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There’s a situation. Honestly, she started it and it’s time for her to finish it. And I tried to talk to her about it, and she wouldn’t speak to me… It was a full shut down and then she writes a song about me. And I’m like, ‘Okay, cool, cool, cool, that’s how you want to deal with it?’ Karma! I’m ready for that B.S. to be done. Now, there is the law of cause and effect. You do something, and there is going to be a reaction. And trust me, daddy, there’s going to be a reaction. I think personally that women together, not divided – and like none of this petty sh-t – women together will heal the world.
—  Katy Perry on her “beef” with Taylor Swift

This is all only my opinion, nothing else, but being mentally ill doesn’t give you an excuse to expect people to forgive or accept your piss poor fucking apologies when you legitimately wanna apologize. 

like take some time to cool off whatever, I’m bpd, i’m schizo, I get it. but at some point if you KNOW you’ve done wrong and you genuinely wanna make up for what you did to the person you gotta give a decent apology that isn’t bullshit as fuck. 

you gotta listen to what other people are saying after you know you’ve fucked up, and address it instead of defending yourself for the shit you’ve done. being mentally ill isn’t an excuse to give bullshit apologies all the fucking time and expect people to forgive you and roll with it. people don’t owe us shit.

like, my parents are mentally ill, that doesn’t excuse them for the horrible shit they put me through lmao. And I’m endlessly furious with the piss poor apologies they give me, which paint themselves as victims for their crimes, and then they’re /mad/ when i don’t accept their apologies? lmao fuck off?

If you genuinely feel remorse and know you fucked up, make a decent apology, address the wrong you’ve done. otherwise imo don’t fucking bother. again imo it does more damage than good to give a bad apology than no apology at all.

like personally, i’m forgiving, I get people do bad shit, i get no ones perfect, a simple sorry is good enough for me, but when someone fucking paints themselves as a victim explicitly to pull heat away from their actions, when they absolutely aren’t, within their apology, and then expect you to forgive them… i’m only more angry with them lmao. 

like literally “I’m sorry for what I’ve done” is all you need to do imo lmao, no fucking added bullshit. and people will either forgive you or not: you have no control over that. 

you don’t have to grovel, you don’t have to defend yourself, it just is, accept it and move on. you have no control over whether they accept it or if they will move on.

i’m not forgiving someone for something when they give me a bullshit apology after they majorly fucked up. And I don’t have to.

hey. guys!!

so, i was in contact with joe iconis! what he told me is that the best way to help out be more chill is to make it known that we want it back. buy the album, show your friends, do fanart, do whatever you can. spread the word, ykno?

he loves all of you and the entire cast is so grateful, this is their passion and he said it’s more than a professional ‘oh, cool, kids like my work’ and more of a personal 'oh, cool, quality human beings believe in what me and my family have been doing for years’. so!! there’s that!!

What you must do to befriend each type
  • ENFJ: Be their colleague/classmate/partner
  • ENFP: Talk to them maybe 3 times
  • ENTJ: Don't waste their time
  • ENTP: Put up with their amazingly terrible ideas
  • ESFJ: Look in their general direction
  • ESFP: Don't judge them, ever
  • ESTJ: Don't overreact, act calm
  • ESTP: Be a Cool Person™
  • INFJ: Spend a ton of time with them
  • INFP: Listen to their ideas and be respectful
  • INTJ: Be someone who "gets" them and don't be too clingy
  • INTP: Who???? Knows?????????????? Not even INTP knows.
  • ISFJ: Find a common interest
  • ISFP: You just gotta hang around and if they like you they'll show it. If not, get out.
  • ISTJ: Be direct with them
  • ISTP: Go and do something with them

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how did you first learn and get into astrology? i'm really wanting to learn about it, but i dont know where to start, do you have any advice or resources? I don't even know my own birth chart and if I did I wouldn't know what it means.

I’ve always found both space and horoscopes really interesting, but like a lot of people, I didn’t know anything besides just my Sun sign for a really long time. I got more into it when I kept running into people talking about astrology online and I wanted to know more and more, so I just absorbed a ton of information I found on the Internet.

