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Why Midoriya Izuku is the Best Shounen Main Character

Alright so I’m pretty guilty right now. I have a lot of things to sort out and I still unanswered asks and oh boy do I got a lot of fanfic writing to do before summer ends and I’m opening requests soon but JESUS Y’ALL. Im a huge fan of this series and I’ll be damned if I miss writing something for this boy’s birthday. I already missed writing my Inko appreciation on her birthday but I won’t let her down!


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Woah, broad statement to say huh? Well, my friends, I’ve read a lot of manga, particularly shounens since that’s my more favorite genre, and I have to say that Midoriya Izuku has been the best main character I’ve ever read and I only hope he continues to grow into his beautiful character.

I mean even from the beginning of the manga, the way he was written was so completely relatable and realistic. In the very beginning of the manga, he was written to be this lonely boy who suffered through bullying and suicide comments and continuously kept going because of his obsession with heroes. From the very beginning, Horikoshi gave us this character that wasn’t perfect (rather was filled with psychological issues) and really at the bottom of the totem pole. I know a lot of people have compared Izuku with Naruto but at least Naruto was born with an incredibly gifted ability from the start. Izuku was literally born with nothing. In a society where there are heroes running rampant and where Izuku dreams about being a hero, he was literally born with all odds against him in that regard. Yet, through all the loneliness, through all the bullying, Izuku still stayed strong through all of that and continued to dream on his goal, only truly wavering once when All Might told him he should find a new dream (and even then, he still got himself almost killed but I’ll get to that in a bit).

And to add on to his realistic demeanor, I know a lot of people call Izuku a cry baby and make fun of his constant amount of crying but honestly? Imagine this: you were born a black sheep in society, everyone looks down on you, you dream of being something great but you weren’t born with the skills for it, someone you consider to be a friend looks down on you and literally tells you to go jump off a building and destroys a piece of you that you hold memorable, then you almost get killed but someone saves you, then you finally get to meet your idol, the person keeping you alive essentially and they tell you straight up that you should give up on your dream, then you’re devastated but you see that friend in a life threatening position so you literally sacrifice yourself to go save them even though you can’t do anything, and then instead of praise, you get all the blame and beaten down again while your friend gets all the praise, but then you end that EMOTIONAL DAY (keep in mind it happened within a DAY) with your idol telling you that you can be that person and he will help you achieve your dream. I won’t even go onto the other times he’s cried but honestly? I know if I was in his position, I wouldn’t have even stomached half of what happened and I’m sure most of you reading this wouldn’t be able to have a DAY like that without crying. I’m sure with 99% of you, at least once tears will shed. Izuku during his time has been through emotionally exhausting feats and I think it’s absolutely INCREDIBLE that Horikoshi gives us this raw character with RAW emotions. Through Izuku being this emotional, not only does it help us relate to him much more but it helps shows that, hey you can still be strong AND be emotional too. Emotions doesn’t equal weakness and Horikoshi really shows that tremendously, especially when the audience are a group of young ones-adults that are taught daily showing emotions is weak and you have to be strong and not show weakness because apparently crying shows weakness. With Izuku, all of that is stomped on the ground and it’s truly inspiring.

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And oh boy, my favorite part of Izuku! So most shounen protagonists I have seen and come across are usually born or given this great ability suddenly and yes, while they have to train, they normally get the hang of it pretty quickly and are pretty op with it (I’m looking at you Natsu). Most of the time nakama power is enough to win the battle even though the power difference is crazy different. Yet with Izuku, it’s not like that at all. We are 145 chapters in and Izuku can only still use a small portion of One for All still and he’s gotten to the point where, because of his continuous idiotic use of One for All, he has the major consequence that if he uses it too much at 100%, he could lose FUNCTION IN HIS ARMS. OH YEA, PRETTY BIG DEAL AND CONSEQUENCE FOR THAT.

From what I just wrote, this was my favorite thing that was said:

Yes, folks, he not only says that once, not twice, but multiple times throughout the series. I think the most recent time he said it was during Episode 27 when he was climbing the walls, though I’m sure he’s said it in the future arcs and I forgot about it. Due to this new given status he was given, Izuku acknowledges that he is completely far behind from everyone else, he understands that he is at the bottom of the totem pole and that he has to work 10x harder than everyone else since he lost about 10-11 years to get used to his quirk. And throughout the series, Horikoshi doesn’t pull back on that, in fact he really drives it in that, while Izuku does become the greatest hero of all time, it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of time, training and consequences to get to that point. Even from the beginning, we were given a small glimpse of his incredible training regime and that alone just shows how much effort he has to put in and even that wasn’t enough. I won’t lie, it feels so refreshing that the Main Character isn’t some overpowered person who always gets away with his ridiculous moves, rather it’s nice that he does have consequences and that he see him actually develop into that role while he is being surrounded by others who could take that title from him.

Also, not only is he an intelligent and incredibly hard worker like holy hell, but can we talk about his personality as well? See, here is another perk about Izuku, we weren’t given some either suave person or an annoying character that makes you want to rip out your hair because they’re either too happy or too sad or too emo cringey mess. Rather, Horikoshi gave him a realist personality who thinks through, is incredibly modest and respectful, and holy fuck the most selfless character in the entire show.

I mean, we already know his intelligence and craftiness as he analyzes heroes and their moves as seen through the constant muttering he does as he watches them and his writings in his notebook

 Which might I add right now that I’m really happy Horikoshi gave him this type of analytic behavior as it makes his earlier actions have a bit more sense involved in them, like due to his constant observation he was able to use moves in combat that at least got him by in the beginning

 To also tie in with that, can I say that it is so refreshing to have a main character be a complete DORK about girls and such like that?? Like for someone who was lonely and only had much of the internet to interact with, it makes complete sense that in the beginning he’s really nervous around females or even touching them or talking to them.

Like look at how he talks to Ochako

 Or even how he reacted when Tsuyu said to put her down

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 Or even how he reacted towards Mei when she had her chest all up in his grill.

 Not only does having this personality trait make him a total dork and cutie but it really shows that we won’t see anything super perverted on Deku’s side. Like if he’s too nervous to talk or even touch a girl in a different manner, than it really shows how respectful he is and how modest he is and how we won’t see any pervy side of Deku anytime soon, which is refreshing for an MC to be that way since most MCs have to either touch or acknowledge their love interest’s chest before they can be established as a good character.

 Though, I will say that even though those are amazing points of our birthday boy, the one personality trait of his that truly makes him a much more fitting hero than Bakugou or even Todoroki or even my baby Ochako is how incredibly SELFLESS he is. Ok ok I know that’s a common personality trait but Izuku really takes it to the max throughout the manga.

 Like when right after he was told to jump by Bakugou, his initial thoughts were based on Kacchan not wanting to get severely punished by the law

Or when he risks his life to save Bakugou from the sludge monster even though he has no quirk

Or when he risks his life once again to save Ochako even though he can’t control his quirk

 Or when he risks his life AGAIN to save All Might 

 Or when he attempts to help Ochako before her fight with Bakugou

 Or when he puts his spot in the tournament on the line to help Todoroki reconcile his fire side

 Or when he helps Iida with the Stain fight and notifies the entire class to come and help

Or when he even goes well over his power limit to save Kota and show him that heroes are good people that can hold on their own

 Or when, even though he could lose function in his GOD DAMN ARMS, he still helps the others get Bakugou back from the villains

And note guys, I didn’t even list everything. I just listed the things I could remember but there is so much more that I could have listed as well. And legit, the things I mentioned, there was no benefit in him doing that, like during the time he did them, all there were were cons for him, there was nothing positive in any of those situations for him. And yet? He still did it. He still put himself and his wishes behind to help those around him and make sure they were successful or safe, even if it meant his own life on the line. I’ve never seen other shounen protagonists push themselves this much in only 145 chapters and I think that’s absolutely incredible.

 Alright so this post is reaching to be about 2k and while I can say more about this wonderful boy, I also want to make sure that I not only post this on time but that I don’t find myself repeating the same thing over and over again. While Izuku is not my favorite character of all time, I am so happy and blessed that he is the main character of this amazing manga series. He’s grown so much since the first chapter and Horikoshi is only setting up the series more to have him grow much more and I’m excited to see how much more he grows as the series progresses. He is such a good character that is well balanced and realistic and such and I know for myself personally that I really relate to him in a lot of ways. Truth be told, it makes me actually really incredibly sad when people dismiss his reasoning for being a hero or when people just write him off as a cry baby because there’s so much more to him than just that. His reasoning to be a hero is realistic and deep enough, his emotions are realistic, his psychological issues that he faced with in the beginning shows his strength tremendously.

