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Being Gay Is More

Being gay is more than rainbows, and kisses, and smiles. Being gay is more than sunsets, and cuddles, and sleepovers. Being gay is more than “be yourself”, and I was “born this way”. Being gay is throwing a brick at the stonewall riots, and lynchings for holding your girlfriends hand. Being gay is yelling at police, sitting still as a preacher spits in your face while he damns you to hell. Being gay is not some aesthetic that straight people can use to consider themselves “progressive” because we both know you’re only on our side so you can watch. If I have to see one more goddamned video of a straight white girl making a rainbow makeup tutorial for pride I’m going to scream. Being a lesbian is not two girls have a secret sleepover, cuddling together sneaking kisses; it’s changing alone in the locker rooms because the other girls are lining up to change in the bathroom stalls so you won’t see them. Being gay is not going to the store and biting organic fruit with your hubby; it’s getting yelled at during back to school shopping because your daughter “shouldn’t have to grow up having two fags as parents. How will you appease her feminine side?” Being bisexual isn’t being straight passing, and having more options to date; it’s being excluded from both the straight and gay communities. Being trans is not some skinny white boy who passes; it’s a person of color being beat up in the woman’s restroom because “HE’S just a MAN trying to sneak a peak at the woman inside”, as if she herself is not a beautiful woman who just needs to piss. Being Queer isn’t dressing cute and wearing a rainbow flag; it’s living with AIDS, which means even though you now test negative because you’ve kept on your meds and are no long contagious, you can’t find a significant other due to fear and propaganda. Being intersex isn’t a “true born transgender” (how could you ever say that and no know you’re being offensive?!); it’s having doctors remove parts of your genitalia for no logical reason at all. Being asexual/greysexual is not being a tease and staying innocent forever; it’s being excluded from the Queer community for some stupid sense of entitlement about what is and isn’t LGBT. Being aromantic is not a fun out-spirited girl who knows how to have a good time; it’s being called a skank on a daily basis because you don’t feel romantic attachments.

I am not an aesthetic for you to use to feel included in the LGBT community. Just because I believe in black lives matter does not mean in any way that I am a person of color. The A stands for asexual and aromantic, not ally. You’re not a part of our community. You support us yes, but you aren’t us. That sounds harsh, I know. I do not intend to hurt your feelings but my struggles are real. So, please stop dismissing them. Actually support us, instead of kinda helping to make yourself feel better. So, support us please, but please don’t sexualize us, or use us for your aesthetic. I am a person. I live, and breathe, and feel. My experiences are real. Hear them. Pay attention. And then do something about it.

I am a white, bi/pansexual, gender nonconforming individual. If you have a problem with something I’ve said PLEASE correct me or tell me what I’ve said to offend you. I will be happy to admit if I’m in the wrong.

(I lumped pansexual in with bisexual because to quote my favorite human @jaxxgarcia “to suggest you need a whole new sexuality to be attracted to trans people is …what’s that words again idk OH gross”. [EDIT the quote meant “don’t feel the need to change your sexuality just because allies don’t understand the difference between bi and pan”. People who don’t think pansexuals exist are gross. Pan people exist, I inserted the quote at a weird spot I’m sorry.] I put agender, gender fluid, demi girl/boy etc under trans to conserve space. I put pan, bi, poly etc under bi to conserve space. I use the word Queer because it’s a word stolen from us, and I’d like to claim it back. Also because I don’t like saying I’m gay, because I’m not a homosexual man, if you get where I’m coming from.)

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magnusbaene  asked:

when you feel like it, you can always do a little something in that queer izzy universe of your fic (which was incredibly beautiful btw), maybe seeing alec being happy w/ magnus? bc seeing a happy queer couple is healing and wonderful

(the fic mentioned)

Ever since Alec’s failed wedding, even before then honestly, Izzy had noticed the way her brother changes around Magnus. He’s still himself, but it’s as if his armor falls away, he’s no longer only a soldier, only a Shadowhunter, only a Lightwood, he’s simply Alec, her brother who always holds her when she cries, who teases Jace about spending so much time on his hair, who takes Max out for ice cream whenever he can, who is finally letting himself fall in love.

At first, Izzy had thought the warmth in her chest whenever she saw her brother with Magnus was purely happiness for Alec, but as she watches them now, she thinks it may be more than that.

