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Heya just a friendly reminder to all my fellow Zelda blogs out there, with Breath of the Wild coming out this Friday; please be careful about posting spoilers! If you do want to post spoilers, be sure to tag it with a specific tag (like say for example, “botw spoilers”) so people can block it/blacklist it. I know it’s cool to be the first person to post something but let’s give some people a chance to experience it firsthand when the game comes out.

honestly? i think the level design in da:i was dope, i just think they populated the maps VERY bad. yes, hinterlands design was bad, but that’s bc it’s the standard ‘rolling fields and woods’ blown up to GARGANTUAN proportions. everything else tho?? the ideas were pretty cool! crestwood, go close a rift under a giant lake that’s causing undead to crawl out of the water, you get to explore some pretty cool cavern systems and then when it’s done the whole place gets lit up by sunset and looks Very pretty. hissing wastes, fuck around in this dope ass nighttime desert and climb buttes and mountains and shit. fallow mire was great, very few sidequests and the-floor-is-lava mechanics on a limited map so every area was cool and unique. storm coast personally fits my Aesthetic and its kinda fun going up and down the cliffs and those giants step stone bits. the graphics are amazing and i LIKE exploring these maps. that being said they put ENTIRELY TOO MANY sidequests in each area, but now that im on my fourth runthrough and i officially do not give une fuck about completing every single ! on my screen im enjoying the fuck out of these maps tbh

The members are always right.

I work at a golf course and one of the things we offer is annual memberships (which simply means you pre-pay for all of the green fees for that year (additionally, if you do the math, people pay for approx. 35 green fees but receive unlimited rounds of golf)). ANYWAY, we have this one customer who is notoriously difficult to get them to pay their annual green fee and their cart storage fee (we also offer storage for personally owned golf carts).
So he shows up, and says “I’d like to pay for my membership.”
Cool. Perfect. I can do that. I fill out the contract and he writes a check for the specific membership he wants. MIND YOU, all of our fees for EVERYTHING is posted right behind the counter where it’s perfectly readable with clear font and large letters. I finish the transaction, and he goes out to play golf.
At this point, I am tidying up and spot a membership contract already filled out by my boss for this particular customer. I realize that my boss has a different type of membership indicated and cart storage fee included. I realize my mistake and call my boss to get permission to void the transaction.
While on the phone with my boss, he says “Rip up the contract and tear the check in half. When you see him again, give him the check back.” I totally understand why he wants me to do that. Instead of holding onto a check that I could cash, we render it completely void so it can’t be used.
I see the customer again and I apologize for the error (the membership he picked out was $90 more, despite seeing the senior membership on the board behind me and telling me he wanted the wrong one) and hand him his torn-in-half check. He looks at me with contempt in his eyes.

“Why’d you tear MY check in half?!”

“Well, it was incorrect. Instead of me having this check in my possession, I was instructed to tear it in half to protect you.”

“It was the only one I had today and you shouldn’t be destroying personal property.”

“Uh….”, i replied very eloquently.

“Whatever!”, he huffed. “I’ll be back tomorrow to pay AGAIN, since you couldn’t do it right the first time.”

??????you told me you wanted something specific, i obliged, realized there was a mistake and corrected it with the blessing from my boss?????

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I'm a lesbian and matched with a ftm dude on OKC. Seemed cool, we chatted. His profile said he wanted friends too. Few days later, propositions me out of the blue. Tell him thanks, but I'm only attracted to women. And he got...offended? Accused me of not knowing what trans is. Explaining that he still 'had those parts' and so on. I said it seemed pretty damn offensive to sleep with him just because of his anatomy and he got even more offended? Did I do something wrong there? I'm so confused.

no honestly i think you were the respectful one in that situation. i mean he personally may view himself that way but most trans people won’t like being singled out as their anatomy, and for many people they find that they would be doing someone a disservice by sleeping with them if they don’t have an attraction to people who identify how that person identifies but made an exception for trans men (for example) because they may have more familiar anatomy for you as a lesbian. operating dating profiles is difficult for trans people at times, but i think you were within reason here and though i myself like to date queer women i wouldn’t particularly be comfortable dating someone who exclusively identifies as a lesbian for example because i’m not a woman and that is what lesbians are attracted to. this situation seems pretty uncomfortable all around, and he should have respected your identity as much as you seemingly respected his. 

