he had dropped on the floor and was heading to lunch or class since he had some time left before classes start. then he heard Ryan called to him. “cutie on the loose!” Bryce blushes heavily, hugging his book to his chest. “Ohm please” Luke drags Ryan until they were out of sight. Bryce was walking to class, when he notice a note stuck in his book he didn’t see. he took it out and opens it, blushing hard and smiles, looking forward to the weekend then ever.

Saturday, 10 am, i’ll pick you up at your place, see you then- Ryan~

How To Be A Heartbreaker-Jeffmads- Chapter two-

James walked into the school, holding his cup of coffee, that he had added half of a monster energy drink to. Listen, he stayed up really late last night. By stay up late I mean he didn’t sleep. At all. He felt his coffee be pulled out of his hands and he looked up, glaring. “Listen here, you macaroni fucker, I am the perfect height to cut off your tiny ass dick, so God help me, give me back my coffee!” James hissed angrily, his gaze darkening when Thomas simply laughed, ruffling his hair and taking a sip of James’ coffee, immediately doubling  over and coughing. “HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS?!?!” Thomas screeched, spitting the drink out into a napkin. “Black coffee and a hint of monster energy drink.” James responded with a grin, taking  his coffee back with a wink, watching as Thomas frantically grabbed his own smoothie, taking a large sip and sighing.

“I already had my morning coffee, but luckily it was starbucks, not that crap.” Thomas said snottily and James chuckled. “Alright, coffee critic.”

Thomas grinned at him. “Anyways, Pretty Boy, see you in class.” He strolled off and James shook his head, walking to the library where, John, Alex, and Hercules were waiting. He knew Alex and John fairly well, but didn’t talk to Hercules in person often. He did text him a lot, they just didn’t have any classes together. “So, I got invited to his party.” James

Hercules looked up, confusion clear on his face. “Who’s party?”

“Jefferson’s” John answered before explaining everything to Hercules. Hercules swallowed. “Guys, that’s pretty me-”

“He broke Alex and so many other people.” James said softly, looking up from his book.

“Break him back.” Hercules agreed, crossing his arms, his face darkening.  James nodded, a slight smirk on his face. “That’s the plan.”

By the time it was lunch James was ready to rant to his friends and forget everything. But he never got that chance. Oh no, because as soon as he walked inside, Thomas grabbed him and pulled him over to his table. He spent all of lunch getting to know his friends, but even that was a blur. The day in general was a blur. By the time James walked up to Thomas’ house, he was exhausted,  staring at the large house with an awed expression. He already wanted to run and never look back. He looked down to his t-shirt, he had chosen against wearing his math puns t-shirt and instead pulled on a simple black one.  He knocked on the door and bit back a sigh when he saw a very drunk Lafayette open the door. “Ah, Mon Ami, Tommy’s boy, come in.” Lafayette greeted, handing him a shot. James shook his head and handed it back, remembering his instructions to not get drunk.  Lafayette raised an eyebrow. “Nerd.” He mumbled affectionately, ruffling his hair. “Hey, you’re friends with …” He searched for the name, biting his lip. “Hercules right?” Lafayette finished and James nodded. “Yeah, why?”

Lafayette seemed to be blushing slightly, fidgeting. “Is he uh.. What’s the word? Single?”

James grinned. “Yes, he is. But he does have a crush.”

Lafayette’s face fell and James held back a smirk. “It’s you dipshit.” James said, laughing softly, smiling when he saw Lafayette’s eyes light up. His smile dropped when he remembered that Hercules was planning to do the same thing to Lafayette as he was doing to Thomas. “So, where’s Thomas?” James asked softly, Lafayette leading him upstairs. “Why are we going upstairs?” James questioned and Lafayette grinned. “Thomas wants to talk to you.”

