you are such a dreamboat

Not to rain on anyone’s parade but remember that this man, this dreamboat bishounen you all fan over, is a tyrant and a dictator. He didn’t hesitate to throw Kaisar in jail and to pit him against Azazel in a fight solely for his amusement. He also threw Jeanne in jail. He has no respect or regards for anyone (maybe for Nina only). If he did, he wouldn’t have destroyed Cocytus, desecrate the shrines of the gods, start a war with them (he could have stand down but no) and built some super weapon in the super secret basement prison and told soldiers to hunt down Jeanne and El. He didn’t let those three go because he didn’t want them dead. He let them go because he knows he can hunt them down again easily. 

I get that you all love him but don’t forget this darker, malevolent side of him. 

Inner Vixen

Warnings: SMUT (Ages 18+)


Summary: You’re fed up with being the blushing, shy girl, usually too insecure to return any of Bucky’s flirtatious advances. But with a little help from liquid courage, your inner vixen makes an appearance.


Word Count: 3.6k

“Barnes. 6 o’clock.” Natasha whispered keeping her eyes focused on you standing right beside her at the bar. Tony’s latest rager had started approximately an hour ago and, though you would never admit to nervously awaiting his arrival, she noticed your eyes lingering on the entrance every now and again.

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And problematic things Finn did to Rey: Refused to stop taking her hand after being told once. Once is enough. Physically assaulted her by climbing on her, sexually harrassed her by asking a pointed sexual question when they were alone, abandoned her, put her in danger on Starkiller Base, made her a target because he was too useless to fight effectively.

Wow. You know, I’m not surprised that these are your arguments, because these are the same tired complaints I’ve seen Reyl0s yawn on about ever since last December. FinnRey fans could practically argue against these in our sleep. However…sure. What the hell? I’ll answer anyway.

Refused to stop taking her hand after being told once. Once is enough.

Did you miss the part where Finn was literally pulling Rey out of danger? Taking her hand and tugging her is much quicker and more effective than yelling, “RUN,” waiting for Rey to react, and then seeing if she even catches the danger in time. Had Finn not taken Rey’s hand, she would have died. She would be gone. Blown up. History. Besides, I’m guessing you took a pee break when Rey crawled over to Finn after he got briefly knocked out from the explosion, because she offered her hand and was perfectly comfortable with physical contact after that. She understood why Finn was taking her hand before. 

Physically assaulted her by climbing on her,

Climbing on her? Seriously? Using her head to prop his hand on and stand properly in his seat is not “climbing on her.” Was it rude? Maybe a bit, but Rey was only slightly annoyed and got over it in 0.5 seconds. You’re making it sound like he forced himself on her lap or pinned her down in her seat or something. That’s…not a good look on your part.

sexually harrassed her by asking a pointed sexual question when they were alone,

What? Are you talking about? Are you referring to him asking if she had a boyfriend? That’s hardly sexual. It’s basically like him asking, “Hey, are you single?” Since when does that indicate sexual harassment? Is asking a girl on a date sexual harassment to you? 

abandoned her,

And then, you know, came back to save her, which was the whole entire point of his character arc. That would be like saying Han abandoned Luke before the Death Star mission, and then turning the movie off right before Han swoops in to have Luke’s back. 

put her in danger on Starkiller Base,


made her a target because he was too useless to fight effectively.

Yeah, Finn lost the fight on Starkiller, but you know the funny thing about your point here? You know the hilarious part? The only reason either of them were in danger in the first place was because of Kylo. You know, the Dreamboat™ you think is so perfect for Rey. In fact, let’s unpack some of the terrible things Kylo has done to Rey:

  • Knocked her unconscious and then proceeded to carry her against her will onto his ship.
  • Invaded her mind, a procedure that Pablo Hidalgo has confirmed is physically painful for the victim, and rubbed her insecurities/private thoughts in her face. Please note he was also doing this in order to get info to murder his uncle with, but I’m assuming you don’t care about Luke either, so I digress.
  • Murdered Han, a friend of Rey’s, before Rey’s very eyes.
  • Immediately chased after Rey and Finn in the forest and taunted them with Han’s death. (”Han Solo can’t save you!”)
  • Threw Rey into a tree.
  • Seriously injured Rey’s good friend, just because he could.
  • Had Rey locked over a cliff, a very threatening situation that was clearly meant to frighten Rey into joining his side.