(Context: I had applied for a moderator position. Me and the other applicants were all in a Skype chat because we had to get to know eachother. We were basically playing 20 questions. I was 15, which was the age limit, so I was one of the youngest applicants)

Random person: Sexuality?

*chorus of “straight”*

Me: Lesbian

Person I vaguely knew: Oh, I didn’t know that!

Fuckboy: Cool, I love lesbians!

Me: What do you mean?

Fuckboy: Well, lesbians are really hot!

One of my friends: Dude wtf?!

(Everyone else quickly changed the topic. Needless to say, the fuckboy was kicked out of the chat as soon as the admin read over our conversation)

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Wtf, you are so pretty! 0_o and you can art, and you game, and you cool af! You are goals (really though, I aspire to be on your level, hardcore). Pls be my friend, like holy mother of all that is good I find nothing wrong with you. You glowing angel human you.


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I mean, you’re a sweet bean for saying so, but just like everyone else on this crazy little planet, there’s PLENTY wrong with me.

More than enough to go around, really. Haha I guess I just don’t make a point of posting a lot about the hard times here. But I’m glad that I can inspire you! That’s honestly the dream! Being inspirational as an artist, to other artists and humes is what it’s all about! :D 


Also yes be my friend. 

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So opinion on Matpat's theory? Personally I think there's some really cool ideas in there, but it wasn't really wrapped up well enough to call it a complete theory. There's most likely a ton more evidence than what he went over, but he did do some good research. Thoughts?

Well that’s the thing. Every video he makes is a game hypothesis. But Game Hypothesis doesn’t roll of the tongue quite as well. The thing about Theoretical Gaming is that it only exists on its own. With Theoretical Physics, you also have Experimental Physics. But there is no Experimental Gaming. So it cannot be tested. The only way to prove it is if the creator says “this is correct” or “this is false” which any good game designer would never do.

As for his theory, it’s super interesting. And I don’t have a problem with it, especially since Wingdings and Aster are Papyrus and Sans in Underline so it makes me feel better knowing the very creative types have thought it as well. One of my problems is just that he claims the “two” Gaster is referring to is Sans and Alphys. That doesn’t make sense if Gaster is Sans and Papyrus. Why wouldn’t he be talking to Papyrus? I just got a little confusing.

But, I think it still is a good theory. But the beauty of it is, you don’t need to agree with it. You can have your own theory and it’s equally valid. His theory is just as valid as Gaster being made of Diet Coke. Like Papyrus says

Personally, I’m sticking with Gaster as a separate entity, most likely brother to Sans and Papyrus.


Want to see something cool? The sketch above is something I drew when I was about 14, in 2005 or so (that’s what you can blame for the terrible, impractical costume design!). Here’s what I can do with her in 2017, at the age of 26.

I go through a constant battle with myself about my artistic ability, but even I can see the progress here. I’ve made a lot of excuses over the years, and I have only just(!) started making a conscious effort to improve as an artist after far too long trying to work off of natural ability, and then feeling sorry for myself when it didn’t pay off the way I wanted. I’m only just coming to accept that the only way to get better is consistent effort, persistence and determination - talent will only get you so far. Yes, it does bug the hell out of me that I could have been much better already if I’d gotten over myself sooner - but that’s life! I’ve started now, and that’s what matters.

Stay determined, guys - sometimes, the things we want most for ourselves really do just come down to working your butt off for them. And I’m looking forward to lots more of that in the future!

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You say "If you don't like it, don't watch" and that's fine, and you liking the show is fine, but if someone has criticisms about the show, such as CNs schedule, shouldn't they be allowed to voice their opinions? Some things are a matter of personal tastes, but others can be legitimate problems and just saying "don't like, don't watch" in response to everything just frees creators or companies from receiving genuine criticism.