“And he can’t do it in public? My god, he’s so dramatic.” James mumbled, but followed Laf up the stairs anyways. He swallowed nervously when he saw Adams and Burr were there as well. Thomas, a very drunk, Thomas let out a squeal of joy and ran forward, wrapping his arms around James, picking him up, making James screech, before spinning him around the room. “James!” Thomas said happily, his eyes lighting up with pure joy. James chuckled, the chuckle dying when he realized that he was still in the fucking air. “Okay, you can bippity boppity back the fuck up now.” When Thomas didn’t react, James managed to pull one hand free, freezing when Thomas dropped him and backed up. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. P-please don’t hit me.” Thomas stammered, looking like he was gonna cry. The other people in the room exchanged nervous glances, Adams opening his mouth as if to tell Thomas to shut up.

“Why would I hit you?”

Thomas glanced up at him. “That’s what my dad does, so why wouldn’t you?” He giggled drunkenly, cocking his head. “But like pa says, I deserve it.” Thomas said in a far too happy tone for the topic. James just stared at him, shocked before hugging him tightly. Adams took a step forward, his tone threatening. “You tell anyone-”

“We’ll destroy you.” Laf finished

“Physically and socially.” Burr added in a helpful tone.

James could feel guilt pooling at his stomach, but then he remembered how broken Alex was after Thomas. There was no way in hell he was going to tell anyone about this. But breaking Thomas’ heart? That must go on.

“Can one of you get me a glass of water for Thomas?” James asked softly and Burr nodded, heading downstairs.

“So, why aren’t you drinking?” Adams asked suspiciously, narrowing his eyes. “Got something to hide?”

James chuckled nervously, running his fingers through his hair. “Actually, this is my first party, I’ve never drank before.” He confessed nervously, wincing when the room burst into laughter.

“Oh my god, you really are a nerd!” Adams called and Thomas frowned, wrapping an arm around James’ waist. “But he’s my nerd!” Thomas protested and Laf smiled. “You make him happy, mon ami, keep it that way.”

James spent the rest of the night taking care of Thomas, tucking him into bed and kissing his forehead softly. “Goodnight, Tommy.” He whispered, heading downstairs and out the door.


For @viva-la-fucking-nerd…song is “I Hate You, I Love You” by Gnash feat. Olivia O’Brien. Enjoy!

Feeling used but I’m
Still missing you And I can’t
See the end of this
Just wanna feel your kiss
Against my lips

Three months. That’s how long it had been since you had decided to break it off with Tony. Three months. That’s how long you’re heart has been throbbing from pain. Three months of second guessing the decision. Three months of reminding yourself that he loved Pepper just with looks. Three months of barely holding on whenever you were around him.

Three months and you knew you wanted him back. But…was it too late?

And now all this time is passing by
But I still can’t seem to tell you why
It hurts me every time I see you
Realize how much I need you

At the start of the fourth, you decided to immerse yourself in the lab. Unfortunately, it didn’t go unnoticed by him. He watched you with wary eyes whenever you weren’t looking. Any time you were, he’d put on a smile and tinker with his own work, refusing to make eye contact.

After about two weeks of your constant work, he knew he had to say something. He didn’t care that you two were broken up, he still cared. He cared so much that he wasn’t going to let you do this to yourself. No matter how much he wouldn’t like the answers.

I hate you I love you
I hate that I want you
You want her, you need her
And I’ll never be her

“You know,” he started, “you shouldn’t feel bad for breaking up with me.”

The sudden comment caused you to jolt your head up. You knit your brows at the man. He made brief eye contact, giving you a smile. He had noticed the mood change, but he didn’t understand. You took a deep breath.

“I mean, it wasn’t the best day of my life,” he continued, “but I am adult, sometimes. I can take care of myself.”

You bit your lip. He really wasn’t getting it. How could he? You never said anything.

I don’t mean no harm
I just miss you on my arm
Wedding bells were just alarms
Caution tape around my heart

“That’s…not it,” you finally mumbled, “I know you can take care of yourself.”
It was his turn to be confused. “Then…what’s with the moodiness, depressive behavior? Did Pepper make you do something?”

That was it.

“No,” you replied a bit too angrily, “It’s nothing.”
“Right,” Tony drawled, “because yelling is normal for you.”

