you are strong and beautiful and mean something

klance things that should happen esp after s3:

  • “I care about you a lot”
  • keith talking to some random stranger about lance and complimenting him like he did with him in beta traz while looking down fondly. “i have a…friend who always complains about my mullet. he’s a very good sharpshooter and also my right-hand man i don’t know what i would without him.” “you seem fond of him.” “I am.”
  • training session together where 50% of the stuff they do is flirting
  • another solo mission together where they fight back to back
  • they find an alternate reality where they’re together and this makes them think a lot about what they could be in theirs
  • lance starts wearing something red to match his new lion and keith tells him “you look good in my colors”
  • the team starts noticing lance flirts less than usual 
  • one of those clichè scenes where one character makes a decision that makes their loved one proud and has them looking softly at them
  • keith and lance offering to wingman for each other but ending up describing each other as their ideal partner while talking to someone “ofc you would like lance who wouldn’t he’s beautiful i mean what”
  • they’re facing off an enemy who’s making fun of them for not being strong enough and lance is lie “he’s strong!! he cradled me in his arms once!!” and keith deadass stops in the middle of the battle to shout “YOU REMEMBER”
  • holding! hands! in! battle! as! they’re! running! away! from! something!
  • “lance makes me happy”
  • a parallel of the shut your quiznak scene but this time lance is saying it fondly and keith laughs while saying “i still don’t think you’re using that correctly”
  • “he’s not my boyfriend!!” “but you want him to be”
  • lance making a cryptid joke for keith
  • lance leans in for an hug and keith blushes bc he thinks he was gonna kiss him
  • “well i do have a boyfriend!!!” *points at keith panicking*
  •  awkwardly asking each other out for a date in the pool but both make sure they don’t mention the word “date” at all
  • lance distracting keith during a plan exposition by putting his hand on his shoulder or on his own hand
  • keith sees that someone is trying to make lance feel bad and he’s furious and goes up to that person like “yo take that back immediately”
  • lance being slightly jealous of seeing someone talking to keith and masks it with an excuse like “i don’t want him to find someone before me cuz ya know…rivals” (no one believes that though) keith: lance i’m not with xx i just wanted to see if u were gonna confess
  • keith gets asked if he likes someone and he’s like “well there is someone…” *looks at lance while sighing*
  • they take a selfie with lance’s space phone. (bc duh, needs to happen)
  • keith looking fondly at lance while everyone else is looking at something else. “cute right?” keith, looking at lance: yeah “i’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing”
  • keith gifting lance with something and blushing while handing it to him. idc what it is it can be whatever and lance being almost speechless. “you got this…for me?”
  • keith: please be careful!! lance: always am!
  • keith to lance: man you are cuddly
  • lance: did i miss something pidge: oh just keith complaining about bonding moments lance: ok so nothing new then
  • keith telling lance “i’ve never met anyone like you” because i live for the clichè stuff dont judge
  • the classic “ we got stuck somewhere alone together and now we gotta talk about our feelings” kind of thing
  • lance showing off his bf once they’re dating “yep! i’m dating him!!!” 
  • more alone conversations where lance tells keith about his life as an uncle
  • hunk accidentally mentioning that lance had a crush on keith at the garrison.  “ like at the garrison you clearly like ke—” “KEN I LIKED KEN REMEMBER KEN?? AHHA GOOD OL’ GUY” “there was no one…named ken”
  • running after each other for something? because i’ve realized we’ve never seen that in canon and soft music is playing in the back
  • keith gifting lance with his bom blade once they’re together “i want you to have this”
  • an “i thought you were dead!” moment where keith kisses lance without hesitation and lance replies with “well i am know”
  • lance fingergunning at keith pls and thank u
  • the “fine” “fine” “fine” “FINE” thing when they get into arguments and they end up giving each other the silent treatment but it lasts like one minute and if it starts seriously, it ends jokingly
  • the pool scene becomes an inside joke like the bonding moment:  “we went to the pool together!!!!”  “keith you wanted to stay away from me??” “well you forgot our bonding moment!”“oh god not this again….”
  • a moment where they both turn at each other smirking and everybody is like “lol ur smiling at each other” and they’re like “no we’re not” but their mouths are still curved in a smile
  • they become very clingy with each other and don’t realize it until someone points it out
  • they swap clothes for one day and no one questions it. “they’re doing their thing as usual”
  • “are you hugging me?” “looks like i am” “thank you i needed that”
  • “when i said that I don’t hate you….i meant something else also”
  • can we uhhhh get mind-reading aliens that can sense their feelings for each other
  • “lets do this” and then they smile at each other
  • keith slipping that he likes lance in the middle of a very tough battle bc he doesnt know what will happen OR “if i dont make it…tell lance i love him”
  • keith at 2 am: hey pidge lance looked at me for more than one second today what do you think i should do
  • they try to make sure they always stand next to each other
A Little Witchy Guide About Auras

Hello Witchy Darlings! I hope you had a wonderful New Year and I can’t wait to spend another one with all of you! :D

I figured I’d make a little guide to Auras since I’ve gotten quite a few questions about them. Please add on to this if you feel I left some things out!! :)

Brightest Blessings to you all! )0(

An aura is the energy field around all each matter that takes space (excluding air itself), whether that is a person, plant, animal, or an object. Each color represents a different aspect of that matter. Reading auras can be useful in determining whether you should confront a person at a certain time; what you can do to improve your present condition; tune you in to illnesses and conditions around you, and many other benefits. Everytime you come into contact with someone, your aura reacts to theirs. If your aura’s frequency is close to theirs, you will feel close to them quickly and drawn to them. If not, you may feel an instant dislike towards them. Everything has an aura. We have been “trained” not to see them, but with a little practice many people can successfully see and read them. Below I’ve listed what the different colors of auras mean, but first you should learn how to read them. When you begin, you may have a hard time seeing the colors. A lot of times, beginners will see pale colors such as white, yellow, and light blue. As time passes, and with practice, you will see that the colors seem to become brighter to you and easier to read. A little bit of patience can go a long way.

  • ASTRAL AURA The astral aura extends about eight to twelve inches from the physical body and appears as brightly coloured rainbow clouds. The astral aura is the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.
  • ETHERIC TEMPLATE AURA The etheric template aura extends about twelve to twenty four inches from the physical body and appears as a blue print form. There is an empty groove in the etheric aura aura into which the etheric aura fits. The etheric template aura holds the etheric aura in place. It is the template for the etheric dimension.
  • THE CELESTIAL AURA The celestial aura extends about twenty four inches from the physical body and appears as a brightr shimmering light of pastel colours. This is the level of feelings within the world of our spirit. Here we communicate with all the beings of the spiritual world.
  • KETHERIC TEMPLATE AURA The ketheric template aura extends about thirty six to forty eight inches from the physical body and appears as an extremley bright golden light that is rapidly pulsating. This aura takes on the form of a golden egg that surrounds and protects everything within it.
  • HOW TO SEE THE AURA Everybody has the ability to see the aura. For beginners a low light is the best way to start. Turn out the lights and lay on the bed. Leave the window curtains open and let the natural light flow in. As you are laying on the bed hold your hands out at full distance in front of you. Dont stare hard but rather just gaze at your hands. Moving your hands slowly, bring your fingertips together until they are almiost touching. You will notice a cloudy blue haze appear around your finger. This is the etheric aura. 
  •  FEELING THE AURA Draw a circle on your left hand using your right fingertip. Dont let your finger touch your hand, keep it at a distance of about a half inch. Move slowly. You will feel the power of your aura.

Colors of Auras

Here are the most common colors and their meanings in an Aura:

Red- strength, strong passion, and will. Dark red may symbolize quick temper and someone who is nervous or impulsive. All red colors mean nervous tendencies.

Orange- warmth, thoughtfulness, and creativity. Browner shades may mean pride or vanity, while brighter orange means self-control.  

Yellow-Mental activity, optimism, new learning oppurtunities and wisdom. A Bright yellow means the person takes care of themself. A darker yellow may mean that its owner is shy.

Green- sympathy and calm may be very good with healing arts and is very reliable. Dark shades of green may mean someone who is jealous or uncertain.

Blue- quiet and calm. Blue is a good color to have in the aura; deep blue is the best. This mean the person has found his or her work in life. Many are spiritual minded as well. Blue may sometimes represent a tendancy to be moody and depressed.

Indigo and Violet- one who is seeking something in life. Represents an ability to handle affairs with practicality. Dark shades may show that the person has obstacles to overcome and is feeling misunderstood.

Black-The color of protection. Thr person who is hiding something. May possibly indicate imbalances as well.

Here are some other colors that may be seen within the aura:

Pink- love, represents compassion, and maybe a love of art and beauty. Darker or muddier shades of pink may denote an individual who is immature.

White-Usually one of the first colors you will see in an aura. However, when it is a true and strong color of the aura, it reflects purity and truth.

Brown- a person who is very “earthy” and that a person is establishing new roots.

Silver Lights or Twinkles- may mean that they are pregnant, or have been or may soon be. However, this is not always so. This may indicate a person who has great creativity in their life.

Black Spots-may indicate that it is imbalanced in some areas. May mean that the person has some negative habits that he or she should change. Meditation helps reduce these spots, as does things like exercise and sunlight.

