you are such a cool person

Okay, I am a very religious Catholic, and I have no problem with people of the LGBTQ community.

You like a person of the same sex? Awesome! I’m happy for you!

You’re trans???? Cool, hope you have a smooth transition and feel comfortable in your skin soon.

Asexual??? Hey, no judgement.

Pan?? Ace???? What’s up, let’s be friends.

The fact that I’m religious should not let me hate you. It should let me love you more, as my God loved me.

Hell, even if I wasn’t religious, I’d at least be a decent human being and love everyone.

I don’t care who you are.

You’re welcomed here.


(abuse tw)

it can be genuinely dangerous when unrelated attributes like “crustiness,” uncoolness, unattractiveness, etc. get really closely associated with predation, even though obviously i understand the desire to insult predators.

because it can encourage thinking like, “well, this person seems safe. after all, they’re not crusty — only 24! — and they’re cool and attractive! this isn’t creepy, this is nice.”

i know, because that’s what i thought when i was a high school kid and people in their twenties were hitting on me and being otherwise extremely inappropriate with me online. it didn’t go much further than that, thank god. but they had a LOT of personal info about me. it could have been so much worse. it wouldn’t have been my fault. but it would have been partially the fault of the culture that made me think the only real predators were icky olds.

predators can be young but still too old for you. predators can be conventionally attractive, conventionally cool. predators can also be people who make a big show of how against predators they are — as long as those predators are nothing like them.

if what we’re doing is having a site-wide discussion about child predators, i’m up for that. and i think this should be a part of that conversation.

Farmer’s Market Hot

It’s been a few months, so forgive me if this is rusty. Here’s 3000 words of Farmer’s Market flirty fun and farmhouse sexy times. Modern AU, rated M - AO3.

To her left, her neighbor is providing a constant and delicious kettle corn flavored breeze, a welcome fragrant addition to her favorite day of the week. Saturday, Farmer’s Market day, a day filled with flannel shirts, leaves crunching beneath her boots and a good chunk of money in her pocket. The bushels of apples on her table are filled to the brim, collected from David’s orchard, a small pocket of trees she’s sure he only keeps tended because he knows how much she loves them. She sells the apples and gets to pocket half the proceeds, which she’s been squirreling away so she can eventually buy a place of her own. David and Mary Margaret’s guest house on the farm is nice and all, but she could really use some privacy. 

It’s an unconscious thing, she tells herself, as her eyes drift across the walkway to Killian and those stupid blue eyes and friendly smile she just knows will be directed at her. This happens entirely too often, the two of them catching each other looking, his obvious interest raising goosebumps along her skin. He’s entirely too attractive, with that carelessly tousled dark hair, ginger-tinged scruff and wiry frame. The fact that he bakes the best damn pies she’s ever tasted doesn’t help, either. He’s like her own personal dessert on display if she’d only just forget her diet and allow herself to indulge.

It’s been a long time, too long if you ask her body, since she’s let a man get close enough to touch her (both physically and emotionally). And she’s hungry…for both. So, Killian is scary, because despite her feigned protests, she’s past the point of curious and veering straight into potentially Bad Decision Central.

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do you have designs for august and linnae from before their corruptions?

I was just asked this on twitter, actually!

Augustine will be a mystery forever because my personal pet peeve for cool helmeted monsters is when you see their normal-person face. Use your imagination! All headcanons work!

As for Linnae, I actually plan to do an Errant prequel story with her, so I do have her human design. She was not out in her village or her home (she lived with her v large family working in the family business and there were…complications) so she only presented as female when she left on solo business trips to a much larger city every few months. she should probably look a bit older here actually but you get the idea

She was the only one in her fam able to travel for various reasons, and the Errant-verse is like alt-medieval so it wasn’t weird to have a daughter head a business, and Linnae is smart, so no one ever found out. She had plans to eventually crawl out of the mudpit of obligations she had to her family at some point and live her life in the city, but of course it all went to shit when she turned into a giant fucking dragon and her neighbors called the medieval murder police on her. 

she was a bangin babe and she definitely knew it

i think calum would be totally shocked the first time you cried  in front of him. like, you’re just sitting on the couch listening to some music together and suddenly you start crying. he starts panicking cause you always say that you never crying and there you are, bawling uncontrollably on the couch and he tries to ask you what is wrong and you’re trying to tell him that you used to listen to that song with an special person in your life that is not in your life anymore but he can’t understand anything because of your sobs. so he just moves closer and awkwardly opens his arms for you (because he’s never been in a situation where he had to comfort someone) and rubs your back until you calm down, leaving a few kisses on your forehead, silently telling you that everything’s okay. 