You grit your teeth. You kept your gaze away from him. You had to tell him. You couldn’t lose him as a friend.

“I see the way you look at her,” you muttered.

Yeah all alone I watch you watch her
She’s the only thing you’ve ever seen
How is it you’ll never notice
That you are slowly killing me

Tony was speechless. Had he just heard you correctly? Your cynical chuckle brought him out of his thoughts.

“I know I have no right to say that,” you continued, “but you wanted to know.”
“Are you, by any chance, jealous of Pepper?” he asked in genuine curiosity, “Because, as I remember it, you broke up with me.”
“I know,” you shot back, “And do you want to know why?”
“Because you didn’t love me?”
“No, you idiot! I saw how you looked at her,” you hollered, fresh tears falling, “I saw the way you wanted her. I couldn’t blame you since you had dated before. But, it killed me to see you fawn over her. I broke up because I almost fell apart!”

Tony’s mouth was open in shock. You really were jealous of Pepper. You had broken up with him because you thought he loved her.

“I’m not Pepper,” you told him, “I can’t be her. I can’t make you happy like she can.”
“Y/N,” he muttered, standing to your height, “you’ve got it all wrong.”
“What?” you squeaked.

Tony gently placed his hands on your cheeks. His thumbs brushed your tears away as he smiled at you. It was the smile you had missed the most. The one that told you everything would be alright, that you’d be safe.

“I love you,” he told you, “Only you. Why do you think I haven’t gone back to her?”

Your breath was hiccuping from the tears and the building emotion.

“Come here,” he cooed.

He pulled you into his chest, his hand rubbing your back. He placed several kisses on your temples, forehead, and head. You gripped him tightly as more silent tears left. You nuzzled your face into his chest feeling safe again.

Don’t want to, but I can’t put
Nobody else above you

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It warms my heart that Jackie refers to her date for prom as ‘perfect’ and ‘better than you [Kelso]’, and her date ends being Hyde from all people.

And when Hyde himself tells her she will find ‘someone great’ after another break up with Kelso, she ends finding Hyde.

Maybe it wasn’t the writer’s intention, but in universe, is the most beautiful thing life did to both, Jackie and Hyde.

Cheater - One-shot request

Request by @look-its-a-moose (why can’t I tag you?):  I was wondering if you could do a one shot in which the reader got possessed and the demon says that the reader’s cheating on Dean with Sam (which is false; Sam and reader are close like brother and sister) in attempt to hurt him. Dean doubts and confronts the reader about it.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam.

Word count: 1,797

Warnings: Dean being a dick.

A/N: I love it when Dean is an asshole so half of this is that. I hope it settles to your expectations, and I’m very sorry for how long it took me. Enjoy!

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Her moves, her tone, her words… It was not her.

Her eyes turned black and empty. She tilted her head and flashed a smile. “Dean, such a pleasure to meet face to face.”

“Get out of her!” He commanded.

“First, why don’t we have a talk.” She chuckled, “I’m not here to hurt anyone, Dean. IN fact, I’m your friend.”

“Yeah? Well, friends don’t possess their friend’s girlfriends!” Dean roared. Sam was unconscious on the floor behind the demon.

“It was the only way to let you know… To tell you the truth.” The demon spoke, giving him her best concerned look. “About your girlfriend.”

“What are you talking about?” Dean asked.

“She’s good friend with baby brother Sam, huh?” The demon asked, giving her back to Dean for a second to look at Sam.

“Yeah, so?”

“Haven’t you noticed how much time they spent together?” Dean gave her a dumbfounded look, “I thought you were smarter.”

“She’s not a cheater.” Dean stated.

“Are you sure?” The demon smiled, “Haven’t you wondered what they do when you go out for a supply run? Or where their mouth goes when you take a shower? They spend too much time doing research if you ask me.”

“They would never do that.” Dean said, although he was starting to doubt.