I’m not saying don’t voice your opinion.  But I am saying that if you’re gonna voice it, it’s generally better to be magnanimous about it.

“XYZ SUCK ASS BECAUSE IT’S NOT TO MY PERSONAL TASTE!!!!” is generally not gonna be received as well as “I don’t much care for XYZ for ABC reasons, but I understand that some folks like it and am cool with letting them do them.”

Instead I’m having people argue with me about it, telling me that my opinions are wrong and trying to prove (weakly, I might add) that TTG is a bad show… largely by comparing it to something it’s not even meant to be.

There have been a few that’ve said, “well, I know it’s supposed to be something different, but I really do just like the original.  New isn’t my cup of tea.”  That’s totally fine!  But again: those have been unfortunately few.

Let me revise my statement.  If you don’t like it, but you want to be seen as a decent person who doesn’t engage in things just to make yourself angry, don’t watch it.

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We all still reblog from them because they're cool, and a compassionate person, and actually contribute something good, unlike you. Besides which, not even that long ago you said you were thinking about Buck's tiddies and then you condemn someone else for feminization? Hypocrite. Y'all and these witch hunts you do to make yourselves feel important, ya'll make me wanna vomit.

the fact that u wrote bucks tiddies in complete seriousness is making me roll on the fucking floor


SI’d like to thank all of you all!! Here are some shoutouts to 15 of my closest mutuals:

  1. @thingswelostinthefire –My tumblr mom, Rose, also my #1 fan for 4 weeks in a row (ily, you spork)
  2. @daddysnek–Number two fan for this month. Username=my entire existence
  3. @phoenixgurl78–Number three fan for this month. Really cool person!!
  4. @deadpan-trashcan–Her tumblr is my aesthetic. Number 4 fan for this month.
  5. @starmadephan–one of my favourite blogs, a fellow loser™
  6. @plantpotphil–another one of my favourite blogs, stole/discovered the phrase, “hecking rad” from her. Not giving it back.
  7. @star-howell–fabulously fabulous. Gave me the #tag talking disease. 
  8. @aboveaverage-fangirl–loves talking to me, i can scream at her and she’s fine with it (tysm fam)
  9. @novatheinternet–secretly is a unicorn, like my best friend on this website
  10. @cyanlester–my team captain for the phandom games (#team j should have won) and just a generally wonderful person
  11. @hesitant-dan–emo trashcan, really relatable, a fab-yoo-lus squitch
  12. @softephan–speaks in memes, is a soft smol bean
  13. @lippustikku–another fabulous username, a poet
  14. @articulatehowell–(another) one of my favourite blogs!! Really cool!!
  15. @stopdan2k17–could not agree more with the title of her blog, “Gender roles are the worst type of bread.” I also agree with her username.

I’m sorry if I left anyone out! Any of you all, hit me up whenever and talk to me!!


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Blue, cinnamon, periwinkle, mauve. :)

•BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.

Originally posted by giffuckery

•CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.

I love your blog so much so I also stalk admire you from afar. ♥

•PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh

•MAUVE = You are really talented

Thank you, so much lovely. I really appreciate this and thank you for not calling me evil ♥

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Welcome to Tumblr where you can't please everyone, and you're always a villain for some indiscrection.

Well, at least one person did vote me as villain the other day on a Twitter poll I created… maybe it was foreshadowing…

All joking aside, I know not everybody here is gonna be happy with what I say. I’m cool with that. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. I’m not asking people to disregard their own feelings or opinions just because I say something opposite to the what they’re thinking. What I do ask of people, though, is that they show me the same respect I show others by choosing not to comment when someone says something I don’t like.  I don’t go in other people’s asks to argue over something they said. I don’t hijack posts (that didn’t happen tonight, but it falls into this same general category). I do not feel the need to lash out at everything who says some negative thing about the stuff I enjoy. I may make my own separate posts about it, but I don’t engage just for the sake of argument. It serves no purpose but to alienate and create drama. And I’m not here for that. I’m here to thoroughly enjoy the stuff I love and occasionally gripe about the stuff I don’t. Most of the time, I show people the same courtesy to do what they want on their blogs. That’s all I ask in return.