RPG Maker Fever Hanged by Four Dwarfs

Warning:This article may contain spoilers and the content inappropriate for children…or may not contain.But get the children away from the screen just in case.

It was the rainy day just like this one. I was in my room watching  porn the stars, when I’ve noticed the body hanging in the opposite window. Neighbor hung himself. While examining the scene I’ve found his laptop with unfinished article. I’ve got the laptop and went home. Later I got arrested for break-in, but before that I managed to post this article on tumblr. Enjoy!

1. Blight Dream

Blight Dream is an exploration adventure game, where you play as a girl, suffering from memory disorder ( don’t confuse with amnesia ), whose goal is to regain memories from the blank period of her life. But there’s one little problem-it seems that your brother isn’t really excited about you getting back your memories, that’s why he’s watching your every step and prevents all your attempts to remember. So, watch his movements and try not to get caught by him. But is it really your brother, who you should be afraid of? Play and see for yourself. Beside interesting plot, this game has high-quality visuals ( character’s 3D-models are similar to ones in remake of FF3 and CP:Blood Drive ) and wisely chosen soundtrack.

2. 1BeatHeart

Here goes a sequel-spinoff to 1bitHeart, without friend-making and QTE-scenes though. This time the main character is Misane-chan, who, along with Nanashi, is solving various murder cases in resort hotel. Gameplay is very similar to Ace Attorney games, logic is pretty simple, so, as long as you’ve played any detective games-you’ll be fine even without hints. Like it’s predecessor, 1BeatHeart has wonderful presentation – beautiful art and sprites along with catchy soundtrack and quality voice acting.

3.The Hanged Man

The Strange Men Series is probably one of most known game series in rpg-horror community, and, no doubt, one of the most interesting. Here goes the last game in the series, which concludes the main plotline, and makes clear some things, that were hanging in the air since the Crooked Man. The Hanged Man  introduces us new protagonist – Will, a bit unstable, but still nice boy with active imagination, who’s searching for his missing friend. Along the way he’ll meet many of our old acquaintances from previous games. Once again, game has fully voiced cutscenes, with quality voice acting for an indie-game. Gameplay, though, is more simple compared to predecessors, most of the game you’ll be exploring various locations and  solving puzzles, there’s no action cut-ins, except for quite complicated final chase. Overall, the Hanged Man  is an interesting game and very decent conclusion of the whole series.

4.Farethere City

Here goes the game, made by Segawa, the author of our favorite End Roll. Farethere City was his first game, and it’s bit more simple in terms of gameplay ( for example, there’s no rpg-elements and game’s world isn’t that big ). But when it comes to story, City is as good as ER, both sad and moving,-game starts with little kelp  (Mr.Turnip?) named Pigula, who has recently moved to a new city and wishes to open a shop, but something is definitely off with both city and our  hero. Visual part is as bright as one in the End Roll (including a bit of stylish disturbing artwork).So, if you liked End Roll and still want more, I highly suggest playing Farethere City.

5.June Bride Nightmare

What a beautiful wedding…and how quickly it turned into a nightmare. Our protagonist, Yuno, was so close to finding her happiness with the man she loves, but ended up being the only surviving person on her own wedding, and now she’s forced to play hide and seek with the mysterious maniac in the church, where wedding was held. Every time the maniac appears, you have a choice to sneak past him or to run for it by performing a QTE. Game has an interesting story, good gameplay and wonderful presentation. Even if you are far from  romance ( like myself, heh ), Bride still leaves the strong impression, especially the bittersweet true ending ( there’s also secret ending, but it isn’t that good, really ).

6.Little Red Riding Hood’s Wolf

Who doesn’t know the tale about Red Riding Hood? Famous tale indeed, and has many various interpretations, in most of them the girl gets eaten by wolf one way or another. But not this time. In this game granny is dead from the very beginning, little Red Riding Hood and the wolf are working together in order to find the murderer. Story is interesting and have some nice plot-twists (personally, I liked how the theme of split personality played in here ) and characters are nice. When it comes to gameplay, LRRHW plays like any other rpg-horror, so if you aren’t new to genre, you’ll easily beat this game in a hour or so. It’ll be quite pleasant hour.

7.Stray Cat Crossing

If you constantly play rpg-horrors and still haven’t got tired from amnesiac characters, I highly recommend you to play Stray Cat Crossing. First thing, that catches the eye is very detailed sprites and pixel artwork. Other one is dark atmosphere of haunted house with stylish designs and some grotesque well-animated cutscenes. Gameplay is mostly consists from searching the right items and solving simple riddles, but there’s also one frustrating chasing scene at the end of the first section of the house. Story may lack originality, but still good and teaches us to forgive, this time not others, but yourself, since sometimes there’s things that are beyond our control. And despite ending being optimistic, closing credits are a bit creepy.

8.Three Ghostly Roses

You find yourself in the strange place, greeted by mysterious man in the blue cape, you don’t remember anything about yourself, except for the name. Edmund Brigham. Doesn’t ring a bell? Nope, it doesn’t. To find out about your past and your purpose, you’ll need to carefully explore every corner of the dark and unwelcome world, before it’ll start to fall apart. TGR looks very similar to NES games and has wonderful original soundtrack, which perfectly fits to dark atmosphere of the haunted world. Also game has pretty unique battle system, where you watch the enemy’s movements and try to exploit it’s weakness. And, there’s no healing items, you recover HP by defeating the enemies, but despite that, difficulty level is quite fair.


Good sleep is important, isn’t it? It definitely is, but not for the people in Dreamfarer, who don’t need to sleep at all. In the society, described in the game, sleep is considered something out of ordinary, since no one’ve slept and seen a dreams for a long time. Yet, little girl, who has an ability to travel between other’s dreams, accidentally gets into a dream of a man, who is currently in comatose state in the hospital. To get back to reality, you’ll need to swap between girl and the man, since both of them see the same things from different perspectives, and help the inhabitants of the dream world. Dreamfarer is one of those games, which start as cute adventure and get darker and darker towards the end. This game has amazing fully redrawn graphics and stunning artwork (there’s literally tons of CGs ).

10.Shirakami-sama to Yon-no-Oni 

 Our next game is perfect if you are tired from jumpscares, suggestive  content and brain(or heart)-breaking stories. Shirakami is very heartwarming game about friendship between boy and four demons, who help him in search of his cousin, who went missing while preparing to upcoming festival. Game has warm atmosphere of small village, strong with it’s traditions, beautiful illustrations and interesting gameplay, based on main character’s perception. There’s 3 endings in total, to see all of them you’ll need to beat the game 3 times (it’ll take from 3 to 5 hours in total ) and every time story goes the different way. Currently, game ia available only in russian and japanese.

11.From The Next Door

When you see something extremely cheap-it’s always suspicious. In case of food it might be rotten ( not always though ), in case of newly acquired house-get ready to deal with abomination living next door ( and no, I don’t mean neighbors ). Usually, when you notice paranormal activity in your house-you try to get away from it as far as you can, but in case of our heroine Namie ( who is as “smart” as Ayumi Shinozaki in CP: Blood Drive )- you’ll wait until things will get reeeeally ugly. Despite main heroine’s stupidity ( or thanks to it ), the game came out really creepy and interesting. Additionally I would like to praise game’s stylish visuals reminiscent of GBC-games and good work with setting the right atmosphere. And, once again, if you’re not the sensitive type-I suggest you playing in complete darkness with headphones on.


Despite the game’s title, you will meet neither Hansel nor Gretel, instead you are playing as twin brothers, one of them is timid and another is sharp-mouthed (oh well, they’re both little rascals, no matter how you look at it). Hansel is nice adventure game with variety of references to famous old fairy tales, good humor, adorable visuals and quite unexpected ending ( two endings, to be exact, since another one is unlocked after beating the game for the second time). Game is relatively short ( 30-40 minutes ) and puzzles can be easily solved without a guide.


Lavender presents another look on the Rapunzel’s story, in which there’s no prince and evil witch isn’t that evil. Your goal in this game is to descend the tower to retrieve your birthday present, solving various unique puzzles ( from feeding plants to playing chess ) on your way down. Lavender has quality pixel graphics and overall good presentation, which helps to create the feeling that you’re traveling through old storybook. Personally, I really liked the game’s normal ending, but there’s also a secret one for those, who like, when plot starts to turn grim and bloody.

14.Dudley and The Mysterious Tower

There goes a new title, developed by Sen, but don’t expect second Mad Father or Misao. Dudley is far more simple in terms of both plot and presentation. But it doesn’t mean that the game has nothing to offer. You play as a courier, who has an important delivery to tower’s owner, and his dog. Each floor of the tower is designed as a puzzle, in order to solve which you’ll need to switch between courier and the dog, who can do things courier can’t ( like seeing ghosts and talking to other animals).To climb the tower and see the contents of so-called “delivery”  you’ll need about 40 minutes, so if you have some free time-be my guest.