“Right, because she hasn’t gotten in bed smelling like Sam’s cologne.” The demon shrugged her shoulders, “And she definitely doesn’t have inside jokes with him… Jokes that of course don’t include you.”

“They are just friends.” Dean spoke clearly. He was trying to convince himself more than he was trying to convince the demon.

“But what kind of friends? Friends with benefits? Fuck buddies? Friends that…”

“STOP!” Dean roared, clenching his fists.

“I’m just trying to help you see.” The demon spoke with the most innocent voice tone she could achieve. “I won’t harm any of them, in fact, I’ll leave her alone.”

“What the hell are you here for?”

“I’ve told you,” She sighed, “to help you see. Once I’m out, check them both, you’ll see I’m right.” The demon winked and then left the huntress body. She felt to the ground, slamming her head on it, and Dean didn’t do anything to stop it.

He stayed up, frown on his face, waiting for his brother and girlfriend to wake up by themselves. Then, he walked straight back to the Impala without saying a word. He drove back to the bunker, with the music far too loud to have a decent conversation.

That night, (Y/N) slept at her own room, instead of sleeping with Dean. She had no idea why Dean was so pissed off about, but she was willing to give him some space to cool down before trying to talk.

The next morning, Dean woke up to the sound of laughter. He walked down stairs to find Sam and (Y/N) having breakfast in the kitchen and laughing at one of their inside jokes. The jealous rage grew inside him, burning his entrails.

“Stop!” She giggled. Dean took a peak and saw his brother trying to tickle her from across the table.

“It’s not my fault you’re so ticklish.” Sam laughed.

The way they looked at each other, how natural their interaction was and, specially, how happy they looked together made Dean want to stab one of them – or both.

He breathed heavily and entered the kitchen without a single word. Sam and (Y/N) immediately stopped playing.

“Morning, handsome.” She smiled, trying to act oblivious to his hostile behaviour.

“Morning, Dean.” Sam cheered, taking a swig from his coffee.

“How was your night?” (Y/N) asked, handing Dean a mug of coffee.

“You would’ve known if you had stayed with me, like always, instead of going back to your own room.” Dean replied cruelly.

“I just… You were upset and I figured it would be better to give you some space.” She explained shyly.

“Right, because that’s what you always do when I’m upset.” Dean faked a smile, leaving the coffee cup on the table and trading it from a beer he took out of the fridge. (Y/N) was speechless.

True, whenever Dean was upset, (Y/N) would stay even closer to him. This was the first time since they started dating that she went to sleep to her old room, and it certainly wasn’t the best choice.

“I’m sorry, I thought… You weren’t even talking to me so…”

“Save your lame ass excuses, sweetheart.” Dean rolled his eyes.

“What’s with you?” Sam asked, getting up from the table, “You’ve been acting weird since last night.”

“I don’t know, Sam. Do you happen to know why I would be mad at you two?” Dean asked sassily. Sam and (Y/N) shared a confused glance.

Sam moved quickly across the kitchen, taking a flask with holy water they kept just in case, just like in every other room, and pouring some over Dean.

“I’m not fucking possessed, Sam!” Dena roared, “The only one that got possessed last night was (Y/N)!”

“I’m not possessed, Dean!” She defended herself.

“Of course you aren’t, because the demon left your body five minutes after!” Dean replied with a shout. He wasn’t one to raise his voice with (Y/N), but he was jealous as hell and he couldn’t help it.

“Dude, chill!” Sam ordered, stepping protectively beside (Y/N). Said gesture made Dean get even more upset.

“Fine, I’ll chill. Why don’t you continue your tickle fight?” He hissed angrily and left the kitchen with his beer in hand.


“Dean, this can’t keep going like this.” (Y/N) said from across the door. She and Sam had been outside Dean’s room for almost an hour and they weren’t getting any response.

Finally, Dean opened the door. He was still upset, but clearly, he had gotten time to calm down a little.

“You’re right, sweetheart.” He faked a smile, “Let’s talk.”

Dean walked past his brother and girlfriend and over to the war room, where he sat at the table and waited for the other two to join. His jaw was clenched tightly, but at least he was willing to talk.

