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Mini Fic - Hacker Kirk

This story was inspired by a man at my local Starbucks who seemed highly suspect. If you are curious, search my blog for #WWBD and you’ll find all of it.

Word Count: 446

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: I did not directly address what Bones would do in this situation, but this is what I came up with :)

Yorktown was by far the nicest starbase that you had ever had the pleasure of stopping at, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t odd.

Even getting coffee seemed like an adventure, especially when you noticed the mysterious man in the corner. He was surrounded by multiple PADDs, extra screens, and way too many cables to be a typical student studying for an exam.

After getting your coffee you sat down and couldn’t help but stare at the man, of course you knew it was rude and that you had better things to be doing, but the cocky looking man was so curious.

Then he looked at you and smirked. The smirk was enough to remind you of a man you had met as a cadet, and it belonged to that very same man.

“I know, I’m the definition of handsome, but it’s not nice to stare” the man said, his voice oozing confidence.

“May I ask something?” Without waiting for an answer, you continue, “What exactly are you doing with enough tech to put the intelligence departments to shame?”

Before he can answer, something bounces off of the blond head and hits your chest. You catch it and identify the familiar orange cracker from your childhood. A goldfish.

“Sorry about that, I’m Jim Kirk,” he stands up and shakes your outstretched hand, “I’m currently working on some top secret projects for Starfleet.”

“Lieutenant Y/L/N. So you decided-” another goldfish comes flying through the air and hits Mr. Kirk directly in the back of the head “-to do this top secret work in a public coffee shop?”

“Excuse the Captain, he is just trying to prove another one of his ridiculous ideas and failing,” the famed Doctor McCoy said with a laugh as he walks up to the two of you.

“And the goldfish?” You ask, looking pointedly at the broken crackers on the ground.

“An exercise in trajectories and an attempt to convince the Captain of his illogical behavior,” another man adds, joining the conversation.

“So, target practice?” You ask laughing.

“Lieutenant Y/L/N, this is Bones, and Mr. Vulcan right next to you is my first officer, Spock,” Kirk groans.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all, but I have a date with my mister handsome right there,” you giggle, and glance at the door to the cafe where Scotty was waiting for you.

“Ah there you are lassie! We’ve got things to do and places to be!”

As you leave the group and head out with your engineer, you can’t help but think that James T. Kirk won’t hear the end of any of this for quite a long time.

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Leonard Mccoy absolutely calls Jim Kirk “Jimothy” when he’s exceptionally annoyed with him. When he’s not yelling, that’s how the crew knows Jim done goofed. Bones can be really biting with it or slip it into casual conversation and depending on if things are fixed, it’ll go on for days to weeks because Bones can be that Passive Aggressive Petty if needed.

Jim doesn’t like that nickname at all. They’re both extremely grumpy during these long standing arguments.

Jim Kirk x Reader Headcanons: Cooking

Requested by: Anonymous

-researching tasty recipes that the two of you take turns picking for each other to make and cook together

-Jokingly smearing flower or any sweet ingredients on you to kiss them off

-Trying to show off in front of you by flipping the pan and either breaking the pan or dropping the food

-Remaking some of the food once or twice

-Him not taking heed to the recipe and measuring by eyesight instead of any math and you having to go in and redo the measurements

-Both of you taking sample tastes from the food as it cooks

-Going grocery shopping together for fresh supplies and goofing off in the aisles as you search for what you need

-Making out while waiting for water to boil or the oven to heat up

-Being cheesy as hell and feeding each other when you taste test your final product.

-delivering meals or plates as a couple to all of your friends of the crew when you make a lot of a good meal

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Any photo or compositional tips?

I’ll make them rhyme for you

  • If you’re using a rangefinder and out on a shoot: remember to take the lens cap off so you don’t look like a goof. 
  • When composing your photo, use your eyes. Make sure your subject is in the frame lines. 
  • Don’t worry about the camera and the price tag attached. It’s all up to you and not about cash. 
  • Don’t be too harsh or critical of your work. Nothing good comes easy, just ask Captain Kirk.