15.Apocalypse Never

And once again our closing title belongs to “escape” genre, where you need to leave locked apartments by all means necessary. This time you play as carefree guy, whose drunken older sister has changed all locks in the house. Game is about 30 minutes long and has several endings, which depend on how fast you’ll manage to escape the house and meet up with a friend ( don’t forget to bring “that” with you ).Also game has good humor (some jokes are just hilarious) and nice art style.

|| enough ||

I’m still not over homecoming guys 💗💘

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warnings: spoilers for homecoming, please don’t read if you haven’t watched the movie yet.

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The signs should know...
  • Aries: it's okay to not be okay. Let yourself break down. Cry. Let someone hug you while you do it. Remember I'll still look at you like you're standing in the top of a mountain even with red stained cheeks.
  • Taurus: you don't have to be there for everyone all the time. You are and it's noticed, trust me, but the second you let someone be there for you it'll be a gift you gave yourself. You have a golden soul and it'd be a shame if you didn't get a little of it for yourself.
  • Gemini: you made the right choice(s). I trust your decisions. You are smart. And you're in too deep to go back so live your goddamn life.this is what you have TAKE IT.
  • Cancer: you're the strongest person alive. You have mountains on your back and roses in your hair and I don't know how you do it. You're amazing. Don't let the mountains get too heavy.
  • Leo: it's okay to be frustrated. Remember why you are and don't get off track when expressing those feelings. Nobody is mad at you it's okay. I love you.
  • Virgo: you've been strong for a while now (your whole life) so go ahead and rest your beautiful brain. Be weak but only for enough time to realize that being strong is something you are, it's in you, it won't change.
  • Libra: feeling uncertain is okay!!!! If you feel it in your heart, go for it. If you feel it in your gut, turn the other way.
  • Scorpio: you're not mean, and you're not difficult. You're who you were made to be and that's nothing less than the the stars in the sky.
  • Sagittarius: every word that comes out of your mouth is heard and it is so nice to hear let me tell you. You're not annoying, and you make so many people so happy.
  • Capricorn: you don't have to be the same person that everyone always thought you were so you kinda just stuck with it. Change the way you need to for yourself and everyone else will just have to adapt. But remember that whichever "you" you choose is still 100% you.
  • Aquarius: you're understood. I get you. Keep talking. Say whatever it is you'd like. It'll be absorbed and remembered and stored in hearts and minds and souls into old age. Your words will be remembered in rocking chairs on old creaky porches at 7am when I'm old.
  • Pisces: oh you are so loved. And at every moment of every day you are on someone's mind. The smell of your hair and the sparkle in your eye and the words from your mouth scar the passerby's in shapes of stars on their mind in colors we've never seen before.

So, ok, I’m gonna try and explain what its like for an asexual when they see someone that is aesthetically pleasing because too many times have I seen a person, guy or girl, and said “Whoa, they are really gorgeous!” and had people instantly come at me with snarky comments like “I thought you asexual, how can you find someone attractive if you’re asexual?”

Well, try and picture this.

You’re hiking in the mountains and crest a hill. Before you, the mountain range on the other side of the valley sprawls in either direction, fur trees pushing as high up the sides as their clinging roots will allow. Over top, the clouds are calm and fluffy with just the barest hint of pink tickling their bellies, letting you know it might be time to turn back before dark. The colors around you are rich and vibrant. The smell of pine and earth and clean air fills your nose.

It’s a beautiful sight. It takes your breath away. You don’t want to stop looking at it.

Do you want to fuck the beautiful scenery?

No, you don’t. But just because you don’t want to rub yourself against the nearest tree doesn’t mean you can’t recognize that the space around you holds something beautiful and it doesn’t change the fact that you have a very strong but very different kind of wonderment when you look at it.

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Sorry but am I the only one who gets a little joy or just a small smirk when I see Jungkook fail or be bad at something. Like all his bad luck on season 2, the bowling episode, or honestly just losing at rock paper scissors etc. That kid is just too perfect that when he is finally bad at something it is better than him being good at anything.

Let me translate your words: you like him as a whole to the point you grew to love his imperfections even more. That’s beautiful my dear ^^

I mean Jungkook have this angelic strong voice

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Those dazzling eyes

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He can be a meme

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Then a second later make you faint

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His body … well, I don’t need words to describe that:

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He is good at so many things, that when he loses he gets shook (and I love how BTS and ARMY get even more shocked than him, it’s hilarious)

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But let’s not forget he is just a normal 19 years old struggling his way through life

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I am sure Hawaii is not his land tho, he was so unlucky there haha

Tips for Those Who Find Self-Affirmation Super Difficult:
Use other people to see yourself. Think about your best friends, favorite characters, etc who have flaws and think about how much you love them anyway. Think about how a friend or someone reading a book about you would describe you
Take it slow. I love those posts telling everyone to think of themselves as strong beautiful precious land sharks or whatever, but some people aren’t ready to believe that yet and saying the words just feels like something you’re supposed to say and not something you mean. You can work up to big affirmations by starting with little ones; “I’m pretty good at math and I have nice eyes” might be easier than starting off with “I’m beautiful and a genius”
Start off deconstructing negative thoughts. It can be hard sometimes to convince yourself that you’re great when your head won’t stop screaming “but I’m useless and gross!!” or whatever. Try to rephrasing those thoughts so you can continue to self affirm- remind yourself that most people aren’t completely awful and that there are many things that you do well
Make lists. List your positive traits, and then think about one specifically and convince yourself of them one at a time. List your goals and then the ways that your positive traits can help you achieve them. List all the times in your life where you’ve felt proud or good about yourself and use them like little Patronus memories to ward off bad thoughts.
Visualize your affirmations. It can be infinitely more effective to think about all the times you’ve been generous in your life than to merely say “I am generous.”
Spend time around people who talk to you the way you should be talking to yourself. It sounds kind of dumb, but at times even people who insult you in a completely friendly way as a joke (“are you coming to the party bitch?” etc) can contribute to you being able to say those things to yourself, even if it’s harmless. Conversely, being around people who talk to you positively can really, really help it sink in.
Figure out what tone best relays self affirming information to you. For some people, it’s the cute and non-threatening pictures of animals telling you to be kind to yourself. For some, it’s imagining the affirmations to be coming from a person or character you think of as wise. For some, it’s trying to make it sound as logical an argument as possible so that there’s no room for self-doubt. Sometimes you need them all at different times.
If using words at all to self affirm is difficult or problematic for you, try other ways of reinforcing the information. Do things that make you feel good about yourself and highlight positive qualities you have, like volunteering or creating or whatever it might be. Reward yourself when you do something good or reflect on something that makes you good. You can even self affirm through movies and music.
Sometimes broad definitions help. Try to remember that your definition of being a good person has to be flexible; it doesn’t hing solely on being a good parent or friend or boss or writer. For most people, being able to define themselves as a good person is the basis for their positive sense of identity, so try to remember that there are MANY different ways to be a good person that are not contingent upon never screwing up

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Sole being pretty insecure about their body and the companions reactions + comfort. (love your blog btw the writing is spot on 💜)

Cait: “You?” She stares at them. “You’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met,” she states, blunt as ever. It doesn’t even seem like she’s giving a compliment. It’s more like she’s stating a fact. “You picked me up out of the gutter and saw somethin’ in me I’d never seen in myself. If that doesn’t make you gorgeous, heart and soul, I don’t fuckin’ know what will.”

Codsworth: “Mx. Sole,” he assures them, with a delicate pat of his claw on their shoulder. “You are the most lovely person I have had the pleasure of meeting. And I mean that. That’s not just my programming.” He chuckles heartily. “You are kind, and lovely, and have done so much for me. I’d hate to see you fuss over something already wonderful.”

Curie: She claps her hands to her cheeks, looking distraught. “Sole!” she exclaims, and reaches for them. “Do not say such things! You are- you are so good, inside and out. Healthy, and strong, and beautiful in my eyes. Perhaps my opinion means little, for I am not human. But you are my greatest friend, and my heart sings for you.”

Danse: “You-” He sets his jaw, stifling some kind of emotion that tints his cheeks pink. “… You look lovely,” he says at last. He ruffles a hand through his hair, looking embarrassed, but presses on. “It is unfair and unkind to say otherwise, regardless of what anyone else thinks. There is no reason to be insecure about who you are. You are you, and that is enough.”

Deacon: “Aw, no, Sole, look.” He takes their hands and brings them to a mirror. “Don’t be like that, come on. Look here.” He takes Sole’s hands and makes them touch each embarrassing imperfection. “See that? Beautiful. And that? Beautiful. And that? Well, that’s just frickin’ fantastic. Trust me, pal, you got nothing to worry about in the looks department.”

Dogmeat: What kind of pupper would he be if he didn’t love Sole with all his little doggy heart? There is no inch of Sole not worth licking and snuggling and smiling at. Sole is flawless in his eyes. No question.

Hancock: “Sole, look at me.” He points to his dry, peeling skin, his all-black eyes, and wiry form. “If I can be a wasteland sex symbol, you have gotta be at least second place.” He grins. “You got nothin’ to worry about, doll. Whatever shit they told you Pre-War, it’s all lies. Here.” His grin widens. “Let me kiss it better, to prove it.”

Nick Valentine: “I’m not sure what it is you think you’ve gotta be insecure about,” he says, very solemnly, “but look at me. I’m a sentient mannequin. How could you think you’re less beautiful than I am?” He takes one of Sole’s hands in his. “If you can live with being around my ugly mug, then you’ve got no reason not to smile at the mirror every morning.”