“Are you cheating on me?” He asked once they were all sat. “Specifically with Sam?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” (Y/N) barked, widening her (Y/E/C) eyes.

“Answer me.” Dean ordered.

“No!” She roared, “How dare you to think that way?”

“This is really messed up, what the hell is wrong with you, Dean?” Sam added. Both hunters looked surprised and somehow disgusted at the thought of cheating on Dean, of hurting him that way.

“The three of us know I have a very good reason to think that way.” Dean stated, alternating his gaze between Sam and (Y/N).

“You’re my brother, the only family I have, and you know I wouldn’t EVER dare to do anything like that!” Sam hissed.

“We’re just friends, Dean.” The huntress continued, “You know it… Hell! You even encouraged us to get along when I first got here!”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have, considering that you are now besties.” Dean crossed his arms over his chest.

“We’ve told you! There’s nothing going on between us!” Sam fumed.

“Really? Because we’ve been hunting together since forever and God knows you never take as much time doing research as you do when you’re with her.” Dean stated.

“Fine, we do get distracted a little bit but definitely not with whatever it is that you’re thinking!” Sam slammed his hands over the table.

“Sure, you probably binge watch on Harry Potter instead of doing research.” Dean huffed.

“As a matter of fact, we do!” Sam shouted.

“I thought you trusted me, Dean.” (Y/N) mumbled, looking at him with teary eyes, “You’re breaking my heart.”

“How do you think I feel when I get excluded on one of your fucking inside jokes, huh? Or when you two lock in Sam’s room to do God-knows-what?” Dean breathed out.

“Harry Potter! We watch Harry Potter!” Sam repeated.

“Right, you’ve been watching Harry Potter over and over again in the past years.” Dean huffed once more.

“Harry Potter, Star Trek… Nerd stuff!” Sam explained, “The ones you don’t like.”

“Dean, I know what it must look like but I would never ever look at someone else but you.” She spoke softly, reaching her hand across the table, inviting Dean to hold it; but he didn’t.

“I don’t know what to think anymore, (Y/N).” Dean confessed. Looking away for a bit.

“What did that demon told you?” Sam asked, chilling in order to help his brother out of the awful mess his mind was.

“She said that she wanted to help me see the truth.” Dean spoke, looking back to his brother, “That you two sneak behind my back, do your thing and then pretend to be just friends.”

“And you believed her? A demon that we know nothing about?” Sam asked dumbfounded.

“From the entire wicked thing they tend to do, why would a demon try to convince you I’m cheating on you?” (Y/N) asked in the same tone as Sam.

“Maybe someone who is just trying to help.” Dean sighed.

“Nah, demons don’t do this unless they have a good reason.” Sam replied, “You fighting with us; maybe even leaving the bunker… Perfect prey.”

“And being so vulnerable…” (Y/N) added.

“Now you finish each other’s sentences, awesome.” Dean groaned.

“Don’t you see? They want you to split from us!” Sam breathed out.

“If you go, I don’t really have a reason to stay here so I go too and then they get us separately. It’s an amazing plan, actually.” The huntress observed.

“Right, so now demons are dedicated to couple destruction. I don’t think they fell that low.” Dean stated.

“Dean, they did fell that low.” Sam leaned closer to cause more impact, “I mean Crowley, the King of Hell, came to have breakfast with us last week!”

“He’s right… With Crowley in charge, demons aren’t what they sued to…” (Y/N) continued, “In fact, they blame you for his awful way of ruling; it doesn’t surprise me that they want to take you down.”

“And they will obviously do what it takes to achieve it… They’ve done worse.”

“How convenient.” Dean sighed.

“Just stop being an ass!” She breathed out, “I’m not cheating on you, period.”

“We would never hurt you that way.” Sam repeated, “Like EVER.”


“Never ever.” Sam said, “You’re my brother, man… I can’t even drive Baby without being afraid to crash it…” Sam breathed out a laugh.