 Izuku is one of the best main characters and I’m so happy all of us were blessed with him on this wonderful day! Yay!!! Happy Birthday Deku!!!

 Tldr; Izuku’s face appears when you look up the definition of what a friend and a hero is.

OK, but hear me out: What if the Avengers had YouTube Channels?

Clint has a channel where he tries to recreate Pinterest and BuzzFeed DIY’s. You know that type of videos: chaos, DIY’s gone really, really wrong and a lot of (unnecessary) cursing.

“Today we’re going to try to make this sprinkle-shooting arrow. Look at how pretty this sh*t is!”

“It’s on fire! ITS ON FU*KING FIRE!

“OK, that fu*ked up pretty bad”

(Clint Barton in a nutshell)

Caption: “Oh, did that explode? Yeah, it exploded. Sh*t, man. Laura’s gonna kill me.”

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Thor had to do vlogs. Like, have you seen him? This six feet guy, all beefy and worked out, walking around New York being all like “I shall buy the midgardian drink known as coffee this splendorous morning.” 

And then Jane takes him shopping and he just freaks out about the things we invent… And then movie night (am I the only one who thinks it would be hilarious to get Thor to watch a horror movie??). 

He is front line in any protest or march, even if he is not entirely sure of what’s happening. A treasure everyone should protect.

Caption: That one blog, that one time.

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Don’t tell me Tony and Bruce don’t have a collaboration channel where they do experiments and essentially blow things up, because you’re wrong. 

Tony is the one who keeps saying there aren’t enough explosives yet (Really, Bruce. You don’t see it? If we don’t put more TNT in there, it won’t work) and Bruce is he more sensible one (Tony, there’s three kilograms of dynamite in there. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IS THAT?). 

And all their videos end up with stuff either blowing up in their faces or melting through tables. But people still love them, because they are hilarious.

Caption: “Hello guys. Today we are going to do a thermonuclear… Tony, NO. LEAVE THAT ALONE.”

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The kind of multi content uploader is Natasha. She has a series dedicated completely to self-defense, specially aimed to women, where Steve is a regular guest. 

But she also makes beauty videos like 15 Beauty Hacks the Government Doesn’t Want you to Know How to Die Your Hair Red Like the Blood of Your Enemies” “Deadly Beauty: The Secret to Russian Spies’ flawless skin. or Three Winter Outfits You Can Totally Kill Someone With.

Caption: “Here I am, being better than everyone, as usual”

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And last, but not least, Steve Rogers. He does deep reflections every Friday and uploads motivational videos once a month. One of his videos and you are sure to feel strong enough to conquer the world. 

His motivational speeches have moved armies to win battles, and they’re sure to move you to get outta the sofa. But the question remains: Did he write that down or made it up from the top of his head?

Caption: I would say something, but it would be rubbish compared to what Captain America has to say, so I’ll just won’t.

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- put a pencil to his temple, connected it to his brain
- he looked at me like I was stupid—i’m not stupid
- give us a verse, drop some knowledge
- i gotta holler just to be heard, with every word i drop knowledge
- you keep out of trouble, and you double your choices
- for the first time, I’m thinkin’ past tomorrow
- im looking for a mind at work
- im not standing still, i am lying in wait
- he keeps winning anyway; he changes the game—he plays and he raises the stakes
- we pick and choose our battles and places to take a stand
- the worlds you keep erasing and creating in your mind
- through the night, we have one shot to live another day
- how did we know that this plan would work? we had a spy on the inside
- if we lay a strong enough foundation, we’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you and you’ll blow us all away
- why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?
- why do you write like you’re running out of time?
- every action has its equal opposite reaction

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I love seeing your art of your priest and how he struggles with the shadows and mental illness. My priest is similar and it's nice to see I'm not the only one who plays a character like that :D

It’s not easy
I… never wanted to admit that I have similar struggles. I wanted Dey to be better than he was because I didn’t think I could be as good either. I wanted a hero for him, for him to be the hero. To be strong, and brave, and someone that could be admirable - like he wanted to be too. Like he thinks he SHOULD be. And though there’s demons and dragons and great big evils in the world, he’s his own worst enemy in the end.

And it’s difficult. It’s difficult to explain how the best and WORST in you is YOU as a whole, it’s you as a person. And that you have to carry that, everywhere, and hide it at the same time. Both visible and invisible, and you don’t know which is going to be for the day. Your “normal” is not everyone else’s, and sometimes they notice that, and they want to help you - but admitting help is also admitting you had a problem to begin with, and who wants to think that the problem is YOU. No one really intends to be a bad person, do bad things, no one wants to think THEY, as they are, are a problem. Like you’re something broken to be fixed. Something wrong to be corrected. 

The thing about dragons, and demons, and big evil things, is that they can be defeated. They can be killed. And they end up gone. Mental illness doesn’t do that. It can be quiet one day, you can have very good days and think the bad is gone, that even you finally got rid of it and defeated it…! But it never really does. It always comes back, some way. Usually after bad days - especially after good ones.

In Azeroth, something that hurts you can usually be cured through magic or medicine. An arrow can be removed. A sword cut can be healed. Dented and old armor can be replaced. Sickness and even curses can be lifted. But… you can’t do that with your own brain that way. You can’t take that off  and put it away and get something new. You can’t pull it out you like an arrow. There’s not “wound” to heal. 

Every day it’s a “one step forward, two steps back” kind of day, and you spend your whole life playing catch-up. 

I think, especially for the ever-perfectionist blood elves, that mental illness is something that is hidden, suppressed, magically corrected and reformed. It is not to be talked of - and especially never discussed. It would see them WEAK and IMPERFECT. Deyaeunus always feels he never should’ve really lived through the Scourge’s invasion of Quel’thalas, that he wasn’t ‘good enough’ to live. There were better people that died. And it’s added pressure to him that he HAS to be useful in some way. He needs to find some sort of REDEMPTION for him being alive. But all that does is raise the bar to an already impossible standard that was never normal for him to begin with. And with it came frustration, depression, self-destruction, burn bridges… Cycles over and over and over again and he can’t get out of it

And as I feel for the Shadow/Void and Old Gods, that those with mental illness are actually the most prepared to confront them. That whatever horrors the Void has to show is nothing new that what is the every day for those with mental illness. Old Gods corrupt harmony and balance - things that were never quite really a part of these people to begin with. They already live in a world of despair, gloom, and melancholy, of madness - but, that is their NORMAL. And still they confront it every day. They fight that mental battle every morning that tells them to give up, that there’s no hope, that what’s the point, but still they wake up. Still they get out of bed. It’s another day. They don’t push or silence the thoughts away, they can’t, it’s THEIR thoughts after all, not some mysterious, corruptive outside source. That everyone hates them? They know that. That they have no friends or their friends are being false to them? Nothing new. That they’re useless to the heroic causes of the world? They’re still here. 

It’s a voice, not a kind one, but it’s the background echo of their life that they live with. What can Old Gods and the Void do in comparison that’s worse?

And, to quote Deadpool, of all people, though best he put it: “See, here’s the problem with round-the-clock torture. You can’t really step it up from there.”

So, for those that live with mental illness - ingame and/or out - you are still here. You win the battle that is every day. You are strong. 

Bring it on, Old Gods. Do your worst, it will never be bad enough.


Request: omg can you do a fic where hux is away from some trip or something and you’re like a high ranked officer and kylo talks to you lots bc he likes you and respects you but one night kylo steals hux’s cat bc he’s mad at him (as always) and the reader finds the cat and then kylo is like running down the halls in his sleepwear and no mask and finds millicent with the reader and he’s like wtf this is so cute and you’re like who are you to kylo and he’s like uhhhhh what other 6ft person do you know

A/N: Hello and thank you for the request! I’m amazed at how fast I was able to get this one done when usually it takes me a bit to do requests…I guess since this one was pretty length (the request) it narrowed it for me and made it a bit easier. Anyways, enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.4K+

There was nothing like being in control–although it was temporary due to the fact the general was off on a trip–you enjoyed that everyone had to answer to you. Being the second highest in rank, Hux took it in himself to make you take over his position for the time being. Although it was a bit hectic and quite tiring, you didn’t mind. It kept you on your feet and everyone respected you; though they already had, it was hard not to like you. Unlike the commander and general, your personality wasn’t too strong of a quality.

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BTS reaction when they see your self-harm scars

Anonymous said: How do you think they would react when they see their gf’s scars from harming, I know it’s a serious thing but I’m just curious, if you don’t want to do this one I completely understand.