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Aaron can not double down a +2 with a +4. Unless if it’s house rules and those always get out hand.

then i am afraid u are going by Lame™ rules
the Cool™ rules are

  • any +’s stack
  • reverse and skip (of the same color) can be used while + is active
  • reverse makes the previous person inherit the +, and skip passes the + onto the next person
  • if u have the same card (color & number) as the top card, u can “cut” and place it down regardless of turn, and the turn cycle starts from you
  • u can offer people one of ur cards when its their turn to play, and they can choose whether or not to accept it (u dont have to be helping them)

our record is making someone take a +46

Music Series: Lights On by Shawn Mendes

I’m glad I held on to the song suggestions that have been in my inbox for a while. I’ve looked at this request, both songs, for some time and although I like the songs, an imagine wasn’t coming to me for them. Having the itch to write today, and actually having the time tonight as well, I pulled this up again and what do you know…an imagine came right to me.

Here you go, @siennarossi! Thanks for requesting and for reading! I notice every notification when people like, reblog, and follow, so thank you. And I love when someone tells me that I helped their Harry switch flip! In my opinion, he seems like a really cool person, so I’m glad I helped bring you over to our side.

I literally went back and forth with these lyrics, loving her with the lights on, taking it quite literally to more figuratively. I like both interpretations, honestly, that he finds her so beautiful that he wants to see every part of her body literally, to liking her so much that he wants to learn everything there is to know about her. You take from it what you think, but this is the imagine that came up in my mind, so I hope it works for someone. This isn’t the smut that it could have been, but not too cheesy, I think.

This is “Lights On” by Shawn Mendes, which you can listen to on my Spotify playlist, “Harry Styles Music Series Imagine Inspirations by Charligirlmusic”. Enjoy! xo



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What's your opinion on animation memes? Or do you have one?

ehhhh most people who do them are children, so if your past 12 making them they should at least have more than goddamn 5 frames, like its hardly animation to make a drawing and an in between and flip the drawing.

I see a lot of people bitching about the “unoriginality” or the looping but that I think is a pointless criticism, yes people can be more original with them but I see them as an animation exercise something for fun then you animate on the side. Shit like animation memes are very similar to actual animation homework like “loop this walk cycle” and learn how to add motion blurs. Personally I actually enjoy some of the well done ones and think it’d be cool to have more animators do stuff on youtube. I think a lot of people who complain about it are people who no idea that A.) youtube prioritizes quick to make content and B.) animation takes a long time

Like currently I’m doing a 4 second animation and its taking me forever, you know why? Frame by frame animation on 4 seconds at 30fps is at least 60-120 frames. 60-120 individual drawings, colored, inked and shaded.

@scotchtapeofficial has some amazing animations, highly recommend you check him out

if you wanna read 10.4k words about high school seniors (they’re eighteen, everything is consensual and wonderful and cool) dean and cas and how dean forgot about a date he set up just for cas, then cas getting all pissy and ignoring dean, then dean doing something special and romantic and sweet for cas, then reminiscing over their earlier years of their relationship, steamy impala sex, and lots of fluff, then go right here friend and you will find exactly that

I want to thank all 900 of you from the bottom of my heart for putting up with me for almost 2 years now. I love each and every one of you more than I can put into words ♡♡♡

ALSO just a heads up that when I reach 1k I’m gonna be doing a giveaway of some really cool items, so stay tuned!

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#28 for the otp 😂💙

Which member of you OTP takes UNO waaay too seriously 

Which member of your OTP rage quits during video games

Okay so I decided to combine this with an anon request - they fit together so well! Also, this would have been posted earlier but I literally typed it all up and then ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IT ALL GOSH DARN IT

It’s cool, I’m cool.

“Oh c’mon Betts, it’s just UNO!” Jughead pleaded, unable to stop his smile as he followed Betty from the kitchen table to the living room of the trailer. She planted herself on the couch, crossing her arms over her chest in frustration.