“Just trust us, Dean…” (Y/N) begged. Her hand was still stretched across the table, and after a few seconds of hesitation, Dean finally held her hand.

“If you put a hand over my girlfriend, I will cut it. Clear?” Dean threatened his brother.

“Clear.” Sam laughed.

Dating Noah Foster Would Include:
  • him being really protective over you
  • playing video games together
    • him laughing at how terrible you are at some of them
  • him always having his hands on you, whether he’s simply holding your hand or has his arms wrapped around you
  • being on his podcasts all the time
  • him always taking pictures of you because he thinks you’re the most gorgeous person in the world
    • and he’d keep a photo album full of pictures of the two of you
  • you calling him ‘nerd’ and him calling you ‘cutie’ and ‘my love’
  • audrey shipping it so hard
  • him getting super worried whenever the killer was active and not being able to leave you alone for too long
  • losing your virginity to each other
  • really sweet but passionate sex
  • his heart breaking when you cried
    • and pulling you into an embrace while he continuously whispered sweet things into your ear to calm you down
  • buying him horror movies & video games all the time
  • always hanging out with him at work
  • constantly showing pda and making everyone else annoyed
    • but not caring at all because you just can’t keep your love for each other at a limit
  • him constantly referencing serial killers/talking about different ones all the time
  • watching horror movies with each other 
    • him comforting you at the scary parts
  • him feeling like the most lucky person in the world to have such an amazing person like you
  • you being grateful to have such a kind boyfriend who cares about you more than anything
  • saying “i love you” to each other constantly but meaning it every single time
  • being complete nerds together

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what are your fav reibert fics?

Hey anon!

Firstly, let me direct you to my posts:

Most of my recommendations in those two posts still stand.

Since my last rec post, here are some more that I would add to my list of fave fics:

Where Nobility Lies (Multi-chaptered, Complete)
[Prince/Knight AU]
This one is a classic, and I don’t know why it took me so long to read it! It’s an AU that starts with Bertolt as a young Prince, and Reiner as a servant boy who saves Bertolt’s life. I won’t say much more because I don’t want to ruin it, but this fic is really good…trust me! The only downside is that the author never transferred this fic to AO3, so it’s still only available to read on dreamwidth. All five parts of this fic are in the thread though (you just have to scroll down a little bit to get to Part 1).

Run Rabbit Run (Multi-chaptered, Incomplete)
[Mafia AU]
As the fic summary says, this story is about bunny waiter Bertolt, who falls in love with a mob boss Reiner. Maybe I’m a little biased because it’s my friend who’s writing this fic, but the story so far is very interesting and well-written, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this fic is going.

What The Water Gave Us (Multi-chaptered, Incomplete)
[1950s southern gothic boarding school murder mystery AU]
I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this fic! A student has gone missing from Trost Boarding School and no one can explain the disappearance. Is this student just a runaway, or is there more to it? Reiner and Bertolt are tied to the events, but will the truth be revealed? There’s a lot I love about this fic: the characterisation, the plot, the attention to details with the scenery and surroundings. A great fic so far, very angsty and plot-driven, and I’m always looking forward to new updates.

The Immortality of Mayflies (Oneshot)
[Reincarnation AU]
I read this fic a while ago, and it left me in tears! Honestly, it’s a heart-breaking reincarnation AU but I highly recommend it, especially if you’re a bit of a history nerd (like me).

I’m also going to recommend you take a look at everything @from-armin-to-z has posted on her AO3. Allison’s Reibert fics are so wholesome and cute, and I always end up with a smile on my face after I read them.

Can I also be a shameless self-promoter, and recommend you take a look at the works on my AO3? I’ve written quite a few Reibert fics this year, and there are some I’m particularly fond of.

And as I always suggest, before reading any fic on AO3, please check the tags authors have used to make sure you are completely comfortable with what you’re about to read. Happy reading! ♥

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I like this boy from my class, we became friends and good classmates, we talk a lot and we laugh, I even gave him a chocolate and he loved it, I act tough because I don't want to show my feelings but I fall over and over again, the things is: I think he likes me (51% sure) but school is ending, should I be brave and confess it? Just because I want to, not bc I want an answer (it'll break my heart). P.S. Thank you for your kind words for everyone!