How would BTS react when they saw some older self-harm scars on their gf body and when they confront her about it, she tells them not to worry ‘cause they’re the reason she got strength to stop cutting? Sorry if it doesn’t make sense or it’s too dark

Is there a possibility that you can make a reaction from bts to seeing your scars or bruises from harming only if you’re okay with this. :**

Okay, I have been waiting for more requests on this topic before deciding whether I should or shouldn’t make a reaction post about this, because I know that it is a sensitive topic for some people. I tried to incorporate as much as I could from each request, and I do ask you to forgive me if I did not remain 100% loyal to every request, but I did not want to seem repetitive.

Before you continue, I want to firstly WARN that this could be triggering for some people, so please do not read if you are afraid this might trigger you. However, I want to say, right here and now, that my ask box is open for you guys to talk to me (either on anon or not) if you ever have any troubles you just need to vent out. I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can. Whenever you guys feel the need to self-harm, message me, and I will give you one reason why you shouldn’t do it. If you have problems at home, with friends, with boys, or school, anything you need to speak about, complain about, vent, just come to me. You are not alone, okay? Never. I am here for you, even if I don’t know who you are. I care. I love you. Okay? Now that has been said, please enjoy my reaction scenario!

Jin: He wouldn’t be one to hesitate. He would see them one day, as you reached over him to grab something, and would stop you, wrapping his large hands around your wrist. You’d sigh deeply, knowing you’d been caught, and would now have to give some explanations.

“What is this Y/N?” He’d ask, using his eomma tone with you as he stared straight into your eyes, but you could tell deep down he was panicking.

“Scars” You replied sassily, but your voice was an octave higher, giving away your nervousness.

“I can see that. I mean: why are they on your arms?” He demanded, equally sassily. You rolled your eyes at him, and sighed, trying to keep your cool.

“I used to self-harm, as you can see. I haven’t done it for years, but back then I had a rough time. Things piled up, and this was the only way I could relieve stress… Eventually I couldn’t stop, until I came across something that made me feel whole again.” You told him, tears beginning to well up in your eyes. His expression softened.

“What helped you stop jagi?” He asked you in a whisper, his thumb rubbing circles into your skin, not breaking eye contact.

“You did. Your music. You gave me strength, I know it sounds cliché but I fell for your voice before I even knew what you looked like, and watching your videos made me smile, and soon I found myself running to my laptop whenever I was sad, and my razors were long forgotten…” You confessed, your voice barely above a whisper, as you looked down at your thumbs twiddling with each other. He gasped, tears taking over his eyes, rolling down his smooth cheeks, as he wraps his arms tightly around you.

“I love you jagi. I love you so much. I’m glad I helped you through your darkest times, but I promise you, now that you are with me, I will never let you hurt like this again. I promise you” He would say, his voice shaky from the tears, as he kissed the top of your head, and you sighed happily in his arms, feeling safe.

Jimin: You wanted him, God you wanted him. That little shit drove you crazy with his smirks, and his smiles and those stupidly sexy dance moves, and you knew he felt the same way about you, and was silently getting frustrated with the lack of intimacy in your relationship. It had been 5 months already, and he hadn’t gotten past making out. You knew the guys had been teasing him about it, but he never, not once, mentioned it to you, for he respected your wishes more than he respected his pride, or his own desires.

How could you tell him though, that the reason you didn’t want to get physical with him yet was the fact that you had scars down your hips from all your past painful experiences? You were embarrassed and ashamed, and you didn’t want him to see them.

One night, you were on the couch, watching movies with Jimin, when the rest of the guys decided to go out for the night, leaving you two alone for a long period of time. You saw the sly wink Hoseok sent in Jimin’s direction before closing the door behind them. You felt sorry for your boyfriend, you saw his sad expression before he turned to look at you, changing it for a cheesy smile.

“I’m sorry” you told him, looking down at your lap. He looked at you confused, cocking his head to the side.

“Why?” He asked innocently, and you sighed deeply.

“For this. The lack of intimacy. I know it frustrates you, but I just can’t take my clothes off in front of you, I don’t want to disgust you” You told him, tears welling up in your eyes.

“Why would you ever disgust me?” He asked you, his voice soft, and you could tell he was sad both because you were crying, and also because he could not comprehend how you could ever think he would ever be disgusted by you. You sighed, ‘it’s now or never’ you thought, and began to take your top and skirt off.  You chuckled at Jimin’s reaction, his eyes growing wide, his cheeks tinted pink, and his mouth hanging open as he clearly wondered if this was actually happening. You could see he was growing hungry for you.

You stopped once you were in your underwear, and ran your hands along your hips, pointing out all your little scars, and that’s when he noticed them. He stared at them for a couple of seconds, before he too, stood up from the sofa. He walked towards you, and put a hand on either side of your hips.

“Y/N, I don’t understand how you could ever think you are disgusting. All those scars prove is that you have healed, that you were brave enough to fight a battle and win it, those are not just scars, they are your tiger stripes, your warrior marks, and they make you more beautiful than before in my eyes. Now I can see how truly strong you are, and I admire you more than I did before. If you don’t want to get intimate like that with me, I understand, but don’t let these little marks stop you from thinking you are appealing, because right now, I have never seen anyone more beautiful and sexy in my life.” He told you, staring you down, biting his lips as he took in every inch of your body, and you felt your body burst into flames as he crashed his lips onto yours.

Let’s just say when the guys came back, they no longer had a reason to tease Jimin.

J Hope: You and Hoseok were cuddling on the couch, watching yet another romantic comedy, and munching down on your third bowl of popcorn of the night, truly enjoying one of the rare days off your boyfriend had. It was now mid-January, the wind was howling outside, the sky was the deepest blue your eyes had ever seen, and you had a thick fluffy blanket covering your onesie-clad bodies.

You were enjoying your night, laughing at all the right moments, crying with the characters, Hoseok’s arms around you the whole time, could things get better? No, but they could get worse. Somehow, feeding each other bits of pop-corn had somehow ended with a tickle war, and you were clearly losing. You squealed in delight as he tickled your sides, but you struggled to fight back and tickle him. He grabbed your arms and placed them above your head, but as he did so, his hand accidentally slid your sleeve up, revealing the multiple pink and red slashes, almost healed, on your skin.

You felt tears forming in your eyes, as you embarrassingly pulled at your sleeve, and tried to turn away from Hoseok, although his body kept you pinned down onto the sofa. He was sad, incredibly sad.

“Why?” He breathed out, and you could see in his eyes he was devastated. You cried even harder, too upset to think, you just pushed and pulled trying to get away. He held you down, and grabbed your face with one hand, making you look at him.

“Why Y/N?” he asked you, and though you couldn’t fully make out his face anymore due to the blurred vision your tears caused, you knew he left no room for argument.

“Life before you was Hell. I suffer from anxiety, it comes and goes, depending on how stressed I am. I couldn’t handle it, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t function. I felt like life had lost all meaning and doing this was the only thing that distracted me from the pain.” You told him honestly, your scars now itching from being mentioned. You saw one lonely tear roll down his face.

“What happened?” He asked, and though his question made little sense out of context, you knew he was speaking about the age of those scars, clearly not recent although they still managed to look painful.

“I met you. I stopped about 3 months ago, because I found something that gave me strength, and gave me hope. That was you Hobi, You were my hope” you told him with a smile, and he grinned at you, hearing his own little chant bounced back at him, and only then realizing how true it was. He kissed his way up your arm, starting from your wrist, up to your inner elbow… up your arm… to your shoulder and collarbones… and your neck, until he finally reached your lips.

“Let me always be your hope then” He told you, avoiding mentioning your scars after that, for he understood they were something you didn’t feel comfortable with, but letting you know from then on you could always count on him whenever you needed someone to cry on.

Jungkook: He noticed the bruises on your arms one day, as he was caressing your skin while you just lounged about in his dorm, and he questioned about it, but you brushed it off, saying you had hit yourself while cleaning out your house. He thought nothing of it at first, but then he started seeing more and more turn up, tinting your body, turning it black, blue, green and yellow. They were all over, invading your skin little by little, and every time, you had an excuse, a story. He was lost, he didn’t know what to do, he tried talking to you about it, but you just brushed it off, claiming to be clumsy. Not even Namjoon was that clumsy.

It wasn’t until he saw your knuckles split, bleeding profusely, that he decided to confront you straight on. You could see his face was contorted in pain, and he was a little scared, and a little worried, he wasn’t old enough yet to know how to proceed in a situation like this, but he did know he cared about you, and he was worried for your well-being, and he wouldn’t allow this reckless behavior to continue any longer.