MacCready: His eyes nearly bug out of his skull. “You think you’re…?” He shakes his head. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean- uh- sorry. But, just-” He gestures to Sole in frustration, cheeks coloring. “Look at you! You’re like- I don’t even know. I grew up in a cave living on wall fungus, for crap’s sake. Compared to me, you’re…”

Piper: “Oh my god.” She takes it as a personal offense. Her idea of helping is to have a ‘fashion show,’ and forces Sole into all kinds of outfits. “Beautiful,” she says, no matter how silly the clothes are. “All of it. Gorgeous. Can’t find fault. You’re a supermodel, Sole, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” She doesn’t stop until Sole is blushing and smiling and finally admits they look nice.

Preston: “Oh, Sole. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.” The first thing he does is hug them, gently stroking their hair and offering comfort. “You’re one of the strongest, bravest people I’ve ever met. Maybe you don’t look perfect - though I’d definitely argue otherwise - but you deserve all the happiness in the world. Don’t let your worries to get to you.” 

Strong: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH BODY?” He glowers fiercely. “CAN FIGHT. WHY SAD?” He lifts up his arms, flexing, making Sole mimic him. “HUMAN STRONG. HUMAN IS BEST FIGHTER. STRONG KILL OTHER HUMANS WHO SAY HUMAN WEAK.”

X6-88: He gives them a once-over that seems cold at first. Then, it’s almost like he’s seeing Sole for the first time. “You are fine,” he says, as if that’s enough. But it isn’t, not quite, so reluctantly he takes a breath and mumbles under his breath. “You’re… physically capable, and… not, physically, ah. Not physically unattractive. I suppose. In my opinion.”

Tokyo Ghoul sentence starters
  • “If an angelic being fell from the sky and tried to live in this world of ours, I think even they would commit many wrongs.”
  • “I already know what will happen to me the next time I wake up.”
  • “The bird fights it’s way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born, must first destroy a world.”
  • “I know I haven’t always made the right decisions up to now… Whether I was right, or whether I was wrong, may not even matter in the first place.”
  • “Running up against my sins like this– all of the choices I’ve made up to this point– today, being able to die for someone– is something I’m glad for…”
  • “There’s no way someone who can’t even protect himself can protect anyone else, is there?”
  • “Whose fault is it that things ended up like this? Coincidence? An accident? Fate? There’s no such thing as fate. It’s simply a combination of one circumstance and the next. And who is it that creates those circumstances? Who is it? It’s you.”
  • “All suffering in the world is born from an individual’s incompetence.”
  • “We’re always trying to justify our actions with ideals. But ideals cannot give grounds for killing another person. The act of taking a life will always be considered… evil.”
  • “You think something like that would hurt, after all I’ve been through?”
  • “Why is it that the beautiful things are entwined more deeply with death than with life?”
  • “Isn’t it arrogant to put a price on whether a life is “higher” or “lower”?”
  • “We’re just bags of meat. The weak bow down and the strong devour them.”
  • “You don’t need to blame yourself just because you’ve hurt someone, just like when you’re walking you can’t really blame yourself to crush some ants… that’s what being stronger ones means.”
  • “I’m not going to protect you by being your shield or armor, but I’ll be the dagger hidden below your pillow.”
  • “The act of taking is equally evil. We, from the moment of birth, continue to take.”
  • “Living is to constantly sin.”
  • “Life is evil in itself.”
  • “I am aware I’m evil… And so are you all.”
  • “Now come, kill me. And I shall do the same!”
  • “You only need a strong will and a clear purpose.”
  • “The world runs on power. Everything is determined by the superior power.”
  • “You are weak. That is why you lose.”
  • “We need to have a mask that we never take off.”
  • “It’s better to be hurt than to hurt others. Nice people can be happy with just that.”
  • “I’m begging you, don’t make me a killer!”
  • “Doing what one likes is the right of the powerful.”
  • “If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be… A tragedy.”
  • “There are times when you have to give up on one thing to preserve the other.”
  • “That isn’t kindness. That’s just being weak.”
  • “Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn’t mean they’re bad people. It means they’re human.”
  • “When you’re in front of the enemy, even if your hands are trembling - fight.”
  • “What’s wrong isn’t me, what’s wrong is the world!”
  • “If you like, you can stay over here tonight.”
  • “If you’re lucky, you may see some cannibalism and that’s always fun.”
  • “I  can neither live with you. Nor without you.”
  • “All of the disadvantage in this world stems from a person’s lack of ability.”
  • “It’s not because we can’t take vengeance that we should feel sorry. The real reason to feel sorry… is when one is hung up on revenge and can’t live their own life.”
  • “What is one thousand minus seven?”
  • “Send all those from your presence except for those distinguished men whom you wish to die beside.”
  • “Très bien!”
  • “Sweet harmonies!”
  • “I’m not gonna die. I’ve got a cat that’s waiting for me at home.”
  • “You pretend to care about other people, but in the end, it’s all about you. You are just afraid of being alone, aren’t you?”
  • “You are a bird in a birdcage. There is no escape.”
  • “Go wild.”
  • “So I’ll be strong for and without them.”
  • “I don’t want to eat anymore.”
  • “Devour this.”
  • “Shut up and listen. I’m talking.”
  • “I’m happy living like this.”
  • “I already knew, man! Who cares about that? Let’s just go home already!”
  • “…Sorry. Can you fight all you’ve got just one more time?”
A God in Love (Loki x plus size short reader)

Requested: Could you write a Loki x plus size and short reader fic? Super fluffy and he loves how tiny and chubby she is - @ladydork

Warnings: I don’t think there is any curse words. Short plus size reader. Also this is kind of au.

Note: I am not taking any more requests for now. Gif is not mine credit to owner.

Hope you enjoy!

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It had been a few month after the battle of New York and instead of Loki leaving with Thor to go to Asgard, Thor and the others decided to have him under the Avengers watch. Loki was given his own room to stay in, basically his prison and was guarded by security. Then a couple months after being trapped in his room, he was allowed to walk around the Avenger complex.

Mostly when he would walk around the rest of the Avengers would ignore his presence, but then there was you. You were the only one that was nice to him and didn’t give him the cold shoulder. He would be lying to himself, if he said that he hadn't fallen in love with you. You were so small, and gentle to him, he loved that about you.

He found your small and chubby frame so beautiful and adorable. He also loved your kindness towards him. He thought after what he had done, no one would ever be kind to him, but you proved him wrong.

It had been another day in the avengers tower. You were walking around the tower and the bumped into Loki. You both started a conversation and you said something that surprised Loki.

“Everyone here probably think I’m weak.” Loki was more than surprised when he heard you say that. That’s what you think of your self as weak. He couldn’t believe it.

“I don’t think you’re weak, I think you are a strong confident and beautiful woman" Loki said as looked down at your small frame and you looked up at him.

“Really?” Loki lowered his hand to your face and brushed a piece of your hair behind your ear. 

“Yes.” He moved his face closer to yours. “Y-n there-e is something I’ve been meaning to tell yo-” Loki was interrupted by the sound of his brother’s voice.

“Lady y/n, Natasha has told me to come and get you. I think you may have forgotten about your training with her.”

“Oh shit yea I forgot.” You looked over at Thor and then back to Loki “I’m sorry Loki but I have to go.” He nodded his head and gave you a small smile. He watched as your small figure ran out of the room. He had sure you had left the room before he turned towards his brother angrily.

“Really brother? You could not have come a worse time.” Loki glared at his brother.

“Oh,” Thor began to laugh “were you going to finally tell her you love her.”

“Don’t laugh you-”

“No, no brother, I think it cute,” he continued to chuckle “the ‘rightful king of asgard’ has taken liking to a human. I thought loving a human would make you weak brother?”

“You won’t call me weak, when I kill yo-”

“Oh I’m sorry was I interrupting, I forgot my phone.”

“Of course you weren’t, interrupting. Thor was actually about to leave.” Loki said as he glared at Thor.

‘Oh I was? I wasn’t aware?“ Loki then turned to Thor and mumbled ‘don’t you dare tell her.’

’'Oh you said don’t tell lady Y/n that you like her.” You looked up from the ground and looked at Loki with wide eyes, a blush spreading across your face. Loki began to make his move towards Thor but he had already left the room.

You both just stood in the room silent. You were looking at Loki but he was looking down at the ground ignoring your gaze. You then finally decided to brake the silence. “Loki? Is what Thor said true? Do you like me?” He didn’t answer you so you walked up to him. He was still looking down at the ground while you placed your hand on his cheek. He then looked into your eyes “Loki tell me.” you whispered.

He looked into your eyes “Yes it is true but-but it’s super embarrassing.” As he said that your eyes filled with worry and you started to think the worst things.

What if he was embarrassed because he liked someone like you. Short and chubby. But Loki sensed the worry in your eyes. “Oh no y/n, it’s nothing to do with you…” Loki placed his hand on your cheek. “It’s just I’m a god, wouldn’t it be foolish and weak to fall in love?”

“It won’t make you weaker, it will make you stronger.” You looked into his eyes. You then stood on your tip toes trying to reach his lips. Loki lightly chuckled.

