you are such a legend

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sometimes i hear the song teardrops on my guitar and think about your blog

aaaa I remember hearing that song when I was in 6th grade and I giggled ridiculously whenever I listened to it. Embarrassing.

also do you know how many contest videos were done with that in Ye Olden Days because–

it’s a lot


dctv plot bunny georgie annabelle lark

Georgie Lark spent the first ten years of her life in London before she moved across the atlantic ocean to a town by the name of Starling City. Not long after the move her parents’ marriage ended in a bitter divorce and Georgie coped the best way she know how: Studying. She graduated high school a year early, went straight to Boston University where she got a degree in Criminal Justice, and befriended MIT student Felicity Smoak. Upon graduating, she trained at the police academy before returning to Starling with honors and a job on the police force.

As if the vigilante isn’t enough of a pain in her ass already, the particle accelerator in Central City explodes shortly after her promotion to detective, and the cases that land on Georgie’s desk become increasingly inexplicable. It doesn’t help her frustration that Felicity finally admits to working with the Green Arrow and knowing his true identity. And just when life can’t possibly get any stranger, Georgie is recruited by Rip Hunter - a man who claims that his team of misfits and criminals travel through time, and he desperately needs someone to help keep the Legends from killing each other.

And so Georgie Lark embarks on a journey to solve her strangest case yet: How to erase Vandal Savage from history.