“Y/N this needs to stop” he spoke firmly, but his eyes told you how worried he was. He studied your face, as you grabbed your hands, and looked away. He took one of your hands in his, and gingerly kissed your knuckles.
“Why? Why do you do this to yourself” He asked, and suddenly he looked just like a child to you, asking you why Santa isn’t real.

“I don’t know what else to do. I hate myself, everything about me. I feel like I am not good enough for you, and when I do this, for a while, I forget the pain inside. But then it comes back, and I have to keep doing it so I can feel like a normal person for a while” you told him, trying to reason with him, explaining why you did the things you did, but you knew he wouldn’t understand, no one ever does until they are in your same position.

“It hurts me, when you hurt yourself. It breaks my heart. You shouldn’t feel this way… Please jagi, please, the next time you feel the need to do this, come to me instead. I promise I will distract you, I will try my hardest to make you happy. I will kiss away the pain. Let me guide you, let me be your strength when you feel weak.” He told you, grabbing your hands a little tighter, and you nodded, feeling the tears rolling free down your cheeks, you sighed, and clung onto him, as you cried your heart out, with his strong arms wrapped around your frame. You knew then, that he would be your guardian angel, he would be there for you when you felt lower than dirt, he would pick you up, and he would put you back together. He was already starting to glue back the broken pieces of your soul.

Rap Monster: He saw the fresh slashes on your arms, and he went ballistic. You hadn’t expected him to come home early, so you just strolled around the living room in one of his t-shirts, and some shorts, leaving your forearms exposed, the scabs slowly forming over the cuts. You jumped when you heard Namjoon’s voice call your name, only a couple of meters away from you. You considered making a run for your room, to grab one of his hoodies, but you knew you just didn’t have enough time. You cringed as he approached you, grabbing onto your arm without noticing the cuts. It stung.

He noticed the change in your body language, and spun you around, loosening his grip on your arm, but still holding onto it. He stared at your forearm, and then looked at you, his eyes dark.

“Why?” He asked you sternly, you couldn’t help but look away. You knew you had done wrong. You had promised him you had stopped cutting, you had told him you had thrown away all your razors. But you lied, and that was what hurt him most. The last time you had cut, Namjoon had burst through your door at 4 am, crying his heart out as he held your almost limp body, surrounded by blood on your bathroom floor. He had called an ambulance, gone to hospital with you, and spent the night by your side, waiting for you to regain consciousness. The experience had broken him, he had never been so terrified in his whole life. He thought he would lose you that night, and made you promise never to do it again.

“You promised me Y/N” He would say, raising his voice, but you could see he was holding back tears. His face was the pure picture of betrayal.

“I’m sorry… I just couldn’t…” You replied weakly, your voice barely above a whisper. He tugged you towards the bathroom, ordered you to give him all your razors and sharp objects, and threw them all away angrily. It was then that he found your laptop, open on a website dedicated specifically to bash you and hate on you for dating Namjoon. His heart broke. He closed the page, and closed your laptop.

“You listen to me here Y/N : I don’t care what those girls who call themselves my fans say about you, I love you, everything about you. I love the way you are, scars and all. I love your imperfections, because they make you who you are, and that to me is perfection. So don’t EVER hurt yourself like this again, you hear me? NEVER AGAIN. I can’t bear to lose you Y/N… Not you.” He told you, falling to his knees and wrapping his arms against your stomach, and this time, for sure, you promised him you would never hurt yourself again.

That night, while you were asleep beside him, he recorded a short video for his fans, which he later uploaded on YouTube, and let’s just say the fans never hated on you again.

Suga: The second his eyes landed upon your sweater-covered figure, he had fallen for you. He couldn’t explain how or why, but as you sat down a few tables away from him at the coffee shop, he felt a pull towards you. He stood up, ignoring his friends’ questions and calls, and walked in your direction, stopping right in front of you. You looked up from the menu, slightly surprised by his presence, and the moment your eyes met his, it was like the world had disappeared.

You met a couple more times, at the same café, always at the same table, and talked about everything you could possibly imagine, from your dreams and aspirations, to your favorite characters in movies, to why you believed aliens wouldn’t even bother coming down to Earth to conquer us. It had been three weeks already, and the owner of the café had already grown to love you both, gifting you with free snacks every now and again as he brought your usual orders.

“You look beautiful today Y/N” He told you honestly, his face turning red.

“Thank you Yoongi…” You replied shyly, looking down at your lap as you blushed. You lifted your arm up to remove a strand of hair from your face and gently place it behind your ear. You didn’t calculate your movements enough, and your sweater fell prey to gravity, sliding down your arm, revealing the red slashes on your wrist. He gasped. You hurriedly brought your arm down and pulled the sleeve as far as you could. He grabbed your arm, and pulled it towards him.

“Y/N…” He called you, eyes growing sad as he pulled your sleeve up. He looked at your scars and noticed that although they weren’t fully healed, they weren’t too recent.

“I’ve stopped” you mumbled, not wanting to meet his gaze in fear that he was judging you.

“How long has it been since…” His voice trailed, breaking slightly as he carefully ran his index finger along the cuts.

Three weeks” You replied, this time meeting his eyes so he could see how honest your reply was. He felt tears begin to form in his eyes as he took in this new piece of information, and smiled at you, before leaning down to place gentle kisses on your arms.
“Let’s make sure it never happens again okay?… I-… I love you” He whispered, a single tear falling on your arm, and you leaned forward over the table, gently placing your lips on his.

“I love you too”.

V: You had been with Taehyung two months now, and you had both grown really close. You loved each other, you did everything together, everyone called you a pack, the dynamic duo. You played along with his crazy ideas, making sure that he didn’t get hurt whenever he took them a little too far. You had cuddled, kissed, made out, but you had never taken it further. Whenever things got heated, you stopped, and he understood, choosing to cuddle instead. You loved that about him, he understood the boundaries and never questioned them.

You wanted him, you really did, and you felt bad for pushing him away every time, but you couldn’t bear with the embarrassment that you’d have to face once he saw your naked body. You ran your hand over your skinny jeans, and sighed heavily.

“Why do you never wear skirts?” He’d ask you one hot summer night as you cuddled in bed with him. You shifted uncomfortably, and he dropped the topic. You bit your lip.

“Okay, I am done with hiding.” You told him bravely, as you stood up from the bed. He looked at you with confused eyes, as you took a deep breath, and began undoing the button and zipper of your jeans. You almost laughed at his expression, pleased, shocked, slightly horny but mainly confused. Without straightening your body out, you slid the legs of the trousers down, off your feet and down to the floor, and with an even deeper breath, stood up. His eyes raked over your body, unsure of where to look at first, until they landed on the series of deep scratches on your inner thighs.

“This is why” You told him, pointing towards your thighs. You closed your eyes in embarrassment, waiting for a comment, a movement, any type of reaction that would show your boyfriend’s disapproval, but it never came. Instead, you felt Tae’s lips placed softly on your legs. You blushed at the notion, and briefly considered pushing him away in embarrassment, but you stopped yourself. Once he was done kissing each and every one of your scars, he looked up at you with those huge beautiful eyes of his.

“Don’t be embarrassed by these, they are just another feature of yours, just like your eyes, or your beautiful smile. They are part of you, and I love you, all of you. Just please never hurt yourself again, please?” He would beg, holding onto your waist, like a child. You’d smile, for the first time in a long time you felt beautiful, and you felt confident even if you were half naked.

“I haven’t done it in two months Tae, ever since I met you. You give me strength.” You whispered, and he grinned at you, that stupid, huge, yet loveable grin of his that made the hearts of girls all over the world melt.

“Then I’ll stay around forever, to make sure you never feel the need to do this again.” He told you, and he kissed you again, slowly startling a trail of kisses up your thighs, along your stomach, and back up to your mouth.

I am not going to fight you anymore

This is a battle of wills I’m not equipped to handle. It requires too much strength, too substantial a judgement centered around my own heart. I’m not strong enough for that. For pretending that you’re not still inside. To be selfish in my actions. To forgo my original war strategy of caring for your heart.

I admit defeat. You have won. Your desire has outwitted my attempts to love despite the obstacles. You have relentlessly pursued to win, to obtain this “freedom” you thought you lost by holding my hand. And yes, you’ve been cruel in your crusade. I am battered and bruised in places you’ll never seek to find, that you have no care to mend. Your fingers are pointed in my direction, to blame me for my own heartache, to blame me for my own wounds when your fingers are the one that pulled the final trigger.