I’m gonna go into how I learned astrology in a second but before I start I want to link you to this cool free online astrology course I found. I used it to take notes on everything in a personal journal and you don’t have to sign up or anything, the info is all right there

When I first got into astrology I couldn’t read the natal/birth chart wheel (”natal chart” and “birth chart” refer to the same thing; they are interchangeable) and it was really overwhelming for me, so instead of sites that generated the wheel I used Cafe Astrology’s natal chart creator (click here) because it shows your placements in a table instead.

This is my Cafe Astrology birth chart for comparison. Don’t worry about stuff like aspects yet. If you get too deep into it right away it can be really overwhelming, so it’s better just to learn things little by little. In this table, the column on your left is your planetary placements (like your Sun/Moon/Mercury/etc signs) while the column on the right is your house placements (your Ascendant or Rising sign - which are also interchangeable terms - begins on the cusp of your 1st House or House I). This is where you’ll hear people say things like “My Mars is in Cancer” or “I have Gemini in the 7th House”. This chart does not tell you which houses your planets are in, though, so eventually after you learn what these placements mean, you can move on to learning how to read a birth chart wheel.

Now, to generate your birth chart wheel, a lot of people use, but I find that site to be a little too complicated for newbies. Instead, I started out with Astrotheme (though I now actually prefer Astro Charts because I find their charts prettier and I like the way they display information). For the example below, I’ll be using Astro Charts, but I’ll link both sites here:

When you look at this wheel, ignore the colored lines in the middle for a second (those are aspects) and instead focus on the outside of the wheel. Do you see how the thin outermost layer is divided into 12 sections with numbers inside of them? Those are the different houses. The inner wheel with the funky symbols on them are your signs, and the smaller symbols floating outside of the circle are your planetary placements. I think the most recognizable symbol for a beginner is the moon. See the crescent moon shape at the very top, next to the letters “MC”? Do you see the number 9 right next to it? That indicates that my moon is in the 9th house, and because my 9th house overlaps with the Libra symbol, I have a Libra Moon in the 9th House.

And if you’re still having a bit of trouble reading it as a beginner, don’t worry, Astro Charts also has this nifty table at the bottom that writes it all out for you :)

Ultimately, all you can do is keep doing your research. Definitely take that course I linked back up at the beginning; it really helped me out as a beginner!

this is what i look like today, minus the cool hat
i was outside a cafe smoking like the delinquent i am right
and some old guy comes up to me so i take out my earphones and he like
“you have the most gorgeous hair and your EYEBROWS and your lips – it’s a fashion statement” and then he kissed my hand i’m?????
who’s gonna tell him i’m a boy

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so i have no idea if this is normal?? but as a ftm trans headcanons making people trans just make me kind of uncomftorable?? and of course there's nothing wrong with the headcanons, i have nothing against them [ they're pretty cool ] but you're the smartest person i know about sexuality and this has kind of been freaking me out for the past couple weeks

OH that’s so weird you brought this up because i was just thinking about something like this last night. first off, i have no idea if this is a particularly common thing? if it is, i haven’t seen anyone post on it - but at the very least, i get where you’re coming from. so while i can’t give you generalized advice on this subject, i can give you my own personal experience in the topic

a while ago (and even nowadays whenever i have Bad Days), i used to be sort of in the same boat? and it really, REALLY got to me, because i had no idea why trans headcanons made me feel so uncomfortable when i wasn’t even cis myself, yknow??

it took me a REALLY long time to realize that the discomfort i felt was from dysphoria, and even then, i was still kind of upset?? because hcs generally make me feel more included and comforted but that just wasn’t the case in this situation, which i think may be because i experience dysphoria really, really frequently (i look/sound traditionally feminine, i guess, and i still go my birth name - i get misgendered all the time) and seeing that represented in things (even if the content wasn’t dysphoria-driven?) made me reflect on my own feelings and it just wasn’t a good situation. it’s an ongoing process, tho, because i’m slowly but surely overcoming all of that.

idk if it’s dysphoria specifically in your situation, tho! it took me a super long time to recognize that it came from that in the first place,,does any of that sound familiar? i dont even know if other ppl have experienced the same thing or if its just a me thing @__@ i hope i helped somehow..???