“You are the most adorable person ever. And don’t ever think I would be embarrassed to like you cause of the way you look like. You are the sweetest, cutest woman I have ever met. ” You lightly blushed and before you knew it Loki lightly bent down to reach your lips. He placed his lips lightly on your but then you wrapped your arms around his neck, making the kiss more passionate.  

You pulled back from the kiss, and began to laugh “Wow, Thor was right.” Loki raised his eyebrows “He made this plan were I get you to admit you liked me, I guess it worked.’'  Loki lightly chuckled.

’'Yea, I guess it did.” then Loki pulled you into another passionate kiss but then pulled back. “You aren’t afraid to love me?”

You furrowed your eyebrows ’‘Of course not,” You looked up into his eyes “I know how you see yourself, as a monster. But the person I really know who you are is a kind, gentle man who needs love. You are trying to become a good person, and that means a lot to me.”

“God, I love you.’' He took your face in his hands and kissed you on the lips again. And in that moment he knew he was in love.

Reveling in Richonne

#42: The Disclosure (7x4)

Y’all this moment is something else. It’s so moving and meaningful and it’s one of the major Richonne milestones. 

So Rick, seeing Michonne is in pain, does something huge. Rather than hash it out aggressively or in frustration, Rick instead gets personal and honest with her. He reveals to Michonne that he knows Judith is not his child. 

Ok first of all; 😭😭😭. Second of all; I really appreciate that Rick sees Michonne hurting and the way that he offers to comfort her is by being vulnerable and telling her something deep about him that only he knows. By letting her in, in this way, it lets you know just how special she is to him and that he wants her to know all of him. They really do get access to every part of each other, even their secrets.

It couldn’t have been easy for him to say this out loud, but Rick’s willing to do something that might be hard for him if it means helping her. Michonne was vulnerable with him and so he hands a very vulnerable piece of himself to her. That’s real trust. 

I love that rather than getting on her for not wanting to accept the situation or just shutting down, he instead levels with her and shares about something extremely difficult that he, himself, had to accept. Sharing your own personal experience, to help someone better understand, is one of the healthiest things you can do in a relationship

It’s beautiful and I love that they are such strong people and yet so wonderfully gentle with each other, especially when the other is on edge. Like seeing she’s distraught immediately softens Rick’s heart. He fully understands what she feels and so he’s empathetic rather than exasperated. It’s also telling that he can be at a point to now speak about this “old wound” of Lori and Shane’s affair because he’s now with the woman who’s really helped him heal from a lot of that. 

It was also cool to hear a character reflect on past characters. I love when they mention former characters because it just makes the world more real and reminds you how much they’ve gone through. Like, as much as things change, these are still those characters from the earlier season.

So Rick starts by mentioning he has a friend that he doesn’t talk about much. It’s interesting that Rick sort of stays looking down as he talks about Shane and Lori and knowing they were together but then he looks right at Michonne when he tells her “I know Judith isn’t mine.” You can tell this isn’t easy for him to say but he doesn’t want to hold back anything from Michonne. 

It’s crazy to remember that Michonne, who is so instrumental to Rick’s life, never met Lori and Shane, who were also quite instrumental in his life. It’s interesting too cuz Shane was his best friend and Lori was his wife, and now he has both best friend and wife all in one person, the person he’s opening up to rn; Michonne. 

One of the biggest reasons that I adore Rick’s heartbreaking confession is because it just further confirms that this is a good and exceptional man. 👏🏽👏🏽 👏🏽To raise a baby fully as your own, in an apocalypse, knowing she was a product of an affair between your wife and bff. That has to require a great maturity and it makes me respect Rick all the more. Like, y’all, Rick is the definition of a real one. 🙌🏾👌

Hearing this made me think about all the times we’ve seen Rick with Judith in the past. 

Originally posted by archieaddict

In retrospect, all these moments just become even more respectable as you realize this whole time he’s known that he’s not her biological father. From testing out Aaron’s applesauce for her in “The Distance” to most recently him having the baby monitor in his room in this 7x4 scene, and everything else.  It’s just so admirable that he has truly raised and looked after her like she’s his own. Cuz, in his eyes, she is. Like he’s not pretending. He’s truly made the decision to accept and see her as his daughter. Period. 

I saw someone make a truly beautiful point about how if Rick can choose to see Judith as his biological child then that means that, in Rick’s eyes, Carl and Judith are truly Michonne’s children as well. I love that. 😊  Like, of course, they’re still Lori’s kids, so it’s not to take anything away from her,  but I like the point that Rick and Michonne can fully feel like these kids are their own. 

Both Rick and Michonne are raising this baby that’s not theirs and I love that Judith is still truly their daughter in their eyes. As it should be. It again reminds you how R&M are cut from the same cloth cuz they are both genuinely good people who can love and raise a child no matter the circumstances. 

(Side note: When Rick revealed this, it made me realize that the reason he let Carl name the baby is because he knew Carl was actually her blood relative.😭)

As Michonne listens to Rick you can tell she feels his emotions. She’s not just listening, she’s feeling this with him too. And you see her heart completely soften as she realizes how much Rick must love her to let her in like this. 

It’s clear that she’s now completely empathetic and understanding to Rick and his state of mind. Like now she really gets why he’s accepting their unfortunate circumstances. Michonne already has an immense amount of respect for this man but I know that this “Judith confession” made Michonne respect Rick even more than she already did.  Cuz it did for me lol. 

This moment is also telling cuz it lets us know that, in this time of grieving, Rick has clearly been reflecting on all the people he’s lost. And dang he’s experienced a lot of loss when you think back. And, as the leader, he carries so much of the burden of feeling like he could’ve done more to save them, which is why I love that Michonne effortlessly goes into “comforting-wife-mode” as she reminds Rick, “It’s not your fault when people die”. 🙌🏾👌🏽

I love that she tells him it’s not his fault. Cuz it’s true. And it just lets you know Rick has a good wife, who senses the subtext of what Rick’s saying, and knows exactly what he needs to hear. Like Rick didn’t verbally say he feels like it’s his fault but Michonne still could tell that that’s exactly what he’s been feeling and she addresses it. Of all the voices in Rick’s head putting him down right now, it’s so refreshing to know he has Michonne to remind him of the truth. 

And Rick responds saying it’s not always his fault when people die but sometimes it is. One of the cons of being such a responsible person is you feel responsible for other people and it’s so sad that he carries this burden. I appreciate him saying “Not always” because one of the consistent things I adore about this relationship is that when R&M talk they always acknowledge the validity of what the other one says. 

Like Rick clearly feels that this is his fault but he’s open to the idea that it’s not always so he doesn’t just say “No it is.” or “This time it is.”, he acknowledges that Michonne is right in some way. They both do this a lot and I love it. 

I’m glad Rick reveals all of this to Michonne so that they can be completely transparent with one another and on the same page. Plus now she’s fully aware that Rick has been carrying a lot of guilt and so she knows to comfort him about this from here on out and remind him he’s only human. 

Rick disclosing something so personal just proves that they truly keep nothing from each other now. They know they can trust each other with every part of them and they can tell each other anything. Cuz that’s just what husbands and wives do, y’all.😊 

My Dragon

Okay, so, sorry to the person who requested this! I know I took an extra few days to post it up. I was busy this 4th of July weekend. I finished it! I don’t know if you would consider this fluff but I do apologize the lack of smut. I might make a part two if I feel up to it. (I sometimes don’t like writing smut, it’s a bit tedious, lol)

Imagine: Being in love with Viserys (female reader)

Originally posted by daenerysthrones

“Your brother has invited me to go hunting tomorrow,” Viserys almost excitedly told you as he entered your tent late that evening.

You had been reading some books that Jorah was kind enough to give you—your name day had passed some days ago. They weren’t books of any value except your amusement. They were books for mere children. You set down the book and gazed at your lover with a pleased smile, “I know, he had told me earlier this morning of his plans.” You speak very slow and kindly.

Viserys came to stand in front of you and squatted down onto his knees so, he was face to face with you. His violet eyes were so tender and soft—very different from the first time you had met him. If you thought about it, it felt like such a lifetime ago.

Khal Drogo was your older brother. He had been proposed with a new wife from across the Dead Sea and was intrigued. He had asked you to join him in seeing this woman. Your opinion mattered greatly to the Khal and he wanted to know your thoughts on the woman that could be his new wife.

Dany was lovely with her almost white skin and silver-white hair. She and her brother, Viserys, were diamonds in the dirt. You felt an connection with Dany and her brother. You told this to Khal as he stood in front of the young Dany. Your words had sealed Dany to your brother. Young she was, she would be well cared for.

Viserys had been full of anger and greed—that much you saw when you first laid eyes on him. He stood tall and proud as if he had been the Lord of the manor. His silvery hair swept deliciously at his jaw-line and his odd colored eyes drew you in at first glance.

But behind those eyes was a story of struggle and hunger.

You had been determined to comfort in Dany. She was terrified and it was easy to understand—well, at least to you. Viserys had been cruel to his sister back then and to you but you were not a woman to hold her tongue.