Do you not see? They are stained with my blood.

I was never a soldier. Not like you. You had trained for this before, on my side of the battle field. You know the feeling of being abandoned by the one you love. Who better to inflict such damage? Who better to handle this war? Somewhere along our story, you switched sides… and you already knew what strategies worked best.

No, I was never a soldier. I don’t know why I tried to be. I had no armor. The clothes I wore were white, sheer, penetrable… open. The flag I waved was one of temperance, of healing, hope, reconciliation. I waved it with all my might, trying to reach you across the battle grounds full of the dead dreams we cultured together. That army use to be ours. Now there’s only you. And me. On the opposite sides of the same story.

Remember, remember… remember when you fought for this side?

You came to me in shambles, and I covered you with care. I listened to your pains. I salved your wounds with my own tears and prayers and covered you under my shroud of pure love. I protected you. From yourself. From the damage you were always willing to cause in words negative to your spirit: Undeserving. Broken. Unlovable… Monster. I used all my skills to wash them away. Until finally, you stood again. And you smiled at me with a light so blinding, I was in awe of what love could do.

And blinded I remained. You used that as your advantage, creeped away back towards your demons when I thought you were mine at last, when I thought we would lead a holy war on the world together. But instead, you loved me, then burned me within the same heartbeat.

My flag was still waving… but now, my arms are tired. Now my white is stained with blood. You have given me no choice but to walk away, let you stand on your mountain of false security. And it pains me to know that you are standing on the dead, claiming bounty. It is agony to know that your pedestal will rot away.

But… when is a monster not a monster? 

Only when it realizes that its own cravings are the reason why its mouth is full of blood.

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Is Sanji strong when he can't defeat his enemies or even over power them when they are in a fight? Ex. He didn't defeat Vergo (Law did). He couldn't defeat Daifuku. He got fried by Enel and fainted. If Gin didn't show mercy, he couldn't defeat him and Pearl. He lost to Doflamingo & to his siblings

Well, to be fair, in the battles you mentioned Sanji had good enough reasons lose to his enemies. He couldn’t fight Pearl properly because Gin was holding Zeff hostage. Consequently, he couldn’t win against Gin due to the blows he received from Pearl. He fought Vergo after his body got wrecked while Nami was in it. Yes he did get fried by Enel but so did everyone else, including Zoro (even Luffy could’ve had a hell lot more difficulty beating Enel if he wasn’t rubber). He lost to Doflamingo but he had no idea what his powers were and besides, it took Luffy’s gear four to take him down. Daifuku’s part of the freaking Yonkou’s army and let’s face it - Luffy had no choice but to resort to gear four when fighting Cracker, who’s not even the main event. What do you expect from Sanji when even Luffy can’t handle the underlings all that easily?

I agree that out of the monster trio we see Sanji get beaten the most often, but I think it’s probably because Oda has no choice but to use him when showing the enemy’s power. In other words it’s not because he’s weak that he loses (yes he could be weaker than say, Luffy or Law in relative terms but no one can deny he’s still a monster). Luffy can’t lose all that often since he’s the protagonist and as for Zoro, he vowed that he’d never lose again and it wouldn’t do a hardcore guy like him justice to make him go against his words every now and then (but even they fail to win every single fight). Which leaves Sanji, who’s just as strong as the two of them but isn’t as burdened with the duty of winning storywise. But that doesn’t mean Sanji doesn’t have his fair share of victories -  there are many cases where he did manage to win spectacularly against strong enemies (Mr. 3, Satori, Jabra, Absalom, etc.). 

So yeah, my answer is that though he did lose and may lose more, he has good reasons when he loses and even when he does he’s still a damn good fighter.  

You know, I find it funny when people hate Paul because he’s an asshole. Like, he is MEANT to be an asshole. 

And in my honest opinion, he’s the best rival character we’ve seen to date. 

If you grew up with Indigo League, you’ll know Gary was Ash’s first ever “rival”, but Gary didn’t feel like a rival to me. Gary wasn’t an asshole, Gary just WANTED to look like a dickhead. I don’t think Gary was naturally an ass at all, but he wanted to seem tough and arrogant to outshine Ash. I’m not gonna talk about their rivalry in detail because they’re friends now and Gary has mellowed down a lot ever since he lost in the Indigo League.

But anyway, Paul actually was Ash’s rival. He constantly criticised him, he constantly called him pathetic, he constantly pointed out his flaws and he constantly acted rude towards him. He wasn’t doing that to annoy and tease Ash, like Gary would call him “Ashy-boy” to tease, Paul was picking on him because it’s what he actually believed. And did this bother Ash? Yes. And oh my how it did bother him. Ash’s frustration with Paul’s methods and critics is what made Sinnoh Ash so great; yeah you can say that Dawn’s contest moves (spinning dodge, counter-shield, ice aqua jet, etc) helped Ash but it was PAUL who drove Ash to that edge of absolute anger that we haven’t seen much of in Ash. It was a grain of Ash’s personality that the anime haven’t gone so in-depth with, his prior anger moments were mostly comedic relief such as his arguments with Misty. The only true anger we’ve seen in Ash before was in M3 when Delia was kidnapped, and now we had so much more moments as such. 

The other problem we didn’t really experience with the Ash/Gary rivalry was that it wasn’t consistent enough. I mean, Gary’s appearances in random episodes were mostly comedic, he would come on, take the piss out of Ash and leave. Don’t get me wrong, I loved those moments because I found it hilarious to see Ash’s reactions, but it wasn’t relevant to the plot. 

Paul and Ash’s tense rivalry was a very important plot to the DP saga. We saw Ash mature in this season and we got a very special Pokemon that a lot of us hold dear in our hearts: Infernape.

Infernape is basically the icon of their rivalry and their methods. Paul’s methods were crude but they were quick and effective, Chimchar was a very skilled and strong Pokemon, despite the fact Paul saw him as pathetic. The problem Paul had was his obsession with activating Chim’s Blaze, otherwise I’m sure he easily could’ve been the powerhouse.

Ash’s methods were very ethical and friendly, but they were slower. However, they overall had the most results. Chimchar’s happiness was obviously increased while being with the DP Trio but he also learned how to control Blaze when it was activated, which was an important point in the saga as Paul’s original intentions were actually realised through Ash.

And at the time, a lot of people believed Ash’s only SInnoh starter would be Turtwig, as Dawn had Piplup and Paul had Chimchar, therefore meaning it would be like AG and Ash’s Torterra would be like Sceptile, so when Paul abandoned Chimchar it was a shock to a lot of people.

Now what is very important in their methods is the development in the series.

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Remember their first fight? It ended in a draw, thus meaning they were equal in strength when they started out in Sinnoh. But ever since, Paul DOMINATED Ash in battles, and hard. Especially when he knocked out Ash’s whole team.

And did Ash just go “oh well, shit happens! We’ll train more tomorrow and beat you!!” right after like he usually would? Hell no. Ash was distraught.

This was a dynamic in Pokemon that we haven’t really experienced before. Ash was always optimistic about his losses and saw them as a way to improve on his mistakes, but this time was sulking. Hard. Sure, he got back to his old self seconds after his team joined him, but it doesn’t change the fact that Ash was absolutely devastated after a battle, the one thing that he loves to do most.

Paul was such an important character.

Do you think Ash would’ve been like THIS if Gary beat him in such a crude way? Most likely not. Ash would’ve probably just gotten really defensive and shout something like “WHATEVER LOSER I’LL BEAT YOU NEXT TIME”, because Gary in Kanto was nothing more to Ash than just a massive dickhead. Paul to Ash, however, was a threat. And the fact that Ash lost to him made him believe that he’s not strong enough and maybe Paul’s methods were actually right. Who knows what he was thinking?

But if it weren’t for Paul kicking Ash’s ass so hard, we wouldn’t have gotten that ever so satisfying final battle at the Sinnoh league. I mean, how many of us were expecting Paul to win? Probably a couple. Maybe some people knew Ash was gonna win for the plot, but I thought it could go both ways.

If Paul was a nice rival, we wouldn’t have had such a strategic Ash in the anime. We wouldn’t have had the dynamics, or the tension or even the amazing final battle. We probably would’ve had some last-minute decision like Tobias having fucking legendaries in his team but that’s another point.