JELLY July vol.134 EXO-CBX Baekhyun Solo Interview (Part 2/2)

Q. What is your favourite girls’ fashion?

As long as the fashion suits the person, I think it’s good. But I personally like it when girls wear jeans stylishly. I used to like street fashion but now I prefer simple fashion that goes well with skinny jeans.

Q. What is your favourite fashion now?

I like the style that doesn’t look like it’s well thought out but actually looks great. Like the ones that look casual (not too dressy) but really cool when you see it carefully. I like wearing only T shirt under jacket, and put on jeans. Casual but chic as well.

Q. What is the new fashion item you purchased lately?

I went to buy snowboarding clothes with Chanyeol. So far, I went snowboarding for three times, and I already got two sets of snowboarding clothes. Chanyeol was like “Are you gonna buy new one every time?” and I know for a beginner like me, just one set is enough. (laughs) But I think cloth is important, and I want to look like a professional at least the clothes! Because I think everyone there is seeing not only how people snowboard but how people wear the clothes as well! (laughs)

Q. What is the latest picture you took with your phone?

I took a picture when I got my hair dyed just to check how it looked. That’s the newest one. I love this orange hair!

Source credit: JELLY magazine

Translation credit: exolouder

to clarify

The two mods running this tumblr/production are Rillie (@power-of-innocence) and Anna (@annapantsu). 

There are no other mods. 
We’ve been receiving asks about whether Scribs (we’ve spoken to them about this beforehand this isn’t shady i swear) will be taking part in this production so on that note, let’s talk about that. 

It’s really weird to ask that and we really hope its not the reason people are signing up, just because someone may or may not be taking part. We’re not doing this so you can talk to artists you admire. We’re making a production. If your joining purely because you’re interested in talking with another artist, you will get the boot very quickly. 

It also makes things weird for them. There has been rumors that they are mods or running this production and that’s not fair to them either. 

If you have any questions about this production that have not been answered in the FAQ, ask but DO NOT send questions to other artists asking if they are running or will be taking part. It’s not cool. 

If we receive anymore questions like this or we are notified about it from another person, the person sending it will be disqualified from auditioning. 

So don’t be a dingus.
And read the FAQ. 

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"Hey, are you one of Mickey's friends?" Which Timon remembered from House of Mouse.

“A friend of Donald! Mickey I am also friends with, but am not around him so much as Donald!” José was very used to being referred to as ‘Donald’s friend’ as few people seem to know his name. José pulls a card out of his jacket and hands it to Timon. “I am José Carioca!”

His eyelashes flutter slightly in admiration! “And you, you are the Timon, yes?” He hopes he is not mispronouncing the name. José is mispronouncing it just a little. “You are the one with the… ah, I cannot remember the words so well, but the no worries, yes?” Hakuna matata was a very admirable philosophy. Though José had never interacted much with Timon, he always had been certain both himself and Timon could get along very well.

this is sorta branched off of a post i just saw but it takes like 2 seconds to pretend to be interested in what a kid is showing you

my brother can talk for hours about nba2k17, which is something i couldnt care less about. i play it sometimes but im not a sports video game kind of person. i dont care about it, at all. but when he calls me from across the house to look at his sick buzzer beater shot that made him win with .2 seconds left? i go “woahhh thats so cool! wait so like , you made it? from all the way over there???? what the heck i cant even make it from right under the basket in this game!! how upgraded is your player guy?” because it makes him happy and takes no effort. like how would u feel if you were talking about something you genuinely liked and everyone went “hm. cool.” ??? chances are it probably happened to u and it didnt feel good!!!! dont make ppl feel like that !!!!!!!!!!!