“It is not just a game, Jughead!” She pouted, “You played a skip, a reverse, and an add four card all in a row! It’s just cruel - what kind of person does that to someone they love?”

Jughead laughed, sitting down next to her and attempting his best show of sympathy, “I’m sorry,” He placed a hand on her arm, sighing as she pulled away, “Okay, no more UNO. What would you like to do instead?”

Betty seemed to think on it for a minute, her eyes landing on the controllers on the coffee table in front of them. “You could teach me to play that game you and Archie are always playing.” She suggested.

Jughead smiled - playing video games was definitely something he could do. He quickly jumped up to turn on the tv, handing Betty a controller as they waited for the main screen to load. She made a show of begrudgingly accepting it, clearly still bitter about his earlier victory, but Jughead could see the spark of excitement in her eyes as he pressed “Start”.

Twenty minutes later, they had finished their fifth race and Jughead was pissed.

“No. No way. You’re cheating!” He yelled, throwing his controller across the room and growing frustrated as it landed with a pathetic plunk in the corner. “You must have played this game before.”

Betty giggled, smiling coyly as she delicately set down her remote, “Beginner’s luck?” She mused, trying not to let her amusement show too much.

“Beginner’s luck doesn’t help you win all five races! That’s ridiculous! You can’t be better than me at this!” He huffed.

“And why not?” Betty raised an eyebrow cheekily, daring him to answer.

“Because - because -” He threw his hands in the air, exasperated, “You just can’t be!” He threw himself back against the couch, sliding down to the floor dramatically, “I’m a failure.” He muttered.

Betty rolled her eyes, pushing herself off the couch and settling down on to the floor next to him before giving him a playful nudge, “C’mon grumpy pants, what do you say? Can we call it even?”

He let out a large sigh before leaning into her, “I guess I can agree to that.” He kissed her softly, “But only if you give me a rematch.”

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It makes me so upset sometimes because you seem like such a cool person and you’re so creative so I don’t understand how you get so much hate and negativity from people. It really makes me sad because I don’t know how people can have so much hate in their heart for someone they’ve never had a conversation with :(

!!! d’awhh don’t be upset nonny, it’s not your fault !! you shouldn’t be upset over this :+( !! again I don’t know what their intentions are but all I can do is hope them the best in life?? I never want to wish anyone harm cause maybe they also are going through smt & they maybe my positively was a turn off to them & made them angry/upset? maybe some people think im fake b/c i’m “too positive” (i had quite a few anons telling me that) so maybe that’s why? we’ll never know unless they come back & explain to us haha. until then I wish you the best & ily nonny :’)

me ??  crying  over  the  fact  that  there’s  already  100+  people  following  me  after  not  even  a  month  of  being  here ??  VERY  LIKELY !  I’ve  never  been  in  a  fandom  like  this  one  so  I  was  sort  of  anxious  about  it  at  first ,  but  now  I’m  much  more  at  ease  and  extremely  thankful  for  the  welcome  you  guys  have  given  me !  I’ve  met  so  many  lovely  people  so  far ,  and  so  many  of  you  make  my  experience  on  this  blog  an  absolute  pleasure .  I  just  wanted  to  take  a  little  moment  of  the  day  to  thank  you  all  personally ,  mutuals  and  non -  mutuals !  there’s  a  good  bunch  of  people  on  here  —–  and  I could’ve  kept  going  at  the  risk  of  clogging  this  post  up  too much ,  but  please  remember  I  love  you  all  equally !


@bikerfetish  (  bonus role :  the  literal  love  of  my  life )@lifewilled  /  @assenal@knightraised@ghostgift@legstrengthed  /  @wayneserved , @regihelion@ofbabs@healedlegacy@puntress@kintsukis@ofresurrection , @acetosix ,  @martyrix .


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THE  NEIGHBORS  WHO  I  WISH  GOOD  THINGS  UPON :  literally  everyone  else !  mutuals  I  haven’t  mentioned  and  non - mutuals  alike ,  remember  you’re  appreciated  and  loved  and  I  hope  you  find  ten  bucks  on  the  floor  some  time  soon . 