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easy like sunday mornings

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Love can be as easy as Sunday mornings, from the way fingers can thread together in the depth of the blankets, a reminder or a promise of what the future will hold for both lovers, because waking up to each other is enough to seek comfort and possibilities in their love.

pairing: yoongi | reader
words: 1.3k
genre: fluff
summary: nothing is easier like waking up to your boyfriend on a sunday morning
a/n: for @btslanesgurl because hoe needs some lovin and hugin and hopefully my writing will do the trick ( also for those fluff thirsty yoongi standswHO JUST WISHES TO WAKE UP TO YOONGI CAN I GET A FUCK YEAH )

There was something about the way the lilac curtains elegantly danced against windows ever so gently, ever so gracefully because of the breeze from the crevices of the open window. It didn’t help but amplify your thoughts when the waltz of the morning wind was accompanied with the shimmering rays of golden drops filtering through your windows, through the curtains and casting a beautiful blanket of life in the bedroom. Whatever life that was, you were enjoying it, and it just makes your heart flutter when the life next to you was snuggling further in the warmth of yours on an easy Sunday morning.

It’s not like your brain was supposedly functioned to wake up in the cracks of dawn or somewhere in the witching hours of 3am nor was it the easy habit of waking up at a normal time at 9am. Because it was just how your Sunday and many of the days of the week works for you. While your eyes flutter, greeted my the inviting barefaced beauty of your boyfriend, settled right next to you amongst the white mountain peaks of the covers, you just couldn’t pin point any other reasons to wake up to.

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sassafrasyourself  asked:

So because I'm curious and you did ask to have us ask is it for Lexa to watch Clarke change? Just how wild is it? Also just bless you and your brilliant writing!!

you smile to yourself and make sure you remember the page number (147) before you shut your book and set it aside on the couch, then turn to watch clarke come in from work. it’s one of your favorite things, when she gets home, because she’s exhausted and sleepy most times — being a surgical intern is grueling, which you had both known when she started her intern year two months ago, but living it is different — but clarke is home, clarke is here and yours and she’s also saving lives. right now she’s just started her neurosurgery rotation, and she’s loved it, which hadn’t been unexpected, because she’s an artist and because it’s small and precise and very brave, and you’re so infinitely proud of her: clarke has worked harder than anyone you know to get here, and she’s literally saving people. healing them, comforting them, and you love her all the more for how boldly she’s doing it.

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bUT CONSIDER THIS remus and sirius at Mcgonagall’s office, after a prank that really fucked everything up, hearing a endless lecture about how they’re reckless motherfuckers and she’s just

“I hope you both learn with your mistakes this time, you’re not first years anymore, you’re almost graduating now is not the time to fool around you should have studying for your finals and—”

but she caught a suspect smirk on remus’ lips and she just knows that sirius isn’t even paying attention and he was awkwardly biting his lip and she doesn’t know what that shit is about but that’s it, she’s so done

“Are you two listening to me? Okay, let’s get things straight here—”

“Oh”, remus smirk widened and he glanced at sirius to watch his reaction when his hands raised up through his thigh and closed around his gloriously hard cock (what was expected because remus was teasing him by the minute they sat down at that bloody room) under his clothes and calmly goes “well, I don’t think that is possible, professor…’’

“yeah, remus has some problems with such straight things, you know”

“really, padfoot? I’ve learned it from you, actually, i’ve got a beautiful proof in my hands right now that you’re the one who definitely can’t make things straight, do you want me to show it to mcgonagall?”

what a marvelous detention they got

“i can’t believe you put us into this just because you can’t hold your queerness on”

“i can’t, but i certainly can hold yours”

remus lupin, everyone

I was having a conversation with a fellow Swan Queen shipper - one who happens to be of the straight variety - about how it is almost offensive when people claim that “Even straight people see it!”. As if straight people would be incapable of seeing a love story between two women. To which I replied it was also very sad that it meant a queer person had accepted that they couldn’t possibly be rational or objective about this given their queerness. So I asked if I could share her response, because I liked the fire and I felt… recognized.

It’s sad on both counts isn’t it? That me as a straight person sees what’s between Emma and Regina validates you as a gay person seeing the same. I hate that. That’s the world we live in. We both see this beautiful story unfolding whether we like dicks or pussy, we can see what Once is selling. And fuck me it’s gorgeous!

And as a bonus, I’ll add the rest as well.

Oh my God, did you see the script tease? How fucking married are these two? How can people not see SQ? You’d have to be blind. I don’t care if Mulan humps every female on Once, she won’t be the representation. No way! Each episode and clip is more SQ than the next. And I love it.

Thought you might love her as much as I do right now.