The rivalry between the two is the reason why Ash had advanced in the Top 4 in Sinnoh, his best yet, as it shows how much his hatred towards Paul has pushed him to improve. In my whole and honest opinion, if Paul wasn’t a character in this series Ash would’ve been top 8 again or something. Ash needed an asshole to calm down his confidence, Ash needed an asshole to drive him over the edge, Ash needed an asshole to bring down his self-esteem, Ash needed an asshole to help him develop. Ash needed Paul.

This rivalry was so beautifully written and developed that I doubt any future rival would be able to deliver what Ash and Paul have. Their rivalry is one of the main reasons why DP is my favourite series of all time. 

So all of you unicorn-huggers out there who want everyone in Pokemon to be little, positive bunnies who do no wrong and they should all hand-holding friends who write “BFFLXOXO” on their notebooks stop hating on Paul because he was an “asshole” and realise WHY he was an asshole. Realise why he would’ve been a shitty rival if he was also an unicorn-hugger. Assholes exist in the real world, so Pokemon needed a real one for once. If he doesn’t make an appearance in the anime in the future I’ll be extremely disappointed, because he’s a character that needs to be kept relevant.

But don’t forget what Cynthia said, they might meet again in championship tournaments.

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Have you ever thought about Fakes origin where Geoff kinda was the little brother of the roosters and hey let him do his thing and by the time they thought to look he was already setting up his court in Los SAntos, and by the time they thought to worry he was alreadt setting his sights on something bigger.

What if Gavin was already the golden boy in los santos before Geoff even got there?

When the Roosters branched out everyone was moving with purpose; they were so successful at such a young age that no one even considered getting out of the game, were just expanding to focus on their own specialities, to grow and improve without murdering each other in the process. Gus set up a terrifying web of covert intelligence and stolen secrets, Joel transitioned full time into the absurdly lucrative domain of white collar crime, Matt spent his days schmoozing impossibly high level contacts, Griffon took her roving gang of assassins on the move and Burnie still orchestrates the whole thing from back in Liberty City. Geoff was the odd one out, really, sort of adrift in the world, still playing, getting by on his wealth and reputation, simply chasing entertainment across the country with no real direction or responsibilities.

So when Geoff first started making noise about getting his own crew together, a proper full time affair, the other Rooster’s thought he was kidding. It’s not that they’d thought he couldn’t, exactly, it’s just that he’d never really had that drive. Never really exhibited any lust for control, for personal power over his own domain. For Geoff, who liked to drink and coast and party, who’d always suggested the most outlandish laughable ideas, who’d always shrugged and gone along with whatever everyone else decided like the little brother happy just to be involved, to run his own crew all alone seemed ridiculous. They weren’t laughing at him, really, not for the most part anyway, it’s just that they never really considered Geoff to be a leader.

Geoff, of course, goes off in a huff, utterly offended, but that’s not terribly alarming. They’ve all been in each other’s pockets for so long they are more than used to weathering the storm of tempers, have all had their share of petty tantrums, and everyone comes back eventually. Worst comes to worst Geoff will play with his idea long enough to tire of it, possibly call for some help if it all goes to shit, then everything will be back to normal. In the meantime everyone’s got too much on their own plates to bother chasing him down.

Burnie keeps track of him, of course, keeps an ear out for any rumours of a Rooster getting into trouble, keeps in contact even if the updates aren’t as regular as they could be. It’s how he knows where Geoff is, finally stationary in the strangest of places, knows something’s caught his eye even if the contrary bastard isn’t ready to share exactly what it is yet. Burnie knows Geoff’s holed himself up in Los Santos, and isn’t that so typically him, finding some kind of hidden treasure in the worst city in the country.

Curiosity gets the best of Burnie and, when a month or two pass and Geoff still hasn’t moved on, he can’t help himself from trying to dig a little, calling on various contacts to send their feelers out and work out what could have possibly captured Geoff’s interest so thoroughly. The results are somewhat unexpected.

There’s a kid, they say, some cocky foreign creature that has Geoff fascinated, captivated, the strangest of anchors tethering him to the city. There is no shortage of rumours about the stranger, he’s apparently a particularly talented fixer, though his age comes through in arrogant bravado, in outrageous displays of wealth and a blatant inability to look before he leaps. He’s the kind of character everyone in Los Santos seems to be aware of, everyone seems willing to bend over backwards to know, and it appears Geoff is no exception.

Which is, honestly, the strangest part of the whole deal; Geoff has loyalty in spades for those who matter, but he’s not the most open of people, is no one’s fool, he’s lived through far too much with the Roosters to be taken in by some pretty face with a sob story. There must be something else going on. Geoff might have made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want anyone else butting in on his business, that he’s sorting out his plans all on his own thanks very much, but surely this warrants some kind of concern. Burnie settles on sending Jack down to scope it out; she was passing through anyway and Geoff might be keeping his cards close to his chest but he’s always liked Jack, it seemed like a good call at the time.

Jack doesn’t come back. Sends Burnie word that all is well, that he doesn’t need to worry, that she plans to stay and help Geoff out with whatever it is he’s working on, but she won’t say what exactly that is. In other words she piques Burnie’s interest even more then laughs in his face and keeps her mouth shut, which honestly, what was Burnie expecting? Jack’s always been loyal to a fault, but not to him. Jack and Geoff have always had each other’s backs and when you break it down her alliance with the Roosters has always come from that friendship; it stands reason that if Geoff is still cranky about their lack of faith Jack will be no more forgiving.

As far as Jack’s concerned she’s been waiting an age for Geoff to sort himself out, and if finally getting there means flipping Burns the bird and cosigning herself to some ludicrous plot in the depths of hell then so be it. When Geoff asks for her help, eyes lit up with the wild determination she remembers from their mischief back in the day she’s hardly going to say no. Perhaps Los Santos isn’t exactly the ideal location, isn’t where she necessarily wanted to end up let alone start in, but given the chance to explain himself Geoff’s ridiculousness is, as usual, based on pretty sound reasoning.

Because Geoff was, once, just passing through Los Santos, an entertaining pit stop on his journey to scout out a worthy crew, but then he found Gavin. Heard the rumours well before he actually met the kid; the Golden Boy of Los Santos, a shiny novelty amongst the grime of the city. The stories were interesting, entertaining, enough that Geoff decided to stick around for a while, enough that Geoff was perhaps drifting into the territory of a stalker, but oh boy did his curiosity pay off.

When Geoff found Gavin he saw far more than he knew he was meant to, far more than he would have if he wasn’t looking, because the kid was good. Was all flash and sparkle,  cheeky jokes and bright laughter, an endearing softness covering the sharpness of his teeth, the blood dripping from his fingers. When Geoff found Gavin he saw everything they could do, everything they could be, saw the broad strokes of the future he’d been toying with falling into place all at once.

Gavin was an interesting conundrum, the criminals of the city completely unsure as to whether or not they like him, whether or not he’s useful, whether or not the kid is a joke or a genius. They say Free is easy, full of all kinds of valuable information and simple enough to buy; offer him some pretty trinket, something pricey or showy or rare and he’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand. And yet they’re all still clamouring to talk to him, still tripping over themselves to work with him, still offering absurd bounties just to catch his fleeting interests. They say he’s controllable, vulnerably alone and far too trusting. Geoff is not convinced.

Because all the information Gavin hoards comes from somewhere, and no one else seems capable of extracting it. Because everyone’s so convinced they’ve got him worked out that they open their doors and let him bypass the usual weapon checks and security protocols. Because Gavin’s reputation of weak-stomached and harmless, useless in a fight, doesn’t add up to the practised way he twirls switchblades between his fingers, deftly flicking them up his sleeves and out of sight. Because for all that the persona of the Golden Boy has captured the city’s unwavering attention no one seems to realise how neatly they’ve been blinded by it.

If you cared to compare the crime scene in America to the one in England you’d realise the game there is played with entirely different rules. Gavin didn’t come into Los Santos swinging, probably wouldn’t have made it two days if he had, but he’s been busy chasing power all the same. Gavin knows every crew of note in Los Santos, knows names and hierarchies, knows base locations and key distribution points. Gavin has integrated himself so neatly, so desirably, that he can get an audience with just about whoever he wants to, can meander across territory lines and police tape with the same unerring charm. Geoff’s seen him play up his age in one meeting, wide eyed and painfully naïve, only to catch him mere hours later leaning into confidence, brisk and clever and entirely untouchable. He’s witnessed Gavin seemingly fall for obvious ruses only to walk out with exactly what he was after, seen him talk his way into deals and out of handcuffs, seen a thousand different ticks and quirks and personalities that shouldn’t all fit comfortably within the same person.