You were the sister of a great Khal. Your brother was overly protective of you as your late father was. Drogo did his best to teach you to stand up for yourself and to be the fiercest warrior. Just like your brother, you were undefeated in battles but your hair was kept short because that is how you liked it.

You often spat words at Viserys and he would simply glare at you before grabbing Dany and storming off. Dany eventually told you the tale of her family. Viserys only acted in such a way because he was angry at the world and was hungry to gain back the crown he thought he deserved.

Titles were earned here on this side of the world but you dared not tell Viserys back then.

You had pitied Viserys at first, he had no real friends. You believed his loneliness fueled his anger. You suddenly made it your duty to befriend him and make him understand that life was too precious to fret over some crown that he wouldn’t get for years. Drogo wouldn’t go to war or cross the dead sea so soon after getting married. Viserys had acted like his crown would fall upon his lap along with boats and an army to cross the dead see but no, such an operation took years to accomplish.

Viserys slowly fell into your lovely trap. You found him rather fond of his sister despite what Dany told you. He admitted that his hot temper got the best of him at times; it made him say words to Dany that he didn’t mean. You understood because Drogo was the same.

The friendship began to blossom into something beautiful. You began to teach him the ways of your people—the Dothraki. Viserys looked down upon your people but you taught him so much that he held your people in respect now.

You taught him how to ride a horse—that was something very important to your people. Riding a horse was the signal of a child becoming a man. Only young children, elderly, and disabled people rode in carts but not capable, strong men.

You taught him how to hunt well enough to join hunting parties—even though many Dothraki men sneered at Viserys. Viserys had slowly chanced and it was noted by many especially Dany and Drogo.

Of course Drogo wasn’t happy. He didn’t find Viserys worthy of you and perhaps he was right but you didn’t care. You had fallen in love with the white-haired man and nothing could ever change that.

Viserys greed for an army and crown began to recede and so did his cruelty to Dany. There wasn’t a day that didn’t pass that you didn’t hear Viserys apologizing to Dany for the way he treated her.

To hear that Drogo and his riders would like to hunt with Viserys was a sure sign of Viserys being accepted by your people and your brother. It was a sign that Viserys had changed and for the better.

You gazed tenderly at Viserys who was in between your legs and burying his face into your stomach and his arms wrapped around you. You ran your fingers through his silky hair and found knots ensnaring your fingers, “You need to bathe, my love, your hair is in terrible condition.” You mused softly working through the knots.

He chuckled, “I care not for my hair at this moment, my love, I am overjoyed by your brother’s offer. Does this mean your people accept me as they have with Dany?” He questioned looking like a small child wanting to please his parents.

A beautiful smile touched your lips as he looked up at you. You caressed his cheeks softly, “Yes, my Dragon, my people have accepted you. My brother has accepted you. You are now Dothraki.” You murmured seeing the shining in his violet eyes glow brightly.

“I would not be so filled with mirth had it not been for you, Y/N,” Viserys commented sincerely looking at you as if you were the sun in his sky, “You have changed me into a real man and taught me so much. I cannot bear to think what would’ve become of me had you not been born.” He says quietly.

You chuckle quietly and kiss his lips sweetly, “Do not think such thoughts, my Dragon, simply think of today and what you do have.” You say to him.

He drinks in your words—he holds you in such high regards.

He brings you in for another longer kiss and it leaves you breathless, “Join me by the river for some bathing after I return from the hunt?” Viserys suggests with a twinkle in his eyes.

You giggle and tut, “You are truly insatiable!” You cry with a smile, “You worked me so much last night, have I not deserve some rest?” You bring your nose to his and look into his bright eyes.

He grins widely and kisses your nose, “You’ve had most of the day to rest, my love, I would like to think that you enjoyed yourself from all the sounds you were making,” He teases leaving a soft blush on your heavenly cheeks, “I am surprised your brother did not barge in and kill me for how loud you were.”

Your cheeks were now red but you were laughing at his words. Viserys watched with adoration and love as you gave the world such a lovely sound.

“You jest too much, my Dragon,” You giggle sweetly as he gets up to cuddle with you on the bed, “Would you read to me?” You ask him holding up the children book. You loved it when he read to you. He always spoke to you in such a regal way.

He smiles and gently takes the book from your small hands, “Nothing would give me more pleasure, moon of my life.” He whispers in your ear before encasing your lips with his.  

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anonymous asked:

1/4 Hi, i read your post about Even being hypomanic and i need your opinion about this beucase you actually know about this disorder from your own experience. When I see Evak I can't stop thinking about it. I know that hypomania doesn't make you fall in love with someone but at the same time, if Even had been hypomanic (since like episode 4 imo) I can't stop this feeling that everythig he did (their first kiss or first sex) was driven by his hypomania and not by his feelings for Isak.

Hello anon,

I’m glad you’re asking me about this. I have bipolar (type II) and, although I’m not an authority figure on the topic (everyone’s experience with bipolar is different), I’ll try my best to explain my thoughts and interpretations of Even and his feelings for Isak in and outside of his hypo/manic episode.
I know there are other SKAM fans who have bipolar too and I hope they’ll feel free to chime in if they have anything to add to my answer.

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Jealousy ~ Pt. 2 of ‘Nightmares’

Part 1:

Pairing: Young! Sirius Black x reader

Requested: sort of, in the comments

Warnings: none

Word count: 1265


Here it is! One day early! I have been working on it and I feel like it’s way better than the first part, although be sure that the story isn’t over yet and that there are a lot more parts coming up!

  It was here: the Graduation dance was merely a month away, so close, yet so far away. Every 7th year was looking forward to it, and so was (Y/N) Lawson. Although she was definitely one of the most wanted girls in her year, her four best friends scared away nearly every boy that wanted to ask her to the dance, until, Thomas Smith, probably the hottest boy in her year, right after Sirius Black of course, set is eyes on her.

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"You look like an accident" for the writing prompt! MC x Zen please


Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Zen (Hyun Ryu) x Reader/MC/You
a|n wow i’ve been straightly producing fluff yay me!!

“Babe,” You heard him coo, his voice a gentle breeze of air. It was truly hard enough that the only division you had with him were the very walls of his home. It was indeed strange, after finally meeting him, to be with him under the same roof yet not in the same room. Yet somehow, it made you feel various levels of both warmth and comfort. He indeed truly cares about you. And he’s been nothing but a complete gentleman the entire time.

“Hmm?” You answered, the tone of your voice becoming unbelievably sweet causing Zen to actually cough at the other end. You couldn’t help a silly little laughter from escaping your mouth, an act that was taken as a form of teasing by the other.

“Babe, come on,” He groaned, his voice clearly holding restraint in it. A mental image of him probably biting his lip while gripping his phone hard came to you. For dear lord, that very moment, you didn’t want anything else but to run to him to the other room and ease his burden.

“Don’t make this harder than it already is,” He protested, and you swore you could almost see him pout on the other end. It was fun to tease him this way. Somehow, it gave you the power of having the upper hand.

“What hard?” You breathed, the wooed seduction of your channel capturing him under your spell. “What am I making harder, Zen?”
You only wanted to tease him, the light foreplay of your voice the only material you had in hand. You thought that maybe, playing around would be a good thing to do on a night as cold as this one. You bit your lip, trying to suppress a laughter from bubbling out. And when you didn’t hear any answer from him, you silently wondered what happened.

And then the call ended.

Distancing your phone from your ear, you huffed when you saw that the call ended then and there. What’s his problem?, you thought. Only by then your questions were answered by various soft knocks from outside your door.

You gingerly shuffled on your feet as you headed to heed the call. Upon barely even opening the partition, you immediately found yourself engulfed inside the strong arms of a certain silver-haired man, his hug wrapping your frame with his own.

“Oh, god,” He murmured, few small kissies planted on top of your head. You can smell his fresh aftershave and minty scent, the fabric conditioner of his shirt relaxing your nerves. He smelled like morning dew. You gently wrapped your arms as well, gently pulling him closer.

“Z - Zen?” You asked, uncertainty lacing your tone. By the way your head was positioned against his broad, hard chest made you able to hear the erratic beating of his heart. Were you the cause? You couldn’t help but wonder.

“Princess,” He said, the voice that came out his mouth was breathless. He pulled away, your shoulders held in place by his strong hands. He had a look on his face like a beast ready to devour any moment, yet, was trying his best to suppress within. He was biting his lower lip, his ruby red orbs almost begging for something as he looked at you. Begging for what?

You can feel all the blood in your body rise up your cheeks. There was a certain gleam on his eyes that made you conscious under his gaze. It was like he was assessing your beauty, your faults, your mistakes and everything about you. It was like he was trying to speak to your soul by the means of his eyes.

You averted your gaze, your heart barely containable inside your chest. You can’t help but raise a touch towards that certain area that’s been beating wild ever since you arrived. You heard Zen swallow that hard you can almost feel his gaze undressing you that very moment. Yet, he was holding you so tender, as if he was being careful about suddenly breaking you apart.

“S - stop looking at me that way …” You whispered, your tone a mixture of a breathless seduction and a silent surrender. You felt his hand gently held the side of your bearing, casually making you face him. His palm was hot against your cheek as you bit your lip while trying to look anywhere else but him. How can he look at you so lovingly? It was like you don’t have any single fault present in your form. It was like you are the most perfect being he had ever seen.