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Oooh! For the prompt list, so many possible bkdk feels to choose from, how about 85 and/or 87?

(Doing 85 because another person asked for 87, so I can do them both!)

85: “I will never apologize for saving your life, even if it costs me my own.”

[This story is an epilogue to Prompt 59]

“I love you, Kacchan.”

“I know.”

“I really do.”

“I know.

Bakugo shifted his weight, but Midoriya’s arms only wrapped around him tighter.

“I love you—”

“I heard you the first twenty-seven times,” he griped, looking over his shoulder to snap at Midoriya, embracing him from behind as they lied together on the bed.

Midoriya propped himself up to stare at Bakugo in a somewhat contemplative way, as if he couldn’t quite process his words.

“…Were you really counting?” he asked.

“No. Now shut up.”

Bakugo rolled back onto his side, facing away from Midoriya. He heard the subtle sound of amused snickering in his ear as Midoriya’s hands traced mindless patterns into the curves of Bakugo’s chest.

“You’re a terrible liar, Kacchan.”

Read the rest of this story on AO3!

I don’t know if it’s just me… But sometimes I can’t help but feel just a bit sad when people get the same DVD and they’re already talking about it.

I mean, yeah that’s cool you can post that your DVD arrived as I do the same thing and what not, that doesn’t bother me. But what bothers me is that I’m geographically closer to Japan, yet I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. As mine was shipped on Wednesday and it arrives tomorrow. Because my package has to go through customs twice before it gets to my house. (When from Amazon Japan, it sometimes goes through customs in Hong Kong and Melbourne OR Customs in Sydney and Melbourne, depending on what it is)

I know that everyone’s always eager to post things which is totally fine, I don’t have a problem with that. But for me… It kind of spoils it as I want to see it for myself when mine arrives… As when I come on here and I see the little videos and scans and what not, it takes the joy away of seeing it for yourself…

I might as well say this now too. Since Tsubasa’s CD(+DVD) comes out soon (one week this coming Wednesday!) I will say that if anyone’s arrives first, feel free to post about it, but please don’t spoil anything for me… By that I mean the songs, MV or even the MV making… As since my CD(+DVDs) are being shipped out on Wednesday, I will have to wait until the following Monday for them. I’m asking nicely here, but I know that people will judge me for this. But if you do post about them, I’m not going to stop you… I just want the chance to see it for myself, fangirl alone as usual, and then maybe make some GIFs of the MV and the Making and quite possibly, share ONLY the CD Version (as I’m getting all 4 versions anyway xD) so then everyone has the chance to listen to it. As the CD Version will have the bonus track so I won’t be sharing the MV or the MV Making as I want to encourage EVERYONE to purchase their own copies and support him for making his CD debut ♥ And the CDs aren’t that expensive! (The shipping cost is what kills you ><)

Now to go back on hiatus and stay up all night and write a 2000 word assignment that’s due tomorrow…


After a horrible day of unfortunate events, you’re feeling really down on yourself. So, when Sanghyuk learns this, he makes it his personal mission to make you feel better by any means necessary.

word count: 828
request: Can you do one with Dawon where something really sad happens to you or your feeling bad about yourself and he cracks a lot of jokes and does cutesy stuff to make you happy?

I do not allow reposting of my work under any circumstances. Thank you!

The rain soaked through your coat, the cool water clinging against your skin and making you shake with more than those sobs that had already raked your body. You stood outside of your building for a long time staring up at the gray sky and asking the world why it had picked today to be so horrible.

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Fuck dude you're great at drawing creatures. that dragon is really good, and I really love your trueform creatures. It makes me wanna make one of my one character. 👌👌👌👀

thanks so much! i used to do all sorts of creature designs, but People Drawing ended up overshadowing it. it’s really cool that i could inspire you to want to make a creature of your own! definitely do! and if you do, tag me when it’s done! i wanna see!!!

Anonymous said:


THANK YOU!! also, i gotta say, i’m sorry for putting off 2 weeks of anons. i get love like this in my box, and do know whenever i see it, i really do appreciate it!

Anonymous said:

hello yes I would like to say your art is wonderful and I hope you have a full, happy and magical life

aw geez, thank you! and likewise! i think coming around and saying something like this–really, least you deserve is some magic.

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