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Hi there! I just wanted to tell you that you are incredibly smart and extremely observant. You always notice cool details about supernatural episodes and I enjoy your thoughts and metas a lot. I wondered what you thought about Dean suspecting his mom's involvement with the BMoL. He almost seemed to be covering for her in Stuck in the Middle With You, and in this last episode he didn't seem particularly surprised when she confessed to working with them. Do you think he already knew or guessed?

Good evening, dear!

Thank you so much for being so sweet. *insert blushing smiley*

I think Dean is an extremely observant person, who is able to really pick up on the tiniest nances. Plus: When it comes to lying and detecting lies really Dean knows the “common tells” so to speak by heart. He is skeptical and cautious and simply very skilled in reading people - and that even when he can only hear their voice and not their facial expressions.

So yes, as the season has been showing, Dean has been aware that something was going on with their mother beyond being troubled by her sudden return and really not only not knowing how to feel about a world that’s so different to the one she knows, but also is confronted with two grown up sons. Similarly to how the Winchesters growing up never learnt how it is to have a mom and therefore don’t know really know how a relationship looks like between parents and grown up kids, Mary on the other side also never learnt how to have grown up kids as she never watched them grow up and forge a relationship. But I’m getting off track… ;P

Yes, I think Dean wasn’t surprised at all about the revelation. Mr Ketch may have thought of Mary as a good liar and objectively one could say she is a “good liar” in so far as the lie about where she is and why she can’t come for help rolls off her tongue easily, for Dean - who is well schooled in detecting lies and knowing what to pay attention to - Mary actually was probably a rather obvious liar.

So yeah, I think he wasn’t surprised at all. He may have hoped he was wrong, but commonly Dean can very well rely on his senses and gut feeling.

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What blogs kind and cool people? Who sometimes support you or just cool.

Hello dear anon ^^

People who support me? Well, there´s many ^^” And they are all very cool too :D

But some people that I can talk about are:

@leeba, she´s been with me from the very beginning. She was one of the first people to follow me and she was the first person who requested me an aesthetics!! She doesn´t post many original stuff but she´s amazing and she´s always been here to support me ^^

@phans-eldarya-adventure and @ewelein have been with me for very long as well! They have always supported me in my writings, aesthetics and then when I first started drawing! They were the ones who pushed me to draw more(togeher with leeba ^^ ) Plus, the three of us love to share theories with each other!!!

@eldarya-no-lorraine has been with me for quite the beginning as well! Even before I made this blog I already knew about her and I became sohappy when she followed me and since then we have shared many ideas and theories, even joking around with each other´s Guardiennes XD

@foresthuntermajrach was one of the first people who requested me scenarios non-stop and then she came to tlak to me in private and since then we talk almost everyday! She tends to give me tips for drawing and we share each other´s Guardienne´s stories :D

@redrose04 Is someone who´s been supporting me for some time for both my drawings and writings which means a lot to me. Plus, she has been doing so many fanarts for Andy that is insane <3 

@vanillaamoursucrethings is someone who is been supporting me a lot lately as well and helped me when not that long ago there was a little problem with another person.

@shea-gardienne, @ariannii @maylinbae and many other people out there have been suppporting me,plus every single person who´s been following me is supporting me a lot and it´s tahnks to everyone that I´m here :D

Thank you so much everyone, I love you all ^^

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hey basically all my cc was deleted (back up your cc kids) and im basically trying to start my collection again... do you know how I should start again/any sets which I can download to help save me time? thank you so much sorry if this was long/doesn't make sense

i’m probably not the best person to ask because i know where most of my cc is from,,  but

  • maybe look back at screenshots and see what cc you used
  • you probably know your all time fave pieces of cc so download those first
  • if you have a wcif tag look through that
  • this is a greeeaaat opportunity to just restart everything and try new things
  • if you like the thing i have in my game @palechiffon​ is a cool place ;^)

i don’t think i can suggest sets to you since i don’t know what u like and i don’t know of any…but i hop that kind of helped?