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so just to clarify so all us fans here don't take it too far-- you're alright with the (hopefully) gentle level of teasing/excitement over hawmoth gabriel nerd boy, right?

oh yeah, thats fine! Its all fun and whatnot. I just dont want my followers to do any snooping. He is a person with a life you know and I dont want my followers finding any of his social media and harassing him. Just be cool guys and keep it to this blog only!

List of omgcp blogs you should follow:

Alternative title: I am too shy to make friends on here, but god damn it thats some nice content and personality you have here, op

@nursey-patrol @dexthecryptid @lobsterhockey @aestheticallyshitposting @pieplease @bittyvevo @bittlebybittle @hoenursey @checkpleasesideblog @itsybittle @areallyshittyknight @omgcp (haha get it, its bc thats my sideblog as well and ive been trying to fins someone who will use this url for good) 
@mysweetbabychowder @chrisfranklinchow @dexthecryptid @ittybittybakes @falconerjack @ohsobittle @piesandpucks @polyfrogs @bittlespie @bittlesbooty @justjackbitty @bobzimmermann @justin-ransom-oluransi @ismellpiebitty @d-man-dex @zimbits-trash @bittlebybittle @jlzimmermann @bittybutt AND HONESTLY SO MANY MORE !! BUT THESE PEOPLE ARE COOL AND THEIR CONTENT IS GOOD SO GO…FOLLOW THEM

Hi my name is Bella “Hells Bells” princeyandanxiety and I have an ebony black icon (that’s how I got my name) with black headphones and maroon backgrounds that reflect my love for QLD and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I remind them of Anxiety (AN: if you don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a cool person, and I go to a hell site called Tumblr on the internet where I’m in the seventh year (I’m seventeen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eye liner and red eye shadow. I was ranting inside Tumblr. People were saying I was cool and telling the truth so there was no argument from me, which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Bells: When I said for you to submit a thing to me I didn’t mean write a goddamn maSTERPIECE


Some of you know me personally, a lot of you don’t and that’s okay. A lot of us are mutuals and that’s pretty fucking cool. Whether you know me personally or not, you know I adore fifth harmony (I mean how could you not, my blog is full of them). Anyway, if you’re seeing this please vote for Normani and Val. This has been a dream of Normani’s ever since she was a little girl. Let’s win her this mirror ball. Voting closes in, like, 30 minutes. Call: 18008683410



You are so amazing and cool! :D

Yes, I do mean you! You, as in the person reading this post right now.

You are so cool and amazing!! I’m happy that you exist, and I’m happy that you’re here. Even if things are tough right now, I want you to know that they will get better and that you are not alone.

Stay amazing, friend <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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Have you read the Serpent and the Moon? It's a historical work about Henri d'Orleans, his mistress, and his wife, Catherine de Medici. It was written by the Princess of Kent, a descendent of both his wife and mistress and it's amazing.

Oh that’s so cool! I haven’t yet read it but I’m pretty sure it’s on my list already. I don’t really have time to read because I’m writing so much but hopefully once it’s officially summer I’ll be able to :D

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✢ I like your characters (He's one of my faves ^^), ❋ Your blog is one of my favs, ✦ I like seeing you on my dash (even when poor Sanji is preggers), ✪ You seem like a cool person, ❆ I love your art, ♥ Your choice - Fel, you are awesome. Thank you for making me laugh. ^^


(lmfao tbh I thought a lot of people would get so off with the mpreg)


Thank you for always be there too!

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Hi Jay i'm too shy to come off anon but i think your a wonderful person and really cool and i really like your blog. I was wondering if you could rec some of your favorite VLD blogs/bloggers? :3 i'd like to follow more cool people -3-

Ah, thank you! 

I made a list of some of my favorite Voltron blogs here the other day

Other honorable mentions are @jackalopes-vld @oshietee @aquaburst07 @lvtvr @marmoraskeith @kcgane @glaspaladin @shancers @volvoltron @galrakeith @anxietykeith @cubanlance @shiros-eyes (and some other people on my blog roll c: )