Geoff’s seen more than enough to recognise that familiar air of hungry ruthlessness, of vicious self interest and callous amusement. Maybe Geoff hasn’t got the past experience of being a leader but he’s always known how to help himself by using other people, how to make the most of their particular talents, fit them all together to make a bigger picture. Growing a crew from scratch is harder than it seems, growing one thats loyal from the start, strong enough to stick together and win the uphill battle of taking the most untamable city in the land seems near impossible.

Unless, of course, someone had done all that groundwork already. Unless someone had already wormed into the ecosystem, plotted all the intricacies of power, all the feuds and pressure points, the hidden weapons and unprotected weak spots. Unless someone had already made all the necessary contacts and connections, curried favour with all the best dealers, buttered up the crooked cops, identified all the individuals who might be seduced away from their current gigs into something better, something greater, the ones worth trusting, the ones who would come out on top.

Geoff is no stranger to charm himself, to subtle manipulation, and maybe you can’t kid a kidder but you can certainly enchant a kid, can sell safety in numbers, talk up comfort and protection and organised direction. Geoff might want to outgrow the ever present shadow of the Roosters but a history of royalty is a weighty bargaining chip when your adversary covets nothing more than the appearance of wealth, of power. It’s still not easy by any means, Gavin is cautious, quick witted and wily, running his own game through every conversation, but eventually they come to an understanding. Then Jack turns up and all of a sudden things are in motion, the plan is unfolding, and nothing is going to keep Geoff from forging his own crown.

By the time Geoff thinks about giving Burnie an update his inbox has been flooded by dozens of warnings about the mystery crew taking Los Santos by storm. Increasingly concerned messages telling Geoff it was time to move on, that it wasn’t worth trying mess with such a dangerously effective group all on his own, that he should reach out if he was in trouble. By the time Geoff gets around to giving Burnie a call the old rules of Los Santos have already fallen, the city is running scared and those surrounding it are following suit. Even as the phone rings Geoff knows Gavin’s combining the termination of a problem with teasing the Vagabond away from his current employers, knows Jones and Dooley are having a crashing good time clearing the last of the warehouses down near the docks, knows Tuggey’s pulling some new blood into the support crew and Jack’s off to see a man about a sniper.

By the time Burnie finally hears back from Geoff the writing is well and truly on the wall, the days of being underestimated and overlooked are over, and not even all the grudging apologies in the world will save the Roosters from a lifetime of Geoff’s smug vindication. Geoff isn’t just an ex-Rooster anymore, he isn’t a follower, a drifter, a little brother or a side thought. He is Geoff Ramsey; leader of the FAHC, king of Los Santos, ruler of the worst of the worst, unrelenting and horrifically creative. He is a feared man, he runs an unquestionably dangerous crew, the city shivers in his shadow and they say nothing can stop his reign.

All this over stubborn determination, over hurt feelings, all this in mere months; not even his own crew are ready for what is to come, for the highs and lows of Geoff’s depravity, but he knows they’ll be here with him, will rise to every occasion, and together they’ll set the world alight.

MTG Movie: What WOTC needs to do...

As most of you will probably already know, a while ago an agreement between Hasbro and 20th Century Fox was settled to create an MTG movie, “on the scale of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.”  This all sounds very awesome, and I can say i’m excited as well, but so many times before we’ve seen video games and board games taken to the big screen to turn into a big flop. Even the recent World of Warcraft movie lacked any emotional connection and didn’t really make it past the video games’ fan base. So how can an MTG movie be succesful? Here’s what I think…

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Bite (Chapter 18) [M]

Jungkook x Reader
Vampire/Witch Smut AU
Word Count: 3,355

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I sat in dim light, illuminated in the orange toned glow of candlelight from the various candelabras currently in use. Wendy rested a few feet next to me, eyes closed and face blank, back straight, fingers poised in a circle atop her knees and crossed legs. I tried to copy her stance but my back ached in protest, a testament to the years of bad posture I possessed.

“How do you do this every day? I already feel like I’m jumping out of my skin.” I asked, annoyed and itchy.

“It takes practice and patience. Everyone feels that way at first, but eventually you will understand the point of meditation. Now focus and don’t speak. Don’t think. Just clear your mind.” She chastised.

That request seemed almost impossible at the moment; I couldn’t stop thinking even if I tried. Thoughts of Jungkook were constantly plaguing me, I saw him in everything. Somehow my feelings for him had grown much deeper than I could imagine, filling my body until I felt bloated and overfilled with love, devotion, and blissfully stupid affection. Just the passing mention of him made a grin split on my face, garish and wide, prompting a roll of the eyes of whoever had uttered those two syllables. Jungkook. One of those smiles currently spread onto my lips, a breeze fluttering the candle flames in the closed room as my chest filled with swelling breaths.

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Team Flight Wins!


Honestly I’m a little surprised Invisibility was the popular one, but at least it was a very close match in terms of players! Unfortunately we couldn’t pull enough wins for either category! Our start may have been strong but Team Flight pushed back and HARD. I gotta hand it to your team for really pulling through when it counted.

AMAZING job to my team regardless!! I had some awesome battles with amazing teammates and I’m not too disappointed in this loss.I hope you guys aren’t either! There’s always next Splatfest!

Enjoy your snails everyone!!

[Kingdom hearts fanfic] To Stand the Test of Time

This is for the @kh-worldsconnected collection! I’m partnered with @mischievousart whose amazing companion piece for this story is here!

AO3 mirror

Sora was always a tumbledown child.

He always had scratches up and down his arms, bruises on his knees and elbows. Cut lips and bloodied nose, always stumbling, tripping, going too fast for feet that were too unsteady on ground that was too uneven. He’d go sprawling across the floorboards of the kitchen, roll over the stones dotting the pathway, get a face-full of sand, covered from head to toe in grit and cuts.

Sora fell down all the time, all the time. But if his habit was falling, then his specialty was always getting back up. He’d fall, eyes blown wide in some strange mixture of surprise and wonder, as if for the moment before he hit the ground he thought he was flying, not falling. And then, once he’d hit the ground, he would immediately push himself up to his feet, mouth cracked open by a wide, gap-toothed smile. He dusted himself off with scraped palms and torn fingernails, bloody grin wide with victory. Triumphant because at the end of the day, he was still standing.

As his mother, you used to be terrified by his constant falls. By his tumbles and his bleeding knees. But you could never scold him in a way that made him slow. Could never admonish him enough to make him careful. Because Sora loved to run. Loved to jump. Loved to race down the paved streets with his laces loose and flying, oblivious or defiant of the risk of tripping. Loved to jump off the docks into the water, knees tucked up to his chest and air ringing with his joyful shouts. He was never worried about falling. He was not the type to cry from a tumble, from a scratch, from bloodied torn skin poking through holes in his clothing.

Sora was always a tumbledown child.

He is not a child anymore.

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anonymous asked:

I know the focus of this chapter was supposed to be Mutsuki and Touka but the way how Mutsuki and Aura easily beat Kaneki just irks me a lot. If it were Arima this would have been done in a flash.

That’s something I don’t like and i’ve been seeing people complaining about. I hate that shonen mindset that the main character should be invincible? or “but Kaneki is the oek, he should be stronger than Mutsuki and defeat him” and it’s like… what? I love Arima but something i’ve always hated about him is how ridiculously strong he was, no matter how powerful you were or if you were smart enough to make a strategy, he would always win. I like when characters that are supposed to be strong show some weakness once in a while. There’s something called surprise factor and it’s what Mutsuki used against Kaneki, he wasn’t expecting to be hurt by him, and Mutsuki used the suppressant drug to prevent him from regenerating, so it’s not about strength but battle strategy, something that should be used more often in tg fights. Kaneki might be strong but he’s not Jesus Christ, I don’t want Kaneki to be like Arima. I usually don’t complain about tg but if there’s something i dont usually like is how the fight scenes are made, it’s always about how’s powerful than who instead of how to understand your opponent's battle style and see if you can find a weak spot to defeat him, using your mind to win. So I liked that Mutsuki went like this against Kaneki and actually made it, he planned everything pretty well, and using the photo/hand against Touka is another way to distract her to have a chance to win, even if he’s playing dirty. 

“'I care about you, Cassie. We all do. And we all need you.’

‘To win?’ I said. 'You need me to fight battles? What if I don’t want to fight any more battles? What if I’ve had enough? I’ve done enough.’

'You’ve done far more than enough. A hundred times more than enough. But the Yeerks are still here.’

I shrugged. 'The strong eat the weak,’ I said. 'It’s part of nature. Humans always win, other animals always lose. Maybe it’s our turn to lose.’