I think since school is ending it’s a good time to confess. With crushes you never know. If you think the answer will hurt to much, then just enjoy the friendship and see where it goes! Overall it’s you’re decision, and I’m just a nerd on the internet. Haha 😅

Liam’s Quest 2 - a liveblogging experience

- ‘don’t just call it your birthday weekend!’ Real Life Siblings, try convincing me otherwise
- ‘are they my children?’ ‘No.’ ‘Oh, good!’
- the faces everyone makes when Sam finds the canine skull
- ‘You’re a teenager.’ ‘Oh god, not again.’ same Marisha, same
- the look Matt gives Liam when he describes the hawaiian shirt and his defense that it wasn’t a hawaiian shirt just some cool anime shirt. Matt you nerd.
- ‘Don’t break that universe, you already broke one.’ YOU ALSO BROKE MY HEART WITH ALL OF THIS, LIAM
- ‘did you really sound like this?’ ‘Iike an obnoxious kid? Yeah.’ ‘Aww!’
- ‘I’m out.’ ‘Wait what did you roll?’ ‘23.’ Travis: 22…ohhhh!
- matt being so happy playing and rolling for initiative
-’… and then I pull my sticks out!’
- ‘For Bigsby!!! …2‘
- ‘you urinated in the pool‘
- ‘Let me serve you, Mr. Satan dude’
- ‘I take a bite out of the cat.’ Ash-o-lee is several levels of hardcore, please let her play a barbarian at one point, please.
- Marisha doing the Vax salute including vanishing behind the table, I can’t stop laughing
- it was based on a dream I had… oh Liam
- ‘husband’
- ‘Find me!’
- ‘you got this! You’re adorable and you got this! You adorably got this!’
- ‘of course you can. This is D&D!’
- it’s because Matt is sitting in Taliesin’s chair & the entire exchange about the hair and why the elder gods do not seem to be in favor of Taliesin this episode.

…and I can’t with the rest. Like I was bawling my eyes out too hard to see and had to pause several times and put on mute at some points, because my emotions where all over the place. Jesus, Liam. Thanks for that emotional rollercoaster. I think I need to lie down for a bit to work through this one. I love all of these idiots, especially Liam.


Hey!  (Recently) former LUSH employee here!

Please don't reuse your bath bombs!  If you put them under water then leave them out to dry, they grow bacteria on them.  Then the next time you take a bath, you're bathing in bacteria!

But I totally understand wanting to make that beautiful little nerd go as long as possible.  So…

1) Tisty Tosty, Ickle Baby Bot, and Granny Takes a Dip can be cut in half with a butcher knife.  You may experience some crumble on Tisty Tosty or Granny Takes a Dip, but they won’t completely disintegrate.  I don’t recommend this, but I understand this.

2) This breaks my heart to say, but Twilight, Fizzbanger, and Dragon’s Egg are easy to break up by cracking them like an egg.  Be aware, however, that this ruins the unfolding effect of the bath bomb.  These are bath bombs inside of bath bombs and were made to unfold magically before your eyes.  It makes me sad when people do this but, like I said, I understand.

2) ANY of the bubble bars or bath melts can be cut up as much as you damn well please.  Try a Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds for an earthy feel, or maybe pick up an Ultraviolet before the spring collection finishes up!

The larger bubble bars (The Comforter, Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds, The Brightside, and - just for spring - Ultraviolet) are meant to be cut up into ~4 parts.  but I’ve heard people having success with as much as 8 pieces!  You can cut them with a knife or, depending on where you are in the world, you can just break them up manually.

3) Ceridwen’s Cauldron is a reusable bath melt.  LUSH also has several seasonal items that are reusable bath melts and bubble bars.