So you know, anything Finn might have done is absolutely microscopic compared to what Benny Boy Wonder was up to in TFA. I think you need to sit down, watch TFA again, and seriously consider the reasoning behind you thinking the way you do, because I have a very hard time believing that you nitpicking Finn for all of these non-issues, yet letting everything Kylo does slide, isn’t driven by racism in some way. 

I think people see Jason as far too old when he died. He was fifteen. Do you know what fifteen year olds look like? Even if they’re considered “dreamboats” by their peers, they still have squishy kid faces. They still look like colts with long limbs and knobby knees. His shoulders were probably broad, but he still had to grow into them. 

My point is, Jason was a child. And by disregarding that important element, it erases much of his core characterization. It’s almost like shielding the Joker from the heinous actions he committed. He is a child killer. 

Jason is only nineteen now. That’s a year older than the legal age. This poor boy reached out for love and got broken glass shoved down his throat instead. 

Blood and rust and angry tears. These things make up Jason Todd, murdered child. 

When my mum moved out of home, she got herself a Rough Collie she named Jessica Mary Winch (Winch was her maiden name). Recently I have been pining for a Rough Collie, but I don’t know if I could handle a big dog or such a full-coated dog.


Beautiful. I just want you to know. 😍💞

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cafe au where peter is known as the super adorable and pure boy that everyone wants a piece of, and one day wade walks in and sees peter and is like "hot damn thats gotta be the face of an angel"

“I’m gonna fuckin nut in my pant’s holy shit.”

“Oh my god, Wade, can’t you censor yourself for like ten minutes?”

Wade grinned at his large friend, wiggling his eyebrows despite knowing that Cable couldn’t see under the mask. They had gone into the nearest cafe, a particular favorite of Wade’s ever since he had accidentally walked in one day while his brain was…uh, occupied, and discovered the most delicious looking person he had ever seen.

The Cafe was always pretty busy. It died down a little mid-day, but there was always some elderly woman staring at the guy over a crossword, or some businessman tipping him just a little too much t be considered friendly. Wade somehow felt he fell into both of these categories.

His name was Peter and he was an absolute angel. He had big doe eyes that Wade wanted to stare into as he slowly fucked into him, he wanted to kiss him dirty and make him cum till he was begging with his ragged breath and fuck-

“He looks like a Greek god, don’t you think?”

Cable smiled, gave an indifferent shrug and said “He looks too young for you” but he didn’t miss the way Cables eye’s flickered over to the boy’s bright smile and fit body. Heh. 

“He is in no way too young for me. He’s just too good-looking.”

Cable made a non-committal sound and looked through the menu once more before putting it back down. Wade watched Peter walk over to them with his notepad ready, and he felt his heart flatline for a few seconds.

“Hey there, are you ready to order?”

“yes, I’ll just have an expresso…”

Cable ordered, but Wade stopped listening. He was so beautiful. so pure. Perfect.

“what can I get you, sir?”

Sir? what a dreamboat. 

“What’s your favorite drink on the menu? I’ll just have that. Oh and some fries.”

Peter nodded, a small smile on his lips. Wade stared and imagined what it’d be like to fuck him on a kitchen counter.

He walked away and Wade and most of the guests watched his ass.

“Smooth Wade. But I think you’ve been out of the game a bit too long.”

After a bit of ample chatter, Peter came back over with a coffee and a large strawberry milkshake with sprinkles and icecream and a swirly straw. Wade glanced at Peter in surprise and swore he fell in love right there.

“A milkshake?” Wade stuttered as Peter subtly leaned over him to put the drink down. 

“They bring the boys to the yard, don’t they?”

Wade sighed dreamily, watching as Peter left again. 

“You look like a school girl.”

“Stop, now I’m just imagining Peter in a school dress. Ughh god. Hey, don’t roll your eyes at me, you brought it up.”