Jake nodded. 'This isn’t about some race called humans. It’s about people we know. People we see every day. My brother, Tom, is one of them. So why don’t you go tell Tom it’s okay that he’s a slave of the Yeerks because it’s our turn to get hammered?'”

- Book #9: The Secret (Cassie), pg. 113 (by K.A. Applegate)

anonymous asked:

How do you think Odin would feel if someone came into his halls after losing their battle with mental illness and committing suicide? Do you think he'd find it shameful, that one wasn't strong enough to win and continue living?

I don’t think so, I think if Odin wanted them in Valhalla he would invite them to Valhalla. It’s important to remember there’s far more halls to go to thank Valhalla, perhaps Freyr or Hel wanted them. There’s no way of knowing but I don’t think Odin would turn away someone who’s death was suicide.

Thoughs on thoughtforms

I’ve been seeing some stuff on thoughtforms recently, and the thing I notice most often is there’s this deep-seated fear that your thoughtform could go rogue and wreak havoc and you should never get attached because you might have to destroy them at any time. 

This is a reasonable view, and I can see where they’re coming from. But something about it doesn’t quite sit right with me, and I don’t know why. They are a scary concept, if you really think about it. Your thoughts have the power to shape reality. What if you’re irresponsible with your thoughts? You could fuck up really badly. But it’s just not a view that resonates with me.

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Gym Leaders, Elites and Champions

The processes of becoming a gym leader, Elite Four member or Champion all differ greatly from one another, and each job demands a different attitude and approach to battle. Strength is not the only determining factor as to which job is best suited to a trainer. 

Gym Leaders:

Being a gym leader has two primary requirements: that you can battle and that you can teach. All gym leaders within a region are supposed to be of a similar standard (not ascending in difficulty as they are in the games) but variation is always present. Being a gym leader does not necessarily place a limit on your strength; some are even stronger than Elites - Volkner, leader of the Sunyshore City gym, is of almost champion standard, but elects to be a gym leader out of desire to teach. Blue Oak is of the same calibre, but took up the Viridian gym position after losing his Champion position to Red. Nontheless, gym leaders of this skill level are fairly uncommon; for the most part, the Elite Four is more challenging.  

Gyms are primarily run by the gym leader, who is in charge of conducting both general lessons and one-to-one tuition sessions with those who book them. However, most gyms - primarily those in cities - attract legions of trainers per day, so type experts are employed to demonstrate and teach where the gym leader is unable to. It may also be worth mentioning that matches with the gym leader usually have to be booked in advance - as in, you cannot simply turn up at the gym and demand a battle in the brazen manner that Ash Ketchum does in the anime. Leaders have busy schedules. 

Anybody can apply to become a gym leader providing that they are of substantial skill and maturity. There are no strict age requirements attached to the job, but it is rare that a gym leader be any younger than sixteen, as anybody below that age usually lacks substantial experience and responsibility. The only real factor that may count against an applicant is their type specialty, as League officials wish to maintain diversity and always avoid appointing two gym leaders of the same type choice.

If a gym leader receives multiple complaints from students or fails to meet certain standards of strength (all leaders are expected to win a certain percentage of battles per year), they can be placed under observation for several months. If their teaching and/or victory rates do not improve within this time, they can be dismissed from their job. I imagine that Jasmine would be placed under observation at one time, hence why she visits Sunyshore City (to be trained by Volkner, I believe), but would manage to improve and keep her position at her gym. I cannot imagine the same thing happening to Whitney, who would eventually be sacked after she failed to recover.

Gym leaders below the age of eighteen are treated with slightly more leniency, as they are not expected to be as polished as those with more experience. Newly appointed leaders are also regarded in the same manner, so as to give them a few months to find their feet.

Gym leaders achieve international fame the moment they take up their positions, but are usually better known in their own regions. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they can visit an airport without being crowded by the paparazzi; they’re definitely considered to be high profile celebrities.

Elite Four Members:

Being an Elite requires a different kind of attitude to gym leading, and the appointment process is completely different. Whilst certain Elites may hold occasional education workshops so as to offer expertise to those specialising in their type (something I can imagine Karen, Sydney and Grimsley doing, due to the severe shortage of dark gym leaders), teaching is not a part of the job description. Being an Elite is best suited to powerful trainers who purely enjoy battle, ones who can handle the intensely busy lifestyle attached to the position.

Unlike applying for gym leading, there is no free-for-all auditioning process when trying out for an Elite position. When a member of the Elite Four steps down, the League officials make a collective decision about what kind of trainer would be best to take their place, usually contacting three or four potential candidates and having them audition before making a final decision. Either way, appointed Elites are usually very successful trainers already renowned in their field, not unknown members of the public. You could say that it works on a  'don’t call us, we’ll call you’ kind of basis. 

Elites tend to be stronger than gym leaders (though this isn’t always the case), therefore they cannot be challenged until a trainer has collected all eight badges. Whilst casual trainers may make it their goal to defeat all of the gym leaders in their region, only serious ones try their hand at defeating the Elite Four, as it is enormous step up. Matches have to be booked in advance and are often attended by the public, with tickets going on sale in the weeks before it takes place. I can’t imagine that challengers would have to defeat each Elite Four member in succession (that may have once been a tradition, but is no longer practical), but they would have to conquer all of them before they could challenge the Champion - a difficult feat.

All Elite Four members are all household names, even in overseas regions. More so than gym leaders, their job requires international travel, as they don’t have gyms to manage or teaching commitments. It’s all about the battle.


Becoming the Champion is an enormously difficult task, but it is, in a peculiar kind of way, almost easier to attain than an Elite position. Whilst the skill required for the job is higher than any other battling occupation in the world, it works on a similar basis to gym leading in the sense that anybody can take up the position if they are strong enough. The only requirements are that you triumph over all of the gyms in your region, beat every member of the Elite Four, and that you win against the existing Champion in a 6v6 battle. No previous credentials or establishment is needed, as is the case with becoming an Elite.

Champions typically take up influential positions on the League council, having an involvement in the appointment of new gym leaders and Elites and as well as an overall say in the running of things, but that isn’t always the case. Lance, even Gold took his place as Champion, would leave the battling aspect of the League but remain on its council, as he would have been a long-standing member, whereas Gold himself would have a more minor role. There is more to being Champion than battle, but the extra demands do depend on how willing the Champion is to take them on. 

Champions are obviously the most famous trainers of all, known worldwide by even those with little to no interest in battling. Any matches in which they compete go on sale to the public and sell out rapidly, as well as being televised to those who cannot see them in the flesh. The prestige of Champions, even those who have incredibly short reigns (like Blue) or disappear without a trace (like Red), isn’t something that ever fades away. They are always welcome at tournaments, namely the PWT.  

I’d really love to see Pokémon spin off games that focus on becoming a contest champion. I always loved the contests in emerald the most out of everything

•Earn money to buy cute outfits for you and your Pokémon as well as props and glitter and the like by running errands, performing at kids birthday parties etc

•Making sure your outfits are in style, and the right color for the competition (you know how different colors invoke different emotions) and that you and your Pokémons outfits compliment each other enough

•first round would judge how you and your Pokémon look aesthetically
Then judge your Pokémons stats for that type of contest (how smart they are etc)
Then the purely showy part where you do a fancy routine
Then a showy, pretty battle against another contestant
Then a specialist scores you on how happy your Pokémon is, how much the Pokémon likes you
how strong your bond is
And it’s “contest level” (like regular exp but you raise it by winning contests)

•maybe even have local mini contests open all the time that aren’t as serious and are just the showy, pretty, battle against another person so you can earn a reputation (which let’s you unlock better stylists the more famous you are) as well as contest exp and money

•making sure your Pokémon is happy. Having to deal with them hating the outfit, loosing days on practice due to them being sick or getting hurt, taking them on pampering days if they’re too high stress (poke massage and the like) ,

•Build relationships with stylists to get the best looks. Go to different levels of quality make up and hair stylists depending on who you can afford

•Build and plan out routines to practice (like those games that let you make music videos. Pick certain “dance” moves for you and your Pokémon to do , you could even learn special ones from experienced contest trainers you meet along the wsy, and once that’s plotted out pick when to use a prop or when your Pokémon should do an attack. Maybe even have the option to pick the shape of basic attacks (water gun, flamethrower etc in the shape of a heart)

•breeding Pokémon for all different stats ie: cuteness, brains, beauty etc

•having the option to go through the contusion circuit multiple times, with a different Pokémon each time.

There I go dreaming wistfully though, man if I worked at nintendo/gamefreak