“No, I won’t.” He murmured, his voice going much lower octaves. You returned your gaze at his countenance and saw how he was fighting desire with hesitation. The call of blood with respect and the need to taste with love and adoration. “You’re beautiful, why would I take my eyes off of you?”

It was like a sweet surrender. He had you completely under his spell, had you completely under his control and had you completely at his beckoning. Yet, somehow, he knew that, but still was trying to give you the freedom to choose for yourself. Respect begets respect and he was giving you exactly that.

“I’d really want to kiss you right now, babe,” He said, his tone a complete saccharine tease. He flashed a smooth grin as he continued to trace patterns on your cheek, each touch sending electric bolts to your nerves. You gently came closer as you wrapped your arms around his neck, the tinge of pinkish coloration still very much evident. He stilled for a moment with the gesture but not before he swiftly grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to him, locking the distance between your bodies.

“You look like an accident,” He bent down, his nose gently grazing against your own, his sweet breath hovering just above your lips. You felt your own breathing hitched at the intensity of his gaze, his ruby red orbs searching for something. What could it be? Confirmation? Comfort? Surrender? You squared his gaze with your own, the determination to give him your permission very much evident on the blaze that can be seen in your eyes. Zen’s lips tugged at what he saw, as if he was finally satisfied of the outcome with the internal battle he had been struggling with.

“I’m an accident?” You breathed, pursing your lips playfully, just enough to let him taste a peek. Just enough to let him momentarily savor the sweet bud of your hidden plea.

“Yeah. And the only accident I’d love to be involved with.”
Just like a passing judgment, you felt his lips crash against yours, each seductive movement a delicate consumption.

  • Joey: "okay, so while we're running away from a stupid genocidal royal bombardment, riding on our trusty steed keanu reeves-"
  • Xefros: "wait, who?"
  • Joey: "keanu reeves is the name of this deercat we're riding on!"
  • Joey: "i came up with it like...20 minutes ago?"
  • Joey: "it's weird, i don't even like keanu reeves, but it just...felt right."
  • Xefros: "i mean, didnt he have a name before you got here tho"
  • Joey: "probably! but i don't really care too much about it."
  • Joey: "do you know his name, though?"
  • Xefros: "nope, sorry!"
  • Joey: "no need to apologize!"
  • Joey: "hell, do you wanna name him? i bet you could come up with something pretty good."
  • Xefros: "nah, i don't really name stuff all that ofX aXually"
  • Keanu Reeves: (I, too, admire my glorious new moniker. It is a strong, beautiful, and exotic name, fitting of my majestic stature.)
  • Joey: "did it say something?"
  • Xefros: "i dunno but i think he likes it!"


fem. Stark Reader x Tormund Giantsbane

Warning: Smut, fluff

You caught him staring at you, again. No matter whether you sat on the table in the great hall, trying to enjoy your meal or just talked with your sister Sansa, he was always around you. It was annoying, and it made you feel uncomfortable.

“What is your problem?!”, you asked him one day, when the anger overwhelmed you.

“What? I have no problem”, the wildling explained and grinned stupidly.

“Why are you staring at me then?”

“Because you are beautiful.” The answer surprised you. Nobody had called you beautiful in a long time. The red haired wildling smiled at you. He really looks kind of dumb, you thought. But he was also cute - with his big, blue eyes. 

“I am not beautiful.”, you answered angry.

“Of course you are! Look at you! Your hair, your eyes, your body… a perfect woman.”

“Are you making fun of me?”

“No! Never.” He is joking.

“What do you want from me?”

“Jon wants me to protect you”, he answered.

“I can protect myself.” The wildling chuckled.

“Aye, but I can help you in a lot of different ways” He winked at you. You raised an eyebrow.

“Is this… What is wrong with you, redhead?!”

“My name’s Tormund.”

“I don’t care about your name! Leave me alone.” You had to pull yourself together to not slap him on the face. Finally he left, and you felt released.

The next day you felt almost guilty. You decided to find Tormund the Wildling to give him an apology. But you didn’t even had to find him – he found you first.

“(Y/N)”, he addressed you. “Sorry about my behavior. I didn’t wanted to make you feel uncomfortable. I watched you over the last weeks and…”

“And what?”

“I felt in love with you” You blushed. Now this was a surprise!

“With me? You don’t even know me!”

“I saw you every day, talking and laughing with your siblings and friends, trying to fight with a sword, riding your horse, eating your meal. You’re an awesome woman, (Y/N). Beautiful, kind, strong. You’re something special.” You almost started crying. These were the nicest words a man had ever said to you.

“T-thank you”, you stuttered.

“Why are you so sad?” The wildling placed a hand on your shoulder.

“I am not used to this. Men showing me real affection, I mean.”

“That’s a shame. But I know how to make you happy again.”  

“What do you mean?” Tormund just leaned down and kissed you on your mouth. It was your first real kiss, and it was beautiful. He shoved his tongue into your mouth, bit your own tongue and lips softly. You had butterflies in your stomach, and you wanted it to never end. As Tormund stopped kissing you for a moment you wrapped your arms around him. You could hear him laughing as he hugged you tighter and placed a kiss on your forehead, and for a moment, you were the happiest person in the world.

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The 7 stages of grief

asked: (WARNING you now this is kinda a long requests you don’t have to do it and you can change any part of you want to)Hey could I have an imagine with a stiles x reader where the reader has been friends with stiles and Scott a few months after stiles and Scott met. They had slumber parties when they were little and everything. The reader always loved to dance. At their middle school dance the readers date didn’t show up and so stiles dances with her to Alicia Kees “If I Ain’t Got You” and that happened before, and then the reader and them get into all this trouble and stuff worth werewolves and yeah. So the readers parents get killed and so serif and stiles take her into their home and she has nightmares and horrible anxiety, etc. she goes into stiles room when serif is on a late shift and she can’t sleep, and he turns on “If I Ain’t Got You” and dance in their pjs and confess their feelings?

warnings: death and followthrough with the stages of grief

a/n ; long time no see, a bit diiff from request

( if i ain’t got you by alicia link)

last quote is by Vicki Harrison

You know that type of love? when you’ve known someone pretty much your ENTIRE life and you just can’t stand not being with them? you know how they talk, how they act, what they love, what they hate.. you know everything about them, you love their flaws but suddenly one day you look at them and you have a different type of love for them? 

That’s how you felt being around Stiles Stilinski….

You knew Mr. Mischef since you guys were toddlers, you knew him before Scott did. The 3 of you were a trio… the 3 musketeers, you had slumber parties and everything! you were there when he lost his first tooth, he first started reading and you loved each other to bits but your love for Stiles developed through the years it started to become a romantic love. 

That love started when you were in Middle school, you had a date and everything you were so excited! but when your date didn’t show up you were left alone while everyone else had dates.

Some people live for the fortune
Some people live just for the fame
Some people live for the power, yeah
Some people live just to play the game

“Wheres your date?” Stiles had asked you. People began going to the dance floor to dance with their dates as a slow song was playing, you liked the sound of it.

“Huh, I don’t know he probably ditched me” your voice cracked and he knew you were sad, that’s the type of relationship you had, you knew each other better than you both knew yourselves.

“You know what, screw him… screw my date” He said and he pulled you onto the dance floor. You giggled and he smiled at you.

Some people think that the physical things define what’s within And I’ve been there before, and that life’s a bore

So full of the superficial

“You, Scott, Dad are the people I’d gladly do anything for, I would never want to see you sad and I never want to.. I will always be here for you and you better know it, I promise I’ll be there for you” He said.

Some people want it all
But I don’t want nothing at all
If it ain’t you baby
If I ain’t got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain’t got you, yeah

And suddenly the most beautiful song stuck to you, the song you both danced too, he pulled you close and you smiled at him, and straight away you knew your love for him was something more, something magical, something so strong the universe couldn’t separate you.

That was then, before all the werewolf horror.

Stage 1:    Shock and Denial

You were home alone, your parents were out on their 25th anniversary date night. You smiled at yourself admiring their love for each other. It was raining really hard and thundering, the perfect weather for a movie with Scott and Stiles. It was rare of an opportunity when they could hang out, there weren’t any “meetings” with them about the recent issues in Beacon Hills this past week, so naturally, you assumed they were free. You grab your phone and suddenly see a whole bunch of text messages from your Scott and Stiles. Scrolling past their texts you dial Scotts number and wait for him to pick up.

“y/n… please stay calm…….stiles……coming….” He said over the phone, you couldn’t here some parts of the sentence due to the rain pouring down hard against your windowsill,

“Scott.. I can’t hear you” You say.


Suddenly there was a pounding on your door, you get up quickly and walk down the stairs and open the door to a drenched in rain Stiles, he was breathing heavy and he had tears in his eyes.

“Oh my god, Stiles come in”

“y/n.. I don’t know how to say this but…”

“But what?” You say and give him a smile.


I knew if I told her, her beautiful smile would be wiped away and she would be so broken. Her parents meant the world to her and now they’re gone.

“Your parents, they uh” I play with my thumbs 

“passed away an hour ago” I mumble.