But ALL bubble bars can happily be cut into at least 2 pieces.  Bubble bars have a much lower price-per-bath than bath bombs.  Bath bombs run about $6 per bath, but bubble bars are about $2.

Just please do not reuse bath bombs.

to everyone who had/is having an awful or miserable high school experience my hearts always breaking for you and i don’t have that right because god knows i felt like high school was killing me slowly for three and a half years but i’m so fucking blessed to have gone to school with such good kids even when i couldn’t even see it.

my heart is so full of love for them, for the way they’ve made the last three months feel so full even when i was fucking exhausted in a way that expanded into the gaps of every other year of my life and i’ve only been a high school graduate for 3 days but oh my god i’m going to miss them so much because i’m moving (because there is no justice in this world) within a week or so and i spent 15 minutes saying goodbye to a handful of my friends because how do you let go of the people who light up every room they’re in and act like they don’t care but betray themselves with everything they do and (not to sound codependent as fuck) but make your life seem full & vibrant and exactly how the movies tell you life is supposed to feel? how do you convince yourself that feeling is going to come back with new faces and new smiles and new laughs and new senses of humor and new homes when you can tell yourself that you can hold onto it right in front of your face? how do you convince yourself to let go before what you love rips you apart? i’ve never been good at goodbyes and i think i’m just getting worse.

Okay you know what really fucks me up? Nearly Witches.  Poor Baby Ryan Ross wrote that beautiful song about someone he loved dearly. Someone so special to him that he even fell in love with the way they smelt. He wrote this beautiful song that let us look into, what I think, the deepest parts of his soul. I think Nearly Witches was the  deepest and darkest part of  Ryan that he has ever written about. He poured his soul onto paper and shared it with us. Ryan wrote this very beautiful song before the split in 2009 and for some reason let Brendon use it on Vices. He didn’t need to do that. He didn’t need to share this deep part of himself with us, but he did. He wrote that gorgeous song about Brendon, left the band, and let Brendon sing it for the new album. Why would he do that? Why wouldn’t he want to have it for himself, preform it for himself? Could you imagine what that song would have sounded like if Ryan sang that song? If it was a duet? Do you think he wanted Brendon to have that song so he always remembered the love and pain of their relationship? Did he do it on purpose? I don’t know, but thinking about those two nerds breaks my heart. That song breaks my heart. *Fun rants with Christina. Tune in next week to see what happens when she continues to suffer in the shadows of what was the greatest, gayest love of all emo music history*

Hyuga and Riko are Dating! What’s Your Reaction.

Kiyoshi: I’m so happy for them! Like, I mean, they’re my two favorite people I the world and now they’re dating.

Kiyoshi: why would have any problem with that.

Koganei: Because now your their third wheel.

Kiyoshi: *Twitching* Why would I feel like that? Huh, Koga.

Kagami: Meh. I don’t care, so long as it doesn’t interfere with coaching and captaining.

Izuki: I think they deserve each other. But, I am worried that Hyuga might not last long in this relationship.

Kuroko: Why?

Izuki: Riko is obviously going to want to cook for Hyuga, right.

Kuroko: Oh, right, I forgot.

Kise: I think It’s sweet how long it took him to pronounce his love to her.

Kasamatsu: Really? ‘Cause I would’ve kicked him until he grew a pair and asked her out.

Hyuga: Maybe that would’ve helped me.

Kasamatsu: See?! Kicking gets results.

Kagetora: If you so much as break my daughter’s heart…

Kagetora: I have bullet with your name on it!

Hyuga: Ugh…

Riko: Dad, stop being weird!

*Riko on Kagetora violence*

Narumi: Figures, only a nerd like him would be interested in a girl with zero sexiness like her.

Hyuga: Why you son of…

Riko: Hyuga, let me handle this.

Riko: Hey you son of bitch! Come over here so I can show you what girl with “zero sexiness”, can do with her hands!

Hyuga: God I love her.


J'avais rêvé d'une autre vie
Mais la vie a tué mes rêves.
À peine commencée, elle finit
Comme un court printemps qui s'achève.