“Prince of the Trainers’ School” they said! Thanks a lot!

I wanted to have something like this in one of the earlier Sun & Moon comics, but I couldn’t find a good place for it without it slowing down story progress. So here we see more fun times with Hector’s big crush on the dreamboat Captain Ilima.

It may surprise you, but Hector actually has a bit of a hopeless romantic side to him. He’d never let anyone know it though. He gets embarrassed by his own brain a lot of the time, so he wouldn’t dare say those thoughts out loud.

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For the record my baby bro has been so into gravity falls lately and I am so pleased. I’ll just do the Pines’ and Wendy and Soos.


-Prepare to be on the receiving end of the conspiracy theory of the week. He’s just so happy to have found someone willing to listen to him ramble on for hours. If you can contribute its a bonus but honestly just having the tolerance to listen to him is enough

-He’s still a bit of a loner at heart and so often goes off on his own, but he likes going on adventures with you

-So many Ghost Hunters marathons. So many.

-He’s always pretty supportive of you when you need it, but is pretty needy in terms of validation. He just wants to know you actually want him around


-Expect 3 am voicemails about the cool badger she saw and also she’s not sure she told you your hair looked good today so she just wanted to get that out of the way and did you see that one guy at the gas station TOTAL dreamboat anyways she’ll see you tomorrow!

-She’ll talk your ear off and drag you on totally insane errands but she does her best to look after you, make sure you’re eating right and taking care of yourself.

-Friendship sweaters, friendship bracelets, friendship necklaces, if it has the word “friendship” in front of it she’s making one for you

-No one believes in you more


-He was probably drawn to you through a shared sense of humor. You laugh at his jokes, you are probably one of his two friends

-You will likely become a participant in some of his shadier activities (however unwillingly) and middle of the night calls for you to come to his house with rubber gloves and an encyclopedia set, no questions allowed, are fairly common.

-You have reached maximum friendship levels when he cooks for you. Especially Stancakes. 

-He’ll laugh when you’re struggling but truth be told no one watches out for you more. He will always have your back, even if you don’t know it.


-Its pretty hard to become friends with him, given that he has a pretty formal approach to relationships.

-Once you get closer with him, though, he starts showing more of his dorkier side. To everyone else he’s a rugged and badass scientist/dimension hopper. To you he’s the doofus who squealed all night about the new edition of D&D&MD and loves your dog more than some members of his family.

-Like Mabel he has a tendency to leave lengthy voicemails in the middle of the night, likely about his latest breakthrough. He also LOVES taking you on adventures with him because then he gets to lecture someone with fresh ears.

-Please PLEASE make sure he’s eating, Stan does his best but Ford has a tendency to get in the zone and then not eat or sleep for like 48 hours.


-I don’t care about your gender or your orientation, you will have a mild crush on her at some point in your friendship. She’s just that charismatic.

-The coolest person you know, without question. Your hangouts are always intense, but you usually walk away without many consequences

-However much you open up to her, it’ll take her a long time to be open with you. She’s not really that comfortable sharing how she’s feeling. Once you get through, you may find she’s carrying a lot more burdens that you’d think, but she appreciates you being there for her.

-With her come her entire squad, but the two of you will have a certain closeness


-Hope you like video games and weird non-sequiturs sent to your phone at odd intervals

-He’s always on call when you need him. Even if his help isn’t always what you need.

-Extremely supportive at all times

-his Abuelita’s cookies are fantastic

-He makes his own remixes and sends them to you

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Do you have a gif of the very first dead-eyed murder-gaze that made you fall in love? That story was so funny and cute and I'd love to see 'the moment' hahaha! He's such an underrated hottie. How does he fly so far under the radar that people even underrate THAT face?! That HAIR?! His body is amazing as well, but I've only ever seen one gif of him wearing only tiny shorts & not covered & I swear the footage only exists because he was getting a massage & couldn't see the camera!

Oh I know exactly which footage you’re talking about ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It will be my pleasure, anon, to tell you the story of the Nicklas Bäckström and the first incident of the murder eyes. Please, have a seat.

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