“Sorry what I couldn’t hear that last part Stiles” She says 

“Come.. come with me” I say and grab her coat and pull her out in the rain and into my jeep. I felt weak, I couldn’t tell her. I couldn’t.

“Stiles this is ridiculous what is going on? Stiles!” She yells in anger. The rain wiping away her smile and happiness.  

“Get in” I say and start the car, she sits in the passenger seat and looks at me confused. 

The silence was painful in my car as we drove to the hospital.

“Stiles I don’t know whats going on” She says her voice trembling and shaking as much as my hands were. 

We arrive at the hospital and I swiftly get out the car and help her out, I grab her hand and walk with her to the morgue where Scott, Melissa and Dad were waiting.

She opens the door and immediately walks to the 2 tables where both her parents lay lifeless, of course, she didn’t know that.

Reader POV

Stiles was being ridiculous, his hand would shake every so often till we reached the morgue. Maybe it was another werewolf attack? But who were the victims? You walk towards the tables and your breath was stolen.

There both your parents lay dead, multiple blood wounds across their chest but they were still holding hands.

Tears came in streaming down your face.

“I don’t…. I don’t I don’t understand… whats going on” Your voice shook violently, a massive lump in your throat formed. You looked at them, “Wake up” You shook your dad’s shoulders, “Mom you’re not gone, mom come on” You grabbed her free hand.  You began giving your mom CPR, “Melissa HELP ME” you screeched. Your eyes red with tears, they watched as all hope drained from your eyes and all they could see was someone who was in shock, who was broken.

You looked at Scott then Stiles and your head began to spin. and that’s when the moments of silence were gone and you screamed, pain engulfing you, your cry made Stiles wince in pain, the only thing running through his mind was to take your pain. Scott came next to you and grabbed your hand, he wanted to try and take the emotional pain from you but it didn’t work, so instead, he grabbed his best friends hand and squeezed it assuring her that no matter what he would be there. Stiles engulfed her in a hug, giving her some sort of comfort.

Stage 2:  Pain and Guilt

Weeks had passed since your parents passed and you couldn’t help but feel as if it was all your fault. You didn’t go to school, you stayed home locked in your parent’s room, in their quilts, there scent realizing comfort to your heart. You hadn’t eaten food for a week. Stiles would drop by everyday after school and before school, Stiles skipped a week of school to be with you and so did Scott. But you wouldn’t budge, you felt that when your parents passed they took something from you. That a little part of you died along with them. 

“Y/N” Scott knocked on the door. 
“Please you need to eat something” His voiced begged you.

“Y/N” Stiles knocked on the door as well. 

It was your fault. IT WAS YOUR FAULT. You remember telling them to go out and enjoy their anniversary… it was your fault. This was on you.

“Nonsense” Your mother had said. 

“We wanna be with our daughter for our anniversary” Your dad added.

“Well that’s too bad, I made a reservation at your favorite restaurant and your appearance is needed to be there by 8″ you had said and looked at your phone’s clock.

“It’s 7, get ready now parentals” You winked and went back to studying.

“Baby you make your father and I proud every day, remember that. Everday you make us proud and we are so grateful to have you as our child” Your mother said and kissed the top of your head and walked up to her room.

When they both walked down the stairs holding each other’s hand they looked like angels.

“Thank you, Y/N for this” Your dad had said and pulled you and your mother in a hug.

“We’ve got to go bug, be good, I love you and I’m proud of you” Your mom said and put her heels on and gave you a kiss on your temple and walked out the door.

“Love you” Your dad said to you and waved goodbye.

It was the last time you saw them, you sobbed into your pillow knowing that you could have prevented all of this. They should be here, with you.

Stage 3:    Anger and Grief

Scott and Stiles managed to get you out of bed and to school. In the past week, you go into 8 fights and 2 were physical. Your body was bruised but not as hurt as your mind was. You came home and un screwed the bottle of vodkas cap and took a gulp and kicked off your shoes.

That is how you were living for the past month, drunk, alone and hurt. You had bags under your eyes with the lack of sleep you had. You felt so angry, that they left you. You felt so mad because they were supposed to be here for you. Your dad was supposed to walk you down the aisle and your mother was supposed to come and give baby tips and help you with your new home.

You took a few more sips and all of a sudden a burning rage roared inside you. You threw the bottle of vodka against the wall and picked up the tv remote and smashed it against the wall too, along with your shoe and phone.

You went to pick up the broken shards but cut both your hands, you began to shake and cry and ended up cutting your cheek.

“Y/N” Stiles yelled and pulled you up into a hug, holding you to reassure you he was here.

“THEY LEFT ME, THEY LEFT ME, THEY LEFT ME” You screeched into his back and banged your fists against his chest and he held you, he felt your pain. He knew what it was like to lose a parent, but 2? the pain must’ve been incredible.

“I’m here, I’ve got you” He whispered and soothed you.

Stage 4:    Loneliness, Reflection and “Depression”

Your mom looked at you and pushed the hair out of your face and sat next to you.  She wrapped an arm around you, her motherly “instincts” tingled and knew you were upset.

“How was your day?”

“Shitty” You had laughed and she sighed.

“Well, I’ve got you a present” Your mom lifted her shopping back up and gave you the wrapped up parcel, you had ripped it open and opened the box, inside lay a beautiful ring with an opal stone. 

“What do you think bug?”

“What do you think miss (Y/L/N)?” 

Your mind snapped back into reality. You quickly gave the answer and the bell rang. You got your bag and joined the pack for lunch. You ate quietly and Stiles watched you, he knew you weren’t okay yet but he felt happy that you were feeling better.

Even though you were surrounded with people you felt empty, alone.

As you walked home you shut the door and put your coat away.

“Mom I’m home” You yell. 

“How was your day bug?” you’d expected to be yelled back at you.

Except there was only painful silence. It hit you hard, that they really were gone. Your mother was gone and she would not be asking how your day was anytime soon. 

The numbness you’ve felt for the 4 months didn’t leave. You wanted to grief, you wanted to get angry but you couldn’t. You couldn’t feel anything.

Stage 5:    The Upward Turn

Everyone in the pack froze, looking at you. It wasn’t even a funny remark that Lydia had said but you laughed. It had been 4 months since you had laughed and they saw the sparkle in your eye return so slightly. Stiles jumped in joy lifting you up from the table and spinning you around, everyone laughed at Stiles.

“For the love of God Stilinski put me down” You laughed. He kissed your cheek and praised the Lord. 

The numbness started to fade.

Stage 6:    Reconstruction and Working Through

The Bills in your house started to pile up and you had no clue what to do, you call Scott and Stiles and tell them your situation and they gave you solutions but not the ones you wanted.

You taped the last bit over the last piece of clothing your mother and fathers clothes. There room full of boxes. You were moving on and building your life around them and the best way to do so was to put away the old and get in with the new.

Stage 7:    Acceptance and Hope

Weeks had passed since your home was sold and you moved in with the Stilisnki family, Sheriff thought of you as his own and decided he would take you in. Life was moving and changing, you needed to move too, time doesn’t stop for anyone so why should it stop for you?

You accepted the fact that your parents passed. But you still had nightmares and tonight was not a night you would sleep peacefully. Sheriff was on a late night shift so you walked into Stiles room.

Hey” You mumble.

“HI” He said chirpily

“How much coffee have you had” You laugh and he looks at you and rolls his eyes.

“How come you’re up?”

“How come you are ?” You ask back.

“I asked first,” You tell him and he walks closer to you.

“I need to find the Darach and I’m finding the pattern, what about you?”

“Nightmares, anxiety,” You say and sit on his bed.

“Take your pick” you laughed.

“Get up” He demands and turns the speaker on and picks out a song

You raised an eyebrow and looked at him and got up

Some people live for the fortune
Some people live just for the fame
Some people live for the power, yeah
Some people live just to play the game

Stiles pulled you into his arms and you both slow danced.

“Stiles, this song…”

Some people think that the physical things
Define what’s within
And I’ve been there before
But that life’s a bore
So full of the superficial
Some people want it all
But I don’t want nothing at all
If it ain’t you, baby
If I ain’t got you, baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain’t got you, yeah
Some people search for a fountain
That promises forever young
Some people need three dozen roses
And that’s the only way to prove you love them

“This song is the song that made me realize that me, Stiles Stilisnki have fallen for you Y/N Y/L/N”

Hand me the world on a silver platter
And what good would it be
With no one to share
With no one who truly cares for me
Some people want it all
But I don’t want nothing at all
If it ain’t you, baby
If I ain’t got you, baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain’t got you, you, you

You look at him with hope and happiness in your eyes. You always had Stiles and you never realised you loved him until now.

“I love you Y/N” 

You kiss him and he kisses you back.

“I love you too, jackass”  You laugh and a tear falls from your eye.

Some people want it all
But I don’t want nothing at all
If it ain’t you, baby
If I ain’t got you, baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain’t got you, yeah
If I ain’t got you with me, baby
So nothing in this whole wide world don’t mean a thing
If I ain’t got you with me, baby

Even though you lost your parents, you came out stronger than ever and you had Stiles by your side. You may have lost them but they will never lose a place in your heart and mind. 

After all grief is like an ocean it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing, sometimes the water is calm and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.